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Monster Rancher - PSX Version - TM 1997 Tecmo
Monsters from CD Listing, Revision 1.02d [7/23/99]
Donovan Keith - [email protected]
Table of Contents:
I. Notes
II. Revision History and Credits
III. Legend
IV. The List!

I. Notes:
This list contains 926 CDs and what they create in Monster Rancher. It is 
primarily composed of the CD collections of myself and the six different 
roommates I've had over the last year-and-a-half, with the last copy of the rare 
list that I had thrown in. It also includes submissions sent in by faithful 
readers, listed below.
** As of Version "F", I have decided to simply list the dates of each revision, 
and placed all contributors in a separate Credits section, since you probably 
don't care who did what for each and every version. This list is growing too 
fast for me to keep track of it that way anyway. Every contribution, no matter 
how small, will get a mention!
*** Moved on to version 1.02 finally, I got tired of having to sing the alphabet 
song each time I got submissions ;) Man, the hits just keep comin'!
**** As of 1.02c, 371 entries have been submitted by readers, which means you 
guys have almost contributed half of the list! I'm truly hoping to break the 
1000 CD mark by the end of the summer!
*Almost there! I'll be adding the rare Spawn soundtrack monster as soon as I can 
find my copy. (Oops!) Many thanx to Brian Fleming for the complete Skinny Puppy 
discography, as well as about 80 other CDs!

II. Version History and Credits
___Version History_____
Version 1.01a [2/17/99]
Version 1.01b [3/26/99]
Version 1.01c [4/20/99]
Version 1.01d [4/25/99]
Version 1.01e [4/28/99]
Version 1.01f [5/22/99]
Version 1.01g [5/25/99]
Version 1.02a [6/02/99]
Version 1.02b [6/05/99]
Version 1.02c [7/07/99]
Version 1.02d [7/23/99]

!99! CDs from Brian Fleming Tech - Orbiting Cathedrals                   Blue Fur (HA/JL)
$Puff Daddy - No Way Out                         Jerod (MA/???)
"Pump Up the Volume" (sndtrk)                    Radar (PX/WM)
Punish - State of Grace                          Noro (SZ/NG)
"Quantum Leap" (TV sndtrk)                       WORM
$Quiet Riot - Metal Health                       Gamer (GA/???)
Quiet Riot - The Randy Rhodes Years              PullWorm (WM/MO)
Rage Against The Machine - s/t                   Jello (JL/WM)
Rage Against the Machine - Evil Empire           Noro (SZ/NG)
Rammstein - Sehnsucht                            Poseidon (GO/JL)
Ramones - Acid Eaters                            PinkEye (SZ/PX)
Ramones - Mania                                  Grape (DN/NG)
Ratt - Collage                                   Rocky (SZ/GO)
$Red Hot Chili Peppers - Abbey Load EP           Bikini (GO/???)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give It Away (single)    Sobo (MO/WM)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - One Hot Minute           Frost (TI/JL)
$R.E.M. - Monster                                Apocolis (DR/???)
Return of the Comet: Ace Frehley Tribute (comp)  Gecko (WM/DN)
"Return of the Jedi: Special Ed." (strk Disc 1)  Pulsar (HA/TI)
"Return of the Jedi: Special Ed." (strk Disc 2)  Goldy (DN/GA)
LeAnn Rimes - How Do I Live? (comp)              Amenho (GO/GA)
Rob Zombie  - Hellbilly Deluxe                   Lava (JL/MO)
$Rolling Stones - Bridges to Babylon             GrayWolf (TI/???)
Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks (Disc 1)              Toto (TI/GO)
Rolling Stones - Hot Rocks (Disc 2)              Usaba (PL/WM)
David Lee Roth - Your Filthy Little Mouth        Gil (JL/GA)
Ruby - Saltpeter                                 Rover (TI/HA)
RuthRuth - Laughing Gallery                      Lava (JL/MO)
Sacred Reich - Independent                       Vixen (PX/GO)
$Sade - Love Deluxe                              Looker (SZ/???)
Saigon Kick - Water                              DINO
"The Saint" (sndtrk)                             Stoner (HA/GO)
Adam Sandler - What's Your Name?                 Rock (WM/GO)
"Saturday Night Fever" (sndtrk)                  Sponge (MO/TI)
Scorpions -  White Dove (Single)                 Edgy (NG/HA)
Bob Seger - It's a Mystery                       Deton (TI/PX)
Sepultura - ROOTS                                Fencer (JL/GO)
Sevendust - s/t                                  Cabalos (TI/NG)
Sexpod - Goddess Blues                           Poseidon (GO/JL)
"S.F.W." (sndtrk)                                Liper (NG/PX)
Shakti - Best of...                              MonoEye (TI/SZ)
"Shocker" (sndtrk)                               HARE
Shooting Gallery - s/t                           Iris (PL/TI)
Shotgun Messiah - Violent New Breed              Toothy (SZ/JL)
Shotgun Messiah - I Want More                    Melon (SZ/DN)
"Showgirls" (sndtrk)                             WingWorm (WM/NG)
Simpsons - Songs in the Key of Springfield       Pixel (GA/PX)
Sister Whiskey - Liquor and Poker                PullWorm (WM/MO)
Sisters of Mercy - Floodland                     Fencer (JL/GO)
Six Feet Under - Haunted                         Shadow (GO/MO)
Six Feet Under - Warpath                         Iris (PL/TI)
Skinny Puppy - Addiction                         Velvet (TI/MO)
Skinny Puppy - Ain't it Dead Yet?                PLANT
Skinny Puppy - Back and Forth vol. 2             Kelp (JL/PL)
Skinny Puppy - BRAP (Disc 3)                     Liper (NG/PX)
Skinny Puppy - BRAP (Disc 4)                     JuraWall (MO/DN)
Skinny Puppy - Censor                            Shel (DN/WM)
Skinny Puppy - Chainsaw                          Ray (SZ/PL)
Skinny Puppy - Cleanse Fold and Manipulate       JELL
Skinny Puppy - Dys Temper                        Hince (PL/SZ)
Skinny Puppy - Inquisition                       Frost (TI/JL)
Skinny Puppy - Last Rights                       Woody (SZ/HA)
Skinny Puppy - Mind:The Perpetual Intercourse    Scaler (HA/DN)
Skinny Puppy - Rabies                            Rainbow (WM/PL)
Skinny Puppy - Remission                         Omen (GA/SZ)
Skinny Puppy - Spasmolytic                       Yakuto (TI/WM)
Skinny Puppy - Testure                           Leafy (TI/PL)
Skinny Puppy - The Process                       Kelp (JL/PL)
Skinny Puppy - Too Dark Park                     Lexus (GA/DN)
Skinny Puppy - Twelve Inche Anthology            Messiah (MO/GA)
Skinny Puppy - VIVIsectVI                        Leafy (TI/PL)
Skinny Puppy - Worlock                           TIGER
Skold - s/t                                      Icy (JL/TI)
Slayer - Divine Intervention                     Deton (TI/PX)
Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss                    PinkJam (JL/PX)
Slayer - South of Heaven                         Deton (TI/PX)
Slayer - Reign in Blood                          Dento (TI/DN)
Smashing Pumpkins - Gish                         Serene (PX/PL)
Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream                WORM
Smashing Pumpkins - Adore                        Bloodshot (SZ/MO)
Smashing Pumpkins - Dawn till...                 Melon (SZ/DN)
Smashing Pumpkins - Twilight to...               Karone (WM/HA)
$Patti Smith - Horses                            Gallop (DN/???)
Will Smith - Big Willie Style                    Valentino (DN/PX)
Snuff - demmamussabebonk                         PLANT
Solid HarmoniE - s/t (Bonus CD)                  Toto (TI/GO)
Solid HarmoniE - s/t (Album CD)                  MonoEye (TI/SZ)
Soundgarden - Down on the Upside                 EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
Soundgarden - Superunknown                       Gecko (WM/DN)
Sounds of the '70s: Punk/NewWave (comp)          Jungler (NG/PL)
Spew U Sampler (comp)                            Jupiter (JL/SZ)
$Spice Girls - Spice                             Cutey (AP/???)
Spinal Tap - Break Like the Wind                 PinkEye (SZ/PX)
Spirit of '73: Rock for Choice (comp)            WingWorm (WM/NG)
Stabbing Westward - Ungod                        PinkEye (SZ/PX)
Stabbing Westward - Wither, Blister, Burn & Peel PIXIE
Stabbing Westward - Darkest Days                 Deton (TI/PX)
Stairways to Heaven: Led Zeppelin Tribute        Anki (DN/GO)
"Stargate" (sndtrk)                              MonoEye (TI/SZ)
"Star Trek: Generations" (sndtrk)                MonoEye (TI/SZ)
"Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" (sndtrk)         Ray (SZ/PL)
"Star Wars: Special Edition" (strk Disc 1)       Drill (WM/TI)
"Star Wars: Special Edition" (strk Disc 2)       Rover (TI/HA)
Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys - s/t              IceMan (GO/TI)
Stone Temple Pilots - Core                       Karone (WM/HA)
Stone Temple Pilots - Purple                     Vixen (PX/GO)
"Strange Days" (sndtrk)                          Maigon (GO/HA)
Stray Cats - Greatest Hits                       GALI
Subconscious Communications - Paradigm Shift     RockWorm (WM/GO)
Suede - Coming Up                                Lava (JL/MO)
$Sugar Ray - Floored                             Jaques (DL/???)
Suicidal Tendencies - s/t                        HARE
Suicidal Tendencies - Lights,Camera,Revolution   Scales (JL/DN)
Suicide Machines - Destruction by Definition     CrossEye (HA/SZ)
Symphonic Pink Floyd                             Shel (DN/WM)
Symphony of the Planets Vol. 3 (comp)            SUEZO
Synaesthesia - Desideratum (Disc 1)              Ballon (TI/GA)
Synaesthesia - Desideratum (Disc 2)              Jello (JL/WM)
Take That - Greatest Hits                        Sobo (MO/WM)
"Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight" (sndtrk)    Pulsar (HA/TI)
"Tank Girl" (sndtrk)                             Scaler (HA/DN)
Tea Party - Transmission                         Iris (PL/TI)
$Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix                    Radial (DS/???)
Temple of The Dog - s/t                          Bad Seed (PL/NG)
Testament - Souls of Black                       Noro (SZ/NG)
Third Eye Blind - s/t                            Melon (SZ/DN)
This is Boston Not LA (comp)                     Orion (SZ/GA)
TLC - Fanmail                                    Liper (NG/PX)
Tool - Opiate EP                                 Lava (JL/MO)
Tool - Undertow                                  Ballon (TI/GA)
Tool - AEnima                                    Goldy (DN/GA)
Top 10 Classics - The Romantics (comp)           Edgy (NG/HA)
Top 10 Classics  - 1788-1810 (comp)              Valentino (DN/PX)
Travis Tritt - Greatest Hits                     Jupiter (JL/SZ)
"Trick or Treat" (sndtrk)                        Striker (NG/TI)
Tricky - Angels with Dirty Faces                 Slash (DN/JL)
Trixter - Undercovers                            Frost (TI/JL)
Trixter - Hear!                                  Ray (SZ/PL)
Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses                  Asfar (MO/NG)
Type O Negative - October Rust                   Stoner (HA/GO)
"UHF" (sndtrk)                                   Regal (PL/GA)
Un-Cut: BMG Sampler 1995 (comp)                  Iris (PL/TI)
Union - s/t                                      Jello (JL/WM)
Steve Vai - Flexable                             Deton (TI/PX)
Steve Vai - Sex & Religion                       Hince (PL/SZ)
Vangelis - Direct                                Warrior (GA/GO)
Vangelis - Themes                                RedWorm (WM/PX)
$Van Halen - 1984                                Eve (PX/???)
Vans Warped Tour Sampler (comp)                  Sponge (MO/TI)
Varga - Prototype                                Horn (SZ/TI)
$Village People - Best of...                     Anguish (NG/???)
Violent Femmes - s/t                             Noro (SZ/NG)
Violent World: Misfits Tribute (comp)            SUEZO
$Wallflowers - Bringing Down the Horse           Neon (PL/???)
War & Peace - TIme Capsule                       Rocky (SZ/GO)
Warrant - Dog Eat Dog                            Woody (SZ/HA)
Warrant - Ultraphobic                            EyeGuy (WM/SZ)
Warrior Soul - Chill Pill                        Rover (TI/HA)
Warrior Soul - Drugs, God & the New Republic     TIGER
Warrior Soul - Salutations from/Ghetto Nation    Drill (WM/TI)
W.A.S.P. - K.F.D.                                Melon (SZ/DN)
W.A.S.P. - Last Cuts                             EvilHare (HA/MO)
W.A.S.P. - The Last Command                      SUEZO
W.A.S.P. - Double Live Assassins (Disc 1)        Warrior (GA/GO)
W.A.S.P. - Double Live Assassins (Disc 2)        Rainbow (WM/PL)
W.A.S.P. - Sunset and Babylon                    IceCandy (MO/JL)
W.A.S.P. - Headless Children                     Hince (PL/SZ)
"Wayne's World" (sndtrk)                         JELL
White Zombie - Astro Creep 2000                  Tubby (WM/JL)
White Zombie - La Sexorcisto                     PinkEye (SZ/PX)
White Zombie - Super Sexy Swinging Sounds        GOLEM
White Zombie - NightCrawlers: The KMFDM Remixes  TIGER
Widowmaker - Stand By For Pain                   Drill (WM/TI)
Widowmaker - Blood & Bullets                     Verde (GO/DN)
Hank Williams, Jr. - America the Way I See It    Spinner (PL/HA)
"Wing Commander: Prophecy" (sndtrk)              PLANT
Winger - Pull                                    Frost (TI/JL)
"WWF: The Music Vol. 2" (sndtrk)                 MaskWorm (WM/GA)
"WWF: The Music Vol. 3" (sndtrk)                 WingWorm (WO/NG)
X-Cops - You Have the Right...                   Gaia (NG/WM)
"X-Files" - (sndtrk)                             Gil (JL/GA)
"Weird" Al Yankovic - Greatest Hits 2            Jello (JL/WM)
Yanni - In Celebration of Life                   Cabalos (TI/NG)
Neil Young - After the Gold Rush                 NAGA
Frank Zappa - Fillmore East 1971                 Toothy (SZ/JL)
Frank Zappa - Make a Jazz Noise (Disc 1)         Asfar (MO/NG)
Frank Zappa - Make a Jazz Noise (Disc 1)         BlackRex (DN/MO)
Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Invention       Deton (TI/PX)
Frank Zappa - Z (Music for Pets)                 PinkJam (JL/PX)

____Playstation Game Title_______________________Monster (Main/Sub)_________
*Assault: Retribution                            SUEZO
*Asteroids                                       Cabalos (TI/NG)
*Beyond the Beyond                               DINO
*Brave Fencer Musashi                            BadSeed (PL/NG)
*Breath of Fire 3                                Stinger (NG/DN)
*Bushido Blade                                   TIGER
*Bushido Blade 2                                 MONOL
*Castlevania: Symphony of the Night              PLANT
*Clock Tower                                     DINO
*Colony Wars: Vengeance                          WORM
*Contender (Demo)                                Gil (Jl/GA)
*Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back          SUEZO
*Dark Forces                                     NAGA
*Devil Dice                                      Bloodshot (SZ/MN)
*Diablo                                          TIGER
*Duke Nukem: Time to Kill                        GOLEM
*Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown                      Fencer (JL/GO)
*Ehrgeiz                                         HARE 
*Eidos Interactive 1998 Demo Disc                Velvet (TI/MO)
*Extreme Pinball                                 Goldy (DN/GA)
*FIFA '99                                        TIGER
*Fighting Force                                  Yakuto (TI/WM)
*Final Fantasy VII (Disc 1)                      PIXIE
*Final Fantasy VII (Disc 2)                      DINO
*Final Fantasy VII (Disc 3)                      WORM
*Final Fantasy VII (American Demo)               SUEZO
*Final Fantasy Tactics                           HARE
*Ghost In The Shell                              TIGER
*Gran Turismo                                    HARE
*International Superstar Soccer Pro '98          PLANT
*Kagero: Deception II                            GOLEM
*Kileak: The DNA Imperative                      HARE
*King's Field                                    HARE
*Legend of Legaia (Demo Version)                 SUEZO
*Mechwarrior 2                                   Mint (PX/TI)
*Metal Gear Solid (Disc 1)                       MONOL
*Metal Gear Solid (Disc 2)                       DINO
*Midway's Arcade Vol. 2                          GALI
*Monster Rancher                                 Rover (TI/HA)
*Mortal Kombat 4                                 NAGA
*Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero             DINO
*Mortal Kombat Trilogy                           Usaba (PL/WM)
*NAMCO Demo CD                                   NAGA
*Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (Disc 1)                JELL
*Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (Disc 2)                DINO
*Ogre Battle                                     Anki (DN/GO)
*PaRappa the Rapper                              PLANT
*Parasite Eve (Disc 1)                           GOLEM
*Parasite Eve (Disc 2)                           TIGER
*Persona                                         MONOL
*Pizza Hut 1998 Promotional Demo Disc            GALI
*Playstation Interactive Sampler v3.0            Grape (DN/NG)
*Playstation Interactive Sampler v3.5            WORM
*Playstation Interactive Sampler v9.0            Blue Fur (HA/JL)
*Playstation Interactive Sampler v11.0           
*Playstation Underground Jampack Vol. 4          Echo (GO/PL)
*ReBoot                                          PIXIE
*Resident Evil 2 (Disc 1)                        MonoEye (TI/SZ)
*Resident Evil 2 (Disc 2)                        Deton (TI/PX)
*SaGa Frontier                                   PLANT
*Silent Hill                                     GALI
*SlamScape                                       NAGA
*Street Fighter EX+Alpha                         JELL
*Suikoden                                        TIGER
*$Tecmo's Deception                              Ardebaren (MA/???)
*Tekken 2                                        Deton (TI/PX)
*Tekken 3                                        Icy (JL/TI)
*Tenchu: Stealth Assassins                       HARE
*Ten Pin Alley                                   Grape (DN/NG)
*Thrill Kill                                     Shrub (PL/DN)
*Time Crisis                                     Lidee (DN/TI)
*Tobal #1                                        Angel (PX/GA)
*Tomb Raider II                                  Maigon (GO/HA)
*Tomb Raider III                                 HARE 
*Toys'R'Us 1998 Sampler                          SUEZO
*Toys'R'Us 1999 Sampler                          Spot (DN/HA)
*Twisted Metal                                   Horn (SZ/TI)
*Twisted Metal 2                                 RockWorm (GO/WM)
*Twisted Metal 3                                 Deton (TI/PX)
*Unholy Wars, The                                DINO
*Vandal Hearts                                   WORM
*Vs.                                             WORM
*WCW Nitro                                       Amenho (GO/GA)
*WCW vs. the World                               Gaia (NG/WM)
*Wild Arms                                       MONOL
*Worms                                           Toothy (SZ/JL)
*WWF: In Your House                              ShonMask (GA/NG)
*WWF Warzone                                     PinkEye (SZ/PX)
*WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game               SUEZO
*Xenogears (Disc 1)                              NAGA
*Xenogears (Disc 2)                              HARE

____Miscellaneous CD Title_______________________Monster (Main/Sub)_________
^AD&D "First Quest" Module CD                    Marble (GO/NG)
^Age of Empires Expansion (PC)                   Aqua (GA/JL)
^Albert Odyssey (Saturn)                         RockBush (PL/GO)
^Blood Bowl (PC)                                 HARE
^Championship Manager 2: 97/98 Season (PC)       HARE
^Command & Conquer: Red Alert (PC Disc 2 Soviet) PLANT
^Courier Crisis (Saturn)                         Sapphire (GA/TI)
^Crypt Killer (Saturn)                           Usaba (PL/WM)
^Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight (PC) (Disc 1)        Karone (WM/HA)
^Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight (PC) (Disc 2)        Anki (DN/GO)
^Daytona USA: Championship Circuit Ed. (Saturn)  Shrub (PL/DN)
^Die Hard Arcade (Saturn)                        Titan (GO/SZ)
^Die Hard Trilogy (Saturn)                       Prince (HA/GA)
^Dracula Unleashed (SegaCD) (Disc 1)             Prince (HA/GA)
^Dracula Unleashed (SegaCD) (Disc 2)             WingWorm (WM/NG)
^Duke Nukem 3D (PC)                              MONOL
^Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (PC)              Jello (JL/WM)
^Duke Nukem 3D: Plutonium Pak (PC)               Ray (SZ/PL)
^Duke Nukem: The Apocalypse (PC)                 HARE
^FIFA '98: Road to the World Cup (Saturn)        Titan (GO/SZ)
^Guardian Heroes (Saturn)                        Deton (TI/PX)
^Heroes of Might & Magic II (PC)                 EyeGuy (WO/SZ)
^House of the Dead (Saturn)                      Mustard (DN/SZ)
^The Lost World (Saturn)                         Dento (TI/DN)
^Magic Carpet (PC)                               SUEZO
^Mechwarrior 2 (PC - ATI 3DRage CD)              Aqua (GA/JL)
^Mechwarrior 2 (PC - TItanium CD)                Jupiter (JL/SZ)
^MegaMan X4 (Saturn)                             HARE
^Microsoft Encarta '95 (PC)                      WORM
^Microsoft Encarta '96 (PC)                      WORM
^Mortal Komabt Trilogy (Saturn)                  Fencer (JL/GO)
^$Next Generation #36 Demo [Dec 1997]            MilkyWay (GA/???)
^NiGHTS: Into Dreams (Saturn)                    Mint (PX/TI)
^NiGHTS: CD Sampler (Saturn)                     Buster (HA/PX)
^Night Trap (SegaCD) (Disc 1)                    GALI
^Night Trap (SegaCD) (Disc 2)                    WORM
^Norton Utilities v2.0 (PC)                      WORM
^PC Gamer #40 Demo [Feb 1997]                    HARE
^PC Gamer v2.8 Demo [Sept 1997]                  GOLEM
^Postal (PC)                                     JELL
^Quake: Episode 1 Shareware Disc (PC)            Jungler (NG/PL)
^Quake: Full Version (PC)                        Style (GA/WM)
^Rampage World Tour (Saturn)                     JuraWall (MO/DN)
^Resident Evil (Saturn)                          RockBush (PL/GO)
^Rise of the Dragon (SegaCD)                     Yakuto (TI/WM)
^Saturn Bomberman (Saturn)                       GoodGuy (HA/PL)
^Sega Saturn Bootleg Sampler (Saturn)            Jupiter (JL/SZ)
^Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)                         Pull Worm (WM/MO)
^Sonic R (Saturn)                                Amethyst (HA/NG)
^SpiderMan AOL Trial CD (PC)                     MONOL
^Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (SegaCD)             Verde (GO/DN)
^Star Control Collection (PC)                    DINO
^Star Craft: Brood War (PC)                      DINO
^Starship Creator (PC)                           MONOL
^Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Saturn)                 Anki (DN/GO)
^Surge Studio - Coca Cola Promotional (PC)       Sponge (MO/TI)
^Theme Hospital (PC)                             SUEZO
^Theme Park (PC)                                 SUEZO
^Ultra Game Players #97 Demo [May 1997]          DINO
^$Ultra Game Players #104? Demo [Dec 1997]       Two-Tone (MO/???)
^Worms: Reinforcements (PC)                      Scales (JL/DN)
^WWF: In Your House (PC)                         HARE
^X-Men: Ravages of Apocalypse (Quake Conversion) Usaba (PL/WM)

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