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                           C O M P E N D I U M
By:  Chris McCullough  (Sir Galahad)
([email protected] ::: [email protected])

Issue #13
First printing:  April 28, 1995
Updated:  September 25, 1995

Remember:  The Lin Kuei Headwuarters

     The information in this compendium is for Revision 2.1 of Mortal
Kombat 3. except where indicated.  Moves and information for Revision 1.0
have been placed in Section VII:  A Word About Revision 1.0.

     Please send any kudos, appraisals, complaints, check or money orders,
etc. to [email protected]  All rights reserved,  all wrongs reversed.
Two wrongs don't make a right, but three rights make a left.  Don't talk
to strangers, don't eat the yellow snow, don't step on a crack, don't eat
refrozen ice creams, and don't mix household cleaners.

     NOTE:  This will probably be the final revision of the MK3
Compendium.  If the news about Ultimate MK3 are true, I will probably
have to make a seperate faq for UMK3.  We'll just have to see.


*  New info in Absolute Nonsense
*  Smoke's strategies corrected
*  Info on Ultimate MK3!

*  Total number of known finishing moves:  90  (COMPLETED!)
                                          (Finished until Mid October)
*  Total number of known kombat codes:  19

     You have been chosen to represent the Earth in Mortal Kombat.  Be
warned.  for although your souls are safe from Shao Kahn's evil:  Your
lives are not.  I can no longer interfere as your Earth is now ruled by
the Outworld gods.

                                --These are the words of Raiden



I.     The Plot
II.    Basic Moves
III.   A "Run" Button?
IV.    Finishing Moves
V.     Special Points of Interest
VI.    Individual Moves and Stories
VII.   A Word About Revision 1.0
VIII.  Motaro
IX.    Shao Kahn
X.     Individual Strategies
XI.    Combos
XII.   Kombat Codes
XIII.  The Ultimate Kombat Code
XIV.   Absolute Nonsense
XV.    Character Endings
XVI.   Ultimate MK3
XVII.  Chip Versions
XVIII. Credits


     For centuries Earth has used Mortal Kombat to defend itself against
the Outworld's emperor, Shao Kahn.  But Kahn grows frustrated by failed
attempts at taking Earth through tounament battle.  He enacts a plan which
began 10,000 years ago.
     During this time Shao Kahn had a queen.  Her name was Sindel, and
her young death was unexpected.  Kahn's shadow priests, led by Shang
Tsung, make it so Sindel's spirit would someday be reborn:  not on the
Outworld, but on the Earth Realm itself.
     This unholy act gives Shao Kahn the power to step through the
dimensoinal gates and reclaim his queen, thus enabling him to finally
seize the Earth Realm.
     Upon breaching the portal into Earth, Shao Kahn slowly transforms
the planet into a part of the Outworld itself.  Kahn strips the Earth of
all human life:  claiming every soul as his own.  But there are souls
which Kahn cannot take.  These souls belong to the warriors chosen to
represent Earth in a new Mortal Kombat.  The remaining humans are
scattered throught the planet.  Shao Khan sends an army of feirce Outworld
warriors to find and eliminate them.

Kano, Sonya, and Jax

     After the first tournament, Sonya Blade turned up missing.  Jax then
embarked on a rescue mission into the Outworld.  He found Sonya being held
captive with her nemesis Kano.  In freeing Sonya, Jax also frees Kano.
Kano then uses the chance to escape arrest.

Sub-Zero, Sektor, and Cyrax

     The ultimate advancement in Lin Kuei technology comes with the
creation of the first cyber-assassin.  They begin converting their human
ninjas into souless machines.  But Sub-Zero refuses to take part and is
marked for death by his own clan.

Liu Kang and Kung Lao

     After winning the first Mortal Kombat and escaping from the Outworld,
Liu Kang looks to the future.  He begins training a new generation of
Shaolin alongside Kung Lao.  But nothing could prepare them for the
unexpected Outworld invasion.


     Flip  |  Flip            High Punch       High Kick
        \  |  /                  (  )           (  )
         \ | /                         Block
  Left  ---O---  Right                  (  )
           |                   Low Punch       Low Kick
           |                     (  )           (  )
         Duck                (  )
        (Down)               Run

High Punch     :  High Punch
Low Punch      :  Low Punch
High Kick      :  High Kick
Low Kick       :  Low Kick
Block          :  Block
Run            :  Run
Uppercut       :  Down + High Punch
Crouching Punch:  Down + Low Punch
Crouching Kick :  Down + Low Kick
Foot Sweep     :  Back + Low Kick
Roundhouse     :  Back + High Kick
Jump Punch     :  Flip + Punch
Jump Kick      :  Flip + Kick
Hop Punch      :  Press Punch just as you push the joystick in the flip
Hop Kick       :  Press Kick just as you push the joystick in the flip

Turning Punch  :  Leap over the opponent.  When you pass their head, press
                   a Punch button.  The character will turn around and punch
                   at the opponent.

Turning Kick   :  Leap over the opponent.  When you pass their head, press
                   a Kick button.  The character will turn around and kick
                   at the opponent.

Death Punch    :  Also referred to as the Heavy Punch.  Rumored to be just
                   a glitch, it does appear in ALL three Mortal Kombats.  To
                   perform the Death Punch, do a standing punch just as the
                   opponent is jumping into you.  If connected just right,
                   the Death Punch could take off as much energy as an


     By far the newest part of the MK trilogy would have to be the 'Run'
button.  As you would expect, the Run button makes the opponent run.  How
is it useful, then?  By running, you will reduce the amount of turtling
from the other player.   The opponent will have to think of something else
to do, especially if you run, jump over them, then do a turning kick, and
repeat the process.  Plus, by running, you can reach the other character and
perform a combo before they have time to do a move.  Basically, the Run
button is something of a scare tactic.



     The most memorable part of a Mortal Kombat battle is the Fatality.
The Fatalities in MK3 seem to be tamer than its predecessors(problems with
the AAMA???)  To perform a Fatality, you must win the match, then do the
proper joystick/button sequence when "Finish Him!" or "Finish Her!" appears.


     If a player wants to give someone another chance to fight, or more
time to be pummeled, a player can show mercy on them.

To do a mercy:  1.  Win on the third round.
                2.  Perform the following joystick/button movements:
                     Hold Run(Down - Down - Down - Down) and release.


     What was once a rumor in MK2 has become a reality on MK3.  The
winning character will turn into an animal and attack the opponent.

To do an Animality:  1.  Perform a Mercy on the opponent.
                     2.  Defeat them again.
                     3.  Perform the proper joystick/button movements.

Stage Fatality

     The Pit is back as well as two new stages:  The Subway and The Shao
Kahn Tower.  In the Pit III the losing opponent is knocked of into
rotating blades and cut apart.  On the Subway, the opponent is uppercutted
into the far tracks where they are hit by an oncoming train.  On the Shao
Kahn tower, the opponent falls seven stories onto a bed of spikes.   Note
that Stage Fatality only works on the Pit III stage on the Prototype 4.0

To do a Stage Fatality:  1. Defeat your opponent on one of the three stages.
                         2. Perform the proper joystick/button movements.

(NOTE:  If you uppercut while on the Subway, the opponent will fly up to
the Street, where you will continue fighting, and thus be unable to do the
Stage Fatality.)


     Yes, the babalities are back.  Instead of killing the opponent, you
turn them into a baby.

To perform a Babality:  1.  Complete your winning round WITHOUT using Block.
                        2.  Perform the proper joystick/button movements


     If Babalities weren't enough, the Friendships are back as well.
Instead of killing them, you do something nice.  Shao Kahn is hilarious
here as he says, "(Name)  wins!  Friendship!  FRIENDSHIP?  Again?"

To perform a Friendship  1.  Complete your second winning round without
                                using Block.
                         2.  Perform the proper joystick/button movements.

Joystick/Button Movements

     In MK1, finishing moves were completed by first doing a joystick
movement (ex. Forward - Forward), then finishing off with a button (ex.
High Punch).  In MK2, players not only had to perform finishing moves
with a joystick movement first and then a button, but also players had to
'charge' up a button with a joystick movement.  Charging up a button
means holding the button for a certain amount of time and/or performing a
joystick movement (ex.  Hold Low Kick (Forward-Forward-Down-Forward) then
release Low Kick).  In, MK3, Midway has gone out in left field.  Not only
are there the two types of finishing move styles as listed above, but now
there is button sequencing.  This means that there are some finishing
moves that require a sequence of button presses to complete it (ex.
Run-Run-Block-Run-Block).  Then, there is a style in which you press the
joystick in a direction and then do a button combination, or a button
combination and then a joystick movement (ex.  Run-Run-Run-Up).  Many of
these types of styles have not been discovered verbatim, and are not left
as doing two moves at the same time(ex.  Down+Run - Down+Run - Down+Run).



     Here is a brief summary of the stages and their order of appearance.

Shao Kahn Tower

     Wooden bell tower.  The moon is visible in the background.  This
stage has a Stage Fatality

The Temple

     Looks like the inside of a Church.  Back wall has the MK dragon in a
stained glass window.  The room also has an alter with a red cloth with
the MK dragon on it.  On top of the cloth are two goblets.

The Graveyard

     Cemetery with the moon visible in the background.  four front
tombstones are the design team (ex. Boon, Tobias, Forden)  since there
are seven mebers to the team, the tombstones randomly change each time
you fight on the Graveyard.

The Pit III

     Another incarnation of the first Stage Fatality.  Far left has the
entrance to the Pit.  Fat right has Shao Kahn's throne.  In the middle
are floating green lamps.  This is the stage where you fight Shao Kahn
in the final battle.  This stage also has a Ftage Fatality.

The Subway

     Underground in a subway station.  Far wall has Boon/Tobias as
destination points.  If a character is uppercutted, they will fly up to
the street.  This stage also has a Stage Fatality.

The Street

     Above the Subway.  The Street has papers occaisonally flying by.
Shao Kahn's fortress is in the background.

The Bank

     inside of a bank.  Shao Kahn's fortress is visible in the far windows.
The MK dragon is on the floor.  If a character is uppercutted, they will fly up
 to the Rooftop.

The Rooftop

     Rooftop of the Bank.  Shao Kahn's fortress is in the background.
Stone Gargoyles align the edge of the roof.

The Balcony

     Directly above the Soul chamber.  This is the stage where you fight
Motaro, Noob Saibot, and Smoke (if you have entered the UKC).  the walls
are green with the top of the Soul Chamber itself visible in the
background.  Stone centaurs align the sides of the balcony

The Bridge

     The sky is yellow in this stage.  Papers occasionally fly by.
Buildings are on either side.  You can fight Smoke on this stage.

The Soul Chamber

     Orange colored stage.  The center has a demon's head with it's mouth
wide open.  Inside the mouth are the souls of humanity.  Shao Kahn's
shadow priests adorn the room.  If a character is uppercutted, they will
fly up to the Balcony.
(NOTE:  uppercutting up to the balcony will send you two stages
BACKWARD!  You will continue to play the same three stages until you
complete the Soul Chamber stage without uppercutting an opponent to the

The Portal

     This stage is accessable so far by putting in the Winner of First
Round Battles Smoke code in a two-player game.  The screen shows the
portal with the walkway from the Pit III.  In order to fight on this
stage, you must also have not entered the UKC.

Random Select

     To have the computer randomly select your character, press up and the
start button.  Note that player one's selection block MUST be on Shang
Tsung, and player two must be on Liu Kang.


     "You have been transported to another realm.  A relam where neither
the Earth Realm warriors nor Shao Kahn have any control.  Beware the
realm of Rellim Ohcanep."

     To play Galaxian on MK3, you must either:

        1.  Play 100 two player games in a row.
        2.  Enter the correct Kombat Code

     When one player loses all three lives, the game is over.  If you got
to play Galaxian by playing 100 two player games, then you will return to
normal fighting.  If you put in a Kombat Code, the game is over for BOTH


     "From this point on...I am at your control!"

To play as Smoke:  Put in the correct Ultimate Kombat Code

To play against Smoke:  Put in the correct two-player code

NOTE:  If you haven't put the Ultimate Kombat Code in and you choose to
fight against Smoke, you will fight him next to the Portal.  If you have
put in the Ultimate Kombat Code, you will fight Smoke on the Balcony or
the Bridge.

Noob Saibot

     The shadow character has returned, this time as a shadow of Kano.
You fight him on the Balcony stage.  He is much harder to see in MK3.


Shang Tsung

     Tsung is Shao Kahn's lead sorcerer.  He once fell out of favor with
his emperor after failing to win the Earth realm in tournament battle.  But
the ever scheming Shang Tsung is instrumental in Kahn's conquest of Earth.
He has now been granted more power than ever.

           one:  Back - Back - High Punch
           two:  Back - Back - Forward - High Punch
         three:  Back - Back - Forward - Forward - High Punch
Fire Eruption :  Forward - Back - Back - Low Kick

        Sindel:  Down - Back - Down - Low Kick
           Jax:  Forward - Forward - Down - Low Punch
          Kano:  Back - Forward - Block
      Liu Kang:  Circle Joystick
         Sonya:  Down + Run + Low Punch + Block
       Stryker:  Forward - Forward - Forward - High Kick
      Sub-Zero:  Forward - Down - Forward - High Punch
         Cyrax:  Block - Block - Block
        Sektor:  Down - Forward - Back - Run
     Nightwolf:  Up - Up - Up
        Sheeva:  Hold Low Kick(Forward - Down - Forward) and release
      Kung Lao:  Run - Run - Block - Run
         Kabal:  Low Punch - Block - High Kick

Fatality #1   :  Hold Low Punch(Down - Forward - Forward - Down)and release
                 (Tsung creates a bed of spikes and throws the opponent
                  onto them.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Hold Low Punch(Run - Block - Run - Block)and release
                 (Tsung levatates the opponent off the ground.  He steals
                  their soul and their remains fall to the ground in a
                  green puddle.  Stand close.)
Animality     :  Hold High Punch(Run - Run - Run)and release
                 (Tsung tunrs into a large green cobra and devours the 
                 opponent.  Stand just outside sweeping distance.)
Babality      :  Run - Run - Run - Low Kick
Friendship    :  Low Kick - Run - Run - Down
                 (Tsung turns into the character from Joust and hops off.
                  Stand just outside sweeping distance.)
Stage Fatality:  Up - Up - Back - Low Punch


     She once ruled the Outworld at Shao Kahn's side.  Now, 10,000 years
after her untimely death, she is reborn on Earth.  Her evil intent is
every match for Shao Kahn's tyranny.  She is the key to his occupation of

Float         :  Back - Back - Forward - High Kick
Fireball      :  Forward - Forward - Low Punch
Air Fireball  :  Half-circle Towards - Low Kick
Scream        :  Forward - Forward - Forward - High Punch

Fatality #1   :  Run - Block - Block - Run + Block
                 (Sindel screams at the opponent, causing the opponent's skin
                  to fly off.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Run - Run - Block - Run - Block
                 (Sindel coils her hair around the opponent.  She then pulls
                  her hair back, causing the opponent to go into a violent
                  spin, sending blood and body parts everywhere.  Stand a
                  step or two away from the opponent.)
Animality     :  Forward - Forward - Up - High Punch
                 (Sindel turns into a purple wasp and carries the opponent off
                 while stinging them.)
Babality      :  Run - Run - Run - Up
Frienship     :  Run - Run - Run - Run - Run - Up
                 (Sindel kicks a ball over the opponent and makes a 'Goal'
                  sign.  She says, "That was fun!")
Stage Fatality:  Down - Down - Down - Down - Low Punch

Major Jackson Briggs

     After failing to convince his superiors of the coming Ou
Jax begins to covertly prepare for future battle with Kahn's minions.  He
fits both arms with indestructable bionic implants.  This is a war Jax is
prepared to win.

Single Missle :  Back- Forward - High Punch
Double Missle :  Forward - Forward - Back - Back - High Punch
Speed Punch   :  Forward - Forward - High Kick
Grab & Punch  :  Forward - Forward - Low Punch
                 (Repeatedly press Low Punch for up to 5 punches.)
Quadruple Slam:  Low Punch (Close to opponent.)
                 (Hold Low Punch and repeatedly press High Punch
                  for up to 4 slams.)
Back Breaker  :  Block (In mid-air.)
Ground Punch  :  Hold Low Kick(3 seconds) and release.

Fatality #1   :  Hold Block(Up - Down - Forward - Up) and release
                 (Jax's arms form into long blades.  He then cuts the
                  opponent to pieces.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Run - Block - Run - Run - Low Kick
                 (Jax grows to an immense size and steps on the opponent.
                  Stand on the other side of the screen.)
Animality     :  Hold Low Punch(Forward - Forward - Down - Forward)
                  and release
                 (Jax turns into a yellow lion and pounces on the opponent.
                  Stand close.)
Babality      :  Down - Down - Down - Low Kick
Friendship    :  Low Kick - Run - Run - Low Kick
                 (Jax takes out a jump rope and starts skipping.)
Stage Fatality:  Down - Forward - Down - Low Punch


     Kano is thought to have been killed in the first tournament.
Instead, he is found alive in the Outworld where he again escapes capture
by Sonya.  Before the actual Outwrold invasion, Kano convinces Shao Kahn
to spare his soul.  Kahn needs someone to teach his warriors how to use
Earth's weapons.  Kano is the man to do it.

Knife Throw   :  Quarter-circle Away, High Punch
Knife Uppercut:  Quarter-circle Towards, High Punch
Flying Roll   :  Hold Low Kick(3 seconds) and release
Strangle Grab :  Half Circle Towards, Low Punch
Air Throw     :  Block (in mid-air)

Fatality #1   :  Hold Low Punch(Forward - Down - Down - Forward) and release
                 (Kano pulls the opponent's skeleton out through their
                  mouth.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Low Punch - Block - Block - High Kick
                 (Kano fires a laser from his eye that heats up the opponent
                  until they explode.  Stand just outside sweeping distance.)
Animality     :  Hold High Punch(Block - Block - Block)and release
                 (Kano turns into an orange spider and crushes the
                  opponent.  Stand close.)
Babality      :  Forward - Forward - Down - Down - Low Kick
Friendship    :  Low Kick - Run - Run - High Kick
                 (Kano munches on some bubble gum and blows a large
                  bubble, which eventually bursts all over his face.)
Stage Fatality:  Up - Up - Back - Low Kick

Liu Kang

     After the Outworld invasion, Liu Kang finds himself the prime target
of Kahn's extermination squads.  He is the Shaolin champion and has
thwarted Kahn's schemes in the past.  Of all the humans, Kang poses the
greatest threat to Shao Kahn's rule.

High Fireball :  Forward - Forward - High Punch(can be done in air)
Low Fireball  :  Forward - Forward - Low Punch
Flying Kick   :  Forward - Forward - High Kick
Bicycle Kick  :  Hold Low Kick(3 seconds) and release

Fatality #1   :  Forward - Forward - Down - Down - Low Kick
                 (Liu Kang disappears and reforms on the opponent as fire.
                  The opponent is reduced to a burning skeleton.  Stand in
                  jumping distance.)
Fatality #2   :  Up - Down - Up - Up + Run + Block
                 (Liu Kang disappears and a Mortal Kombat machine falls
                  on the opponent.  Can be done anywhere on the screen.)
Animality     :  Down - Down - Up
                 (Liu Kang turns into a giant green dragon and bites the
                  opponent in half.  Stand in sweeping distance.)
Babality      :  Down - Down - Down - High Kick
Friendship    :  Down - Down - Down - Run
                 (A film screen pops up and Liu Kang makes a shadow puppet
                  of a dragon.)
Stage Fatality:  Run - Block - Block - Low Kick

Lt. Sonya Blade

     Sonya disappears in the first tournament, but is later rescued from
the Outworld by Jax.  After returning to Earth, she and Jax try to warn the
U.S. Government of the looming Outworld menace.  Lacking proof, they watch
helplessly as Shao Kahn begins his invasion.

Energy Rings  :  Quarter-circle towards - Low Punch
Flying Punch  :  Forward - Back - High Punch
Leg Grab      :  Down + Low Punch + Block
Bicycle Kick  :  Back - Back - Down - High Kick

Fatality #1   :  Back - Forward - Down - Down - Run
                 (Sonya blows a kiss at the opponent, turning them into a
                  burning skeleton.  Stand outside jumping distance.)
Fatality #2   :  Hold Block + Run(Up - Up - Back - Down)and release
                 (Sonya blows a pink bubble at the opponent.  The opponent
                  is engulfed in the the bubble, which eventually collapses,
                  crushing them.  Stand on the other side of the screen.)
Animality     :  Hold Low Punch(Back - Forward - Down - Forward) and release
                 (Sonya turns in to a large green bird and hovers over the
                  opponent.  She carries the opponent off screen where there
                  is a crunching sound and bones fall back to the ground.
                  Stand close.)
Babality      :  Down - Down - Forward - Low Kick
Friendship    :  Back - Forward - Back - Down - Run
                 (Sonya does "Elbow Sex" with herself??)
Stage Fatality:  Forward - Forward - Down - High Punch

Kurtis Stryker

     When the Outworld portal opens up over a large city in North America,
panic and chaos rage out of control.  Kurtis Stryker was the leader of the
riot control brigade when Shao Kahn started taking souls.  He finds
himself the lone survivor of a city once populated by millions.

High Grenade  :  Quarter-circle Away - High Punch
Low Grenade   :  Quarter-circle Away - Low Punch
Baton Throw   :  Forward - Forward - High Kick
Baton Trip    :  Forward - back - Low Punch

Fatality #1   :  Down - Forward - Down - Forward - Block
                 (Stryker plants explosives on the opponent and runs away
                  just before they explode.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Forward - Forward - Forward - Low Kick
                 (Stryker fires a tazer at the opponent, electrocuting them.
                  Stand on the other side of the screen.)
Animality     :  Run - Run - Run - Block
                 (Stryker turns into a red tyrannosaurus rex and bites the
                  opponent in half.  Stand a step or two sway from the
Babality      :  Down - Forward - Forward - Back - High Punch
Friendship    :  Low Punch - Run - Run - Low Punch
                 (Stryker blows a whistle and takes out a stop sign.  The
                  other kombatants run by and Stryker directs them to
                  the other side.)
Stage Fatality:  Forward - Up - Up - High Kick


     Smoke's story is unknown at this time.

Harpoon       :  Back - Back - Low Punch
Teleport Punch:  Forward - Forward - Low Kick(can be done in air)
Invisibility  :  Up - Up - Run
Air Throw     :  Block (in mid-air)

Fatality #1   :  Up - Up - Forward - Down
                 (Smoke opens his chest and bombs pour out.  The screen
                  fades to a picture of the Earth just seconds before the
                  Earth explodes.  Stand on the other side of the screen.)
Fatality #2   :  Hold Run + Block(Down - Down - Forward - Up)
                 (Smoke drops an anarchist's bomb down the opponent's throat,
                  causing them to explode.  Stand in sweeping distance.)
Animality     :  Down - Forward - Forward - Block
                 (Smoke turns into a black bull and rams the opponent off
                  the screen.  Stand in jumping distance.)
Babality      :  Down - Down - Back - Back - High Kick
Friendship    :  Run - Run - Run - High Kick
                 (An enormous brass horn comes out of Smoke's chest, and he
                  blares a note.)
Stage Fatality:  Forward - Forward - Down - Low Kick


     The ninja returns unmasked.  Betrayed by his own clan, the Lin Kuei,
he broke sacred codes of honor by leaving his clan and is marked for
death.  But, unlike the ninja, his persurors come as mac
not only defend from the Outworld, but he must elude his souless assassins.

Ice Ball      :  Quarter-circle Towards - Low Punch
Ice Shower    :  Quarter-circle Towards - High Punch
Ice Clone     :  Quarter-circle away - Low Punch (Can be done in air)
Slide         :  Back + Low Punch + Block + Low Kick

Fatality #1   :  Block - Block - Run - Block - Run
                 (Sub-Zero grabs the opponent and lifts them over his head.
                  He freezes them and proceeds to shatter them in a massive
                  explosion and throws the ice and body parts to the ground.
                  Stand Close.)
Fatality #2   :  Back - Back - Down - Back - Run
                 (Sub-Zero blows a mist that freezes the opponent.  They
                  fall over and shatter.  Stand just outside sweeping
Animality     :  Forward - Up - Up
                 (Sub-Zero turns into a blue polar bear and pounces on the
                  opponent.  Stand close.)
Babality      :  Down - Back - Back - High Kick
Friendship    :  Low Kick - Run - Run - Up
                 (Sub-Zero engulfs himself in a snowman. Can be done anywhere
                  on the screen.)
Stage Fatality:  Back - Down - Forward - Forward - High Kick


     Cyrax is unit LK-4D4, the second of three prototype cybernetic ninjas
built by the Lin Keui.  Like his counterparts, his last program command
is to find and terminate the rogue ninja, Sub-Zero.  Without a soul, Cyrax
goes undetected by Shao Khan and becomes a possible threat to his
occupation of Earth.

Throw Net     :  Back - Back - Low Kick
Throw Bombs:
         Close:  Hold Low Kick(Back - Back - High Kick)
           Far:  Hold Low Kick (Forward - Forward - High Kick)
Air Throw     :  Half-circle Towards - Block
Teleport      :  Forward - Down - Block (Can be done in air)

Fatality #1   :  Down - Down - Up - Down - High Punch
                 (Cyrax's head spins like a helicopter.  He flies up and comes
                  down head first on the opponent.  Can be done anywhere on
                  the screen.)
Fatality #2   :  Down - Down - Forward - Up - Run
                 (Cyrax self-distructs, taking the opponent with him.
                  Stand close.)
Animality     :  Up - Up - Down - Down
                 (Cyrax turns into a light-blue Shark.  He swins off the screen
                  then pops up behind the opponent and eats them.  Stand 
Babality      :  Forward - Forward - Back - High Punch
Friendship    :  Run - Run - Run - Up
                 (Cyrax does a little dancing.)
Stage Fatality:  Run - Block - Run


     Sektor is actually the code name for unit LK-9T9.  He was the first
of three prototype cybernetic ninjas built by the Lin Kuei.  Sektor was
once a human assassin trained by the Lin Kuei.  He volunteered for
automation bacause of his loyalty to the clan.  Sektor survives the
Outworld invasion.  He has no soul to take.

Missle        :  Forward - Forward - Low Punch
Heat Seeker   :  Half-circle away - High Punch
Teleport Punch:  Forward - Forward - Low Kick(Can be done in air)

Fatality #1   :  Low Punch - Run - Run - Block
                 (Sektor crushes the opponent in a huge clamp.  Stand just
                  outside sweeing distance.)
Fatality #2   :  Forward - Forward - Forward - Back - Block
                 (Sektor uses a flame thrower on the opponent.  Stand in
                  jumping range.)
Animality     :  Forward - Forward - Down - Up
                 (Sektor turns into a giant purple bat.  He flies by the
                  opponent and decapitates them.  Stand close.)
Babality      :  Back - Down - Down - Down - High Kick
Friendship    :  Run - Run - Run - Run - Down
                 (A Ring-the-Bell game pops up and Sektor plays it.)
Stage Fatality:  Run - Run - Run - Down


     Works as a historian and preserver of his people's culture.  When
Kahn's portal opens over North America, Nightwolf uses the magic of his
shamen to protect his tribe's sacred land.  This area becomes a vital
threat to Kahn's invasion of the Earth.

Arrow         :  Half-circle Away - Low Punch
Hatchet Upprct:  Half-circle Towards - High Punch
Green Shield  :  Back - Back - Back - High Kick
Shadow Attack :  Forward - Forward - Low Kick

Fatality #1   :  Hold Block(Up - Up - Back - Forward)and release - Block
                 (Nightwolf causes a great light to engulf the opponent,
                  which disentegrates them.  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Back - Back - Back - Down - High Punch
                 (Nightwolf summons lightning into his tomahawk.  He then
                  electrocutes the opponent.  Stand in sweeping distance.)
Animality     :  Forward - Forward - Down - Down
                 (Nightwolf turns into a red wolf and pounces on the opponent.
                  Stand close.)
Babality      :  Forward - Back - Forward - Back - Low Punch
Friendship    :  Run - Run - Run - Down
                 (Nightwolf turns into Raiden.  A Mortal Kombat 2 machine falls
                  behind him.  At the bottom the screen are the words:
                  "I have never seen a Kano Transformation!",  OR
                  "No, but I have seen a Raiden Transformation!".)
Stage Fatality:  Run - Run - Block


     She was hand picked by Shao Khan to serve as Sindel's personal
protector.  She became suspicious of Shao Kahn's loyalty towards her race
of Shokan when he places Motaro as the leader of his extermination squads.
On the Outworld Motaro's race of Centaurians are the nautral enemy of

Fireball      :  Quarter-circle Towards - High Punch
Ground Stomp  :  Back - Down - Back - High Kick
Teleport Stomp:  Down - Up

Fatality #1   :  Forward - Down - Down - Forward - Low Punch
                 (Sheeva pounds the opponent into the ground like a nail.
                  Stand close.)
Fatality #2   :  Hold High Kick(Forward  - Back - Forward - Forward) and
                 (Sheeva rips all the opponent's skin off.  Stand close.)
Animality     :  Run - Block - Block - Block - Block
                 (Sheeva turns into a giant purple scorpion and stings the
                  opponent, causing them to explode.  Stand close.)
Babality      :  Down - Down - Down - Back - High Kick
Friendship    :  Forward - Forward - Down - Forward - High Punch
                 (Sheeva holds a stick in each hand and balances a plate on
                  each.  Hold joystick forward when pressing High Punch.)
Stage Fatality:  Down - Forward - Down - Forward - Low Punch

Kung Lao

     Kung Lao's plan to reform the White Lotus Society comes to a halt
when Shao Kahn's invasion takes the Earth by storm.  As a chosen warrior,
Kung Lao must use his greatest fighting skills to bring down Shao Kahn's
reign of terror.

Hat Throw     :  Back - Forward - Low Punch
Diagonal Kick :  Down + High Kick
Teleport      :  Down - Up
Whirl Spin    :  Forward - Down - Forward - Run

Fatality #1   :  Forward - Forward - Back - Down - High Punch
                 (Kung Lao throws his hat.  It makes four passes at the
                  opponent, cutting them into pieces.  Stand Close.)
Fatality #2   :  Run -Block - Run - Block - Down
                 (Kung Lao does his whirl spin.  The opponent gets pulled in
                  and is torn apart.  Can be done anywhere on the screen.)
Animality     :  Run - Run - Run - Run - Block
                 (Kung Lao turns into a yellow leopard and pounces on the
                  opponent.  Stand close.)
Babality      :  Down - Forward - Forward - High Punch
Friendship    :  Run - Low Punch - Run - Low Kick
                 (Kung Lao tosses his hat off screen.  A dog chases after
                  the hat.  Kung Lao covers his eyes as there is a cry off
                  screen, then sadly shakes his head.)
Stage Fatality:  Down - Down - Forward - Forward - Low Kick


     As a chosen warrior, his identity is a mystery to all.  It is
believed he is a survivor of an attack by Shao Kahn's extermination
squads.  As a result, he is viciously scarred and kept alive only by
artificial respiratiors and a rage for ending Shao Kahn's conquest.

Fireball      :  Back - Back - High Punch (can be done in air)
Gear Slice    :  Back - Back - Run
Tornado Spin  :  Back - Forward - Low Kick

Fatality #1   :  Down - Down - Back - Forward - Block
                 (Kabal plugs his respirator into the opponent.  Their head
                  inflates and they float off the screen where they explode.
                  Stand in sweeping distance.)
Fatality #2   :  Run - Block - Block - Block - High Kick
                 (Kabal removes his mask to reveal a hideous face and
                  screams at the opponent.  The opponent is so frightened that
                  their soul jumps out of their body.)
Animality     :  Hold High Punch(Forward - Forward - Down - Forward)
                 and release
                 (Kabal turns into a green skeleton of a rhinoceros and butts
                  the opponent into the air.  Stand close.)
Babality      :  Run - Run - Low Kick
Friendship    :  Run - Low Kick - Run - Run - Up
                 (Kabal roasts a marshmallow on his hook sword.)
Stage Fatality:  Block - Block - Block - High Kick


     Has there ever been an upgrade for a game that was worse than the
previous version?  It may come true with Revision 1.0.  Here are a few
problems with the new upgrade:

*  Sindel's stage fatalites stay focused on her the entire time.
*  Performing Kabal's animality without a mercy will crash the game.
*  Charging Low Kic
     disables his other special moves.
   (NOTE:  This is still true for Rev. 2.1)
*  Cyrax cannot perform a mercy.  This means in order to do Cyrax's Animality,
     you must be Shang Tsung, perform the mercy, morph into Cyrax, and THEN
     perform the Animality.

Mercy on 1.0:  Down - Down - Down - Run

Stage Fatality on 1.0:  Forward - Forward - Forward - Run

Revision 1.0 Fatalities

Shang Tsung:  #1  Hold Low Punch(Down - Forward - Down - Forward)
                    and release
              #2  Same as Revision 2.0.

Sindel     :   Same as Revision 2.0.

Jax        :  #1  Hold Block(Forward - Down - Back - Up - Forward)
                    and release.
              #2  Run - Run - Run - Block - Low Kick

Kano       :   Same as Revision 2.0.

Liu Kang   :  #1  Forward - Forward - Forward - Back - Forward - Low Kick
              #2  Hold Block(Up - Up - Up) - Block + Run

Sonya      :  #1  Down - Down - Forward - Low Kick
              #2  Same as Revision 2.0

Stryker    :   Same as Revision 2.0.

Sub-Zero   :  #1  Down - Forward - Down - Forward - Low Punch
              #2  Down - Forward - Back - High Kick

Cyrax      :  #1  Up - Up - Up - Down - High Punch
              #2  Forward - Back - Down - Up - Forward - Down - Run

Sektor     :  #1  Back - Back - Back - High Kick
              #2  Same as Revision 2.0.

Nightwolf  :  #1  Down - Forward - Forward - High Kick
              #2  Back - Back - Back - High Punch

Sheeva     :  #1  Forward - Forward - Forward - Low Punch
              #2  Hold High Kick(Forward - Forward - Forward) and release

Kung Lao   :   Same as Revision 2.0.

Kabal      :  #1  Back - Back - Forward - Down - Block
              #2  Same as Revision 2.0.

Known Animalities

Shang Tsung:  Same as Revision 2.0

Sindel:  Forward - Forward - High Punch

Jax:  Same as Revision 2.0

Kano:  Same as Revision 2.0

Liu Kang:  Same as Revision 2.0

Sonya:  Same as Revision 2.0

Stryker:  Same as Revision 2.0

Sub-Zero:  Same as Revision 2.0

Cyrax:  Up - Up - Down

Sektor:  Down - Down - Up

Nightwolf:  Down - Down

Kung Lao:  Same as Revision 2.0

Sheeva:  Same as Revision 2.0

Kabal:  Hold High Punch(3 seconds) and release


     Motaro is the leader of Shao Kahn's extermination squads.  He is a
Centaur (Half man-Half horse).  Projectiles bounce off him, with an
occasional exception with Sub-Zero's iceball, and fly back to the sender.
His arsenal consists of a long tail that he uses to either fire large red
projectiles (up to EIGHT at a time), or to trip the opponent.  He can teleport
many times in a row, and can quickly become confusing to the opponent.
He will sometimes turn around and kick at the opponent with his hind
legs.  Finally he will grab the oponent and punch them away.
     Beating Motaro is a bit easier than, say, Kintaro(then again, ANY
boss character out there is easier to beat than Kintaro!).  First of all,
he is a sucker for combos.  You just have to be brave, run up to him, and
combo away.  If he blocks them, jump away and perform a flying kick, as he
usually chages after blocking.  If you are not keen to combos, a
sitck-and-move system works well.  Jump kick at him and jump away.  He
will either get hit, block it and teleport, or hit you.  Finally, Motaro
likes sometimes to wait for you to do your move first.  If you have more
energy than he does, you can sometimes wait out the clock.
NOTE:  Motaro can be hit with projectiles in the head.  This always works
with Sindel's Air Fireball.

CHEESER MOVE FOR 2.0:  One word:  Uppercut.  Do it when he jumps, do it
when he's near, do it when he sticks his tail out.


     The ruler of both the Outworld and the Earth realm now, Shao Kahn
looks no different than in MK2.  His voice has gotten a little deeper, but
he still taunts you.  His arsenal still includes the Shadow Shoulder, and
his usuall punching and kicking.  Not he has added a Shadow Jumping Knee to
his list, as well as a projectile that he fires out of his mouth.  The
most painful-looking weapon Shao kahn now has is a large mallet that he
will pull out of nowhere and smash the opponent on the head.  One can't
help but be taken back when this happens.
     It is really not certain whether or not he is easier than he was in
MK2 to defeat.  Like Motaro, he is a sucker for combos, though not as much.
You cannot do the wait in the corner tactic form MK2 on him(i.e. wait in
the corner, Kahn charges in, you uppercut) as your recovery time is longer
now.  Should Kahn ever miss with his Shadow Knee, he is left perfectly
open for an uppercut.  You can also get in a few projectiles before he
startes throwing projectiles back at you.  As in MK2, if Kahn ever taunts you
or laughs, pummel him.

  Sheeva:  knock him down, then continually Teleport Stomp him without
pausing.  Also, constant fireballs will sometimes get him.

  Liu Kang:  When doing the Low Fireball, Kahn's projectiles will fly
right over Kang, so this is a good way to defeat him quickly.

  Kano:  Perform a Flying Roll, then duck down.  If Shao Kahn stays where
he is and does nothing, you can Flying Roll him again.

  Shang Tsung:  Two words:  Three Fireballs

  Sektor and Smoke:  You can get two teleport uppercuts on him, one right
after the other.  A straight missle after will usually hit.

  Cyrax:  Catch Shao Kahn in the net and uppercut him.  Quickly throw
another net.  Shao Kahn will get caught and you can repeat until
you beat him.

  Smoke:  Same as Cyrax.  Catch Shao Kahn with the harpoon and uppercut
him, then throw another harpoon.  If Shao Kahn manages to throw a
fireball when you throw the harpoon, DO NOT try to throw a harpoon again,
as Kahn will always manage to throw a fireball.

NOTE:  Shao Kahn will NOT fall for many of these in Revision 2.0.


Shang Tsung

Fireballs:  Like M
Throwing three is best just when the opponent jumps toward you.  They will
almost always get hit by all three.

Fire Eruption:  This is another good air juggle move.  However it is very
risky.  To get the full damage of the move, both characters must be at
either ends of the screen.  Also, the opponent can stand between the
fireballs and not get hurt.


Float:  This can be a very upsetting move for a novice opponent.  The
trouble lies in getting up there, as it takes a while for Sindel to reach
the full height.  Once up there, Sindel can keep flying by the opponent,
spitting fireballs as she goes.

Fireball:  One of the fastest projectiles in the game, with a quick
reaction time to boot.  Plus, Sindel looks the same way when she's
screaming.  So, a couple fireballs and then a scream could catch the
opponent off guard.  Also, if used in the end of a combo, the fireball
travels twice as fast.

Air Fireball:  This is a good move once you learn the distance of the
fireball relative to her height in the air.

Scream:  Just like Kitana's Fan Lift in MK2, if Sindel does not connect,
she is wide open for attack.

Major Jackson Briggs

Single Missle:  Much easier to perform than his projectile in MK2.  Almost
or just as fast as Sindel's fireball.  One question though:  Does it come
out of his hand or his underarms?

Double Missle:  Right now, the Double Missle is catching everyone off
guard.  If an opponent jumps over the first missle, the second one will get
them every time.

Speed Punch:  Can you say Johnny Cage combos here?  The Speed Punch is
very fast and has a very long reach, but a poor recovery time.

Grab & Punch:  Use it only as a secondary combo move(i.e.  Jump kick in
low, then grab em.)

Quadruple Slam:  Not much use for it except for getting mucho energy, good
cheesing move.

Back Breaker:  Just like MK2, Hop Kick into your opponent, then grab them
in the back breaker.

Ground Punch:  What happened to this move?  It's slower, the recovery time
sucks, and a good player can tell when it's going to happen.
Nevertheless, this move is best when used in combos, but is also a good
suprise move(i.e. they throw a projectile, you do the Ground Smash).


Knife Throw:  Slow, but a relatively quick recovery time.

Knife Uppercut:  This is a kind of interesting move.  The move makes Kano
move closer to the opponent after the swipe.  It basically gives him a
longer reach, but it doesn't take off as much damage as a normal uppercut.

Flying Roll:  Ahh, return the MK1 days.  It's still devastaing as ever.
The opponent foot sweeps, you roll.  The opponent throws a projectile, you
duck it then roll.  The opponent jumps, you roll.

Strangle Grab:  Best used in a combo, or against a novice player.

Air Throw:  Same as Jax:  Hop Kick, then Air Throw.

Liu Kang

Standing Fireball:  A tad bit slower than MK2 in my opinion.  When
performing them while in the air, Liu kang does not move, unlike, say,
Kabal.  Good to use after a jumping kick or punch.

Crouching Fireball:  Liu Kang ducks under most projectiles when
performing this move.

Flying Kick:  Liu Kang may look really odd when he does this move, but
you still can get the old combos to work (ex.  Jump kick low, then Flying

Bicycle Kick:  Does not take off as much damage as in MK2.  Finish with a
Crouching Fireball.
CHEESER MOVE:  If you are quick enough, you can pull off Liu Kang's 7-hit
combo right after the bicycle kick for 48% damage!

Sonya Blade

Energy Rings:  Fast, good recovery time.

Flying Punch:  Still a good defense for someone that jumps.  It still does
put you in line for an uppercut by the oppo[Bnent if they're not moving.

Leg Grab:  Just like MK1.  Useful in combos, and you can still do the old
continuous Leg Grab cheese form MK1!

Bicycle Kick:  This is only for the good players.  It takes timing and
precision.  Diagonally bicycle kicks in the air.  It leaves her wide open
for attack if she misses.

Kurtis Stryker

Grenades:  Just like Johnny Cage's projectiles in MK2.  Keep changing
which ones you use to confuse the opponent.

Baton Throw:  Could be a good combo move.  It does leave you open for an
uppercut of they block it.

Baton Trip:  Basically a sweep move.  So far, it's worked pretty well
offensively.  I believe he will duck under most projectiles when
performing it.


Harpoon:  Just like Scorpion's spear, except there is no blood, or
scream, or the much missed 'Get over here!'.  Nevertheless, it will make
the Scorpion fans very happy.

Teleport Punch:  Same as Sektor.

Invisibility:  Just like reptile.  Smoke will become visible once he is
struck or if he changes back himself.  This move is useless against a
computer controlled character.


Iceball:  Good things never change.  Speed is the same.  Recovery time is
the same.

Ice Shower:  Actually, there are THREE ways to perform the Ice Shower:
Quarter-Circle toward - High Punch will throw the ice on top of the
opponent.  Down - Forward - Back - High Punch will throw the ice in front
of the opponent.  And Down - Back - Forward - High Punch will throw the
ice behind the opponent.

Ice Clone:  Devastating!  A good trick move.  Psyche the opponent.  Good
because Sub-Zero jumps away from the opponent when he performs it, which
limits the chance of attack from the opponent.

Slide:  No changes form MK2.


Throw Net:  Attach and pull move like Scorpion's spear.  Compared to the
spear, however, it is much slower.  But it covers a wider area and a
greater chance for the opponent to get caught in.

Bombs:  They explode in about three seconds after they are launched.  Cyrax
has a slow recovery time when he opens his chest, so perform them with
plenty of distance or when the opponent is preoccupied (Caught in the net,
uppercutted, etc.)
NOTE:  You cannot throw a bomb if your opponent gets caught in the net.

Air Throw:  Only works if the opponent is in the air.  Cyrax
automatically jumps to where the opponent is.  Press Low Punch to throw
the opponent.

Teleport:  Cyrax explodes and reforms on the other side.  Since it can be
done anywhere on the screen, it is good for getting out of tight
situations or just angering the oppponent, a la Raiden's teleport.
However, the opponent can get in a lucky uppercut somtimes when Cyrax is


Missle:  Probably the fastest projectile, with the exception of Sindel's
Fireball during a combo.

Heat Seeker:  Good for confusing the player.  They will either attack you
and get hit, block the missile and allow you time to plan another attack,
or attack you and block the missle.

Teleport:  He punches when he comes up.  Sektor is left wide open for
attack if he misses, as he jumps in the air when he does this move.  if
connection is made, a flying kick is usually the best follow-up move (23%)


Arrow:  Moderate speed and recovery time.

Hatchet Uppercut:  Much like Kano's Knife Uppercut, except Knightwolf just
doesn't have an increase of a reach that Kano does.  Still it's damaging
in combos.

Green Shield:  Returns projectiles to the other player.  Timing is the key
here, as Nightwolf can still get hit by projectiles, even when he's doing
the shield.  Does not work on Sub-Zero's Ice Shower, Kabal's Gear Slice,
or Shang Tsung's Fire Eruption.

Shadow Shoulder:  Johnny Cage fans will like this.  It's a bit slower than
Cage's Shadow Kick, but a good player can manage to get the old Cage
combos to work.


Fireball:  Powerful, but slow.  Easy to avoid.

Ground Stomp:  Like Jax's Ground Smash, except she jumps in the air.
This will leave her open, as the move is very slow.  A good way to use it
is after the opponent is knocked down (Ex:  Jump kick the opponent below
the waist.  You will land first.  Quickly do the Ground Stomp.  It will
connect before the opponent has time to block.)

Teleport Stomp:  Considered one of the cheapest moves in MK3, it is
avoidable.  Jumping away and kicking will usually hit her.  Then there's
always running away from it.

Kung Lao

Hat Throw:  Slow both in movement and recovery time.

Diagonal Kick:  Kung Lao's leg is arced a bit lower in MK3, but still is
as effective as it was in MK2.

Teleport:  No change from MK2.  Teleport up and kick the opponent, it
still leaves you open for attack.

Whirl Spin:  Just doesn't have the power that it did in MK2.  It only is
effective if the opponent is jumping into the spin or if the opponent is
foolish enough to jsut stand next to Kung Lao while he's spinning..
Otherwise, Kung Lao is open for any kind of ground attack.


Fireball:  An interesting projectile, especially in the air.  When fired
in mid-air, Kabal is pushed away from the opponent.  So, he is not as
vulnerable to attacks as other characters.  Moderate speed, good recovery

Gear Slice:  Best used at the end of a combo when the opponent is falling
down.  It usually will catch them.

Tornado Spin:  By far the Cheapest move in the game, beats Scorpion's
spear by a longshot.  An expert player can take you out with one good combo.
However, if the Tornado Spin is blocked, Kabal is left wide open for attack.
CHESSER MOVE:  Perform the Tornado Spin, then do the following combo:
High Punch-High Punch-Down + High Punch.  The opponent will be uppercutted
into the air.  Follow with a hop kick and a fireball.  Then finish with the
Gear Slice.  If the Gear Slice connects, you can Tornado Spin the opponent
100% CHEESER MOVE!!:  Kabal's throw after running is UNBLOCKABLE!


     There are two types of combos on MK3.  One, the normal combos from
MK2(Example:  Sub-Zero's Punch-Hop Kick-Slide combo), then there are
combos that depend on what button you press at what time.  A handful of

Shang Tsung

1.  :  Low Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Back + High Kick(27%)
2.  :  Ground Eruption - Uppercut(36%)
3.  :  Ground Eruption - Three Fireballs(37%)
4.  :  High Punch - High Punch - High Kick(18%)


1.  :  High Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - High Kick(33%)
2.  :  High Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Down + High Punch - Jump Kick
        - Air Fireball(40%)
3.  :  High Kick - High Kick - Back + High Kick(18%)

Major Jackson Briggs

1.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Block - Low Punch - Back + High Punch(24%)
2.  :  High Kick - High Kick - Down + High Punch - High Punch - Block -
        Low Punch - Back + High Punch(33%)
3.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Block - Low Punch - Back + High Kick(22%)


1.  :  High Punch - High Punch - High Kick - Low Kick - Back + High Kick(26%)
2.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Down + Low Punch - Down + High Punch(22%)
3.  :  High Kick - High Kick - Low Kick - Back + High Kick(23%)
4.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Down + Low Punch - Down + High Punch -
        Hop Kick - Flying Roll(37%)
5.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Down + Low Punch - Down + High Punch -
        Hop Kick - Air Throw(30%)

Liu Kang

1.  :  Low Kick - Low Kick - High Kick - Low Kick(25%)
2.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Block - Low Kick - Low Kick - High Kick -
        Low Kick(36%)
3.  :  Hop Kick - Fireball - Flying Kick(22%)

Sonya Blade

1.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Back + High Punch(22%)
2.  :  High Kick - High Kick - Back + High Kick(??)
3.  :  High Kick - High Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch -
        Back + high Punch(31%)

Kurtis Stryker

1.  :  Low Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch(23%)
2.  :  Low Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Baton Throw(42%)
3.  :  Low Kick - Low Kick - Back + High Kick(18%)


1.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Back + High Punch(18%)
2.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Low Kick - High Kick - Low Punch(26%)
3.  :  Teleport Punch - Harpoon - High Punch - High Punch - Low Kick -
        High Kick - Low Punch(40%)
4.  :  Teleport Punch - Harpoon - Low Punch - Low Punch - Low Punch -
        Harpoon - High Punch - High Punch - Low Kick - High Kick -
        Low Punch(60%) (Only against the computer)
5.  :  Jump Kick - Teleport Punch - Hop Kick - Air Throw(28%)


1.  :  Kigh Kick - Kigh Kick - Back + High Kick(18%)
2.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Back + Low Kick - Back +
        High Kick - Back + High Kick (23%)
3.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Back + Low Kick - Back + High Kick -
        Back + High Kick(26%)
4.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Back + High Kick(22%)


1.  :  High Punch - High Punch - High Kick - High Punch(24%)
2.  :  High Punch - High punch - High Kick(18%)
3.  :  High Punch - High Punch - High Kick - High Kick - Back + High Kick(??)
4.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Down + Low Punch - Hop Kick(??)
5   :  High Punch - High Punch - High Kick - High Punch - High Kick -
        Back + High Kick(30%)


1.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Low Kick - Low Punch(24%)
2.  :  High Punch - High Punch - High Kick(18%)
3.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Back + High Kick - Back + High Kick(22%)
4.  :  Teleport - Straight Missle(22%)
5.  :  High Punch - High Punch - High Kick - High Kick - Back +
        High Kick(26%)
6.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Down + High Punch - Hop Kick -


1.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Hatchet Uppercut(23%)
2.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Hatchet Uppercut - High Punch -
        Shadow Shoulder(??)
3.  :  Low Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Hatchet Uppercut -
        Hatchet Uppercut - Shadow Shoulder(41%)
4.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Low Punch(21%)
5.  :  Low Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - High Kick(34%)


1.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Forward + High Punch(25%)
2.  :  Low Kick - High Kick - High Kick - Back + Low Kick(??)
3.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Back + High Kick -
        Back + High Kick - Back + Low Kick - Back + High Kick(42%)

Kung Lao

1.  :  High Punch - Low Punch - High Punch - Low Punch - Low Kick -
        Low Kick - Back + Low Kick(34%)
2.  :  High Punch - Low Kick - Back + High Kick(19%)


1.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Down + High Punch - Jump Kick -
2.  :  High Punch - High Punch - Down + Low Punch - Down + High Punch(25%)
3.  :  Low Kick - Low Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Down + Low Punch -
        Down + High Punch(37%)
4.  :  Low Kick - Low Kick - High Punch - High Punch - Down + High Punch -
        Jump Kick - Fireball(45%)
5.  :  Low Kick - Low Kick - High Punch - High Punch - High Kick - Back +
        High Kick(28%)
6.  :  Low Kick - Low Kick - Back + High Kick - Back + High Kick(21%)
7.  :  High Punch - High Punch - High Kick - High Kick - Back +
        High Kick(25%)


  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |
 Low |Block| Low | Low |Block| Low |
Punch|     | Kick|Punch|     | Kick|

Character              pressing button               Button & pushing Up
---------              ---------------               -------------------

Dragon                        0                               0
MK                            1                               9
Yin Yang                      2                               8
Three                         3                               7
Question Mark                 4                               6
Lightning Bolt                5                               5
Goro                          6                               4
Raiden                        7                               3
Shao Kahn                     8                               2
Skull                         9                               1

Dragon, 3, 3, Dragon, Dragon, Dragon:  Player 1 starts with 1/2 energy

Dragon, Dragon, Dragon, Dragon, 3, 3:  Player 2 starts with 1/2 energy

Raiden, Dragon, Raiden, Dragon, Dragon, Dragon:  Player 1 starts with
(7-0-7-0-0-0)                                      1/4 energy

Dragon, Dragon, Dragon, Raiden, Dragon, Raiden:  Player 2 starts with
(0-0-0-7-0-7)                                      1/4 energy

Dragon, Yin Yang, Dragon, Dragon, Yin Yang, Dragon:  Blocking disabled

MK, Dragon, Dragon, MK, Dragon, Dragon:  Throwing disabled

Yin Yang, Shao Khan, Yin Yang, Yin Yang, Shao Kahn, Yin Yang:  No Fear:
(2-8-2-2-8-2)   OR  (2-Up+2-2-2-Up+2-2)                       EB Button,
                                                       Skydive, Max. Countdown

Skull, Shao Kahn, Raiden, MK, Yin Yang, 3:  No Powerbars
(9-8-7-1-2-3)   OR  (Up+1-Up+2-Up+3-1-2-3)

MK, Yin Yang, 3, Skull, Yin Yang, Goro:  There is no knowledge without power.
(1-2-3-9-2-6)   OR  (1-2-3-Up+1-2-Up+4)

Dragon, 3, 3, Lightning Bolt, Goro, Question Mark:  Winner of round battles
(0-3-3-5-6-4)                                       Shao Kahn.

Goro, Shao Kahn, Shao Kahn, Question Mark, Yin Yang, Yin Yang:  Dark Kombat
(6-8-8-4-2-2)   OR  (Up+4-Up+2-Up+2-4-2-2)

Question Mark, Goro, Dragon, Question Mark, Goro, Dragon:  Randper Kombat

Skull, Shao Kahn, Raiden, Goro, Goro, Goro:  Hold Flippers During Casino Run
(9-8-7-6-6-6)   OR  (Up+1-Up+2-Up+3-6-6-6)

Question Mark, Goro, Goro, Question Mark, Goro, Goro:  Unlimited Run

Skull, Shao Kahn, Lightning Bolt, MK, Yin Yang, Lightning Bolt:  Psycho Kombat
(9-8-5-1-2-5)   OR  (Up+1-Up+2-Up+5-1-2-5)

Yin Yang, Dragon, Lightning Bolt, Yin Yang, Dragon, Lightning Bolt:
(2-0-5-2-0-5)                                          Winner of first round
                                                          battles Smoke

Raiden, Goro, Skull, Three, Question Mark, Yin Yang:  Winner of first round
(7-6-9-3-4-2)   OR  (Up+3-Up+4-Up+1-3-4-2)            battles Noob Saibot

Goro, Question Mark, Yin Yang, Question Mark, Goro, Shao Kahn:  You are
(6-4-2-4-6-8)   OR  (6-4-2-Up+6-Up+4-Up+2)                entering the land
                                                              of Rellim

Skull, Goro, Skull, MK, Question Mark, MK:  Winner of first round battles
(9-6-9-1-4-1)   OR  (Up+1-Up+4-Up+1-1-4-1)                      Motaro

Prototype 4.0 codes only

Six Question Marks:  Randper Kombat

Six Lightning Bolts:  Winner of round battles Motaro

Six Goros:  Winner of round battles Shao Kahn

Six Raidens:  Winner of round battles Noob Saibot

(Solved by Rob  ([email protected]))

     After a player's game is over, they are greeted with ten code boxes
and words:  'Enter the Ultimate Kombat Code'.

     As of now, Midway has released at least seven codes through the media.
They are:

Skull, Shao Kahn, Raiden, (#1), Yin Yang, 3

Skull, Goro, (#3), MK, Question Mark, MK

Question Mark, Goro, (#4), Question Mark, Goro, Dragon

MK, (#5), 3, Skull, Yin Yang, Goro

Goro, Shao Kahn, Shao Kahn, Question Mark, (#7), Yin Yang

Raiden, Goro, Skull, Three, Question Mark, (#8)

Dragon, 3, (#9), Lightning Bolt, Goro, Question Mark

(#1) in the first code is MK
(#3) in the second code is Skull
(#4) in the third code in Dragon
(#5) in the fourth code is Yin Yang
(#7) in the fifth code is Yin Yang
(#8) in the sixth code is Yin Yang
(#9) in the seventh code is 3

     Each number represents what symbol goes in which part of the UKC.
For example, (#1) means that the first symbol in the UKC is MK.

Here is the Ultimate Kombat Code:

 1 |  2   |  3  |  4   |   5    |   6    |   7    |   8    |9|     10      |
 MK-Dragon-Skull-Dragon-Yin Yang-Yin Yang-Yin Yang-Yin Yang-3-Question Mark-

You will know you have entered the correct code as Shao Kahn will say,
'Outstanding!', and the screens will pass by like Kahn's death in MK2,
then Smoke will pop up.

Also, the button presses for each box are the following:

  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |
High | Low |Block| Low |High |High | Low |Block| Low | High |
Punch|Punch|     |Kick |Kick |Punch|Punch|     | Kick| Kick |

UPDATE:  There are codes floating around with numbers in the teens now!
here are two:

Yin Yang, (#16), Lightning Bolt, Yin Yang, Dragon, Lightning Bolt

Skull, Skull, Lightning Bolt, MK, (#20), Lighting Bolt

These may be for another UKC coming out with Ultimate MK3.


*  Sometimes when a male character gets pummeled or uppercutted he will
scream Dan Forden's other MK2 saying:  "Ow-muh!"

*  Dan Forden now pops out more frequently:  After uppercuts, after combos,
when an opponent gets frozen by Sub-Zero.  He now says more than 'Toasty'
('Frosty'??  'Crispy'??)

*  Some of Shao Kahn's taunts:
    I Win!
    Don't make me laugh!
    You're still trying to win?
    You will never win!
    That was pathetic!
    It's official...YOU SUCK!

*  Johnny Cage's tombstone is right behind Ed Boon's in the Graveyard stage,

*  In the audit pages:
       'Johnny Cage Transformations'  appears on the last audit page
        (a la Kano in MK2???)

*  If there ever is an MK3 movie, who would play what?  Here are some ideas
    from Alt.Games.Mk
       1.  Sub-Zero   :  Henry Rollins  (Black Flag/Rollins Band)
       3.  Liu Kang   :  Bolo Yeung  (Bloodsport/Enter the Dragon)
       4.  Shang Tsung:  David Hasslehoff  (Night Rider/Baywatch)

*  Some rumors:
       1.  Shang Tsung can morph into Goro
       2.  You can fight Johnny Cage on the Graveyard stage

*  The No Fear code relates to the new pinball game, NO FEAR.  It is said
that there is a hidden Kombat Code in the game.

*  The hold flippers code relates to another Midway pinball game,

*  There is a two player code that gives you fast recovery after an uppercut.
It is also in Psycho Fighting.

*  To end the confusion...RAIDEN IS NOT DEAD!  He is not allowed to
interfere any more because the elder Gods do not have rule over the Earth
Realm any longer.

*  There is a bug the the program that will give you a free game.  You must
hit the start button during the cast of characters when Kano and Kabal just
touch the ground...and the machine must be one of the first 2.0 versions
(NOTE:  This glitch may affect the progamming of the game.)
(NOTE:  This glitch has been taken out in Revision 2.1)

*  If you can defeat Smoke by letting the time run out, you will fight
Kano on that same stage.

*  If you are Sub-Zero and your opponent's energy is at the danger level,
everytime you freeze the oppoennt, Dan Forden will pop out and say 'Frosty!'

*  If you throw a net just after Cyrax does his helicopter slice
fatality, the opponent will reform and you can pummel him, or perform a
stage fatality.
(NOTE:  This glitch was tanekn out in Revision 2.1)

*  You can perform all of Smoke's finishing moves while he is invisible.

*  RUMOR - there are at least 30 more kombat codes to learn.

*  To get the MK3 code on the Bally pinball game Theatre of Magic, first
hold the right flipper when pressing the start button, then spell THEATRE.
The code in that game is:  Shao Kahn, Raiden, Goro, MK, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN.

*  The Code in No Fear is the Dark Fighting Code.

*  The Code in WWF Wrestlemania is the Unlimited Run Code

*  There is a new code in the latest issue fo EGM.  In a spread about
Sheeva, the code is:

Dragon, MK, Skull, Skull, MK, Dragon


(NOTE:  If you relish playing Mortal Kombat 3 for the sole purpose of
reading the endings of a particular character...THEN FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T
READ THIS SECTION!!  It's nothing but the endings.  Erase it!  Use it for
kindling!  It makes a great fondue!  Use the paper as a shammy for your
car!  Just don't read it!)

Shang Tsung      :    John Turk

     When Shao Kahn overtakes the Earth, he needs Shang Tsung to help
locate the surviving humans.  Granted new powers, Tsung soon discovers
his dark emperor's true plan:  as soon as the remaining warriors are
disposed of, Kahn will take Tsung's own soul.  After learning this, Tsung
turns on his master.  He catches Motaro off guard and then defeats Shao
Kahn.  But before the Earth can return to normal, Tsung takes all the
souls as his own.  He will forever rule the Earth with his own brand of evil.

Sindel           :    Lia Montelongo

     Sindel receives visions of her true past and turns against Shao
Kahn.  She discovers that her true king was named Jerrod.  They once had
a daughter named Kitana and ruled a realm called Edenia, before Kahn took
it away in their own Mortal Kombat.  He uses Sindel as a pawn in his
quest for Earth and took Kitana as his own daughter.  But in defeating
Shao Kahn, Sindel frees the Earth.  In doing so, she also liberates
Edenia and assures a reunion with her 10,000 year old daughter - Kitana.

Jax              :    John Parrish

     The second time Jax battles the forces of Shao Kahn he comes
prepared.  Thought to be the strongest man on Earth, he has no problem
proving it:  First by beating Kahn's armies and then by defeating the
Emperor himself.  When the world reverts back to normal, Jax and Sonya
start the Outerworld Investigation Agency.  Jax runs the exploratory
division which learns to open portals through science rather than magic.
He leads the first expedition into a mysterious new realm.

Kano             :    Richard Divizio

     When Shao Kahn lets Kano live he fails to realize the resourcefulness
of the scheming human.  Kano lures Kahn's armies away on a false mission:
then nukes them using a stolen weapon.  He fights the remaining warriors and
finally defeats Kahn himself.  Kano's true intention is to take over the
souls which Kahn once possessed.  But Kano is unable to control the
spirits as they escape and attack him.  Rumored to have sufferd a
violent death, Kano was ignorant of the fact that he saved the world he
tried to conquer.

Liu Kang         :    Eddie Wong

     After thwarting Shao Kahn in the past, Liu Kang finds himself the
prime target of Shao Kahn's extermination squads.  But Kang is the
reiging Mortal Kombat champion and proves it by easily defeating Kahn's
minions.  But it's the apparent death of his friend Kung Lao that enrages
Kang and enables him to find the strength to defeat Shao Kahn.  Then,
before the portal closes, Liu Kang is greeted by Princess Kitana and
thanked for saving the Earth and the Outworld.

Sonya Blade      :    Kerri Hoskins

     Sonya defeats her arch-enemy Kano high atop a skyscraper near Shao
Kahn's fortress.  She then comes face to face with the emperor himself.
In an incredible display of courage, Sonya wins.  When the world retuns
to its normal state, Sonya has no trouble convincing her superiors to
form the Outerworld Investigation Agency, devoted to protecting the
Earth against possible future invasions from other realms.

Kurtis Stryker   :    Michael O'Brien

     Ignorant of why his soul was spared from the Outworld invasion,
Stryker receives a vision from Raiden.  He is instructed to travel
west.  He eventually meets the rest of Earth's warriors and learns the
true meaning of his survival.  He travels back to the city he swore to
protect.  Kahn is unfamiliar with this new kombatant and is caught off
guard.  Stryker defeats the warlord and saves the entire planet.  The
chaos that consumed the city in the hours before the invasion are gone.

Smoke            :    Sal Divita

     Smoke was once a friend and ally of Sub-Zero when they both tried to
escapre from being turned into machines by their ninja clan.  But Smoke
is captured and transformed into a cyborg with a mission to find and kill
his own partner.  But Smoke soon finds himself being persued by Shao Khan's
minions.  He learns he still has a soul and his true mission is the
destruction of the Outworld invaders.  He defeats Kahn and saves the
world, but is forever trapped in his artifical body.

Sub-Zero         :    John Turk

     In vicious battle, Sub-Zero faces Cyrax and Sektor:  but not alone.
He finds his third Lin Kuei assassin - the elusive Smoke.  Before
automation, Smoke and Sub-Zero were allies.  Sub-Zero helps Smoke recall
his past and gains him as an ally once again.  Sub-Zero defeats his
cyborg assassins with the help of Smoke and finds it takes all of his own
inner strengths to defeat Kahn and his Outworld minions.  The former
ninja once again dissappears into the shadows, his legacy known only by a
select few.

Cyrax            :    Sal Divita

     Cyrax is captured by Sub-Zero and reprogrammed with new orders:  to
destroy Shao Kahn.  With Kahn unable to detect his assassin's souless
presence, Cyrax delivers a successful sneak attack.  However, after
eliminating Kahn and saving Earth, Cyrax awaits new orders from his Lin
Kuei headquarters.  The orders never come and Cyrax malfunctions.  He
ends up stranded in the middle of a vast desert, blindly heading toward
his base.

Sektor           :    Sal Divita

     After eventually terminating Sub-Zero, Sektor is attacked by Shao
Kahn's army.  Unfamiliar with the Outworld warriors, Sektor fights back.
He targets Kahn and all Outworld beings as threats to the Lin Kuei.
Kahn's minions are no match for Sektor, who fights his way into the
fortress.  Once inside, Sektor initiates his self-destruct sequence.  The
resulting explosion is so massive that it closes the portal and returns
Earth back to normal.

Nightwolf        :    Sal Divita

     Nightwolf helps the other Earth warriors escape to his sacred land.
Once there, they regroup and plan a form of attack against Shao Kahn's
invasion.  Nightwolf has trained hard for this battle.  Finally, he faces
Shao Kahn and emerges victorious.  When the Earth returns to its normal
state, Nightwolf peacefully regains his land his Native-American people
lost over many years.  They establish their own proud nation and soon
become the great leaders of Earth.

Sheeva           :    A Clay Model

     While Sheeva serves her master on Earth, her race of Shokan are being
punished on the Outworld.  Kahn now favors Motaro's race of centaurs and
aids them in defeating the Shokan.  After learning of these events,
Sheeva turns on her master.  She defeats Motaro and in a rage brings down
Kahn.  In freeing the Earth, she also frees the Outworld.  She then
returns home and works to restore the pride and respect of her race.

Kung Lao         :    Tony Marquez

     When Shao Kahn invades Earth, Kung Lao must scrap his plans of
reuniting the White Lotus Society.  He instead must focus on the new
tournament.  He seeks Liu Kang and together they battle Kahn's forces
fearlessly.  Using the knowledge he obtained as a Shaolin monk he fights
in the name of his great ancestor - the original Kung Lao.  He emerges
victorous but suffers from injuries during battle with Kahn.  Believed to
have passed away, Kung Lao joins his ancestors in a new life.

Kabal            :    Richard Divizio

     After returning from near death, Kabal swears revenge against his
attackers.  He fights alongside the other Earth warriors.  When he defeats
Motaro and the mighty Shao Kahn he proves that he truly is the chosen
one.  Before the invasion, Kabal lived a life of crime.  He was once a
member of the Black Dragon along with Kano.  Now Kabal devotes his life
to fighting injustice.  He will give crime's inner circles a new reason
to fear.

Shao Kahn        :    Brian Glynn

     Uh...he turns all green as the souls leave his body, explodes, and dies.

Master Level

     Should you defeat Shao Kahn on the Master Level, you are greeted
with an extra picture.

Picture:  A peaceful city.  The Elder Gods hover over it.  The Elder God
on the right is Raiden.

"You have proven to be the supreme Mortal Kombat warrior.  The Elder Gods
now descend upon your world to grant you eternal power.
                        More Kombat--Fall 95."


     By the time you read this, it will probably be out in some arcades
for beta testing.  The latest revision of MK3 not only has a name change,
but an overall change as well.  NOTE:  As words are no proof, then these
are just rumors, until they are fact.  They have been taken from Antony's
site, and from a discussion taken with Ed Boon and John Tobias on
AOL(which is proof right there, :)  ).  The only concret evidence I have
is from the .avi file, which can be downloaded from either Antony's site,
or Ratman's site.

New Characters

     There are at least five new characters in UMK3.  They are:
Scorpion, Reptile, Kitana, Mileena, and Jade.  Scorpion and Reptile are
palatte (color) swaps of each other, as is Kitana, Mileena, and Jade.
Here is a little info on each.


     Scorpion gets called into the tournament by Sub-Zero, from fear that
the Cyber-assassins might actually complete their task.  He still has his
spear and his teleport punch.


     Reptile is ordered by Shang Tsung to come out of hiding and enter
the tournament.  Reptile still h
is said he still had his tongue fatality, but with a twist.


     Kitana enters the tournament, fueled by anger at Shao Kahn by
turning her birth mother against her.  Kitana retains her Fan Lift and
her square wave punch.


     Like Reptile, Mileena is called into the tournamet by Shang Tsung.
Her main purpose is to find out wha happened to Baraka.  I have no idea
if she has any of her old moves from MK2


     Jade enters the tournament to find out if her and Kitana are really
sisters.  Jade fights with a staff, which she uses in combos and throws.

Possible New Characters


     Well, he isn't NEW, but is appearance is rumored to be.  Ed and John
on the AOL chat said that Smoke would be in his human form, i.e. another
palette swapped ninja.  My question is this:  Since they decided to bring
the ninja's back, how about a blue ninja?   Get it?


     The ERror MACro in MK1 comes to life in UMK3


AOL Chat:
    John:  The Prince of Shokan lives on...


     Ed on the AOL chat said the new finishing move in UMK3 will be
called a 'Brutality'.  Now the question is, what is it?  Here's a theory...

Can't kill them, it would be a fatality
I doubt they got all the actors back to do an actual finishing move
Brutality: Savage, Crual, Inhuman
Combo's have not been exploited in a finishimg move

THERFORE:  The Brutality is another word for Ultra Combo



     As the title says, a fast desert with buildins sticking out above
the sand.


     Columns of human skulls decorate this unholy place.  A lake of lave
runs by where the kombatants fight

Shao Kahn's Lair

     The Emperor sits high atop his throne in this dark room.  Two
winding staircases are on either side of the lair, with candles on both

Fourth stage

     To me it looks like another street.  It;s also been called Shao
Kahn's Temple.  Go fig.

Kombat Codes

     It's siad that there will be up to 50 total Kombat Codes with eh
release of UMK3.  That makes 31 new codes, three which have been already
mentioned earlier.  Also, it was said on the AOL chat that there will be
THREE Ultimate Kombat Codes, which should keep the MK players busy for a

Other Info

    Apparantly, when Shao Kahn learns fo five more kombatants entering
the tournamnt, he increases his, Motaro's and Shang Tsung's power.  He
also keeps a fomer kombatant held hostage.  (Baraka?  Cage?  Raiden?)

     Will Noob Saibot still be a black Kano?  Or a black ninja?


     As of now there are four different versions of Mortal Kombat III:
Prototype 4.0, which was released on April 3, revision 1.0, released
on April 10, revision 2.0, released around May 1, and Revision 2.1,
released at the beginning of June.  Here are the differences between them:

Prototype 4.0

*  AAMA warning in black
*  Shao Kahn just falls over when defeated
*  No ending credits
*  Computer only does combos for finishing moves
*  Motaro could be frozen by Sub-Zero
*  Motaro and Shao Kahn turn white when frozen

Revision 1.0

*  AAMA warning in black and blue
*  Sindel, Kabal, Cyrax, and Sektor's Animalities added
*  Kano's fatalities have been changed
*  Galaxian game added
*  Vs. codes hve been changed
*  Winning streak added
*  Ultimate code added
*  Subway and Shao Kahn Tower fatalities added
*  Credits listed
*  Performing Kabal's animality without a mercy resets the game
*  Computer does fatalities
*  Motaro could be frozen by Sub-Zero

Revision 2.0

*  Computer intelligence increased.
*  Main Story Plot added
*  More blood added
*  Finishing moves have been changed.
*  Characters with unchanged finishing moves:  Stryker
                                               Kung Lao
                                               Kabal's screamer
*  Babalities added
*  Friendships added
*  Combos altered
*  Shao Kahn's death altered
*  Movie Promo added
*  Antony Espindola included in the credits.  (huh????)
*  Sub-Zero can no longer freeze Motaro
*  Smoke's finishing moves added
*  Shao Khan looks normal when frozen, instead of white

Revision 2.1

*  Computer intelligence increased
*  Damage on some combos lowered (Sub-Zero, Kabal)
*  Free credit trick taken out (Sorry, guys!)
*  Smoke stays in memory after UKC is entered.  (Smoke will be erased in
    earlier versions should the game reset to factory default settings.)
*  Cyrax's double fatality glitch removed.

Revision 3.0 (to be released in September)

*  Will be titled 'Ultimate MK3'
*  Will have possibly four new stages.
*  New Kombat Codes added
*  At least one new Ultimate Kombat Code added
    (possibility of three)
*  Possible characters added:  Kitana


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