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Dreamcast Mothra VMS Game FAQ (Strategy Guide) V0.5 
by Paul Acevedo [email protected] and Jin Sakakibara
(1/11/99) Version 0.5 Release Notes:
The current version of this FAQ is meant solely to help someone who does not speak Japanese to 
start playing the game. Without being able to read kana the game can be rather difficult so I 
want to ensure everyone knows what is going on. In the future I will have access to a complete 
manual translation and an in-depth, graphical FAQ will be posted at 
where you can also find the ULTIMATE Godzilla VMS strategy guide.
Help Request:
If anyone has translated monster names or images of ANY of the characters in Mothra VMS 
(there are 25) please send them my way. Should you know if this game really works with Godzilla 
Generations or not please tell me. I could also use some strategy tips too since I'm new at 
this. Thanks!
Getting Started:
Remove the paper sticking out of the battery cover. Set the date and time for your VMS using A 
to accept and B to decline. The Mode button allows you to switch between Memory Manager, Mothra 
Game, and System Clock. If you select Memory Manager DON'T delete Mothra's file as it cannot be 
restored without transfering the game to the VMS unit from another unit which still has the game!!! 
New Game:
Press A + B at title screen.
Then press Up and Down to choose your monster. Press 
left and right to see their names (in Japanese).
Press A to choose the monster. Then you will be taken 
to the main menu. The four options in the menu are:
menu1: tournament
menu2: battle (versus?)
menu3: hall of fame (show character, win/loss records, and total ability points)
menu4: options (sound ON/OFF)
Once you choose tournament, your monster's rank will 
be displayed. Press A to enter the tournament, or 
B to return to main menu.
Then you will be choosing the rank of the tournament 
you would like to enter. The choices are:
tournament of appropriate your rank (bottom)
tournament of a rank higher than yours
tournament of two rank higher than yours (top, hardest)
Press A to choose the tournament. 

After entering the tournament, your opponent will show 
up. The five screens here represent 
enemy's: appearance, name, offence, defense, and luck.

Then you will be taken back to the tournament list 
screen. If you accept the fight, press A. If you press 
B, you will be taken back to (2), and you will be able 
to choose your group again (these options available only 
in the first match of the tournament)
You will then be taken into a screen to distribute the 
ability points of your monster. Of the screen pictures 
here, from top to bottom, they reprensent: offence, defence,
and luck respectively. The number on the left represents 
the actual value given to that ability, and the number 
on the right is the ability points still to be distributed.
Press up to increase the ability by 1, right to increase 
by 10, down to decrease by 1, and left to decrease by 10. 
Luck is the total value of your ability point minus the 
sum of values given for offence and defence.
(6)Making a Strategy
For each battle you will be making three actions. And 
you have three choices of actions to choose from. First is 
attack, second defense, and the last one is charge 
power. Charging power gives you more power in the next 
turn (this choice is unavailable in the last turn). 
The number at the left hand top denotes the number 
of turns.
Press up and down to choose your strategy.
At this screen, press B if you want to go back to the 
ability distributions screen.
When you choose all the action patterns, "taisen kaishi" 
will be displayed on the screen. Press A to begin 
battle, and B to return to strategies.
First offence is chosen automatically.
You win if the opponent's life meter becomes 0 or your 
monster exceeds in energy when the turns are over. If you lose, you will be taken back to the 
screen before the main menu. If you win, the next opponent will be displayed, and 
continue on with the battle.
So far the game seems pretty tough... You may need to battle other Mothra VMS units to raise 
your points high enough to beat some of the computer's tournament opponents. I will play the 
game more and Jin will translate more of the instruction manual soon. Good luck!
Mothra and related characters are copyrighted 1998 Toho. Sega, Dreamcast, etc. are copyrights 
of SEGA. Feel free to pass this FAQ along, just don't alter it! A better version will come 
along very soon.

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