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-MTV Music Generator Help- 1-10-2000 Version 1

My apologies for not stating what this game was for. This is for the 
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statement can be directed at the following email address only.  
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I will not help you make a song or suggest the best methods of making a song 
since I don't consider myself an expert in the field. If you have a question 
about anything then please don't email me asking me about it since I will not 
respond. I get heavy email volume daily and won't make the time to answer email. 


 I will list all different instruments used and what they do. 

This faq or whatever you wanna call it will be updated hopefully daily if I feel 
like getting in more info. I don't have all the riffs listed yet as this will 
take me some time to do. I will also try and have a tutorial on how to make some 
good songs as I have come up with a few good ones myeslf.



Bass Liner- This is a quiet and basic strumming of a bass guitar mostly used for 
background effect.

Bassotron 2- This is best used in the faster dance type songs but works well 
with rock also and has a very mellow,yet smooth sound.

Bassotron- A change from Bassotron 2 it has a slightly higher tone and a changed 

Blipper- A smooth sounding riff used good for background sounds.

Dual Bass 1- This is a definite lead sound and is used good in the faster dance 

Dual Bass 2- A lower sound from the first Dual Bass and is slightly quetier but 
still a good lead sounding riff.

Dub Bass 2- This is a very quiet and mellow sounding riff used mainly for 
background sounds.

Dub Bass 3- Very mellow and smooth sounding riff used for background sound in a 
fast dance song.

Dub Bass 4- A change in sound to 3 it is very mellow and smooth sounding for a 
great background riff.

Dub Bass- A higher pitched sound but similiar to 4 and very quiet and mellow for 
use with background riffs.

Dum-Di-Di-Bass1- This sound is very long and very cool sounding and is a 
definite lead riff which works great for any type of music.

Dum-Di-Di-Bass2- A much shorter version of 1 but with a slight variation in 
sound which is best used as a lead riff.

Duo Bass- A lead riff with some changes it has a very smooth sound and is used 
best with a dance style music.

Ebassoff- Very crunchy sound here this is a definite lead riff and has a very 
unique sound.

Ebasson- Same crunchy sound here with it being a slight higher than previous and 
same unique sound a definite lead riff.

Half Pound- This sounds very cool and has a definite lead riff so these are best 
used as introductions and in between solos.

Hopping Bass 1- This one has a jumpy sound with pick me ups which works well for 

Hopping Bass 2- This is a draggy version of 1 that's not as jumpy but it just 
drags you is the best way to describe it. A definite lead riff for faster dance 

Octave Bass 2- This reminds me os a ball being hit by a paddle and is pretty 
jumpy. This riff can be for foreground or background use.

Octave Bass- This is a slight crunchier version of 2 and is much lower in sound 
which is best used as a background riff.

Real Bass- A very quiet,mellow sounding riff,this is much best used for an intro 
or good for a background riff.

Rezzo Bass 1- This has a very sticky tune and is strummed very quickly and grabs 
you. Works well with foreground riffs.

Rezzo Bass 2- A much shorter version of 1 and much mellower. A good background 
riff at best.

Sub Slide Bass- A crunchy/snappy sound and best used for an intro for a song.

Sub Slide Bs2- A higher version of 1 it has a grabby sound that's best used for 
background riffs.

Sub Slide Bs3- This is a slight variation of 2 and like the name suggests is a 
sliding sound best used for intro's.

Trance Bass 1- A plucking sound with a deep mix it's best used for a background 

Trance Bass 2- Starts the same as 1 and then changes and gets lower as it keeps 
going. A good background riff.

Trance Bass 3- A basic strumming which changes towards the end which makes it 
sound very basic. A good riff for intro's.

Trance Bass End- Bouncy sound here which starts off slow and then gets a little 
faster which works good near the end of a dance song.
                          Drum Loops-

2 light kicks- This has a cool sound and is used good for intro's.

Add To Me Loop- This is a definite lead riff used good when the intro is about 
to end.

Anthem Loop 1- This is a good background drum beat and really has a good crunchy 

Anthem LP Fill- A good riff to use for the general flow of a song to keep people 
moving to the beat.

Anthem LP ln1- This is just a cymbals sound which works well with some drum 
beats for the general flow of the song.

Anthem LP ln2- A bassy sounding beat used well with intros.

Anthem LP ln2- This uses some good clashing cymbal sounds with some very quick 
drum taps. A good beat to use after intro.

Downbeat Loop- A beat used with symbols and a slapping effect it is definitely a 
lead riff.

Electro Loop 1- A drum beat with a slapping effect used well for an intro.

Electro Loop 2- Same as above except a lower sounding beat.

Electro lpstop- A slapping effect with some cymbals this is good used for the 
general flow of a song.

German Loop- Slapping effect with a beat and a synthesized effect a very good 
lead riff.

H-Core Loop 1- Cymbals with a slapping effect make this a good lead riff.

H-core Lp Drop- Cymbals with semi-fast drum beats make this a good lead riff.

H-core Lp Fill- Slapping effect with a good beat which are a definitely good 
lead riff.

H-core Lp In 1- Cymbal taps with a slapping effect are a great lead riff.

H-core Lp In 2- Cymbal clashes with slow fading drum beats and then getting 
faster and fading out. A good ending for a song.

Hat N Kick- Low Drum Beats with some quick cymbal taps make this a good intro 

Heavy Loop 1- Synthesized effect with a dragging sound along with some cymbal 
taps make it a good intro riff.

Heavy Lp Fill- Synthesized effect that's a draggy sound along with more cymbal 
taps. A great intro.

Nine-o Loop- A small drum beat along with the slapping effect makes this a good 
song flow riff.

Odd Crash Fill- Cymbals followed by some heavy bass beats for a good flow riff.

Ott Fill- Cymbal clashes as well as some synthesized beats make this a great 
intro riff.

Softy Loop- A mellow sounding beat with a small tap of the cymbals. A good into 

Urgent Loop 1- Small cymbal taps followed by a slapping effect for a good intro 

Urgent Lp Drop- Deep beat followed by cymbal taps for a good flow riff.

Xtortion Loop- A hammery effect with a very deep beat make this a definite lead 


Ambient Piano- Quiet and tranquil sounding piano riff used anywhere with a good 
Piano Solo.

Ambient Piano2- This sound has a hoppier sound for use with a good beat for the 

Ambient Plink1- Reminds me of small foot steps like on an insect. Good sound for 
a fast dance song.

Ambient Plink2- A longer version of the first with a good fast dance song.

Ambient Plink3- Kinda an 80's keyboard sound that would be best left alone since 
its far passed its time.

Ambient Plink4- A much higher sounding riff but good to use in faster dance 

Bended Notes 2- This is a very annoying,yet in a way different sounding riff. I 
really can't see using this riff for anything other than irritating someone.

Bended Notes- This sounds like a sick violin really but is a tad better than the 
bended notes 2. Where to use it you say,when you either want attention or trying 
to express your feelings towards someone you can't stand.

Blip Sequence1- A cool sound but it reminds me of when they want to show a news 
flash. A good intro sound followed by some good beats.

Blip Sequence2- A variation from the first one this one would be best used in 
the flow of a song.

Blip Sequence3- Much lower than the others it would make a great background 

Blip Sequence4- Same lowness with a slight variation for a good background riff.

Blue Note S2- I don't know what you'd want to use this for it sounds like a fish 
choking underwater. 

Blue Note Seq- Geez the notes are very clashy here and just sound aweful. I 
don't know what you'd want this sound for. Anooying your mother-in-law comes to 

Bounce Seq- A spacy sound but blends well with about any good drum variation and 
is a very jumpy sound.

Bounce Seq2- This one is very cool sounding and has the echoey effect. Is great 
with any goog drum variation.

Buzz Sequence- This sound reminds me of race cars for some reason but blends 
well with most drum or beat variations.

Buzz Sequence2- A long riff but has a very smooth and mellow sound which makes 
it a good lead riff.

Choir Pad- Add some churchy riffs if you want to use this riff it works good 
with the piano riffs.

Choir Rise- The gods waltz is what comes to mind and best used with good piano 

Clip Chords 2- Synthesized sounding riffs and they are a very jumpy sound. Good 
for the flow of a song.

Clip Chords- A variation of the clip cords 2 is best used for the flow of the 

Clipped Lead2- This has a groovy and high tuned sound. A good sound for a solo 

Clipped Lead- A prickly sounding riff and best when used in a solo or with good 
drum beats.

Downer- Very quiet sounding riff which is best for a solo riff.

Dream Piano- This piano is kinda like Type-O-Negatives style of piano playing. 
It's used good mainly for lead solo riffs.

Ethereal Pad- Another style of Type-O it is one of those sounds like the big 
pipe organ. Used good for an intro definetely.

F To A Drone- Sounds like a cello was used for this sound but is best used for 
an itro only.

Gated Chord 1- This is a dance type of riff and best used for an intro.

Gated Chord 2- Same as 1 but with small variations.

Guitar Tune- A synthesized sounding guitar it's best used for an intro.

Guitar Tune2- A plain sounding riff better used for the intro of a song I 

Hi String Fade- A long riff and it sounds like a Chinese or Japanese type of 
starting of a song.

HiString- You really must make an effort to hear this riff it's super quiet. I 
don't know where this would be effective except maybe at the intro.

HiString2- Small variation of the first and yet just as hard to hear.

Histring3- A long played out note best used for an intro and very quiet.

Jump Sequence- Used for a fast dance song the best place for this riff is for an 
intro followed by a fast drum beat.

Jump Sequence2- A bit crunchier than the first and best used for an intro.

Jump Sequence3- Slight variation of 1 and 2 this is used as another good intro.  

Jump Sequence4- Slight change from 3 but used the same way.

Not A Chance- Great Synthesized effects here and best used for a fast dance 

Offset Keys 1- Sounds like someone blowing bubbles underwater and a good riff 
for anywhere in a song.

Offset Keys 2- A slight variation from 1 but used in the same way.

Oh My!- Synthesized type of piano type of sound and best used for either the 
flow of a song or an intro.

Old House Chord- Reminds me of some other dance songs I've heard but works well 
for an intro followed by a background beat riff.

Old House Chord2- Same as the first with a slight variation.

Pizzi Synth 2- A jumpy,grabby sounding riff that's best used with good beat 

Pizzi Synth- Jumpy and a slight variation from the Pizzi Synth 2.

Powerfiltdnq- Great riff for intro's.

Powerfiltupq- I remember playing Test Drive 6 and it had a very similiar sound 
as this. Used good with the flow of a song.

Pulsa- Short sounding riff which would be used good with a good beat.

Ram-massive- Organy sounding riff and best used for slower songs.

Ram-Tastic- Great for the slower songs really.

Sad Pad- Synthesized Piano and a better choice for the slower songs.

Soft Pad 1- Good for slow songs and a good intro.

Soft Pad 2- Different Chords used here and best for slower songs,puts me to 

Soft Pad 3- These soft pads remind me of a deserted island and it's showing the 
ocean waves hit the beach. A good slow song riff.

Soft Pad Fade- Like the title says it fades in and shuts out. Best used for the 
ending of a song. 

String Drone- Reminds me of the movie Tron when the evil red giant robots are 
searching for people. A very eerie and evil sound. Best used probably for heavy 
metal songs.

Sun Rise- Back to the slow song riffs again this is best used for the intro.

Trancer 1- This reminds me of a hyper organist and also would work good on some 
fast dance rythyms.

Trancer 2- A fast playing type of Organ riff best used for the intro of a song.

Trancer 3- Change in chords here but best used with fast dance rythyms.

Trancer 4- Same as all the other trancer riffs.

Trancer Drone- A definite Type O Riff all the way. Used best for the intro of a 
song or when in a solo. 

Turn It Up- Has a twangy sound and it grabs you and is best used for dance 

Turn That Dial- Sounds just like turn it up.


90 Hats- Tapping cymbals good for keeping the beat with the flow of a song or 
also good for a solo section.

90 Kick- A good Intro for a faster dance type song.

90 Snare- A slapping effect that's best used for the main flow of the song and 
also a good intro riff.

Anthem Clap- This is a slapping effect again used to keep the beat of a dance 

Anthem Fill- A small filler riff best used for the flow of a song.

Anthem Hats- Tapping cymbals that work well with any style song. Good for 
Intro's and solos.

Anthem HH+SN- A type of riff best used in a dance song but works well in any 
song to keep the beat.

Anthem Kick- A definite dance song riff here,this riff is best used for the 
keeping of the beat.

Brazil Drums- These drums are one of my personal favorites. They work well,most 
surprisingly,in the rock songs than any others.

Building Snare- This is a fade in drum riff and works well with any style music. 
Best used for Intros.

Buzzin Tams1- This is quick taps with the cymbals and work well with any type of 

Buzzin Tams2- Same as the first one with a slight variation in sound.

Clap Attack- A clapping effect heard mostly in fast dance songs usually in the 
flow of the song.

Clap-a-long- This is a slight variation of Clap Attack and works the same way.

Down Hats- Quick taps on the cymbals and a catchy sounding riff. It's a good way 
to intro a song.

Electro Kick- A dance sounding riff,this one works best in fast dance songs. 

Electro Perc- A sliding riff along with quick cymbal taps make this riff best 
suited for dance songs.

Electro Toms- This is a in your face drum jam that is a good attention getter. 
Works well with any style song. 

Fast Hats- A quiet sounding riff best used with quieter instrument riffs. Best 
used in solos.

Frantic Fill 1- A fading in drum tapping which works good with intros.

Frantic Fill 2- Same as above but much longer.

Fullopenhats- A catchy sounding riff that's best used for the flow of a song.

German HH+Sn- A different sounding riff with quick taps of cymbals and a catchy 
drum beat. Used best for the intro of a dance song.

German Kick- A synthesized sounding riff best used for faster dance songs.

Halfopenhats- Quick taps with cymbals used best for keeping up with regular drum 

Hat Hat- Quick cymbal taps used to help keep the beat.

Hat Kick- Like the German Kick this is best used for dance songs.

Hat N Clap- Quick cymbal taps followed by a clapping effect that works best for 
faster dance songs.

Hcore Hats- Quick cymbal taps best used to help keep the beat in a song.

Hcore Kick- Quick cymbal taps followed by the german kick style riff. Best used 
in fast dance songs.

Hcore Snare- Clapping effect with a small drum tap on the end. A good dance song 

Heavy Kick- A cyborgy sounding riff is best way to describe this one. A great 
dance song riff. 

Heavy Perc- Clapping effect along with some quick cymbal taps make this a good 
dance song riff. 

Heavy Snare- Sounds like bouncing a ball against a thin wall made of aluminum. I 
don't know where you'd use it or why. 

Hi Metal Perc- A drum beat followed by a pipe clanging together effect. Best 
used for the dance songs.

High Cymbals- Quiet yet quick cynmbal taps best used for a solo.

Knock-wood 1- Reminds me of a woodpecker pecking on wood and I don't see why 
you'd use this riff since it wouldn't sound very musicee.

Knock-wood 2- A quicker version of 1 and where you'd use it and why is beyond 

Latin Perc 1- Cowbell with some bongo sounding drums that'd woek well with any 
style of song.

Latin Perc 2- The cowbell followed by a dragging sound which would probably work 
best in dance songs.

Light Hitter- Quiet yet quick cymbal taps best used for solos.

Panning Toms- A dragging riff of drum beats best used for ending(Outro) a song.

Raging Fill 1- A quiet drum tapping best used for solos.

Raging Fill 2- Quick drum taps for solos.

Raging Fill 3- Same as above.

Raging Fill 4- Same as above.

Ride & Bongo- Like the first Latin riff this beat with cowbell would work with 
any style song.

Shake Shake- A very silent riff I don't see where this riff would come in that 

Shakers- Same as above with a slight variation in sound.

Snare Add-On- Quiet taps of the drums and higher pitched that's best used in the 
intro of a song.

Snare Fill- A machine gun sounding riff that'd work well at the intro and the 
outro of a song.

Softy HH+Sn- Tiny cymbal taps followed by a catchy beat that works well at the 
flow of a song.

Softy Kick- a grungy sounding beat works well with dance songs.

Soomer- Water drop sounding riff followed by a jumpy beat is best used for the 
flow of a song.

Splash- This is just a basic cymbal slap used best in the flow of a song.

Synth Hats- Quick cymbal taps followed by pipey sounding effect. Good used in 

Tambourine LP- Quick tambourine taps used good with the flow of a song.

Tambourine- Quick tambourine taps again the same as above with a slight 

Tight Tams- Quick taps that are the same as the 2 tambourine riffs.

Tik-a-tsss- Quick cymbal taps that sound just like the pronunciation of the name 
of the riff. Best used for an intro.

Tin Opener- Fading cymbal taps used for instrument variations within the flow of 
the song.

Tom+shakes- A deep crunchy sounding drum riff with some small cymbal taps. Best 
used for the general flow of a song.

Toppy Kick+snr- This is a very catchy beat and works great for any type of song.

Toppy Zap- Laser sounding synthesized riff best used for dance song solos. 

Two Hi Hats- Quick cymbal taps best used for the solo section of a song.

Urgent Hats- Quick cymbal taps best used for the solo part of a song.

Urgent Kick- Sounds a slight different than the German Kick and best used in 
dance songs.

Urgent Perc- Small and quick cymbal taps followed by a clapping effect. This is 
best used in the faster dance songs.

Urgent Snare- Basic drum taps that work in any situation and song.

Weapon Fill- Machine gun sounding riff it has a nice fade out technique. I would 
use it at the outro or ending of a song more than anywhere else.

Woody Hits- Sounds just like the title of the riff suggests and is best used in 
any style song.

X HH+Sn- Quick cymbal taps followed by deep beats and best used for faster dance 

Xkick- A definite dance song riff this has a very grabby sound. 

Zoomer- This has the raindrop sounding riff and is best used for the solo 
section of a song.

                              Sound Effects

Harder- A sliding synthesized riff used good for a song Intro or Outro.


And It Always- Just basic vocals for you to use if you choose, Personally I 
didn't see what the point of putting in other people's vocals was.

Are U Ready...- I was thinking AC/DC was going to cover this one but no such 
luck. It's just some guy that sounds like Kermit The Frog singing are you ready 

Baby I Luv U1- Sounds okay I suppose as long as I cover my ears.

Baby I Luv U2- Thinking U2 had this one covered,Wrong again. Like before sounds 
best when I cover my ears.

Music is the...- Some guy trying to sound all evil and it doesen't work 
terrible,just terrible.

Take It Higher- Some woman singing I guess this riff sounds good when not 

To The Massive- Hmm Lets see that sucked.

Vocal Seq 1- Sounds like someone thinking they made up a cool keyboard effect 
that anyone could have made up. 

Vocal Seq 2- Short sound effect same as above.

Bass Eagle- Deep and crunchy sounding riff good for Intros.

Bigline- Lots of string plucking in this riff a definite intro riff.

Buzz Bassyear- Is like Cut Master a lot and is best used anywhere in the song.

Buzzline- Best used for Intros.

Cut Master- Very synthesized and very cool sounding this riff is used anywhere 
in the song.

Duck Done- Has a twangy and deep sound best used for Intros.

For The Birds- Deep sounding riff that's best used in the intro.

Funky Tone- Best used for Intros.

Furrowed- Basic strumming,this is best used for the intro of a song.

Grain Intro- Very changy sounding riff and twangy also and best used for the 
general flow of the song.

I got it- Quiet sounding riff best used for an intro.

Its Larry- This is a groovy riff and is best used for the intro of a song.

Mellow Yellow- This riff fades in and out and best used for intros.

Minimal Groove- Very quiet riff here best used for an intro.

Oh No...- Punchy sounding riff best used for the general rythym of the song.

Phunk-O-Soul- Quiet sounding riff best used for solos. 

Pluck Bass 1- Very cool sounding riff here best used for song Intros.

Pluck Bass 2- Catchy sounding riff best used to keep the rythym.

Pluck Bassend- A bluesy sounding bass riff used good to keep the rythym of a 

Popping Bass- If you've ever seen the show Seinfeld and when they come back from 
a commercial break they show his apartment building and a guy strums his bass. 
Sounds just like this. Best used for an intro of flow of the song. 

Pound Me- Very hard to hear this one even when loud so where to use this riff is 
a mystery.

Russ Pt1- Catchy sounding bass riff best used in the flow of the song.

Russ Pt2- Basic strumming of strings used best where is a good question cause I 
haven't a clue.

Solar Inn- Small and crunchy sounding bass riff and best used at the solo areas 
of a song.

Speed Bass- A catchy and commanding riff it's best used to keep the rythym in 
the main part of the song.

Squelcher- A cool sounding robotic riff that fades in and out at certain 
intervals. Good use for the intro.

Stomper- Sounds like Jaws in a small way and then throws in a cool fade out jam. 
Good use within the flow of a song.

Summertime- Very smooth sounding bass riff best used for the intro of a song.

The Mainline- A good background riff to go along with the flow of the song.

Yuckie- A slidy sounding and funky sounding riff. Used best with the flow of a 

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