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N.B.A Live 99 PC Version
EA Sports
Johnny (Dane$) Ca$H alias Jusaki (Patch-X) Shimizuu
++NBA Live 99 FAQ (Sections)++
>NBA Live Minimum Requirements
>NBA Live Info
>NBA Live Need to knows
>NBA Live Strategys -Play Calling 
                    -Making Jump Shots
                    -Fast Breaks
                    -Orlando Magic
>NBA Live Links
>the end of NBA Live FAQ
>Copyright info
^Minimum Requirements^
*Windows 95/98 (Windows NT is not supported)
*166MHz or faster Intel Pentium, Cyrix 6x86, or AMD K6 processor
*32 MB RAM
*90 MB free hard disk space (20 MB install, 70 MB swap drive) plus space for saved games 
(additional space required for DirectX(tm) 6 installation)
*High Color (65,535 color) capable 2MB PCI or AGP video card with DirectDraw(tm) compatible driver.
*4X CD-ROM drive (600K/second transfer rate) using 32-bit Windows 95/98 CD-ROM driver
*Optional sound card with DirectSound support

Things you will need is a 3D card. Prefferable is Voodoo 3Dfx 2!
^NBA Live Info^

In NBA Live 99 you can do Spin Moves, Crossover Dribbles. Lean in, and Fade away jump shots. All new
Dunks, New Animations, and more. This game has everything. It is the best NBA game feeling you will ever
get on your PC. The new On-line ticker is a good addition. Now you can know what is going on around
the league while you play your NBA live. The Multi player feature is the best. This is my first time playing
NBA Live on the PC. And I am loving it. You can go to some pages and download Patches and you can 
play with the Rookies, Michael Jordan Look alikes, And more.
^NBA Live Need to knows^

Things you need to know. If you are a rookie then you should start playing in the Starter level, as you start
getting better you can start playing on All-Star and if you think you are ready you can move to Super Star 
(Only if you think you are ready.) Also it is best to play this game with the Pro Pad 6. That is what I am 
using I don't know if it is good for you but it is perfect for me.
^NBA Live Strategy's^

-Play Calling is Crucial in a Close games-
The best thing to do in a close game is not to get nervous, Don't get shaky or panic either. Take a deep 
breath and relax. And then Sub in all your good players. If your best player is your Small Forward, Switch
him over to the Shooting guard and make the Shooting guard the Small Forward. Call the play [Hawks 4] It 
is an Isolation play for the Small Forward. They expect to go One On One with the Small Forwards but your
shooting guard takes the ball hard to the hole.If they have the middle clogged up,Stop do a Head Fake and
pop the jumper.. 

-Making Jump Shots-
The Jump shots are pretty easy to make. The most important thing about shooting jumpshots is.
Make sure you have your feet set. you may be saying to your self what the HELL is he talking about
but trust me. If you are running and you want to hit the jumper Stop do a head fake. this will make you plant 
your feet. then if the opponent falls for the fake, Lean in and then make the jumper. Also if you want 
to shoot the best shot. Just make sure you release it at the peek of your shot.

-Fast Breaks-
If you are on a Fast Break with 2 defenders on the side. Stop and pass the ball out because if you don't
they can steal the ball and then they will be off to the races. Also on Fast Breaks if you are lucky enough
to control your point on the fast break you will have your shooting guard and your small forward on both wings
this means when the defense commits you can dish to either side.

Defense is the key. If you are playing a human opponent. Keep using your center. Make sure you have a versatile
Center such as David Robinson, Hakeem Olajuwon. That means you can control the middle. Than your point guard
can lock up the other point. Also if you are playing a team that can shoot you will have to press up on all the 
shooters. But if they can't shoot, keep controlling the center because they are gonna keep trying to penetrate.
And controlling your center will put fear in there eyes and they will stop and try to shoot the jumper. Don't
commit let them shoot it. Because if you try to do block it they can probably dump it down low and the center or
Power forward will get an easy dunk. So it is best that you let them shoot. Because if they can't shoot they will
not make the short jumper anyway. Also if your Center is not that good and you have a good power forward use him.

-Orlando Magic-
If you have a good role-player. Like for Example Orlando is my team And Penny is the Star. But you can always go 
to Nick Anderson and Darrell Armstrong to hit a big shot. You can always Penetrate with Penny and then kick it
out for Nicky for a 3 Point shot. Nicky is a good 3 Point Shooter. He Shoots them better than Penny. Orlando
does'nt have a good center so trade and get Isacc Austin. This gives you a good Center. He is not so dominant
but he can get Rebounds, and Block shots. Horace Grant can hit jumpers from the Free Throw line to the top of the 

Here are the description of the 2 types of NBA Live Players.

Reckless- The Reckless Player is the type of Player that will run down the court and just keep shooting
with the same player. Coming down the court and just shoots lean ins. Does not play defense and you beat him
by 20 or more every game.

Relaxed- The Relaxed player is the a player that will walk down the court set up his offense and scores. And then
will come down and play's defense.

The best plays to do is -Hawks4- This is a Isolation play for the small forward. he will recieve the ball on
the Base-line of the 3 point line. Than you can take advantage of the defensive player. Back him down all the way. 
Then pump fake than when they jump up you can lean in and pop the small jumper. That is a play that works effective
for me you may have one that is different. There are tons of plays in NBA Live 99 try all of them out and see
which one is good for you.
^Links to NBA Sites^

NBA Live Center-                                                    
EA Sports      -                                                    
NBA On-Line    -                                                    
Maximum Penny  -                                                    
^The End of the NBA Live FAQ^

I hope this FAQ helps you on your quest to NBA Live Dominance. I will get some more tips and tricks to help you out
on your trip. NBA Live is the best Basketball game on the market. Orlando Magic is the best team in the NBA. Penny
Hardaway is the best player in the NBA. He is pretty good in the game but they toned him down. They did not make him
as good as he is in real life. When you play in season mode you will have fun. You will blow out some teams that is not
fun but you will also play some close games. that will have you at the edge of your seat. But with the -HAWKS 4- Play
you will be able to get out of those tough situations. Play the game have fun. I can't wait for NBA Live 2000. 
(C)Copyright 1999 Johnny (Dane$) Ca$H alias Jusaki (Patch-X) Shimizuu
NBA Live is a a TM of EA Sports All Rights Reserved 1999
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