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                               -FOR PLAYSTATION 2-

                                 STRATEGY  GUIDE

                               By:  Josh Rasmussen
                         E-Mail:  [email protected]

                                 Version:  FINAL

             |                  TABLE OF CONTENTS                  |

                1. Introduction
                2. Legal Stuff
                3. Version History
                4. Controls
                        4.1. General Gameplay
                        4.2. Offense
                        4.3. Defense
                        4.4. Advanced Offense
                5. Tricks & Dunks
                        5.1. Tricks
                        5.2. Dunks
                6. Teams
                7. Players
                        7.1. Centers
                        7.2. Forwards
                        7.3. Guards
                8. Rewards
                        8.1. Courts
                        8.2. Players
                        8.3. Create Player
                        8.4. Cheats
                9. Strategies
                        9.1. Do's and Dont's
                        9.2. Situational Stuff
                        9.3. Trick Points
                        9.4. City Circuit Mode
                        9.5. Hold The Court Mode
                        9.6. Create-A-Balla
                10. Cheats
                        10.1. Regular Cheats
                        10.2. GameShark Cheats
                        10.3. Easter Eggs
                11. FAQ's
                12. Wish List
                13. Final Words
                        13.1. Propz
                        13.2. Copyright

             |                   1. INTRODUCTION                   |

        First of all, I'd like to thank you for reading this strategy guide.
It is my first.  I'll try to update as often as possible.  Hopefully it will
have everything (and more!) of what you need.  And, also I hope that it is easy
to read, too.  If you can't read a strategy guide, then what use is it?  If you
find anything that needs correcting, have a question, or just have a comment or
suggestion, please feel free to E-Mail me at:   [email protected]  Credit
will be given in my Final Words section.  Otherwise, please enjoy the strategy
guide and tell your friends about it, too!

             |                   2.  LEGAL STUFF                   |

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If you happen to find this strategy guide on another site, please inform me
IMMEDIATELY at:  [email protected]

© Copyright 2001 Josh Rasmussen.  No part of this strategy guide may be
stolen, copied, altered, or used for any type of profit.  It also may not be
distributed or reproduced in ANY way, shape, or form without getting prior
permission from the author, Josh Rasmussen.

© 2001 Electronic Arts, Inc.  EA SPORTS, EA SPORTS BIG, the EA SPORTS BIG logo
and the EA SPORTS logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic
Arts Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.  All rights reserved.  The NBA
and individual NBA member team identifications used on or in this product are
trademarks, copyrighted designs and other forms of intellectual property of
NBA Properties, Inc. and the respective teams and may not be used, in whole or
part, without the prior written consent of NBA Properties, Inc. © 2001 NBA
Properties, Inc. All rights reserved.  NuFX is a trademark of NuFX Inc.  EA
SPORTS BIG is an Electronic Arts brand.

             |                 3.  VERSION HISTORY                 |

Version 1.0 (06/25/01)
        Damn, the first version of my first strategy guide. Who would've
        thought? Anyways, there's still a long way to go. I'll update when
        I have any new information for any section.  If you have any ideas for
        this strategy guide, please E-Mail me at:  [email protected]

Version 1.1 (06/26/01)
        Wow.  It's finally sinking in that i've done a strategy guide that
        people want.  It's also been brought to my attention that this IS, in
        fact, the FIRST FAQ for NBA Street ON THE WEB!!!  Well, in this
        version, I haven't updated to much, just made small changes to a
        couple of sections, and got all the programmer's cheats in.

Version 1.2 (6/27/01)
        I deleted the Unlockables section and added a new section, the REWARDS
        section, and made some minor changes to other sections.  Not exactly
        the monster update I was hoping for, but I'm working on it.  With work
        and all, I can't work on this as much as I'd like to, but I should
        be getting fired soon anyways.

Version 1.3 (6/28/01)
        I compiled some of my E-Mails and made a FAQ's section.  I'll add to
        it when I get more questions.  I also added a chart to the City
        Circuit mode showing each region and the bosses and stuff.  Oh yeah,
        I also improved the general look of it the faq, too.  I think I'm
        gonna work on the teams section and hopefully have them done by this
        Friday, and I say hopefully because, in my line of business, I've
        pulled an ACT OF GOD this week.  So, no way they're gonna fire me now.

Version 1.4 (6/29/01)
        Well, with some help, I got the teams section up today.  Right now, I'm
        still thinking about what else to add to this FAQ, so if you have any
        ideas, please E-Mail me at:  [email protected]  Thanks a lot.

Version 1.5 (7/1/01)
        This time around, I haven't really updated anything.  Just added in a
        few things to different sections.  With work and all, I may need some
        help, so if you're up to help me, E-Mail me at:  [email protected]
        Thanks a lot!

Version 1.6 (7/4/01)
        I haven't made a big update in a while now, because I need someone to 
        help me out!  If you can help, please E-Mail me, my E-Mail address is
        at the top of the FAQ.  Thanks a lot.  For this version, all I've 
        really updated is the FAQ's Section, I really haven't had too much time 
        to do anything else, which is why I need someone to help me out.  But 
        keep checking back because I'm gonna make a pretty decent sized update 

Version 1.7 (7/7/01)
        Damn, been kickin major a$$ at work and haven't really updated this
        lately.  Sorry about that.  Well anyways, this time around, I added a
        "Wish List" section!  Just E-Mail me with your personal suggestions for
        the next "NBA Street" and I'll post 'em on the site!  Also, make sure
        that you get all of your requests for the FAQ in before I get it done 
        or they will be left out!  Check back in a few days for a 'special 

Version 1.8 (7/8/01)
        Well, I added a fairly decent amount to this update.  I moved the cheat
        section to it's OWN section so it can have it's little sub sections and
        stuff.  I also added all of the players' (in the teams sections)
        positions which took forever to do, which is why I call this a decent
        update, but, next comes the MONSTER UPDATE!  Get your ideas in why you
        still can!

Version 1.9 (7/9/01)
        In this version, I added lots of good stuff.  I added the top secret
        Easter Egg sent to me by EA Sports BIG (which I am the first to 
        introduce to the internet).  I added a Great Players section that lists
        all the players that are worth picking up.  I improved on some
        sections.  I added the court objectives to the Hold The Court section.
        I added what the cheats do to the cheats section.  I improved the
        charts in the Hold The Court and City Circuit sections.  Another thing
        I added was how to acquire certain teams into the Teams section.  
        Another thing I added were the courts that you didn't have to earn to 
        the courts section.  I also added what each body and shoe looks like to 
        the Rewards section.  This update added I think 16KB to the last 
        update.  So there's some stuff I didn't even want to list because it 
        would be too long (this right here telling you about what I updated)!

Version FINAL (7/27/01)
        I perfected this bad boy!  Thanks a lot for following!  More FAQ's to 
        come, soon!

             |                      4.  CONTROLS                   |


Move Player            Directional Pad
Turbo                  L1, L2, R1, R2
Pause                  START
Change Cameras         SELECT

* 4.2. OFFENSE *

Shoot/Dunk/Lay-Up      O
Pass                   X
Trick Move             []

* 4.3. DEFENSE *

Switch Players         X
Block/Rebound          O or Triangle
Steal                  []
Dive                   Double-tap any Turbo button


Tip-Slam               Double-tap 0
Higher Percentage Shot O while holding L1+L2
Call for a Pick        Triangle
Advanced Dunk          0 + at least two turbo buttons
Advanced Trick Move    [] + at least two turbo buttons
Gamebreaker Shot       O while holding any two turbo buttons

             |                  5. TRICKS & DUNKS                  |

* 5.1. TRICKS *

--Random Tricks--
Command	        Name                 Point Value
[]                  Check Yo Bags        1000
[]                  Criss-Cross          1000
[]                  Crossed Out          1000
[]                  Double Take          1000
[]                  Flexnflow            1000
[]                  Fro Fake             1000
[]                  Funknflash           1000
[]                  Immobilize           1000
[]                  Left Ya              1000
[]                  Off The Hook         1000
[]                  Roll On              1000
[]                  Spinoff              1000
[]                  Top Spin             1000
[]                  Two-Time             1000
[]                  Wrap Around          1000

--Advanced Tricks--
Command             Name                 Point Value
L1+L2+[]            Streetwise           1500
L1+R1+[]            Off The Chain        1500
L1+R2+[]            Change Up            1500
L2+R1+[]            Downshift            1500
L2+R2+[]            Backtrack            1500
R1+R2+[]            Reel2Reel            1500
L1+L2+R1+[]         Cyclone              1500
L1+L2+R2+[]         Double-Cross         1500
L1+R1+R2+[]         Breaking You Off     1500
L2+R1+R2+[]         Slip 'n' Slide       1500
[]                  *Left Behind         2500
 *Must be performed face to face with defender.

--Point totals are DOUBLED when the defender falls.
--Point totals are HALVED when move is performed repeatedly on the same

* 5.2. DUNKS *

--Random Dunks--
Command             Name                 Point Value
O                   Air Patrol           1500
O                   Air Raid             1500
O                   All That             1500
O                   Around The Way       1500
O                   Boomdown             1500
O                   Buckdown             1500
O                   Counter Strike       1500
O                   Direct Flight        1500
O                   Freestyle            1500
O                   Honey Dip            1500
O                   Jam City             1500
O                   Look Out Below       1500
O                   Mamma Jamma          1500
O                   Onslaught            1500
O                   Powerhouse           1500
O                   Rampage              1500
O                   Rapid Rise           1500
O                   Remix                1500
O                   Rise Up              1500
O                   Shockwave            1500
O                   Strikeforce          1500
O                   Uptempo              1500

--Advanced Dunks--
Command             Name                 Point Value
L1+L2+O             Dominator            2500
L1+R1+O             Hammerdown           2500
L1+R2+O             High Rise            2500
L2+R1+O             Wake Up Call         2500
L2+R2+O             Backbreaker          2500
R1+R2+O             Groundshaker         2500
L1+L2+R1+O          Special Delivery     2500
L1+L2+R2+O          Dunkalicious         2500
L1+R1+R2+O          Around The World     2500
L2+R1+R2+O          Super Fly            2500
L1+L2+R1+R2+O       *Put it Home         2500
L1+L2+R1+R2+O       **Dinner's Served    7500
  *Must be performed while standing.
  **Must be performed just inside the free throw line while moving.

             |                      6.  TEAMS                      |

        The following is a list of each team's players, each player's position,
        and each player's strengths.

--Atlanta Hawks--
Theo Ratliff, C            Blocks, Dunks
Toni Kukoc, F              2 Pointers, Handle
Brevin Knight, G           Handle, Quicks
Alan Henderson, F          Dunks, Power
Jason Terry, G             Steals, Handle, Quicks
--Boston Celtics-- 
Paul Pierce, F             2 Pointers, Steals
Antoine Walker, F          2 Pointers, Dunks, Power
Vitaly Potapenko, C        Power
Tony Battie, C             Blocks
Kenny Anderson, G          Handle, Quicks
--Charlotte Hornets--
Jamal Mashburn, F          2 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
Baron Davis, G             Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Elden Campbell, C          Dunks, Power, Blocks
David Wesley, G            3 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
P.J. Brown, F              Dunks, Power
--Chicago Bulls--
Elton Brand, C             Dunks, Power
Ron Mercer, G              2 Pointers, Dunks
Jamal Crawford, G          Handle, Quicks
Marcus Fizer, F            Power
Ron Artest, F              Steals, Quicks
--Cleveland Cavaliers--
Zyndrunas Ilgauskas, C     2 Pointers, Dunks
Clarence Weatherspoon, F   Dunks, Power
Lamond Murray, F           2 Pointers, Quicks
Jim Jackson, G             3 Pointers, Quicks
Andre Miller, G            2 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
--Dallas Mavericks--
Michael Finley, F          2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Dirk Nowitski, F           2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Quicks
Shawn Bradley, C           Power, Blocks
Juwan Howard, F            2 Pointers, Power
Steve Nash, G              3 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
--Denver Nuggets--
Antonio McDyess, F         Dunks, Power, Blocks
Nick Van Exel, G           3 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
Voshon Lenard, G           3 Pointers
James Posey, F             3 Pointers, Dunks, Quicks
Raef Lafrentz, C           Dunks, Power
--Detroit Pistons--
Jerry Stackhouse, G        2 Pointers, Dunks, Quicks
Joe Smith, F               Dunks, Blocks
Ben Wallace, C             Dunks, Power
Chucky Atkins, G           Handle, Quicks
Corliss Williamson, F      Dunks, Power
--Golden State Warriors--
Antawn Jamison, F          2 Pointers, Dunks, Power
Larry Hughes, G            Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Danny Fortson, F           Power
Mookie Blaylock, G         Steals, Handle, Quicks
Marc Jackson, C            Dunks, Power
--Houston Rockets--
Steve Francis, G           2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Steals, Handle, 
Cuttino Mobley, G          2 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
Shandon Anderson, G        2 Pointers
Hakeem Olajuwon, C         2 Pointers, Power
Maurice Taylor, F          Dunks, Power
--Indiana Pacers--
Jalen Rose, G              2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
Reggie Miller, G           2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Quicks
Travis Best, G             3 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
Austin Croshere, F         2 Pointers, Power
Jermaine O'Neal, C         Dunks, Blocks
--Los Angeles Clippers--
Lamar Odom, F              2 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Darius Miles, F            Dunks, Quicks
Keyon Dooling, G           Handle, Quicks
Corey Maggette, F          Dunks, Quicks
Michael Olowokandi, C      Dunks, Power, Blocks
--Los Angeles Lakers--
Shaquille O'Neal, C        2 Pointers, Dunks, Power, Blocks
Kobe Bryant, G             2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Steals, Handle, 
Robert Horry, F            Blocks
Horace Grant, F            2 Pointers, Power
Derek Fisher, G            Handle, Quicks
--Miami Heat--
Alonzo Mourning, C         2 Pointers, Power, Blocks, Dunks
Brian Grant, C             Blocks, Dunks
Tim Hardaway, G            3 Pointers, Handle
Anthony Mason, F           2 Pointers, Power
Eddie Jones, G             2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks
--Milwaukee Bucks--
Ray Allen, G               2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Glenn Robinson, F          2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Power
Rafer Alston, G            Handle, Quicks
Tim Thomas, F              Dunks, Power
Sam Cassell, G             2 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
--Minnesota Timberwolves--
Kevin Garnett, F           2 Pointers, Dunks, Power, Blocks, Quicks
Terrell Brandon, G         Steals, Handle, Quicks
Laphonso Ellis, C          Dunks
Wally Szczerbiak, F        2 Pointers, Power, Quicks
Chauncey Billups, G        3 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
--New Jersey Nets--
Stephon Marbury, G         2 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Keith Van Horn, F          2 Pointers, Dunks, Quicks
Aaron Williams, C          Dunks
Kendall Gill, G            Power, Steals
Kenyon Martin, F           Dunks, Blocks
--New York Knicks--
Latrell Sprewell, F        2 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Allan Houston, G           2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
Mark Jackson, G            Handle
Glen Rice, F               2 Pointers, 3 Pointers
Marcus Camby, C            Dunks, Blocks
--Orlando Magic--
Tracy McGrady, G           2 Pointers, Dunks, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Grant Hill, F              2 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Bo Outlaw, F               Power, Quicks
Mike Miller, G             2 Pointers, 3 Pointers
Darrell Armstrong, G       Steals, Handle, Quicks
--Philadelphia 76ers--
Allen Iverson, G           2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Dikembe Mutombo, C         Dunks, Power, Blocks
Aaron McKie, G             2 Pointers, Steals
George Lynch, F            Power, Steals
Eric Snow, G               Steals, Handle, Quicks
--Phoenix Suns--
Jason Kidd, F              2 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Shawn Marion, G            2 Pointers, Dunks, Steals, Quicks
Rodney Rogers, F           3 Pointers, Power
Clifford Robinson, F       2 Pointers, 3 Pointers
Penny Hardaway, G          2 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
--Portland Trailblazers--
Rasheed Wallace, F         2 Pointers, Dunks, Blocks, Quicks
Scottie Pippen, F          Dunks, Power, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Dale Davis, C              Dunks, Power
Steve Smith, G             2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
Damon Stoudamire, G        Steals, Handle, Quicks
--Sacramento Kings--
Chris Webber, F            2 Pointers, Dunks, Power, Blocks, Quicks
Jason Williams, F          Handle, Quicks
Doug Christie, F           3 Pointers, Steals
Vlade Divac, C             2 Pointers, Power, Blocks
Peja Stojakovic, F         2 Pointers, 3 Pointers
--San Antonio Spurs--
Tim Duncan, F              2 Pointers, Dunks, Power, Blocks
David Robinson, C          2 Pointers, Dunks, Power, Blocks
Sean Elliot, F             3 Pointers, Quicks
Antonio Daniels, G         3 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Derek Anderson, G          Dunks, Steals, Handle, Quicks
--Seattle Supersonics--
Gary Payton, G             2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Rashard Lewis, F           2 Pointers, Dunks
Desmond Mason, G           Dunks
Patrick Ewing, C           2 Pointers, Power
Vin Baker, F               2 Pointers, Power, Dunks
--Toronto Raptors--
Vince Carter, G            2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Charles Oakley, F          2 Pointers, Power
Morris Peterson, F         2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Quicks
Keon Clark, C              Dunks, Blocks
Antonio Davis, C           2 Pointers, Dunks, Power, Blocks
--Utah Jazz--
Karl Malone, F             2 Pointers, Dunks, Power
John Stockton, G           2 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Deshawn Stevenson, G       Dunks, Quicks
Bryon Russell, C           2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Quicks
Donyell Marshall, F        2 Pointers, Dunks, Quicks
--Vancouver Grizzlies--
Shareef Abdur-Rahim, F     2 Pointers, Dunks, Power
Michael Dickerson, G       2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Quicks
Stromile Swift, F          Dunks, Blocks, Quicks
Grant Long, F              Power, Steals
Mike Bibby, G              2 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
--Washington Wizards--
Jahidi White, C            Power
Richard Hamilton, G        2 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
Christian Laettner, C      2 Pointers, Power
Mitch Richmond, G          2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Power, Handle, Quicks
Courtney Alexander, G      2 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
--New York City Legends (acquired by gaining 30 wins in any mode)--
Skip to My Lou, G          2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Steal, Handle, Quicks
The Goods, F               2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Handle, Quicks
Starbury, G                2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Steal, Handle, Quicks
--Team 3LW (acquired by gaining 20 wins in any mode)--
Kiely, G                   2 Pointers, Dunks, Blocks, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Naturi, G                  2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Adrienne, G                2 Pointers, Dunks, Quicks

--Team BIG (acquired by gaining 10 wins in any mode)--
Moby Jones, F              Power, Handle, Quicks
Zoe Payne, G               2 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Tracey Maretti, G          2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Power
--Team Dream (acquired by winning in hold the court mode)--
Yeti, F                    Dunks, Power, Blocks
Magma Man, C               Dunks, Power, Blocks
Alien, G                   2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks

--Street Legends (acquired by winning in city circuit mode)--
Bonafide, G                2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Steals, Handle, Quicks
Stretch, F                 2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Power
DJ, F                      Dunks, Power, Quicks
Biggs, F                   Dunks, Power, Blocks
Takashi, C                 Dunks, Power, Blocks
Drake, G                   2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Handle, Quicks
Michael Jordan, G          2 Pointers, 3 Pointers, Dunks, Power, Steals, Handle

             |                     7.  PLAYERS                     |

        Keep in mind that these are just good OVERALL players at each position.
        Just because they are good overall doesn't mean that they will be good
        at EVERY skill.  Since I didn't really want to go through making up
        good teams you can create, I figured that I'd make this section so you
        can see who all is worth adding to your team.  They are listed in
        alphabetical order by their last names.

* 7.1. CENTERS *

--Great at 4 skills--
        Antonio Davis, Toronto Raptors
        Alonzo Mourning, Miami Heat
        Shaquille O'Neal, Los Angeles Lakers
        David Robinson, San Antonio Spurs

--Great at 3 skills--
        Elden Campbell, Charlotte Hornets
        Vlade Divac, Sacramento Kings
        Magma Man, Special Character
        Dikembe Mutombo, Philadelphia 76ers
        Michael Olowokandi, Los Angeles Clippers
        Bryon Russell, Utah Jazz
        Takashi, Special Character

* 7.2. FORWARDS *

--Great at 5 skills--
        Michael Finley, Dallas Mavericks
        Kevin Garnett, Minnesota Timberwolves
        The Goods, Special Player
        Scottie Pippen, Portland Trailblazers
        Chris Webber, Sacramento Kings

--Great at 4 skills--
        Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs
        Grant Hill, Orlando Magic
        Jason Kidd, Phoenix Suns
        Lamar Odom, Los Angeles Clippers
        Morris Peterson, Toronto Raptors
        Glenn Robinson, Milwaukee Bucks
        Latrell Sprewell, New York Knicks
        Stretch, Special Player
        Rasheed Wallace, Portland Trailblazers
* 7.3. GUARDS *

--Great at 7 skills--
        Michael Jordan, Special Player

--Great at 6 skills--
        Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers
        Steve Francis, Houston Rockets
        Kiely, Special Player

--Great at 5 skills--
        Alien, Special Player
        Ray Allen, Milwaukee Bucks
        Bonafide, Special Player
        Vince Carter, Toronto Raptors
        Allen Iverson, Philadelphia 76ers
        Eddie Jones, Miami Heat
        Tracy McGrady, Orlando Magic
        Naturi, Special Player
        Gary Payton, Seattle Supersonics
        Mitch Richmond, Washington Wizards
        Skip To My Lou, Special Player
        Starbury, Special Player

             |                     8.  REWARDS                     |

* 8.1. COURTS *

        There are 9 UNLOCKABLE courts in the game.

NAME              LOCATION                       CLIMATE
*Pacific Blvd.    Vancouver, British Columbia    Cold and Rainy
*South Beach      Miami, Florida                 Hot
*Route 66         Northern Arizona               Hot
Beacon Hill       Boston, Massachusetts          Cold and Snowy
Broad Street      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania     Moderate
The Yard          Detroit, Michigan              Moderate
The Cage          Manhattan, New York City       Moderate
Venice Beach      Venice, California             Hot
The Loop          Chicago, Illinois              Windy
Yakatomi Plaza    Los Angeles, California        Warm
Fort Point        San Francisco, California      Moderate
Rucker Park       Harlem, New York City          Moderate
 *Represents the available courts.

* 8.2. PLAYERS *

        There are 19 UNLOCKABLE players in the game.

Michael Jordan    Guard           Rucker Park       True Champion
Bonafide          Guard           Broad Street      Arrogant Playmaker
Stretch           Forward         Rucker Park       Old-School Finesse
Takashi           Center          Yakatomi Plaza    Shot-Swatter Supreme
Biggs             Forward         Beacon Hill       Physical Banger
DJ                Forward         Venice Beach      Above The Rim
Drake             Guard           The Yard          Pure Shooter
Magma Man         Center          Unknown           Dominant Inside
Graylien Alien    Guard           Unknown           Speedy Playmaker
Yeti Snowman      Forward         Unknown           Towering Defender
Moby Jones        Forward         Unknown           Free Spirit
Zoe Payne         Guard           Unknown           Wild and Reckless
Tracey Maretti    Guard           Unknown           Sassy Leader
Kiely             Guard           Unknown           Smooth Entertainer
Naturi            Guard           Unknown           Clutch Performer
Adrienne          Guard           Unknown           Intense Competitor
Skip To My Lou    Guard           The Cage          Mad Handles
The Goods         Forward         The Cage          Mr. Versatility
Starbury          Guard           The Cage          Scoring Playmaker


        There are 72 UNLOCKABLE Create Player features in the game.

        1.  Orange vest / Black cargo jeans.
        2.  Orange tanktop with a black color / Gray, White, and Orange AND 1
            type shorts / Gray armbands on both arms.
        3.  Red tanktop / Brown cargo shorts.
        4.  Blue tanktop / Blue, Orange, and White AND 1 type shorts / White
            armbands on both arms.
        5.  White and Black shirt with cutoff sleeves / Red cargo shorts.
        6.  Blue shirt with cutoff sleeves with the word "SOUL" in White
            letters / long Khaki cargo jeans.
        7.  White shirt with cutoff sleeves / Black cargo shorts.
        8.  White tanktop / Green shorts / Green armband on left arm.
        9.  White shirt with cutoff sleeves and the word "NYC" in Black / Blue
        10. Adidas Maroon jacket / Matching sweatpants.
        11. White shirt with cutoff sleeves / Blue jean shorts / Yellow armband
            on right arm.
        12. Yellow, Gray, and Green tanktop / Yellow, Black, and White shorts /
            Red kneebrace.
        13. Baby Blue shirt with cutoff sleeves and many arrows pointing
            different ways on it / Black cargo shorts / Blue armband on left
        14. Baby Blue shirt with cutoff sleeves and a White and Black design /
            Gray shorts.
        15. Red jacket with hood / Green pants.
        16. Blue and Orange FUBU type shirt with #00 / Blue jeans.
        17. White and Blue shirt / Blue, White, and Red AND 1 type shorts / Red
        18. Black shirt with cutoff sleeves / Red, White, and Black shorts / 
            Two Red kneebraces on both legs / Red armband on right arm.
        19. Blue shirt with White stripes / Gray shorts.
        20. Baby Blue and White Jacket / Matching sweatpants.
        21. Baby Blue and White shirt with a Fusion symbol in the middle / 
            Black shorts / Red armband on right arm.
        22. Red shirt with cutoff sleeves / Gray shorts / Blue kneebraces on
            both knees / Blue armbands on both arms.
        23. White shirt with cutoff sleeves / Black and Gold shorts / Gold
            armbands on both arms.
        24. Blue FUBU looking shirt with #27 / Khaki cargo shorts.
        25. White and Blue hawaiin shirt / Blue and White shorts.
        26. Red vest with a hood over a White shirt / Jean shorts.
        27. Red, White, and Blue shirt / Red, White, and Blue shorts / White
            armbands on both arms.

        1.  White plain high tops.
        2.  Black plain high tops.
        3.  White and Blue high tops.
        4.  Black and Gray high tops.
        5.  White high tops with a Black stripe.
        6.  White high tops with a Blue bottom.
        7.  Black shoes with a White line.
        8.  White high tops with Red rims.
        9.  Silver high tops.
        10. Black and Blue shoes.
        11. White and Gray shoes.
        12. Black and Blue tiger striped shoes.
        13. White, Black, and Gray high tops.
        14. Black and Purple high tops.
        15. Blue shoes with a Black back.
        16. Black shoes with a White stripe.
        17. Black shoes with a White heal.
        18. Yellow high tops with a Blue bottom.
        19. Black shoes with White sides.
        20. White high tops with Red top and bottom.
        21. Gray and dark Blue shoes.
        22. Light Blue high tops with White top and bottom.
        23. Baby blue shoes with a White heel.
        24. Black shoes with a White bottom.
        25. White high tops with a Red stripe and Black top.
        26. Brown hiking boots with a White stripe.
        27. White shoes with a Black stripe.
        28. White shoes with Blue-Green stripes.
        29. Black shoes with a White heel and a Silver stripe.
        30. Blue high tops with a White & Black stripe and a White toe.
        31. Black shoes with a White stripe.
        32. Black shoes with a White bottom half.

* 8.4. CHEATS *

There are 43 UNLOCKABLE cheats in the game.  For a complete listing, please
refer to section 10. CHEATS.

             |                    9. STRATEGIES                    |

* 9.1. DO'S AND DONT'S *

--Do try street school to start you off and read all it has to say!
--Do position yourself for rebounds.
--Do look for an open man to take the shot.
--Do adjust your lineup accordingly each game.
--Do take a wide open shot if it's in the person's range.
--Do know your opponent's strengths and weaknesses.
--Do know your OWN strengths and weaknesses.
--Do pump fake and either shoot, or drive to the basket.
--Do learn how to pump fake and alley-oop.
--Do dive for loose balls.
--Do time your steals because trying one takes you player outta play for a
--Do alley-oop it if you have the option when you're dunking the ball.
--Do make the opponents shot clock expire by swatting all of his shots,
  especially if he's nearing a gamebreaker because it'll take some away.
--Do use variety.  An opponent who does different things is the most
--Do practice.  Practice makes perfect!
--Do have fun with it!  It's just a game!

--Don't shoot over someone bigger than you that's in your face.
--Don't shoot over multiple people in your face.
--Don't shoot past half court.
--Don't let your opponent shoot a 2 point gamebreaker, it's always better to
  give up a dunk.
--Don't pass through too much traffic.
--Don't pass over really long distances.
--Don't pick up players you don't need (City Circuit mode).
--Don't try to shoot beyond the three point line with a bad three point
--Don't try advanced dunks with a bad dunker.
--Don't try advanced dribbles with a bad handler.
--Don't stop moving around.
--Don't try to be EXCESSIVELY fancy with a bad team.
--Don't let the shot clock expire.
--Don't jump to block a shot BEFORE the other person shoots.
--Don't try to block shots standing directly under the basket.
--Don't give your opponent wide open shots.
--Don't let an opponent intimidate you.  Everyone has their off days.
--Don't get frustrated.  Frustration leads to bad play.
--Don't give up on a game until it's over and done with!


--Down by 1--
        Don't worry, it's only 1 point.  Keep your gameplan the same.  You
        don't need to take the lead with a 2, just tie it.
--Down by 2--
        2 points isn't jack.  Don't worry, you don't need to take the 2 shot
        unless you have a good look at it.
--Down by 3--
        3 points is a minimum of 2 possessions.  If theres still plenty of
        scoring left to be done, don't sweat it.  Just play smart 'D'.  Try
        more for the block than the steal in this situation.  Only take the
        2 if you are wide open.
--Down by 4--
        4 points is a tricky situation.  You'll want to take a 2 if you have
        it here.  But, you don't NEED the 2 here.  All that matters is getting
        SOMETHING up on the scoreboard.  Play smart 'D' here and don't give
        the opponent any wide open shots.
--Down by 5--
        Well, you got yourself in a jam here.  Be very careful.  Try not to
        be too fancy here because you NEED to score something here and the
        last thing you need is to get the ball stolen by the defense.  You'll
        probably need to find a way to get a 2 in this situation.  It doesn't
        have to be right this moment, but make sure you don't let the opponent
        gain anything more on you and make sure that you don't wait too long
        to shoot the 2.
--Down by 6--
        Down by 6, what have you done?  Basically, be real careful with the
        ball, play good 'D', and start lookin for the 2 pointer here.  BUT,
        if you don't have the 2, you don't necessarily need to take it, you
        just can't let the other team score.
--Down by 7 or more--
        You're gonna need a gamebreaker.  That's all there is to it.  Make
        sure if you get it that you shoot the 2.  NO MISTAKES!


In order to get lots of trick points, do the following:
--Use variety in all of your dribbles.
--Get as much Gamebreakers as you can.
--Use as much of the shot clock up with advanced tricks as you can.
--If you're really good, use most of the shot clock, miss a shot on purpose,
  and keep repeating as long as you want.  This can get you mad points.	
--Don't score with a jump shot, you don't get $h*t for points.
--Do lot's of advanced tricks and then advanced dunks or alley-oops to form
  high scoring combos.
--Get as many gamebreakers as possible, and when you get them, ALWAYS DUNK for
  maximum TRICK points (50000).
--Remember on defense that blocks are easy to get and are worth 2500 (with
  combos   being worth 7500).  So go for the block instead of the steal (1000
--Remember that at the end, you get nothing special for a jump shot, 25000 for
  breaking the rim, 50000+ for doing a combo and then dunking, and 150000+
  for doing a gamebreaker and breaking the rim!


--How City Circuit is set up--
        City Circuit mode is set up with 6 regions of various NBA teams, and 7
        street challenges.  The following is a chart of the city circuit

                                Michael Jordan
Golden State Warriors-------Los Angeles Clippers-------------Los Angeles Lakers
Portland Trailblazers---------Sacramento Kings--------------Seattle Supersonics
Minnesota Timberwolves-----------Indiana Pacers-----------------Milwaukee Bucks
Chicago Bulls-----------------Cleveland Cavaliers---------------Detroit Pistons
Boston Celtics-----------------Philadelphia 76ers---------------New York Knicks
New Jersey Nets------------------------+---------------------Washington Wizards
San Antonio Spurs----------------Phoenix Suns--------------------Denver Nuggets
Utah Jazz----------------------Houston Rockets-----------------Dallas Mavericks
Miami Heat----------------------Atlanta Hawks-----------------Charlotte Hornets
                                  Orlando Magic
Vancouver Grizzlies--------------------+------------------------Toronto Raptors

--Winning in City Circuit mode--
        To be successful in City Circuit mode, you have to know your team.
        Know your teams strengths and weaknesses.  You have to know what kind
        of players to pick up off of the other teams and knowing your teams
        weaknesses greatly improves your chances of succeeding in this mode.
        Know before hand whether you're goal is to get create-a-balla points,
        or to get new players.  Then you can work more fully towards that
        goal.  The key to this mode is to know what your going up against.
        If you know your opponents weaknesses, you can adjust your lineup
        accordingly and make it easier on yourself.  For instance, if they're
        small, put out big guys.  If they're bad at handling, put in guys
        that are good at stealing.  But the big thing to remember is to never
        give up!


--How Hold The Court is set up--
        Hold The Court mode is set up so that you have to play challenging
        teams on each court, and you have to break the winning streak and the
        trick point total.  There are 12 courts.  The following is a chart
        explaining the goals for each court:

COURT                             WIN STREAK                        POINT TOTAL
Pacific Blvd.                      2  games                             200,000
South Beach                        3  games                             250,000
Route 66                           3  games                             300,000
Beacon Hill                        4  games                             350,000
Broad Street                       4  games                             400,000
The Yard                           4  games                             450,000
The Cage                           4  games                             500,000
Venice Beach                       5  games                             550,000
The Loop                           5  games                             600,000
Yakatomi Plaza                     5  games                             650,000
Fort Point                         6  games                             700,000
Rucker Park                        7  games                             750,000

--Winning in Hold The Court Mode--
        To be successful in Hold The Court mode, first you have to unlock all
        of the courts by beating the City Circuit mode.  After you beat that
        mode, you can go to Hold The Court Mode with the team you beat City
        Circuit mode.  This way, you'll have a better team and a better
        chance of winning. This mode is designed especially to unlock the
        create-a-balla features, so once you get your balla good enough to
        start, you're basically set for this mode.  One big key to this mode
        is to never let the other team intimidate you, no matter how many
        stars were chosen for it and keep the gameplan simple.


--Where to unlock new stuff--
        You can unlock new stuff for Create-A-Balla in Hold The Court mode.
        There you can unlock new looks, outfits, shoes and points.

--Where to get lot's of points--
        You can get points in either City Circuit mode or Hold The Court
        mode, but City Circuit mode is better for points.  The big thing about
        Hold The Court mode is that you can unlock new looks, outfits, and
        shoes.  But, even though you can unlock points, too, the most points
        you can unlock per game is 25.  If you're looking for points, you
        definitely want to play City Circuit mode.  There, you can get up to
        100 points for your balla per game.

             |                    10.  CHEATS                      |

        Enter the following cheats at the menu just before the game starts.
        The first number represents [], the second triangle, the third O, and
        the fourth being X. After you enter the cheats, press the D-Pad in any

NAME                       TRANSLATION                                    CODE
No Cheats                  No codes can be entered                     1-1-1-1
Casual Uniforms            Players will wear their casual uniforms     1-1-0-0
Authentic Uniforms         Players will wear their NBA uniforms        0-0-1-1
Player Names               Shows the currently selected players name   0-1-2-3
No Auto Replays            No automatic replays                        1-2-1-1
No HUD Display             The trick name display will disappear       1-4-1-2
No Player Indicators       The player indicators will disappear        4-0-0-4
Summertime Joe "The Show"  Joe "The Show" in summertime clothes        1-0-0-1
Springtime Joe "The Show"  Joe "The Show" in springtime clothes        1-1-0-1
Athletic Joe "The Show"    Joe "The Show" in athletic clothes          1-2-0-1
No Shot Indicator          The shot indicator will disappear           4-3-2-4
Explosive Rims             The rim sparks when a basket is made        1-2-4-0
ABA Ball                   The players will play with the ABA's ball   0-1-1-0
WNBA Ball                  The players will play with the WNBA's ball  0-1-2-0
NuFX Ball                  The players will play with the NuFX ball    0-1-3-0
EA BIG Ball                The players will play with the EA BIG ball  0-1-4-0
Beach Ball                 The players will play with a beach ball     0-1-1-2
Medicine Ball              The players will play with a medicine ball  0-1-1-3
Volleyball                 The players will play with a volleyball     0-1-1-4
Soccer Ball                The players will play with a soccer ball    0-2-1-0
Tiny Players               The players will be small                   4-0-4-0
Big Heads                  The players will have large heads           4-1-2-1
Tiny Heads                 The players will have small heads           4-2-0-2
ABA Socks                  The players will wear the ABA's socks       4-4-4-4
No Shot Clock              The shot clock will disappear               4-4-0-3
Less Gamebreakers          It will be harder to get gamebreakers       1-3-4-2
More Gamebreakers          It will be easier to get gamebreakers       1-4-3-2
No Gamebreakers            It will be impossible to get gamebreakers   1-4-4-2
No Juice                   There will be no turbo                      1-4-4-3
Unlimited Turbo            There will be an infinite amount of turbo   2-0-3-0
Easy Distance Shots        It will be easier to make a 2-point shot    2-1-3-0
Harder Distance Shots      It will be harder to make a 2-point shot    2-2-3-0
Mega Dunking               All of the players will dunk better         3-0-1-0
Ultimate Power             All of the players will have more power     3-1-1-0
Mad Handles                All of the players will handle better       3-2-1-0
Super Swats                All of the players will block better        3-3-1-0
Sticky Fingers             All of the players will steal better        3-4-1-0
Captain Quicks             All of the players will have more quicks    3-0-2-1
No Dunks                   None of the players will be able to dunk    3-0-1-2
Less Blocks                All of the players will have block worse    3-1-2-3
Less Steals                All of the players will steal worse         3-1-3-0
No Alley-oops              Noone will be able to alley-oop             3-4-1-2
No 2-Pointers		   Noone will be able to make a 2-point shot   3-3-0-3


        Bug GameShark to get some, the more all of you do, the better chance
        that we have of getting them, PERIOD!

* 10.3. EASTER EGGS *

        Just so everyone knows, I am the first one to post this on the internet
        as I am the first one to know about it besides the EA Sports Crew!  :)

--About this Easter Egg--
        The default defensive system allows you to toggle control between the
        two players that are the closest to the ball by pressing the X button.
        This is a nice simple system that makes playing defense easy to
        control and to understand.  As an option for the more advanced users,
        there is a hidden system that works this way:

        When pressing the X button to switch between defenders, it will toggle
        between the two defenders that are the closest to the ball (same as
        default) UNLESS you tap the X button rapidly (less than 1.5 seconds
        between presses) in which case it will cycle control between all three
        defenders.  This is highly useful for whenever you need to grab a shot
        blocker to camp out under the basket, but he's the farthest from the

        This system takes longer to master and can lead to frustration if you
        accidentally cycle to the third defender when you expected to be
        toggling between the two defenders closest to the ball.  Although EA
        Sports BIG prefered the default toggling system, some users may prefer
        the more advanced one, which is why EA Sports BIG left it in as an
        Easter Egg.  And, as I've been told, it also speeds up the game a bit.

--How to do it--
        In order to activate this switching system, you need to hold down all
        four of the shoulder buttons (L1 + L2 + R1 + R2) and press triangle
        (only once) during the pre-game fly-in.  The switching system will
        then be active for that controller for the duration of the current
        game being played.

             |                     11.  FAQS                       |

        This is a list of frequently asked questions that I get.

Q:  What's that Pre-game fly-in screen you talk about jus above this?
A:  I think (I'm not sure because a guy from EA Sports BIG told me about it)
    it's the screen where the players are getting introduced.

Q:  How do you get two created players on one team?
A:  You can't.  You can only have one created player on your team.

Q:  When have I successfully completed the game?
A:  When you get the ball icon (City Circuit Champion), the star icon (Hold
    The Court Legend), the player icon (Create Player Max), and the crown icon
    (Rewards Master).

Q:  Can you trade players?
A:  No.

Q:  Does NBA Street have real NBA teams in it?
A:  Yes.

Q:  How do you call a time-out?
A:  You can't.

Q:  Is there a way to toggle between all three of your defenders, instead of
    just the two that are closest to the ball?
A:  Yeah, check out the easter egg.

Q:  Can you substitute players in?
A:  No.

Q:  Can you update the rosters?
A:  No, you can't.

Q:  How come my NBA Street doesn't work?
A:  How should I know?  LOL.  Maybe your PS2 is jacked up.

Q:  Are there other _ on _ modes?
A:  No, just 3 on 3.

Q:  Does this game have any NBA legends?
A:  No, just Michael Jordan.

Q:  How long does it take to learn how to play this game?
A:  Shouldn't take too long.  About a half hour MAX.

Q:  Are there quarters?
A:  No, the game goes until some scores 21.

Q:  Is there a horse mode in this game?
A:  No.  No horse mode.

Q:  What's the maximum height you can get your created balla to?
A:  To my knowledge, you can only get your created player to 8'0".

Q:  What's the maximum weight that you can get your created balla to?
A:  You can get your created balla to 350 pounds.

Q:  How many total created balla points does it take to max out one whole
    skill category?
A:  It takes 400 created balla points to do that.

Q:  How do you get the Street Challenge players like Stretch?
A:  Whenever you get to their teams, when you beat them, then you get them on
    your team.

Q:  I don't like basketball that much?  Will I like this game?
A:  Well, I can't tell you whether or not you will, but I haven't heard any

Q:  Most games are just fun with two players.  Is this a good one player
    game, too?
A:  In my opinion, it's just as fun with one player as it is with two players.

Q:  Does this game really have the players from SSX on a special team?
A:  Yes it does.

Q:  Can you play with Joe "The Show"?
A:  No.  You can't play with Joe "The Show".

Q:  How long do the codes that you put in before the games last?
A:  They just last for the upcoming game.

Q:  Can you use the people from the street challenge's teams?
A:  No, you can't, but you can get the same look they have in create-a-balla.

Q:  Can my friend and I both use my profile when we play against each other?
A:  Nope.  Don't think so.

Q:  Are all the players in the game?
A:  All the ones worth picking up.

Q:  Are there gameshark codes for this game yet?
A:  No, there aren't, so BUG GAMESHARK until they get some!

Q:  Is there pushing, a la NBA Jam?
A:  Nope, no pushing, but the trick moves should help you with getting players 
    on the ground.

Q:  Can you get back a player that you released from your team?
A:  To my knowledge, no you can't.

Q:  Does the NYC Legends team have REAL street ballaz on it?
A:  Yea, it has some of the best ever to hit the street ballin scene.

Q:  Do you add a player or exchange players when you beat a team in city
    circuit mode?
A:  You add a player of your choice from their roster to your team.

Q:  Can I help you out with this FAQ?
A:  Just E-Mail me and we'll see...

             |                    12. WISH LIST                    |

        All of the stuff in this section is opinions on what should be added to
        NBA Street 2.  It is not listed in any particular order.

--2 players being able to play on the same team.
--More _ on _ modes.
--More courts.
--More street ballaz.
--More NBA Legendz.
--More advanced create-a-balla.
--Different weather conditions (No court has set weather).
--A bigger game.
--Online capability.
--More dribbles.
--More dunks.
--Players can get hurt.
--Players can get cut and/or bruised.
--Players can get into each other's faces.
--More modes other than Hold the Court and City Circuit.
--More create-a-balla features (tattoos, headbands, etc).
--More trash talking.
--More statistics.
--More menu options.
--The ability to view an instant replay of any play when the user chooses.
--More Street Legendz.

             |                   13. FINAL WORDS                   |

* 13.1. PROPZ *

--Myself:  because without me, this guide wouldn't be possible.
--EA Sports:  for coming out with this great game and for being the best
  video game developers to date!
--GameFAQs:  for being such an awesome website, one of my main sources for
--GameWinners:  for being my #1 source for video game codes for a few years
--Cheat Code Central:  for always havin lotsa codes.
--GameFAQ's User Raging Tiger:  for being the ONLY reason I can still update
  this FAQ.
--GameFAQ's User KG21:  for contributing this FAQ.
--GameFAQ's User Thegame:  for being cool.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
--Nasoochiewall[email protected]:  for contributing to this FAQ.
--GameFAQ's User Da king of rock:  for contributing to this FAQ and being cool.
[email protected]:  for being cool.
[email protected]:  for being cool.
--GameFAQ's User Dragonguy666:  for being cool.
[email protected]:  for being cool.
--Everyone on the GameFAQ'S NBA Street message board except for Madden Man!
--Everyone that posts at 
  An excellent message board!

* 13.2. COPYRIGHT *

© Copyright 2001 Josh Rasmussen.  No part of this strategy guide may be
stolen, copied, altered, or used for any type of profit.  It also may not be
distributed or reproduced in ANY way, shape, or form without getting prior
permission from the author, Josh Rasmussen.

I am in no way affiliated with the creators of NBA Street.

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