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                                 -CITY CIRCUIT


Where else but in NBA Street can you take one Michael Jordan with an eight-foot-tall 
Yeti? Ball with the likes of Moby Jones and Zoe Payne from SSX? Perform strings of 
crazy tricks en route to a Gamebreaker that will bust the shizznit wide open? EA Big 
has come through again with a great game. Is it the best basketball game ever made? 
We think so. 

Now IGN Guides, ever your humble servants, have taken it upon ourselves to play the 
game a whole bunch and put together this mini-guide. In the next pages, we'll hook 
you up with tips to beat the City Circuit, a full tricks list, our team picks and 
all the cheats you can handle. Learn how to unlock Magma Man, 3LW, the EA Big team 
and all of the Courts. Find out how to get the Beach Ball, Big Head Mode and tons 
more. So lace up and let's hoop. 


Like SSX, NBA Street employs a trick system using combinations of shoulder buttons. 
To perform these tricks, your Turbo meter will have to be at least partially full. 
Pull off series and combinations of tricks to grow your Gamebreaker meter. The 
offensive special tricks are listed below: 

Move Names       Button Combo            Description 
Off The Hook       L1 + L2        Over The Shoulder Between The Legs Dribble 
Reel2reel          R1 + R2        Switch Hand 360 Spin Move 
Off The Chain      L1 + R1        Over The Shoulder Dribble 
Backtrack          L2 + R2        Reverse Through Leg Dribble 
Changeup           L1 + R2        Change Of Direction Dribble 
Downshift          R1 + L2        Highstep Through Leg Dribble 
Cyclone            L1 + L2 + R1   Crossover Spin Behind the Back Dribble 
Double Cross       L1 + L2 + R2   Through the Leg Cross in Front Dribble 
Breakin You Off    R1+ R2 + L1    Change Of Direction to Behind the Back Dribble 
Slip 'N' Slide     R1+ R2 + L2    Roll On The Floor Crossover 

Dunk Names       Button Combo            Description 
Dominator          L1 + L2        Two Foot Two Hand Pull Back Jam 
Groundshaker       R1 + R2        Two Foot One Hand Pull Back Jam 
Hammerdown         L1 + R1        Different Kind Of One Hand Pull Back Jam 
Backbreaker        L2 + R2        Gliding Reverse Two Hand Jam 
High Rise          L1 + R2        Statue Of Liberty Jam (Jordan Jam) 
Wake Up Call       R1 + L2        Cover Your Eyes Jam (Dee Brown) 
Special Delivery   L1 + L2 + R1   Quick Two Foot Two Hand Jam 
Dunkalicious       L1 + L2 + R2   360 Windmill Jam 
Around The World   R1+ R2 + L1    Windmill Jam 
Superfly           R1+ R2 + L2    Left Handed 360 Windmill Jam 
Dinner Served      R1+ R2 + L1 + L2   Self Alley-oop 

Random Moves          Description 
Check Yo Bags          Fake Pass 
Left Behind            Through Opponents Legs Dribble 
Breakin Ankles         Fake Dribble  
Smooth Groove          Fake Behind The Back fake pass 
Top Spin               Cradle Spin Fake 
Funknflow              Fake Left Go Right Dribble 

Random Dunks & Layups           Description 
Feed The Dog                      Spread Eagle Layup 
Missed The Bus                    Jump Stop Layup 
Smoothness                        Switch Hands Layup 
Mamma Jamma                       Toe Tap Dunk 


All of the NBA teams are represented in Street. Your job is to select the best three 
from those that are offered. To help make your decision easier, we've included our 
picks for each team here. The asterisks (*) indicate the most balanced, most 
talented squad of three from the players offered. Each team also has a Superstar, 
your go-to guy in the clutch. 

Vancouver Grizzlies
*Shareef Abdur-Rahim-Superstar
Michael Dickerson
*Mike Bibby
*Grant Long
Stromile Swift 

Toronto Raptors
*Vince Carter-Superstar
Charles Oakley
*Antonio Davis
*Keon Clark
Morris Peterson 

Atlanta Hawks 
Theo Ratliff
*Toni Kukoc-Superstar
Jason Terry 
*Alan Henderson
*Brevin Knight 

Miami Heat
*Alonzo Mourning-Superstar
*Brian Grant
Eddie Jones
Anthony Mason
*Tim Hardaway 

Orlando Magic 
*Tracy McGrady-Superstar
*Grant Hill
Darrell Armstrong
Mike Miller
*Bo Outlaw 

Houston Rockets
*Steve Francis
Cuttino Mobley
Maurice Taylor
*Hakeem Olajuwon-Superstar
*Shandon Anderson 

Dallas Mavericks 
*Michael Finley
*Shawn Bradley-Superstar
*Dirk Nowitzki
Steve Nash
Juwon Howard 

San Antonio Spurs 
*Tim Duncan-Superstar
*David Robinson
Derek Anderson
Antonio Daniels
*Sean Elliott 

Phoenix Suns 
*Jason Kidd-Superstar
Shawn Marion
*Penny Hardaway
*Clifford Robinson
Rodney Rogers 

Utah Jazz 
*Karl Malone-Superstar
*John Stockton
Donyell Marshall
*Bryon Russell
Deshawn Stevenson 

Philadelphia 76ers 
*Allen Iverson-Superstar
*Dikembe Mutombo
*Eric Snow
George Lynch
Aaron McKie 

Boston Celtics 
*Paul Pierce
*Antoine Walker-Superstar
Kenny Anderson
Tony Battie
*Vitaly Potapenko 

New Jersey Nets
*Stephon Marbury
*Keith Van Horn-Superstar
*Kenyon Martin
Kendall Gill
Aaron Williams 

Washington Wizards
Jahidi White
*Richard Hamilton-Superstar
Courtney Alexander
*Mitch Richmond
*Christian Laettner 

Detroit Pistons
*Jerry Stackhouse
*Joe Smith-Superstar
Ben Wallace
Chucky Atkins
*Corliss Williamson 

Chicago Bulls
*Ron Artest
*Elton Brand-Superstar
*Ron Mercer
Marcus Fizer
Jamal Crawford 

Indiana Pacers
*Jalen Rose
*Reggie Miller-Superstar
Jermaine O'Neal
Austin Croshere
*Travis Best 

Minnesota Timberwolves
*Kevin Garnett-Superstar
*Terrell Brandon
Chauncey Billups
*Wally Szcerbiak
Laphonso Ellis 

Cleveland Cavaliers
*Clarence Weatherspoon
*Zydrunas Ilgauskas-Superstar
Andre Miller
*Jim Jackson
Lamond Murray 

Portland Trailblazers
*Rasheed Wallace
*Scottie Pippen-Superstar
Damon Stoudamire
Steve Smith
*Dale Davis 

LA Lakers
*Kobe Bryant
*Shaquille O'Neal-Superstar
Derek Fisher
Horace Grant
*Robert Horry 

LA Clippers
*Lamar Odom-Superstar
*Darius Miles
Michael Olowakandi
*Corey Magette
Kevin Dooling 

Sacramento Kings
*Chris Webber-Superstar
*Jason Williams
Peja Stojakovic
*Vlade Divac
Doug Christie 

Seattle Supersonics
*Gary Payton-Superstar
Rashard Lewis
*Vin Baker
*Patrick Ewing
Desmond Mason 

As an added bonus, here are our picks for best players in the game (special players 

Shawn Bradley
Tony Kukoc
Shaquille O'Neal
Allen Iverson
Glenn Robinson
Alonzo Mourning
Dikembe Mutombo 


The City Circuit is a one-player journey through some of the raddest, baddest street 
courses in America. On your way through the circuit, you'll pick up new players to 
add to your roster, fresh courts to play on in all modes of the game, and plenty of 
facials from your opponents. Competition starts out pretty soft but gets pretty 
evil. The final boss is Michael Jordan. 'Nuff said. We break down the action region 
by region and give you strategies for taking down the Street Challenge toughs. 


Region #1:
Region #1 is an introductory level of the Challenge, which will get you ready for 
the coming competition. There are two teams in this bracket--both from Candada. The 
only real threat here is Vince Carter of the Raptors. Don't ever leave him unguarded 
and you'll blow through this bracket easily. 

Vancouver Grizzlies
Toronto Raptors 

Street Challenge #1
Biggs: Beacon Hill 

The first Street Challenge takes place on the snowy courts of Boston, MA, home to 
the British beefcake known as Biggs. Biggs is a shot-blocking, rim-rocking dynamo. 
To school his team, you'll need to pay special attention to the big booter himself. 
The other two cats on this squad are pretty easy to deal with. The shorty is 
extremely easy to stuff, but he'll continually come inside. The dude in the red 
sweatshirt is a good medium-level player with good all-around ability, so keep an 
eye on him. Guard Biggs with your largest mamma jamma, always keeping the player in 
front of him. If he gets loose on the way to the hoop, he's tough to stifle from 
behind, simply because he's so strong. Watch out when he goes up for a loose ball, 
as he likes to kick with those heavy Lugz. Bigg's main problem is that he's slow, so 
exploit this by pushing the ball up the court. Let's face it… this is the first 
level Boss, so he's not too tough. 


Region #2:
The second region ramps up the difficulty slightly. Put Biggs on your team to add 
some serious shot-stuffing ability. If you took Vince Carter, he's a good addition 
to your roster. In this Region, watch out for the Hawks, as Tony Kukoc is a mega-
bruiser in this game. He'll bowl you over inside and finesse you from the outside. 
Tracy McGrady on the Magic and Alonzo Mourning on the Heat are also guys you'll need 
to keep track of. 

Charlotte Hornets
Atlanta Hawks
Miami Heat
Orlando Magic 

Street Challenge #2
Bonafide: The Cage 

Welcome to The Cage in Manhattan, home of the fierce (but short) basketball warrior 
known to the phone company as Carlito Vargas and everyone else as "Bonafide." 
Bonafide is all about the quickness. He's pretty strong, too for a little guy. His 
specialty is swinging his arms when he's in close. He'll do this to knock you over, 
then blaze a trail to the net or take the open jumper. He's almost automatic from 
behind the arch, so make sure you dog him all around the court. His opponents are 
not that great, so you can key on Bonafide for the most part. Select a group with at 
least one shot blocker to shut him down if he starts ripping shots from long range. 
Alonzo Mourning is a good candidate for this duty. 


Region #3: 
The third Region is stocked full of talent, not the least of which is the fearsome 
Shawn Bradley of the Dallas Mavericks. While in the NBA Bradley may be somewhat of a 
disappointment, in Street he's an all-consuming, ball-gobbling blockmeister, not to 
be taken lightly. Don't even try to go inside against him unless he's flat on his 
keister. He's tall enough to block the moon, so take this into account. The twin 
towers of San Antonio (David Robinson and Tim Duncan) will also pose some problems. 
Make sure you've got either Alonzo Mourning, Biggs, or a tough, tall created player 
on your team at all times. 

Houston Rockets
Dallas Mavericks
San Antonio Spurs
Phoenix Suns
Utah Jazz 

Street Challenge #3
Drake: The Yard 

Detroit, Michigan: home of Ford Motors, Eminem and The Yard, a back alley street 
court that Drake built. Drake is a tough baller with good all-around skills, 
although his "streetness" is in question (he grew up the suburbs). About the only 
thing Drake can't do well is dunk, so force him near the rim and he'll have no 
choice but to pass off. His teammates, Mother Nature and Round the Way Girl have 
quickness to match his, so double teaming is out of the question. However, neither 
of these ladies is inclined to launch a three, and no one on this team has much 
size, so you can dominate play with a great shot-blocker. Either Tim Duncan and 
Shawn Bradley should be on your team by now, so choose them for this battle. 


Region #4
The East coast is home to the NBA's MVP Allen Iverson, and his Finals crew is 
definitely the best opponent in the region. Not only is Iverson squirrelly both 
inside and out, but Dikembe Mutombo is one of the most dominant shot blockers in the 
game. Make sure you have someone comparable, like a Shawn Bradley. Also, put someone 
good on Iverson (McGrady or Kidd come to mind). As for the rest of the bracket, 
Marbury of the Nets has great outside game, but the rest of the teams here are kind 
of pushovers. 

Philadelphia 76ers
Boston Celtics
New Jersey Nets
Washington Wizards 

Street Challenge #4
DJ: Venice Beach 

Venice Beach is hot, and so is the competition. (Who writes this crap?) Actually, DJ 
is one of the easier level bosses in the game. Sure, he has elevated skills, but 
after facing the likes of Iverson, he won't seem like anything special. He has good 
all-around game and is pretty quick, but you can stifle him and his cronies with a 
well-balanced crew. At this point, you'll have a large talent pool to draw from. Use 
it to fill out a team with a good shot-blocker, a decent outside shooter and a good 
mid-range guy. DJ's teammates are about the same size as he is, so you can pretty 
easily shoot over them. Work the ball inside, then out and pop for threes. Make sure 
to knock down anyone who runs out to meet you so you'll have an open shot. 


Region #5
Region #5 plays out much the same way Region #4 did. There aren't a whole lot of 
Superstars in this bunch, with the exception of Kevin Garnett and Terrell Brandon of 
the Timberwolves. Minnesota is by far the most balanced group here, but you might 
catch a good game against the Pacers, too, as Reggie Miller likes to bomb from three-
land and Jalen Rose is pretty good from anywhere on the floor. The Pistons, Bulls 
and Cavs have little to offer. 

Detroit Pistons
Chicago Bulls
Indiana Pacers
Minnesota Timberwolves
Cleveland Cavaliers 

Street Challenge #5
Takashi: Yakatomi Plaza 

The fifth street challenge takes place above a skyscraper reminiscent of the one 
from Die Hard. Yippie-kiy-yay! The king of this ethereal throne is a super-tall 
beanpole known as Takashi. This gangly giant covers a lot of court with a serious 
wingspan and the ability to block most anything, including your treasured 
Gamebreakers. You'll want to be driving down the lane and taking Takashi down with a 
Slip and Slide or other such maneuver. Don't even think about an alley-oop if 
Takashi is on his feet near the hoop. Make sure you have a Bradley or Ilgauskas or 
Mutombo on your squad in order to tango. You may not be able to stop Takashi 
completely, but you should be able to slow him down enough to win. The best part? 
Once you beat this goliath, he has to come play for you. 


Region #6
Here is where the cream of the NBA reside… out on the west coast. Not only do you 
have some of the toughest teams in the game out here, but each of the Region 6 
squads has at least one viable superstar. In Portland, it's Scottie Pippen, but you 
also have to watch out for Stoudamire and Wallace. You'll need a balanced team to 
take these guys on. In LA (versus the Clippers), there's the underrated Lamar Odom. 
Across town, you've got Shaq, Kobe and the crew. Hands down, Shaquille O'Neal is the 
toughest NBA player in the game. Put a big body on him and watch him all the time. 
He'll go up for his fair share of alley-oops and face-wrecking dunks before it's all 
over. In California's capitol, Sacramento, the Kings have perhaps the most balanced 
trio around in Chris Webber, Jason Williams and Vlade Divac. You might want to 
select MJ to meet them. And in Seattle, Vin Baker and Gary Payton will bend you over 
a stump if you're not careful. For all these teams, a good blend of power, finesse 
and height is in order. Choose wisely from your palette of talent. 

Portland Trailblazers
LA Lakers
LA Clippers
Sacramento Kings
Seattle Supersonics 

Street Challenge #6
Stretch: Rucker Park 

Stretch is an old school baller with a chip on his shoulder and a fro on his head. 
He's tough in the paint, both as a shot blocker and dunking sensation, so put your 
biggest body on him and keep at a reasonable distance. Stretch likes to bash you 
with his big elbows inside, knocking you down to clear a path to the hoop. If you 
hang back slightly and don't let him mess with you, he'll be reluctant to stop and 
pop for a jumper, and you'll cut him off in the lane. His teammates are a well-
rounded group of street hardened players, who have a lot of power and quickness, but 
not much of an outside game. Regardless, make sure everyone has a body on them at 
all times. 


Final Challenge
Michael Jordan 

Since you've been able to use MJ since the beginning, you have a good sense of what 
His Airness can do. Now you have to face him and the NY Street Legends. This isn't 
going to be pretty. The thing about Michael is that you can never leave him 
unguarded, so you'll need a player with a lot of quickness to shadow him. Don't 
worry if Michael scores some points. He will. Just be sure you score more. To this 
end, make sure you have a great three point shooter along for the ride. Someone like 
Gary Payton fits this double bill nicely. I also found Glenn Robinson of the Bucks 
or Kobe Bryant of the Lakers to be adequate. Be careful not to pay too much 
attention to Jordan (double teaming him), or his teammates will scorch you good. 
Make sure you also have a dominant physical presence inside. Someone like Takashi or 
Shaq is good in this regard. The biggest key to beating Jordan is to be in his face 
constantly. If you leave him alone for a second, he'll score. Pay even closer 
attention to him behind the three line, as he'll spring for a thromboli whenever the 
mood hits him. Ultimately, defense is the key to beating MJ, as is the Gamebreaker. 
If you can make them waste theirs through good defense, blocking or stalling, you 
stand a good chance of winning. And if you don't win immediately, there's always the 


Unlocking Create Player Pieces
Complete Hold the Court Challenges to unlock extra pieces and Development Points to 
add to your created player.
submitted by IGN Codes

Unlocking NBA Players
To unlock NBA Superstars, play the City Challenge. Each time you beat an NBA team in 
this mode, you will be able to select a player from their five man roster.
submitted by IGN Codes

Unlocking Special Players and Courts
While playing the City Circuit, you will progress through a number of NBA teams. 
Then, when you reach each Region's City Challenge, you will play a team of pumped-up 
street ballers. To claim the leader of each of these teams for your own squad, 
simply win the Challenge. In addition, you will unlock the Courts these "legends" 
call their homes. 

Region "bosses" are as follows: 

Region 1: Biggs/ Beacon Hill
Region 2: Bonafide/ Broad Street
Region 3: Drake/ The Yard
Region 4: DJ/ Venice Beach
Region 5: Takashi/ Yakatomni Plaza
Region 6: Stretch/ Rucker Park

Beat Michael Jordan at the end of the game to unlock one of the following characters 
from the special teams: 

Magma Man
Grayalien Alien
Yeti Snowman
Moby Jones
Zoe Payne
Tracy Maretti 
Skip to My Lou
The Goods

Unlocking Special Teams
Certain teams become available in Hold the Court mode after you reach specific 
milestones in the game. They are: 

Win 10 games - Team BIG 
Win 20 games - Team 3LW 
Win 30 games - Team NYC Legends 
Win 40 games - Team Street Legends 
Beat all Challenges in Hold the Court- Team Dream 

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