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The NHL franchise has become a staple of many a college dorm room challenge. What 
gamer among us has not participated in an after school grudge match or late night 
session of single season play? Established on the Sega Genesis as the hockey game, 
EA Sports' excellent franchise has grown steadily since its first incarnation.  For 
2001, NHL has been taken to the next level on the Playstation 2 with realistic 
player models, lightning-quick gameplay and updated teams and rosters. 


X: Pass/face off
CIRCLE: Speed burst
L2: Dump puck
L1/R1: Spin left/right
R2: Line change 

X: Change player
CIRCLE: Speed burst/body check
SQUARE: Poke check/block shot
L2: Last man back
R2: Line change 


The basic rules of hockey are explained below. They can be toggled on and off in the 
Game Settings menu to make for a more wide-open contest. If you want to fully 
simulate the NHL experience, set them all to on. 

Each stoppage of play (penalties, violations, the end of periods) requires a face-
off to start again. The ref will skate the center of the face-off circle and drop a 
puck between two opposing players. Use the analog stick and pass button to win the 
face-off to a teammate. 

You cannot cross your opponents’ blue line unless you--or a teammate who has already 
crossed—is in possession of the puck. If you do, you’ll be offsides the second the 
biscuit crosses the line. Likewise, passing to a teammate who is across the line 
will result in offsides. 

Luckily, the computer-controlled players in NHL 2001 are remarkably good about 
staying on. So are your opponents. They will also sometimes hold you at the line to 
force offsides. The best way to avoid this call is by passing to the player closest 
to the blue line, then taking him across before passing again. 

Note: It goes both ways! Don’t pass back out of the zone, because as soon as the 
puck crosses the line the other way, you’ll be whistled. When offsides is called, 
the face-off will occur between the center and blue line. 

If you send the puck from half-ice or further, and it crosses the goal line, you 
have iced the puck. That doesn’t mean the whistle will automatically sound. If you 
touch the puck before your opposition, it’s all wine and roses. If they touch up 
first, there will be a face-off in your zone. All bets are off when you are a short-
handed team. Ice to your heart’s content. 

Two-line pass 
If the puck crosses two lines--and is received by a player who was across the second 
line before the puck--then a two-line pass is whistled. 



Whoops! Did I do that? Violations during play are punished by sending a player off 
the ice for a specific amount of time relative to his crime. The player will then 
sit in the penalty box until his time runs out or the opposing team scores. The team 
who has a player advantage is said to be on a power-play, while the team minus a 
player is short-handed. Common hockey violations are listed below. 

Minor—2 minutes 
Using your stick to hold a player or bring him to the ice. Hooking usually occurs 
when a player who has been beaten reaches out with his stick to slow his opponent’s 
progress. Excessive use of the poke-check button will result in hooking calls. 

Cross Checking: 
Minor—2 minutes 
Checking any player from behind. You may body check from the front and side, but 
hits from behind will result in two minutes in the clink. 

Minor—2 minutes 
Impeding the goaltender’s ability to play a puck. This includes knocking down a 
goalie or otherwise blocking him in the crease. 

Minor—2 minutes 
Excessive use of force. Too much checking or checking away from the play will result 
in roughing calls. Ease up, there, cowboy! 

Minor—2 minutes 
Applying one’s elbow to an opponent’s face or head. Usually occurs when checking. 

Minor—2 minutes 
Using the stick or your leg to trip an opponent. 

Major—5 minutes 
Throwing down. Tussling. Dropping the gloves. Scrapping. Waging war. Get in a fight, 
go to the box. Nobody cares who started it. If the gloves come off, there’s gonna be 
some pain. You better have won, too, otherwise you’ll have five minutes to think 
about what a wuss you are. 

Game Misconduct: 
Leave the game 
Results in disqualification from competition. This results from getting a little too 
zealous in starting fights and such. Head to the showers, punk. 

Penalty Shot: 
This occurs when a player is on his way to the goal (theoretically to score) and is 
flagrantly obstructed from doing so. The player then gets one shot to beat the 
goalie. Skate from mid-ice and try to deke him silly. 


Whenever the puck is controlled by the opposition, everyone on your team switches to 
defense. There are always two defenders on the ice, regardless of the penalty 
situation, by in effect everyone on the team contributes on both sides of the puck. 
Use the following tips to strengthen your D and get the puck back: 

Don’t take defenders out of position
Taking a defender consistently past the blue line will ruin the whole scheme. There 
are certain opportunities you will not want to pass up (i.e. a defender intercepting 
a puck with no one in front of him), but these are the exceptions, not the rule. 

Don’t pass in front of your own goal
Unless you feel like getting scored on repeatedly. This is the equivalent of handing 
out assists to your opposition. 

When in doubt, clear the puck
If things are getting too intense in front of your net, dump the puck down ice. This 
will give your defense a chance to regroup and take the pressure ofgf of your 

Don’t bunch up on the puck handler
This just results in other players being wide open elsewhere on the ice. Instead of 
flocking to the puck, hang behind the defender guarding the player with the biscuit. 
This way, he will put immediate pressure on the puck, and you can concentrate on 
shutting down any pass or shot he attempts. 

Crowd the middle
The more bodies you can get in front of the goaltender, the more difficult it will 
be to get a shot through. If opponents cross in front of the net, put them on the 
ice with a stiff check. A player can't score if he's flat on his back. 

Instead of always body checking to get the puck, use the square button to poke check 
the puck away. Either you'll take immediate possession or knock the puck loose for 
someone else to scoop up. 

The Big Hit
Use the Big Hit to put an exclamation point on a body check. Not only will this take 
the skater off his feet, you will give a shot to your team's momentum. Other things 
that boost momentum are: big shots, big saves and lots of puck possession. 

Defending the odd-man rush
If you are outnumbered as the offense enters your zone, they are on an odd-man rush. 
Always skate to the player with the puck to force the issue. Either he'll put up a 
weak shot or force a pass. If he does get a shot off, most of your squad will make 
it back by that time to help out. 

Short handed defense
While the opposition is on the power play, defensive discipline is extra valuable. 
Make sure you clog the area in front of the goal and knock down anyone who enters 
this sacred realm. Don't lunge at every pass. Just attempt to stay generally in 
front of the play as it's happening. If you go aggressively at the puck, you could 
miss, opening up a clear path to the goal. Clear the puck whenever you get it, or 
look for an outlet pass for a counterattack. There is no penalty for icing when 


Offense is where the magic happens, and it occurs every time a player on your team 
is in control of the puck. The main objective when on offense is to push the puck 
down-ice and, ultimately, score. There are certain things to keep in mind on offense 
that will help you put the biscuit in the basket. Here they are. 

Spread out and keep the puck moving

The more you work the puck around, the more ice the enemy will have to cover. 
Successfully stretching the ice will open up passing lanes, and allow your other 
players to skate through open zones, ripe for a pass. As long as you control the 
puck, you are dictating the action on the ice. 

Don’t be afraid to pass back

If you run into a wall of defenders, be wise and pass it back. You can always 
regroup while maintaining control. If you're really being hounded, pass it back to 
the defense and set something up behind your goal. 

Aim your shots

Your shooting should always be set to "Manual" on the uniform select screen. This 
will allow you to place your shots during gameplay. That way, if you notice the 
goalie is leaning right, you can waste him by shooting left. If he is crouching or 
on the ice after being bowled over by a hard shot, flick one over him to capitalize. 
By aiming your shots, you will double the percentage of goals you score. 

The one-timer is king

In NHL 2001, there is no better way to score consistently than by using the one-
timer. To do this, take the puck over the blue line under control. Look for a wing 
flanking you to the right or left. As you approach the goal, quickly pass it across 
the mouth of the goal to the waiting attacker. Before the puck reaches the other 
player, aim and shoot. When the puck reaches his stick, he will blast a shot on 
goal. If you can position the shot, all the better, although a lot of times you will 
not have to. The keeper has to cover a lot of ice in a short time, and he may not 
get over. 

Wait for the good shot

You may not always want to charge down the ice and shoot. Take a look around. Is 
there a wing screaming down the ice that you can dump it off to? Is there a forward 
camping out near the goal? Has the goalie thoroughly covered your angle? The 
important thing is quality of chances, not number of shots. If you can wait a couple 
seconds for something better to develop, do it. Maybe this means dumping the puck in 
the corner or passing back momentarily. Maybe it just means making that extra pass 
in the zone to set up a one-timer. The more quality, the more quantity of goals 
you'll end up with. 

Use screens

A screen happens any time you get a body between you and the goaltender. If the 
goalie can't see you shot, he'll have a hard time stopping it. Be sure not to hit 
the player you're using as a screen, and don't camp out waiting for screens to 
happen. Use them when they're there, otherwise look for something else. 

Criss-cross in front of the goal

When skating down the ice, often another skater on your team will cut in front of 
you. Skate past him in a criss-cross, then dump the puck back to him for a one-timer 
opportunity. This is especially effective with speedy wings. 


If you've chased down an iced puck or are simply seeking solace behind the 
opponent's net, you have an opportunity to score a wrap-around goal. As you head out 
from behind the net, sharply turn in front of the goal and seek to put the puck past 
the goalie on the far side. Hopefully, he's slow to adjust to this sudden cut, and 
you can bury the puck in the net. 

Set up in the zone

If you can consistently set up your offense in your opponent's zone, you will score 
a lot of goals. The idea is to keep your center and both wings in a semi-crcle in 
front of the goal. The two defenders will camp out near the blue line. Keep the puck 
moving quickly with sharp passes that avoid lunging defensemen. This requires 
discipline and good timing. Move the puck to one of the wings flanking the goal, 
then work in a loose circle. Pass back to the defender, over to the other, then down 
to the other forward. Pass across to the center for a one-timer. Then, collect the 
rebound and try anew. This much puck movement (as long as it's controlled) will 
destroy your opposition. Make them pay for overpursuit. 

Dump the puck in

Another good option is to use the dump-in (L2) to start your offense. As you cross 
the blue line, heave the puck into the corner, then retrieve it with a crashing 
wing. Work the offense from behind the opposing goal, looking for an open center or 
crashing forwards to pass to for one-time shots. This is a bit harder to do, as 
you're such a stationary target near the boards. 

Break-away scoring

The deke button was designed to wig out defenders as well as goalies. When faced 
with a breakaway situation (you v. the goalie), use the deke button to attempt to 
fake him out, then flick a shot past him. On the breakaway, it is easier to score 
with a quick wrister than to try to bully the puck by the netminder with a big, bad 
slap shot. 

If the deke isn't working, you can try to drag the goalie across. Head down the ice 
toward one side of the goal, then right before you reach the crease, make a hard 
turn and bury the puck past the goalie in the direction you're headed. Hopefully, he 
will not have made the adjustment and you'll score. Otherwise, you'll probably leave 
a pretty juicy rebound. 

Odd-man rushes

Odd-man rushes are also breakaways of sorts. An odd-man rush occurs whenever your 
offensive players heading down-ice outnumber the opposing team's defenders. These 
are prime scoring opportunities, as the keeper has to try to cover all angles by 
himself. On a two-on-one situation, the defender will commit to the player with the 
puck. Draw the defender as far away from the goal as possible, then quickly flick 
the puck over the accompanying player for an easy one-timer. In three-on-one 
situations, you can make two passes or use the third player simply to confuse the 

Power play scoring

The best strategy during a power play is to try to set up your offense in the 
opposing zone as discussed above in "Set up in the zone." Since the D is down a 
player, you should have a lot more room to pass. In addition, the keeper will have 
more goal to cover. Look for the open man and rifle it at every opportunity. 

Watch out for defenders dumping the puck out. This will result in a lot of wasted 
time, as you will have to skate to your end to collect the puck. If a defender gets 
a hold of the puck, use the SQUARE button to block any clear attempts he may make, 
or simply poke check the puck away from him. 


There are two strategies while playing short-handed: fun and boring. The boring way 
is to clear the puck each time you get it. This will make the power play team waste 
a lot of time chasing down the puck. Don't worry about icing: it cannot be called on 
a short-handed team. 

The fun way is to look for openings to counter-attack. Since the opposition is 
intent on scoring, they will load up your zone with all their players. This will 
allow you to exploit them, as their defense is not back. Use a pass up the middle to 
crack the defense, then take it forward on a breakaway, or look to pass to another 
streaking wing. 




Three Stars:

1.Martin Brodeur
2.Scott Stevens
3.Patrik Elias 


Number Player Position 
25 Jason Arnott C 
18 Sergei Brylin C 
3 Ken Daneyko D 
26 Patrik Elias L 
23 Scott Gomez C 
16 Bobby Holik L 
15 Steve Kelly C 
22 Claude Lemieux R 
11 John Madden L 
21 Randy McKay R 
33 Jim McKenzie L 
89 Alexander Mogilny R 
12 Sergei Nemchinov C 
27 Scott Niedermayer D 
20 Jay Pandolfo L 
28 Brian Rafalski D 
4 Scott Stevens D 
24 Turner Stevenson R 
2 Ken Sutton D 
17 Petr Sykora C 
5 Colin White D 
30 Martin Brodeur G 
31 Chris Terreri G 



Three Stars:

1.Kenny Jonsson
2.Roman Hamrlik
3.Wade Flaherty 


Number Player Position 
40 Jesse Belanger C 
32 Mathieu Biron D 
58 Artis Brismanis D 
33 Eric Cairns D 
3 Zdeno Chara D 
5 Vladimir Chebaturkin D 
18 Tim Connolly C 
21 Mariusz Czerkawski R 
29 Johan Davidsson C 
16 Chris Ferraro R 
6 Ray Giroux D 
26 Kevin Haller D 
23 Roman Hamrlik D 
15 Brad Isbister R 
24 Kenny Jonsson D 
36 Evgeny Korolev D 
28 Jason Krog C 
22 Oleg Kvasha L 
13 Claude Lapointe C 
44 Mark Lawrence R 
10 Mats Lindgren C 
42 Petr Mika R 
11 Bill Muckalt R 
37 Dmitri Nabakov C 
49 Vladimir Drszagh R 
4 Mark Parrish R 
39 Scott Pearson L 
14 Robert Petrovicky C 
20 Jamie Rivers D 
38 Dave Scatchard C 
7 Ray Schultz D 
9 Mike Stapleton C 
46 Jeff Toms L 
8 Steve Webb R 
30 Wade Flaherty G 
35 Steve Valiquette G 
34 John Vanbiesbrouck G 



Three Stars:

1.Mike Richter
2.Brian Leetch
3.Mark Messier 


Number Player Position 
3 Derek Armstrong C 
12 Alexander Daigle C 
16 Rob DiMaio R 
25 Jason Doig D 
20 Radek Dvorak R 
14 Theo Fleury R 
39 Daniel Goneau L 
9 Adam Graves L 
4 Kevin Hatcher D 
27 Jan Klavac L 
7 Kim Johnsson D 
13 Valeri Kamensky L 
37 Chris Kenady R 
28 Eric Lacroix L 
19 Darren Langdon L 
2 Brian Leetch D 
24 Sylvain Lefebvre D 
15 John MacLean R 
38 Vladimir Malakhov D 
6 Manny Malhotra C 
11 Mark Messier C 
93 Petr Nedved C 
10 Chris O'Sullivan D 
47 Rich Pilon D 
17 Dave Purinton R 
5 Stephane Quintal D 
26 Tim Taylor C 
36 Alexei Vasiliev D 
8 Johan Whitehall L 
18 Mike York C 
33 Milan Hnilicka G 
30 Kirk McLean G 
35 Mike Richter G 



Three Stars:

1.Eric Lindros
2.John LeClair
3.Eric Desjardins 


Number Player Position 
45 Mikael Anderson R 
14 Dennis Bonvie R 
13 Travis Brigley L 
43 Andy Delmore D 
37 Eric Desjardins D 
44 Mark Eaton D 
12 Simon Gagne C 
9 Mark Greig R 
11 Jody Hull R 
20 Keith Jones R 
18 Damond Langkow C 
39 Jeff Lank D 
10 John LeClair L 
88 Eric Lindros C 
28 Kent Manderville L 
4 Mike Maneluk R 
3 Daniel McGillis D 
29 Gino Odjick L 
21 Derek Plante C 
25 Keith Primeau C 
34 Paul Ranheim L 
8 Mark Recchi R 
22 Luke Richardson D 
55 Ulf Samuelsson D 
17 Kevin Stevens L 
6 Chris Therien D 
92 Rick Tocchet R 
38 Steve Washburn C 
15 Peter White C 
19 Zarley Zalapski D 
35 Goalie Backup G 
33 Brian Boucher G 



Three Stars:

1.Jaromir Jagr
2.Martin Straka
3.Alexei Kovalev 


Number Player Position 
36 Matthew Barnaby R 
18 Josef Beranek L 
6 Bob Boughner D 
44 Rob Brown R 
22 Sven Butenschon D 
26 Tom Chorske L 
9 Rene Corbet L 
59 Robert Dome C 
14 Pat Falloon R 
7 Andrew Ference D 
38 Jan Hrdina C 
68 Jaromir Jagr R 
11 Darius Kaspiritis D 
27 Alexei Kovalev R 
20 Robert Lang C 
5 Janne Laukkanen D 
23 Steve Leach R 
24 Ian Moran R 
95 Aleksey Morozov R 
28 Michal Rozsival D 
71 Jiri Slegr D 
12 Martin Sonnenberg L 
82 Martin Straka C 
3 Dan Trebil D 
30 Jean-Sebastian Rubin G 
1 Peter Skudra G 



Three Stars:

1.Jason Allison
2.Anson Carter
3.Joe Thornton 


Number Player Position 
49 Johnathan Aitken D 
41 Jason Allison C 
11 Per Axelsson R 
15 Shawn Bates C 
16 Ken Belanger L 
44 Nick Boynton D 
33 Anson Carter C 
17 Paul Coffey D 
7 Aaron Downey R 
22 Mikko Eloranta L 
42 Peter Ferraro R 
25 Hal Gill D 
55 Jonathan Girard D 
51 Jay Henderson L 
48 Joe Hulbig L 
26 Michael Knuble R 
50 Andrei Kovalenko R 
10 Cameron Mann R 
4 Marquis Mathieu C 
18 Kyle McLaren D 
29 Marty McSorley D 
72 Eric Nickulas R 
36 Peter Popovic D 
46 Sean Pronger C 
39 Joel Prpic C 
12 Brian Rolston L 
14 Sergei Samsonov L 
28 Andre Savage C 
53 Brandon Smith D 
32 Don Sweeney D 
6 Joe Thornton C 
20 Darren Van Impe D 
3 Jeff Zehr L 
34 Byron Dafoe G 
47 John Grahame G 
35 Robbie Tallas G 



Three Stars:

1.Dominik Hasek
2.Mike Peca
3.Miroslav Satan 


Number Player Position 
61 Maxim Afinogenov R 
38 Dave Andreychuk L 
41 Stu Barnes C 
37 Curtis Brown C 
51 Brian Campbell D 
17 Jean-Pierre Dumont R 
23 Miika Elomo L 
93 Doug Gilmour C 
77 Chris Gratton C 
10 Denis Hamel L 
21 Jason Holland D 
20 Doug Houda D 
45 Dmitri Kalinin D 
24 Paul Kruse L 
74 Jay McKee D 
64 David Moravec L 
3 James Patrick D 
27 Mike Peca C 
9 Erik Rasmussen C 
32 Rob Ray R 
42 Richard Smehlik D 
16 Chris Taylor C 
29 Vladimir Tsyplakov L 
25 Vaclav Varada R 
15 Dixon Ward R 
4 Rhett Warrener D 
5 Jason Woolley D 
44 Alexei Zhitnik D 
43 Martin Biron G 
39 Dominik Hasek G 


Scoring: 77
Defense: 70
Checking: 66
Goaltending: 73
Overall: 72 

Three Stars:

1. Alexei Yashin
2. Daniel Alfredsson
3. Wade Redden 


Number Player Position 
11 Daniel Alfredsson R 
20 Magnus Arvedson L 
14 Radek Bonk C 
25 Slava Butsayev C 
10 Andreas Dackell R 
38 John Emmons C 
12 Mike Fisher C 
17 Colin Forbes L 
59 Erich Goldmann D 
18 Marian Hossa L 
29 Igor Kravchuk D 
2 Grant Ledyard D 
15 Shawn McEachern L 
21 Kevin Miller C 
8 Ricard Persson D 
4 Chris Phillips D 
13 Vaclav Prospal C 
3 Karel Rachunek D 
6 Wade Redden D 
26 Andre Roy L 
5 Sami Salo D 
23 Yves Sarault L 
16 Petr Schastlivy L 
9 Jeff Shevalier L 
52 David Van Drunen D 
37 Todd White C 
19 Alexei Yashin C 
33 Jason York D 
7 Rob Zamuner L 
35 Tom Barrasso G 
40 Patrick Lalime G 
31 Rich Parent G 


Scoring:  60
Defense: 78
Checking: 74
Goaltending: 86
Overall: 72 

Three Stars:

1. Saku Koivu
2. Benoit Brunet
3. Jose Theodore 


Number Player Position 
5 Aaron Asham R 
30 Andrei Bashkirov L 
7 Eric Bertrand L 
8 Francois Bullion D 
43 Patrice Bisebois D 
17 Benoit Brunet L 
63 Craig Darby C 
28 Karl Dykhuis D 
3 Miloslav Guren D 
11 Saku Koivu C 
20 Scott Lachance D 
24 Christian Laflamme D 
47 Juha Lind L 
14 Trevor Linden C 
6 Trent McCleary R 
36 Dave Morissette L 
32 Oleg Petrov R 
37 Patrick Poulin L 
71 Mike Ribeiro C 
38 Barry Richter D 
52 Craug Rivet D 
53 Stephen Robidas D 
26 Martin Rucinsky L 
49 Brian Savage L 
44 Sheldon Souray D 
25 P.J. Stock L 
61 Jason Ward R 
22 Eric Weinrich D 
34 Sergei Zholtok C 
15 Dainius Zubrus R 
35 Eric Fichaud G 
31 Jeff Hackett G 
60 Jose Theodore G 


Scoring: 85
Defense: 82
Checking: 76
Goaltending: 88
Overall: 82 

Three Stars:

1. Mats Sundin
2. Curtis Joseph
3. Igor Korolev 


Number Player Position 
25 Greg Andrusak D 
9 Nikolai Antropov C 
94 Sergei Berezin L 
27 Shayne Corson L 
4 Cory Cross D 
43 Nathan Dempsey D 
2 Gerald Diduck D 
28 Tie Domi R 
20 Jeff Farkas C 
14 Jonas Hoglund R 
15 Tomas Kaberle D 
52 Alexander Karpotsev D 
8 Dmitri Kristich R 
12 Kris King L 
22 Igor Korolev R 
21 Adam Mair C 
55 Danny Markov D 
33 Chris McAllister D 
18 Alyn McCauley C 
44 Yanic Perreault C 
11 Gary Roberts L 
24 D.J. Smith D 
13 Mats Sundin C 
32 Steve Thomas L 
16 Darcy Tucker C 
10 Gary Valk R 
49 Dmitri Yakushin D 
36 Dmitry Yushkevich D 
30 Glenn Healy G 
31 Curtis Joseph G 



Scoring: 58
Defense: 62
Checking: 65
Goaltending: 70
Overall: 63 

Three Stars:

1. Andrew Brunette
2. Yanick Tremblay
3. Gord Murphy 


Number Player Position 
26 Bryan Adams C 
28 Donald Audette R 
15 Andrew Brunette L 
7 Adam Burt D 
2 Petr Buzek D 
14 Brett Clark D 
18 Hnat Domichelli C 
22 Shean Donovan R 
21 Ray Ferarro C 
33 Maxim Galanov D 
29 Johan Garpenlov L 
12 Steve Guolla C 
6 David Harlock D 
19 Bill Huard L 
17 Matt Johnson L 
8 Frantisek Kaberle D 
24 Andreas Karlsson C 
20 Geordie Kinnear D 
27 Denny Lambert L 
5 Gord Murphy D 
36 Rumun Ndur D 
23 Martin Prochazka L 
25 Steve Staios R 
13 Patrik Stefan C 
39 Per Svartvadet L 
11 Dean Sylvester R 
4 Chris Tamer D 
38 Yannick Tremblay D 
37 Herbert Vasiljevs C 
9 Vladimir Vujtek C 
3 Sergei Vushedkevich D 
35 Scott Langkow G 
34 Norm Maracie G 


Scoring: 70
Defense: 64
Checking: 73
Goaltending: 78
Overall: 71 

Three Stars:

1. Ron Francis
2. Arturs Irbe
3. Sandis Ozolinsh 


Number Player Position 
13 Bates Battaglia L 
27 Rod Brind'Amour C 
17 Jeff Daniels L 
21 Ron Francis C 
23 Martin Gelinas L 
14 Steve Halko D 
24 Sami Kapanen L 
33 David Karpa D 
5 Marek Malik D 
20 Sandy McCarthy R 
92 Jeff O'Neill C 
8 Sandis Ozolinsh D 
15 Byron Ritchie C 
19 Mike Rucinski R 
45 David Tanabe D 
2 Glen Wesley D 
16 Tommy Westlund R 
25 Shane Willis R 
30 Mark Fitzpatrick G 
1 Arturs Irbe G 
35 Jean-Marc Pelletier G 


Scoring: 73
Defense: 74
Checking: 74
Goaltending: 82
Overall: 75 

Three Stars:

1. Pavel Bure
2. Trevor Kidd
3. Viktor Kozlov 


Number Player Position 
9 Len Barrie C 
5 Eric Boguniecki L 
6 Dan Boyle D 
10 Pavel Bure R 
49 Dave Duerden L 
45 Brad Ference D 
47 Craig Ferguson C 
4 Bret Hedican D 
12 Alex Hicks L 
15 John Jakopin D 
62 Olli Jokinen C 
25 Viktor Kozlov C 
11 Igor Larionov C 
3 Paul Laus D 
27 Scott Mellanby R 
44 Rob Niedermayer C 
48 Marcus Nilson R 
17 Ivan Novoseltsev R 
2 Lance Pitlick D 
35 Jason Podollan R 
26 Ray Sheppard R 
16 Mike Sillinger C 
22 Todd Simpson D 
8 Jaroslav Spacek D 
24 Richard Svehla D 
14 Ray Whitney L 
7 Mike Wilson D 
28 Peter Worrell L 
37 Trevor Kidd G 
1 Roberto Luongo G 
30 Mikhail Shtalenkov G 


Scoring: 66
Defense: 64
Checking: 65
Goaltending: 70
Overall: 66 

Three Stars:

1. Vincent Lecavalier
2. Petr Svoboda
3. Kevin Weekes 


Number Player Position 
3 Kaspars Astashenko D 
11 Shawn Burr L 
7 Ben Clymer D 
27 Jassen Cullimore D 
20 Stan Drulia R 
34 Gordie Dwyer L 
32 Nils Ekman L 
42 Matt Elich R 
43 Kyle Freadrich L 
5 Sergey Gusev D 
25 Dwayne Hay L 
19 Brian Holzinger C 
10 Mike Johnson R 
17 Ryan Johnson C 
6 Dan Kesa R 
13 Pavel Kubina D 
4 Vincent Lecavalier C 
2 Paul Mara D 
16 Steve Martins C 
33 Frederik Modin L 
9 Bryan Muir D 
18 Marek Posmyk D 
22 Wayne Primeau C 
51 Dale Rominski R 
21 Cory Sarich D 
12 Reid Simpson L 
24 Andrei Skopintsev D 
15 Jaroslav Svejkovsky D 
23 Petr Svoboda D 
29 Pavel Torgaev C 
8 Todd Warriner L 
30 Andrei Zyuzin D 
39 Dan Cloutier G 
93 Darren Puppa G 
80 Kevin Weekes G 


Scoring: 81
Defense: 85
Checking: 89
Goaltending: 92
Overall: 86 

Three Stars:

1. Olaf Kolzig
2. Peter Bondrar
3. Sergei Gonchar 


Number Player Position 
32 Craig Berube L 
28 James Black C 
12 Peter Bondra R 
8 Jan Bulis C 
5 Sylvain Cote D 
10 Ulf Dahlen R 
36 Mike Eagles C 
55 Sergei Gonchar D 
11 Jeff Halpern C 
3 Jamie Huscroft D 
6 Calle Johansson D 
2 Ken Klee D 
22 Steve Konowalchuk C 
20 Glen Metropolit C 
15 Dmitri Mironov D 
9 Joe Murphy R 
13 Andrei Nikolishin L 
77 Adam Oates C 
29 Joe Reekie D 
14 Joe Sacco L 
17 Chris Simon L 
4 Alexei Tezikov D 
19 Brendan Witt D 
27 Terry Yake R 
44 Richard Zednick L 
1 Craig Billington G 
37 Olaf Kolzig G 



Scoring: 72
Defense: 64
Checking: 81
Goaltending: 76
Overall: 72 

Three Stars:

1. Tony Amonte
2. Alexei Zhamnov
3. Eric Daze 


Number Player Position 
33 Jamie Allison D 
10 Tony Amonte R 
34 Blair Atcheynum R 
38 Nolan Baumgartner D 
2 Brad Brown D 
55 Eric Daze L 
6 Kevin Dean D 
8 Anders Eriksson D 
17 Michal Grosek L 
36 Chris Herperger L 
20 Mark Janssens C 
23 Jean-Yves Leroux L 
11 Josef Marha C 
18 Chris McApline D 
19 Dean McAmmond L 
44 Bryan McCabe D 
5 Steve McCarthy D 
3 Boris Mironov D 
92 Michael Nylander C 
16 Ed Olcyk R 
24 Bob Probert L 
26 Steve Sullivan C 
14 Ryan VandenBussche R 
27 Valeri Zelepukin L 
13 Alexei Zhamnov C 
31 Marc Lamothe G 
29 Steve Passmore G 
41 Jocelyn Thibault G 


Scoring: 50
Defense: 58
Checking: 68
Goaltending: 85
Overall: 64 

Three Stars:

1. Marc Denis
2. Geoff Sanderson
3. Mathieu Schneider 


Number Player Position 
42 Kevyn Adams C 
32 Radim Bicanek D 
12 Kevin Dineen R 
17 Ted Drury C 
5 Bruce Gardiner C 
34 Jean-Luc Grand Pierre D 
23 Steve Heinze R 
20 Jamie Heward D 
18 Robert Kron L 
25 Barrie Moore L 
4 Lyle Odelein D 
29 Krzysztof Oliwa L 
6 Jamie Pushor D 
2 Derek Quint D 
7 Bert Robertsson D 
80 Geoff Sanderson L 
26 Mathieu Schneider D 
37 Mattias Timander D 
28 Tyler Wright C 
30 Marc Denis G 
31 Ron Tugnutt G 


Scoring: 86
Defense: 80
Checking: 84
Goaltending: 82
Overall: 84 

Three Stars:

1. Chris Chelios
2. Niclas Lidstrom
3. Steve Yzerman 


Number Player Position 
17 Doug Brown R 
22 Yuri Butsayev C 
24 Chris Chelios D 
11 Mathieu Dandenault R 
33 Kris Draper C 
28 Steve Duchesne D 
91 Sergei Federov C 
2 Jiri Fischer D 
41 Brent Gilchrist L 
23 Todd Gill D 
44 Yan Golubovsky D 
96 Tomas Holstrom L 
13 Vyacheslav Kozlov L 
20 Martin Lapointe R 
5 Nicklas Lidstrom D 
18 Kirk Maltby L 
25 Darren McCarty R 
55 Larry Murphy D 
37 Marc Rodgers R 
14 Brendan Shanahan L 
15 Pat Verbeek R 
3 Jesse Wallin D 
27 Aaron Ward D 
36 B.J. Young R 
19 Steve Yzerman C 
32 Manny Legace G 
30 Chris Osgood G 
31 Ken Wregget G 


Scoring: 57
Defense: 63
Checking: 61
Goaltending: 82
Overall: 65 

Three Stars:

1. Mike Dunham
2. Cliff Ronning
3. Drake Berehowsky 


Number Player Position 
36 Niklas Anderson L 
15 Draker Berehowsky D 
3 Andy Berenzweig D 
17 Alexandre Boikov D 
71 Sebastien Bordeleau C 
39 Martin Cisar R 
26 Philip Crowe R 
21 Tom Fitzgerald R 
40 David Gosselin R 
14 Sean Haggerty L 
23 Bill Houlder D 
32 Cale Hulse D 
22 Greg Johnson C 
10 Patrick Kjellberg R 
11 David Legwand C 
41 Richard Lintner D 
34 Stewart Malgunas D 
8 Craig Millar D 
33 Marc Moro D 
18 Mark Mowers R 
20 John Namestinikov D 
16 Ville Peltonen L 
27 Randy Robitaille C 
7 Cliff Ronning C 
19 Karlis Skrastins D 
44 Kimmo Timonen D 
12 Rob Valicevic R 
5 Jan Vopat D 
24 Scott Walker R 
13 Mike Watt L 
43 Vitali Yachmenev R 
1 Mike Dunham G 
30 Chris Mason G 
37 Tomas Vokoun G 


Scoring: 82
Defense: 88
Checking: 95 
Goaltending: 85
Overall: 85

Three Stars:

1. Chris Pronger
2. Roman Turek
3.Pavol Demitra 


Number Player Position 
56 Lubos Bartecko R 
41 Bob Bassen L 
46 Derek Bekar C 
4 Marc Bergevin D 
3 Jim Campbell R 
39 Kelly Chase R 
22 Craig Conroy C 
38 Pavol Demitra R 
10 Dallas Drake R 
32 Mike Eastwood C 
6 Dave Ellett D 
37 Jeff Finley D 
26 Michael Handzus C 
17 Jochen Hecht C 
36 Bryan Helmer D 
23 Sean Hill D 
5 Dan Keczmer D 
12 Derek King L 
2 Al McInnis D 
7 Jamal Mayers C 
35 Chris Murray R 
47 Ladislav Nagy C 
9 Tyson Nash L 
8 Rudy Poeschek D 
44 Chris Pronger D 
15 Marty Reasoner C 
28 Todd Reirden D 
25 Pascal Rheaume C 
19 Stephane Richer R 
77 Pierre Turgeon C 
48 Scott Young R 
30 Dwayne Roloson G 
1 Roman Turek G 


Scoring: 69
Defense: 79
Checking: 82
Goaltending: 87
Overall: 78 

Three Stars:

1. Phil Housley
2. Jarome Iginla
3. Mike Vernon 


Number Player Position 
5 Tommy Albelin D 
26 Steve Begin C 
3 Wade Belak D 
20 Jason Botterill L 
8 Valeri Bure R 
7 Marc Bureau C 
13 Eric Charron D 
17 Chris Clark R 
38 Jeff Cowan L 
4 Bobby Dollas D 
10 Steve Dubinsky C 
44 Rico Fata R 
18 Denis Gauthier D 
39 Benoit Gratton L 
6 Phil Housley D 
12 Jarome Iginla R 
21 Andreas Johansson C 
22 Bill Lindsay L 
25 Dave Lowry L 
53 Derek Morris D 
62 Andrei Nazarov R 
28 Robyn Regehr D 
42 David Roche C 
19 Oleg Saprykin C 
27 Marc Savard C 
2 Darryl Shannon D 
11 Jeff Shantz C 
55 Steve Smith D 
15 Martin St. Louis C 
16 Cory Stillman L 
37 Sergei Varlamov L 
33 Brad Werenka D 
24 Jason Wiemer C 
23 Clarke Wilm C 
40 Fred Brathwaite G 
31 Grant Fuhr G 
29 Mike Vernon G 


Scoring: 86
Defense: 93
Checking: 79
Goaltending: 85
Overall: 86 

Three Stars:

1. Patrick Roy
2. Ray Bourque
3. Peter Forsberg 


Number Player Position 
49 Serge Aubin C 
77 Ray Bourque D 
7 Greg de Vries D 
18 Adam Deadmarsh R 
11 Chris Dingman L 
37 Chris Drury C 
52 Adam Foote D 
21 Peter Forsberg C 
5  Alexei Gusarov D 
23 Milan Hejduk R 
41 Dan Hinote R 
24 Jon Klemm D 
29 Eric Messier D 
3 Aaron Miller D 
39 Ville Nieminen L 
25 Shon Podein L 
4 Nolan Pratt D 
14 David Reid L 
19 Joe Sakic C 
55 Martin Skoula D 
43 Dan Smith D 
40 Alex Tanguay C 
50 Brian Willsie R 
26 Stephan Yelle C 
67 Goalie Backup G 
33 Patrick Roy G 


Scoring:  77
Defense: 76
Checking: 83
Goaltending: 83
Overall: 77 

Three Stars:

1. Doug Weight
2. Bill Guerin
3. Tommy Salo 


Scoring: 43
Defense: 67
Checking: 76
Goaltending: 82
Overall: 63 

Three Stars:

1. J.J. Daigneault
2. Scott Pellerin
3. Manny Fernandez 


Number Player Position 
6 Brad Bombardir D 
3 J.J. Daigneault D 
34 Jim Dowd C 
44 Aaron Gavey C 
14 Darby Hendrickson C 
56 Ian Herbers D 
25 Sergei Krivokrasov R 
33 Filip Kuba D 
57 Antti Laaksonen L 
21 Darryl Laplante C 
8 Curtis Leschyshyn D 
17 Christian Matte R 
5 Steve McKenna L 
19 Jeff Nielsen R 
2 Sean O'Donnell D 
36 Jeff Odgers R 
7 Pavel Patera L 
41 Scott Pellerin L 
23 Stacy Roest C 
18 Cam Stewart L 
42 Andy Sutton D 
1 Zac Bierk G 
30 Manny Fernandez G 
29 Jamie McLennan G 


Scoring: 72
Defense: 81
Checking: 97
Goaltending: 77
Overall: 79 

Three Stars:

1. Markus Naslund
2. Mattias Ohlund
3. Todd Bertuzzi 


Number Player Position 
6 Adrian Aucoin D 
23 Murray Baron D 
44 Todd Bertuzzi L 
3 Ryan Bonni D 
8 Donald Brashear L 
25 Andrew Cassels C 
13 Artem Chubarov C 
24 Matt Cooke L 
15 Harold Druken C 
4 Greg Hawgood D 
21 Josh Holden C 
55 Ed Jovanovski D 
18 Steve Kariya L 
26 Trent Klatt R 
5 Zenith Komarniski D 
38 Brad Leeb R 
7 Brendan Morrison C 
19 Markus Naslund R 
2 Mattias Ohlund D 
10 Denis Pederson C 
37 Jarkko Ruutu L 
72 Peter Schaefer L 
17 Vadim Sharifijanov R 
9 Brent Sopel D 
34 Jason Strudwick D 
31 Lubomir Vaic C 
27 Harry York C 
30 Bob Essensa G 
29 Felix Potvin G 
32 Corey Schwab G 


Scoring: 82
Defense: 73
Checking: 70
Goaltending: 84
Overall: 79 

Three Stars:

1. Paul Kariya
2. Teemu Selanne
3. Guy Hebert 


Number Player Position 
14 Antii Aalto C 
18 Maxim Balmochnykh L 
25 Frank Banham R 
42 Dan Bylsma L 
11 Matt Cullen C 
17 Jim Cummins R 
21 Ted Donato L 
28 Niclas Havelid D 
15 Tony Hrkac C 
22 Jorgen Jonsson L 
9 Paul Kariya L 
39 Ladislav Kohn R 
12 Mike Leclerc L 
23 Jason Marshall D 
16 Marty McInnis L 
37 Kip Miller C 
19 Frederik Olausspn D 
20 Steve Rucchin C 
24 Ruslan Salei D 
70 Kevin Sawyer L 
8 Teemu Selanne R 
26 Jeremy Stevenson L 
13 German Titov L 
3 Patrick Traverse D 
27 Pascal Trepanier D 
7 Pavel Trnka D 
10 Oleg Tverdovsky D 
6 Vitali Vishnevski D 
2 Ed Ward R 
47 Jean-Sebastian Giguere G 
31 Guy Hebert G 
30 Dominic Roussel G 


Scoring: 80
Defense: 88
Checking: 85
Goaltending: 88
Overall: 85 

Three Stars:

1. Ed Belfour
2. Mike Modano
3. Derian Hatcher 


Number Player Position 
41 Keith Aldridge R 
42 Joel Bouchard D 
27 Shawn Chambers D 
50 Ryan Christie L 
2 Derian Hatcher D 
44 Sami Helenius D 
16 Brett Hull R 
28 Richard Jackman D 
12 Mike Keane R 
15 Jamie Langenbrunner C 
26 Jere Lehtinen R 
38 Alan Letang D 
3 Warren Luhning R 
37 Brad Lukowich D 
36 Roman Lyashenko C 
6 Dave Manson D 
29 Grant Marshall R 
24 Richard Matvichuk D 
9 Mike Modano C 
45 Brendon Morrow L 
22 Kirk Muller L 
25 Joe Nieuwendyk C 
49 Jon Sim C 
10 Brian Skrudland C 
11 Blake Sloan R 
5 Darryl Sydor D 
21 Shaun Van Allen C 
23 Chris Wells C 
46 Jamie Wright L 
56 Sergei Zubov D 
20 Ed Belfour G 
31 Rick Tabaracci G 


Scoring:  77
Defense: 73
Checking: 85
Goaltending: 82
Overall: 79 

Three Stars:

1. Rob Blake
2. Jamie Storr
3. Mattias Norstrom 


Number Player Position 
5 Aki Berg D 
11 Jason Blake C 
4 Rob Blake D 
43 Phillipe Boucher D 
9 Kelly Buchberger R 
29 Brad Chartrand R 
19 Bob Corkum C 
17 Nelson Emerson R 
3 Gary Galley D 
32 Stu Grimson L 
23 Craig Johnson L 
8 Jere Karalahti D 
22 Ian Laperriere C 
44 Jaroslav Modry D 
27 Glen Murray R 
6 Jan Nemecek D 
14 Mattias Norstrom D 
33 Zigmund Palffy R 
28 Steven Reinprecht C 
20 Luc Robataille L 
55 Pavel Rosa R 
21 Bryan Smolinski C 
15 Jozef Stumpel C 
12 Marko Tuomainen R 
34 Marcel Cousineau G 
35 Stephane Fiset G 
1 Jamie Storr G 


Scoring:  77
Defense: 73
Checking: 85
Goaltending: 82
Overall: 79 

Three Stars:

1. Rob Blake
2. Jamie Storr
3. Mattias Norstrom 


Number Player Position 
5 Aki Berg D 
11 Jason Blake C 
4 Rob Blake D 
43 Phillipe Boucher D 
9 Kelly Buchberger R 
29 Brad Chartrand R 
19 Bob Corkum C 
17 Nelson Emerson R 
3 Gary Galley D 
32 Stu Grimson L 
23 Craig Johnson L 
8 Jere Karalahti D 
22 Ian Laperriere C 
44 Jaroslav Modry D 
27 Glen Murray R 
6 Jan Nemecek D 
14 Mattias Norstrom D 
33 Zigmund Palffy R 
28 Steven Reinprecht C 
20 Luc Robataille L 
55 Pavel Rosa R 
21 Bryan Smolinski C 
15 Jozef Stumpel C 
12 Marko Tuomainen R 
34 Marcel Cousineau G 
35 Stephane Fiset G 
1 Jamie Storr G 


Scoring: 82
Defense: 88
Checking: 76
Goaltending: 86
Overall: 82 

Three Stars:

1. Owen Nolan
2. Steve Shields
3. Vincent Damphousse 


Number Player Position 
34 Murray Craven L 
25 Vincent Damphousse C 
39 Jeff Friesen L 
21 Tony Granato R 
29 Scott Hannan D 
9 Todd Harvey R 
23 Shawn Heins D 
15 Alexander Korolyuk R 
27 Bryan Marchment D 
14 Patrick Marleau C 
32 Stephane Matteau L 
3 Willie Mitchell D 
33 Bryantt Myhres R 
11 Owen Nolan R 
5 Jeff Norton D 
10 Marcus Ragnarsson D 
40 Mike Rathje D 
18 Mike Ricci C 
8 Bob Rouse D 
22 Ronnie Stern R 
7 Brad Stuart D 
19 Marco Sturm C 
24 Niklas Sundstrom L 
20 Gary Suter D 
12 Ron Sutter C 
17 Scott Thornton C 
1 Evgeni Nabokov G 
31 Steve Shields G 


Play as "The Hammer"
On the Create Player screen in the Rosters menu, create a new player and set his 
first name to Hammer. The announcers will refer to him as "The Hammer" during 

Model your player after an existing superstar
There is an easy way to boost your created skater's stats without going through all 
the hassle of tweaking their stats. Copy an existing player! On the Create Player 
screen, change the player's first and last name to that of your favorite superstar. 
Any name in the player database will work. 

These are some of my favorites:

Pavel Bure
Peter Forsberg
Jaromir Jagr
Curtis Joseph
Paul Kariya
Joe Sakic










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