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No one can stop Mr. Domino
FAQ Ver 1.3
By Tseng ([email protected])
Last Update:5/15/1999
(C)1999 Jeffrey Jones
1)Why a FAQ on Mr Domino?
2)Playing Mr.Domino
5)Gameshark Codes
6)Special Stuff
8)Next Update

1)Why a FAQ on Mr. Domino?
  To put it simple, I was very bored. So what better way to kill time then to
  write a FAQ. So why did I write it on Mr. Domino? Well because it was
  either this or Final Fantasy 8, but 8 has millions already. Also, this is
  right now little more than an instruction manual, but bear with me. This
  is my first FAQ.

2)Playing Mr.Domino
  Mr. Domino is really easy to learn, but hard to master.
  The controls are as follows.
  Directional Pad Up    :Speed Up.
  Directional Pad Down  :Slow Down.
  Directional Pad Left  :Move left.
  Dircetional Pad Right :Move right.
           Square Button:Drop domino behind you.
           Circle Button:Drop domino behind you.
           Cross  Button:Drop domino behind you.
         Triangle Button:Drop domino behind you.
  NOTE:You must HOLD the Drop domino button, not tap it.

  There are 6 levels. Each level has it's own unique landscape.
  The levels are:
  Level      Level Name                      Type of Landscape
  1          Phat Tony  's Casino            Casino landscape.
  2          Shop   'till you drop           Store landscape.
  3          Grandpa  's in the house        House Landscape.
  4          Tripping in the park            Park Landscape.
  5          Fun Park Massive                Amusement Park Landscape.
  6          No one can stop Mr. Domino      Town Landscape
  To complete each level you must activate all of the trick tiles. Trick tiles
  are fairly easy to spot because they stick out of the ground and have a
  symbol on them. (In level 3 all the tiles have faces on them, etc.)
  Certain tiles are scattered troughout the game. The tile are as follows.

  Speed up Tile       :As you may have guessed, these tiles will speed you
  (Blue Flashing tile) up drastically. Be careful! sometimes they will
                       send you right into an obstacle. (Sometimes a reset

  Slow Down Tile      :Yup, these tiles will slow you down alot. These are
  (Red Flashing tile)  especially annoying if you are running out of stamina
                       or trying to avoid a moving obstacle.

  Medicine Tile       :The Medicine tile will recover all lost stamina, then
  (Red Cross tile)     dissapear. Try and save them as often as you can!

  Reset Tile          :These tiles will reset the current level. This can be
  ('R' tile)           super useful or super horrible! Use at your own
                       descretion. Note:Stamina will not be restored!

  Trick Tile          :A trick tile has many different forms. These range from
  (????)               A face to a basket ball. You must place a dom|ino right
                       before it and then nock the domino over to use them.

  Hit Tile            :The book says 'hint' tile, but I like Hit more.
  (Glowing Cross-      Place a domino on it, and the combo will continue
   hairs)              from the last Trick Tile.

  Mr. Domino           Our Hero. At the begining of the game he and Miss
                       Domino will be the only available choices.
  Miss Domino          A Female version of Mr. Domino.
  Bruce                A secret character. Very Fast.
  Pierre Domino        A secret character. Very Slow.
  D/\M*?0               A secret character. Unknown.

  To access Bruce, Finish the game with Mr. Domino
  How to access Pierre + D/\M*?0 later.

5)Gameshark Codes
  Well well cheater (:>) This part isn't availble yet.

6)Special Stuff
  Try and find alternate routes around a level. For example, in level 4
  you can go to an extra area with alot trick tiles. After I am sure of
  how to get there I will update it.
  Not really a trick, but the manual doesn't tell you that when choosing your
  number, you can press down to change the lower set too.

  Mr. Domino:After making it to the top of the building, he jumps and turns
             into a normal domino as he hits the ground.
             There, a woman picks him up.
       Bruce:After making it to the top of the building, he explodes into a
             normal domino. There a black bird picks him up and carries him
             away into the sunset.

8)Next update.
  In the next update I will add:
  A definate answer to Secret Chars.
  More Endings.

        Me: for writing this.
   Akklaim: and ArtDInk for making this game.
      Sony: for making the system to play this on.
Squaresoft: for being Gods of the gaming industry.
  If you want to contribute, send me an E-Mail, and I'll credit you! (Huzzah!)
  Till then!

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