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This is a Strategy Guide for beating the Gym Leaders in Sapphire (only).

Rustboro City
Gym Leader:Roxanne
Badge:Stone Badge-Increases
the Attack Power of your
Pokemon. Allows you to use
Cut, even outside of battle.
Pokemon:Geodude lv.14
and Nosepass lv.15
Strategy:Marshtomp lv.18

Dewford Town
Gym Leader:Brawly
Badge:Knuckle Badge-Causes
all Pokemon of lv.30 and
below to obey you, even if
you got them in a trade.
Allows you to use Flash,
even outside of battle.
Pokemon:Machop lv.17
and Makuhita lv.18
Strategy:Beautifly lv.21
and Kirlia lv.21

Mauville City
Gym Leader:Wattson
Badge:Dynamo Badge-Increases
your Pokemon's speed. Allows
you to use Rock Smash, even
when outside of battle.
Pokemon:Magnamite lv.22
Voltorb lv.20 and
Magnaton lv.23
Strategy:Marshtomp lv.26

Lavaridge Town
Gym Leader:Flannery
Badge:Heat Badge-Causes
all Pokemon of lv.50 and
below to obey you, even
if you got them in a
trade. Allows you to use
Strength, even when
outside of battle.
Pokemon:2x Slugma lv.26
and Torkoal lv.28
Strategy:Marshtomp lv.31
and Graveler lv.31

Petalburg City
Gym Leader:Norman
Badge:Balance Badge-Increases
your Pokemon's defensive power.
Allows you to use Surf, even
when outside of battle.
Pokemon:Vigoroth lv.30
2x Slaking lv.28 and lv.31
Strategy:Breloom lv.34

Fortree City
Gym Leader:Winona
Badge:Feather Badge-Causes
all Pokemon of lv.70 and
below to obey you, even if
you got them in a trade.
Allows you to use Fly, even
when outside of battle.
Pokemon:Swellow lv.31
Pelliper lv.30 Skarmory lv.32 
and Altaria lv.33
Strategy:Manectric lv.36
Glalie lv.36 and Golem lv.36

Mossdeep City
Gym Leader:Tate and Liza
Badge:Mind Badge-Increases
your Pokemon's Special
Attack and Special Defense.
Allows you to use Dive,
even outside of battle.
Pokemon:Solrock lv.42
and Lunatone lv.42
Strategy:Mightyena lv.45
and Swampert lv.45

Sootopolis City
Gym Leader:Wallace
Badge:Rain Badge-Causes
all Pokemon to obey you.
Allows you to use Waterfall,
even when outside of battle.
Pokemon:Luvdisc lv.40
Sealeo lv.40 Whishcash lv.42
Seaking lv.42 and Militoc lv.43
Strategy:Ludicolo lv.46
and Manectric lv.46

Ever Grande City

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