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First day - 0 points

At Lytton Police Department

Your work begin's in the second floor of the LPD. First you go
into the Sergeant's room where you find a disciplinary action
form  in your basket that you have to interview Officer Pat     
Morales. Then you examine the other room's until you get to the
briefing room. There you grab the clipboard and make the
briefing. You speak to Morales and after going to your room you
sustain her. By taking the computer ID request form and using
the elevator to the third floor you get your computer access
card from Mike the operator. Now you have time to look at the
other room's of LPD until a message from the speaker appears
that you have to call dispatch. When you do so in the sergeant's
room you are ordered to go to Aspen Falls. Before you leave you
enter the men's locker room at the first floor and get your
equipment out of your locker with the code 776. You also open
the Storage closet and get some batteries for your flashlight
and load them into it. Then you drive with the police car to
Aspen Falls, stop on the road at the message and get out of the

At Aspen Falls - 25 points

In the park you find some picknickers complaining about a mad
man. You ask them about him and then you go to the right where
you see him. After you spoke to him you try to grap him and he
overwhelmes you. In his clothes you find an ID card and a key.
The key you throw in the water after which the man attack's you.
Using the nightstick against him you get and cuff him. At the
car you search him and find a knife in his briefs. At LPD you
deposit your gun in the locker at the jail and enter the jail
with the man. You put the Id card and the knife in the drawer
and book him by grabing the drawer for not being in full control
of faculties 05150. At last you get your cuffs from the drawer.
The officer behind the desk informs you that you have to go to
the highway ramp. You take your gun after you opened  the locker
with the key. Close the locker.

Highway Action - 53 points

After the highway ramp action you have to patrol the highway to
get the other action's. Each change of direction gets you
another case randomly. You have to look at the cars in the
street window to get the plate ID which you check with your car
computer. The cars are stopped by driving behind them and using
your signal lamp's. All approaches to the stoped cars have to be
so that you have the car to your left or you will be killed by
other cars. Note that you need the time which appears after you
leave your car to fill in the tickets.

Highway ramp

The car stops automatically and you find Pat Morales who wants
to bring a pregnant woman to jail. It's Janice Wilkens plate Id
83756, vehicle Id 09823. You witness her failure to sign. 

Car too slow

You find a car which is driving too slow in the fast lane. It is
Juan Ruiz plate ID 22776, driver license 434301 and vehicle ID
88996. In your car you fill in the form 900 with the right time
and vehicle code 21654. You get the ticket and hand it to Ruiz.
He threats you to see you in jail.

Car too fast - 65 points

The car speeding is a convertible and belongs to a Orpheus
Hanley plate ID 34567, driver license 522341and vehicle ID
77668. In your car you fill in the form 900 with the right time
and vehicle code 22349. You get the ticket and hand it to Hanley.

Black marked car - 70 points

After the message that the car is speeding you follow on the
left lane without using your signals and check the plate ID with
your car computer. You see that it is a car from a police agent
and wisely deciding not to stop him you pull over to the right.

Drunk - 75 points

After you stopped the car which is driving erratically you find
the driver drunken. You talk to him two times to get him to a
field sobriety test. In the test you move your digit to the left
and right with the cursor and see his eyes flicker after each
move. You grab the driver to search him and then cuff him. To
get him in the car you grab him again. There you can check the
plate ID 01923 and get the vehicle ID 69444 and the name of the
driver Joseph Hoss. Then you drive to LPD where you put your gun
in the locker by the jail and lead the man into the booking
room. You grab him to get your cuffs and turn on the
chromatograph to make an alcohol test. The test is positive and
you grab the drawer to get his pockets emptied. Then you touch
the door and book him with vehicle code 23152. Then a sequence
follows which is widely animated.

Oak Tree Mall - 99 points

Mary is stabbed on her way home from work by two guys. Dispatch
want's you to call and you do so in the sergeant's office. You
get to Oak Tree Mall after the assault before Mary is
transported to the hospital. Before you talk to the men you take
the broken chain out of Marie's hand. After the sequence in the
hospital you return to the Mall where a reporter gives you his
buisness card when you talk to him. Then you search the ground
near Marie's Trans Am with your flashlight. Beneath the driver's
door you find a bronze star and looking at it you see the number
09987 on it. The first day is over and you go home to sleep.

Second day - 112 points

Before you drive to LPD you get a call from the Captain to
report to Homicide and handle the case of Mary Wilkens. Then you
have the only opportunity to get Marie's music box out of the

At LPD Homicide - 117 points

At LPD you inspect the trunk of your car and find that there are
no highway flares in the trunk. Because of that you go to the
first floor to get some out of the storage locker. The Captain
greets you in the homicide office and gives you the case numbers
of Mary 199144 and the related case of Clifford Jones 199137 and
introduces you to your partner Morales. You speak to Morales and
the other officer who tells you about the help of the press so
you phone the reporter with the number on his buisness card
555-0707. He promisses his help. Then you turn on your desk
computer with your access card and read the two cases ( Clifford
Jones, 280 West Palm ). You get another case number of a Samuel
Britt 199124 ( 392 South Sixth ) by entering the number of the
bronze star as seriell number. All cases are similiar in their
outfit. Then you can go in the garage to drop the chain and the
star in the evidence drawer with Marie's case number.
Automatically you drive to the hospital.

At Hospital - 135 points

First you buy a rose in the shop in the background of the
entrance then you talk to the nurse behind the desk. Using the
elevator you come to Mary and  give her the music box and the
rose to get her back to life but there's one thing missing yet.
The day ends automatically.

Third day - 161 points

Carla Reed  325 South Second Street - 161 points

At LPD you put the highway flares in the trunk. In your office
you find a memo that a witness has called because of the news
report. So you drive to 325 South Second Street to meet Carla
Reed. You show your police ID card and talk to her but she
refuses to go with you because of her possessings in a cart. You
don't get the cart in the trunk so you cuff it to the piplines
at the house. Reed now comes with you to the LPD. You give her
the lunch of your fellow officer because she is hungry. You can
now get a discription of the suspect by turning on your computer
and activating the drawing composite menu in the tools part of
the main menu. Place each part of the face until Carla says it
looks okay. With the complete face you get the suspect's name as
Steve Rocklin No 493027. Then you drive her home. Don't forget
your cuffs at the cart. Pat wants to phone at the mall so you
drive her and notice that she is taking her purse with her. So
ends the day and you drive home.

Forth day - 197 points

Court - 197 points

At LPD you find a note that you are commanded to the court
because of the Juan Ruiz case. First you review the case Ruiz in
your office computer. Before you start driving you get the
calibration chart out of the glove compartment of the police
car. The court action neads only a few interactions and leads to
the condemnation of the defendant.

Pat at Mall - 206 points

After that Pat wants to phone again at the Mall. This time she
forgets her purse so you can take her keys and go to Zak the
keymaker at the left side of the Mall's parking lot to get a
copy. Back in the car put her keys to the purse immediately
because she is coming soon.

Dead man in trash bin 300 West Rose - 217 points

When you start the car at the Mall you are called to a murder
victim at 300 West Rose. You find an officer who has called the
coroner. Pat is making the photographs. With the tools from the
car trunk you go to the victim. Under his fingernails you can
get a sample of evidence with the toothpick's and you can touch
his shirt so you see the pentagram craved in his chest. Touching
his trousers gets you the man's license. It's Andrew Dent driver
license 980453, 19 First Street. Use the scraper to get a paint
sample from the car wreck at the left side of the scene. On the
windshield is the vehicle Id 127633. Then the coroner arrives
and you talk to him and hand him the drver's license. Place the
tools in the trunk before going.

LPD - 232 points

Back at the LPD you find a memo from Dr Wagner that he would
like you to stop by the hospital. Then you go to the computer
and open a new case for Andrew Dent 199145. When you open the
desk of Pat with your duplicate keys you find a number on a
piece of paper 386. Then you can book your evidences and drive
to Mary.

Hospital - 254 points

In Marie's room you take the chart off the bed and read it.
Looking at Mary you notice that the IV meter shows a too high
value. Pressing the call button calls a nurse and the doctor who
adjusts the IV dosis. Then the day is over.

Fifth day - 269 points

LPD - 269 points

Your fellow officer tells you at LPD that he tries to locate the
crimes on the map. So you turn on your computer and see that
evidence is added to case 199145, look at it, then go into the
menu tools-map. There you draw all four known locations in the
map: 341 East Rose, 280 West Palm, 392 South Sixth Street, 276
West Rose and connect this points so that you get a message that
you have drawn a perfect pentagram. The fifth point of this
pentagram is at 200 East Palm. A search for Steve Rocklin is
started after you called dispatch. Before you leave the office
you read the note on the board that all female officers are
tested the next day. Then you go to the psychologist who is not
in his office so you can read the file about Pat Morales which
is lying on his desk. At the Third floor you get a tracking
device for you car by touching Mike's desk at his right side.
Now you drive to 200 East Palm.

Old Nugget 200 East Palm - 297 points

You find a car outside the Old Nugget Inn and take a look at it.
With the tools from your trunk you get a paint sample from the
car. Underneath the car you place the tracker. Inside the inn
you ask the guests until the second billard player arrives.
Recognizing that it is Steve Rocklin you get your gun ready and
when he stands behind the billard table click the gun on you
because he is going to shoot you. He run away and escapes with
his car. You pursue him and turn your signals and the tracker
on. The bleep ends on the highway. When you arrive at the scene
you find a turned car. First you have to use the highway flares
by droping them on the street. Then you search the car and take
the car keys. The Coroner arrives and takes the body of Steve
Rocklin with him when you use the keys to open the trunk of the
turned car. Out of the trunk five packets of cocaine are falling
which Pat says she'll handle while you speak to an officer.

LPD - 332 points

At LPD you put your tools in the trunk, book the paint sample
and go to your office to find a note from Dr. Wagner that you
should visit Mary every day. Then you drive to the hospital and
the shift ends.

Sixth day - 333 points

LPD - 333 points

The Captain tells you that you have to go to the coroner. Before
you leave the office you take a look in your computer and see
that only four packets of cocaine are booked as evidence.
Therefore you go to the first floor and try to enter the women's
locker room. The janitor is against that attempt but you can go
into the men's room, grab the toilet paper and flush it down the
toilet. Then you leave and talk to the janitor. He goes away to
repair the damage and you can get to Pat's locker and open it
with the code 386. You find cocaine inside so you go to your
office and tell the Captain what you saw. Then you drive to the

Coroner - 356 points

Nobody is in the coroner's room when you arrive so you take the
envelope from the table and look inside. You find a cult book, a
cult ring and Marie's locket. Then you open a few freezing
chambers and read the notes at the toes until you find Steve
Rocklin's body. The coroner appears after that and you talk to
him. He gives you a news article about you with a pentagramdrawn
over your face and tells you the last habitation of Rocklin was
500 West Peach. Automatically you drive to the hospital.

Hospital - 358 points

In Marie's room you give the locket to Mary and she opens her
eyes at last. When you start driving you are called immediately
to look after a burning house at 500 West Peach.

Burning house 500 West Peach - 358 points

At the burning house you talk to the man from the firebrigade
and get your tools out of the trunk. Look at the floor when you
enter the house and get the photo from Michael and Jesse Bains.
Then enter the room in the background to the right. You find a
pentagram of blood and get a sample with your scraper. Store
your tools and start driving.

Pat at Mall - 368 points

At Oak Tree Mall you get an opportunity to visit the recruiting
office because Pat wants to phone again. In that office show
your police ID card and the Photo of the Bains brothers and you
get the military record of Michael Bains.

LPD - 377 points

The blood and hair sample you drop at LPD on number 199144. Then
you visit the psychologist and show him the military record. (
Don't enter your office and talk to the Captain! The Captain
sends you to the coroner again. That's wrong at this part of the
story but I don't know if it's a bug in the game or just a
mistake in this solution. )

Crack house 522 West Palm - 382 points

On the photo of the Bains brothers you have seen the house in
the background and identified it as being at 522 West Palm so
you drive to that location and find a fortified house. No one
opens so you need a search warrant and drive to the court.

Court - 392 points

In the judge's chamber you show the photo and the news article
and get a search warrant. But back at the crack house again
nobody opens and you have to find another way to deliver your
warrant. In court you get a judical order when you talk to the
judge and tell her you need backup.

Crack house - End Game - 410 points

Coming to the crack house you see that backup and a ram had
arrived. Action begins when you draw your gun click with it on
your person and move to the left side of the door. The ram opens
the door and you go in automatically. Have your gun ready
because from the left side of the picture appears a gangster to
shoot you. You shoot him and Michael Bains gives up. After you
cuff him an officer takes him out.  When you leave the house now
 you can get a K9 unit to help you find the rest. But you can do
it alone. Under the left cushion you find a TV remote control.
Use it on the TV and press button 8 to open a passage in the
fire place. Get your gun ready when you enter this crack
laboratory. When you go to the far left side of the cellar and
back to the right a man appears from the left side of the
picture and you shoot him.

So you reach the end of the part of the story where you can't
interact because from now on it is fully animated. Pat wants to
shoot you and get killed herself. You drive to the hospital and
see that Mary is alright again and is getting a baby.

The names of the programmers follow.

With this solution you can reach a score of 445 of 460 points.
You see there are a few points to search yet.

This solution was brought to you by
Michael Staiber and
Thomas Hiller ([email protected])

Please send corrections and additions to [email protected]

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