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Power Stone Strategy Guide v1.0
by Professer Revolution([email protected])
This FAQ is Copyright(c)1999 by the author
Power Stone is Copyright(c) 1999 by Capcom

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been up at my site for a while.

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B.General Strategy
   i.Punching and Kicking
  ii.Throwing and Catching
  iv.Using the Arena
C.Advanced Strategy
  ii.The Mighty Jump Kick
 iii.Efficient Use of Power Stones
  ix.Escaping a Powered Up Foe
D.Character Strategy
Welcome to my Power Stone Strategy Guide. I created this after many 
hours of playing this fun and amazing game. I translated the super moves 
as best i could, any help on the ones I couldn't get are very welcome^_^ 


i--Punching and Kicking

In Power Stone there is only one Punch Button( Default X) and one Kick 
button(Default Y), each character has at least a 3xPunch Combo and a 
3xKick Combo. Some of the characters have 5xPunch and 5xKick Combos. 
Also, varying P and K during a combo will yield different results. Think 
of Pocket Fighter. Also, Galuda and Gunrock can add a throw as the last 
hit of a combo(Default B-or P and K together). The last hit in a combo 
will knock a Stone out of the opponent.While Combos do a good amount of 
damage, they are easily escaped.

ii--Throwing and Catching

Throwing chairs, tables, and other items in the arena are a big part of 
Power Stone. To pick up an item hit the Throw button(Default B--or P and 
K Buttons together) when you're near the item(it will also have a circle 
around it). You can also push an item along the ground by hitting punch 
near it. If you're facing away from your opponent you'll jump over the 
item while pushing it through your legs(very handy!). Now that you know 
how to throw, you'll have to know how to catch! When someone's throwing 
an item at you, just hit the Throw button when it gets near you and 
you'll catch it. The timing is very critical, and some of the characters 
throw the items VERY fast( Gunrock!). You can also catch in the air as 
long as you haven't committed to another move, like a Jump Kick.

Each character also has a throw they can use near the opponent, and a 
throw move in the air. The Air throw is either a combo hit from above or 
an actual throw that you must use when both fighters are jumping and 
near each other. Galuda, Gunrock, and Valgas perform flattening moves as 
well. Air throw moves can also be performed off of walls.


Escaping is a nice addition to 3D fighting. Basically when your opponent 
gets near you and tries to start a combo, just tap in a direction or 
jump to escape. The timing isn't as strict as Catching but still 
important. Sometimes when you jump to escape you'll perform a neat 
little switch-a-roo move to land behind your opponent leaving them wide 
open for a throw or nice combo, it happens very quickly though( just 
like everything in this game^_^) so be prepared or the other fighter can 
easily escape. Another form of escaping is the Throw Escape, just hit 
the Throw button when the other fighter attempts to throw you, again 
timing is crucial. I have yet to escape an air throw, such as Kraken's, 
so I don;t know if its's possible. E-Mail me if you have!

iv--Using the Environment

Using the Arenas to your advantage is another important factor in Power 
Stone. Generally, higher ground is better. It gives you more height on 
your Jump Kick( more on that later), you can avoid pushed items on lower 
levels, and have a better position for throwing items. Some arenas have 
small, confined higher levels(DawnVolta, DullsTown) these are good to 
escape to from time to time but don't stay there too long. You're more 
vunerable to Bombs, SuperBombs, Chain Guns, and other weapons. 

Climbing the poles around the arenas is another good escape tactic, and 
good positioning for a quick Jump Kick, Air Throw or Squash if you're a 
big guy. The smaller fighters also have a cool spinning move they use 
when near poles, just hit the Throw button( Note: you must be on the 
ground). While these spin moves look cool, they're hard to pull off and 
leave you wide open for a Jump Kick, Weapon Attack, or Item Throw. The 
big guys don't bother with the fancy stuff, they just grab the pole and 
swing it(Knocking whatever Stones their opponent has out!). In most 
arenas their are hanging bars you can grab on to and move around on, 
just jump to them and hit the Throw button. These are good for quick 
escapes and leverage but not much else IMHO, looks cool though.=P If you 
have any other tips feel free to send them in, full credit will be 



Aside from the chairs and tables scattered about the arenas, you'll also 
find quite a number of weapons appearing from time to time. Sometimes 
they're in chests, sometimes just they just appear without them. These 
are the weapons I have so far:

Extend-O-Stick: This is a cool little weapon, slows you down as much as 
a pipe or sword but extends nearly 3/4 way across the arena. If you hit 
the other figher with this whatever stones they have will fly across to 
your side, very nice indeed!

Pipes and Swords: Slow you down some. Hit punch to swipe at the 
opponent, will knock out whatever stones the other fighter has. Also try 
jumping then hitting punch for a very nice stab attack that can override 
a jump kick in many situations.

Big Ass Hammer The Big Hammer is a cool weapon, but it slows you down a 
whole lot. Unless your opponent is one of the quicker fighters( 
WangTang, Ayame) I'd go for it. Hitting them with The Hammer releases 
all stones they have, and they get flattened for a couple seconds, just 
enough time to get a head start on those stones!

Six-Shooter and Chain Gun: The Six Shooter slows you down a little while 
the Chain Gun slows you down ALOT. The Six Shooter is a cool little 
weapon that does some good damage, but it's hard to hit the other 
fighter with. The Chain Gun on the other hand is a big powerful weapon 
that is almost always worth the pick-up. Just face the opponent and hold 
down punch! Usually, if you hit them once you'll get at least 5 or 6 
more shots in. The problem with the Chain Gun is that you're very 
suseptible to thrown items or jump kicks while firing. But the trouble 
is worth it if you can trap the other guy in a corner^_^

Flame Thrower and Missle Launcher: The Flame Thrower is probably my 
favorite weapon. Sure it slows you down alot, but you can fill the area 
around you with so much fire that your opponent won't dare try to 
attack. it also has nice range and can catch the other guy off guard 
when he thinks he's far enough away. The Missle Launcher is another 
matter. It's big, it's slow, it's hard to hit your opponent with and it 
leaves you wide, wide, WIDE open. I only pick it up if I'm way ahead on 

Bomb, Super-Bomb, and Molitov Cocktail: I never usually pick-up regular 
bombs since they don't do enough damage for the risk, and the timer is 
too short for my liking. The Super Bomb however, is one I try to grab 
whenever possible. it has a longer timer and a bigger explosion. The 
Molitov Cocktail is the smallest explosive hence it's harder to hit your 
opponent with, it does however set a small portion of the arena on fire 
for a few seconds, so if you miss but come close to the other guy, they 
might accidentally step in the fire.

Sheild: I usually never get the shield. Sure it protects you from all 
attacks for a limited amount of time or damage(whichever happens first) 
but you can't attack while you have it. Now you might be thinking,"but 
what about when my foe has all 3 stones?" It might seem like a good 
idea, but running away and avoiding is better than hiding behind the 
shield. The best reason I can think of is that the shield doesn't stand 
up to Power moves too well, then you're stuck near a powered up fighter 
with no protection.Not good! Also,when you're holding the shield you're 
wide open for throws.

ii.The Mighty JumpKick!!

The Jump Kick is one of the strongest and most versatile moves in Power 
Stone. It's not strong in terms of the damage it does, but strong in the 
sense that it's quick, can be pulled off instantly and knocks a stone 
out. If you're opponent tries a combo, escape and make him eat foot! If 
he grabs a big weapon, again make them pay with a quick jump kick. If 
your foe tries an Air throw move or squash, jump out of the way and, you 
guessed it, pound him with a jump kick. Now if you're playing someone 
who knows the power of the jump kick as well, you 'll get into some good 
ol' SF2 style jump kick battles. Always remember the higher jump kick 
normally wins except for a few occasions. Just revert back to your SF2 
roots and you'll have Jump Kicking down!

iii--Efficient Use of Power Stones

If the name of the game is Power Stone, you better believe that they are 
an important factor of the game. Power Stones are those Red, Yellow, and 
Blue diamond shape things you see lying around. The goal is to get all 3 
and power up to unleash some major damage on your foe. You'll have a 
liuttle energy bar at the bottom of the screen showing you how much 
Power Energy you have left, using a Super Power( Default L or R trigger) 
will use up all the Power Energy you have. Each character has 2 Supers 
and 2 power moves using the Punch and Kick buttons. All characters can 
grab poles and swing them when Powered up as well. Thems the basics. 
Once you get the stones however, you have to use their power wisely. 
Don't just hit a trigger button immediately and waste all that energy! 
Usually, when you get all 3 stones your opponent will start running like 
hell. That's alright, you can bide a little time and try to cut them off 
in whatever direction they are heading. Generally, the Punch Button will 
unleash a projectile and the kick button will bust out a move good for 
close-up battle. So if you're opponent starts running away, unlaod a 
couple projectiles and see if they hit the mark. If so, run in and wait 
for them to try and roll away and nail'em with a couple Kick Button 
Power moves. Try to use as much of the Power Energy as you can before 
breaking out with a Super Power. Note that you can still be attacked and 
take damage when you're powered up you just won;t fall. Most of the 
Supers have a charging animation before they are unleashed, while you 
aren't vulnerable when the camera zooms in on you, you ARE as soon as it 
pans back out. During this time you can be thrown, thus canceling your 
super and usually ending your Power time.

When you use all of the Power Energy you will release the Red and Blue 
stones back into the arena and you won't be able to move for a few 
seconds. This is a bad time for you, especially if you failed to knock 
down the other fighter. If not, he will be free to nail you with a 
combo, throw, or collect both stones. Which leads me to:

iv--Escaping a Powered Up Foe

You know what to do when you have the Stones, now what about when your 
opponent has all 3? Well, in a word: Run! Most of the Power moves can be 
avoided, for Projectiles just keep moving. Long, straight runs seems to 
work the best. When you're running in a straight line your foes 
projectiles will seem on target but jumping at the last second will 
leave you unscathed. The same goes for homing projectiles. Running in 
circles or bad angles will leave you burned. Again, straight lines and 
jumping at the last second will usually be enough, changing direction 
between firings is also a good idea( but never run towards the Powered 
Up foe unless you're really sure of you Dodging skills!). Also try 
escaping up to a higher level. Now what about those pesky Super Powers? 
Well, there's basically two kinds, a projectile Super and a range Super. 
Avoiding a projectile Super is the trickiest, they usually fill most of 
the arena and once you're hit, you in for at least 5 more( not good!). 
The best way to avoid these Supers is to run and jump like crazy, but in 
a good pattern. Try not to back track, and jump from level to level if 
possible. Just remember to keep moving! The range Supers are a bit 
easier, just stay away! Some, like WangTang's, Ayame's, and Kraken's, 
are very easily dodged while others( Ryoma and GunRock's) are harder. No 
matter what the case, when you're opponent is powered up, just run! 
Lately, I've been trying to get in good throwing position to cancel some 
Supers, when I get better at it I'll add some strategy about that.

When your foe uses all his Power Energy, he's wide open for some damage. 
I usually go for the Stones, sure a combo or throw is tempting, but the 
opponent can recover or escape the throw( and the computer ALWAYS does 
after the 3rd round) and strike you back and collect the stones again! 
Argh! The only exception is when the other fighter is low on energy. If 
they're down to one gem/bar/whatever left, go ahead and lay some damage 
on them!

The first two moves are the Fusion moves, performed by hitting P and K 
respectively. The next 2 are the Super Fusion peformed by hitting 
P+Jump(L Trigger on DC) and K+Jump(R Trigger on DC) respectively. The 
translated name of the move is in CAPS, and the original Japanese name 
of the move is in (parenthesis).

Fokker is the well-rounded chap of the bunch. Not too quick, but not too 
slow, is pretty strong, and a decent thrower. His supers are pretty good 
as well:

POWER MISSLE(pawa-misairu)--When you hit punch( Default X) Fokker will 
shoot a single missle at his opponent. It seeks fairly well, but can be 
avoided pretty easily so let 3 or 4 go one after the other.

POWER HARIKEN(pawa-harikeen)--A sort of Dragon punch surrounded by 
flames. This is a cool move, but it must be performed near the opponent( 
and when battling a good "Stoner" this can be tough). A good strategy is 
to unleash a few missles at your foe to get him running so you can set-
up them up for this more powerful move. Or if they get knocked down, run 
in and wait for them to try and roll away then Bam! give'em a 6 hit 
dinner! Default is the Kick button( Y).

POWER EXPLOSION(pawa ikusupuroojan)--20 or so missles fly out of Fokker 
after he charges for a second. This is an average Super, and can be 
avoided by a skillful opponent. I generally use this somewhat close to 
the opponent, and when they're low on energy since Fokker's other Super 
is much better

POWER ROCKET(pawa roketto)--Now we're talkin! Fokker will fly at his 
opponent leaving a bright trail, bouncing off walls 4 or 5 times. This 
is a great Super and can usually deliver 10 or so hits. It's best used 
when the opponent is jumping around avoiding missles. This is the Super 
you should use most of time!

Rouge is quick and has some real "fire" power(sorry!). Her Supers are 
some of the best looking in the game, and they can do some nice damage 
as well.

?????????(kooka no toika)--Rouge blows a deadly kiss of fire with wicked 
range. This is a great move and you should it often! There is also a 
jumoing varient. When in the air, Rouge will drop a ball of fire that 
spreads on the way down. Effective when your foe has been knocked down.

DREAM OF ?????(yume he no izanai)--Rouge flys on her magic carpet at the 
opponent. This is a decent move, useful when your opponent is trapped in 
the air, but your Power Energy is usually better used on the other move.

TRAP OF ?????(shakunetsu no wana)--This Super has decent range and does 
some nice damage, but your opponent must be some-what close and on the 
ground for the full brunt of this attack to hit them. Rouge forms a ball 
of fire above her head and slams it into the ground causing small 
explosions all around her. This is best used when you're opponent is 
down to 1 life bar, maybe 2 since it's more of an area attack that you 
hope your foe is still in range for.

????? OF PARADISE(himatsu no tengoku)--One of, if not, the weirdest 
Super in the game. Rouge blows kisses and hearts and they fly around her 
as she dances, if one of the hearts hits the opponent they are dragged 
into Rouge's "parlour" where nails them with 10 or so quick hits. The 
range on this is very short since the hearts don't stray too far from 
Rouge and she moves very slow while she's dancing. Best used after 
you've nailed them a few times with the fire kisses and they are trying 
to roll away. The alternate of this Super is when you try to perform it 
in the air. A huge fire-god head( or something to that effect) appears 
over Rouge and spits fireballs at the opponent( by pressing the K 
button), you can control where Rouge aims and floats around with the 
head. This is a nice Super to use on a wiley foe who seems to juuuust 
escape the hearts or explosions of the other Super.

WangTang is probably the most fun character to use in this game. He's 
the next-to-quickest fighter but also has some devastating moves that 
can drain an opponent's life bar pretty fast. His supers are sweet, and 
look really good. As for his super armour, think Son of Clockwork 

DRAGON ???(ryuu ga dan)--WangTang shoots out a large fireball that semi-
tracks the opponent. This is the move you should use most often with a 
powered up WT, they can be thrown 3 in succession before you must pause 
and you can pull about 3 sets of 3 shots before you start running low on 
Power Energy

DRAGON FIRE PUNCH(?)(ryuu tai fuu)--WangTang performs a spinning Dragon 
Punch and is surrounded by wind, or something. I only throw this move in 
to confuse the opponent after a barrage of fireballs. I don't like to 
use it too often as there is a delay in start-up and you can be thrown 
by a savvy opponent. Overall you're better off sticking to the 
fireballs. As with every short-ranged power move, it's best use on a 
recovering or cornered opponent.

????(tai ryuu kyoku)--That's not a projectile, THIS is a projectile! 
WangTang forms a huge, I mean HUGE, ball of energy over his head and 
lobs it at the opponent. This Super can be deadly in the smaller, or 
more confined arenas. It can take off anywhere from 1/2 a bar to 2 1/2 
bars depending on how well you aim. It's best to not use this on a 
running foe as they have a better chance of dodging the massive 
projectile, yes it can be done! You can get pretty carless with this 
move though and still score some hefty damage. I'd probably use it alot 
more if WangTang's other Super wasn't so darn cool.

?????(muten ryuu fu)--This is one of the coolest Supers in the game! 
WangTang rushes forward a small distance, and strikes the opponent into 
the air with 3 flip kicks, then as they hang in the air he strikes them 
about 10 times from varying angles, all culminating in a kick ass freeze 
frame of his boot buried in the back the opponent as 4 Japanese Kanji 
flash to each corner of the screen( anyone know what they mean?). The 
downside of this move is that you must connect with the initial kick for 
it to work, and sometimes you won't get the full Super even if you do 
connect. Sometimes all you get is the flipkicks, which aren't bad mind 
you, but the laser kicks or whatever they're called are simply awesome. 
A little trash-talking after you've pulled off this move is in order, 
especially if you finish someone off with it.

Ryoma is a well-balenced fighter, he's not the fastest but certainly not 
the slowest. He also deals some good damage with that sword of his. Not 
to mention his fusion armour is the coolest looking in the game.

?????(raijin ken)--This is a nice move, abuse it whenever possible( the 
opponent lets you get too close). Ryoma swings his sword in a verticle 
strike and a streak of lighting comes down from the ceiling. Can be used 
3 times in a row. Also try jumping with it, a semi-seeking lighting ball 
shoots out of Ryoma's sword. This is helpful against a skilled dodger. 
Just shoot a couple of these into the arena, even if they don't panic 
into a mistake their "free-space" is smaller, giving you a better chance 
of cornering them.

????(iaizen)--A decent move but easily avoided by jumping. Ryoma stops 
and charges for a half-second or so, then a streak of energy flys across 
the floor at the opponent. This move can be charged for greater power 
and more "streaks." As I said, this move can be easily avoided. You 
might be able to catch the opponent off guard every now and then when 
they're expecting the raijin ken, but usually you're better off using 
the Power Energy on that.

?????(madare zantou)--A glowing ball of energy surrounds Ryoma and a 
bunch of quarter-moon shaped projectiles start flying out at the 
opponent. This is one of those Supers that you're better off not being 
too close to the opponent since you want those projectiles to spread as 
much as possible, but you also don't want to be too far away or they're 
easily dodged. About a half-screen away is fine. I mainly use this Super 
when the opponent is down to 2 or less Energy Bars since you can get a 
little sloppy with it and still get almost a whole bar of energy of 
damage. If you connect well though, a little or 2 bars will be depleted 
fromt your foe's life, not bad!

????(tenchi ryouden)--I like to use this Super when the opponent still 
has most of their energy as it does decent damage but can be avoided if 
you get reckless with it. Ryoma spins into the air surrounded by white 
energy hitting the opponent multiple times, finally ending in a quick 
drop to the ground where a column of light is shot up into the sky. As 
flashy as this Super is, it just doesn't do enough damage IMO. If you 
hit it well though, you should get near 2 bars of damage dealt, not 
overwhelming but good enough I guess.

Ayame is the smallest, quickest, and weakest character. She's your 
typical cutesy, butterfly and bunnies, high-pitched voice Japanese girl 
fighter. Not really my cup tea, since I prefer well-balanced fighters 
over fast but weak ones, but a skilled Ayame can be tough. Her supers 
are below average in my opinion, easily avoided and don't do much damage 
when they DO hit.

????(hanashu riken)--The weaker of Ayame's power moves, but not hard to 
avoid. Ayame thows three large Shurikens at the opponent in a single 
line. The good news is that they barely use any Power Energy so you can 
let loose a good 5 sets or so before you have to worry. If you do nail 
them with this move run in for:

????(oukagakure)--Another Dragon Punch type move with the character 
surrounded by some sort of colored energy. Needless to say Ayame's is 
the weakest but quickest to pull off, and like the Shurikens it doesn't 
use much Power Energy so you can let loose a couple before the need to 
worry arises. Run in on a fallen or just landing opponent for maximum 
effectiveness, and use whenever hit the opponent with the Shurikens.

????(hyakka ryouran)--I don't really care for either of Ayame's Supers 
since they're weak and not that visually impressive( hey, it's that type 
of game!). This is the more useful of the two though, it has great range 
and a good chance of hitting even the best escape artist. Ayame spins 
and throws many large shurikens into the arena which spread and whirl at 
the opponent from all sides.

????(ouka no mai)--Much like WantTang's [muten ryuu fu] you must connect 
with the first hit of this Super for the rest to happen. Piss poor range 
and damage make this one Super to pull off only when the opponent is 
down on their last leg( less than 1/2 bar) or really bad. Ayame flys at 
the opponent and unleashes a quick combo of punches and kicks that end 
in her shooting some sort of projectile form her wings up at the 
opponent. Fallen opponents and beginners are the only ones that will get 
caught in this move.

Yeah! Gunrock! For some reason I'm always drawn to become skilled at the 
big guys in fighting games. Zangief, Jeffry, Gun Jack, I love using them 
all! Gunrock is the slowest but most powerful fighter in Power Stone. 
This is a significant disadvantage in this fast-paced game, but with 
time and practice you'll see Gunrock has some great advantages as well. 
His moves drain so much energy that if you just nail the opponent with a 
couple items and then grab all the stones, the round can be over in just 
10 seconds or so! Really! Needless to say Gunrock's Supers are the most 
powerful in the game, and there's just something so cool about 
controlling a big Golem-looking guy^_^

GUNROCK GUN(gan ganrokku)--Gunrock thows a huge boulder at the other 
fighter. This is a pretty good move, but you have to time it well. A 
good opponent can dodge the boulders easily if you just lob them all 
crazy-like. Take a little time to set-up and see if the other guy starts 
panicking, or until you see a good opening, then let a few go.

ROCK CRASH(rokku ze kurasshu)--This is a very nice move best used as a 
set-up for the Gunrock Gun or the Rock n Roll. Gunrock jumps into the 
air and slams back down causing the opponent to get dizzy if their 
touching the ground( on any level!). Opponent avoiding your Gunrock Gun? 
Lob one out, wait till they jump out the way, then as they're landing 
start the Crash. Just like all of Gunrock's Powers/Supers, timing and 
set-up is crucial to utilizing his Power Energy.

ROCK N ROLL(rokku n rooru)--This could be the best Super in the game! 
Gunrock growls and grows at least 3 times his normal size,if your 
opponent is near than they can say goodbye to 3 of their Energy bars. 
This move can be dodged, but it's hard to do. If you're using Gunrock, 
knowing this move is key.

EARTHQUAKE(aasukueiku)--A good move if you( you guessed it!) time it 
right. Gunrock leaps into the air and slams back down ala the Rock Crash 
but this time Gunrock continues to stomp his feet and boulders fall from 
the sky all around him. The timing is key because the radius arounf 
Gunrock that the rocks fall is pretty small. Basically use the same 
strategy as the Rock Crash and you should be fine.

vii Jack
Jack is the toughest character to get the hang of, but he has some of 
the best looking moves in the game. He crawls around on all fours 
instead of walking, and turns into a sort of pirate-robotic-bug thing 
when he's powered up.

ROLLING SLASH(rooringu surasshu)--Jack throws a "punch" and his arm 
extends, revealing that his hand is now a giant whirling blade! The 
downside of this move is that it only reaches straight out in a thin 
vertical line making it easy to avoid, the upside is that if you hit the 
other fighter with it, you're guaranteed 5 or 6 hits that take a nice 
chunk of energy. The best way to use this move is to mix it up heavily 

ROUND SLASH(raundo surasshu)--Jack's leg extends, and his foot is now a 
giant guillotine-like blade. Like I said, mixing up Jack's P and K super 
moves are the key to his succes. Just as the Rolling Slash, the Round 
Slash reaches out in a thin line, only the Round Slash is horizontal.

KILLER DANCE(kiraa dansu)--A very cool looking move, but only useful if 
you're VERY close to your opponent. Jack pauses and extends both his 
arms as some cryptic symbols and such glow under his feet, then he 
starts whirling like a helicopter and shoots into the air. If you catch 
the other fighter with one of Jack's arms then you're good to go, it's 
15 hits easy. If you don't strike them at first, then you most likely 
will only get a couple hits, if you're lucky. don't be predictable with 
this move or you'll be wide open after a miss.

MISERY RAIN(mizari rein)--The better of Jack's Supers. Jack extends his 
arms and twirls, but instead of flying into the air large swords fly 
from Jack's arms and track the opponent. Using this move is best just 
after a knock down as the swords themselves aren't that great in number, 
but if you get the opponent standing still(yeah, right) or just as 
they're getting up( but not while they're rolling) then you can deal 
some good damage.

viii Galuda
Galuda is my favorite character to use, he's powerful but not too slow. 
Slower than, say, WangTang sure but not too bad. His powered up moves 
have long range and are deadly!

?????(sabaki no hikari)--A bow of light appears in Galuda's hands and he 
fires three "spirit" arrows at his foe. Use this move often! The arrows 
are large and spread out a great distance. While avoiding one 3 shot may 
be fairly easy, dodging 3 in a row, to say the least, isn't. So blast 
away often for some nice damage, and maybe you'll get close enough to 

?????(tenkuu no sakebi)--A pair of wings appear on Galuda's back as he 
jumps toward the opponent. This move does does great damage but has poor 
range because you must "catch" the other guy with your hands to 
accomplish anything. Usually the only way you can catch the opponent is 
if they confuse themselves while jumping away from your arrows, or while 
they are getting up. Use the "spirit arrows" the most, and throw this 
move in occasionally if you see the chance.

?????(tenbatsu no hikari)--Galuda pauses and a HUGE bow appears on his 
arms as he leans back, then he unleashes a barrage of arrows at the 
opponent. This is the easier of Galuda's two Supers in terms of hitting 
your foe. You have a better chance at getting SOME kind of damage even 
if you don't connect with most of the arrows. This is the Super I would 
suggest you use more often if the other one wasn't so damn cool.

????(tenkuu no otakebi)--Yes! The best Super in the game! Talking trash 
if you kill the other fighter with this move is definitely a must! 
Galuda grows his wings and flys upwards at the opponent. If you miss, 
you get nada, but if you manage to hit the opponent Galuda grabs them 
and flys off the screen, then a second later he flys downward slamming 
the opponent into the ground. This move takes off an incredible 3 whole 
energy bars, yeah! Since you have to actually catch the other fighter 
for this Super to work it can get frustrating, just take your time and 
fire off a few rounds of the spirit arrows and see if the opponent 
panics or leaves themselves open in some way.

ix Kraken
Kraken is the sub-boss of Power Stone and he's a crazy looking pirate 
with a giant hook for one hand and an old-fashion gun in the other. He's 
a little too slow for my liking but he has good power and one of the 
best Jump Kicks( err..Claw) in the game. Not to mention he looks very 
badass when he's "stoned," and his supers are the most powerful in the 
game. Note that since Kraken and Valgas aren't in the manuel I just made 
up names for their moves, these are by no means official in any way.

CANNON FODDER-- Kraken's gun is now a mini-cannon! It shoots out bombs 
with a large blast radius, but you can't fire them rapidly. Try to lead 
the opponent a little with your shots, even if you don't come too close 
the explosions have very good range. Like Jack, Kraken's moves are best 
utilized by mixing them up.

CRAB'S CLAW-- Kraken's hook now looks like the pincers of a crab. The 
claw extends almost the whole way across the screen towards your 
opponent as you try to grab them. Throw this at your foe after you've 
shot off a couple bombs and their shaken. It's kind of hard to connect 
with this move on a fast-moving opponent, especiallt if their good at 
escaping. If you DO hit them with the claw then you get 3 hits that take 
off huge damage.

DEADLY SPIRITS-- 6 or so redish-white ghosts pop out of Kraken and then 
fly at the opponent. This Super can deal some very good damge, but it's 
usually avoided. Only use this if you're running out of Power Energy and 
your foe is near death( or at least down to one Energy Bar). The further 
away you are from the opponent the better for this move.

SEE YA LATER, CHUM!-- The single most powerful Super in the whole 
friggin game, folks! And it's also one of the coolest looking, right up 
their Galuda's and WangTang's. Kraken's head gets gigantic and he trys 
to suck in the opponent. If he does, then it's basically good-bye for 
the other guy. Kraken will chomp on the foe 3 times them spit them back 
out dealing an insane 4 1/2 bars of damage! If you like to use Kraken, 
then setting-up for this move should always be your top priority when 
you have the stones.

Valgas is one bad ass mofo! He has the strongest set of regular moves in 
the game, and the deadliest throw. What did you expect from the boss of 
the game though?( That big stupid-looking mutant thing doesn't count). 
Valgas' Supers are area-centric so cornering your foe is crucial to 
their hitting them. Valgas is also quite slow, probably somewhere 
between Galuda and Kraken.

POWER RAY-- A smaller version of one of his Supers, a ray of energy 
blasts from Valgas' chest at the opponent. It's better to use this move 
while jumping because you have a greater chance of hitting your foe. 
Mixing this move up with the Meteor Kick( explained next) will yield the 
best results.

METEOR KNEE/KICK--The Meteor Knee is basically useless, Valgas juts a 
knee out and a single seeker Meteor flys out. Now if you perfom this 
move while jumping, it's a whole other story! Three Seeking Meteor fly 
out if you perform the Meteor Knee in the air, which I just call the 
Meteor Kick since it looks more like a kick and all. This move is good 
to use away from the opponent to confuse them and/or make them panic, 
and also as a set-up for either of Valgas' deadly Supers, especially the 
Super Power Ray.

SUPER POWER RAY-- A large ray of energy shoots out of Valgas' chest. 
This is a very powerful Super that is best used on a cornered or 
recovering opponent. You can turn slowly in one direction while 
performing this move, but if you need to than you probably already 
missed. Knock down the other fighter with the Meteor Kick then time them 
up for this Super as they are rolling away.

DEADLY ENERGY--Valgas raises his arms and causes the area directly in 
front of him to spark with electricity and light. This Super has a 
better reach than the Super Power Ray because it extends slightly to the 
sides of Valgas as well. Again, this Super is best used on a cornered or 
recovering foe, or one that is jumping alot as it reeches to the top of 
the arena.

That's it for now! I haven't included Valgas' final form as it is very 
boring to use, except occasionally and there isn't really any kind of 
skill to it. I hope this Guide helps you enjoy Power Stone a bit more as 
it is a very fun game and I've seen some people get turned off by it's 
aparent craziness. If you;re one of those people then hopefully this 
Guide will give you a better grasp on this game and let you see that 
there IS a strategy to ths game, as simple as it can be at times.

NEXT REVISION: I hope to have some more moves translated, of course I've 
been telling myself that since February^_^ but now that this Guide will 
be seen outside of my webpage, I'll work on it more. I'll probably add a 
Basic Controls section, too. I'll also do the usual cleaning up, typo 
and punctuation corrections, etc...

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