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Poy Poy 2
by Benjamin Chow( [email protected] )

 1. Updates
 2. About the author
 3. Requirements
 4. About the game
 5. Characters
 6. Battle Terrain
 7. Items
 8. PsychoGloves
 9. Tips&Tricks
10. Stories&Questions

1.0 Just the FAQ
2.0 Added some things and one useful trick

 2.About the author
This is actually my first FAQ although I have always used FAQs as a 
guide for every game I play. This is because Poy Poy 2 is actually the 
first game which I was addicted at. If there is any comments, suggestions 
or problems please send them in to me at 
[email protected]

The requirements for this game are:
1-4 players (Multi Tap needed for more then two players)
1 Memory block for each different save

 4.About the game
In general, Poy Poy 2 is a throwing and dodging game. There are a 
variety of technique is either throwing or dodging making it hard to 
master but easy to win. There is a few modes to choose from: (in order 
from top to bottom)

-Party Play
-PoyPoy Cup
-Team Battle
-Game Explanation

Party Play
This is for playing the game where all the characters fight against each 
other. This is recommended for beginners.

PoyPoy Cup
This is where the story come in. If you want to know the storyline, try 
this mode. For now,
I will not write anything about the storyline cause I haven't completed 
the story although I had became the king. You will have to buy your 
glove according to your synchronization rate. The higher the rate to a 
certain character, the more powerful he/she using the glove. That 
differs from damage, time, range and hit rate. I'm not sure 'bout this 
but it seems this applies to for Party Play and Team Battle.

Team Battle
For this mode, you can team up with you friend and play against the 
computer's team(2 players). 

Game Explanation
This is the tutorial for the game. All beginners should try this mode 
before playing the game. Take your time during the practice cause you'll 
need it.

Here you can set the difficulty, the number of rounds and also change 
the controls.

There not much to say about this except that every character has 
different stats. It would be best to choose a character with acceptable 
hp and high psychic energy and speed. Psychic energy is very important if 
you like using psyhic power. At least this is what is found in my favourite 
character "Kage". Different characters are good at using different kind of 
gloves. For example, Apache is powerful using the fire glove.

 6.Battle Terrain
There are many different terrain in this game and each of the have 
obstacles and special items. There will also be chests lying around in 
every battle field containing good and bad stuff. The terrain are: 
(Words in bracket is only valid for the "PoyPoy Cup")

-Grass (Preliminaries Stage1)
-Moai (Preliminaries Stage 2)
-Ice (Preliminaries Stage 3)
-Sand (Preliminaries Stage 4)
-Park (Preliminaries Stage 5)
-Shock (Main Event Stage 1)
-Blast (Main Event Stage 2)
-Warp (Main Event Stage 3)
-Sky Cube (Main Event Stage 4)
-Moon (Main Event Stage 5)
-Channel PoyPoy (Final Stage)
-Killer Stage (Poiter's Secret)

There are logs in this battle which could come in handy for the "Knife 
Glove". The tree on the top left has some yellow hearts to replenish your psycho energy. When you knock down the tree, some hearts will fall out of it
(this is the first puzzle which I solved from the disc).

Try to go up to the higher platform and throw bombs from above. If the 
enemy is right below you, use the "square" button to throw the bomb.

Be careful and move slowly cause it's very slippery here. Do not touch 
the moves ice block cause you'll get knock down. Also, don't go near the 
penguins. If you want to go up the slope fast, use the dash(square) 

Beware of the quicksand in the middle. If do get in accidentally, keep 
tapping jump(triangle) and the direction button. Get catch of the enemy 
and throw them into the quicksand.

There is a big stone which can transform into a terrasour, a triceratops 
or a T-Rex. There is also a small platform high above. But beware, 
standing there will become the perfect target for the terrasour. The T-
Rex will catch you and bite while the triceratops will rams into you. It 
is also quite dark in here.

The robot in the middle in the middle will shoot a ray of electricity 
once in a while. If you get hit, you'll be stunned for a few seconds. 
Jump to evade the attack. The small robot bug in the other hand, will 
stun you when there is electricity around it and we you are near enough.

There will be flying robots throwing down bombs. Run when the bomb is 
near you. I don't think it is possible to pick the bombs cause I haven't 
done something as stupid as that.

There is three warping platform here. I will number them from left, 1, 2 
and 3.
There first number is which platform you enter and the second is where 
you'll come out.

Sky Cube
This is probably the hardest terrain. Be careful not to drop. If you do, 
you'll end up on the upper platform. Don't waste too much time here 
cause after some time, the terrain will start shaking and the lower 
platform will fall. Try to go up to the higher platform but beware, 
there'll be a big cube coming down to sweep everything away. Some cubes 
may be swept down from the upper platform and hit everything below. Get 
away from the bomb cubes(shaped as red diamond) when it starts shaking 
cause there'll explode by themselves. Do not touch the cubes during the 
quake or you'll be damaged.

It is quite easy here. You'll be able to jump very high and throw very 
far cause you're on the MOON! But you'll be walking very slow. When you 
pick up the meteorite, you'll be walking a lot faster and your character 
will keep walking that direction even when you're not pressing. It may 
easy or hard to dodge attacks here depending of what kind of attack.

Channel PoyPoy 
This terrain is not available on any modes other than the "PoyPoy Cup". 
This is actually the final stage for the cup. There is no obstacles here 
but this stage is hard when you're fighting 3 Com players.

Killer Stage
After winning the game a few times, or after upgrading all the gloves(seems impossible, not really, see the tips section for the trick), you will be capable of engaging in this stage. You will be asked whether you want to try the Poiter's Secret after receiveng your prize money. Here, this is a 1 against 3 battle. The first time I played it, I died in 20 seconds. The second time, I died after killing 2 and the last one has only 9hp. In other words, this stage is not hard. Here's the trick, there's no time limit, so take your time. Run around and wait for a chance to strike. Don't panic, keep calm and don't let them get near. Jump when needed. Lastly, there's only one round so be careful. You can keep trying if you lose.

There is a variety of items on each maps. They are explained below:

heart- replenish your life by quite a lot(very useful)
yellow heart- replenish your psycho energy
red ball- speed up your actions
blue ball- slow you down(avoid)
red bomb- very powerful, larger range than normal bomb, hit&fly! 
          (avoid at all cost!)
rainbow coloured ball- unknown( help me bout this)

Generally, psychogloves are gloves which gives superhuman powers and 
special abilities. Every glove has their own special ability which is 
executed by pressing R1 or R2 after picking whole holding 
something(except chests, enemy and etc). There are two kind of gloves. 
The first kind is the normal kind. These kind are upgradable into an 
entirely new glove which is more powerful, uses more psychic energy and 
the synchronization rate with your character may even change. An 
upgraded glove is not always better. The second kind are considered evil 
or dangerous in the game. These kind have powers which is out of this 
world! It may be useless, stupid, weak or extremely powerful! By the way, 
you cannot upgrade these kind of gloves(with one exception). The first kind can be used in 
all modes while the second are not allowed to be used in the "PoyPoy 

How to get the upgraded version gloves?
To get the upgraded version gloves, you will need to need to play the 
"PoyPoy Cup" and probably win it to have enough money and in suitable 
condition to upgrade. All normal gloves are upgradable. To upgrade you need to use it at least 200 times.

How to get the dark gloves?
Like the upgraded version, you'll need to play the "PoyPoy Cup" and get 
enough money to buy it from a mysterious person in the restroom which is 
behind the computer for saving.

I will not put a list of any kind of gloves and their powers because they are 
available in the game. 

1.  Find a character you like.
2.  Find a glove that you like.
3.  Suite them together cause some character is only good at using 
     certain gloves. This can be done by using the synchronization rate in 
     the "PoyPoy Cup" mode.
4.  Always go up to higher places for more benefits.
5.  When only you and 1 player is left, take your time(if your life is 
     longer) and attack carefully probably by using special powers if they 
     are long ranged.
6.  Never go into the middle of the enemies.
7.  Run when you see the enemy running towards from behind when you're 
     holding a rock(they will probably catch you)
8.  Don't stand near a bunch of bombs or cube bombs, one explode, all 
9.  Throw anything to the enemy when they're holding a cube bomb cause if 
      they get hit, they'll drop the bomb and it will explode and damage 
      them. This applies to you too. Throw the bomb when you see any 
10.  If you get burned, go near your enemy and burn them too!
11.  Get to know what all the abilities are so that you'll know what to 
       do. Example, Bubba uses his magic glove and throw a big bomb into the 
       air and vanishes. You'll probably get squashed if you don't know what 
       will happen next.
12.  This is what everyone needs, how to upgrade all the gloves without             having to use them a few hundred times. First, get a lot of money.           When you feel you have enough, keep entering and exiting. Eventually,        you'll see that the person in the upgrade counter has changed into a         guy in red hair. Now talk to him and upgrade everything even if you          haven't use them before. This trick is proven successful. Only this          guy can do it. He can also upgrade the dark glove "Trash". He'll be        gone the next time you reenter the game, so don't waste the        opportunity.

1.  Has anyone been able to solved the puzzles in disc 17?
2.  How can you throw farther or higher?
3.  How to jump and throw straight? I saw the computer doing this at Sky Cube      level.
4.  Is it possoble to see how mech psycho energy you have left during the      battle?

This FAQ is Copyright 1999 Benjamin Chow

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