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Quest 64
Author: marshmallow
E-mail Address: [email protected] 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 
- Version 3.0 -

Revision History: 
July 5th - The last time I updated this FAQ was...last year, this day, 
actually. Since this was my ever first FAQ, it had horrendous spelling, 
grammar, and gameplay mistakes. So I've decided to come back with my 30+ 
FAQ experience and give it a major make-over. Even if you've read this 
before, read it again, and bask in the glow of the crappy game we call 
Quest 64. 

Fixed a few typos
fixed some problems in the Earth spell list
finished the Walkthrough (sorry, I wrote it. It's not a reader's)
Made some "CORRECTIONS!!!" notes along the Walkthrough
Made this letter (below)

To everyone, 
Now you can stop e-mailing me with info on how to beat Beigus and 
everything, I have beaten him. I thank all of you who helped, and I want 
to make a correction in the Walkthrough, don't even bother with Fire and 
Wind, Earth and Water are truly the best. Water because of the healing, 
the ice and water attacks, and because of some nice tricks with the 
escape spell. Earth because of Avalanche, Magic Barrier, and Spirit 
Armor. After you have maxed them both out Fire is ok. 

The only reason I couldn't beat Beigus is because I didn't have anything 
in Earth, but Water and Fire were maxed out...try killing him without 
Avalanche and Magic Barrier!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - 
1) Introduction
2) 	The Basics 
3) 	Why Quest Sucks
4) Walkthrough
5) Spirit Gem List 
6) Items 
7) Magic Spells 
8) Secrets and Tips 
9) Baddies 
10) FAQ
11) Credits 
12) Legal Stuff
13) The End

1) Introduction

Quest 64 is the first "RPG" to come to the Nintendo 64, which is pretty 
sad and pathetic when you think about it. Actually, I think the entire  
"RPG" concept it stupid. Think about it..."Role Playing Game." That 
means you are playing the role of a character, and are totally submersed 
in their world, and can interact with it. Using that definition, Mario 
64 is an RPG. So is GoldenEye 007. The only genre that isn't an RPG is 
the puzzle genre...most of the time at least. RPG really means "Retarded 
Pretend Game." In other words, you go through large, generic worlds and 
fight in menu-based battles for hours and hours until you gain 
experience. Games that come to mind would be Chrono Trigger, Dragon 
Warrior, FF7, Pokemon, and Quest 64. Oh brother...

The plot: CeltLand is a large island in a far away sea, it is also one 
of the most peaceful. For eons the residents of CeltLand have lived in 
peace with the spirits, each spirit is part of nature: Fire, Earth, 
Water, and Wind. The secrets to these mystical entities are inscribed in 
the Eletale Book, a book so secret that only the true spirits tamers can 
read. Spirit tamers hold the power of the spirits, and are one with 

One day this all changed, an unknown stole the Eletale Book and has Read 
it's sacred volumes. The knowledge this unknown knows now is enough to 
destroy all of CeltLand. He has already used it's powerful magic to turn 
ordinary creatures into horrible monsters with black magic at their 
disposal. They are roaming the countryside and now only the cities are 
safe, for now. The citizens are frightened and fear for their lives. Who 
could stop this?

You are Brian, an apprentice spirit tamer. Your father, Lord Bartholmy, 
was a respected spirit tamer himself. Over a month ago he left to find 
the Eletale Book. You (Brian) have promised everyone in CeltLand that 
you will go and find the book, rescue your father, and restore peace to 

This is just the main plot, there are many sub plots. Read about them in 
the Walkthrough.

2) The Basics

You can control Brian in the huge 3D world that is CeltLand. Quest 64 is 
the first 100% 3D RPG, which is even more sad. Quest 64 is like an RPG 
in many ways, you control magic spells, follow Brian through his 
homeland, sleep in hotels, there are turn based battles etc...It is also 
NOT like an RPG, there is no money system, no other people that will 
join Brian on the Quest, and well...that's it. But Quest 64 is an RPG. 

Navigating the giant world is very simple, just move Brian around with 
the control stick. If you see a person you want to talk to, simply go up 
to her/him/it. A bubble with appear over it's head, like in comic books. 
Push the A button and they will talk to you. You may find out key 
information about the level, what's to come, tips, someone might be nice 
and give you an item, or they might just want to make small talk. 
Whatever the case, it's smart to talk to everyone you meet. 

Sometimes when looking around a city or elsewhere, you might find a red 
treasure chest. Go up to it, and a "!" will appear over Brian's head. 
Now you can open the chest by pushing the "A" button, you will get 
whatever is inside. 

To advance your magic spells you must collect the spirit gems that 
litter the landscape. You will see them as a small bubble like geyser 
that flashes on and off, you have to have a sharp eye to spot some of 
them. When you get over it you will see a "?" over Brian's head, push 
the "Z" button and you will see a C Button configuration. You may now 
raise the power for your magic spells. C up is Fire, C right is Wind, C 
down is Water, and C left is Earth. Learn these! Note: You may also win 
spirit gems from battle

The battles in Quest are random, in another words if you're walking in 
an area outside a city every other few seconds you will be forced into a 
battle by the monsters that run around. Funny thing, you can't see them! 

During battle you will face off against the enemy in classic turn based 
combat (unfortunately for you). The fighting arena is represented by a 
large octagon. Your space is represented by the octagon that surrounds 
you. The enemy has their own space as well. You can not move outside 
your field, nor can the enemy. But you can move the octagon by getting 
close to what you want to move near and attacking or by pushing Z with 
nothing selected (this will forfeit your turn). 

Unlike most RPGs you can dodge your enemy's attacks, all you must do is 
move around in your field. Some attacks, however, are almost impossible 
to avoid. To defeat the enemy just attack them until their HP is used 
up. If an object is blocking the view, you can swivel the camera with 
the Left shoulder button (L). It is common to receive items after 
winning a battle. 

Normally you have a view much like Mario 64's, that is behind out hero. 
Hit the L button and it will zoom out for a more behind in the air 
perspective, much like Mario RPG. Note: This can not be done in enclosed 

To attack with a spell hit the corresponding C button and push the A 
button to attack with it. Some spells require you to face the enemy you 
wish to attack. You may also attack with your magic staff, just get up 
close to an enemy (don't worry, they can't attack when it's your turn) 
and when a staff icon appears then hit the A button, you will use the 
staff frequently in your quest. Arf, arf.

Collecting spirit gems is an important task, as they will increase your 
power. Enemies are almost always more powerful than you so this can be 
important, you must decide what magic spells to increase and what not 

If you find that you need healing, and you happen to have the "heal 
spell" (see spells list and descriptions) then you can heal yourself 
without items. Try to make this your most powerful water attack, as in 
the heat of battle this is a must. You can also use the heal outside of 
battles, remember that. You can use it again and again, so replenishing 
yourself is easy. 

But breads (see items list) and other healing items are still needed, 
because it will be awhile before you can heal 50 HP in one spell. I only 
use them for bosses, because when you are defeated you will be taken to 
the last hotel you visited 

Remember that cities are safe. 

Explore the cities and castle very well, every nook and cranny. You will 
discover all kinds of items to help you. Remember, after you save a city 
to go back and talk to everyone, some might give you items (a good 
example of this is the king of Dondoran). 

When you pause the game, there are four screens... 

The bars show your HP, MP, Defense, and Agility. To the right of the bar 
is the word "exp", which stands for experience, of course. The number 
behind it, being a percent, shows you how close to advancing that level 
you are. 

You can control two things here; the speed of the text when you talk to 
people, and the background noise. If you hate the sound of Brian's 
footsteps, turn it off here!

This is where you can see the current kingdom or area...everything is 
pretty obvious. The blinking red arrow is you.

This shows all the elements, and how many gems of each you have 
collected. The useful part of this is the blue ball in the center, with 
the percentage under it. Everytime you fight a battle, the ball will 
fill with water, the amount depending on the strength of the creatures 
you fought. When it reaches 100%, you will automatically get a Spirit 

3) Why Quest 64 Sucks

A short list of why Quest 64 is one of the stupidest games I have ever 
had the misfortune of playing (and buying!).

# 1 - No story. Wow, his dad is gone and a book is stolen. NO!!!

# 2 - Enemies too powerful or too weak. Although the enemies are very 
original and look cool, they are almost always way too powerful, or way 
too weak. Example: enemies in the final level, or Dindom Dries

# 3 - If you do not put all of your Spirit Gems in Earth and Water, it 
is practically impossible to get to the end. That is not right!

# 4 - The bosses. Not only are they stupid looking and install no fear 
in you (Except for Mammon himself), they have only ONE OR TWO attacks in 
all. That is ridiculous! 

# 5 - It is impossible to get 50 Spirit Gems in each element. Well, if 
you kept on fighting until you had hair coming out of your ears it would 
be possible, but I mean in your lifetime.

# 6 - The dungeons are pathetic. I'm not even sure if you can really 
call them dungeons! There are six altogether: Cull Hazard, Blue Cave, 
Baragoon Mines, Boil Hole, Baragoon Castle, and the World of Mammon. 
Now, I'll put this in terms that you can come to grips with...THERE ARE 
NO PUZZLES. Not a single freakin' puzzle. NOT IN THE ENTIRE GAME! What 
kind of lazy ass-designer thought of this brilliant idea? I mean, if 
you're not even going to put a little puzzle into a project that costs 
your company thousands, or even millions of dollars, why would you even 
ATTEMPT IT?! That's what really scares me about this game. Even scarier, 
the dungeons aren't even that interesting. You just keep walking and 
walking, until you get to the end. I fell asleep in the Baragoon Castle, 
and I wasn't even very tired! I've never fallen asleep while playing a 
video-game in my life, and I've played them since I was five years old! 

# 7 - No mini-games. Nuff' said.

# 8 - Accessories, armor, shields, swords, staffs, capes, boots...does 
Quest 64 have any of those items? Let me try to remember...NO! NO! NO! 
You're stuck with everything you start out with.

# 9 - What about currency? Hmmm...let me think...NO! You just magically 
get things from other people, for no good reason. Actually, the Japanese 
version (which came out much later than the American version) is going 
to feature some sort of cash. Where's a gun when you need it? 

# 10 - Spells. Yes, there are more than 40 in the game, but you only 
need about five in all. Avalanche, Earth Shield (or whatever), Water 
Pillar, Heal, and Escape. The others are useless. 

There are many others, but that covers pretty much all of it, Quest 64 
is the most shallow game in existence. The only thing that I think they 
did well was the towns and cities, the monster design, and maybe the 
spell graphics (although, some are way too short). You may be wondering 
why I'm doing a FAQ for such a lowly game...

It's because I got cheated into buying this, and I make FAQs for any 
game that I own. And besides, some people actually (snicker) like the 
game. OK, I admit that the towns are fun to explore, but that is IT! 

I know I could sell it, and I plan to do so when I need cash.  

4) The Walkthrough

I won't mind telling you the plot, since it is so generic and 
predictable, it would take a real idiot to be surprised. 

Also, this game is so crappy, it's amazing. Watch me as I make it look 
really complicated, like all those people who write FAQs for Playstation 
RPGs. This should be a riot! 

(No, I don't have anything against the PSX at all, but some of those 
authors make the games look way more complicated than it is.)

                         COLLECTING EARTH ORB 

                 C O L L E C T I N G    E A R T H   O R B 

/////////////////////////THE KINGDOM OF KENNISHIRE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

(note how I just used nearly a page for graphics)

                       - - - MELRODE MAJESTY - - -

Items to find: Dew Drop x3, Fresh Bread, Honey Bread 

You start off your quest (pun) by talking to the Grand Abbott. What's an 
Abbott you ask? Well, I don't know, but he looks pretty cool. He tells 
you about the Eletale Book, the Day of Grief, your father, the next 
city, etc...then you get to leave after he's done blabbing. Exit through 
the nearby door.

After a long series of stairs, you will reach a library with a maid, 
talk to her if you want to know about the Spirit Gems. Then, go through 
the next door to arrive in a long hallway of doors. They are all empty, 
except for the first one, which has a maid that explains some more. 

(this is a good way to make it seem complicated)

?  ?_____
?        b 
?   __a__b
?  ?
?  ?

'c' is where you enter, 'b' is the large green door to the main hall, 
and 'a' is a brown door to the courtyard; take 'a.' 

In here you will find two maids who will teach you even more, but there 
is also a treasure chest in the back with a Dew Drop, which restores 10 
MP points. Go through the next door, you will find a basement with two 
more chests, each containing another Dew Drop. Backtrack to the hall 

Now go through b, which leads to the main hall. Speak to the man, but 
don't go through the large doors yet, there's more to explore. If you go 
in the opposite direction of the large door, you will find a door that 
leads to a priest, but you will get nothing but some conversation. 
There's a door across from the door where you enter the main hall, the 
bakery is there. The maid will give you Fresh Bread, which will restore 
50 HP points. A chest behind the bench has some Honey Bread, which 
restores 100 HP points. Save these for later! 

Now, exit through the big door. 

                         - - - MELRODE TRAIL - - - 

Items to find: None 

Go down the ramp and turn left, follow the long path until you get to a 
steeple. Talk to the horse if you want (I wish he said something 
coherent), and then go into the hay. In the hay there is your first 
spirit gem. Just be weary from now on, I won't tell you the location of 
any others. If you want those, look for them in the Spirit Gem 
List...Now go back to the ramp, now go down the ramp that is against the 
gate. Walk what seems forever until you get to a door. Enter it to get 
to a small village.

                        - - - MELRODE TOWN - - - 

Items to find: White Wings, Fresh Bread

Sarcasm aside, the best part of Quest 64 is the towns, which are 
lavishly detailed, has many neat people to talk to, and plenty of chests 
and areas to explore. This town is actually rather pathetic when 
compared to future ones, but being 3D and all, it might impress you 
(even in the post-Zelda era). 

Even jabbering, let's get down to business. After knowing where 
everything is, this town should be a cinch. First off, go to the Inn, 
which is a large building with a blue house hanging from the door. 
Inside you will meet Shannon, a rather pretty woman dressed in white and 
purple. You better get used to her, she will appear in every hotel in 
the game! Save at the desk (you need a Memory Pak, but everyone should 
have one by now...). The White Wings can be found in the shop, which has 
a yellow pot next to the door. The Wings will return you to this town 
when used, but can not be used in forests or caves. Have you noticed 
something funny? That's right, you don't need any money, they just hand 
over the items to you! What idiot of a game-designer thought of this?! 
Well...moving on...In the large field with the shepherd, there is a 
house, inside is a chest with some Fresh Bread. 

                   - - - KENNISHIRE ROAD - - - 

Items to find: None

Enemies to fight: Hellhound, Werehare, Man Eater, Big Mouth, Parassult, 

This is basically a very twisty road that leads to a fork, left going to 
Connor Forest, right going to Dondoran Town. But before this, I will 
enlighten you with my vast wealth of information, and if you don't want 
to be absolutely annihilated later in the game, you better listen up! 
Most people always seem to want to raise their HP as far as they can, up 
in the 100's even, before going to Connor Forest alone, but this will 
offer only small protection if your defense is lacking. Later in the 
game, enemies can make your 300 HP melt away like a man in a hooker's 
snatch, so you must get your defense very high to counteract this. How 
do you do this? Simple, get hit by attacks. Everytime you do, you get 
defensive experience. The more powerful the attacks inflicted on you the 
better! Keep doing this, even if you die, and you will return at the 
last inn with all of your exp. Do this over and over, then you can not 
be stopped! Other great defensive builders can be found in the Secrets 
section, and if you do them from the start of the game to the end, you 
will have more fun in the long-term. 

Here's even more you must read. As you get Spirit Gems, add them ALL to 
Water until it grows to seven, that is when you learn the Heal Spell, 
which is very useful. Throughout the game, there is only ONE OTHER 
ELEMENT you should add Gems to, and that is Earth, because of Avalanche 
(the best attack in the game) and Shield Barrier (offers invulnerability 
for five turns). After Earth and Water are maxed out at 50, you can do 
whatever you want with the others. 

- - - DONDORAN TOWN - - - 

Items to find: Yellow Wings, Dew Drops x infinity, Fresh Bread x 

Talking to the locals, it seems that some robber with awesome black 
magic was able to steal a precious treasure from the castle, now he is 
in the Conner Forest and is blocking the road via an old fort that was 
abandoned long ago. You, of course, have to save him. In the pub, which 
has a barrel above the door, you can get a free Dew Drop from the lady 
if you do not have one, and Fresh Bread from the bartender. You can do 
this over and over, but if you have just one Dew Drop or Fresh Bread, 
they will not give you one...Also get the Yellow Wings from the shop.

                       - - - DONDORAN CASTLE - - - 

Items to find: Mint Leaves, Dew Drop x3, Fresh Bread x2,  

This castle was rather nicely designed...too bad most of the rooms are 
empty. Before going up the staircase to see the king, go through one of 
the doors on the left of right, up the stairs, and explore the second 
floor. One of the door leads to Princess Flora, who says that if you get 
back the treasure her father will pay you back. In her room are some 
items, including the Mint Leaves, which will restore 20 MP points!  
Now backtrack to the staircase, get clearance from the guard, then go 
in. Talk to King Scottfort and he will explain everything, even naming 
the treasure –- the Earth Orb. The side door containing even more items, 
so be sure not to miss it! Exit the castle and return to the big field.

                        - - - KENNISHIRE ROAD - - -

Remember that cross in the road? This time go left, but before you do 
fight some baddies until you get a real high level of defense, maybe 10 
or so. Remember the defense trick! Keep healing until you 
will also enhance your other categories, like HP and MP. When you're all 

                         - - - CONNOR FOREST - - - 

Items to find: Giants Shoe, Mint Leaves, Honey Bread, Earth Orb

Enemies to fight: Kobold, Frog Knight, Marionasty, Bat, Man Trap 

Ever since the Zelda series began more than a decade ago, RPG/Adventure 
games have been notorious for having tons and tons of secrets in the 
forests. Quest 64, on the other hand...well, there are practically none. 

Turn left at the fork to find a small hut, inside is the Giant's Shoe, 
which will double the size of your octagon in battle, which is mainly 
useful during a boss fight. Most people get stuck right here because 
they take the right path and find the door to the next area, which is 
locked, and think their game is broken. WRONG. Your head is the only 
thing broken. Behind the hut is a path, which leads deep into the 
forest, where you will find many more enemies, and the old fort the 
robber is hiding in. Battle the nearby enemies until your defense is at 
about 15, then enter.

BOSS: Solvaring                                                HP: 210

A man covered in fur and dead animals, Solvaring is the hardest boss in 
the game in my opinion, because you do not have Avalanche, and if you 
run out of breads, you're kind of screwed. He used Lava Ray when you get 
far away (step to the side to avoid) and Earth Blast when close (can not 
avoid). The best way to take on this beast is to pummel him with your 
staff. This will make him use Earth Blast, which takes off about 10 HP, 
and you only have about 80 or so. When you get down to 10, use one of 
the breads you have. If you are on the brink of dying and have no 
breads, TURN THE GAME OFF. If you die and come back, he'll be close to 
impossible to kill since you won't have breads. Once killed you will 
receive 10 HP points and the Earth Orb!!

Item: Earth Orb                          Attacks: Lava Ray, Earth Blast

After he's gone get all the stuff from the chests, then head back into 
the forest. Go back to the large field, then use the Yellow Wings as a 

                          COLLECTING WIND JADE

                 C O L L E C T I N G    W I N D   J A D E 

                     - - - DONDORAN TOWN/CASTLE - - - 

Items to find: Hero's Drink, Healing Potion, and Replica

Talk to everyone and they will thank you for what you've done. If you 
need some bread go to the tavern. Head into the castle. Go back to the 
throne room and talk to the king. He will let you into a secret back 
room. Hero's Drink recovered 40 MP, Healing Potion recovers 150 HP, and 
the Replica allows you to escape from battle. 

                            - - - CONNOR FOREST - - - 

Items to find: Dew Drops

This time turn right, you will collect two spirit gems on this path so 
keep your eyes peeled. Battle your way through until you reach a brown 
door with a treasure box by it. Get the goods and go through the door. 

                      - - - KENNISHIRE WHARF ROAD - - - 

Items to find: None

Enemies to fight: Death Hugger, Mad Doll, Apophis, Goblin, Cockatrice

Try saying that three times fast! Continue forward, racking up major 
defense points, and keep an eye on your map. Do you see a "Glencoe 
Forest"? If you don't, get your eyes checked. There are two paths to it, 
but as you can make out on the map, one if blocked. You'll need to take 
the lower one up. It seems blocked as well, but if you use the camera 
with B, you can clearly see a log going down. Fight your way to the 

                        - - - GLENCOE FOREST - - -  

Items to find: Silent Flute 
Enemies to fight: Dark Goblin, Hot Lips, Ghost Stalker, Treant

There are lots of Spirit gems to be found, which is the main reason for 
visiting. Another reason is for the tons of defensive power you can get 
from this place –- the enemies are quite powerful. The only ones you 
might want to stay away from would be a large group of Dark Goblins, 
unless your Water Pillar can cause a lot of damage to many, otherwise 
they will kick your puny butt quite a bit. On the other side of the 
forest is a cottage, inside that is a chest with the Silent Flute, which 
will halt all enemy magical attacks for five turns. You can also talk to 
Kelly, a woman who seems to know a lot about wind...but you can read 
about that in the Secrets section. 

                  - - - KENNISHIRE WHARF ROAD - - - 

Items to find: none

Keep going and going, and you will eventually find an Inn, go inside and 
save. Coming back out, climb up the stairs to board a large wooden boat, 
go inside and wait a few seconds. It's time to check your 
should have at the minimum: 20 gems in both Earth and Water, 110 HP, 30 
Defense. Now come back out. The boat has carried you across the lake and 

///////////////////////////////WEST CARMAGH\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

                        - - - WEST CARMAGH WAY - - -

Items to find: none

Enemies to fight: Ork Junior, Were Hare, Ghosthound, Gremlin, Merrow, 
Wolf Goat, Skeleton 

Save in the hotel and head towards the city that is on top (looking at 
the map here). There are tons of spirit gems around here, so each 
around. There are also some easy baddies. Take advantage of this by 
building your stats, especially defense.

                        - - - LARAPOOL - - - 

Items to find: Blue Wings, Mint Leaves x infinity

Go into the hotel and gasp, as it has an upstairs, a downstairs, and a 
basement! The lady on the first floor will replenish any Mint Leaves for 
you, so come back if you run out. Talk to Shannon, and then save. Go 
upstairs and talk to Leila, the sorceress of all the wind. Does she look 
like barbie to you, or is just me? Well, she'll tell you how the Wind 
has ceased to stop, and demons can spread, the without the wind we will 
all die...for some reason she doesn't say WHY we will die. Also go to 
the shop and get the Blue Wings.

                          - - - WEST CARMAGH WAY - - -  

Items to find: none

Along the path you will see many easy baddies and a few more spirit 
gems, so get them. When you finally get to the cottage near Windward 
Forest (see map) go inside and you will learn that the unknown being 
used the Wind Jade to destroy the only bridge to Windward Forest! So now 
we must take to the longer route to go into the Cull Hazard Cave. Make a 
fast break for Cull Hazzard. Save at the hotel before entering the cave. 
This cave is going to be very, very long, so make sure you have plenty 
of supplies.

                          - - - CULL HAZARD CAVE - - - 

Items to find: Healing Potion x2, Hero's Drink, Honey Bread, Silent 
Enemies to fight: Skelebat, Blood Jell, Wyvern, Scarecrow

Before this level, Quest was pretty much an average RPG, but now you 
enter the first "dungeon", of which there are six in the entire game. 
These make the value of the entire game plummet down to nearly zero (see 
the "Why Quest Sucks" section for more details).  

The only real experience I have in writing an explanation for dungeons 
come from my Zelda: Ocarina of Time FAQ. Now that is a real game...when 
I wrote the walkthroughs for the dungeons, it looked like I made it real 
complicated. You know why it seemed like that? THEY ARE COMPLICATED! 
Read anybody else's FAQs on Zelda and you'll see that writing all those 
steps takes quite a bit of space. For this dungeon, hold the analog 
stick forward. Fight the battles. Get defense. Pick up items in chests. 
Walk some more. 10 minutes later you are done! 

                       - - - NORMOON VILLAGE - - - 

Items to find: Honey Bread x infinity, Fresh Bread x3, Hero's Drink, 
Green Wings 

This town is pretty sleepy, not very much activity. Like all cities just 
talk to everyone and get the Wings and the Bread from the Tavern. 
Shannon is waiting for you in the Hotel, as usual. Before leaving the 
Inn, though, go upstairs and talk to Leonardo. Look at her! Remember how 
THQ said there would be multiple characters before the game was 
released? I am positive that this girl right here is one of them...or, 
would have been, if THQ wouldn't have been so stupid. Just look at her 
clothing, and her staff, crowned by a ruby...

In the two mills there's treasure to be found. On the right side of the 
town is a large yellow patch of flowers, get through the holes and you 
will be gifted with two spirit gems. When you're ready go up the hill at 
the end and go through the door to enter Windward Forest. It seems that 
a man stole the Wind Jade, a precious stone that controls the wind, and 
he is now  using it for evil purposes.

                     - - - WINDWARD FOREST - - - 

Items to find: Healing Potion, Honey Bread, Wind Jade
Enemies to fight: Arachnoid, Termant, Temptress, Thunder Jell, Ork, 
Jack-O'-Lantern, Lamia

Fight until you get a lot of HP, MP, and items (you should have a ton of 
items by now!). Continue on the path until you get to a cottage, go 
inside. A treasure box with some fresh bread lie in wait for you in the 
second room. And a treasure box behind the house, it has a Healing 
Potion. Keep going along the path, fighting monsters and everything. 
Sooner or later you will get to Zelse. Before then, check your 
stats...You should have about 28 gems in both Earth and Water, your HP 
should be 150, and your defense should be around 50 as well. 

BOSS: Zelse                                                  HP: 655

Zelse is a man in blue with silver hair, but he's not old, not at all. 
He will throw large white diamonds at you, they each take off barely 
anything, but together they can be deadly. Get close and he will slice 
you with a green machete, so stay away from him. Every once and awhile 
he will make a huge blue ice field come up and out of the ground. This 
is your signal to get away from him! You should have Avalanche by now 
(required -– 24 gems in Earth), which means you can make minced meat pie 
out of him. Items would be a good idea to have, especially mint leaves. 
You now have the Wind Jade and a lot of exp!!

Item: Wind Jade                Attacks: Ice Wave, Diamond Dices, Machete

Continue along the bridge and talk to the guys in the house, they'll 
thank you. You can either go to Larapool by foot, building up your 
power, or use the wings to get there. 

                            - - - LARAPOOL - - -

Items to find: Silver Amulet

If you did use the wings to get here (I never do) then get them replaced 
at the shop. Go to the hotel and talk to the sorceress on the top floor 
again, she will tell you about some girl who can see everything or 
something, she tells you to go to the basement. Go down there and go 
across the path, and into the door. There she is again! Talk to her, and 
she says that you must go to Blue Cave. Get the Silver Amulet from the 
chest too, they increase your defense in battle.  Go back out and the 
water will have gone down, go down there and follow the path. Enter the 
door, and presto!

                          - - - BLUE CAVE - - - 

Items to find: Mint Leaves 
Enemies to fight: Crawler, Scarecrow, Blood Jell, Skelebats, Mimic, 
Scorpion, Multi-Optics

Turn right and follow the arrows, taking some battles and running from 
some. When you get to the end you will find a chest, open it up. Go back 
and you will notice some arrows and a cave, go through it. Follow the 
arrows, well, it's just a one way ticket so...then you follow the cave 
that never seems to end...ho hum...isn't this exciting? Then through 
another bridge, then after about 10 minutes of just walking you'll get 
to a room with a lot of different paths. Take the right one and always 
take a right if there's a turn, other than that follow the path. This 
place now uses left over baddies, so defeating them shouldn't be hard.   
After what seems like forever you'll come to a large open room with a 
house in it.  Go inside it. Talk to the thing that's floating around to 
save, then talk to the other person, it is Epona, who Leila was talking 
about. She'll fill you in on some details, so go into the next room. Hop 
onto the platform and you will be warped to a purple boat

                       - - - PIRATE BOAT - - -

Items to find: Dragon's Potion

Talk to the captain  Then go into the cabin, and down the stairs. Then 
go over to the old man and talk to him to save your game. Go through the 
next door, get the spirit gem, and the chest. Talk to the guy, of 
course. Then go back up on the deck. Now go down the hard to spot 

                        - - - ISLE OF SKYE - - - 

Items to find: none

Enemies to fight: Thunder Jell, Termant, Pixie, Gangrene

When you go over the grass you may be attacked, so be ready for battle. 
Talk to the man, and the girl who looked like a prostitute, it seems as 
if someone has stolen the Water Jewel and has been turning up evil 
powers on the seas...for some reason this isn't a surprise. Don't mess 
with the door, it's locked. Go back and continue on the dirt path. Fight 
the Thunder Jells for MAJOR MAJOR points, in all areas. Now walk into 
the four pillars in the middle, they will transport you to a strange 
cave like place.  Follow the skinny path until you see a girl in a 
Link/Zelda esque suit, this is Nepty. 

A quick status check, your HP should be 190, and there should be 37 gems 
in both Water and Earth, and your Defense should be around 65. 

BOSS: Nepty                                                    HP: 910

When you get close she used the Bubble Shield, which takes off more 
energy than the other attack, the Bubble Bop -– she uses that attack 
when you are far away. If you stand still, rather than running around, 
it will miss you almost completely. Use the Avalanche over and over, 
using any Amulets you may have found, plus Breads and Potions to keep 
your Health up. Actually, I almost never have to use any items, because 
I usually get into a spot where I can take off 300 at once! After she is 
dead, you have obtained 10 HP points and the Water Jewel!!

Item: Water Jewel                     Attacks: Bubble Bop, Bubble Shield

Go back to the cottage and talk to the people, then go back through the 
door. Get the spirit gem and step on the platform, it's a warp. 

Now you will warp to Epona's cottage in the Blue Cave

                           - - - BLUE CAVE - - - 

Items to find: none

Talk to her and she will tell you some stuff. Now then, save at the 

ittle...thing over there and you'll be all set. Go out there and stand 
between the pillars, you will warp to Larapool. Boy, this must be an 
important city, you come here often! 

                           - - - LARAPOOL - - - 

Items to find: none

Exit this town and head towards the ship that brought you here. 

                            - - - SHIP - - - 

Talk to the captain, get in, get out!

                           COLLECTING FIRE RUBY

                  C O L L E C T I N G   F I R E   R U B Y 

///////////////////////////EAST LIMELIN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

                   - - - EAST LIMELIN LINE - - - 

Items to find: none

Enemies to fight: Scarecrow, Fishman, Wyvern, Caterpillar, Cryshell 

Save at the hotel and shove off! Battle your way through until you get 
to Limelin. Be on the lookout for spirit gems along the way. Before 
entering Limelin city make sure your defense is near 75, those groups of 
Blood Jells are great targets for this. Simply don't attack them and 
when you're energy gets low use heal until it's all the way up, do this 
until your MP is nearly gone. Then kill them. Notice that you can get 5-
6 points every time you do this!

                          - - - LIMELIN TOWN - - -  

Items to find: Mint Leaves, Healing Potion, Dew Drop, Honey Bread

Talk to everyone in the town, which will take awhile. This is the 
biggest town yet, and most of the buildings have a second story. Get 
wings at the store, and learn of Fargo. Fargo was a killer who murdered 
many people, he was put away for good but just recently he escaped into 
the mines. You can find out this and more by talking to everyone. This 
is also one of the most treasurous cities as well. There are many, many 
chests to open.

                        - - - LIMELIN CASTLE - - - 

Items to find: Honey Bread, Healing Potion x2, Mint Leaves, Celine's 
Bell, Silver Amulet 

Talk to everyone in the castle, including the Queen (go up to the wall 
behind her and it will open, revealing a secret room with some goodies). 
After that head back into the main hall and find the treasure room, it 
has so many chests and treasures, you'll spend most of your time opening 
them up! Go back into the city. 

                       - - - EAST LIMELIN LINE - - - 

Items to find: none

Go straight forward and turn left, this place is great for battles 
because these enemies are old. Just follow the path and go down the 
trails that have arrows on them. Now head into the Baragoon Mines.

                        - - - BARAGOON MINES - - - 

Items to find: Hero's Drink, Healing Potion x3, Replica, Dew Drop, 
Silver Amulet

Enemies to fight: Ghost, Termant, Willow-O'-Wisp, Sprite

When you  enter the cave get the chests and the spirit gem. Follow the 
cave path, the baddies here are old so they shouldn't be hard. Keep 
going, then when you get a open place get the spirit gems and the chest. 
Follow the path for what seems forever, then go up all the ramps. Turn 
left and get the spirit gem. Go the other way and just follow the path, 
very straightforward. When you get to a large room grab the chests in 
the corners. Now, it's time for a Sub Boss!

BOSS: Shilf                                                  HP: 1,100

A rather simple boss, Shilf is a rather nice-looking woman who has very 
low attack power when compared to some of the enemies that inhabit the 
mines. The Death Birds are used when far away, and the Green Ray when 
close. If you're too close to avoid the Green Ray (which you should be), 
then just STAND STILL, your chances of getting a "Miss!" are greatly 
improved. Use Avalanche until she dies (might take a couple of turns to 
get the angle right). An easy 20 HP bonus. 

Item: none                             Attacks: Death Birds, Green Ray

After she's defeated continue on to the next room, don't worry, there 
aren't any baddies here. Get the two chests, the spirit gem, and go 
through the only exit. You will reach a light at the end of the 
tunnel...go into it. 

                            - - - DINDOM DRIES - - - 

Items to find: Giant's Shoe

Enemies to fight: Were-cat, Nightmare, Sandman, Blueman, Magma Fish 
Go inside the tent by the pool of water to save, then check your map. 
You will see a very large, empty space in the south-east, go down there. 
Before going there you will find a house, inside is a chest with the 
Giant's Shoe. When you get to the very south-east corner on the map you 
will find a pyramid with a jewel floating above it. This will take quite 
a long time, and many hard battles, but believe me, it's worth it. When 
you step onto the pyramid you will be transported to...

                             - - -  SHAMWOOD - - - 
Items to find: Silent Flute, Dragon's Potion, Celine's Bell, Spirit 
Light, Replica, Healing Potion, Giant's Shoes, Dew Drop, Silver Amulet, 
Golden Amulet

Shamwood is a big building with calm music, waterfalls, and a central 
room with all of the treasure you see above. Then, a little bit later, 
you see a man dressed in a big robe, wielding a huge scepter. Since this 
is a hidden town, and most people never see this place, I will quote him 
so you won't have to start an entire game over.

Name: Lavaar

"What have we here? No one has found this phantom city in a thousand 
years. I am Lavaar, I once held the "Eletale Book." But when I opened it 
to unleash its incredible powers, I was not worthy. The only powers I 
could control were those of famine and destruction. I could hate, but 
not love, I could terrify, but not inspire. Finally, the great magician 
Epona came to my rescue and freed me from the curse of the "Eletale 
Book". But my penance is that I have been exiled here, alone for 
eternity, or until the evil that we call Mammon is defeated. Only then 
will I find my final peace. You with the precious gems of untold power, 
are my only hope. The only who can free both myself and all of Celtland 
from evil." 

Ok, ok, so maybe the story isn't *that* bad. The Day of Grief is highly 
original, at least to my knowledge. 

Speaking of precious gems, Water and Earth should be both maxed out at 
50, an you should be knee-deep in starting one of the other elements. 
Which one it does not matter, just as long as you still collect them, 
because with it your staff power increases (but soon that will become 
useless, as the enemies become too powerful for it).  

Exit and wander the desert, checking the map, to reach...

                     - - - GREENOCH VILLAGE - - - 

Items to find: Replica, Healing Potion x infinity, 

Hmm...only two buildings and slabs of rocks? What's up? It appears as if 
an evil being was testing his powers and had a little accident on the 
city! Get the chest and save at the hotel. Talk to the survivors and 
keep on going, deeper into the desert.

                           - - - DINDOM DRIES - - - 

Items to find: none

Follow the path the best you can, when you get to a large red molten 
lava place go over it and to the left, you will see a spirit gem on some 
rocks. Go over the rocks and you will be at the entrance of Boil Hole, 
another "dungeon". 

                           - - - BOIL HOLE - - - 

Items to find: Dragon's Potion x2, Healing Potion, Giant's Shoes, 
Replica, Fire Ruby 

Enemies to fight: Magma Fish, Nightmare, Rocky, Flamed Mane, Red Wyvern

Follow the path, no turns, no dead ends, just one long path. Very 
simple. Along the path will be a few chests and a spirit gem. After what 
seems hours of running and fighting you will come to a huge cavern with 
a man in it, this is the killer...Fargo.

BOSS: Fargo                                                   HP: 1,600

Fargo is a man with red hair who has mastered the Fire Element...or so 
he says. Fire Toss is used when you are far away, it causes little 
damage. However, Flame Break, used up close, can cause your HP to go 
down faster than you want, so you'll probably want to use Magic Barrier 
(in Earth, after 36 gems. You should have 50.), which will stop all 
attacks from hurting you for five rounds. Then simply use Avalanche, 
using whatever items you need to heal yourself. Pretty simple, a nice 
easy 20 HP bonus, and the Fire Ruby!!

Item: Fire Ruby                          Attacks: Fire Toss, Flame Break

Go up the hill with the chest and exit (note: Get all the goods before 
leaving). If you are attacked then you are in the wrong tunnel, go to 
the end and exit to find Baragoon Moor.

                        REACHING THE DARK LORD OF MAMMON

        R E A C H I N G   T H E   D A R K   L O R D   O F   M A M M O N 

////////////////////////////////THE HIGHLANDS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

                         - - - BARAGOON MOOR - - - 

Items to find: Giant's Shoes, Silver Amulet, Spirit Light, Celine's 
Bell, Replica, Dragon's Potion 
Enemies to fight: Rocky, Red Rose Knight, White Rose Knight

Basically, follow the path, and take the side route to find an Inn, 
where you can find tons of goodies upstairs. If you can't find the route 
to the house, check the map, you incompetent boob. Continue to the town!

                        - - - BARGOON CASTLE TOWN - - - 

Items to find: Black Wings, Hero's Drink x infinity

Enemies to fight: Red Rose Knight, White Rose Knight, Gloom Wing, Winged 

Talk to everyone in town to learn of the king, he has gone insane ever 
since a wicked woman came to town just a few days ago with an evil book. 
He has changed from a nice king to an evil magician, and has imprisoned 
anyone who even dares pose him, for he wants to rule all of Celtland. 
Your father came here just a few days ago too...get the black wings, 
save at the hotel, and go into the castle. Follow the path until you get 
to the locked door. Walk to the left and you will see a thin path, 
follow it. Follow the path around the place and you will get a spirit 
gem. You will see a small blue door...enter it. 

                         - - - BRANNOCH CASTLE - - - 

Items to find: Dragon's Potion x2, Hero's Drink, Healing Potion x2, Mint 
Leaves, Spirit Light x2, Silver Amulet, Celine's Bell, Golden Amulet 
Enemies to fight: Red Rose Knight, White Rose Knight

Follow the hall until you get to a blue door. Enter it. Go around the 
path until you get to another blue door, enter it. Along the path you 
will find a chest by a door, get the goods and go through the door. 
There's a spirit gem in here, now go down the hallway until the chest, 
Soon you will get to another door, go through it. Go through the ring 
room, and continue through the door. After hours of running you will 
come to a door. You guessed it, go through it. You will now do battle 
with Guilty, a sub boss.

BOSS: Guilty                                                  HP: 1,900

Guilty is a large, red, heavily clawed ogre. You could hit him with your 
staff (it takes away nearly 100) but he would  hit you with his 
explosion attack, which in turn would take 50 off you. This is where the 
importance of collecting 50 gems for Earth becomes crystal 
clear...first, use Magic Barrier to resist any and all attacks for five 
turns, then use Avalanche to take hundreds of points off in a single 
turn. His first attack involves two knives coming down onto you, the 
other is when he punches you, causing a huge explosion. Keep this up for 
awhile, using items when necessary, and you will get a nice 20 HP 

Items: none                       Attacks: Gleaming Knife Cut, KO Punch

After following the hall, you will be in a large room. Get the goods and 
enter the next door. Follow the hall and on the way get the treasure in 
the chest, then go in the nearby door to enter a treasure room, and in 
the center of it all is Leonardo, the girl from Windward Forest, she 
will serve as a save point for you, which is good, as the boss is up 
ahead.. Follow the path and then you'll come to a room with two people 
at the end. Get the two chests and walk up to them. It appears that 
Shannon is trying to help your father, but your dad says she is trying 
to hurt him. Hmmm...Follow the halls until you come to a large 
door...enter it. Follow the path and walk up to the man in blue. 

BOSS: King Beigus                                           HP: 1,999

Ok, this guy is quite easy. Just use Magic Barrier and get right on his 
platform, before the barrier gives refresh it (every five turns I 
believe). In this case, it is better to use Water Pillar than Avalanche, 
due to the difficulty in hitting him. Besides, it takes off a nice 150! 
After he is dead you will receive 20 more HP points.

Items: none                           Attacks: Green Ray, Bubble Blade

After he's dead go up the blue platform that is behind it, follow the 
path. After a few seconds you will be on a platform with Shannon, talk 
to her and she will give you the Eletale Book, which makes absolutely no 
sense. 1) Why would a servant of Mammon give you a book with such 
awesome powers. 2) Why doesn't she keep it for herself, and leave Mammon 
out of this? 3) Now that you have the book that will allow you to do 
almost anything, why don't you simply shut off any portals to Mammon's 
world? Think about it. 

Continue and go up to the large platform with things sticking out of it. 

///////////////////////////THE WORLD OF MAMMON\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

                      - - - THE WORLD OF MAMMON - - - 

Items to find: Dark Gaol Key

Enemies to fight: Judgement, Spriggan, Pin Head

This place is messed up seriously, it's like the Twilight zone! Some 
doors go to empty rooms and when you exit you're in a new place, it's a 
very straightforward path. Along the way you will find Epona, who acts 
as the last save place in the game. When you exit you will be in a mock 
up of the first town in the game, go to the door that would lead to the 
monastery. All of the other doors are locked. Talk to Shannon and she 
will explain what her purpose was, and then will hand over the Dark Gaol 
Key, which will instantly transport you to King Mammon's chamber. After 
following the twisting path you will get to a 20 foot high, purple, 
demon. This is Mammon.

FINAL BOSS: MAMMON!!!                                         HP: 2,500

This guy is simple, just use Magic Barrier and go up the ramp so you can 
whack him with your staff. It will only take 80 or so off if you're 
powered up, but it will kill him sooner than you think. Every other time 
or so use Avalanche, I don't use it a lot because sometimes it just 
doesn't connect, but if you get into a good rhythm it can take off 
nearly 400 in one turn! Refresh the Barrier every so often and you'll be 
great. Although Mammon looks awesome in terms of design, he is rather 
easy with this stragedy, but I do like that music. Nuclear Fallout is 
where he shoots three vertical walls of flames at you, Fire Daggers is 
when he shoots out dozens of fire pellets at you, and the Sun-Explosion 
is where he holds up a huge white ball that then explodes. Neat.

Items: Crap      Attacks: Nuclear Fallout, Fire Daggers, Sun-Explosion

Congratulations, you have beaten the game. Sorry for the sucky 
"ending" wasn't my fault, but I'm sorry anyways. 

5) Spirit Gem List

Melrode Majesty
1) Outside of the castle, in the steeple where the horse is...look in 
the hay. 

Melrode Town
1) In the sheep field, in the corner behind the's way out 

Kennishire Road
1) From the start keep running, it'll be in a corner on the left
2) To the right will be a cottage, inside is a fortune teller, it's in 
3) Outside of the house near the fork in the road, by the gates

The Town of Dondoran
1) In the central area where the two girls are.

The Castle of Dondoran
1) After you get the Earth orb go to the king and through the back door
2) After getting the Water Jewel, come back and go to the library, touch 
the bookcase in the background and you will find a secret tunnel to it. 

Conner Forest
1) There is one in the shack to the left of the beginning
2) Beginning: By the tree to the right, kinda
3) Beginning: go to the right and you look right, there it is 
4) On the path behind the shack there is a treeroot that forms a tunnel, 
it's around here
5) Before the fight with Solvaris check around the trees in front of the 

Kennishire Wharf Road
1) Beginning: to the left
2) When going to the Glencoe Forest, go in the other direction
3) Before the ship is a bridge, before the bridge, look to the right. 

Glecoa Forest (Note: There are a lot, just explore, I don't think these 
are 100% right..)
1) To the right
2) One near it
3) Another one over there too
4) Near the beginning and to the left
5) Near the lake on the other side
6) By a tree near the house
7) There's one before you get to the house
8) I do believe there's one in the house
9) Argh, search around for this one, it's hard to spot

West Carmagh
1) one near the hotel, up the hill
2) Up another hill
3) up the hill near the cross in the road
4) before Cull Hazard, to the right

1) after the water is drained there is one on the path
2) after the water is drained look by the door besides the one you got 
to go to the sorceress to get the water down..phew!

Cull Hazard
there are gems along the path, easy to spot so I won't list them

Normmon Village
1) see that flower patch? get in there for one!
2) and yet another
3) There is another patch besides it, there's one in there

Windward Forest
1) outside of the house by the tree
2) a spirit gem is in the first room
3) Near the trees after defeating Zelse

Blue Cave
1) at the end of a dead end
2) Another dead end
3) to the left of Epona's house
There are an untold amount of gems in the maze area, I don't try to get 
them because I fear I might get lost. One of them is easy to get though, 
it's by a treasure box.

Purple Ship
1) One in the very bottom room

Isle of Skye
1) Behind the house
2) By the gates
3) On the docks, to the right
4) Before Nepty
5) Behind the locked door in the house

East Limelin
1) To the left of one path
2) There's on in the flower patch to the right of the town
3) And a second one as well
4) To the left, by the port
5) The left tunnel, it leads to a gated house with a spirit gem
6) The right one takes you to a tower, one behind it
7) And one in the second story of it

Limelin Castle
1) In the courtyard is one after the pillar
2) One under the staircase pillar at the beginning
3) And a second one as well
4) In the library, go up the little stairs

Baragoon Mines
1) In the large room with a chest
2) After the large room with a lot of ramps, turn left
3) After defeating Shilf go forward 
4) Before Shilf there is a large room with many pillars, to the left in 
this room

Dindom Dries
1) In the tent at the beginning
2) In the desert to the southeast is one in the middle of no where
3) Before Boil Hole, in the rocks...

1) Circle around the place to get one
2) In the chest room there are
3) Two
4) Circle around to get this one
5) When you talk to that guy, there is one for each
6) Two
7) Three
8) Four
9) Before going to see the man, go around to the left

Boil Hole
1) Along the path, after a treasure chest
2) After defeating Fargo

Baragoon Moor
1) This one is to the left of the entrance
2) To the right
3) In the cave

Bargoon Castle
they are along the path...simple

6) Items

Like any RPG Quest has a ton of items to use. Most are found in chests, 
others by winning battles, and even more by people. Here's a list and 
what they do.

Mysterious Wings: These wings will take you to whatever city you picked 
them up in. They can't be used in jungles or caves. 

Bread: Restores HP by 50

Honey Bread: Restores HP by 100

Dew Drops: Restores 10 MP points

Doll: Can be used to escape a battle

Bell: Freezes one baddie

Silent Flute: See Bell

Dragon's Potion: Restores all MP points

Hero's Drink: Restores MP by 40

Silver Amulet: Increases defense 1.5 times

Mint Leaf: Restores 20 MP points

Giant's Boot: Can take twice the number of steps in a battle

Healing Potion: Restores HP by 150

Gold Amulet: Increases Defense 2 times.

Earth Orb: This round metal ball contains the power of the Earth Spirit. 

Spirit Light: Refills all HP

Wind Jade: This green jade holds the power of the wind spirit itself. 

Water Jewel: This beautiful jewel contains the water spirit. 

Fire Ruby: This large ruby holds the mighty power of the fire spirit.

Eletale Book: doesn't really do anything, I'm not even sure you 
need it to complete the game.

7) Magic Spells

Below are a list of magic spells that Brian can access, in no particular 

Fire Spells

Fire Ball: Brian will throw a large fireball at his oppents.
Power: Medium

Fire Bomb: Throws a near molten boulder, very powerful.
Power: High!!!

Fire Arrows: He will throw many arrows that are on fire
Power: Medium

Steam: Steam blasts around Brian
Power: Above Average

Compression: A monster will be engulfed in a red arrow and then shrunken 
down to size, his attacks are weakened. 
Power: None

Power Staff: Make your staff attack more powerful, only lasts a short 
Power: High!

Vampire's Touch: Everytime you hit someone with your staff your HP 
Power: None

Extinction: It misses often, but when it hits an enemy it will kill it 
instantly, regardless of HP. Doesn't work on bosses...of course! 
Power: HIGH!!!

Fire Pillar: A huge pillar of fire raises from the ground and engulfs 
the enemy. 
Power: HIGH!!!

Earth Spells

Rock: Lift and throw a huge boulder
Power: Medium

Rolling Rock: A huge rock rolls over your enemies
Power: Above Average

Rock Shower: Rocks fly out from you like shrapenal
Power: Above Average

Magnet Rock: Rocks will close in on the enemy
Power: Medium

Spirit Armor
Your defense goes up for a short while
Power: None

Weakeness: Weakens the enemy's defense
Power: none

Weak All: All the enemies are weakened
Power: None

Magic Barrier: Shield yourself from attack for a short while
Power: None

Avalanche: Each hit can either A) Kill a creature or B) Hurt it very 
badly if you aim it right you can get mutiple hits from one creature, on 
a boss you might see this a lot (100...100...100). Best attack in the 
game, PERIOD.
Power: HIGH!!

Confusion: When an enemy attacks the number of HP he takes away are 
given to you as MP
Power: None

Wind Spells

Wind Cutter: A green, thin, and very sharp piece of wind rips through 
the creature
Power: Weak

Large Cutter: A larger version of the Wind Cutter
Power: Medium

Restriction: The baddie can not move
Power: None

Silence: It can not cast any spells
Power: None

Cyclone: A miniature tornado rips through all baddies
Power: High!

Evade: Slows the creatures down
Power: None

Slow Enemy: You become quicker
Power: None

Ultimate Wind: A large wind slams into everyone
Power: HIGH!

Wind Bomb: Shockwaves run away from the central blast
Power: HIGH!

Water Spells

Soul Searcher: View the creature's stats
Power: None

Water Pillar: A huge pillar of water comes up from the ground
Power: HIGH!!

Walking Water: Larger than the Water Pillar, plus it moves away from 
Power: HIGH!!

Ice Wall: A fog of frozen water droplets freeze attackers
Power: Above Average

Ice Knife: Huge icecles rain down on oppenets
Power: High!

Drain Magic: What do you think it does? Hmm... (enter sarcasm)
Power: None

Invalidty: Any ice attacks on you will be evaded
Power: None

Healing: With out a doubt the most used magic attack, Heal will restore 
hit points. Find many spirit gems to max out it's power. It can start 
with +5 and stop at +50! Well, it could go beyond that..????
Power: None

Escape: Get up close to the attackers and hit them with this, the battle 
is over.
Power: None 

Exit: Takes you back to the beginning of an area
Power: None

Return: Takes you back to the beginning of the level you're on. 
Power: None

 NEW!!! *How many Spirit gems you need for the spells list* NEW!!!

Fire Spells
- - - - - -

Fire Ball
Level one: 1
level two: 4
level three: 16

Power Staff
Level one: 7
Level two: 22

Fire Arrows
Level one: 10
Level two: 28

Hot Steam
Level one: 13
Level two: 44

Compression: 19

Fire Pillar: 24

Fire Bomb: 30

Vampire's Touch: 32

Magma Ball: 36

Extinction: 44

Wind Spells
- - - - - - 

Wind Cutter
Level one: 1
Level two: 4
Level three: 12

Level one: 6
Level two: 16

Level one: 8
Level two: 24

Level one: 10
Level two: 42

Large Cutter: 13

Wind Bomb: 20

Cyclone: 28

Slow Enemy: 32

Wind Walk: 37

Ultimate Wind: 47

Earth Spells
- - - - - - - - 

Level one: 1
Level two: 4
Level three: 16

Spirit Armor
Level one: 7
Level two: 21

Rolling Rock
Level one: 10
Level two: 39

Level one: 13 
Level two: 31

Magnet Rock: 19

Avalanche: 24

Confusion: 27

Rock Shower: 34

Magic Barrier: 36

Weaken all: 39

Water Spells
- - - - - - 

Water Pillar
Level one: 1
Level two: 4
Level three: 13

Level one: 7
Level two: 25

Soul Searcher
Level one: 10
Level two: 33

Ice Wall: 15

Ice Knife: 17

Exit: 19

Escape: 23

Return: 24

Walking Water: 35

Drain Magic: 40

Invalidity: 46

8) Secrets and Tips

I will enlighten you with my vast wealth of information, and if you 
don't want to be absolutely annhilated later in the game, you better 
listen up! Most people always seem to want to raise their HP as far as 
they can, up in the 100's even, before going to Connor Forest alone, but 
this will offer only small protection if your defense is lacking. Later 
in the game, enemies can make your 300 HP melt away like a man in a 
hooker's snatch, so you must get your defense very high to counteract 
this. How do you do this? Simple, get hit by attacks. Everytime you do, 
you get defensive experience. The more powerful the attacks inflicted on 
you the better! Keep doing this, even if you die, and you will return at 
the last inn with all of your exp. Do this over and over, then you can 
not be stopped!

After defeating Solvaris go back to the King's castle, he will reward 
you with a lot of goodies. 

Sometimes in hotels, taverns, and other places some women might give you 
some dew drops or a mint leaf. You can get some when you run out. 

Want to build up defense? Then here is a SWEET trick for you. Get to a 
place where there is a hotel in a place where you fight creatures. A 
good example of this would be at the Isle of Skye, or before the boats. 
Anyways, save at the hotel and then go out into the place and find the 
toughest guy you can. Get hit a lot, and then heal yourself with spells. 
Don't fight, just heal! Sooner or later you will die. You will appear at 
the Hotel all nice and everything, AND you will have a ton of defense 
points! Try it! Do this over and over for a great effect. 

This secret is the best in the Dindom Dries, after the first 
tent go to the next one on the map. See that path? That leads into a 
gigantic desert. It takes up most of the map space! Go through here and 
keep going, at the end (a long hike!) you will see a pyramid with a 
large jewel floating above it. Go to the very tip and you will be taken 
to the lost city (er...building actually) of Shamwood. Here you will 
find..hmm...a lot of sprirt gems! I came in with 40, went out with 50! I 
even started to build up my wind from 1 to 10!! Wow! Explore around, and 
you will find the treasure rooms of treasure rooms. In here is a large 
circle of chests that include every item in the game! Plus some gems. 
Look around some more and you will find someone to talk to...I won't 
reveal this secret. Try it out yourself!

In the Kennishire Wharf Road, look on your map, see that forest? The 
Glenco Forest can be gotten into! Just look around for a log that will 
take you across a gap, in this forest are a ton of spirit gems. About a 
dozen or so. Plus a cottage. They are hidden well, and you will have a 
lot of fights, but it's worth it. 

In Limelin Castle, go to the throne room. Behind the throne is a secret 
door, just go through it like you would any door. Behind it is a hall, 
and a door. Through the door is a room with three treasure chests, 

I forget what it's called, but let me just explain it to you. Fire 
creatures will take more damage if you hit them with a water or ice 
attack and an ice creature will take more damage if you hit them with a 
fire attack. Use this to your advantage.  

Here is a much better defense trick: Get to a place where the weakest 
creature doesn't take that much HP off (the BEST example is the Blood 
Jell) and just let him attack you. Defeat anyone who will give you any 
problems, everytime it's your turn just Z, this will forfeit your turn. 
When you're HP gets a little low keep healing until your HP is nearly 
100%, keep getting hit. When your MP is nearly gone kill the creature. 
This will net you MAJOR defense points. It might take awhile, but you 
can get 5-6 points doing this! Note: the more you do this in one area 
the less you will get. If you do this from the start of the game to the 
end, you can not be stopped. 

9) Baddies

Were Here 
The cute bunny is coming to kill you
Element: Wind - wind cutter

Hell Hound
Normal wolves are now blood thirsty animals
HP: 15
MP: 10
Attack: 6
Defense: 5
Element: Fire - FireBall

Man Eater
This grotesque creature eats humans, evident of the skulls in his skin
HP: 24
MP: 10
Attack: 5
Defense: 4
Element: Earth - Rock

Frog Warrior
Your every day frog is now an axe weilding maniac
HP: 38
MP: 20
Attack: 5
Defense: 8
Element: Wind - Cyclone
         Wind - Wind Cutter

A wolf wearing a man's clothing
HP: 40
MP: 20
Attack: 7
Defense: 5
Element: Fire - Fireball
         Wind - Cyclone

These puppets are now posessed!
HP: 28
MP: 5
Attack: 6
Defense: 6
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter

These don't look like bats, but f*cked up bananas!
HP: 24
MP: 10
Attack: 5
Defesne: 3
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter
         Water - Water Pillar

Man Trap
Even the fauna is out to get ya!
HP: 65
MP: 10
Attack: 11
Defense: 4
Element: Water - Heal

They look like walking flowers
HP: 9
MP: 10
Attack: 3
Defense: 1
Element: Fire - Fireball

They are blue, and look strange in the meadows
HP: 13
MP: 10
Attack: 2 
Defense: 2
Element: Water - Ice Knife

Big Mouth
Hideous creatures with big mouths
HP: 28
MP: 10
Attack: 2 
Defense: 2
Element: Water - Water Pillar

Mad Doll
A better version of the Marionasty
HP: 70
MP: 10 
Attack: 10
Defense: 11
Element: Earth - Rock

God, they look like aliens!
HP: 60
MP: 30
Element: Wind - Large Cutter

Death Hugger
Again, f*cked up bananas =) Just better this time!
HP: 30
MP: 20
Element: Water - Ice Knife

Ork Junior
Pig Heads in a coat...uh...
HP: 63
MP: 20
Attack: 12
Defense: 14
Element: Earth - Rock
- Defense Up
Ghost Hound
Better Hell Hounds
HP: 99
MP: 20
Attack: 12
Defense: 16
Element: Fire - Level 3 Fire Ball

These guys look cool
HP: 80
MP: 40
Attack: 12
Defense: 20
Element: Wind - Large Clutter

Blood Jells
Red jello with a single eye
HP: 97
MP: 30
Attack: 20
Defense: 11 
Element: Fire - Fire Arrows

Your normal 20 foot dragon
HP: 310
MP: 10
Attack: 20
Defense: 15
Element: Fire - Fire Ball
         Fire Ball - Fire Bomb

Spinning ugly demons
HP: 83
MP: 5
Attack: 13
Defense: 15  
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter

Mario RPG fireball ripoffs
HP: 160 
MP: 15
Attack: 33
Defense: 33
Element: Fire - Fireball

Cry Shell
Turtles with a problem..ahem
HP: 100
MP: 34
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Element: Water - Ice Bomb

Pink Freaks in clothing
HP: 260
MP: 30
Attack: 37
Defense: 42
Element: Fire - Fire Arrows
          Water - Defense down
          Wind - Wind Cutter

Fish Man
They have climbed out of the sea to stalk the residents
HP: 150
MP: 14
Attack: 23
Defense: 23
Element: Water - Walking Water 

Scare Crow
I'll tell you, they don't look anything like a scare crow
HP: 120 
MP: 20
Attack: 19
Defense: 10
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter

Big fat piggies!
HP: 198 
MP: 20
Defense: 26
Element: Earth - Slam

Frog King
HP: 108
MP: 20
Attack: 11
Defense: 9
Element: Wind - Cutter
         Fire - Arrows
         Earth - Sword

Jackolaterns (sp?)
Hmm...weird looking...I won't ask....
HP: 160
MP: 20
Attack: 24
Defense: 30 
Element: Fire - Fire Arrows

wee! Worms
HP: 230 
MP: 23
Attack: 27
Defense: 28
Element: Fire - Arrows
         Wind - Cutter  
         Fire - Fire Pillar 

I like polygons (the drink)
HP: 141
MP: 26
Attack: 30
Defense: 38
Element: Wind - Wind cutter

HP: 340 
MP: 30
Attack: 40
Defense: 70
Element: Earth - Rock Crush

Mutiple Optics
It's jiggly, it's, not's a thing with a lot 
'o eyes!
HP: ?
MP: ?
Attack: ? 
Defense: ?
Element: Fire - Fire Arrows

A robotic like Mr. caterpillar woMAN like thing..yeeehaaa!!!!
HP: ?
MP: ?
Attack: ? 
Defense: ?
Element: Water - Walking Water

Ice scorpions!
HP: ?
MP: ?
Attack: ?
Defense: ?: ? - ?

Boss Stats

1st Boss, holder of the Earth orb
HP: 210
MP: 30
Attack: 20
Defense: 14
Element: Fire - Lava Ray
         Earth - Rock Pillar

2nd boss, holder of the Wind Jade
HP: 655
MP: 35
Attack: 34
Defense: 20
Element: Wind - Wind Cutter (well sort of!)
         Water - Ice Mountain
         Wind - Large Cutter

3rd boss, holder of the Water Jewel
HP: 910
MP: 45
Attack: 46
Defense: 32
Element: Water - Bubbles
         Water - Bubble Explosion

1st Sub Boss
HP: 1,100
MP: 54
Attack: 52
Defense: 39
Element: Fire - Laser
         Wind - Cutter (well sort of!)

4th boss, holder of the Fire Ruby
HP: 1,600
MP: 65
Attack: 61
Defense: 45
Element: Fire - Fire Bomb
         Fire - Fireball
2nd Sub Boss
HP: 1,900 
MP: 73
Attack: 71
Defense: 69 
Element: Wind - Knife cutter (?!)
         Fire - Fire Explosion

3rd Sub Boss
HP: 1,999
MP: 80
Attack: 80
Defense: 76
Element: Wind - Blade
         Fire - Laser Beam

The final boss...
HP: 2,500
MP: 99
Attack: 99
Defense: 99
Element: Fire - Three way nuclear halcaust
         Wind - The Sun is blowing up...
         Fire - Little daggers

10) F.A.Q. 

Q: This game is too hard! I get walloped everytime!
A: Try killing some easy guys, then build up your powers. And look for 
some spirit gems, they are a must. 


Q: I want my defense higher. 

A: Look in the Secrets section, or you can just fight some. That secret 
can be done almost everywhere..almost.


Q: I heard that you get a new staff...where?

A: You kinda do, use the staff power spell to increase the power of your 
staff for a short while. 


Q: All the bosses are impossible. HELP!

A: Now this can be anwsered by just building up your HP, MP, etc,...but 
it will take a very, very long time. Try seeing my walkthrough. Always 
helps for me ;)


Q: These random battles are driving me blawooie!!!! Is there anything I 
can do?

A: Not really, when you get the "escape" spell for water then it's 
better, but it often misses anyways. I hate them too. Just use the 
oppurtunity to build your levels. Or you can run away by touching the 


Q: How many NPCs are in this game? 

A: I heard (not sure now) that there were over 250 NPCs. For you who are 
in the dark, NPC = Non Playable Character


Q: Why are there so many empty rooms?

A: This game was obviously rushed, so they didn't have time to fill them 
up. It's bad in the hotels and castles..otherwise every place is filled. 


Q: Do I need a controller pack to save?

A: Yep.  

11) Legal Stuff

You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
1) The version you are taking is from
2) 	You give me credit
3) 	It is shown in it's full version
4) 	This fine print is included
5) 	It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
6) 	You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, 
I'm too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, links, or whatever, but that's not 
changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1999 marshmallow 
All Rights Reserved 

12) Credits

= = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo: Publisher

THQ: Developer

= = = = = = = = 

Me: I wrote all of this

MetroidMoo: In all honesty, this is the guy I have to thank. He told me 
almost all of the stats for the baddies, just so I wouldn't have to go 
through with that cheap ass soul searcher doing it myself! MetroidMoo, 
if you're reading this (I know you are!), thanks. 

A-Jay Nicolas: He told me about the list his friend wrote

Ky14: It's probably not his real name, it's his email. Well, you know 
who you are! =)

13) The end

It's time to say goodbye. Ya know what? Making a FAQ is a lot easier 
than making a website. I think I'll do this instead of cramming the net 
with more "databases," heh. 

If you have ANY questions, comments, found a mistake, found a spirit gem 
I missed (I know I must have missed some), or anything like that then 
email me at [email protected] And my ICQ # is 9936617.


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