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General fighting hints for Rise of the Robots:

The programmers thought that if block was 100% effective, the computer 
could (with its superior reflexes) block every single attack you did, 
and therefore defaet you easily.  Thus, block is 100% effective on the 
HARD level.  However, the computer _doesn't_ block every attack, so with 
it at that setting, the advantage is on the human's side.  On BEGINNER 
level, attacks that are blocked still cause damage, so the robot can keep 
pounding you.

Summary:  HARD is easiest and BEGINNER is hardest.

Set it to HARD level and practice blocking.  We've found a simple strategy 
that works pretty well is to:

Crouch, block, & hold attack (to build power).  When the robot bounces off 
of you, do a foot sweep.

Use the keyboard - keypads and joysticks are harder to do the moves with.
Using the keyboard, hit the keys rapidly in succession: tap-tap-tap.
Don't hold down too long on any one key, or it will spoil the special

Specific Robot Hints

Builder:  Make sure your power builds up all the way before you strike the

Crusher:  Do a lot of jumping straight-up, with a lot of kicks straight
outward while in the air.

Codes for Rise of the Robots:

Temporary invincibility:

away, away, away, away, attack

Temporary invisibility:

up, up, up, up, attack

Temporarily reverse your opponent's controls:

forward, forward, forward, forward, attack

Temporarily increase your attacks' damage:

down, down, down, down, attack

To be able to play Military vs. Military:

At the main screen (with the ONE PLAYER, etc. on-screen), press the left 
and right arrow keys sequentially, i.e., LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, until 
the screen flashes.  You'll be able to play Mil vs. Mil.

To be able to fight the Supervisor:

At the main screen, press two lefts then two rights alternately, i.e. 
flashes.  You'll be able to play player vs. player with player 2 as the 
Supervisor, or you can go to Training and play with the computer as the 

Supervisor's moves: down-toward-up: praying mantis
                    down-away-up: melt & heal

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