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                      MEGAMAN (ROCKMAN) BATTLE & CHASE
                  Players' Guide and English Translations
                        Version 1.1 (April 20, 1998)

                            Written by M Sipher
                   Translations by Doug Dlin & M Sipher


O.   What's New

I.   Opener
     1. So What's This Game About?
     2. A Note on the Translations

II.  Basic Game Play
     1. Controls
     2. Grand Prix Mode
     3. Versus Mode
     4. Time Attack Mode
     5. Sky Circuit Courses
     6. Loading Screen Fun
          A. P-Cone Screen
          B. Auto & Eddie Screen
     7. Options

III. Road Conditions
     1. Pavement
     2. Gravel
     3. Acceleration Plates
     4. Deceleration Zones
     5. Ice

IV.  Items
     1. Blocking
     2. Count-Up
     3. RC Bomb
     4. Mine Change
     5. Power Nitro
     6. Thunderkid Goro
     7. Triple Chance

V.   The Racers
     1.  MegaMan (RockMan)
     2.  Roll
     3.  ProtoMan (Blues)
     4.  Bass (Forte)
     5.  GutsMan
     6.  QuickMan
     7.  IceMan
     8.  ShadowMan
     9.  NapalmMan
     10. SpringMan
     11. Dr. Wily
     12. Duo [NOT IN] (sorta)
     13. Other Racers
          A. 4-Roader
          B. Track Joe
          C. Yellow Devil
     14. Special Racers
          A. Black Joe
          B. Black-Roader Team
          C. Black Yellow Devil
          D. All Seven Black Racers

VI.  Advice
     1. Course Conquest Chapter
     2. Parts Lecture Chapter
     3. Sure Race Victory Chapter

VII. Spoilers
     1. Character Endings
          A. MegaMan [NOT IN]
          B. Roll [NOT IN]
          C. ProtoMan [NOT IN]
          D. Bass [NOT IN]
          E. GutsMan [NOT IN]
          F. QuickMan [NOT IN]
          G. IceMan [NOT IN]
          H. ShadowMan [NOT IN]
          I. NapalmMan [NOT IN]
          J. SpringMan [NOT IN]
     2. Karaoke Songs
          A. Roll : "Kaze yo Tsutaete" ("Winds, Let Him Know")
          B. GutsMan [NOT IN]
     3. Black Racer Secrets
          A. Black Joe
          B. Black 4-Roader Team
          C. Black Yellow Devil
          D. All Seven Black Racers
     4. Other Secrets
          A. Special Credit Sequence

VIII. Thanks


     Some information on Duo has come in... but not any information on
*playing* as Duo.  Why?  Check out his section to see...

     These items are still missing...

     - Translations of pre-race interviews, prize money stolen sequences
       and character endings
     - Translation of GutsMan's karaoke song
     - Translations of Black Racer challenge speech (their secrets have
       been translated, however, and are in the spoilers section)
     - Any "Other Secrets"

          Hopefully, these items should be filled in soon.  Also, there are
     probably more secrets and little things yet to be found...


1. So What's This Game About?
     The descriptions some game magazines have given BATTLE & CHASE -
"MARIO KART with MegaMan" - simply do not do this game justice.  (Of
course, a few of the "reviews" some magazines have given B&C are, in my opinion, 
complete crap... it's painfully obvious that some of these
"reviewers" A) don't know their video game history, B) played the game
for *maybe* five minutes tops, and C) are bitter, self-important cranks
to begin with.  It's mainly the British mags, too.  Oh well.  Screw those
limey bastards, and screw their little wussy magazines.)  While it is
similar in that a video game icon normally found in classic run-n-jump
side-scrolling games is now tearing up a racetrack, BATTLE & CHASE is very
different from MARIO KART... and as far as I'm concerned, it's BETTER.
     Choose your character from the ten playable 'bots, each with their own
different attacks, strengths and weaknesses, then choose your opponent...
and push the pedal into the floorboard!  Win the race and take a part of
your opponent's car... each part has its own abilities and special powers,
allowing you to customize your car for each track!  The courses are all walled in, 
preventing the annoyance of going *way* off course, plus
pitfalls are at a minimum.  Keep playing to see character-specific endings
once you've won the Battle & Chase circuit, not just some generic awards
ceremony.  KEEP playing to earn more parts, the chance to race against
special characters, earn new playable racers for the Time Attack and Versus
modes, and race on even more difficult tracks against more powerful

     This guide uses a lot of text taken from the game booklet and game
proper, translated into English.  The heavy-duty translations were provided
by Doug Dlin from the Antarctic Press.
    Do note that the American names for the characters are used here,
mainly for convenience's sake.
    This is a quick list of the parts translated from the booklet and
game... most of these appear in quotation marks for ease of recognition.

          All names (racers, car parts, items, courses, etc.)
          Item descriptions (Strategies are my own notes)
          Racer "bios"
          Car Part descriptions
          Special Move descriptions
          Course descriptions (Strategies are my own notes)
          Pre-Race Interviews
          "Prize Money Stolen" scenes
          Advice section
          Character Endings
          Karaoke songs
          Black Racers speech

     Text that appears in brackets is not actually part of the original
Japanese text, but was put in for clarity, or because we lack the
appropriate Japanese text for that item, or - in the case of the karaoke
songs - to keep the rythym.
     Do note that there is a LOT of spoken dialogue in this game, most of
which will probably not be translated for this guide anytime soon.  This
includes most of robo-reporter Test's speech in the Course selection screen
in Grand Prix mode, the play-by-play commentary by Reporto & Plum, the
individual character yells, and their insults after you've taken a part of
their car.  This speech does not aid in playing the game or in
understanding each character's ending, so they are at the back of the line
for translation, not to mention the fact that it's easier for Doug to
translate written Japanese than spoken.



     These are the default settings.  You can change these settings in the
Options menu.  (See the corresponding section.)

     Control Pad - Move cursor, steer car
     START - Jump to "Done" on menus, skip cinemas, pause race
     X BUTTON - Cancel choice, accelerate
     O BUTTON - Confirm choice, use Item
     SQUARE BUTTON - Brake
     TRIANGLE BUTTON - Yell (only once per lap)
     R1 - Special move (your special move charges up automatically)


     A. When you begin your Grand Prix game, you're first put in a circular
room.  From here you choose your racer... simply press the control pad left
or right to select a character from the doors.  You're given a look at
their car and you can listen to their theme music.

     B. Once you've made your choice, you're taken to a screen where you
name the file you'll be saving to.  (Luckily, there's English letters there
for you to use.)

     C. Once that's done, you're taken to the Course selection room.  Here,
you choose which opponent you'll take on first.  You can also see how many
other racers will be on each course, the course's difficulty level, and
which car parts you've taken from each opponent.  The robot on the right
side of the screen is Test... he tells you about the race and each track.
Once you've chosen your opponent, you're given a rotating 3D map of the
course.  (You can skip this by pressing START)

     D. Since this is your first race, you're taken immediately to the
track.  Here, robo-gal Plum interviews your opponent for the upcoming race.
Then she turns it over to her companion Reporto, and the two of them take
their positions...

     E. GO!  Each race is *5* laps around the course, not the usual 3 of
most games.  At the bottom right of the screen is an overhead map of the
course... you show up as a blue "1", your main opponent as a red "2", and
all other racers appear as yellow dots.  To the bottom left is a
constantly-changing camera view of the race... use it to check up on what
your opponent is doing from time to time.  Throughout the race, Reporto and
Plum provide running commentary.  (Translate all THAT? Hah!)  You MUST be
the first to complete 5 laps to beat the course.  There is no Second Prize.

     F. If you lose the race, you're given these options, from top to
          Re-try (try again!)
          Select new Course (return to course selection screen)
          Parts Shop (Swap out car parts, then re-try the race)
          Quit (return to main menu)

     G. At any point during the race, you can press START to pause.  You
will then be asked if you want to continue the race (top option) or quit this attempt 
(bottom option).  If you choose the bottom option, you will be
given the same choices you get when you lose the race (which, technically,
you have).

     H. Once you've won the race, you're shown your lap times, with record-
breaking times in red.  You can also check on the other racers' rankings by
pressing left or right on the control pad.  Press START and you're taken to
a screen that allows you to take one car part from your defeated opponent.
The menu at the top left reads...
          Body (NOTE: you can only take a car body AFTER all other parts)

     I. Once you've taken a part (and received a nasty remark from your
foe), you enter the Save game screen.  The top option is to Save.  Then
choose which Memory Card to save to, then which of three files... the top
option once you've chosen a file is to confirm the Save.  Once you've done
that (or skipped saving by choosing the bottom option), you get the option
to continue or quit... THE TOP OPTION IS CONTINUE.  The bottom option takes
you back to the main game menu.

     J. Now it's back to the Course selection room to choose another
track... but once you've chosen a new course, you're then taken to the
garage, where you can swap out car parts with ones you've collected from
other racers.  The order of the parts types is the same as before.  Below
Tire is a new option... this takes you to a chart which shows all of the
racers and parts you've got.  Use this to recognize the symbols of each
part's name so you can swap out easier.  The racers on the chart are in the
order they're presented in the booklet and this guide.  At the very bottom
is the "Done" button... click on this to hit the track.

     K. So you've completed your final course to win the Battle & Chase
grand prize... slag!  Dr. Wily's run off with your prize money!  Another
course opens up... and while Wily's picture appears in the opponent slot,
you're actually racing against Bass.  (Unless you're playing as Bass, of
course... in which case you skip this course.)  Once you've beaten Bass,
THEN you take on Wily.  Beat him and see your character's ending... then
the game credits (you can skip these by pressing START).  Then you will see a special 
"secret message" from Duo... this is part of a special contest.
(See Duo's section for details.)  Hit START to move on and take a part from
Dr. Wily's car.

     L. Game over?  Nope.  The race continues... Each course has four
levels of difficulty, increasing each time you beat the course.  (You can
go back and re-race completed courses without racing Wily... you'll still
gain car parts as normal.)  Keep going until you've got every part... and
good luck!  Most courses become REALLY hard at the fourth difficulty level.
The race continues even after you've gotten all 44 car parts... who knows
what lies beyond?

     Play with a friend or against the computer, battling it out on the
various courses throughout the game.

     A. First, choose whether you'll be playing against another human
player or against a computer-controlled opponent.

     B. Next, you both choose your racers.  You can choose any of the
opening ten racers, plus Dr. Wily and Duo if you've reached them in the
Grand Prix Mode, or you can even load your saved Grand Prix game to use a
customized racer (by selecting the Memory Card icons).  Select the Question
Mark to have the computer make a random choice.   If you're playing against
a computer-controlled opponent, you must choose the computer's racer.

     C. Next you'll choose which course you'll be racing on.  Simple as
that.  Select the Question Mark and the computer will pick a course at
random.  Every course you've played is open for you to use, including the
three special Sky Circuit courses. 

     D. Then you'll choose the number of 4-Roaders, Track Joes and Yellow
Devils that will "accompany" you on the course.  If you want a straight
player-vs.-player battle, you can choose to have none of them.  The actual
number of enemies are pre-set, but there are several different

     E. The race begins, just as it does for a normal Grand Prix game.
Five laps around the course, the first one to cross the finish line wins.

     F. Once the race is over, you're given several options...
          Re-try (try again with no changes)
          Character change
          Course change
          Quit (return to main menu)

     This is simply a straight single-racer race, where the only opponents
are the time records.  The setup is exactly like in Versus Mode, only
without the added "enemy select" screen.
     In this mode, your Item Counter starts at 20 instead of the standard
10, and the only item available is the Power Nitro.  (See the section on
Items for further explanation of Item use.)
     Use this option to familiarize yourself with the harder courses before
tackling them in Grand Prix mode.

     "A specially established circuit floating in the sky via gigantic
propellers.  You cannot select this course in Grand Prix mode.  This area
is for enjoying competition play, so its structure is standard and the
difficulty level is toned down."
     STRATEGY : There really isn't any for the three Sky Circuit courses.
There are no real obstacles, they're almost wholly pavement, mines are
few and far between, and the layouts are simple.  Courses 2 & 3 have some
dirt track and a few Deceleration Zones, but otherwise they're easy tracks.
Like the booklet suggests, choose these for some full-tilt player-vs.-
player races.

     For many people, the words "Loading: Please Wait" are a major pain in
the tuckus.  But Battle & Chase has offered up some simple diversions for
loading screens...

     A. P-Cone Screen : Press the control pad in any direction.  Player 1
controls the left P-Cone, Player 2 the right.

     B. Auto & Eddie Screen : Aaaaaand they're off!  Tap the gas (X) button
repeatedly to make your racer zip across the screen.  Player 1 controls
Auto, Player 2 controls Eddie.

7. Options
     Come here to tweak the game's settings.  The options are in the order
shown here...

     A. Sound - Choose between Stereo and Mono settings.  The default is
                set for Stereo.

     B. Play-by-Play - Toggles Reporto & Plum's commentary on or off.  The
                       default is On.

     C. Vs. Mode Difficulty - Sets the course's difficulty settings from 1
                              to 4 in Versus Mode.  The default is level 1.

     D. Key Configure - Change your button controls.  The default is as
                        listed in the "Controls" section of the guide.

     E. Name Change - Rename your saved Memory Card files.

     F. Grand Prix Records - View the top five speed records achieved on
                             each course in Grand Prix mode.  This
                             information is automatically saved as you

     G. Time Attack Records - View the top five speed records achieved on
                              each course in Time Attack mode.  This
                              information is automatically saved as you

     H. Option Save - This will save your option settings and automatically
                      reload them when you turn the machine on again.

     I. Option Load - Choose between several pre-set option settings.  It's
                      probably best to leave this one alone unless you can
                      fluently read Japanese.

     Aside from each course's unique obstacles, there are several common
road conditions present in each course which can affect your racing
performance.  Learn which kinds of road conditions are in each track and
adjust you racing strategy (and equipped car parts) accordingly.

1. Pavement
     Simple, low-resistance pavement.  This makes up the majority of the
track on most courses.  Most tires are best suited for running on pavement.

2. Gravel
     Loose dirt track.  Most tires have a harder time running on gravel
than on pavement, suffering a decrease in speed.  Control is also reduced
somewhat.  Some tires actually move you along faster on gravel.  

3. Acceleration Plates
     Hit these flashing green tiles whenever possible.  They will briefly
boost your speed to 580-600 km/h.  (600 km/h is the maximum speed

4. Deceleration Zones
     Flashing red floor is something you want to avoid.  These
electrically-charged sections of road cause you to suffer a *serious* loss
of speed.

5. Ice
     While you don't suffer any speed loss going over these patches of
slick ice (watch for the flash), if you turn too sharply on them you'll
spin out briefly, losing your special move charge and a little time.

     Each course is littered with non-racer enemies.  Destroying these
makes your item point counter count down.

     METS : (1 point each) These wander slowly around the track.  Run over
            them whenever possible.
     P-CONES : (1 point each) These guys don't move at all.  Run over them
               if you can.
     PENGS : (2 points each) Pengs slide around the track randomly.  If you
             hit them you'll be tossed around a bit and lose some speed,
             but they'll be destroyed.
     CANNONS : (2 points each) These don't move, but they fire cannonballs
               that will cause you to spin out if you hit them.  Cannons
               will not be destroyed if you run into them.
     GIANT METS : (3 points each) These lumbering giants wander around the
                  track like regular Mets.  Giant Mets can't be destroyed
                  by running into them.
     SIGNBOARDS : (no points) These point you in the direction you need to
                  go.  Even though they look big, you can run over them
                  with no speed loss.

     Once the item counter reaches zero, the item window will quickly
scroll through all the items available.  Pressing the O Button selects an
item.  Once the item is chosen, the O Button uses it.

     BLOCKING (yellow X) : "All cars besides yours become temporarily
               unable to use their special abilities."
          STRATEGY - Generally, you'll want to use this as soon as you get
          it.  However, in some cases it may be good to wait a few seconds
          before using it... if you're about to pull into a long
          straight-away with a distance-attack character like MegaMan or
          ShadowMan not too far behind, wait until you're both in the
          straight before applying it to get the most "free" time.

     COUNT-UP (10p) : "Increases the count of a rival car's item panel by
               10.  Does not appear in vs.-computer games."
          STRATEGY - You can only get this item in Versus Mode against a
          human opponent.  While you can't get this one in the Grand Prix,
          your computer opponent CAN pull this one on you.  If you have an
          item in the window when your opponent uses a Count-Up, you will
          lose the item.  In Versus Mode, use it ASAP.

     RC BOMB (Red bomb) : "A powerful bomb operated by remote control.
               Press the O button once to place the bomb, then press once
               more to explode it."
          STRATEGY - This one can be tough to use successfully, as you have
          to tear your eyes away from the main window to see when to
          detonate it.  (When you drop the RC Bomb, it appears on the
          map as a red dot.)  Study the "route" your computer-controlled
          opponent takes and try to drop it right in their path.  Against
          human opponents, drop it in tight spaces so they can't go around.
          If your opponent is right on your tail, drop and detonate it
          immediately, as they'll likely be unable to dodge the blast in
          time.  If you've left your opponent hopelessly in the dust (or if
          they're too far ahead of you for it to be of any use), drop and
          detonate it quickly, so you can collect a new (and hopefully more
          useful) item.

     MINE CHANGE (Mine) : "All small-fry enemies throughout the course
               temporarily change into Mines."
          STRATEGY - The "small-fry" enemies in question are the regular
          Mets and P-Cones.  Be careful when you use this, as you're also
          affected by the new Mines.  Try to save it for when you're in an
          area relatively clear of Mets and P-Cones, and while (hopefully)
          your opponent is just entering a field of them.

     POWER NITRO (Yasichi) : "You are temporarily invincible.  Also, during
               that time, your top speed increases."
          STRATEGY - While the natural inclination is to use this
          immediately, take a moment to think about the road ahead.  If
          you're close to an area choked with Mines or other obstacles,
          wait a few seconds and use it just before you enter the section
          to get the most out of it.  This is also a dangerous item to use
          around holes, as you can't brake while the Nitro is on, so judge
          your chances of plummeting.  (You will lose the Nitro effect if
          you fall in a hole.)  The Power Nitro can destroy some normally
          unbreakable obstacles.

     THUNDERKID GORO (Little cloud bot) : "Thunderkid Goro brings lightning
               down upon all cars but yours.  All cars hit suffer a
               temporary drop in performance."
          STRATEGY - Use this IMMEDIATELY.  Your opponents will spin out at
          first, giving you another advantage.  Slowing down your opponents
          is always nice, regardless of where they are.

     TRIPLE CHANCE (x3) : "Use this, and when you gain your next item, the
               result is tripled.  Used properly, this can cause some major
          STRATEGY - Use this as soon as you get it, so you can go on to
          collect points for the item you'll use this with.  When used with
          the RC Bomb, this increases the blast zone when it explodes.  For
          every other item, it triples the duration of its use.  A
          computer-controlled opponent cannot get a Triple Chance.  At the
          moment, it is unknown if this item works with the Count-Up.

     Do note that the computer does decrease the chances of you getting
powerful items like the Power Nitro or Thunderkid Goro if you're in first
place, and subsequently ups your chances of getting those items the further
behind you are.  This also holds true for the computer opponent... at least
on the early levels, it does.


     NOTE : Each racer's speed and acceleration ratings as listed are based
on their cars using only their original car parts, and without any special
"circumstantial" speed boosts given by those parts.  Changing car parts can
seriously effect your speed ratings depending on the combinations you

          "The lab is struck by lightning during a storm, and Dr. Light's
     big computer is destroyed.  MegaMan feels sorry for the doctor, who is
     now unable to do his research."
          "'I know -- I'll enter the Battle & Chase and buy the doctor a
     new lab!'"

     Body: RUSH BODY - "A well-balanced body, it can fire the MegaBuster
           and Charge Shot."
     Engine: TWIN ENGINE - "An engine of average performance that
             emphasizes balance."
     Wing: STARTER WING - "This wing ups your acceleration."
     Tire: ALL-AROUND TIRE - "Easy-to-deal-with tires of average ability."

     Special Move : MEGABUSTER - "A rapid-fire attack.  Especially
                    effective in taking out small-fry enemies."
     Charged Special : CHARGE SHOT - "A highly explosive shot attack.  It
                       can make a car spin out if it hits."

     Top speed (Pavement) : 464 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   368 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   264 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    352 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 2.88 sec

     Racing as MegaMan
          Mega's best asset is the MegaBuster.  The best tactic is to spray
     the road ahead with small shots to pick off as many enemies as
     possible, giving you more items faster.  This also clears most
     obstacles from your path, making travel all the easier.  This makes up
     for Mega's "middle-of-the-road" stats.

     Racing on the CITY COURSE
          "Like the Street Course, this course is made from a rebuilt urban
     area.  The tricky gimmick set up here is the Moving Walls, which shift
     when you hit them with a shot."
          STRATEGY : This course is not difficult by itself, but with Mega
     on your tail, it can be a real pain.  There are several thin sections
     where a Mine Change can really make travel difficult.  The biggest
     obstacles are the Moving Walls, which slide in the direction the arrow
     is pointing when hit with an attack.  Causing the Wall to slide into
     the path of your opponent is a good way of gaining position.  In later
     levels, these appear in groups, becoming a major pain.

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]

          "Roll hears that MegaMan is going to enter the Battle & Chase.
     Her plan is to go and cheer him on, but she's too impatient to
     restrain herself.  'What if I entered the race too...?'  And so, on
     the day of the race, there's Roll, wearing her racing suit...."
          "'I'm not gonna lose, Mega!'"

     Body: BEAT BODY - "Can Jump and Spin Attack.  Handling also possible
           in midair."
     Engine: FOLLOW ENGINE - "This engine automatically ups your top speed
             when you're towards last place."  [NOTE : Your top speed is
             upped 40 km/h.]
     Wing: FEATHER WING - "This wing ups your handling performance."
     Tire: NON-DRIFT TIRE - "These tires perform just as well on-road or
           off-road, and don't drift."

     Special Move : JUMP - "By jumping, you can fly over enemy attacks and
     Charged Special : SPIN ATTACK - "You jump while spinning rapidly.
                       This can cause nearby enemies to spin out."

     Top speed (Pavement) : 440 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   440 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   260 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    332 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 4.32 sec

     Racing as Roll
	     So begins Roll's long-overdue entry into the world of video game
     heroines.  (Roll also gets a chance to strut in the arcade brawler
     MARVEL VS CAPCOM.)  Despite her lack of ranged attacks, Roll is one of
     the best racers.  Her jump/spin move can carry her over most obstacles
     that others must blast or go around.  (Even the Rising Poles in the
     Sunset Course!)  The Spin Attack can hit multiple racers/obstacles in
     a single leap.  Also, her sharp turning ability lets her handle turns
     much easier than most other racers.

     Racing on the STREET COURSE
          "A course made by rebuilding an urban area.  The difficulty level
     is low on this course, so it's best to begin from here."
          STRATEGY : The Street Course is very easy, a starter to introduce
     you to a few of the elements of later tracks.  There are no major
     obstacles, although the BIG hill may be a bit daunting at first to
     players used to more flat racetracks in their games.  The final drop
     off the big hill can be a pain for racers with poor suspension, plus
     the P-Cone field can become a deadly Mine field.

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]

          "ProtoMan detects the stench of evil in a car race in which a big
     money prize can be won."
          "'Wily can't let a chance like this go by.'"
          "He enters the race in a machine equipped with the shields on
     which he prides himself."

     Body: MACH SHIELD BODY - "You can move the shield to front or back,
           and fire the Proto Strike homing shot."
     Engine: LAST BLOW ENGINE - "This engine has poor acceleration, but a
             great top speed."
     Wing: HIGH-SPEED WING - "This wing raises your top speed."
     Tire: SHARP STARE TIRE - "These have good handling and a turn on a
           dime, but have poor suspension, slowing you greatly on landing."

     Special Move : PROTOSHIELD - "A shield that reflects back an enemy
                    attack.  It can be moved forward and back."
     Charged Special : PROTO STRIKE - "A shot attack that can make your
                       enemy spin out.  These have homing capacity."

     Top speed (Pavement) : 512 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   408 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   260 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    360 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 7.37 sec

     Racing as ProtoMan
          Resist the temptation to always keep the ProtoShield in its rear
     position... this covers up the engine, which further slows his already
     poor acceleration.  Put the Shield in back only when on straight-aways
     with a projectile-attack racer on your tail.  The Proto Strike's
     homing ability may take a little getting used to, but can prove a
     valuable asset.  The Strike will curve towards the nearest opponent...
     but will not follow them on a sharp turn.

     Racing on the SUNSET COURSE
          "A romantic course traveling through a city aglow in the sunset.
     In one part, there are points where you run back and forth along the
     same street, so you'll brush past other cars."
          STRATEGY : The main obstacles in this course are the Rising Poles
     which pop up when you run over the blue buttons.  Don't follow a racer
     too closely unless you want a Pole in the face.  In later levels,
     these become a major pain, since their location changes each level,
     even showing up in narrower sections of the track.  Even though this
     course loops back on itself, there really is very little danger of
     head-on collisions.  You're more likely to get hit by a Proto Strike.

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]

          "Bass hears that MegaMan is entering the Battle & Chase."
          "'Hmph.  So MegaJerk's entered a car race...?  Great, this'll be
     a good chance to settle things with him.'"
          "Seeking to prove that he is the best, he resolves to enter the
     race with Treble."

     Body: TREBLE BODY - "A well-balanced body that can fire the BassBuster
           and Bass Blast."
     Engine: DOUBLE ENGINE - "An engine of average performance that
             emphasizes balance."
     Wing: ACCEL WING - "This wing ups your acceleration."
     Tire: ALMIGHTY TIRE - "Easy-to-deal-with tires of average ability."

     Special Move : BASSBUSTER - "A rapid-fire shot attack.  Remarkably
                    effective for taking out small-fry enemies."
     Charged Special : BASS BLAST - "A highly explosive shot attack.  It
                       can make a car spin out if it hits."

     Top speed (Pavement) : 464 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   368 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   264 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    352 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 2.79 sec

     Racing as Bass
          Bass plays almost exactly like MegaMan.  So far, no major
     differences between the two have been found.

     Racing on the * COURSE
          (NOTE : There is no description of this course given.)
          STRATEGY : The main obstacles here are Walls which can be
     destroyed with attacks or by running into them (although this does
     bring you to an abrupt stop).  These are all over the track, and
     usually not too far after Turbo Tiles.  Like the City Course, Bass
     himself is what makes this course difficult.

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]

          "GutsMan's huge body uses up energy quickly.  Just once he'd like
     to have a full energy tank."
          "'Yeah, I'm usin' that prize money to buy me as many E-Cans as I
     can get!'"

     Body: DOUBLE-ARM BODY - "This heavy body can toss rocks and cause
     Engine: SLOPE ENGINE - "A powerful engine, strong on uphill runs."
             [NOTE : Due to the varying degrees of slopes in the game, an
             accurate measurement of top speed increases is impossible.]
     Wing: POWER WING - "This wing works well in collisions."
     Tire: POWER PRESS TIRE - "These tires perform best off-road.  Running
           over Mines just slows them down a bit."

     Special Move : SUPER ARM - "The two arms attached to the body throw
                    around huge boulders."
     Charged Special : EARTHQUAKE - "Wallop the ground a good one and cause
                       an earthquake that shakes up the entire course."

     Top speed (Pavement) : 432 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   460 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   260 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    328 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 4.78 sec

     Racing as GutsMan
          The Super Arm attack is actually more useful than the Earthquake.
     The large boulders can be fired off very quickly and will destroy most
     obstacles, but carrying them around makes it difficult to see the
     track ahead.  They also make any racer they hit temporarily dizzy,
     making them lose charged attacks, speed and control.  Remember that
     the boulders fall after a short flight, so judge the distance of your
     target.  The Mine-crushing tires can work wonders on some courses.

     Racing on the ROCKY MOUNTAIN COURSE
          "Zoom through mountains filled with off-road sections.  You can
     enjoy a great race through this expansive course with all its fierce
     ups and downs.  Just watch out for the Mine field in the second half!"
          STRATEGY : There's only a thin, winding strip of pavement on this
     course, so tires that work well on gravel is a must.  Most of the
     Acceleration Plates are surrounded by Mines, so approach those with
     caution.  The course itself isn't too hard and has plenty of Mets and
     P-Cones, but since GutsMan isn't affected by Mines, a Mine Change
     means bad news for you.

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]

          "QuickMan is second to none in speed.  With his fierce pride, he
     has no choice but to enter the race when he hears about it."
          "'There isn't a car in existence that's faster than me!'"

     Body: AERO-TURBO BODY - "Can perform Slides, as well as jackrabbit
           acceleration with the Quick Turbo.  However, it has no offensive
     Engine: DASH ENGINE - "This engine has a poor top speed, but
             incredible acceleration."
     Wing: ROCKET WING - "This wing raises various performance levels for a
           set time after you start." [NOTE : The effect lasts for the
           first 50 seconds of the race.  Among other things, your top
           speed is upped 60 km/h.]
     Tire: ON-ROAD TIRE - "Tires that work well on-road."

     Special Move : QUICK SLIDE - "Quickly slide right and left.  Effective
                    for those times when you're about to hit a wall on a
     Charged Special : QUICK TURBO - "Temporarily ups your emergency
                       acceleration and speed.  However, you will spin out
                       if you hit another car or a wall while in Turbo

     Top speed (Pavement) : 480 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   208 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   264 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    364 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 2.72 sec

     Racing as QuickMan
          QuickMan has no attacks.  Rely on his speed and acceleration to
     zip ahead of your opponent.  A series of rapid Quick Slides can get
     you around most sharp turns fairly easily, and most obstacles can be
     easily avoided with a Slide.  Be very careful when you use the Quick
     Turbo.  Quick Slide while the Turbo is going to avoid collisions.
     Remember, you must be pushing the control pad to the left or right in
     order to perform the Quick Slide... otherwise you'll just lose charge.
     (Do this to prevent untimely and dangerous Quick Turbos.)

     Racing on the MOUNTAIN PASS COURSE
          "Race through a furiously uneven mountain pass. Racing along the
     rivers flowing down from the mountain is difficult, so you should
     avoid these areas when you go through."
          STRATEGY : The shallow water all over this course is a constant
     hassle, and the zigzag nature of the course can lead to a lot of
     head-on bumps with walls.  Also, a Mine Change in a few sections can
     be devastating for everybody.  There is almost no way to leave
     QuickMan in the dust on his own course, so you must constantly be on
     your toes. 

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]

          "IceMan has a real problem with Summer.  This year he's planning
     to spend his vacation at the South Pole, but for that he needs a lot
     of money."
          "'Yes!  With that car race prize money, I'll enjoy my Summer!'"

     Body: SOUTHERN CROSS BODY - "Can place down pillars of ice and can
           freeze enemies with the Ice Slasher."
     Engine: AURORA ENGINE - "This engine emphasizes top speed, but the
             brakes and deceleration are unusually strong."
     Wing: BLIZZARD WING - "Allows you handling in midair and raises your
           suspension performance."
     Tire: NON-SLIP TIRE - "Tires that won't slip even on frozen ground."

     Special Move : ICE BLOCK - "You can drop a chunk of ice behind you,
                    causing your enemy to spin out."
     Charged Special : ICE SLASHER - "A shot attack that fires ahead of
                       you, this freezes any car it hits."

     Top speed (Pavement) : 480 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   456 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   260 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    360 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 4.37 sec

     Racing as IceMan
          The Ice Blocks are a very good way to annoy people behind you.
     Be sure to place them directly in their path and in narrow areas.
     While the Ice Slasher will destroy most obstacles, the fact that it's
     a charged attack reduces its usefulness on some courses.  Try to hit
     your opponent with the Ice Slasher when they're pointed directly at an
     obstacle.  Any car hit with the Ice Slasher is frozen until it hits
     something else, be it a wall, another racer, or anything else that
     will bump them around.

     Racing on the ANTARCTIC COURSE
          "A most frigid-looking course covered in ice.  The ground is
     almost completely frozen and deep crevasses yawn open here and there.
     Take care not to skid and fall in."
          STRATEGY : Due to the gaping holes in the track, this course is a
     MAJOR pain the first few times you race it.  (First-time racers may
     want to practice this course in Time Attack mode before tackling it in
     Grand Prix.)  You will definately want to hit the brakes on a few
     turns, specifically the first curve and the final turn before the
     finish line.  The computer will put you back on the course pretty
     quickly, but it's still going to give your opponents time to catch
     up (or get even further ahead).  There's an odd side-track at the end
     that Roll can reach, but it's not worth it.

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]

          "ShadowMan loves surprising people.  With the Battle & Chase
     prize money, he plans to build a ninja mansion full of tricks and
          "'I shall be the victor through the ninjutsu which doth be my

     Body: NINJA BODY - "This body can throw shuriken and lay down a
           smokescreen.  While this smoke doesn't hurt your enemies, it can
           be effective by ruining their vision."
     Engine: IDATEN ENGINE - "With good starting power, this is the fastest
             accelerating engine up to a certain speed."
     Wing: HAYATE WING - "This wing increases the speed at which the
           [special move] gauge builds up."
     Tire: FUUMA TIRE - "These tires recover quickly from spins."

     Special Move : SHADOW BLADE - "Throws shuriken out in front of you.
                    Any cars cut by the shuriken temporarily drop in
     Charged Special : SHADOW SMOKE - "You can generate a cloud of smoke
                       behind you, ruining the visibility for any cars
                       following you."

     Top speed (Pavement) : 456 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   408 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   264 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    340 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 3.30 sec

     Racing as ShadowMan
          The Shadow Smoke is really only effective against human
     opponents; use it to cover up Mines or RC Bombs.  The Shadow Blades
     only slow down your opponent (like the Thunderkid Goro, but without
     the initial spinout), so do be careful of counterattacks if you pull
     ahead of them.  Luckily, the size of the stars makes it a lot easier
     to hit your target.  UNluckily, you can only fire one Blade at a time.
     Also, be aware that the Shadow Blade cannot destroy the Walls in Bass'

     Racing on the CRYSTAL COURSE
          "A cavern sparkling with crystals.  There are under- and overpass
     intersections, so acrobatic racing is required."
          STRATEGY : If you're going in the suggested order the game
     presents, this will be the first truly tough course you play.  Ice
     patches are strategically placed at curves, so it's easy to spin and
     lose your charged attack.  While the moving giant spikes pose an
     obstacle, the real terror of this course is the HUGE sloped U-turn in
     the middle.  Taking it at top speed is a sure-fire way of slamming
     into the far wall.  Reduce your speed going into it, and try to start
     on the outside (left) side, then cut hard and work your way to the
     inside curve.  There's a jump over a previous section of the track,
     but your chances of dropping to the lower level are minimal.  Try to
     take the inside on the final turn before the Starting Line... there's
     a small dirt-filled tunnel to the left with an Acceleration Plate
     after you cross the line.

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]

          "NapalmMan loves tanks and fighter jets.  So it's his long-held
     dream to build an arms museum where tons of weapons and such are
     displayed? This time he's out to earn war funds for that purpose."
          "'My Napalm Bombs'll wipe out as many cars as it takes!'"

     Body: FULL METAL BODY - "Has strong destructive power.  Can shoot
           Napalm Bombs out the back or front."
     Engine: MEGATORQUE ENGINE - "Acceleration Plate effects last longer
             with this engine."
     Wing: COUNTER WING - "This increases the number of item points you can
           receive, making it easier to get items."
     Tire: ELE-GUARD TIRE - "These tires receive no influence from
           Deceleration Zones, and display their best performance off-

     Special Move : BACK BOMB - "Fires small Napalm Bombs out behind you,
                    blowing away any cars that are tailing you."
     Charged Special : NAPALM BOMB - "Fires Napalm Bombs in front of you,
                       blowing away enemy cars with the blast."

     Top speed (Pavement) : 436 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   460 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   436 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    328 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 4.17 sec

     Racing as NapalmMan
          NapalmMan has one of the best-equipped cars, making him a strong
     racer.  You shouldn't even really need to change car parts for the
     races, save for special instances (like IceMan's tires when on the
     Antarctic Course).  The Back Bomb only bounces your opponent a little
     (just like the Track Joes' minibombs), but placed in an area heavy
     with Mines, can prove effective.  The hardest part about using
     NapalmMan is judging the distance of the Napalm Bomb.  It's a little
     hard to hit obstacles with, and you have to be fairly close behind
     your opponent to hit with it.

     Racing on the ARMS FACTORY COURSE
          "An elaborate course reworked from an arms factory.  Hop on the
     conveyor belts set up in the floor and you'll be carried in the
     direction they're moving."
          STRATEGY : Pay attention to the green conveyors... the direction
     the arrows point to indicates the way they're moving.  Hit conveyors
     pointing forward to cover more distance quickly, and be sure to
     compensate for the ones pushing you sideways.  The massive and
     numerous Deceleration Zones can be a major pain, but can be avoided
     with a little practice.  Your race with NapalmMan will be close,
     because he can take the direct route through the Deceleration Zones
     without loss of speed.

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]

          "SpringMan is a cheerful sort, but doesn't seem to be able to
     live a normal life because his body is too light."
          "It seems he'll use the first-place prize money to try to buy
     parts to make himself heavier, but what will happen then?"
          "'Taking out everyone will be a breeze!'"

     Body: TURN PUNCH BODY - "This body can rotate its springs and extend
           them to attack, as well as soften the shock of a crash."
     Engine: HAPPY ENGINE - "This engine has terrific acceleration and top
             speed, but has poor power uphill."
     Wing: LUCKY WING - "This wing makes it easier to get better items."
     Tire: HOPPY TIRE - "These strange tires jump when they run over Mines.
           Test out this special feature so you can make the best use of

     Special Move : CHANGE SPRING - "Move the two springs attached to the
                    body to front and back or both sides."
     Charged Special : SPRING ATTACK - "Stretches out the springs and
                       knocks away enemies."

     Top speed (Pavement) : 480 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   336 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   260 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    360 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 3.37 sec

     Racing as SpringMan
          The springs bounce SpringMan away from anything he hits, which
     can lead to some frustration at first, but with a little practice can
     actually be turned into a major benefit.  When taking curves, keep the
     springs pointed to the sides to bounce off walls with no lack of
     speed.  Only change the springs to face forward & back to attack on
     straight-aways, as slamming into a wall with the spring forward can
     bring you to a standstill.  Be careful using the Spring Attack in
     tight areas, because you could end up bouncing back and forth, out of
     control, into something you'd rather not...

     Racing on the TOY FACTORY COURSE
          "This is a factory where they make toys.  There are devices which
     will change the ground into various surfaces when you push the
     switches on the floor, so you can have fun as a race where anything
     can happen unfolds."
          STRATEGY : The changing floors go from Ice to Acceleration Plates
     to Deceleration Zones to Gravel in a loop.  Take a lap without hitting
     the buttons to find out where the buttons are (they change position
     each level) and which ones SpringMan will hit as he takes the course,
     then use it to your advantage.  (The other racers will never activate
     the switches.)  For a real unfair advantage, equip NapalmMan's tires
     and try to keep the floor set to Deceleration Zone or Gravel as long
     as possible.  Springboards will appear in later levels, but they most
     likely won't be in your path.

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

     Prize Money Stolen! [NOT IN]


     Body : BONEHEAD BODY - "Can fire shots and missiles.  The missiles are
            a powerful weapon, always landing in front of your rivals."
     Engine : SUPERNOVA ENGINE - "An explosive engine, it will suddenly
              accelerate when it reaches a certain speed."
     Wing : BARRIER WING - "Thanks to its barrier, this wing can withstand
            a number of attacks."
     Tire : ULTIMATE TIRE - "These almighty tires won't slip in earthquakes
            or Deceleration Zones, but have poor handling performance."
            [NOTE : These tires also crush Mines and won't slip on Ice.]

     Special Move : [WILY SHOT] - [Fires four small missiles with a limited
                    range, but a wide initial spread.]
     Charged Special : [WILY TIDAL] - [Cause small explosions around your
                       opponent which bounce them around if they hit.]

     Top speed (Pavement) : 472 km/h
     Top speed (Gravel) :   316 km/h
     Top speed (D-Zone) :   472 km/h
     Top speed (Water) :    364 km/h
     Acceleration : Top speed in 3.22 sec

     Racing as Dr. Wily
          Doc Wily is only playable in Versus or Time Attack Mode after
     you've beaten him once in Grand Prix.  His ability to blow over Mines
     and Deceleration Zones is impressive, but he suffers badly on Gravel.
     The Barrier Wing' force shield dissipates with each hit, so characters
     with rapid-fire attacks can get rid of that factor quickly.  Luckily,
     he's not as cheap and powerful in Versus mode as in Grand Prix.

     Racing on the * COURSE
          (NOTE : There is no description of this course given.)
          STRATEGY : THIS is a tough course.  While it doesn't really have
     any original obstacles, it does have a wide variety of road styles
     scattered around, plus Wily himself makes this course a real terror.
     Judge which special-effect car parts you'll want to have for this
     track, because you're going to need every advantage you can get.
     (NapalmMan's tires are strongly recommended.)  Hit every Acceleration
     Plate you can, and be especially careful of the single hole near the
     end of the course, since this one will take longer to get past if you
     fall in.  If you don't hit the springboards before the hole at a good
     speed, you're not going to make it over, so consider just going around
     the hole.  The course forks at the end... Wily & the other computer-
     controlled racers will take the tunnel to the right, which contains an
     Acceleration Plate strip, but also has Cannons.  (If you're lucky,
     Wily will get hit with the cannonballs... he's not immune to those.)
     The outside route's only obstacle are a few Mines which can be avoided
     with practice.  If you can, try to nudge the computer-controlled
     racers past the tunnel... they will loose a LOT of time trying to get
     back to the fork to take the tunnel path.  Easily the most annoying
     aspect of this course is Wily's charged attack, which tosses you
     around the track if you hit one of the green explosions.  Some of the
     special Black Racers' secrets can really help out a LOT here...

     Pre-Race Interview [NOT IN]

12. DUO
     Once you've beaten Dr. Wily and seen the credits, four symbols will
appear on-screen.  These symbols are a "secret message".  The trick was
that players were to write down the symbols and the character they used,
then send this information to Capcom Japan.  They were then put in a
drawing for one of 1000 special PSX memory cards that contained information
to unlock Duo as a playable character.  I don't have one of these cards,
nor do I know if the file on them is transferable onto other memory cards.
     The upshot of all this is that information on Duo is going to be
pretty hard to come by without some serious help.

     These vehicles make up the other opponents in each race.  In early
levels they're not much of a threat and easily left behind.  Later on
however, they become legitimate problems, often coming in first themselves!

     A. 4-ROADER
          "These regulars show up for the race every year, but haven't won
     once.  Could the problem be that they don't have any weapons?"

          "Track Joe, taking great satisfaction in learning how to drive,
     enters the race.
          "He'll attack by placing minibombs."
     (NOTE : The minibombs only bounce you into the air briefly, but this
     can cause problems in the wrong places.)

          "That old Yellow Devil uses his bulk to force his way into the
     race!  His car specializes in heavy collision attacks."
     (NOTE : Yes, it's this guy again!  Known to some as the Rock Monster,
     to others as Cyclops... his official name is Yellow Devil!)

     Looking for a little more challenge?  Then try taking on the Black
Racers!  When the lightboard robot appears, press and hold the gas until
the second light comes on.  Release the gas briefly, then hit it again when
the third light comes on.  It takes some timing, but if done successfully,
the words "Here comes a new challenger!" will flash up on the screen.
You'll then be challenged by a special character to a race.  You don't have
to accept if you don't want to, but defeating these guys is a real feather
in your cap... plus if you win, they'll impart cool secrets!  (These
secrets are given in the "Endings & Secrets" section... you're on your
honor to not read them until you've won them.  Or not.)
     By the way, check out the cool music when they appear to challenge
you... it's a remix of the MegaMan 2 theme song!
     These special races take place on the same course you were about to
race.  The Black Racers behave exactly the same as the normal "common"
racers found on each course, with one major difference... they're FAST!
Luckily, before your race with them begins, you're taken back to the
garage... outfit your car for SPEED, not combat.  Try to gain the advantage
early or else you'll be left far, far behind...
     Don't worry if you don't beat them the first time... you can challenge
them again and again until you finally beat them.

     A. BLACK JOE : This guy will be the first to challenge you in a one-on-one race.  
Once beaten, he tells you about the Rocket Start, which by
now you've had pulled on you.  This technique gets you going at top speed
instantly when the race begins, which can be a valuable asset.

     B. BLACK 4-ROADER TEAM : These guys appear only after you've beaten
Black Joe.  Get ready to take on five high-speed 4-Roaders at once!  The
darker black one is the leader, but they're all a hassle.  They'll be on
you like a pack of hounds the entire race, so some kind of back attack will
help keep them behind you...  When beaten, the leader will tell you about a
special Item technique.

     C. BLACK YELLOW DEVIL : A single big burly racer who shows up after
you've trounced the Black 4-Roader Team.  Beat him and learn a special
technique for taking corners.

     D. ALL SEVEN BLACK RACERS! : Yep.  After you beat the Black Yellow
Devil, you'll be challenged to a final race against all seven Black racers
at once.  By now you know the drill... shoot for pure speed.  Beat them and
learn a very special move...


     These words of advice are taken from the game booklet.  While some are
covered in the above sections, they're reprinted here anyway... Read and

1. Course Conquest Chapter

     - "The Mine field in the Rocky Mountain Course is dangerous, but
       Acceleration Plates within are oh-so-tempting.  You can try risking
       it to give you a turnaround when you're separated on the final lap,
       for instance."

     - "Certain Rising Poles on the Sunset Course will extend up when cars
       run over them.  Be careful when following behind enemy cars."

     - "You can race again on courses you've already cleared, too.
       However, the distribution of small-fry enemies will be different,
       and the other entries will be somewhat stronger."

     - "The Conveyor Belts on the Arms Factory Course run in all sorts of
       directions.  Hit one going in the opposite direction you are and
       you'll suffer a major time loss."

2. Parts Lecture Chapter

     - "There are both on-road and off-road surfaces on the course, and
       some tires actually move you faster in off-road areas.  Try to find

     - "Engines that emphasize top speed work well on courses that are
       primarily straight-aways.  On the other hand, in places with lots of
       curves and/or obstacles, you'll do better with engines that
       emphasize acceleration."

     - "The wings have many functions, depending on which one you have.
       Some raise your acceleration or top speed, but it seems there are
       also wings with mysterious powers."

     - "Even if you win a race, you won't be able to take a car body.
       However, once you have a car's engine, wing and tires, you should be
       able to take its body as well.  But four wins is a really hard trick
       to pull off!"

     - "You won't know a part's function until you get it.  However, there
       are times when you can infer it from your opponent's moves during a
       race, so be sure to pay attention."

3. Sure Race Victory Chapter

     - "First, practice your command of special abilities.  Once you get to
       the point where you know when to go for an ordinary push and when to
       pile them on, you'll pass beyond novice status."

     - "Once you've learned the special abilities, you can next try for the
       items.  You have to take out the small-fry enemies, so taking the
       line becomes important."
       [NOTE FROM DOUG : That's a more or less literal translation. I've no
       idea what "taking the line" is supposed to mean.]

     - "Technique is particularly important for the RC Bomb and Mine Change
       items.  Once you can check on your rival's movements, you'll join
       the advanced ranks!"

     - "Course-appropriate settings and spiffy techniques are important for
       winning versus rounds, but in the end, the really important thing is
       to not give up until the end.  Try using items for instant


     This section contains translations of the character endings and other
secrets.  Read ahead if you want to... or wait until you've hit the point
in the game where these come up. Enjoy!

1. Character Endings

     A. MegaMan [NOT IN]

     B. Roll [NOT IN]

     C. ProtoMan [NOT IN]

     D. Bass [NOT IN]

     E. GutsMan [NOT IN]

     F. QuickMan [NOT IN]

     G. IceMan [NOT IN]

     H. ShadowMan [NOT IN]

     I. NapalmMan [NOT IN]

     J. SpringMan [NOT IN]

2. Karaoke Songs
     If you complete a Grand Prix circuit without losing a single race, you
may be rewarded with a special karaoke song.  Not every character has
them... so far, only songs for Roll and GutsMan have been found.  After you
hear the song for the first time, you can...

     Repeat (play the song again w/ vocals)
     Karaoke version (play the song again w/out vocals)

     You can skip the song entirely by pressing START.

     NOTE : There are lyrics displayed in brackets in the English
translations.  These are lyrics that are actually not in the song when
translated, but have been put in to make the song "sing-along-able" with
the original Japanese lyrics.  These translations use a little more
"translator's liberty" than any others in this guide in order to keep the
beat and make sure the lyrics rhyme.

     A. ROLL'S SONG : "Kaze yo Tsutaete" ("Winds, Let Him Know")
          Lyrics, Production, Arrangement: Yoshinori Ono
          Sung by: Yoshino Aoki

     (Japanese lyrics)
         *Tsutaetai kono omoi
          Tomaranai modorenai
          Dakishimete Tsukamaete
          Moh hanasanaide

          Machi no akari Yureru omoi terashite
          Hitogomi ni anata no Yasashisa kanjite
          Namida no ashiato sae
          Kiete shimau mae ni
          Anata to ita jikan wo
          Moh ichido tashikamete

               (Repeat *)

          Aitakute samishikute
          Nukumori ga kienai yoh ni
          Kono mune ga sakeru hodo
          Kanjite itakute

               (Repeat *)

     (English lyrics)
         *I want to let you know, know just what I feel.
          I'm not gonna stop, I can't ever go back
          I want you to hold me, want you to catch me
          And never let me go...

          The lights of the city shine on the trembling thoughts I possess.
          Even amid the crowds, I [clearly] feel your gentleness.
          Before the tracks of the tears [on my face]
          Have a chance to [dry and] disappear,
          Just once again, I want to be sure
          Of the time that I spent with you[, dear.]

               (Repeat *)

          [Now] I want to see you, ['cause] I'm lonely,
          So [I can be sure] that your warmth won't depart.
          I want to feel it [now, want] it so badly
          That it's breaking my heart.

               (Repeat *)


     Here's what the Black Racers tell you when you've beaten them...

          "You can use the Rocket Start if you hit the accelerator right
     when the first light comes on."
          STRATEGY : The timing of this one is tricky. Hit the gas too
     soon, and you'll end up spinning your tires while going nowhere for a
     second... giving your opponents an even bigger head start.

          "Press down three times, and you can get rid of an item."
          STRATEGY : The Mine Change is the only Item you'll ever really
     want to drop.  This technique can really save your bacon in some
     places.  Be warned... if you drop an Item with a Triple Chance applied
     to it, you'll lose the Triple Chance as well.

          "(Turn the wheel back opposite the direction of a curve, and at
     the same time... that's all I know.)"
          STRATEGY : At this point in time, I honestly don't know.  This
     one's currently a mystery.

          BLACK JOE: "No way could we lose....  Press down, then up on the
     D-pad, and at the same time yell out and run over a mine.  Do that and
     you'll speed up.  I know you can do it.  Whoop -- time to start out.
     See ya."
          STRATEGY : Good luck.  I haven't gotten this one to work yet and
     due to the nature of the yell command, you an only try this once a


          Normally once you defeat Wily, you get a mellow little credit
sequence with a rather melencholy piano rendition of the BATTLE & CHASE
theme song.  However, once you've gained the final Wily car part, you'll be
treated to a special credit sequence with new music, your winning car, and
the credits are accompanied by the character portraits from the upper-left
of the racing screen (plus a few new ones).


     - The staff of the "MegaMan: The Man in Blue" Web site, for putting up
       my stuff, specialy the fan art.
     - David Israel for putting up more of my stuff.
     - Flantax for figuring out the secret of the Black Racers' challenge.
     - Capcom Japan for putting out such a good game.  (I know that Capcom
       America wanted to bring it over... stymied by Sony again.)


     MegaMan and all related characters are the property of Capcom of America 
and Capcom of Japan.  Used without permission.  This guide is
considered free for distribution, but only in its entirety and with proper
credits attached.  This guide is wholly non-profit and is not to be sold or
distributed with any charges attached.  No infringement on any of Capcom's
properties is intended.  And I didn't steal no bike neither, Jimmy!

     This guide is a King Weasel Production, 1998.

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