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-not       |///////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\| - get the latest
officially |// Sega Rally-SEGA SATURN FAQ 0.75 6/5/96   \\|   updates from
sanctioned |//   Sega Rally Championship 1995 (VS)      \\|
by Sega(c) |//   (c) Sega USA  (Just the FAQ-CTS)       \\|   ~rchen and also
           |///////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|  the full version!

Contents :
1)  Intro
2)  Welcome
3)  Preliminary Questions
    a) differences and similarities
4)  Short Course Guide
    aa) (un) helpful hints
    a  desert
    b) forest
    c) mountain
    d) lakeside
5)  Special Saturn Notes
    a) the new track
    b) the new car
    c) replays
    d) mirror mode
    e) hyper car
6)  Credits

What's NEW in 0.75

1. Codes to get EXTRA TRACK and EXTRA CAR without coming in first !!!!! 
2. Confirmed code for Hyper Car Modes
3. Added new speeds/times for Hyper Car Modes
4. New Zoom In/Out on replay code

1. Intro

Special Note to new people that do not have the Arcade Faq :

               [For Full Rally Course Information , Refer to the Full
               Version of Sega Rally Arcade Faq found on the above address]

2.  Welcome

Authors Note : This is the third (and hopefully last!) faq for
               Sega Rally Championship 1995. What more will there
               be? a 32x version???? anyways, now i can finally finish
               this and the gold version of the promised 1.00 version
               of the full FAQ. anyways this version has most of the
               info from the one page faq, and Sega Saturn specific
               information, so here goes....enjoy.

3. Questions
Q: What is it ?
A: Sega rally is the 3rd in a series of high performance
   racing sims that incorporates texture mapping and polygon technology. 

Q: speed and types of cars?
A: There are 4 kinds , 2 manual,and 2 automatic. 
   The basic cars are Celica and the Lancia.The Celica has better handling.

                                Saturn only
   1 extra in Saturn version - Lancia Stratos, much faster, harder to handle.
   automatic and manual of course.

Q: how many courses(laps)?
A: desert-3 forest-2 mountain-2 championship-3(1 each)
   If you finish first on the championsip course you get a bonus, lakeside-1

                                Saturn only
  Laps are changeable for time attack, and 3 laps for championship.
  Lakeside is selectable as arcade mode.

Q: views for the car?
A: 1) the in car on the hood
   2) above and behind view

 a) Differences and similarities

   ok you've played the arcade version? or have you?
   what are the differences you ask? ok here goes...

   [by the way, these aren't good or bad necessarily, they are

   differences [in no particular order]

   1. drop out on all the courses of various objects
   2. 2 player split screen mode
   3. loss of color, and different palette from the true arcade colors
   4. totally different sense of car feel and handling in all modes, and
      even with customization
   5. new car [lancia stratos...more on this later] for use in all modes
   6. addition of lakeside to arcade practice courses
   7. different music
   8. different sound effects
   9. different intro
   10. dramatic loss of frame rate
   11. drastic drop in resolution
   12. complete loss of almost 90% of all arcade modes and settings
   13. different reaction of computer cars in all settings and modes
   14. different colored computer cars
   15. loss of map in two player mode
   16. loss of indicators on one player screen
   17. completely different ending winning screen shots
   18. no option for km/h (Yet?!)
   19. loss of rearview mirror in in-car mode!

   .... i could go on and on but you get the idea!
        so, is there anything that they did leave in?


   1. cars are all there
   2. courses are all there
   3. number of laps are the same in defaults
   4. the name of the game

   ... that's about it, but the good news is all the extra stuff...

   Saturn exclusives
   1. ghost mode to race against yourself
   2. time attack for courses to train on, and time differences
   3. customizable cars
   4. changeable music
   5. all kinds of two player mode options


4. Course Guides

 aa)   unHelpful Hints

        Want to set all the record times?
        Well this is what you need to do in order to accomplish that!

     i) don't ever hit the walls! they take off .30 - 1 sec off of
        your lap time

        try to keep the car straight and parallel to the walls at
        all times, if you're sliding around you are losing time

        when in doubt, brake! taking a turn slower is better than
        hitting something , this ISN'T DAYTONA(c).

     ii) analyze your replays and you will see where you need to
         improve (compare with the speeds/times below)

     iii) yes, you can fiddle with the cars performance, but get
          used to the defaults first

     iv) start off with automatic, of course it's easier to learn
        (in fact i almost use it almost exclusively)

     v) learn the tracks like this (suggested)
        1) desert 2) mountain 3) forest 4) lakeside

     vi) do time attack, or practice before you take on
        the championship. also leave time attack ghost mode,
        and time differences ON ALL THE TIME, to see how
        you are doing.

                T U R N    T E R M I N O L O G Y
Turn Terminology  a) right or left [R,L] b) easy , medium and hard  [E,M,H]
c) very, long or ( none )  [VL,L] d) maybe (suggestion for turn difficulty)[m]
e) upward jump f) hairpin turn [with direction or VHL,VHR ]

:                     C  O  U  R  S  E      G  U  I  D  E  S              :
NOTE : All turns without a description are taken at FULL SPEED!!!!

                        D E S E R T   C O U R S E
1) desert course (easy) : [ER, and EL] [ER] bump! [ER] <2nd checkpoint> [LER] 
[ER] [EL] [EL and ER]  [VLERm]{description on how to take turn below}-finish
AUTOMATIC-take the approach the way you like,you can go wide to the left,
and  cut inwards, as you start braking, note how the car is handling, are
the wheels slipping,  check your speed, you should slow down to about 93
mph and once you round the turn, accelerate again, and  straighten the wheel
MANUAL-same as above, however push the speed a little higher  >100 mp/h,
downshift to  3rd , brake and upshift to 4th again, or just do it by
downshifting.  you should be  able to get the grip from the gravel slightly
sooner, so be prepared to accelerate  as quickly as possible

Winning 1st screen shots
1) still shot of straightaway with the bumps
2) still shot of first turn with moving zebra
3) still shot of spectators on dirt hill
4) still shot of buildings at start of track
5) moving shot of zebras on the last long right turn
Here is a turn by turn analysis of my top times and the
associated factors....

This isn't necessarily the best or optimal, but that's
how i set my records!!!!!

yet even more notes -

1. [CP - check point]
2. speed is in mph
3. brake indicates if braking is necessary, or should i
   say, when i thought (and actually did use) braking,
   otherwise take ALL TURNS!!!!! at FULL SPEED!!!!!!!!!
4. the previous guide is only for the ORIGINAL or MODIFIED CARS
   this holds for the other tracks too, since the Stratos
   controls differently , we will go into this at a later time,
   either celica or lancia (same top speed auto-140 mph,
   or manual-142+ mph)


                Original/Modified Cars
                Celica / Automatic : Lap Time : 0'53"85
                Theoretical Min : 0'51"00?

Turn      Speed         Gear            Brake
Start/CP        0       1
ER            134       4
EL            136       4
ER            119       4
ER            135       4
CP  ------------------------------------------------------------
LMR           100       3               Yes [No for experts]
ER            133       4
EL            129       4
EL            132       4
ER            136       4
VLERm          85       3               Yes [No for experts]

                Lancia Stratos / Automatic : Lap time : 0'51"46
                Theoretical Min : 0'49"00?

Turn      Speed         Gear            Brake
Start/CP        0       1
ER              147     4
EL              141     4
ER              135     4
ER              138     4
CP  ------------------------------------------------------------
LMR              95     3               Yes (Maybe)
ER              125     4
EL              144     4
EL              144     4
ER              147     4
VLERm            85     3               Yes

                F O R E S T   C O U R S E
2) forest course (medium) : [VLER] [LERm] [VLEL] <1st checkpoint> [ML]
[MLm]-BOTH-you will have to  do a controlled brake and accelerate motion
through the  turn, first slow down as you approach the turn , then turn to
the left and  as you see the wheels starting to slip accelerate again, due
to the poor traction on the  road, you will not gain full speed right away
and the car will (should!) swing out  to right. once you straighten up, you
should be going full speed ahead  [LMR] - this turn is the opposite of  the
prior one , turn to the inside of the right  turn and let the car slide
outwards as you apply the brake,then quickly accelerate. 
[VHR] - then comes the killer u-turn, slow down to about 62 mp/h or 2nd gear,
turn hard to the right and when you pass the mountain on the right keep on
sliding, and accelerate quickly while you straighten the car out
[HL] - to take a hard left on dirt road, slide through it,go 62 mp/h or 2nd
gear,  and after you turn again go full speed and prepare for right turn
[MR] - this turn to the right should be taken slightly carefully, you don't
need to slow down that much, but tapping the brakes is not enough, adjust
as you turn [ER and EL] [LMR] [ER] - finish

Winning 1st screen shots
1) spectators at start/finish line and first turn
2) still shot of spectators at entrance of tunnel
3) moving shot of first series of turns
4) dirt stretch on mountain straightaway

                Original/Modified Cars
                Celica / Automatic : Lap Time : 1'15"31
                Theoretical Min : 1'14"00?

Turn      Speed         Gear            Brake
Start/CP        0       1
[mini-S]   140/135      4
VLER           134      4
LERm           127      4
VLEL           106      4
CP  ------------------------------------------------------------
ML             118      4
MLm             89      4               Yes
LMR             80      3               Yes
CP  ------------------------------------------------------------
HR              72      2               Yes
HL              97      3               Yes
MR             120      4
ER             133      4
EL             129      4
LMR            110      4
ER              97      4
slight L       137      4

                Lancia Stratos / Automatic : Lap Time : 1'15"07
                Theoretical Min : 1'13"00?

Turn      Speed         Gear            Brake
Start/CP         0      1
[mini-S]   150/150      4
VLER           136      4
LERm            96      4
VLEL           145      4
CP  ------------------------------------------------------------
ML             105      4               Yes
MLm             97      4               Yes
LMR             75      3               Yes
CP  ------------------------------------------------------------
HR              60      2               Yes
HL              93      3               Yes
MR             115      4
ER             144      4
EL             141      4
LMR            144      4
ER             124      4
slight L       140      4

                M O U N T A I N     C O U R S E
mountain (expert!) : [EL and EL] [ER and EL] 
[ML] -  as you come up to the checkpoint, a hard left turn comes up slow
down to 68mph or 2nd gear, and turn to the left, straighten out and
speed  up again [MRm] - this time, turn to the right, you should go past
the brick wall on the right, and start speeding up for the next left turn
[LEL and HL]   - before the turn approaches, start to brake
moderately and slide the car through the top part of the turn, begin to
turn to  the right, and wait  till the car passes the brick wall on the
right, once the car passes that, you should  be facing straight forward,
and you can accelerate quickly again [HR] hairpin right, slow to 60mph,and
turn right[LML] - take the turn slower than full speed, brake slightly to
about 111mph [EL] [ELm] [ML][MR][ELm] [ELm] [LMR] [HL]
- after the long mendium right,  get ready for a hard left,brake early, slide
to left and turn, once you are out of it, accelerate quickly to top speed
steer left  [EL] - finish

Winning 1st screen shots
1) rock hills on turn at checkpoint
2) stone walls and straightaway with rock hills
3) moving image of turn coming up to first checkpoint
4) houses on the streets
5) moving image of the turn coming to finish line

                Original/Modified Cars
                Celica / Automatic : Lap Time : 1'07"85
                Theoretical Min : 1'05"00?

Turn      Speed         Gear            Brake
Start/CP        0       1
EL            131       4
EL            133       4
ER            130       4
EL            138       4               Yes
CP  -------------------------------------------------------------
ML             76       3               Yes
MRm            66       3
LEL           110       4
HL             47       1               Yes
LML            88       3               Yes
EL            137       4
ELm           133       4
ML            124       4
CP  -------------------------------------------------------------
MR            119       4
ELm           119       4
ELm           111       4
LMR            83       4               Yes
HL             72       3               Yes
EL            134       4

                Lancia Stratos / Automatic : Lap Time : 1'07"85
                Theoretical Min : 1'03"00?
                {approximate times! confirmed later}

Turn      Speed         Gear            Brake
Start/CP        0       1
EL            141       4
EL            143       4
ER            140       4
EL            148       4               Yes
CP  -------------------------------------------------------------
ML             86       3               Yes
MRm            96       3
LEL           120       4
HL             57       1               Yes
LML            98       3               Yes
EL            147       4
ELm           143       4
ML            134       4
CP  -------------------------------------------------------------
MR            129       4
ELm           129       4
ELm           121       4
LMR            93       4               Yes
HL             82       3               Yes
EL            144       4

<<>>-you get to race one lap of each course,one after another
1) if you do come in first overall, you get to race a new course, the lakeside

Winning 1st Screen Shots
1) rotating shot of two drivers on victory stand holding trophies and
   crowd cheering
2) complete replay of 1st lap of lakeside course

                L A K E S I D E    C O U R S E
lakeside course (very hard) : [MR] [ML] [ML] [MR] [MR] [LML] upward jump 
straightaway [MR] [LMLm] upward jump [ML] [MRM] [HR] [ML] [LELm]
[MR] and [ML] [MR] and [ML] finish line

[see the above the descriptions to see how to take the turns!!]

Winning 1st screen shots
1) straightaway and dirt turn, with lake on the left
2) long dirt straightaway with the bump
3) shot of trees on left, lake on the right
4) birds flying over , the lake on the left, swans swimming
5) moving shot of road, and dirt straightaway

                        Original/Modified Cars
                        Celica / Automatic : Lap Time : 1'12"20
                        Theoretical Min : 1'09"00?

Turn      Speed         Gear            Brake
Start/CP        0       1
MR            106       4               Yes
ML             86       3               Yes
ML             86       3               Yes
MR             99       3               Yes
MR             82       3               Yes
LML            46       2               Yes
jump          137       4
MR             94       3               Yes
LMLm           79       2               Yes
jump          135       4
ML             96       4               Yes
MRm            68       2               Yes
HR             55       3               Yes
ML             77       3               Yes
LELm           90       3               Yes
MR             79       3               Yes
ML             80       2               Yes
MR             92       3               Yes
ML             80       2               Yes

                Lancia Stratos / Automatic : Lap Time : 1'14"00
                Theoretical Min :  1'06"00?
                {approximate! confirmed later}

Turn      Speed         Gear            Brake
Start/CP     0          1
MR            116       4               Yes
ML             96       3               Yes
ML             96       3               Yes
MR            109       3               Yes
MR             92       3               Yes
LML            56       2               Yes
jump          147       4
MR            104       3               Yes
LMLm           89       2               Yes
jump          145       4
ML            106       4               Yes
MRm            78       2               Yes
HR             65       3               Yes
ML             87       3               Yes
LELm          100       3               Yes
MR             89       3               Yes
ML             90       2               Yes
MR            102       3               Yes
ML             90       2               Yes


5. Saturn Specifics Tricks

 a) extra track

   to get a new track to practice in arcade and time attack mode -

   finish 1st in championship (in any setting) and you get to race
   the Lakeside track, once you get it, you can practice it.

   **** new ****
   to access the track without finishing first, go to the regular
   options menu, go to time attack mode and press X+Y at the same
   time, and the new track should show up under the options

 b) extra car

    finish championship in normal mode, come in 1st overall, AND!!
    1st on lakeside, you will get the lancia stratos, a car that
    goes 150 mph+, and handles very delicately.

    (unconfirmed) supposedly there is one extra other car to get!!!!

    **** new ****
    to access the new car without coming in first, go to the time
    attack option and press (in order) X, Y, Z, Y, X and the new
    car should show up under the menu for the cars, (go to the
    extreme left, or right) for the arcade modes

 c) replays

    whenever you set new times for the courses, you should get the
    option of replaying your races, use these to analyze your race
    and do better next time, and improve your times!

    **** new ****
    to zoom in and out while viewing, Hold the pad/joystick Down and
    hold the Z button, to zoom in also hold the R button, and to zoom
    out also hold the L button for variable adjustment.

 d) mirror mode

    go to arcade/time attack , select car , etc.. , when you select
    course, hold down X button and C button and you will get mirror mode
    for all courses (left -> right) but no voices when you turn!!!!
    (except turn around if you go backwards)

 e) hyper car mode

    select course and pick car, but hold Y button and C button and
    you should get a slightly faster car

    ***** new *****
    the car seems to have a slightly higher speed by +1/+2 mph but
    the handling is 'looser' in the sense it sways more than the 
    normal car, but if you notice your times should be faster by
    a few seconds

    also when you go to the records for arcade/time attack you should
    see a new set of times called 'special', and these are different
    for the normal set of times for the championship mode

f)  full screen mode (unconfirmed)
    supposedly there is a way to get all the gauges / times to dissapear

g)  real backwards tracks (unconfirmed)
    drive the courses backwards (NOT MIRROR MODE)

h)  race against built in AM2 car driver in time attack mode (seen but
    don't remember how to do it!)


6.  Credits
INFO-MATION e-mail all questions, hints, responses,queries and criticisms to
gantela_rajeev%[email protected] - (keep messages as short as possible)
COPY-RIGHT SEGA, SEGA Rally, and all of those other terms are copyrighted
by SEGA,so don't use them for your own good,or distribute information like this,
All advertising products emblems, and decals by their respective companies.
THANX TO U-thanks to SEGA for the games and all the programmers for the concept
-i guess that means [email protected] for the model of the car-LANCIA for car
-C-ONE for various(in credits on game) -all the sponsers for stuff used in it
-Sega again, for the Saturn ,and this home version of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-the WRC for the racing rally  - you , for playing and reading this!! SEGA !!!!
-rg for the work put into it. -rc for all the net support - support SEGA RALLY!

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