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Shadow Warrior -- Complete Secrets List
By: [email protected] (John Kingdon)

For those that want them:


The dojos in levels one and four have training equipment.  If
you hit them with your fists, you'll regain health up to a
maximum of 100.  Unless, that is, you already have over 100
health in which case you can increase your health to 200.  I
suspect that this last feature was not intentional.

LEVEL ONE -- 6 secrets

1.  There's a gong in the locked back room of the dojo.  Hit it
    with a ranged weapon and a panel in the corner will open.

2.  In the area with the crates and gold key, there's a window
    above and to the left of the padlocked door.  Get to it
    using the small ledges on the walls.  Jump through.

3.  In the first room of the train station, face the door to
    the room with the pond.  Move to the right as far as
    possible and press the wall.  A panel above this wall
    section will open.  To get to it, you're going to have to
    move a garbage can over to it with your uzis.

4.  In the waiting room next to the train platform, press the
    third locker from the left.  This opens up a room in the
    corner next to the entrance to the game room.

5.  In the game room, press the ATM.  The revolving signboard
    opposite it will lower.

6.  In the waiting room with the soup stand, the right-hand
    lockers slide up when pressed.

Not secrets, but...
- there's some grenade ammo behind the godzilla poster in the
  game room
- the pachinko machines will produce various items as prizes
  if you play long enough
- there's a HEAT card and a riot gun behind posters on the train
- after entering the train station, turn left.  Jump up on the
  bench and through the window.  There's a riot gun on top of
  a pillar outside.

LEVEL TWO -- 7 secrets

1.  To the right of the door to the power plant, there's a small
    alcove in the wall of crates.  Press against the back and it
    will open.

2.  In the area with the crates beyond the power plant, climb the
    ladder, turn around, and jump onto the nearby crates.  Turn
    right and jump onto the right-hand upright steel beam.  Then
    jump back onto the pile of crates with the ladder.

3.  In the back of the office area (beyond the portable toilet),
    there's a picture.  Press it and it will slide up.  Press
    the switch behind it and a panel in the opposite corner

4.  Also in the back of the office is an air vent.  Open it, climb
    in and go as far as you can.

5.  Just to the left of the gold key door is a panel with a grenade
    launcher behind it.

6.  In the power plant, jump onto the platform to the left of the
    ramp as you're going down.  Then jump to the platform on the
    far wall and press against the wall.

7.  Once you've repaired the forklift, drive it over to the left
    of the turret.  Use it to jump up to where you can see the

Not a secret, but...
- the second metal press (the one that doesn't make the gold key)
  will produce an endless supply of uzis.  Meaning that you get
  unlimited uzi ammo for the rest of the level.

Unsolved mysteries
- The ceiling of the room with the gold key door has a crack in
  it.  If you hit it with a missle or whatever part of the roof
  disappears.  Does anyone know if this serves a purpose?

LEVEL THREE -- 8 secrets

1.  The ceiling above the "Master Leep's Throne" sign has a crack
    in it.  Blow it open and jump up into an upper level.

2.  In the basement room with the fire pit, there's a picture of
    Master Leep and his harem.  Jump up to it and press against
    it to make it slide back.

3.  In the back courtyard there's a waterfall.  Jump above it and

4.  While underwater in secret area #3, you'll notice that there's
    a switch behind the bars.  Hit it and jump back out into the
    courtyard.  Go through the bronze key doors, turn right and
    jump up on the crates in the corner.  A panel in the wall
    above the crates has opened.  It closes quickly, so you'll
    have to hurry.

5.  After getting onto the rotating gong platform in the lava pit,
    jump to the small ledge in the corner.  Use a ranged weapon to
    hit the button high up on the wall opposite it.  A panel behind
    you will then open.

6.  To get out of the crushing corridor, you had to blow up the
    mechanism controlling the bars.  Jump into the hole in the
    wall this created.

7.  After solving the sliding-wall puzzle that opens the underwater
    door, go back into the crushing corridor.  A passage to a
    ladder has opened.  Climb up.

8.  There are two ways to get to the final secret.
         When you first emerge onto the mountain path, you will
    see a rabbit.  What's supposed to happen is this: when you
    move towards it, it will hop down the path a ways and then
    jump out into open space.  Being a clever gamer, you will
    remember the "follow the rabbit" sign in Master Leep's
    basement and jump out into space yourself.  Unfortunately,
    since you're attacked by wasps as soon as you emerge onto
    the path, you will almost certainly blow the rabbit away
    while trying to get rid of them and will therefore never see
    this clue.
         Anyway, there's a concave wall opposite the mountain
    path just beyond where you come up.  Jump as far as you can
    towards the middle of the wall.  You will fall a long way and
    land unharmed in a lake.  After getting the items in the lake
    you will then emerge into a pastoral valley filled with cute
    bunnies.  You will struggle briefly with the temptation to
    nuke them all.  Then enter the Tomb of the Hong Kong Action
    Hero, which is the official secret.  From there, take the
    right teleporter to a red-lit area with armor.  Blow up the
    barrels and you're back more or less where you started.
         The left teleporter in the tomb take you to Master Leep's
    corpse.  This bypasses the mountain path but means that you'll
    have to face the horde of wasps on very uneven terrain.
         There's a second way to get to this secret.  At the very
    end of the level you'll step into a corridor with a tilting
    floor.  Step in and then immediately move back.  The floor
    will tilt without you on it.  Then go back into the green-lit
    room, and a passage will have opened up with some goodies
    and a teleporter to the Tomb of the Hong Kong Action Hero.

Unsolved mysteries
- the picture in Master Leep's basement shows four women.  Has
  anyone found the one with red hair?
- after finishing most of the level, if you go back through the
  crushing corridor to where you step off the moving stones,
  there's a button on the wall that wasn't there before.  Does
  anyone know what it does?

LEVEL FOUR -- 5 secrets

1.  There's a shrine at the back of the Dark Woods.  To the right
    of the door is a shuttered window with a crack.  Blow it open
    and go in.  There's a nuke as well as a switch that turns off
    the shrine's fire traps.

2.  In the Zen garden in the peasant village, jump up on one of
    the stones and jump towards the central pillar.  There's some
    armor inside it.

3.  After entering Ripper Valley, dive into the water below the
    waterfall to your left.  You'll emerge into a valley with
    an unusual rabbit.  Blow up the barrels beyond the rabbit.

4.  After clearing out the cave above the second waterfall, go to
    the very back.  There's a fortune cookie there.

5.  In the giant pit with the remote-controlled stone pillars,
    there's a small cave below in the back wall below the level of
    the pillars.  Use the pillars to get to it.  It has a
    teleporter so you can get out.

Not a secret, but...
- In the first cave complex you reach on the flying carpet, blow
  up the barrels to find the Lara Croft room. 

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