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            Harold Santos
         [email protected]

Table of Contents
I.    Introduction
II.   Credits
III.  Version History
IV.   General Stuff
      -Game Mechanics
       Main menu
       Character selection screen
      -Game Descriptions and Terminologies
       Beat Combo
       Air Recovery
       Damage Computation
       Dash Attack
       Bounce-off Wall
V.    Unlocking Characters
VI.   Move List
      -Move Notations
      -Character Moves
       Baron Volt
       Dark Ramos
       Rude Boy
VII.  Copyright

   Slap Happy Rhythm Busters is a fighting game by Polygon
Magic and Ask. It was released last June, 2000.  Slap Happy
is not your typical fighting game, like Tekken and Street
Fighter, because of its unique game mechanics. You still
have the moves and supers from Street Fighter AND an
additional Beat Combo.  This feature is similar to Dance
Dance Revolution because you need to press buttons in time
with the beat.

A.R.Umali([email protected]) for pointing out the
     the things I forgot to put in the FAQ.

and to all the guys/gals who complained that viewing my
     FAQ gives them a headache.  I'll keep that in mind.:)

III.Version History
ver 0.02 - November 12, 2000
           First update of the FAQ.
           Fixed the format to view properly
           Added some things i have missed and some combos
                (thanks to A.R.Umali)
           Removed some things which are not very important
           Corrected some mistakes
           Added how to unlock the characters

ver 0.01 - August 18, 2000
           My first Slap Happy Rhythm Busters FAQ

IV.General Stuff
-Game Mechanics-
  a.  Controls for main menu
      start     -     to start
      X         -     to cancel
      circle    -     to start, to choose

  b.  Choices for main menu
      Arcade       -   One-player mode
      VS. mode     -   Two-player mode
      Practice     -   Practice mode your moves including
                       the beat combo.
      DJ Practice  -   Practice your beat combo in easy or
                       hard. The secrets are unlocked with
                       this mode.
      Options      -   Change the game settings, control
                       configuration, save and load, and
                       view the "comics".

  c.  Controls for character selection screen
      X         -     cancel choice, return to main menu
      Circle    \
      Triangle   >    choose character outfit
      Square    /

-Game Descriptions and Terminologies-
  a.  Beat Combo
         A Beat Combo(BC) is performed by pressing the L2
      button with three levels of beat meter.The beat meter
      is located at the bottom of the screen. Attacking,
      blocking, taunting and getting punched/kicked by the
      opponent will increase your meter from 1 -> 2 -> B.

         The Beat Combo is a terrific way of giving damage
      to your opponent. But for 3 beat meters, I personally
      don't use it often.  Because:
         1. It is blockable. You have to put it in a combo
            to hit an opponent.
         2. It uses up three levels.  You can give more
            damage with a combo that ends with a super.
            And you can do this three times.

         If you are new to this game, I suggest that you
      first clear some beat combos in DJ practice to get the
      rhythm.  Practicing beat combos will unlock certain
      characters but it doesn't mean that you can PLAY with

  b.  Taunting
         Taunting is a very important aspect of this game.
      You can taunt your opponent by pressing the select
      button. There are two reasons why you should taunt:
         1.  It adds to your beat meter.
         2.  Some taunts CAN kill your enemies.

  c.  Blocking
         You can block most of your opponent's attacks by
      pressing back or down-back. You can block ground and
      air attacks. Take note that throws and some supers are
      unblockable. Some characters have overhead attacks.

  d.  Throwing
         Throwing is another important part of this game.
      Throwing may be cheap but it works very well.  You can
      perform a throw when you are near an opponent. You can
      stop a throw of your opponent by pressing your throw
      button during the initial contact. If your game is in
      the highest difficulty setting, expect the computer to
      throw you at every opportunity.

  e.  Air Recovery
         You can air-recover when you are above the ground.
      Pressing any button will let you air recover. Do not
      abuse air recovery!  Sure you can strike back against
      your opponent very fast but your opponent can hit you

         If you recover, make sure you press a direction
      button.You can't air recover when you are already going

  f.  Damage Computation
         Like the other fighting games, Slap Happy follows the
      "more hits, decreasing power" rule.  Meaning, the more
      you combo your opponent, the less powerful your moves
      become.  Most supers deal maximum damage when they are
      NOT included in a combo.

         You don't need to pull-off fancy combos to deal big
      damage in this game.

  g.  Launcher
         Slap Happy allows you to launch your opponent in the
      air.  This is usually done with d+hp(down + heavy punch).
      you can only launch you opponent in the air 3 times.

  h.  Dash Attack
         Dash attacks are performed by pressing f,f hp. To
      dash-attack properly, press forward twice, do not hold
      the last forward. When a dust appears, press the heavy
      punch.  All dash attacks involve the heavy punch.

         After launching your opponent in the air, in most
      situations your opponent will be out of reach for any
      of your moves. Dash attack is the solution to this
      problem. Do not try to dash attack a blocking opponent.
      Dash attacks have poor recovery time.

  i.  Bounce-off Wall(BOW)
         You can bounce your enemies off walls in this game.
      The general bounce-off wall attack is back+heavy punch.
      But somes special moves also have the bounce effect.
      The good thing about bouncing your enemies is that they
      can't block or recover after hitting the wall. BOW combos
      are difficult to pull-off because you must know the range
      of your moves. BOW attacks have the worst recovery time
      in this game. Most characters can only bounce their
      opponents once.

V.Unlocking Characters
Note: Please e-mail me if there is an easier/surer way of
      doing this.

1.  Start with a clean/new save.
2.  Set the game difficulty to 1(easiest), damage to highest,
    number of rounds to 1, auto-save and time to lowest.
3.  Do NOT try the DJ practice at all.
4.  Play the game until you release Stealth.
5.  Try the DJ practice until Frosty's logo appears.

***Get perfects as much as possible.***

6.  Set the the number of rounds to 2.

***At this point, finish EVERY round with a Beat combo***

7.  Choose any character and FIGHT Euri.
8.  Finish Euri with a Fever(a Beat Combo), and Frosty will
    challenge you.  Do NOT lose to Frosty.
9.  Finish the game.  Check the Practice/DJ practice screen
    if Frosty was released.
10. Try the beat combo once more until a new logo appears.
    This is for Dark Ramos.
11. Finish the game with Dark Ramos as the boss.
12. Check if Dark Ramos was released.
13. Set the number of rounds to 3.
14. Go to DJ practice and get a new logo.
15. Finish the game with Jakoo as the boss.
16. Check if Jakoo was released.
17. Finish the game again with Rude Boy as the boss.
18. Check if all characters are released.

*** The next instructions are just misc. stuff  ***

19. Finish the DJ practice to get the "comics" viewer and
    the Outer Space stage. You can release these even with
20. Get "perfects" for all characters(easy and hard) to get
    the Fever mode for the DJ practice.

VI.Move List
-Move Notations-
f     -     forward
ff    -     forward, forward        (dash)
b     -     back
bb    -     back, back
u     -     up                      (pressing will result to)
                                    (a jump                 )
d     -     down
bf    -     back, forward
db    -     down, back              (down, down-back, back)
df    -     down, forward           (down,down-forward,forward)
dd    -     down, down
P     -     any punch button
lp    -     light punch             (square by default)
hp    -     heavy punch             (triangle by default)
PP    -     both punch buttons      (R1 by default)
K     -     any kick button
lk    -     light kick              (X by default)
hk    -     heavy kick              (circle by default)
KK    -     both kick buttons       (R2 by default)
BC    -     Beat Combo

   The following characters are placed in the order you see
them in the character selection screen, and not by their

=   Frosty   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            freeze gun      #1
df+K                            snowman's head  #1
ff, hp                          falling headbutt
df+PP                           super           #2
df+KK                           super           #3

#1 Light button hits ground near Frosty.
   Heavy button hits ground far from Frosty.
#2 It doesn't hit opponents who are very close to Frosty.
#3 It is unblockable but you must perform it beside the opponent.

*Frosty does not have a launcher.

Sample Combo
     b+hp, df+PP

=   Jakoo   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            wave attack
df+K                            slash attacks(with window)
dd+P                            rising blade
d+hp                            launcher
df+PP                           super  #1
dd+PP                           super  #2

#1 It is unblockable but you must perform it near the opponent.
#2 It can hit falling opponents with 2-8 hits.

=   Baron Volt   =

Command                         Comment
bf+P                            roll attack
db+P                            quake attack
hk                              launcher
bf+PP                           super roll   #1
db+PP                           super quake  #2

#1 The hits will greatly decrease in a combo.
#2 You CAN finish a combo with this super. (thanks to A.R.Umali)

Sample Combo
     lp, lk, hp, hk then quickly into db+PP

=   Sledge   =

Command                         Comment
dd+P                            punches #1
db+P                            jump and punch
bf+P                            headbutt
d+hk                            launcher
d+lk                            dive attack #2
ff, hp                          shoulder ram #3
df+PP                           grab and slam #4
bf+PP                           super headbutt

#1 Light punch hits 12 times.
   Heavy punch hits 24 times.
#2 Can only be done when in air.
#3 Can be cancelled into another move after it hits.
   (thanks to A.R.Umali)
#4 It is unblockable but you must perform it near an opponent.
   It is similar to a throw.

=   Chad Gram   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            spit (projectile)
dd+P                            rising tackle
hk                              launcher
dd+PP                           super rising tackle
df+KK                           Chad-Gram super rush

* Chad-Gram's heavy punch will miss at close range.

=   Ramos   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            burning record (projectile)
bf+P                            rushing punch
dd+P                            rising punch
d+hp                            launcher
df+PP                           super beam
bf+PP                           super punch rush

Sample Combos
     f+hp, d+hp, d+hp, dd+hp
     lp, lp, lk, d+hp, bf+hp
     df+hp, df+PP
     lp, lp, lk, f+hp, d+hp, bf+PP
     lp, lp, lk, d+lk, d+hp, lk, d+hp, df+PP

=   Mia   =

Command                         Comment
jump, hp                        #1
df+P                            hand energy ball #2, #4
bf+P                            palm strike
dd+K                            rising kick
d+hp                            launcher
df+PP                           super energy ball #3, #4
dd+KK                           super rising kick

#1 a. You can prolong the energy ball by holding hp.
   b. This move is difficult to block.
   c. To make this move VERY effective, jump in while you
      opponent is getting up. Try to land behind a blocking
      opponent. ><
   d. Mia's best combo opener.
   e. Do not abuse this move specially against Jakoo, Zekoo and
#2 This move can bounce your enemies against the wall.
#3 Sharp rocks will come out of the ground adding to the number
#4 Rude Boy can counter this move provided that he will be hit
   by the energy ball.

* Mia can dash under a projectile.

Special Chain
     lp, lp, hp, hp, hk, hk
     "2 jabs, spin attack, mid-kick, turning high kick"
     Must perform very quick.

Sample Combos
     b+hp, opponent bounces, d+lk, dd+KK
     lp, lp, lk, d+lk, d+hp, df+P
     lp, lk, d+hp, d+hp, ff, hp
     lp, lk, d+lk, d+hp, d+hp, dd+KK
     lp, lp, lk, d+lk, d+hp, d+lk, d+hp, df+PP
     lp, lp, lk, d+lk, d+hp, d+lk, d+hp, BC
     jump hp, lp~lp~hp~hp~hk~hk

Strategy Against a Cornered/Downed Opponent
1. Taunt
   Only when your opponent is downed.

2. Throw
   If your opponent just gets up without doing anything.

3. df+P
   Bounce your opponent on the wall.

4. d+lk, plus a decent combo with a super or Beat Combo
   If your opponent gets up with a standing block.

5. dd+K
   If your opponent performs a crouching block.

6. Jump hp, land behind opponent, d+hp, d+hp, ff, hp
   This is the best combo I know! You can perform this as
   often as you want. Just time your jumping hp to land
   behind your opponent. This is the easiest and CHEAPEST
   way to win in this game.

=   Oreg   =

Command                         Comment
db+P                            grab and slam
df+P                            uppercut
bf+P                            headbutt
d+hp                            launcher
df+PP                           super slam #1
bf+PP                           super headbutt

#1 It is unblockable but you must perform near an opponent.
   It is similar to a throw.

=   Nitro   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            driller #1
db+P                            grab then slam #1
bf+P                            boot booster
d+hp                            launcher
jump hp                         launcher
db+PP                           super driller
dd+KK                           laser attack

#1 Can be connected similar to the super driller.

=   Euri   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            flamethrower #1, #2
db+P                            exhaust #1, #3
ff                              dash towards #1
bb                              fly back #1
bf+K                            gum ball #3
hk                              launcher
df+PP                           super flamethrower
df+KK                           super air combo #4

#1 Can be done when in air.
#2 Light punch deals 32 damage.
   Heavy punch gives 33 damage.
#3 Same damage for both buttons.
#4 Can only performed when in air.

=   Holemon   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            bird cage
bf+P                            cleaver rush
dd+K                            rising tackle
f+hp                            belly flop
d+hp                            launcher
ff, hp                          belly slide
bf+PP                           super cleaver rush
dd+KK                           super bounce

=   Thrash     =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            vacuum cleaner
db+P                            overhead attack
bf+P                            3-hit attack
d+hp                            launcher
hk                              launcher
db+PP                           super smacker
df+PP                           super vacuum #1

#1 Doesn't deal any damage but opponent also can't recover.

=   April   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            knife throw #1
dd+P                            swing shot  #1
b+lk                            wire grab   #2
d+hp                            launcher
hk                              launcher #3
df+PP                           super knife throw #4
dd+PP                           super swing shot #1, #5

#1 Can be done when in air
#2 The wire grab is blockable. When an opponent is at the very
   opposite end of the screen, this will not connect. If the
   opponent is near the center of the screen, this will connect
   but you can't connect with a hk (flip kick).
#3 Can bounce opponents off the wall.
#4 To be effective, use this against a falling enemy.
#5 To maximize the hits, try this against a cornered enemy.

Sample Combo
   lp, lp, lk, b+lk, hk(enemy bounces), b+hp(enemy bounces), df+PP

=   Garia   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            sword thrust #1
db+P                            tarot card #1
df+K                            sand lion
d+hp                            launcher
df+PP                           super sword thrust #2
df+KK                           super sand lion

#1 Light punch hits opponents near Garia.
   Heavy punch hits opponents far from Garia.
#2 Doesn't hit cornered enemies.

Sample Combos
     lp, lp, lk, d+lk, d+hp, d+hp, db+hp
     lp, lk, d+lk, d+hp, d+lk, d+hp, (opponent at the top)df+PP
     f+hp, d+hp, d+lk, d+hp, (opponent near ground)df+KK

=   Zekoo   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            wave attack
df+K                            slash attacks(with window)
dd+P                            rising blade
d+hp                            launcher
df+PP                           super wave attack
dd+PP                           super sword thrust #1

#1 It can hit falling opponents with 2-8 hits.

* Jakoo is much better than Zekoo.

=   Vivian & Roxy   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            uppercut and kick
db+P                            VR spin
df+K                            double uppercut
df+PP                           VR rush
df+KK                           gun attack

=   Mercantile   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            wolf rush
dd+P                            rising attack
df+K                            wolf grab
d+hp                            launcher
df+PP                           super wolf rush
dd+PP                           super rising attack

* If the wolf gets beaten up(check bar below your life),
  the old man will exchange places and you don't want that
  to happen.

=    Tomtom    =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            vandal rush
dd+P                            hand
hk                              launcher
df+PP                           super vandal rush
df+KK                           Tomtom spray super

=   Dark Ramos   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            burning record(projectile)
dd+P                            rising punch
bf+P                            rushing punch
d+hp                            launcher
df+PP                           super beam
df+KK                           super rushing punch

Sample Combos
     f+hp, d+hp, d+hp, dd+hp
     lp, lp, lk, d+hp, bf+hp
     df+hp, df+PP
     lp, lp, lk, f+hp, d+hp, bf+PP
     lp, lp, lk, d+lk, d+hp, lk, d+hp, df+PP

=   Rude Boy   =

Command                         Comment
bf+P                            dash punch #1
   = P, P                       2-slash attack #2
db+P                            overhead slash
db+K                            counter stance #3
d+hp                            launcher
d+lk                            dive attack #4
df+PP                           Rude Guy #5
db+PP                           super crescent slash #6

#1 The light punch version will connect on a launched
   opponent. The heavy punch version will only connect
   after changing to Rude Guy.
#2 After the dash punch, you can add two extra attacks by
   pressing the same button you used for the dash punch
   twice. This will work, bf+lp, lp, lp; but this one will
   be not be valid: bf+lp, hp, hp.
#3 The counter is ineffective against projectiles and throws.
   Low kicks and sweeps are also not guarded.
   Some of Mia's move can be countered.
#4 Can only be done when in air.
#5 No significant change in power but the range is greatly
#6 This super has a very long range. Rude Boy version can attack
   near the center of the screen. Rude Guy version covers almost
   the entire screen.

=   Stealth   =

Command                         Comment
df+P                            energy shot(projectile)
dd+P                            plasma orb #1
db+P                            rushing punch #2
bf+P                            Stealth Hold
d+hp                            launcher
db+PP                           super rush punch
dd+PP                           super plasma orbs

#1 Light punch drops orbs near Stealth.
   Heavy punch drops orbs far from Stealth.
#2 Can bounce enemies off the wall

Sample Combo
     db+PP, (enemy bounces off the wall), lp, db+PP, dd+hp

Slap Happy Rhythm Busters is (c) by Polygon Magic and Ask.

This FAQ is (c)2000 by Harold Santos and NOT for sale.
This is an independent work and I'm not affiliated or
connected with the said companies.

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