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                              -DRIVING 101
                              -WALKTHROUGH (LEVELS 1-36)


Being made a fool of by rival gangs and subversive government organizations? Can't 
seem to make it to the next checkpoint before the time runs out? Is the only thing 
you're smuggling across the border the dirt in your teeth, spit there by the rival 
gang's tire? Are you having trouble staying out of the backseat of a patrol car? 

Smugglers Run 2 is finally out and this hot sequel to one of the best PS2 games from 
last year has definitely got its share of tough spots. Luckily, you've found your 
way to IGN's exclusive online guide for the game where all is revealed. We hold your 
hand through every mission and make sure that you can complete them successfully. 
We've got the juice on all the vehicles in the game, plus we've put together a handy 
driving lesson called Driving 101, to help get you up to speed with the driving 
skills you'll need to make it through. No guide would be complete without an 
extensive secrets listing and we've catalogued every secret and how each is 
unlocked. You can jump to it straightaway by clicking on the Secrets link in the top 
image above. 

There are numerous ways to complete each mission and no set route is the best, those 
listed below are the writer's favorites. 


In this section we cover the basic skills you'll need to accomplish any mission in 
the game. First, let's start with your basic controls. 


Basic Controls 

If you're using controller configuration 1 the following are the actions assigned by 
the different buttons on your controller. 

Left Analog Stick: Steering
L3: Horn
Right Analog Stick :Gas/Brake/Reverse
R3: Drift/Pitch Control
Triangle: Reverse
Circle: Drift/Pitch Control
X: Gas
Square :Brake
R1 :Map
R2 :Look Back
L1: Downshift (manual transmission)
L2: Upshift (manual transmission)
D-Pad :Countermeasure
Select: Camera View
Start: Pause 


Hill Climbing 

Scattered through every level are countless hills and mountains. These can be some 
of your biggest obstacles when trying to get from point A to point B, but there are 
passes and less steep areas you can cross over. Use your Radar and in-game map (R2 
button) to find them. 

When it doesn't make sense to go around an incline, try powering up the hill if you 
have enough speed and the hill is small enough. If you start slowing down as you 
make your way up one of the larger hills, try turning left or right and take it at 
an incline. In fact, to maximize your speed up a hill, start off at an angle at the 
base. If you can make it over the peak with any speed you'll usually be in for some 
terrific airtime. 


Drift and Pitch 

After the gas, brake, and steering controls, the most useful button on the 
controller is the Drift/Pitch button. When you press Circle while driving, you can 
easily whip your car around as if you hit the hand brake in conjunction with your 
steering controls. Use this button to help you fish tail and slide for tighter 
turns. When being pursued by an opponent, a tight turn or a quick 360-degree slide 
may be the only way to put some distance between you and him. 

You can also use this button for pitch control while in the air. In moments when you 
fly over a cliff or off a mountain peak, press and hold Circle while you're in the 
air and use the Left Analog stick to adjust the angle of your car, as if it was an 
aircraft. This handy feature will allow you to land more smoothly, avoid costly 
damage to your car, and keep your speed up. 


The Roll Over 

Occasionally (or often depending on your driving skills) you'll end up upside down, 
usually from a bad landing. In order to flip over and get back on the road, press 
Left or Right with the Left Analog Stick. Keep your surroundings in mind when 
flipping over since there may be hills or rocks in the way. 


Pulling Wheelies 

One of the cooler new features in Smuggler's Run 2 is the ability for all the 
vehicles to pull wheelies. To pop a wheelie, quickly tap the X button and your front 
end will go into the air. Pull back on the Left Analog Stick while popping a wheelie 
to increase the height. This technique is extremely useful for getting over 
obstacles like rocks. 


Spin Out Your Opponents 

To spin out an opponent, hit their vehicle at an angle anywhere on the back half, 
but not from behind. This will cause their vehicle to lose control and allow you to 
make a clean getaway. When running doesn't work, it may be necessary to try this 
maneuver to gain the upper hand when being chased. 


Take 'Em Out 

The strongest part of your vehicle is the reinforced front end. You can use it to 
ram other vehicles and damage them enough to take them out of the action. All of the 
vehicles have vulnerable parts that can be attacked to eliminate them from the game. 


Other Helpful Tips 

The Arrow Doesn't Always Point Out the Fastest Route
The directional indicator, which is yellow when pointed at a pick-up location and 
red when pointed at a drop-off spot, is always pointed directly at the location you 
are heading, however, it does not always point out the best route to use to get 
there. There is usually a faster way, and paying attention to the terrain will help 
you find it. 

Use Your Radar
There is an in-game map, but you'll find it more convenient to use the Radar on 
screen to track other cars, find pick-up and drop-off locations, and to plot the 
best route through the terrain. Red Triangles are friendlies and White Triangles are 
baddies, and the different colored circles that mark your pick-up locations have X's 
in them. A red cross marks drop-off spots. The top of a triangle is the hood of the 
car and implies the direction that it is heading. Keep this in mind when avoiding 

Avoid the Fuzz
On top of all the other things you need to deal with, you will also have to avoid 
the cops. If you get arrested, the mission is over. Sometimes, this will seem almost 
unavoidable. If you want to improve the odds of not getting busted, do not get stuck 
on a tree or building, and above all else, avoid stalls caused by crashes and bad 
landings. Sometimes you may have to go on the offensive to get an enemy off your 
tail and spin them out. When facing multiple cops, your only defense is a heavy foot 
on the gas and some crafty maneuvers. Be sure to keep an eye on your radar to avoid 
police roadblocks. When being chased, you should try driving close to objects like 
buildings and trees to get the pursuers snagged and off your tail. 

Stake Out the Drop Off
Rather than going off after a pick up in some of the Smuggler Missions (and most of 
the Turf War missions) you should try to hang out by the drop off location and 
intercept the enemy as he tries to make the delivery. This technique can possibly 
backfire, but is worth a shot depending on how close you are to the pick up point. 
You should also note that when laying in wait a couple of the baddies' cars will try 
to take you out, leaving less of them to go after the loot. 


There are 36 tasks to complete in the Smuggler's Missions part of the game. To 
progress through the various missions, earn new vehicles and unlock new terrain, 
you'll need to complete each one. Before you can get to the main Smugglers Missions, 
you'll need to complete a few training missions. The training missions are pretty 
simple and will give you a good sense of the skills you need and the situations 
you'll face in the rest of the game. 

Training Missions 

In the first training mission you'll have to hit five different checkpoints marked 
by orange smoke flares. You'll have exactly one minute and thirty seconds to get 
this done. Piece of cake! 

In the second training mission you'll have to pick up cargo and discard it at the 
drop off point three times. You start with one minute on the clock, and when you 
make the first delivery, you'll get another 20 seconds put on the clock. After you 
deliver the second package, you'll get another 10 seconds. In this level you'll get 
a little practice at driving on slick surfaces. 

For the third training mission, you'll need to follow the leader. This is a night 
mission and you'll have to navigate using night vision equipment. This can take a 
little getting used to since it's tough to detect different driving surfaces like 
gravel, ice and wet ground. To complete the mission you'll need to stick very close 
to Frank. If you fall too far behind you'll lose him and the mission will be over. 
It may take a few tries for this one but you should try to anticipate Frank's moves 
and try to cut corners whenever you can. When you get near the snowy areas stay 
clear of the drifts. 

Once the three training missions are completed, the first main mission of the game 
and the D-5 Hondo will unlock. 


Mission 1 

Compared to missions you'll face later in the game the first mission is a breeze. 
It's a pick-up and drop-off mission with three deliveries. You'll start with 0:01:10 
on the clock and will gain 30 seconds for each successful drop-off. The mission 
takes place in Russia during the afternoon with a light rain falling. You'll face up 
to nine cops in this level so be wary as you make your deliveries through the Hill 
Town and the Oasis. 

After you grab the first package, fly off the dock and down the hill, aiming for the 
first drop-off location in the distance. As you approach the flares (and the two 
police there) quickly make a little turn maneuver towards the back of the police 
Hondo staking the spot out. This will throw them off and keep you from being rammed 
away from the flares before you get there. 

The rest of the mission is pretty simple as long as you avoid the cops. Keep an eye 
on your radar and try to pass behind the police whenever possible, even if it takes 
you a little out of the way. You'll end up saving time in the end. 


Mission 2 

This time the package is be dropped by a helicopter and since the cops are aware of 
what's happening, the chopper won't stay long. This means you'll have to be fast in 
getting to the four pick-up locations. Choose the Super Buggy with its superior 
speed. You'll have six minutes to complete this mission, which takes place on a 
clear afternoon day in Russia. 

If you follow the directional arrow from the start, you'll fly directly into a wall 
and miss the first pick-up. From your starting point, steer around the wall at the 
village, and then follow the arrow straight to the helicopter. 

If you happen to miss the helicopter the first time, get back on the gas and follow 
the directional meter at the top of the screen to the next drop-off point. You can't 
miss the helicopter too many times and expect to finish the mission. Watch for land 
mines on either side of the railroad tracks. To avoid most of the many cops in this 
mission, use your in-game map to plot a course around them. The final drop-off 
location is in the Ruins Area, which happens to be a great place to ditch the cops. 
Once you beat this mission you'll be given the Super Buggy Boost countermeasure, 
which gives your Super Buggy a boost ability that will momentarily launch it at high 


Mission 3 

In this cooperation mission you'll have 12 minutes to make five deliveries in the 
Ruins Area of Russia. The mission takes place in the afternoon with a light rain 
coming down. There are other folks after the loot this time so you have to beat them 
to it or take it from them. You can choose two teammates for this mission, and since 
speed is the key, be sure that you choose Super Buggies for them and for yourself. 

You'll start the level with five Boosts (the countermeasure you earned in the 
previous mission). Be sure to use one of them on your way to the first pick-up 
location to ensure that you make it there first. If the enemy happens to grab a pick-
up before you do, smash into them to grab it for yourself. This technique also works 
with your teammates, although you should be a bit gentler. If one of your teammates 
gets the package first, grab it to make things faster or guard them by blocking 
attacks from enemies. Try to spin out baddies or turn them over to take them out for 
a minute. 

When you have a package and are trying to make a delivery, try taking an indirect 
route to the drop-off point. If you can get all the baddies behind you to chase you, 
you can easily take a direct route to the drop-off point, then they won't be able 
catch up and intersect you. It is also important to keep an eye out for the police 
patrolling the area. 


Mission 4 

In this pick-up and drop-off mission, you'll need to first deliver a package to a 
warehouse where you'll receive a new vehicle, the Baja Truck. Use it to meet up with 
a helicopter and a plane for more pick-ups. From the beginning of the mission, 
follow the directional arrow to the first pick-up and then cruise along the base of 
the mountainside, passing the security gates on your left. Continue on until the 
directional arrow is pointing left, jump the ledge, and over the patrol car below 
(near the railroad tracks on your side of the river.) Next cross the river and drive 
between the two patrol vehicles, blasting up the hillside behind them. After you go 
over the hill, drive into the red flares for the drop-off, where you will switch 

With your new Baja Truck, take off in the direction of the helicopter. You'll have 
an additional minute and 20 seconds on the clock to make the delivery. When you get 
to the helicopter, dodge the police, make the pick-up and then take off towards the 
drop-off, using the riverbank as your guide. Avoid the two cops to the left of the 
railroad bridge by driving on the bridge itself. Once the second delivery is made, a 
plane will drop the last package by parachute. 

Check your in-game map to scope out the locations of the patrol vehicles guarding 
the package. Once you dodge them and grab the package from atop the hillside, get on 
the pedal towards the last drop-off point. By this time you should have about nine 
or 10 cops on your tail so some careful driving will be necessary to lose them and 
keep them directly off your tail. Make it to the center of Watertown, dodging the 
mines near the train tracks and avoiding the speeding train, and your mission will 
be complete. 


Mission 5 

For Mission 5, you'll have to go around and make six pick-ups dropped off by a plane 
and deliver them all successfully. Then you have to make it back to base without a 
police escort! You get five minutes to complete this mission. Since most of the 
mission will have you driving around a minefield, you'll want to choose your new 
Baja Truck , it's as fast as the Super Buggy and handles like a dream, but since it 
is heavier you can survive the mine blasts better. 

There are a ton of cops in this mission and many of them are driving quad bikes. 
These bikes are fast and maneuverable but they are easy to flip over, use this fact 
to your advantage. You start the level atop a hill while a plane makes drops in the 
distance. Head off in the direction of the first package, following the yellow 
arrow. The police presence is very intense as you make your way about delivering 
your packages. Often you'll find that you will be diverted from a target by the 
cops. Never stop moving and always keep trying to move in the direction of the pick-
up or drop-off. Try making quick 180-degree turns using the Drift button when you 
have someone driving next to you. 

The last drop-off location is under a helicopter. Speed through the earlier parts of 
the mission so you have plenty of time ditch the cops after making your deliveries. 
After you drive through the red flares under the helicopter, don't slow down, and 
keep speeding away from the cops. If you're having a tough time ditching them, try 
heading into an area with some tricky terrain such as a town or the ruins area to 
put the necessary distance between you and them. 

Mission 6 

In this loot-grabbing mission, you'll pick two teammates to chase down and deliver 
12 packages. Both police vehicles and Free Trade Thieves will be in your way. The 
first team to make 12 drop-offs will win. The Super Buggy and Baja Truck will suit 
both you and your teammates' needs in this mission. 

When you get to the first pick-up point you'll find four packages. You and your 
teammates can each grab one, which is, of course the ideal situation, but chances 
are that your opponents will get some as well. As soon as you pick up a package, 
deliver it as quickly as possible and then scoot off to the pick-up location to see 
if there are any more packages to grab. If not, try to find an opponent with a 
package and snag it from them, if that isn't an option take off after one of your 
teammates carrying a package and provide some defense. If you happen to be close to 
the enemy's drop-off point, check your radar to see if an enemy is heading in your 
direction with a package, if so, hang out, intercept them, steal their package and 
deliver it to your own drop-off point. 

Once the first packages are delivered, four more packages will appear at a separate 
location. Once these are delivered, yet another group of packages will show up 
elsewhere. Be sure to check your radar for the location of cops, as they can really 
gum up the operation. While you're at it, check for the location of any enemies 
blocking your way to drop-off points while transporting a package. Once your team 
delivers 12 packages, the mission will be accomplished. 


Mission 7 

In this mission you have four minutes to chase down a Free Trade spy and destroy his 
vehicle. He'll be driving a Super Buggy, so choose the Baja Truck to chase him as 
the truck is as fast and its weight makes it easier to take out the buggy. The spy's 
Super Buggy has a health bar so you'll be able to tell when it's close to being 

In the first clearing, you should be able to get close to the spy's vehicle. When he 
tries to make a wide turn from the left mountainside toward the dirt road, you'll 
want to stay close to the dirt rather than following him. When he comes back towards 
you, ram his side. If you get good contact you should knock him off course, which 
may give you a second opportunity to smash him. 

If you happen to get the side of the buggy trapped by the front of your truck, keep 
pushing and you may get him to roll over. If you get him belly up ram the heck out 
of him as his undercarriage is much more easily damaged. Try is to push the vehicle 
into the path of the speeding train, if you get the chance, this will cause massive 
damage and will leave you with a sense of satisfaction. Upon completion of this 
mission you will unlock the Baja Truck's bomb countermeasures, which are dropped 
from behind to explode on a timer or when struck by another vehicle. 


Mission 8 

Mission 8 is a simple pick-up and delivery mission with five pick-ups and drop-offs. 
You'll want to choose the Baja Truck to make use of its countermeasure bombs. You'll 
have five minutes to accomplish this mission in Russia on a clear day. 

This mission is simple, just follow the arrows to the pick-up and drop-off points 
and toss a bomb or two when the cops get close. There aren't too many police in this 
level, so just watch for the mines as you progress through. Once you've beaten this 
level, the D-5 Hondo's oil slick countermeasures will be unlocked. 


Mission 9 

This is the last mission located in Russia but rain will make things conditions a 
bit more treacherous, so select the Baja Truck for its high traction tires. 
Visibility will also be a bit of a hindrance while you make the two pick-ups and 
deliveries and lead the law into a trap. You have 0:04:10 on the clock to finish. 

From your starting point, follow the arrow through the Burnt Town to the first pick-
up, guarded by two patrol vehicles. Once you get the first package, head right and 
dodge the oncoming police vehicle by passing the back end of the train and driving 
along side of it, keeping the cops on the other side. Once the package is delivered 
in the small town, the directional arrow will remain red. Continue to follow it 
towards the red flares in the distance. Once across the bridge and through the 
flares, the crossing will blow up and your pursuers will be stuck on the other side 
of the river. 

On your way to the second pick-up, you'll pass a pair of cops at the border crossing 
and another pair guarding the package. Don't slow down and as soon as you grab the 
package veer left, but keep the drop-off location in sight as indicated by the 
arrow. As you make your way there, drive on the side of the hills facing the river. 
You'll have plenty of police on your tail and ahead of you guarding the drop-off 
point. As you pass the buggy and truck on the road, climb a little higher up the 
hillside. This should make them move slower than normal and will allow you to get 
past them without contact. Once beyond them, come back down the hill and drive 
through the red flares. You're not done yet; you still have to ditch all the cops to 
finish the mission. 

From the last drop-off point, continue in the same direction, and stay along the 
river or cross it to leave your pursuers behind. 


Mission 10 

This is the first mission located in Vietnam, on a clear afternoon, and it's a 
follow-the-leader assignment. Do your best to keep up with Frank as he cruises 
around the new terrain. The Super Buggy is the best choice for this mission because 
of the speed burst countermeasure. Frank will be driving the ATV Monster that is a 
pain to handle. This will give you a distinct advantage when trying to keep up with 
him, but if you ever lose sight of the blue triangle over his head, you will fail 
the mission. The trick to beating him is to take several specific shortcuts. 

The first shortcut comes at the start of the mission. Cut between the right 
mountainside and the huts, if you use a speed burst you may even get ahead of Frank. 
The second spot to gain some ground comes just past the pathway between the two 
mountains as Frank heads for the water crossing. As he makes his way to the swamp, 
he drives in a wide arc through the valley approaching the mountainside. He makes a 
final left before he heads into the swamp. To gain some ground, make a sharp left as 
soon as you enter the valley and follow the base of the mountainside until you catch 
up to Frank at the swamp. 

Before you reach the next shortcut, you'll come across some suspension bridges. Stay 
close to Frank and watch out for the rolling boulders below the bridges. Once past 
the bridges, Frank will turn left onto a dirt road. The third shortcut comes when 
Frank veers off the road as it turns to the right. He will climb a hill to meet the 
road on the other side. To make up some ground, go around the right side of the same 
hill, watch out for the trees and plow through the thick brush to rejoin the dirt 
road. Beyond this point Frank will cut right and drive between another pair of large 
hills, stay behind him the whole time as he drives through the rice fields. 

Frank will follow the road as it veers sharply left, but you can cut the corner by 
going around the mountainside. Be sure to keep Frank in your sights, as he will 
leave the road and make a sharp left between the next two hills. 

For the last stretch, just stay steady as Frank swerves back and forth through the 
meadows on his way to the helicopter. Reach the helicopter and Frank, and the ATV 
Monster will be unlocked for your troubles. 


Mission 11 

You'll have five deliveries to make in this mission. You'll get four minutes on the 
clock and you'll have to cope with moderate rain. Choose the Baja Truck for this 

This is one of those missions where you are being chased by a horde of cops as you 
make your deliveries. The first and second pick-up are pretty easy to accomplish, 
but the second drop-off point at the bottom of the hill can be tough to reach 
safely, since you'll have to slow down to navigate around the houses in town, giving 
the pursuing vehicles a chance to catch up. 

On your way out of town to the next pick-up, beware of the large truck coming in 
your direction on the main road; it will hit you if you're not careful. Also, watch 
yourself as you cross the small river just before the third drop-off point, as there 
are large rocks in the water that will stop you in your tracks. A safer bet would be 
to use the small log bridge than spans the river. 

Watch yourself as you approach the fourth drop-off point, just as you reach it, a 
border patrol buggy will plow into you headfirst. If you're using the Baja Truck, 
you should be able to take the impact, but a better idea is to make a quick 
directional change at the last minute and avoid the impact all together. Once you 
drop off the package, follow the directional arrow, and head up the mountainside and 
put some distance between you and the pursuing vehicles. 

On the other side of the mountain do not follow the arrow up the next hill, as there 
are group of cops waiting that will make things very difficult. Go around the hill 
instead by going right, take part of the hillside at an angle and ignore the 
suspension bridge path. Grab the last pick-up, step on the gas, and head through the 
tunnel to the left, just beyond the pick-up location. The tunnel is the key to 
finishing the level in time, once through the tunnel, follow the arrow to the drop-
off point. If you can't seem to make it in time, you may want to try the Super Buggy 
for its speed boosts. 


Mission 12 

The weather is clear for mission 12 but it is twilight, which makes seeing things in 
the distance slightly more difficult. You'll have two minutes and 50 seconds to 
destroy the seven radar towers along the hilltops. There will be a lot of hill 
climbing involved so you'll want to use the Baja Truck. To complete the mission, 
take out the towers in the order prescribed by your directional arrow, do not jump 
ahead to any of the towers. 

You'll find that the first couple towers are pretty easy, the key is to keep your 
speed up and try to avoid tangling with the police if at all possible. If possible, 
do not go off course, just plow over an obstacle no matter how high it seems. 

After you take out the third tower, do everything possible to follow the valley. If 
you get up to the right of the mountain you will not be able to complete the mission 
in the given time, it takes too long to get back on course. As you make your way 
through the valley to the Temple, you'll pick up quite a few pursuit vehicles. Toss 
some bombs to get rid of some of them, and give yourself a bit more space to 
operate. Past the Temple area, you will see the red flares of your target on a hill 
in the distance above a ravine and a tunnel, to get there, climb the hill at an 
angle and then follow the ridge of the hill to the fourth tower. 

Once you knock down the fourth tower, make a sharp left to avoid the cop heading for 
you and head down the hill, aiming for the fifth tower in the distance. As you climb 
the hillside to the fifth tower, watch out for trees as there is a lot of greenery 
on the hillside and some of it can stop you in your tracks, preventing you from 
reaching the last tower. After you take down the fifth tower, the sixth is pretty 
easy to eliminate. 

You should have just enough time on the clock to reach the last tower, which is 
found on top of a very steep mountain. Rather than looking for an easier grade to 
climb, just power up the hill to the spot closest to the sixth tower's location, be 
sure to take it at an angle and switch back and forth to keep your speed up. 

Mission 13 

You will have four minutes to deliver six packages, and again the vehicle of choice 
is the Baja Truck. 

As soon as the mission starts, you'll see a plane dropping the six parachute 
packages, immediately take off in the direction of the arrow to pick up the first 
package. The first three packages are all picked up and delivered in the same 
general area. There are many cops and they will be a constant annoyance, so make use 
of a couple bombs when you're in trouble to keep the heat off. Be sure to save some 
bombs for the last three deliveries. 

The final three pick-ups will be located in the marsh area. It won't be too tough to 
get them all delivered but you'll need to be fast, because when you're done you'll 
have to ditch your police escort and you will need all the time you can get. This is 
also where you will need the remainder of your bombs. After the sixth pick-up, step 
on the gas and don't slow down as you barrel through town. With any luck the police 
waiting to ambush you on the left-hand side will get caught up in the group of 
police trailing behind you. It's at this point that you will want to drop the rest 
of your bombs to take out any remaining fuzz, and you should end up with enough 
distance to complete the mission. 

Upon successful completion of the mission you will be awarded the Du Monde Jeep. 


Mission 14 

In this mission you have to choose two teammates. You'll have 12 minutes to deliver 
12 packages before your opponent's team does. Choose the Baja Truck for yourself and 
your teammates since there is a light rain, and good traction and speed is key to 
doing well here. Follow the same tactics you've used in the other loot-grabbing 

As soon as you pick up a package, deliver it as quickly as possible and scoot back 
to the pick-up location to see if there are any more packages left. If not, try to 
find an opponent with a package and snag it from them, if that isn't an option, 
provide some defense to your teammates. If you happen to be close to the enemy's 
drop-off point, check your radar to see if one of them is heading in your direction 
with a package. If so, hang out and intercept them, steal their package and deliver 
it to your own drop-off area. 

At the completion of this mission you will receive the ATV Monster's Speed Burst 


Mission 15 

You get five minutes in Mission 15 to deliver four packages dropped by helicopter. 
The chopper won't stay long, so you have to reach it quickly before the authorities 
scare the pilots off. This is a good mission to try out the Du Monde Jeep for its 
speed, but the Super Buggy with its speed boosts will also do well here. 

From your starting point at the beginning of the mission, take the train tunnel to 
the extension bridge on the other side of the mountain. You'll find the helicopter 
with the first package at the end of the bridge and the drop-off location is just 
over the next hill. As you're leaving it behind, pull a 180 spin out using your 
drift button and head back the way you came to the second pick-up location. To get 
to the other pick-up and drop-off points, follow the directional arrow exactly and 
barrel up all hills in the way. 


Mission 16 

This is a mission where speed is your best ally, so choose the Baja, Buggy or Du 
Monde. You get only four minutes and forty seconds to deliver five packages, this 
time the cops are out for blood, but the real difficulty will be beating the clock. 

The first pick-up and delivery is an easy straight shoot through the flat marsh. 
After you make the first drop-off, make your way through more marshland, and before 
reaching the main village, you'll find the second package, and you'll first 
encounter the authorities. You will have to pull off a lot of fancy maneuvers to 
keep the cops off your tail and make the delivery in the village, and escape. If you 
run into any buildings or stall out, you won't have enough time to finish the 

It'll be quite the jaunt through the rice fields to the third pick-up. Once you get 
it, head through the hills to the right, as you make your way through the hills 
check your map to find the locations waiting cops and take a route that will keep 
them from getting a jump start on you. As you approach the drop-off point keep your 
speed up and blow past the cop there as you deliver the package. 

The fourth pick-up is in a very steep and hilly area. When you get to the gully with 
the bridges, you must take the lower bridge to the right. If you miss this bridge, 
you will fail the mission for lack of time. You'll find the drop-off point just 
beyond the lower suspension bridge. 

The fifth and last package is found on the edge of a hill. Once you pick it up, jam 
downhill and through the following rice field. Beware of the black sticks poking out 
from the swampy water, they will stop you in your tracks and cause some considerable 
damage. You'll find the last drop-off point on top of a small island. 


Mission 17 

Mission 17 is a slippery one, with moderate rain and a lot of driving through the 
marshes, so choose the Baja Truck for its excellent traction. You'll get seven 
minutes to meet up with a couple trucks and a boat to deliver three packages. 

At the start of the mission you'll notice a red circle with an X in it in the hills 
in the distance. This is the truck carrying the first package, so waste no time in 
going after it. To pick up the package, you'll need to run into the truck, as soon 
as you do, three patrol vehicles will come at you from all directions, avoid them, 
driving to the far side of the truck and run into it from the other side. Once you 
grab the package, quickly speed off towards the drop-off location by going to the 
right of the direction of your initial approach. If you pull this maneuver off 
correctly the police won't touch you and you'll make a clean getaway. You'll find 
the drop-off point in the gully under the suspension bridge. 

The next pick-up point will be up the mountain you just came down, but to save time 
go around and find the dirt road, then travel along the rice fields to the next 
town, where another truck holds the next package. Ram the truck , grab the package 
and speed off through the rice fields. Follow the red arrow and you'll go over a 
jump and land in a small town. Blast through town, making your way between the row 
of homes, and when you finally find the red flares the speedboat will approach. 

For the last delivery head straight , repeat the rooftop jump and exit the village 
as you have before. Once outside the village, consult your map to assess things and 
you'll notice that there is a swarm of police gathering in the direction you need to 
go try to stay clear of the cops by not using the road, rather, tear up the hillside 
following the arrow to the right. Across the rice field, you'll see the next pick-
up, remember to be wary of the black sticks poking up out of the ground. 

Now, as long as you have at least 50 seconds left on the clock after the pick-up you 
should have enough time to finish the mission, any less and you'll want to start 
over again. Go left around the base of the mountain near the swamp and blast 
directly through the large body of water following the directional arrow. Dodge the 
speedboat and cruise along the beach. When you get to the gully between the two 
large mountains, take it, you'll find a small turn-off on the right, which you can 
take to find the final drop-off location. Once you finish the mission, the Sahara 
Special will be yours. 


Mission 18 

You'll want to use the Sahara Special for this mission, its heavy weight makes it 
ideal for warding off the authority's attacks. You get seven minutes to make four 
deliveries, and you will get the Du Monde along the way. 

Follow the directional arrow to the first pick-up dropped by a plane , once you 
retrieve it, make a sharp left and find the drop-off point around the hills. Since 
the Sahara has such good traction just climb the mountains, following your 
directional arrow exactly, and you'll find the drop-off point by a large ramp. To 
the right of the ramp is the next pick-up on top of another hill, power up the hill 
to get the package and then fly off the top and into the valley far below. This will 
be quite a drop, so you'll need to use the Pitch button to adjust yourself for a 
soft landing. Once in the valley, cruise across the fields to the stone village, but 
before you get too far check your radar or map to scope out the enemy and the cops 
to the right. Make your delivery in the stone village, then switch vehicles and 
finish the rest of the mission behind the wheel of the Du Monde. 

The second half of the mission is the toughest, as there is not much time left on 
the clock by this point. Exit the swamp and go around the small hill, to the left. 
Approach the yellow flares from the left at an angle, allowing you to fly up the 
following mountainside after you make the pick-up. Taking this route will keep the 
cops off your tail for a moment. Take the hillside at an angle and power over the 
top, following the directional arrow the whole time. Make quick dodge maneuvers as 
you speed down the other side of the mountain. When you make the drop-off, spin out 
to the right and head off in the direction of the next pick-up. 

Stay true to the directional arrow as you blast up the mountain; cruise along its 
peak, down into the valley, and across the swamp. Head up the next set of hills and 
follow the path around the next mountain, straying a bit from the arrow. Find the 
dirt road ahead and leave your pursuers in the dust as you gain speed. You'll see 
the red flares of the drop-off point in the distance as you cruise along the water 
and dirt roads. Keep an eye out for a dirt path that turns slightly to the right and 
up the hill where the red flares are located, if you miss this path you may not have 
enough time to finish the mission. You'll find the first drop-off point in front of 
the tunnel. After that, take the tunnel through the mountain and drive through the 
second set of red flares for the final drop-off and completion of the mission. When 
you beat this mission, you'll be awarded the Sahara's smoke screen countermeasure. 


Mission 19 

This mission takes place at night and you'll also have to quickly and carefully 
deliver explosive cargo to two locations, then lose the cops after you. The best 
vehicle for this one is the Baja Truck, as it is solid enough to handle the bumps 
you will encounter and its bomb countermeasures will help you to ditch the cops. 

Since this mission happens after dark you will view the entire thing using your 
night vision goggles. Small details in the terrain can't be seen with any clarity, 
adding to the hazards in this mission. Take the gully on your way to the first pick-
up and make heavy use of your in-game map to track the cops ahead, making quick 
maneuvers when they get close to avoid impact. Continue along the left mountainside 
and head right to snag the pick-up. Rather than continuing straight through the 
gully towards the drop-off point and the police trap, make a sharp right and head 
through the opening in the hillsides and rush to the bottom of the hill. Continue 
through the rice fields and to the small village where you'll make the drop-off. 
Drop a bomb and hightail it out of there before it explodes. 

As you speed through the rice fields, let loose a couple of bombs to slow your 
pursuers down, and then slow down as you approach the village. You don't necessarily 
need to follow the directional arrow exactly as you approach the village, but try 
taking the path in the previous rice field for a straight on approach to it. Watch 
for the hill just before the drop-off point, and on your way out of town don't hit 
any buildings or trees or you might get caught up in the detonation of the village. 

To get to the next pick-up, follow the directional arrow through a rice field, heavy 
brush, over some hills, and across a river. Just beyond the river, find the path 
between two hills and then head around the hillside. While making your way through 
the narrow valley, start to work your way up the slope of the left mountainside. 
Take the dirt path near the palm trees , which will lead you to the pick-up 
location. To ditch the cops after you grab the pick-up, continue up the mountainside 
in the same direction you were heading when you made the last pick-up. Hit the 
brakes at the peak and drive slowly to other side a few feet, if this is done right, 
the cops following you will not be able to stop and will fly over the peak or crash 
into the water below. From there, go right and follow the red arrow to the next drop-
off point. Once off the mountain, follow the beach across a shallow point in the 
water to an island, then follow the beach of the island until the directional arrow 
is pointing sharply left and then climb the hill and enter the village. Head into 
the village any earlier, and you will ram into one of the stone structures. Once the 
last explosive package has been dropped off, jam along the beach in the opposite 
direction and drop the rest of your bombs in order to lose any pursuers you've 
picked up along the way. 

Mission 20 

Here you need to choose two teammates and battle an opposing team to make six 
deliveries before they do. You'll have 12 minutes to get the job done and Buggies, 
the Du Monde or Baja's will do nicely for this mission. Be ready for some slick 
conditions, as it will be raining. There will only be one pick-up that six vehicles 
will be fighting over and the police will want to get in your way, so you'll have 
one crazy level. 

The package will go back and forth several times before it is deposited at one of 
the team's drop-off points. A good tactic to use if the opposing team gets the 
package first is to guard their drop-off location and steal it away. You will find 
in this mission that your teammates aren't much help so the best way to get things 
done is to take charge and go for the packages on your own. Your enemies can often 
be easily fooled. One strategy that works every time if you get the package first is 
to drive off in any direction until everyone is following you. While they're 
trailing, make a wide arc back to your drop-off point. Sometimes an enemy will guard 
your the point, if this happens check your map to see where they are pointed and 
approach them from behind so they can't ram you. 


Mission 21 

It's up to you to stop a black Du Monde and steal the package it's carrying. It's 
raining this mission, so the Du Monde you are chasing is at a disadvantage with its 
lack of traction and acceleration choose the Baja Truck or the Sahara for its 

You'll get your first opportunity to hit the Du Monde at the beginning of the 
mission. It will drive on the left side of the road, but generally follows the road 
as it turns right. Cut this corner and get close enough to him for a good ramming. 
The trick to fighting this vehicle is to keep hitting it so it never gets a chance 
to get to top speed. If you're driving the Baja, you'll be able to get ahead of him 
often and when you do, drop some bombs and cause some damage. If he's still going 
when you get to the temple, you'll have another great opportunity to slam him. He'll 
slow down and turn right to enter one of the temple entrances. Hit him, make him 
miss the entrance, keep ramming him into the of the temple wall over and over until 
he's dust. At the end of this mission, you'll be awarded the Du Monde Oil Slick 


Mission 22 

Here's a chance to play with explosives. You'll get four minutes and 10 seconds to 
deliver three explosive packages. The rain is very heavy this mission, so visibility 
will be a real issue. Choose the Sahara or the Du Monde and try using your first 
person view to combat the visibility issues. 

From the beginning of the mission, follow the dirt road and the directional arrow. 
As the road starts to wrap around the mountain, go around the right of it, climbing 
as you go. This will keep you out of the way of a cop barreling down the path ahead. 
Around the bend you'll find the first pick-up after you deal with an avalanche. Be 
sure to watch out for the second cop that will try to ram you off the cliff. Pull 
off a dodge maneuver to avoid him before the tunnel. It's wise to stay on the right 
side of the mountain to avoid all the trouble on your way there. 

You'll get to top speed through the tunnel, so be careful not to let the police 
truck on the other side slow you down. Once past him, head between mountains to the 
right and through the valley beyond, approach the red flares of the drop-of point 
from the right and don't slow down as you drop the package off. Keep full throttle 
as you follow the directional arrow up the mountainside. You'll find the second pick-
up under a helicopter on a mountain's edge in a small hilltop gully. Once you get 
it, jam down the mountain following the directional arrow. 

The drop-off point is pretty far away. Follow the directional arrow and when you get 
close to your destination drop off the package at an angle so you can easily head 
right onto the suspension bridge. If you miss the bridge, you probably won't have 
enough time to finish the mission. Drop some countermeasures before and after you 
get off the bridge to throw off the authorities and make the last pick-up on the 
slope ahead. You'll be carrying explosives, so be careful and don't run into 

As you come down the mountain, heading in the direction of the red flares in the 
distant village, don't follow your directional arrow exactly. Take a course so that 
the arrow is pointing to the left a bit. When you finally head for the red flares, 
approach them directly from the base of the mountain that sits to the right of town. 
Head down the rightmost road in town to make the drop-off. 

With the last drop-off done you have one minute to ditch your pursuers. With a quick 
glance at your radar you'll find that the cops are coming at you from every 
direction. Find a hole to break through and get them all to fall in line behind you. 
At this point you'll want to let loose of your remaining countermeasures, if you 
have the smoke screen or oil slick, head up a hill before you use it to ditch the 


Mission 23 

This is the first mission that is covered in snow so traction will be a huge issue. 
You'll get three minutes and 30 seconds to deliver three packages and lose all the 
cops, the best vehicle to use is the Sahara with its amazing traction. 

To get to the first pick-up location, don't follow the arrow directly down the road, 
as there are several police vehicles waiting to ambush you. Head to the left a bit 
and up the hill that dips in between the peaks. When you get past the police and the 
small hill village, head back in the direction of the pick-up location and snag it 
from the hovering helicopter. You'll find the drop-off location over the next 
mountain in the same direction. Follow the arrow exactly and you'll miss the two 
cops waiting on the other side of the hill. The drop-off point will be on the other 
side of the railroad tracks. Pass through the red flares at full speed and keep 
heading in the same direction you were going, following the arrow. Smash through the 
border gates and over the frozen river near the blown out bridge. A helicopter has 
your next pick-up. 

Once you grab the package, a police ATV will appear. Go right and follow the 
directional arrow to the Burnt Town and the next drop-off. Go through the buildings 
with care and make a right after you make the delivery. Head into the ruins to get 
the last package and deliver it nearby on top of a mountain. Once dropped off, you 
will have to lose all your pursuers. You should have about two minutes left on the 
clock. From the drop-off point go left and blast down the mountain towards the 
river. Drive on the frozen river to get to your top speed and make use of your smoke 
screen on any inclines. Check your map to make sure that you're not heading in the 
direction of any police. You should be able to ditch the police and finish the 


Mission 24 

There is barely enough time to complete this mission, so it's essential there are no 
mistakes. Choose the Baja Truck since traction and speed are so important. 

Follow the arrow a bit indirectly from the starting point; roughly following the 
railroad tracks, cruise along the slope of the hill to avoid enemies. A truck will 
approach you, so drive further up the mountain to avoid him but keep your bearings 
directed towards the package near the tunnel. Make the pick up and head up the left 
side of the tunnel, then turn right and head down the hill where the tunnel exits. 
Go up the mountain, through the town, and approach the drop-off point below from the 
left. Drop off the package at an angle so you are headed right, this will help you 
avoid the approaching police truck. 

Next, follow the path through the hills until the directional arrow is pointed 
right. Cruise down the mountain and through the backside of the temple. Make the 
pick-up near a truck and continue along the back of the temple until the arrow 
points up the road following a snow-covered hill. From this point follow the 
directional arrow exactly. 

Eventually you'll come to an ice covered lake, where you'll want to let lose a 
couple bombs to put some distance between you and your pursuers. While driving 
across the lake don't make any sudden turns, you may lose control on the slick 
surface. On the island in the middle of the lake you'll find the drop-off point. As 
you drop off the package at the peak of the hill, begin turning your wheels to the 
right before you are airborne so that when you land you can tear off towards the 
directional arrow. When you go through the drop-off point in the next town, you get 
the Grenadier, which is fantastic for these conditions, but there is barely enough 
time to finish the mission. 

As you leave town, go to the left a bit off-course and avoid the cops on the right. 
Once you're past them, get back on target and grab the pick-up then go right and 
follow the arrow to the drop-off point. Veer a bit to the right so you're not 
following the arrow directly and follow the path through the border gates and across 
the bridge. As the road turns left, continue straight up the snowy hillside and turn 
left. Cruise along the top of the peak towards the helicopter and the drop off 
point. As you make the drop-off another minute is added to the clock. 

Follow the directional arrow along the mountaintop and into the gully with the 
frozen pond to find the next pick-up. Since the drop-off point will be in the 
opposite direction, start your 180 degree turn as you pass through the yellow 
flares. You will have barely enough time to reach your target, so avoid any new 
police vehicles and follow the directional arrow exactly over a couple of mountains. 
The final drop-off point is near a warehouse. Hopefully, saved a speed boost or two 
to power up the hillsides on your way to the last drop-off point. Beating this level 
earns you the Grenadier truck. 


Mission 25 

This is cooperative mission and you and two teammates will battle an opposing team 
for a package. The cops will be present and are sure to get in the way. Like the 
last time you faced one of these missions, you'll be fighting over one package, 
which only makes things more interesting. Choose the Grenadier for yourself and 
choose a Baja and a Sahara for your teammates. 

The tactics are the same as the last time you played this kind of mission with one 
exception; the drop-off points will change throughout the course of the mission. 
This makes it risky to guard your opponent's drop-off point as it will change and 
screw you out of making a delivery. When this mission is complete, the Grenadier's 
bomb countermeasures will be unlocked. 

Mission 26 

This mission takes place mostly around the frozen river, where you've got seven 
airdrop packages to snag and deliver in less than seven minutes. Before the time 
runs out you also have to lose a bunch of cops on your tail. The best vehicle for 
this mission is the Grenadier, because of its amazing control on ice and snow. 

A plane will drop the first three packages at one central drop-off point; so as soon 
as you grab one and drop it off, you'll have to pull a quick 180 and head back for 
the next package. There will be some cops around, but they are not as much trouble 
as will be for the last four pick-ups. Stay on the ice for the best speed and stay 
out of the deep snow, which will slow you down. 

When you deliver the third package, the plane will come back in and drop the last 
four packages. The drop-off point will change, but your tactics will not. When you 
get to the last pick-up and delivery things will really get tough. The package is at 
the end of the river where it opens up into a larger frozen lake. By now you will 
have a load of cops on your tail and there will be some waiting ahead. You'll need 
to be as sure-footed as possible as you grab the package and turn around. The rest 
of the cops will have a hard time maneuvering on the ice; use this to your 
advantage. Once you make the final drop-off, lose your police tail. 

Losing the cops is the hardest part of the mission; you're going to have cops coming 
at you from every direction. Make use of your bombs at this point and try climbing 
mountains, head back down towards the river over and over until you ditch the cops. 
Use the frozen river to gain more speed and make use of the ruins if you must. Keep 
an eye on the in-game map to scope out police vehicles camped out ahead of you and 
avoid gaining more tails. If after all this, you still have a cop or two on your 
tail, try following the narrow valleys through the mountains and make use of your 
remaining countermeasures. 


Mission 27 

Mission 27 is another night mission, and you'll have five minutes to find and 
disable an intruder driving a Kavostov Halftrack. The best vehicle for this mission 
is the Grenadier; it's heavy, fast and won't get caught up on the stuff you can't 
see at night. 

The problem with completing this mission is not catching the halftrack, as it is 
quite slow, rather, the problem is taking it out since it is built like a tank. 
Maintain contact with the halftrack for as long as you can, since this can take away 
as much health as ramming into it several times. Whenever possible, attack from the 
side as this causes more damage than impacting other parts of the halftrack's body. 
When this mission is over, the Kavostov Halftrack is yours. 


Mission 28 

This a team-based; loot-grabbing mission and four packages will be dropped at a 
time. The first team to deliver 18 packages in 12 minutes wins. Choose the Grenadier 
for yourself and give your teammates, Saharas or Bajas that also do well on snow and 

As soon as you pick up a package deliver it as quickly as possible. Then head back 
to the pick-up location to see if there are any more packages. If there are none, 
try to find an opponent with a package and snag it from them, if that's not an 
option, take off after one of your teammates carrying a package and defend them. If 
you happen to be close to the enemy's drop-off point, check your radar to see if one 
of them is heading in your direction with a package, if so, hang out, intercept 
them, steal their package, and deliver it to your own drop-off point. 

Once all four packages are delivered from the first pick-up location, four more 
packages will appear at another location, once these are delivered, yet another 
group of packages will show up. Be sure to check your radar for the locations of 
cops , and locations of any enemies blocking your way to the drop-off point while 
transporting a package. 


Mission 29 

This one is going to be tight. You've got 2:40 on the clock to take out 10 radar 
towers, use either the Sahara or the Grenadier. 

You'll want to follow the directional arrow exactly and not waste any time. The 
first couple of towers are taken out easily within 20 to 30 seconds. Once you take 
out the fourth tower you should have around one minute and 50 seconds left on the 
clock. The next group of towers are on the following mountaintop. Climb the nearest 
incline to the peak and follow the crest through the next series of towers. When you 
take down the eighth tower you should have about 40 seconds left to take out the 
last two towers. If you can take down the ninth tower and have five to ten seconds 
left, you will have enough time to take out the last tower, any less and you'll have 
to start over. Once you beat this mission you will have earned the Halftrack's Smoke 


Mission 30 

You get five minutes and 30 seconds to deliver four packages. Choose a vehicle that 
handles well in the snow, so the Halftrack will serve you well here. 

As soon as you have control, pull a 180 and head off in the direction of the arrow. 
Do not follow the mountain path that goes through the tunnel, as there are too many 
police vehicles along this route that are easy to avoid if you drive on the side of 
the mountain below the path. Climb to the peak when the helicopter settles near some 
trees, grab the first pick-up and head back the way you came along the side of the 
mountain, the drop-off point is in town. 

The next pick-up point is to the left, over the side of the mountain and down in the 
valley. You may miss the helicopter, but you can still hook up with it at the frozen 
pond or at the following railroad track. Once you drop off the package, follow the 
railroad tracks through the train tunnel and head down the mountain. You'll cross 
the path of the approaching helicopter with the next package. 

Once you drop-off the third package, go back to the frozen pond for your last pick-
up. Drop off the package at the river near the bridge and lose all your pursuers. 
You should have saved all your countermeasures and you'll need them now. Since 
you're using the Halftrack, you'll be able to easily climb any mountain, use this 
technique to pull away from the police behind you. Check the map to find the ruins 
area where there are no cops. Head that way, and once there, pull some fancy moves 
and unload the rest of your countermeasures to lose whoever is left on your tail. 


Mission 31 

This is one of the toughest missions in the game. You get six minutes and 10 seconds 
to deliver four packages. You will have barely enough time to get the mission done, 
so you'll need the fastest vehicle you can get, the Du Monde. 

From the starting point, you'll see a red circle with an "X" in it; this is a truck 
in the small town past the frozen river. Jam down the mountainside and across the 
frozen river, keeping an eye on your in-game map for a pair of oncoming vehicles 
that will try and crash into you. Climb the other side of the mountain, dodging the 
orange landmines before entering the city. Follow the outermost road and aim for the 
truck carrying the package, hit the truck in its side as hard as you can, and get 
out of there as fast as you can. There are several police vehicles guarding the 
truck so the heat will be on. 

Go to the ruins, following the directional arrow exactly. Drive on the sides of the 
hills to avoid the cops. Once you make the drop-off, you'll only get another ten 
seconds added to the clock. To make the next drop-off around the bend don't slow 
down as you pass through the red flares in the ruins, keep going at top speed, 
exiting the ruins between the back of the flatbed truck and the arch, don't slow 
down until you reach the drop-off. 

A plane will drop three more packages in the valley and four minutes and 30 seconds 
will be added to the clock. The first package is located in Burnt Town and once you 
get it, go back to the ruins where the drop-off point is located. Once the final two 
packages are delivered, you'll need to lose the cops on your tail. They will be 
relentless, which makes it tough to lose them, but you'll start out in the ruins 
which is a great place to lose a great deal of them. Get rid of the remaining cops 
by heading towards the river and using your remaining countermeasures. 


Mission 32 

In Mission 32 you must follow an ATV to the Free Trade Faction base without being 
spotted. The best vehicle to use is the Sahara because of the smokescreen 
countermeasure that will come in handy at the end of the mission. You have seven 
minutes to complete the mission. The toughest thing about this mission is finding 
the perfect distance from the ATV that will keep it in your sight but not close 
enough to be discovered. 

From the start, make a sharp right and use the dirt mound to launch over the wall 
out of the small town. The ATV is off in the distance and heading for the hills. You 
will get vocal cues that let you know whether you are too close or too far and the 
message will say "Target In Range". Let off the gas if you're too close and try to 
cut some corners if the ATV gets too far. When you get the "Target In Range" 
message, check the in-game map and memorize the distance between you and the ATV. 
Try to maintain this distance. 

As the ATV enters the frozen river, slow down, it will follow the river, and if you 
enter too soon you'll be spotted. The ATV will drive really slowly on the ice, so 
make use of the map to gauge your distance from him. He will eventually turn left 
after the bridge near the small island and head into the hills. Now pick up speed 
but don't get too close. The base is through the trees and over the hill . A cinema 
will take over and when it's over, Free Trade vehicles on a frozen pond will 
surround you, lose them. 

To escape, check your map and find a gap in the ring of vehicles along the 
surrounding hills. When you regain control the gap is up the hill to your left, 
speed off in that direction and through the gap. As you head up the hill, use your 
countermeasures and you will lose your pursuers almost every time. 

Mission 33 

This is the toughest cooperative mission in the game. The reason it's so tough isn't 
that there are a lot of cops slowing you down, or that there is only one pick-up to 
fight over, but that you only get about a minute to deliver each package. There are 
six pick-ups and you're going to have deliver each one personally, even if that 
means taking it from your own teammates. The best vehicle to use is the Sahara or 
Grenadier for yourself and your teammates since they don't seem to worry about time 
as much as you do. 

Basically, follow the tactics you've used before but be sure to get ahead of the 
competition once you get a package in your hands. Take the long route to the drop-
off point, which may take a few seconds longer, but saves time that would be lost by 
an enemy stealing the package. 


Mission 34 

For this mission you'll be directed to make three deliveries and lose your pursuers 
in less than eight minutes, use the Grenadier for its excellent traction on the ice. 

From the ruins, where the first package is located, follow the railroad tracks until 
the directional arrow points across the lower valley to Hill Town. Once you make the 
drop, follow the directional arrow down the road, leaving town. Stay off the road 
itself however, as a civilian vehicle and a police truck are barreling in your 
direction. Stay near the road until the directional arrow sends you up the 
mountainside, where a helicopter is waiting for you at the top with the next 

Once you get the second package, cruise back down the mountain, across the road and 
through the valley. Follow the directional arrow exactly. Blast through the drop-off 
point staying at top speed in the same direction. You'll find the last package on a 
small frozen island. Once you have it, drive on the frozen river following the 
directional arrow to the end of the river. It is a bit of a haul, so check your map 
often to assess the location of the enemies ahead as you approach the drop-off. 
Drive through the red flares at top speed and don't make any turns. Get all the 
patrol vehicles to line up behind you in pursuit and follow the bank of the river. 
Exit the same way you came in, turning left as you exit and cruise on the land, not 
the river, to avoid another vehicle ahead. Carefully navigate the minefields and use 
your countermeasures to ditch your pursuers. 


Mission 35 

In the second to last mission you must to deliver a bomb to the ICBM missile site in 
five minutes, the best vehicle to use is the Grenadier. 

At the start of the mission, check your map as you cruise through the police ambush 
near the village. Dodge the cops and speed through the village, and across the 
frozen river, heading in the direction of the border crossing. Here you'll meet the 
helicopter on the hill to grab the bomb. 

You've got a bomb now so drive carefully, being mindful of long drops and collisions 
with other vehicles and static objects. Cross the frozen lake and drive along the 
raised roadway, check your map often to keep an eye out for any approaching cops. 
When you enter the temple area, point yourself towards the tank and the fountain. 
When you get close, slow down! If you hit the tank or the fountain wall, you will 
explode. At a slow speed turn left behind the tank and right around the fountain, 
where you will find the missile and the drop-off spot. 


Mission 36 

You've reached the final mission of the game, where you need to hunt down Frank and 
disable his vehicle. He'll be driving the Sahara so choose the Grenadier. 

One of the best places to flip Frank over is in the minefield near the railroad 
tracks. He'll drive right through the area and if you can tag him in the side and 
push him over a mine, he should flip over, causing damage to his vehicle. 

After this, Frank will head into an area guarded by a helicopter dropping bombs. 
Here, you will have a lot of chances to ram him head-on or on his side. Follow right 
behind his bumper and push him as much as you can, as he goes downhill, try to flip 
him over. The undercarriage of his vehicle is the most vulnerable spot. 


The following list shows what missions when beaten will unlock which secrets, such 
as new areas, vehicles and countermeasures. 

Secret                                 Mission Needed to Beat 
Super Buggy                              Available at beginning of the game 
Super Buggy Boost                        Mission 3 
D-5 Hondo  Training                      Mission 3 
D-5 Hondo Oil Slick                      Mission 8 
Baja Truck                               Mission 4 
Baja Truck Bombs                         Mission 7 
ATV Monster                              Mission 10 
ATV Monster's Speed Burst                Mission 14 
Du Monde                                 Mission 13 
Du Monde Oil Slick                       Mission 21 
Sahara Special                           Mission 17 
Sahara Smoke Screen                      Mission 18 
Grenadier                                Mission 24 
Grenadier Bombs                          Mission 25 
Kavostov Halftrack                       Mission 27 
Kavostov Halftrack's Smoke Screen        Mission 29 
Vietnam Map                              Mission 9 
Georgian Russia Winter Map               Mission 22 

                         THE END

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