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          ;         '''    ;     ''' III -Wedding Bell-

	Sotsugyou III -Wedding Bell- Hidden Commands

	Updated: 26 May 1998
	Created: 15 May 1998

	ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Thanks to Tada Keishi, Nakano Yasuaki (for the kanji
logo), Edward C. Miller, Doi Hitoshi, and Chris Lee.

	OMAKE MESSAGES, from the five students' voice actresses.
	- In the main menu, choose Album.
	- Choose a Photo Album that contains 66 of 66 event CG.
	- In the screen with the "Futari no omoide" front cover of the Photo
Album, press Start.
	- The game plays a message from that student's voice actress.

	To abort the message, press B (SS version).

	- In the main menu, start a new game.
	- As the teacher's family name, input "Sotsu" in hiragana (so, tsu).
	- As the teacher's personal name, input "Gyou" in hiragana (gi, small yo, u).
	- Choose any student as the wife. Play the first three days. On the night
of 12 April, save game.
	- Return to the main menu, ie, amongst the System commands, choose Game End.
	- In the main menu, move the cursor (Cow Bell) to Continue. While holding
L1 (PS version) or L (SS version), press A to choose Continue.
	- The screen becomes black and enters Test Mode.

	Test Mode has three commands: BGM Test, Voice Test, and Mini-Game.
	BGM Test has 28 tracks (0 to 27) of BGM.
	(I don't know if they include the OP song?)
	Voice Test has six characters' voices: Ozaki Kyouko, Kikuchi Nozomi,
Saitou Yukari, Matsuyama Misaki, Watanabe Kazue, Principal Unebi Shunpei,
and Cow Bell. Ozaki has 776 lines (0 to 775), Kikuchi 752, Saitou 745,
Matsuyama 795, Watanabe 782, Principal 35, and Cow Bell 49.
	(Anyone has or knows any converter or tool that can decode these sound
files into DOS/WIN95 files?)
	Mini-Game has six games: Play Festival, Seaside School, Sports Festival,
Seika Festival, Ski Classroom, and Hundred Stories.
	(Unconfirmed: Hundred Stories has only 15 ghost stories.)
	To exit Test Mode, press Start.
	If the PS or SS is turned off, to re-enter Test Mode, load the Sotsu Gyou
save game again, then Game End, then choose Continue while holding L1 or L.

	- During an event, hold L or R (SS version) to temporarily hide the
message window and appreciate the full-screen event CG.


	Donny Chan. Sotsugyou III -Wedding Bell- Link List.
	Sotsugyou III -Wedding Bell- Memorial Book. Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan:
Koei Corporation, 1998.

	Don "Gamera" Chan
	Toronto, Ontario, Canada
	"Kiyomi-han (Sotsu I) sukkyanen!"

PS	The Sotsu Album and Sotsu III official HP is at
	The Sotsu III Memorial Book official HP is at

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