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			      A.K.A. STAR BLAZERS
			Japanese Playstation Game FAQ
                                    _ |
 [email protected]              <_)I                      ____
 copyright 1999 Nick Flor          _/|_       /             / /
                                 <<<|o|___   /             / /
                                __I  I I  \/             /  /   
    _                      __===/__\ ooooo _I   __      /   /          
  / /                  ===/__\_/ oooOOOOOOoo \_/__\===/     \_______      
 |   \____________________/     \__________/   I__I_/______/   =====\      
  \\   |                         = = = = = =                  =======|    
  //  \&/                                                    ========|
  \_______________________________(o o o)____________________========|
   /     D                                                    =======|
  |      D                                                     =====/
   \_____D______________________________________________            |
                                  ____|____             \__________/
                                 <<<_______>             \   \
                                       \                   \__\__
This is my attempt to write an FAQ on the Japanese version of Space 
Battleship Yamato. I do not know japanese.
This faq is intended to help those who have imported the game, don't
know japanese and are stuck. This faq best viewed with a fixed width font!
0.0 - Contents
1.0 - What's new (updates)
2.0 - Story
3.0 - Game menus
	3.0 - buttons
	3.1 - start menu
	3.2 - game menu
4.0 - Character menus (Star Blazers name / Yamato name)
	4.1 - Captain Avatar / Juzo Okita
	4.2 - Nova / Yuki Mori
	4.3 - Venture / Daisuke Shima
	4.4 - Wildstar / Susumu Kodai
	4.5 - Dr. Sane / Sakezo Sato
	4.6 - Conroy / Saburo Kato
	4.7 - Eager / Kenjiro Ohta
	4.8 - Dash / Yasuo Nanbu
	4.9 - Homer / Yoshikazu Aihara
	4.10 - Orion / Hikozaemon Tokugawa
	4.11 - IQ9 / Analyser
	4.12 - Sandor / Shirou Sanada
5.0 - Character away party controls
	5.1 - "x"
6.0 - Walkthrough, so far very verbose, sorry.
	6.1 - The begining, New Game Start
	6.2 - Gamilon Carrier and Fighters - day 1
	6.3 - Mars
	6.4 - The Floating Continent, Jupiter - day 2
	6.5 - Saturn and Titan - day 3
	6.6 - On the way to Pluto - days 4 - 6
	6.7 - Pluto - day 7
7.0 - Strategies
	7.1 - The medic
	7.2 - Exploration pays
	7.3 - Asteroids
	7.4 - Boarded!  After Alpha Centauri (around day 28)
	7.5 - Wave Motion Gun Range?
8.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
	8.1 - Where can I get the game?
	8.2 - Will there be a U.S. version of the game?
	8.3 - Where can I get a translation?
	8.4 - Memory Card
	8.5 - How do I get passed THIS part? Playstation Yamato Game Discussion 
9.0 - FAQ Credits
1.0 - what's new (updates)
04-22-00 - updated 7.4 - Boarded!  After Alpha Centauri (around day 28)
	04-12-00 - added 8.5, Playstation Yamato Game Discussion Board
	01-09-00 - added 5.1, 6.6, 6.7, 7.5, added to 7.3
	01-07-00 - changed 4.1 Captain Avatar's menu, added 8.4 - Memory Card
	12-15-99 - added to party menu, added to Saturn, added to strategies sec 7
	12-08-99 - updated the "Where can I get the game?" and "U.S. Version" 
			sections, added function to option menu.
		   - added Japanese names to contents (section 4)
		   - added sections 6.2 thru 6.4, and 8.3
		   - added info to story and section 5.0 character controls
	09-01-99 - added section 8.0 FAQ's
	08-30-99 - added walkthrough section (I started the game over)
		   - added to battle movement of section 4.3
		   - added radar functions to section 3.2
	08-11-99 - addition of Dr. Sane option
		   - addition of credits, contents, strategies
2.0 - The story

        The Playstation game is based on the first television series of 
Yamato, Having watched the series Star Blazers as a kid and watching it 
over and over on video tape, I have memorized the series.
If you have seen Star Blazers first series, retitled for video,
 "The Quest for Iscandar" you will see that this game follows the events
in the series almost exactly.
	I am using the Star Blazers names in this text because they are
what I remember the most.  The characters are cross referenced in the
contents(section 4).
	Earth is under attack from the mysterious planet Gamilon.  Gamilon 
planet bombs cover the Earth in radioactivity, and in one years time
Earth will be unlivable.  A group of Starblazers call the Star Force 
undertakes a dangerous mission.  Refitting an old Earth battleship,
the Yamato, the Star Force takes off on a 148,000 lightyear voyage to 
the planet Iscandar, where Queen Starsha offers the people of Earth 
a machine to remove the radiation.  The Star Force must battle the
evil Gamilons to reach Iscandar and return within one Earth year!
Hurry Star Force, there are only 365 days left!
	There is alot of new animation in this game as well as 3d 
renderings. But the game uses the same music and sound effects from the show.
3.0 - Menu functions
	Buttons -   "O" is select
		    "x" is cancel
		    "triangle" is toggle on/off (see auto weapon selection)
		    "square" brings up area maps
				Radar shows the sector, enemy ships are dots.
				Cosmo Radar shows the surrounding area, sectors	
				containing enemy ships appear orange.
3.1 - Star Menu - this is in English, you can "start new game", "load game", 
		or goto "options"
	"load game" - this takes you to the load screen, you can only load
		from memory card 1 and you have a maxium of 3 save slots.
	"options" - you have 5 options here
		option 1 - select if you want dialog boxes to print slowly
			(letter by letter and makes printing noise) - left 
			character highlighted, or fill quickly 
			(show all text immediately, no sound effect) - right 
			charachter highlighted.
		option 2 - individual weapon fire animation: on = "o",
				 off = "x"
		option 3 - station move animation: on = "o", off = "x"
		option 4 - ?????
		option 5 - dual shock on = "o", off = "x"

3.2 - Game Menu - bring up by pressing "o", displays the characters, 
		pressing "triangle" shows you their posts instead of faces.
	I only know the characters by their Star Blazers names, so here 
	they are as they appear on the screen. (note pressing up or down
	on the direction pad flips the ring, so it will appear opposite)
	Starting with Captain Avatar, you all know who he is right?
	Captain Avatar - options, load, save, other
	Nova - Radar
	Venture - Pilot
	Wildstar - Guns
	Dr. Sane - medical
	Conroy - Black Tiger fighters
	Eager - navigation
	Dash - Gunnery
	Homer - communictions
	Orion - engineering,
	IQ-9 - medical (for now)
	Sandor - repairs.
4.0 - Character Menus - bringing the character to the bottom of the 
	screen by pressing the direction pad left or right displays
	the characters hit points/health in the middle of the screen
	You do have to watch this, when a character's health become low
	you should move them to their quarters to bring them back up.
	It does not take long for them to regain hitpoints their, but
	they will not gain any if you do not move them.
	I have found this to be very important for Captain Avatar, 
	Conroy, and especially Sandor.  

	Hitpoints go down for various reasons, Conroy loses them in 
	fighter combat, Sandor loses them during repairs.

	Each character has there own menu list.

	The first option on everyone's menu is "change post"
	each character has a few post specialties, for example, 
	if Wildstar wants to fly his fighter, he needs to be moved
	to the hanger to launch.  To take his place at the guns Dash
	has to be moved over, and to take Dash's place, IQ-9 has to
	be moved.  IQ-9 cannot man the guns, but he can man Dash's post.

4.1 - Avatar - at his normal post not during battle
	1 - change post / goto quarters
	2(or absent) - this option doesn't always appear, I have no Idea 
		what this does, the captain talks a bit then his hitpoints 
		goto half ????
	3(or 2) - the ship and crew rest a day, I don't know how this helps
	4(or 3) - load game (looks like a square, then horizontal line,
			then a K like character)
	5(or 4) - save game (looks like a backwards J, then horizontal line,
			then a J like character)
	6(or 5) - options screen (same as game menu)
	- during battle another option appears between 1 and 2

4.2 - Nova - radar
	1 - change post / 1-medical, 2-quarters
	2 - main radar

4.3 - Venture - piolot	
	1 - change post / 1-navigation, 2-quarters
	2 - move/rotate ship within zone
		You can choose to move the ship.
			move to a specific area, also use "R1" and "R2"
			buttons to ascend or descend.
		You can choose to rotate the ship.
		You can choose to shift the ship.  
			this uses a burst of speed to move the ship
			in any one direction a short distance very quickly.
	3 - move ship one or more zones
	4a - while moving this option is full stop.
	4b - when stopped and not in battle this becomes warp 
		(jump several zones) - orion must boost energy to 120%
		and Wildstar must have all guns off, Sandor may need
		to have the ship fully repaired.

4.4 - Wildstar - Guns
	1 - change post / 1-gunnery, 2-hanger, 3-quarters
	2 - fire gun, use this to select a single weapon to target and fire
	3 - auto fire, select weapons to fire automatically in battle
		by highlighting and pressing the "triangle" button
		you can select upto 4 weapons. selected weapons appear blue.
		you then have to press "O" to activate, pressing "x" will
		not save your changes.
	1 - change post
	2 - launch fighter

4.5 - Dr. Sane - medical
	1 - change post
	2 - Whenever a character is killed (0 points), that character becomes 
		shaded and is no longer playable. At this point, Dr. Sane can 
		use his option It takes a while for the operation but the 
		character is completely healed.

4.6 - Conroy - Black Tigers
	1 - change post / quarters
	2 - launch fighters - select fighters by pressing "triangle", "o" to launch
	- in battle - you can select ships by pressing the left shoulder buttons.
		you can highlight them by pressing "triangle" then when you
		give a command you give it to all the ships - make sure you 
		watch them, as soon as they are done with the target they return
		to formation and will not attack again until you tell them.
	1 - get in formation, options for flying formation
	2 - attack
		2a - attack closest target?
		2b - attack target you choose
	3 - return to ship
	4 - (appears when some ships still in hanger) call more ships

4.7 - Eager - navigation
	1 - change post / 1-pilot, 2-quarters
	I am on day 48 and have found no other options for him

4.8 - Dash - gunnery
	1 - change post / 1-main guns, 2-quarters
	I am on day 48 and have found no other options for him

4.9 - Homer - communications	
	1- change post / 1-radar, 2-quarters
	I am on day 48 and have found no other options for him

4.10 - Orion - engineering	
	1 - change post / 1 - engineering, 2 - quarters
	2 - increase power 120%
	- move Orion to engineering when you want Wildstar to fire the 
	Wave Motion Gun.

4.11 - IQ-9 - medical	
	1 - change post / 1 - radar, 2 - communication, 3 - gunnery, 4 -
	navigation, 5 - quarters
	I am on day 48 and have found no other options for him

4.12 - Sandor - repairs
	1 - change post / 1 - weapon shop, 2 - quarters
	2 - repair, choose the area to repair (damage in yellow)
		and select how many points, out of 64 to delegate to it
	- when in the weapons room, pick the weapon you want to 
		replace (missles, torpedos, lost fighters), how many
		you want to make, and how many points to delegate.
	- he has to be at the post inorder for the repairs to take place
		Sandor will apear on the screen when the repairs are done.
5.0 - Character away party controls
	Party members are shown on the screen by their Japanese family name, 
	which you can reference against the Star Blazers English name in 
	the contents describing section 4.
	You are given an green cursor saying "GO" on the screen.
	You position the cursor over a character and press "triangle" to 
	select them, you can select more than one character. You can also
	use the L1 and L2 buttons to move a highlight box over
	the character faces and use the "triangle" button to select 
	(green highlight box) or unselect (red highlight box) the characters.
	A yellow highligh box signifies that that is the current character
	that the selection cursor is over and that he is a selected character,
	confused? Also, the L1 and L2 buttons don't work if your cursor
	is over a character at that time.

	With characters selected you can move the cursor to a "target";
	an enemey, a machine, or a player character and press "O" to preform 
	a task.  The tasks are standardized.  
	Targeting an enemy causes the characters to attack.
	Targeting a machine/object causes activity on that machine/object.
		(sometimes only IQ-9 only will work on an machine/object,
		 he tends to blow things up.) 
	Targeting a player will cause healing of that character IF the 
	character targeting is a medic. Medics can even heal IQ-9.

	The map, there is a green map in the upper part of the screen.
	White dots on the map represent party members, red dots represent
	enemy units.  Each area of the map must be explored by a party
	member before you can view the area.  But after an area has been
	entered you can more the cursor into any of the rooms and see what
	is going on without having a party member in that room.  This can
	be useful for planning attacks by knowing the enemies movements.	

	You can go back to the ship if you decide you want to change options,
	or you forgot something.  Press "select", you will be asked a question,
	anser "yes" to go back to the ship.  To get back to your party members
	and the mission, just bring up the menu, and select a character who
	is on the mission. Im not sure if the game allows you to return to 
	the ship on every mission.

5.1 - "x" over a area of ground selects and deselects all

6.0 - Walkthrough - there are no translations only descriptions of the 
	happenings based on the series Star Blazers.

6.1 - New Game begining
	The game starts showing Captain Avatar's fleet, the only remaining Earth
	fleet, facing Gamilons at Pluto.  Captain Avatar issues orders.
	*load* The Gamilon fleet opens fire on the Earth fleet. The Captain gives
	 more orders.
	*load* A ship flys passed the Earth fleet at a very high speed.
	*load* Mars.  Derek Wildstar and Mark Venture on the Mars base feel a
	crash.  They are ordered to investigate.
	*load* Princess Starsha's sister Astra lies dead next to her crashed ship.
	Venture and Wildstar find the message capsule she is still holding.
	*load* Back to the battle.  Captain Avatar orders a withdraw.  Alex 
	Wildstar decides his ship will remain behind to protect the retreat 
	against the Captain's orders.
	*load* CGI movie of Alex's ship attacking and then being destroyed.
	*load* Captain Avatar's flagship returns to Earth.  
	There are pictures of planet bombs heading toward a green and blue
	Earth, and the destruction they caused as the explanation scrolls up the 
	screen.  Radioactivity has forced humanity into underground cities.
	In only one year, the radioactivity will reach the cities and all human
	life will become extinct.  The surface of the Earth is a red desolate 
	*load* The General and Captain Avatar review the message capsule.  It is
	from Starsha on the planet Iscandar.  She offers a machine to remove the
	radioativity from Earth.  But she cannot send it.  Earth must send a 
	ship to retreive it.  For the 148,000 light year voyage to Iscandar, 
	Starsha sends plans for a Warp drive.  With Earth's fleet decimated,
	a project was started to rebuild the sunken battleship Yamato.  They
	decide to fit it fit with this Wave Motion Engine.  Alarms sound.
	*load* Wildstar is distraught that his brother is dead. The alarm sounds.
	There's a Gamilon ship scouting the Yamato! Venture and Wildstar take a 
	fighter and head out to get some revenge.
	*load* From their fighter they see the Gamilon plane.  It flys away 
	with a burst of speed.  Wildstar's and Venture's plane has engine 
	trouble and plumets to Earth.
	*load* Animation of Wildstar and Venture seeing the Yamato.
	*load* Wildstar and Venture, in a hallway are called to the Yamato bridge.
	*load* On the bridge Wildstar and Venture meet Captain Avatar. The ship
	*load* CGI animation of the ship powering up.  Wildstar and Venture
	take the controls.
	***You are promted "Yes" or "No", "yes" is default. This is for a 
	tutorial of Wildstar's menu and functions, gunnery.  One screen shows 
	you can have a maximum of 4 weapons on auto fire. One screen describes 
	firing ranges.

	****You are prompted "Yes" or "No", "No" is default.  I believe this asks
	you if you want to go through the instuctions again.

	*load* The halfburied Yamato is shown.
	****You are prompted to press "O", the character menu selection appears.
	You can only select Wildstar, and from his menu #3, auto fire.  Then
	only one weapon, the main guns.  Press "triangle" to activate (turns 
	blue), then "O" to confirm changes. Then press "X" to get out of the 
	*load* CGI of the guns firing on a Gamilon carrier.
	*load* Back on the bridge.
	*load* Captain Avatar addresses the Star Force crew.
	*load* Venture's brother, Jordy says goodbye as the Star Force marches by.
	Nova's parents say goodbye.  Orion's grandaughter says goodbye.
	Back on the bridge.  In Captain Avatar's quarters, Wildstar confronts
	Avatar.  Wildstar believes the Captain is responsible for Alex's death.
	Wildstar see's a picture of the Captain and his son and daughter. 
	Does Wildstar know that the Captain's son was on Alex's ship?
	*load* Pluto Gamilon Base, Conl. Ganz and Bane fire an Ultra Menace
	Missle at the Yamato on orders from Leader Desslok.  CGI animation of
	missle launch.
	*load* Back on the bridge, they have the missle on screen.  The Yamato
	prepares for launch.  CGI of Yamato lift-off, and destruction of the 
	missle.  The Yamato flys on!
	*load* Back on the bridge.

	*****You are prompted "Yes" or "No", "Yes" is default. This is a tutorial
	of Venture's menu, Navigation.  Shows how to move in battle.

	****You are prompted "Yes" or "No", "No" is default.  I believe this asks
	you if you want to go through the instuctions again.

	*load* You are now on the "Yamato View" screen.
	*load* Dash describes the enemy ship which appears on screen with stats.
	*load* the Gamilon ship
	*load* battle screen.
	Ok, your first battle.  Press "square" if you want to bring up the radar
	which overlays and shows the ships in the area.
	First lets start moving.  You don't want to be a sitting duck do you?
	press "O", select Venture, select option 2 (the only one available 
	right now), select move.  Now move the arrow until you are over the 
	enemy ship (a spinning triangle with arrows will appear) and press
	"R2" to lower your ship below it, now press "o" to confirm.  Ok, you're
	moving.  Now press "o" again, pick Wildstar, and pick option 3:auto fire,
	move up and down to choose your weapons.  I like the main gun turrets.
	Press "triangle" on upto 4 weapons (they will turn blue when active), then 
	press "o" to confirm, and "x" to return to the main menu, "x" again to 
	return to the battle.  Use your "d" pad to move your view.
	Different ships require different tactics, this ship keeps decending so
	main guns will be less effective, you can go back to the autofire 
	screen and choose front torpedos.	
	*** You destroyed the ship!  Now a screen appears that shows the 
	experience points your characters have earned.  
	*load* Back on the bridge
	*load* The opperations room.  Your mission is explained

	****You are prompted "Yes" or "No", "Yes" is default.  This is asking
	you if you want an explanation of Warping, Orions option.  You must
	have the ship at 100% energy (ship must be fully repaired, and all 
	autofire weapons must be off) and the ship must be stopped and
	not in battle.  Orion must be on the bridge (default station).
	Then pick Orion's 2nd option (it says "UP") this brings the ships power to
	120%.  Then pick Venture's 4th option, Warp.  You are shown a map and 
	may move the ship to the desired destination.  A line between positions
	means the warp can be done, it can only be straight, and any celestial
	objects between the points will cause the ship to stop.

	****You are prompted "Yes" or "No", "No" is default.  I believe this asks
	you if you want to go through the instuctions again.

	*load* Gamilon base on Pluto.  Ganz and Bane send out a ship
	Dr. Sane and IQ-9 have some kind of discussion, then the enemy 
	ship arrives, Dash describes it with stats.  Conroy says send out
	my fighters!

	***** Don't forget to save your game frequently via Captain Avatar's 
	5th option.

6.2 - Gamilon Carrier and Fighters - day 1

	The key to this battle is destroying the flagship.  Should you use Venture
	to pursue the ship, you will never catch it.  You must use Conroy to 
	launch the Black Tiger Squadron.  I would highlight the entire squadron
	and target the flagship.  Once it is destroyed you can target the 
	remaining fighters.  It might be a good idea to use Wildstar to turn on 
	the main guns for autofiring, though they will not damage the fighters 
	too much.  It is important to have Sandor repair the damage to the ship.

	When you have destroyed the enemy have Wildstar turn off all auto fire.
	Then have Orion boost power to 120%, at this time you can have Venture
	preform a warp to Mars (the first planet to the upper right from your 
	current position). It would be a good idea to rest Sandor at some point
	by moving him to quarters since every repair he makes drains his hit 
	points.  Keep an eye on him throughout the game, you will need to rest 
	him allot.  Also check Conroy's hit points after each Black Tiger 

6.3 - Mars
	Upon reaching Mars you get an animation of the Pluto base comanders and
	leader deslock no doubt impressed with your abilities.
	Then the ship goes to read alert and falls to the surface of Mars.
	-Have Sandor repair the ship, and don't forget to save.
	*you are prompted *yes* or *no* - Yes will give you a tutorial on 
	what to do in the away party.  You will go directly to the save 
	screen if you pick no, and you will goto it after the tutorial if 
	you choose yes.
	You then must send out a party to blow up some boxes.  You have no 
	choice in who you take even though they take you to the selection
	screen, just hit "O" and then yes. Let Nova hang back, she is the only
	medic and if she dies you cant heal the others.  IQ9 is needed to blow 
	up the boxes.  Wildstar and Venture will take care of the enemy soldiers.
	Place the "go" cursor over the party member(s) you want to control and
	press "triangle" to select them.  When selected they will attack/heal
	a target your select or move to a spot you select with the "go" 
	cursor by pressing "O".  If you take the southern route you will come 
	accross 3 boxes, upon blowing up the 3rd box you will be back on the
	ships main bridge.
	Then it starts to snow. Owwww....Ahhhh......! And you the ship launches
	again.  Now have Venture head toward Jupiter!  Watch out for those
	pesty Gamilon cruisers.

6.4 - The Floating Continent, Jupiter - day 2
	Another techical problem?  Yes, Jupiter sucks you into it's atmosphere!
	After some missles hit you, the crew talks to themselves.  Have 
	Venture rotate the ship towards the Floating Continent, Send Orion
	to the engine room, and have Wildstar FIRE THE WAVE MOTION GUN!!!
	Now the Wave Motion Gun will be available for most of the game from this
	point on, but be careful it is limited (bullets infront of the HP bar),
	you can only use 3 per stretch of space completed.
	Now head for Saturn!

6.5 - Saturn - day 3

	Upon reaching Saturn you are asked to save.
	Once again you are taken to the party select screen and can't make
	any changes!  So Wildstar, Nova, and IQ-9 land on Saturn's moon,
	Titan to collect some Titanite. (well, at least that's what they do
	in the Star Blazers episode, I don't know what the Captain tells them.)
	Head to the left, and there is an opening sort of hidden in the top of 
	the screen, the next screen the opening is on the top right,
	there will be a Gamilon soldier waiting for you, have IQ-9 
	and Nova stay back while Wildstar finishes him off.  Have Nova heal
	Wildstar when his hit points are low. Go left off the screen, there will
	be 3 more Gamilons as you head down and arround. 
	When you come to the screen with 
	the tank, be careful, one hit will kill Wildstar and Nova.  You have
	to have IQ-9 plant a bomb on the tank to destroy it.  

6.6 - On the way to Pluto - day 6

	Now head towards the upper right hand corner of the screen.  You must 
	find the path to Pluto through the asteroid fields.  There will be many
	battles.  When you get 5 sectors left to Pluto, you are in for a suprise.
	A fleet of orange sectors appear, 8 all togeter, barring your passage.
	When you start a battle, ships from adjacent sectors will enter your 
	sector as you finish or before you are done.  
	I used the wave motion gun to clear some away and make a break for it, 
	but the Captain and Nova came on the screen to say some things, and 
	when I looked at the map all 8 sectors were gone.  I guess because 
	they were all packed together the blast destroyed them all, even
	though they were packed 4 sectors across, and 2 deep and I fired 
	at a 2 deep section.
	When entering the sector just before Pluto, video is shown of 3 Ultra
	Menace Missles heading your way!  You then must defeat the 3 closing 
	missles to move on!

6.7 - Pluto - day 7

	Upon entering Pluto's sector video shows the Yamato being attacked by
	the Reflex Gun! After the second hit you crash to the sea floor on 
	Pluto. You are asked if you want to save again.
	Now you must send out a party to destroy the Reflex Gun!  And guess what,
	this time you can actually choose some members of your party!

	Take the Western path until you come to a room that has a computer/switch
	in the lower right hand corner.  Have IQ-9 activate the switch, now you
	can head back and take the Southern route to the reflex gun.  IQ-9 has
	to blow up a few weapons along the path, then he can blow up the 
	Reflex Gun. 
	You are then returned to the ship, don't forget to repair, you are 
	SEVERLY damaged.
	Head toward the "G" marked sector passed Pluto.  But on the way you will
	be ambushed by Ganz and Bane, the Pluto commanders.  They escaped and 
	the explosion on Pluto and are coming after you!  This will be a tough
	battle, because more and more ships enter the sector.  Make sure
	you have Sandor repairing the ship, and watch out for when Ganz and 
	Bane's ship joins the battle, it's missles pack a mean punch!

7.0 - Strategies
	At various times trough out the game certain strategies are 
	needed to advance.  These can occur during battleship flight or battle
	or they may require the crew to venture out on there own.

7.1 - The medic

	Don't forget to take a medic!  The medic heals injured players 
	and can even heal dead players on the scene. 

7.2 - Exploration pays
	Try exploring the various planets, asteroids, and anything that seems
	weird on the screen.  You seem to find several "special" things in 
	these places.  Power-ups of some type I think, but I cannot see any 
	real changes.

7.3 - Asteroids
	Always keep in mind you can cross asteroid fields of 1 hex thickness.
	This means you can hop between strips of open space by squeesing 
	through them.  You have to enter them, your ship stops, then you
	have to remember which direction takes you out to the other side 
	because your radar stops working in some instances. Also these are
 	great places to hide from enemy ships, they can't enter.

7.4 - Boarded!  After Alpha Centauri (around day 28)

	After Alpha Centauri at the exit end of the "Unknown Area", a Gamilon 
	ship rams your ships side and the Gamilons board the Yamato.  The 
	Gamilon captain comes on screen to tell you what is going on.  The only
	thing I can figure out are that there are rules you must follow if you
	intend to remove the Gamilons from the ship or he will blow it up.
	1- you have 15 minutes only, 2- you can only have 5 members in the party
	I have had people email me that they are having problems with this 
	part of the game, I have recently played through it again and have come
	up with 2 possible reasons:
	1 - there is still an undefeated ship attacking the Yamato besides the
	boarding ship. To check and see, use "select" to return to the Yamato
	screen and check if anyone is still attacking the Yamato. If your
 	fighters are out, they will still be attacking the boarding ship 
	(to no avail) if they were targeting it before hand.
	2 - You are letting a Gamilon get passed your characters. This is just a
	theory, but when I went into the first 2 rooms, the one character I sent
	in died. But the Gamilon then left its position to run towards the next
 	room. Maybe one of the rules is you cannot let a Gamilon get passed your
	party to the rest of the ship.

	Here's what I have done.  I picked Wildstar, Nova (a medic), IQ-9,
	M. Gunner, and Sniper.  Go down from the first room into a room 
	with an exit to the east.  (Destroy any enemies you encounter
	along the way)  Go East to the next room with exits North and East.
	Send your sniper East.  He will stop in the doorway of the new room, say
	something and then start shooting the one Gamilon on the same level. 
	There are also sniper Gamilons on a ledge in this room, but the will
	not or cannot reach you when you are in the door.  Now the Gamilon on
	the same level as you is a machine gunner, you will get hits in 
	while he is running towards you to get within range.  My sniper died.
	The Gamilon then ran into the room with everyone else, finish him off.
	I then sent Nova in to heal the dead sniper and had them both head
	back out of the room to take the North route.   I sent the sniper 
	North alone, he was killed, but the Gamilon ran down to his level.
	I then sent everyone in to finish him off, and again had Nova heal 
	the sniper. I then sent everyone up the stairs and out of the room 
	East, then South from that room, this brings you to the ledge.  Take
	out the Gamilons all along the way, then head back down to the room
	with the North and East exits, and then East into the room where
	the ledge that is now empty is.  Now you can go East into a room with
	South and East exits.  There is nothing but an empty ledge South, you 
	may be able send a sniper there to take out Gamilons in the room below.
	I just went East.  A Gamilon is exiting the room to the South, but in
	A couple of seconds another Gamilon will come out of the room to the 
	North.  I took out that Gamilon and headed North, the room is empty
	but just make sure there are not Gamilons left in there.  Then
	go South and South again, go down the stairs and into the next room 
	to the West.  Now keep heading West, taking out Gamilons and healing
	along the way.  When you get to the final room there is one more
	brown Gamilon standing on the left with a purple Gamilon.  
	Presumably this is the Gamilon captain.  He comes on screen and 
	talks, then you can go and take them both out.
	You are done!  The Gamilon captain and Wildstar talk, Avatar and 
	Orion speak, the enemy ship detaches and free falls into space.

7.5 - Wave Motion Gun range?
	In an attack at Pluto I use the wave motion gun to clear 2 sectors in
	a mass of 8 sectors filled with ships, all of the sectors were touching
	one another in a chain 4 wide and 2 deep.  The gun showed the 
	destruction of the 2 I was aiming at, then the Captain and Nova 
	spoke and the remaining 6 were gone from my map also. 
	Either this particular part of the game allowed the gun to clear them
	all, the ships ran in fear, or you can blow multiple sectors away
	if they are adjacent.  Ill return to this subject when I have learned

8.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
8.1 - Where can I get a copy of the game?

	I have just seen the game at  I have had excellent
	experiences ordering from them.  I would suggest them first!
	(but it isn't listed on there website anymore as of 12-7-99, email
	them, maybe they will order it for you.)

	I got my imported, japanese version of the game at
	They took over a month to get me the game, and they have poor reviews
	on various newsgroups.  I also saw the game for sale at
	I don't know anything about there service.  Basicly find a place that 
	imports playstation games and see if they can get it for you. lists the game, but I don't know about them as a company.

8.2 - Will the game be available in the U.S. format?
	I don't know yet.  
	Why don't you send Email to [email protected] and ask them!
	Maybe they will bring it over if we show them some interest.

8.3 - Where can I get a translation?
	This is my question!!! If anyone knows where I can find a tranlation of 
	any parts or all of the game please email me!
	Or if you know a good website/program for translating the japanese
	characters.  It may help with translating some of the menu functions!

8.4 - Memory Card
	Just a comment, the game requires 6 empty slots to save, even if you 
	save just one game.

8.5 - How do I get passed THIS part? Playstation Yamato Game Discussion 
	If you are stuck on a part that I haven't covered because I am so slow
	at updating, and I cannot answer your question via e-mail, visit: and click on 
	the Playstation Game Discussion board, maybe you can get help or help
	others there!

9.0 - Credits

	Thanks to Captain 3man [email protected] for help with 
		Dr. Sane's options!
I'll try to get more info to you asap!
Nick Flor, [email protected]
For great Star Blazers and Yamato info visit
Please mail me anything you have discovered, or with anything I have
done wrong!

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