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This is a very quick, very simple walk-thru of the new Star Trek Klingon.
These are full answers to all steps in the game. If you wish to get the full 
of the game, don't use this cheat. Also, remember that when you are prompted 
to perform an action, you must do it quickly. You will only have a couple of
Step 1 -- When Gowron presents the gifts, click on them to accept.
Step 2 --  When your mother speaks to you about the guest, Do NOTHING.
Step 3 --  Go to the food area, and after the conversation, click on the gaGh. 
(The bowl on the bottom right)
Step 4 --  While the probe is hovering, click on the red cloth, above and right 
of the probe.
Step 5 --  When you father dies, click on his eyes. 
Step 6 --  After Gowron cuts his hand, click on the knife.
Step 7 --  When all the warriors are in front of  you, click in the center to 
start the Rite.
Step 8 --  When Gowron asks if you will join him, click on HIS right hand.
Step 9 --  When the technician asks you to help him, DO NOTHING.
Step 10 - When you are asked to choose a post, click on the old man.
Step 11 - To play the game, roll the dice and choose the hand with the higher 
#.... His Right
Step 12 - To try and get your food back, click on the warriors forehead.
Step 13 - After the singer is done and you are asked to choose, click on the 
Step 14 - While Gowron is holding the bartender, he asks you for a weapon... 
 						Pick the glass, not the knife.
Step 15 - On the Tactical Console, pick the lower left panel and then the upper 
Step 16 - When Gowron asks you who you suspect, click on the guy on the left.  
                       **NOTE**    This might be a good place to save if you 
haven't already.
Step 17 - On the Bomb, click    GREEN, BLUE, BLUE, BLUE, YELLOW.
Step 18 - When asked who you suspect, click on your Uncle. (The guy next to 
Step 19 - When asked to choose a weapon, Click on the sword.

That's it, sit back and enjoy the final scenes. 

My personal opinion, I thought this was a great game(episode?), but the ending 
lacked a little 
for my tastes. All in all though, I would still have to rate it pretty high.

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