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 ____STAR WARS____
  |\/| BEHIND THE 
  |  | AGIC       
  Trivia Question
    Josh Murray


 Anyone who is a Star Wars fan should get Star Wars :
 Behind the Magic as soon as you can.  It is the most 
 comprehensive collection of Star Wars knowledge I have 
 ever found in one place.  With that said, anyone who 
 has it knows of the trivia questions placed throughout 
 this two CD guide to Star Wars.  Some of the questions
 are fairly easy while others tend to be a challenge.
 In any event, trying to answer them all and get a 
 perfect score of 300/300 is a challenge even a Jedi
 Master would find trying.  I've compiled all of those
 answers in this here easy to use guide.

 The answers are arranged by catagory thusly:
 1. Charaters
    -Creatures & Aliens
    -Groups & Organizations
 2. Technology
     -Star Fighters
     -Capital Ships
     -Other Vessels
     -Personal Weapons
     -Starship & Planetary
     -Droid Devices
     -Personal Devices
     -Vehicle Devices
     -Industrial Devices
 3. Locations
 4. Scene by Scene
    -Star Wars
    -Empire Strikes Back
    -Return of the Jedi

  1. Charaters
  2-1B (B)
  4-LOM (C)                   
  Ackbar (A)
  Anakin, Jacen and Jaini (D)
  Anakin Skywalker (C)
  Bib Fortuna (A)
  Biggs (B)
  Boba Fett (A)
  Bossk (C)
  Boushh (D)
  C-3P0 (A)
  Chewbacca (B)
  Chewbacca's Family (C)
  Chief Chirpa's Tribe (D)
  Darth Vader (B)
  Dengar (A)
  Dodonna (B)
  Emperor (B)
  FX-7 (C)
  Garindan (A)
  Garm Bel Iblis (D)
  Greedo (A)
  Han Solo (C)
  IG-88 (B)
  Imperial Officers (C)
  Jabba (B)
  Jabba's Court (D)
  Jabba's Droid Pool (A)
  Jabba's Guards (B)
  Lando (C)
  Lobot (B)
  Luke Skywalker (B)
  Luke's Friends (C)
  Madine (A)
  Mara Jade (D)
  Max Rebo Band (A)
  Modal Nodes (D)
  Mon Mothma (B)
  Mos Eisley Cantina Patrons (A)
  Nien Nunb (C)
  Obi-Wan Kenobi (D)
  Oola (D)
  Owen & Beru Lars (A)
  Piett (B)
  Princess Leia (A)
  R2-D2 (B)
  Rebel Enlisted (A)
  Rieekan (A)
  Salacious Crumb (B)
  Tarkin (D)
  Thrawn (C)
  Veers (C)
  Wedge (A)
  Wicket (B)
  Yoda (A)
  Zuckuss (D)

  Bantha (B)
  Bith (C)
  Bothan (A)
  Bogwing (D)
  Bubo (B)
  Dewback (C)
  Dianoga (D)
  Dragonsnake (B)
  Ewok (B)
  Gammorrean (C)
  Hutt (D)
  Ithorian (A)
  Jawa (D)
  Krayt Dragon (C)
  Mon Calmari (D)
  Mynock (B)
  Nikto (D)
  Noghri (A)
  Rancor (C)
  Rodian (D)
  Ronto (A)
  Sarlac (C)
  Scurrier (B)
  Space Slug (C)
  Sullustan (A)
  Tauntan (D)
  Tusken Raider (D)
  Twi'lek (C)
  Ugnaught (C)
  Wampa (B)
  Weequay (C)
  Womp Rat (A)
  Wookie (D)
  Worrt (B)
  Yuzzum (A)


  B'omarr Monks (C)
  Black Sun (D)
  Blastech (A)
  Corellian Engineering Corporation (B)
  Dark Jedi (A)
  Empire (B)
  Imperial Gunners (C)
  Imperial Royal Guard (D)
  Incom (B)
  Jedi Knights (C)
  Kuat Drive Yards (A)
  New Republic (C)
  Rebel Alliance (D)
  Rebel Infantry (A)
  Rebel Pilots (B)
  Rogue Squadron (D)
  Sand Troopers (C)
  Scout Troopers (C)
  Sienar Fleet Systems (C)
  Snow Troopers (D)
  Storm Troopers (A)
  Tie Fighter Pilots (A)

  2. Technology

 *Star Fighters
  A-Wing (B)
  B-Wing (A)
  Tie Advanced (B)
  Tie Bomber (A)
  Tie Fighter (D)
  Tie Interceptor (C)
  X-Wing (D)
  Y-Wing (C)
  Ewok Hang Glider (C)
  Snowspeeder (A)
  T-16 Skyhopper (D)
  Twin-Pod Cloud Car (D)
  AT-AT (A)
  AT-ST (D)
  Desert Skiff (D)
  Landspeeder (C)
  Sail Barge (B)
  Sandcrawler (B)
  Speeder Bike (C)
  Swoop (C)
 *Capital Ships
  Executor (D)
  Imperial Star Destroyer (A)
  Mon Cal Star Cruiser (C)
  Rebel Blockade Runner (C)
  Rebel Cruiser (A)
  Rebel Transport (B)
 *Other Vessels  
  Imperial Landing Craft (B)
  Imperial Shuttle (A)
  Death Star (A)
  Death Star II (A)
  Millennium Falcon (B)
  Outrider (A)
  Slave I (B)
 *Personal Weapons
  Blaster (B)
  Blaster Rifle (B)
  Bowcaster (C)
  E-Web Repeating Blaster (A)
  Force Pike (A)
  Gaderffii (D)
  Ionization Blaster (B)
  Lightsaber (B)
  Thermal Detonator (B)
  Vibro-Ax (D)
 *Starship & Planetary
  Anti-Infantry Battery (D)
  Antivehicle Artillery (D)
  Ion Cannon (A)
  Laser Cannon (A)
  Proton Torpedo (D)
  Quad Laser Cannon (D)
  Superlaser (B)
  Turbolaser (D)


 *Droid Devices
  Astromech Droid (A)
  ASP Droid (B)
  GNK Power Droid (B)
  Interrogator Droid (D)
  MSE Mouse Droid (B)
  Patrol Droid (B)
  Probot (B)
  Protocol Droid (C)
  Remote (C)
  Restraining Bolt (D)
 *Personal Devices
  Comlink (B)
  Electrobinoculars (D)
  Holgram (C)
  Imperial Code Cylinder (B)
  Meditation Chamber (C)
 *Vehicle Devices
  Deflector Shield (C)
  Escape Pod (A)
  Hyperdrive (D)
  Ion Engine (D)
  Repulsor Lift Engine (A)
  Tractor Beam (C)
 *Industrial Devices
  Bacta Tank (C)
  Breath Mask (D)
  Carbon Freezing Chamber (A)
  Prosthetic Replacement (A)
  Scan Grid (B)
  Vaporator (D)

  3. Location

  Alderaan (B)
  Bespin (A) 
  -Cloud City (B)
  Corellia (D)
  Coruscant (C)
  -Imperial City (C)
  Dagobah (D)
  -Cave of Evil (C)
  -Yoda's Home (B)
  Dantooine (A)
  Endor (C)
  -Ewok Village (C)
  -Shield Generator (B)
  Hoth (D)
  -Echo Base (B)
  -Hoth Asteroid Belt (D)
  -Wampa Ice Cave (D)
  Kashyyyk (A)
  Kessel (B)
  Mon Calamari (C)
  Naboo (X)
  Nal Hutta (X)
  -Nar Shaddaa (D)
  Ord Mantell (A)
  Tatooine (B)
  -Anchorhead & Toche Station (C)
  -Beggar's Canyon (D)
  -Dune Sea & Junland Wastes (D)
  -Great Pit of Carkoon (C)
  -Jabba's Palace (C)
  -Lar's Moisture Farm (A)
  -Mos Eisley Space Port (D)
  -Obi-Wan Kenobi's Home (A)
  Yavin (C)
  -Massassi Temple (B)
  -Yavin IV (D)

 Note: (X) means there is no question.

  4. Scene by Scene

  SW-3 (B)
  SW-6 (C)
  SW-17 (B)
  SW-21 (D)
  SW-21 (B)
  SW-25 (B)
  SW-27 (D)
  SW-28 (C)
  SW-28 (A)
  SW-30 (B)
  SW-32 (A)
  SW-38 (D)
  SW-38 (A)
  SW-41 (B)
  SW-47 (B)
  SW-48 (B)
  SW-55 (A)
  SW-57 (C)
  SW-59 (A)
  SW-60 (C)
  SW-64 (A)
  SW-65 (A)
  SW-66 (B)
  SW-66 (C)
  SW-71 (C)
  SW-72 (B)
  SW-73 (D)
  SW-74 (D)

  ESB-11 (C)
  ESB-17 (A)
  ESB-20 (A)
  ESB-22 (C)
  ESB-28 (D)
  ESB-32 (C)
  ESB-42 (A)
  ESB-45 (D)
  ESB-52 (A)
  ESB-53 (D)
  ESB-55 (A)
  ESB-56 (C)
  ESB-63 (C)
  ESB-71 (D)
  ESB-82 (B)
  ESB-83 (A)
  ESB-90 (C)
  ESB-95 (B)

  ROJ-1 (D)
  ROJ-4 (C)
  ROJ-8 (C)
  ROJ-14 (B)
  ROJ-22 (D)
  ROJ-23 (B)
  ROJ-26 (D)
  ROJ-27 (D)
  ROJ-28 (B)
  ROJ-29 (A)
  ROJ-30 (B)
  ROJ-31 (A)
  ROJ-32 (C)
  ROJ-34 (D)
  ROJ-37 (B)
  ROJ-38 (B)
  ROJ-39 (A)
  ROJ-40 (C)
  ROJ-40 (B)
  ROJ-40 (A)
  ROJ-43 (C)
  ROJ-44 (A)
  ROJ-44 (A)
  ROJ-51 (C)
  ROJ-55 (B)
  ROJ-59 (C)
  ROJ-60 (A)
  ROJ-60 (C)
  ROJ-61 (D)

 Note: For every instance that there is more than
       one triva question per page, I list the 
       answers in order of the questions.

  Credits & Copyright Information

 This FAQ was written by and copywritten to
 Josh Murray.  Do not reproduce any portion of 
 this FAQ without my written permission. I can be 
 be contacted at [email protected]  Visit my game
 review site at
 Star Wars : Behind the Magic is copywritten to
 Lucasarts Entertainment Company and Lucasfilm Ltd.


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