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Star Wars: Episode 1 - Racer
Author: marshmallow
E-mail Address: [email protected]

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Version 0.5

Revision History:

June 15th - I added the Boonta Eve Classic and the Fire Mountain Rally 
to the Torunament Levels, though they were not written by me. 
Credits/Codes section also updated. 
June 20, 1999 - First release, so everything is new. I also have to warn 
you all, I won't be at my house for the next week or so, I'm visiting 
Florida (Vero Beach, about 100 miles away from Miami, if you have to 
know) to see my Grandparents. Ah, soaking up the rays of the sun, 
fishing for big whoppers with crazy old Grandpa...ah, the memories...I 
can't wait! 

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

With the release of this game, there are now four "futuristic and fast" 
games on the N64 (Extreme and Extreme 2 are one in the same). F-Zero X, 
Wipeout 64, Extreme G, and now this. Personally, I think this has the 
best graphics and track design of the three, while F-Zero X seems to 
have the best music...I don't get it. I mean, Rogue Squadron sounded 
awesome with Factor 5's new sound compression techniques, but on this 
one, sure it has a lot of voice, but there's barely any music. What 

Table of Contents
- - - - - - - - - - - - - 
1) Controls/Basics *
2) Watto's Shop/Junkyard
3) Podracers
5) Tournament Levels *
6) Codes/Secrets *
7) F.A.Q *NEW*
8) Credits *
8) Legal Fluff
9) Fin

A "*" will appear next to a section that has been updated as of June 
15th, 1999.

1) Controls/Basics

Analog Stick: 
Steer craft or choose menu options. 

Choose menu options. 

L Button: 
Switch between map options during the race

R Button: 
Hold it during a race to have your engines repaired. Note that during 
this time your vehicle will lose a rather large amount of speed, and its 
repairing rate depends on the repair rate (Whoa! Technical stuff here). 
If you quickly tap it twice then your character will yell one of their 
many insults, or if your Sebulba then he will launch a fire-rocket out 
of the side of his engine. 

A Button: 
Accelerator, and confirm menu options.

B Button: 
Break, or go back to the previous menu screen.

C Down: 
During a race, you will get to view everything behind you. Of course, I 
strongly advise that you DO NOT use this, because you need to look ahead 
of you when you're going near the speed of sound.

C Up: 
There are four different camera angles you can choose from: Behind the 
racer, closer behind the racer, first person view with the rockets and 
the energy bolt, and nothing. Personally, I think the one with the 
energy bolt is the best. Try them all out and see what you like!

C Left/C Right: 
The rockets of the craft will suddenly swerve to a 90 degree angle, but 
this is only useful for squeezing through extremely small cracks.

Z Button: 
The manual says this helps you while turning tight corners, but I do not 
notice any real difference. Who knows? 

How to do a Turbo Charge: 
If you didn't read the manual, there is practically no way you could 
know about this, and it is an integral part of winning! To do a boost, 
simply hold the analog stick forward and hold A until you are going as 
fast as possible (the ball on the speed-o-meter will turn yellow). 
Quickly release the A Button, then hold it again, and the ball will turn 
a deep red. At this time, your craft will rocket forward at its very top 
speed, which is often up to 700 miles per hour (on the brink of the 
sound barrier). At this time, another meter will pop up, and when it 
fills up your rocket engines will burst into flames and you will die 
almost instantly...To counteract this, let go of the A Button for a 
split second, or hit the brakes. If you can't take your eyes off the 
road, a beeping sound will alert you. The amount of time it takes your 
engines to cool down depends on your cooling time bar.

2) Watto's Shop/Junkyard

If you've seen the Phantom Menace then this guy should be pretty 
familiar...Watto is back with his long list of complaints, snide 
remarks, and of course his large store filled with Podracer parts. After 
each race you get money, depending on how you set the money amounts 
before each race ("Fair", "Skilled", or "Winner Takes All"). With this 
money you can come to the shop and buy various parts for the many 
different areas of your Podracer. 

Top Speed
Air Brake
Repair Rate

There are six parts and only six parts for each category, and their 
price depends on its effectiveness. They appear only after a set amount 
of races, so don't expect to see the best of the categories from the 
start. You can also trade in some parts to make some more cash, but the 
amount depends on its condition. Parts from the store are considered 
MINT CONDITION, and are worth the amount you paid for. However, parts 
from the junkyard (below) are only worth about half. 

If you don't have enough money to buy from the expensive store, try the 
Junkyard, which works basically the same way, except that the parts are 
NOT in mint condition, they appear randomly, they are cheap, and they 
will not affect your pod until after a few races. That amount of races 
depends on how many Pit Droids you can only have three, which 
will only set you back 3000 TRUGUTS. I heavily suggest that you buy them 
all as soon as you can, because this way you can quickly upgrade  your 
Pod in a short amount of time, at a rather low cost. 

Of course, if the Pit Droids work on a junkyard piece, then it is 
considered mint condition.

A little note on the parts...when you highlight them; if the bar turns 
red, this piece will actually lower your status in that category; if 
yellow it will increase the status. Just to let you know! 
And if I were you, I would stick around for a few minutes, Watto's 
comments can be rather humorous. For some reason that accent is 

3) Podracers

Although there are 23 Pods, over half of them have to be unlocked. You 
can unlock most of them by coming in first place in the tournament 
races, but others require special codes. 

And if you're asking me which racer I like the best, it would have to be 
Anakin Skywalker. He's the best of the ones you get at the very start, 
and by the time you start to unlock some good racers, Anakin's pod will 
be very powerful because of all the special parts. 

I'm not going to list their attributes of course, they have a special 
screen for that in the game, so I'll just give a little background 
information and an overall rating. 

Description: Think of him in the Phantom Menace. Now picture him as a 
polygonal figure. Not a pretty picture...

With good traction and turning rates, and a very nice cooling rate, he 
is probably the best of the ones you can pick at the start.


Description: A brown humanoid creature with goggles on, he reminds me of 
a Kangaroo with his constant hopping.

Average traction and turning, but he excels in areas most people don't 
care about (repair, air brake).


Description: His first name says it all, as he is very short and has a 
rat-like face.

His top speed is 100%, his turning is pretty good, but everything else 
is merely average. However, he may be better than Anakin, because 
overall his stats are higher, and it gets even more complicated with the 


Description: Very skinny and with long arms, he has the head of an 

His Top Speed is 100%, his turning is rather nice, and everything else 
is merely OK.


Description: Rather fat, brown skin, his large black eyes stick out of 
his head.

Great Top Speed, good turning and cooling, nothing else.


Description: I suppose he earned the nickname of bumpy on the count that 
his gray skin is covered with small bumps. Get out the moisturizer...

Again, awesome Top Speed, Acceleration, below average traction though.


Description: This is what I call an alien! His knees are bent backwards, 
his body is very round and bends forward, and his face is covered in 
some kind of plant-like material.

This fellow has the very basic categories practically maxed out 
(Traction, turning, acceleration, and top speed). I recommend him, 
because all of his other areas are 50%, which means a part or two will 
make him nearly perfect.


# 8 - MARS GUO
Description: Imagine, for a moment, that there were such a thing as 
green giraffes with no spots that could walk on their hind legs. That is 

For the umpteenth time, he has the basic elements nearly maxed out.


Description: Big, fat, blue, and has the face of a cat with oversized 
ears. Throw me a bone here Lucasarts!!

Why do all these people have a great top speed, but when I race against 
them they seem so slow? Ah, the great mysteries of life.


# 10 - DUD BOLT
Description: His platypus bill has serrated teeth coming down from them. 

I won't bother saying that he has a great top speed.


# 11 - GASGANO
Description: A long-necked, beady eyed, pale-skinned alien with four 
arms. Or, your average American teenager. I'm not funny.

An all around good racer, I just hope you won't try to use the brakes, 
as he has barely 5% in that category.


Description: I'm starting to get sick of these narrow-minded, humanoid 
alien creatures, because if you were to ever meet a real alien, the 
chances of them having a human like body are about zero.

The same as the last 11 racers. Where's this variety the manual was 
talking about? 


# 13 - ELAM MAK
Description: A grasshopper like creature. 

Good top speed, turning, and repair.


# 14 - NEVA KEE
Description: Very tiny, with large ears. I doubt aliens would have ears 
like a person.

Almost every essential category is 100%.


Description: It looks like his head weights more than his body alone.

Average at best, good for intermediate players.


Description: Pretty tall, very skinny. Your average African. Joke.

I could have sworn that the last driving screen stats looking exactly 
the same as this guy's...


# 18 - FUD SANG
Description: A ball with clear eyes, two stubby legs, and two stubby 

I'm getting sick of saying the same thing. Why do they all have an 
awesome top speed??


Description: Gray; wears orange clothes. *yawn*

Cooling and repair are 100%, and his essential categories aren't too 
shabby either.


Description: Blue skin, big hands. Sort of a beard...

Whoa! This guy is rather impressive, nearly every stat is 80% or more!!


Description: A morbid mix of colors, and a ball tail. Don't ask.

Another treat for the eyes, this guy's stats are about even with TOY 

More to come

4) Tournament Levels

I will give a description of the level, some shortcuts (if any), and a 
"Key to Win", which will tell you what is absolutely necessary in order 
to achieve first place. And the difficulty rating is pretty self 
explanatory. 1 is really simple, while 5 is darn near impossible. 

If you do not have the 4MB Expansion Pak, these levels are going to look 
awful (the framerate will be bad enough to affect the gameplay), so be 
sure to turn the High Resolution option to the ON position. Otherwise 
don't even bother, steering and making out the turns will be close to 

Going from the most simple cups to the hardest....

                     AMATEUR PODACING CIRCUIT

           A M A T E U R    P O D R A C I N G    C I R C U I T 

///////////////STAGE 1: THE BOONTA TRAINING COURSE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Tatooine

Difficulty Rating: 

Dusty paths, twin stars, plenty of rocks...and sand. Lots and lots of 

There are no true shortcuts, but almost the entire circuit is straight, 
so use the boost turbo to its full extent, even on the rocky last 

Key to Win: 
Staying conscious? In all honesty, this is a piece of cake, a can of 
pie, whatever you want to call it. You should be getting, at the very 
least, 50 second laps. 

///////////////////////STAGE 2: MON GAZZA SPEEDWAY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Mon Gazza

Difficulty: 1/5

Blood red sky, not very much detail. Lots of lights.


Key to Win: 
This is even easier than the last level! This is the only track I know 
of where you can actually lap other people! One time I actually went 
past the alien in eight place. Sad.

///////////////////////STAGE 3: BEEDO's WILD RIDE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Ando Prime

Difficulty: 2/5

Description: This ice-covered track has been frozen for centuries, which 
makes it perfect for a Pod race.

You should be able to get a huge boost as you leave the starting line, 
and keep going until your engines are to the melting point. Near the 
first few turns is a large ice block, if you ram it you will fall 
through a hole and be in an almost straight tunnel, use this for a few 
turbo boosts -- it will dump you off at the wooden bridge. Near the end, 
where there are many flags, use the opportunity for turbos.

Key to Win: 
This is probably the first level where you need to pay attention to 
win...when you meet the dreaded ice lake you'll need to AIM YOUR CRAFT 
at the open area BEFORE you fall onto the ground. If you do not, you 
will slip and slide and hit the wall, killing you instantly. But I don't're hovering five feet over the ground, what does it 
matter? After a few tries this course will be simple, just watch out for 
the ice in the tunnels.

///////////////////////STAGE 4: AQUILARIS CLASSIC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Aquilaris

Difficulty: 1/5

This is one of the most varied planets in the game, as you will go 
through underwater tunnels, dusty roadways, city landscapes...and more!

When you see a ramp, take it, and while in the air pull back on the 
analog stick; this will get you some heavy airtime, and you go pretty 
fast while in the air.

Key to Win: 
Don't come to a complete stop...seriously, if you just keep going 
there's hardly anyway you could possibly lose. The only difficult thing 
to avoid in this stage is the dreaded 'closing doors', which will close 
and open totally randomly, and there are two sets. Its probably faster 
to smash against them and die than to weave in and out of them!

/////////////////////////STAGE 5: MALASTARE 100\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Malastare

Difficulty: 1/5

Description: This planet is obviously very advanced, as there are many 
different kinds of buildings and structures to be seen. It's dusk, so 
the lights are shining brightly.

When you get to the green gas, do a turbo and head for the bright light, 
that is the exit. There are no true shortcuts to this level, so that is 
about it...unless you count the very last stretch. After the read 
barrier with an arrow, after the jump, do a turbo and go past the finish 
line at the speed of sound.

Key to Win: 
Don't die too many times, and the opposition will stay far behind you. 
The only part that is really new is the jump across the canyon...once in 
the air, pull back on the analog stick, not only will you go faster but 
you will get much more air time. If you don't do this you will smash 
into the underside of the road.

//////////////////////////STAGE 6: VENGEANCE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Oovo IV

Difficulty: 2/5

Description: This track area was designed specifically for Podracers, 
because there are turns and twists everywhere! I like the way this 
course was designed, especially the textures. 

Like most of the simple tracks in the easy cup, this course has none.

Key to Win: 
There are two things to look out for: the sliding passageways and the 0-
G corridors. The sliding passageways are black with yellow stripes, and 
will turn 90 degrees every few seconds. One wrong move and you will 
smash into it and die! The 0-G tunnels are cool, because you float in 
mid-air, and when you hit the booster turbo you can go over 1000 miles 
an hour, very much over the speed of sound. Just be sure to watch out 
what is ahead of you, smashing into a floating rock can prove deadly.

/////////////////////////STAGE 7: SPICE MINE RUN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Mon Gazza

Difficulty: 1/5 
The same as before, except this time you will plunge deep underground 
and witness the titanic machines drill into the red dirt and pull out 
precious minerals and other things of importance. You'll also see many 
sulfur pits...

Near the middle of the course you will go over a boardwalk, and you have 
three choices: left, middle, right. Although they are all the same 
length, take the middle, as it lets you boost more easily. After this 
you will see an extraordinary makes up a good 25% of the 
circuit, yet it is almost completely straight! Use this to your 
advantage and rip loose with a huge turbo boost.

Key to Win: 
Take the above shortcuts, and try not to look at the scenery. Also, you 
will see these huge machines that will try to crush you; instead, go in-
between their treadmills. Near the end you will also see strange, blue 
laser beams that try to block your path, but they don't do a very good 

Novice cup complete

                         SEMI-PRO PODRACING CIRCUIT

/////////////////////////////STAGE 8: SUNKEN CITY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Aquilaris

Difficulty: 2/5

No, you're not suffering from an extreme case of Deja Vu, this is 
basically the exact same track as stage 4, except with a few more 
different parts that make it slightly more difficult.

After the closing/opening doors you will be in a junkyard area, quickly 
go left and you will find a pipe to go through. Use the turbo to get 
through, you will still be in a junky-yardy type area. Many players go 
through the gated areas, thinking they are a path, but they are really 
an exit from another passageway, not an entrance. Keep going. Also, past 
the orange block, you will see a type of ramp that goes upwards; I do 
not understand the purpose of this, as it does not save any 
time...weird. When you get near the end you can get very close to the 
audience, and if you're good enough you should be able to get off a 
rather impressive turbo-boost (impressive to anyone who is watching).

Key to Win:  
Don't die. That's it.

////////////////////////////STAGE 9: HOWLER GORGE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Ando Prime
Difficulty Level: 2/5

Ice, ice, and more ice. Except this time you get gobs of different paths 
to take, which will make you want to play the track more than once, just 
to see which ones are shorter.

Go forward from the starting line, in the ice cave you will come to a 
fork: take the right path. After a bit more you will see a small crack 
in a wall, go through that, you will be now going over a bridge. After a 
hairpin corner you will be going down a path with a giant stone statue 
of a man. Get a yellow, then hit the turbo while in mid-air and pull 
back on the control will get some serious airtime (15 
seconds maybe?) before landing on a large icelake, go forward without 
turning and go up there. Fall down into the right trench, this way you 
can avoid many dangers.

Key to Win: 
The very last stretch has many rocks, you must avoid crashing into them 
a lot, otherwise the other drivers can advance (doesn't get much more 
obvious than that...). Try to stay on the left side of the track, most 
of the tunnels through the rocks are on that side. 

//////////////////////////////STAGE 10: DUG DERBY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Malastare

Difficulty: 2/5

Just like last time, with the green gas and the lights...

When you first start, there will be a hairpin corner straight ahead, 
then you will go straight; during this time you should notice an off-
ramp to the right, take this. It's not a gigantic shortcut, but it is a 
faster route. The final cutting of time can be found after the Statue 
Buildings with the green gas; it is the final straight-a-way before the 
finish line, and it is PERFECT for a full-fledged turbo.

Key to Win: 
You can only die about one time per lap, otherwise the opposition will 
catch up almost immediately. Most people die around the area where the 
tunnel looks straight, but the tiny entrances are a few feet to the left 
or right –- be sure to take that into account when aiming your craft.

///////////////////////////STAGE 11: SCRAPPER'S RUN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Planet: Ord Ibanna

Difficulty: 2/5

Suspended hundreds of feet above the ground, this track appears to be 
made out of recycled beer cans...but what would an American like me know 
about recycling? Sorry, that was pretty low...

The long road in front of the starting line is perfect for a turbo, as 
it the "suspended bridge" area. I call it that because it looks like a 
suspended bridge. Pretty clever, eh? 
Key to Win: 
DO NOT DIE. If you die you go to sixth place almost instantly, so try 
not to die at all costs. Maybe once or maybe even twice, but not anymore 
than that. It shouldn't be that hard, anyways, the track is pretty 

///////////////////////////STAGE 12: ZUGGA CHALLENGE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Mon Gazza

Difficulty: 2/5

The Mon Gazza we saw at the very start of the game is getting pretty 
complicated; let's leave it at that.

After a few of the crusher machines you will see a wall with arrows, 
then a few bars going over your head. Use a turbo here and go far, 
avoiding the little things that come out of the wall and try to kill 
you. After a bit you will see a REALLY long tunnel like you did last 
time, use another turbo to get miles away from your now-trailing 
opponents. Also, near the very end of the long course, right after the 
jump over magma, you will find another insanely long know 
what to do. Admit it. Don't be ashamed about it...

Key to Win: 
Use the above shortcuts, that's all you really need to do. Memorizing 
the track is also a good idea, since it can become very 
disorientating...Did I mention this is one of my favorite tracks? 
//////////////////////////STAGE 13: BAROO COAST\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Baroonda

Difficulty: 2/5

Peaceful, almost reminds me of ancient Rome, at least the 
buildings do. You will go streaking across a beach and through ancient 
temples, then go near the audience as they cheer you on. Isn't that 
great (arf, arf)?

When going across the beach, use your turbo. How many times have I said 
that in this FAQ?! Well, you get the drift. 

Key to Win: 
This is practically all skill, the only advice I can give you is to use 
the above shortcut to enlarge the distance between you and the guy in 
second place, this way the chances of him getting in front of you before 
the finish line is slim. Unless you suck majorly, of course, which means 
that no amount of words or tips could possibly help you.

//////////////////////////STAGE 14: BUMPY'S BREAKERS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Aquilaris

Difficulty: 2/5

A very odd hybrid of different areas from the previous Aquiliaris races. 

At the very beginning there will be a straight-a-way followed by three 
long jumps, so use that booster and get some major-air time by holding 
back on the control stick. After a bit you will be driving on what seems 
like a regular, Earthly road. Well, except I never remember seeing 
Corellian Corvettes flying in the air, and I don't recall the speed-o-
meter reading 550 miles per hour. But let's put that aside for now and 
continue with this pathetic excuse for a FAQ...after a little bit of 
that you will have the choice of either going up or down, it has a 
waterfall thingie near it. Well, take the upper path, because it has a 
long tunnel you can boost in. The rest of the areas you've already been 
to a couple of times.

Key to Win: 
There are two main points where you might die, and being killed twice in 
a single lap is not good. They are both nasty hairpin corners, and you 
will probably smash against the wall and expire...the first is near the 
start, slightly before the waterfall, the other is near the end, after 
the tunnel which follows the strange orange block (what is that thing 
anyways?). To avoid them both, slam on the brakes and then continue, you 
might smash against the wall, but you won't burst into flames, which is, 
well, good. Yeah...that's the ticket.

Intermediate cup complete

                       GALACTIC PODRACING CIRCUIT

              G A L A C T I C   P O D R A C I N G   C I R C U I T 

////////////////////////////STAGE 15: EXECUTIONER\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Oovo IV

Difficulty: 3/5

A similar design as the last Oovo IV track, except this time it is much 
longer and much more complicated.

This one is pretty major, and hard to miss unless you pay real close 
attention. After the very tight crack, you will go down a hill, and the 
walls will be a sort of amber color...near the middle, slam on the 
airbrakes, and you will slow down near the notice a little 
sidepath? It leads to a tunnel up above, and it is practically straight, 
which means you can easily boost through, skipping tons of obstacles you 
would have otherwise had to take. Don't feel bad about not being able to 
do it in the heat of a race, though, it's quite hard to do, even for me, 
because when you hit the brakes at 600 MPH, you just don't come to a 
clean stop. 

Key to Win: 
When you're in the 0-G tunnels, you absolutely have to use the boost 
turbo, this is essential if you want to win. Of course, you don't have 
to win, you could keep playing this level until your eyes glaze over, 
but I'm sure most of you want to advance. Also, sometimes I see people 
say that, in the area with about four or five different paths, that one 
of them is shorter than the other...this is false. Although some may be 
more easier to manage than others, they are all the same length.

////////////////////////STAGE 16: SEBULBA'S LEGACY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Malastare

Difficulty: 3/5

The same as all the others...

At the first fork, take the lower right. At the next fork, take the 
right again, which is a tunnel. At the end you will find a large area, 
and the road you are on curves around it, but there is no guardrail, so 
if you fall you will go into the lower know...the place with 
the flying creature. Well, try your best to stay on the upper area, even 
if this means banging into the left wall, because the upper path is way 

Key to Win: 
You need to distance yourself from Sebulba, and this can be done by 
taking the above shortcuts and using turbo boosts at two main points: 
across the green gas field near the start, and on the second shortcut, 
after the path straightens out...which makes this shortcut even more 

///////////////////////STAGE 17: GRABVINE GATEWAY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Baroonda

Difficulty: 4/5

Similar to the last, except there is a deadly swamp section, forest 
section, and desert section. Quite varied!...and it is WILD! 

Key to Win: 
This is probably the first track that will be challenging to hardcore 
gamers, this one is very difficult due to the fact that there are some 
DISGUSTINGLY OFFENSIVE S-turns near the end, in the swamp like area, and 
once the opposition gets ahead of you there, you have precious little 
time to get back the lead. The key to getting out of the swamp area 
quickly is to first memorize it. That's right, just sit around and stare 
at the screen, memorizing the trees, the number of turns, etc...Once 
that is done, get in the real race again and practice. Going into the 
swamp at full speed, slam on the brakes before each curve. It may seem 
slow, but the AI, no matter how close to you, won't go ahead of you 
until you're near the temple entrance, so take your time (but do it 
rather quickly, of course). If you do that then you can win...unless you 
fall off the bridge with a broken floor. If you do that then taking back 
first place is close to impossible. 

//////////////////////STAGE 18: ANDOBI MOUNTAIN RUN\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Ando Prime

Difficulty: 4/5

Ando Prime is getting harder and harder with each new track!

Everything is exactly like the last Ando Prime circuit...until the end. 
Where the long canyons after the icelake is now an underground passage, 
with grated roads. After two black and yellow striped center blocks (you 
know what I mean, right?), use a turbo on the practically straight road 
to gain a big lead. Once you emerge you will be in a strangely open 
area. Head on over to the far left to find a thin cut in the ice. There 
are others, but this is the shortest and doesn't have the nasty S-
curves. Once all the passages link you will be going uphill...sometimes 
you can achieve a booster here, other times not, it seems random. 

Key to Win: 
Only die once or twice during the ENTIRE circuit. Otherwise you can't 
get first place...unless some sort of miracle happens.

///////////////////////STAGE 19: DETHRO'S REVENGE\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

Planet: Ord Ibanna

Difficulty: 4/5

I'd like to know how they keep all of this metal floating in mid-air. 


Key to Win: 
I've played video-games for a very long time, since the Atari days of 
yore. One thing I have learned is that some games or levels, no matter 
how many tips or walkthroughs you read, require utmost skill, 
concentration, reflexes, or what have you to beat, and nothing else will 
do...this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of those levels. The only advice 
I can offer is to use the brake when weaving in and out of the posts on 
the cylinder city, and at the very start, after the first straight-a-
way, to use the brakes so you don't slam into the wall. Yeah, you know 
what I mean.


/////////////////////////STAGE 20: FIRE MOUNTAIN RALLY\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Planet: Baroonda?

Difficulty - 4/5

This stage just plain sucks! Remember what it was like leaving the city 
on the last Baroonda stage? Fire Moutain Rally will send you through 
that...backwards. Yes, you heard me correctly. You get to go through 
those S curves again backwards. The key to this track is a mix of 
traction, acceleration, top speed, cooling, and repair. Learn the turns, 
and try to avoid crashing. If you do, rely on your acceleration to get 
you back to top speed. Let your cooling do it's job if you decide to tap 
your tubos in the volcano, and use the repair as much as you need to. 

//////////////////////STAGE 21: THE BOONTA EVE CLASSIC\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 

Planet: Tatooine

Difficulty - 5/5 

It's all in how you take this race. I suggest you take it serious. If 
you get too cocky through this track, it will cut you down to size, and 
you will see Sebulba laugh right by. Speaking of that Dug, don't go tot 
he right of him. He isn't afraid to use his flamejet when feeling 
threatened by the competition *grins* Ok. Where to begin. I guess the 
begining. When you start, you will recognize a lot of familiar terrain. 
That will shortly change. When the 3-way fork quickly appears, shoot 
right and into the tunnel. Careful inside it. It turns left before 
making a nasty right. Afterwards, follow the path. This is the shortest 
path. If Sebulba follows you, be careful. Don't think that braking is 
childish. It's better to slow and let 1 guy pass and survive the turn 
than to die and let the 1 and the 4 behind him as well. :) Use turbo's 
on the straitaways. When you get to Begger's Canyon, again, go right. 
It's easier. When you get to the Sarlacc, just hold back and make a 
wuick jump over it. No biggie. As you arrive the rock locations, get 
your cast iron nerves going. Make quick desicisions and watch out. After 
that, you go into a tunnel and appear...right! Tusken Territory, and 
they don't like you. When racing here, avoid the dust that kicks up from 
their engines. If you get on it, plant your finger on the R button and 
repair, as it sets your engine on fire. Stick to the right once the road 
breaks up. They hardly ever shoot there. The rest is easy. When comming 
around a turn, there will be a huge Sandcrawler, so don't freak. It will 
be moving, which means different spots everytime you come across it. The 
rest is the training course. Ta da! Don't get cocky in this track, or 
you will see why the track claims many pods. Rely on Traction, turning, 
and top speed. A good repair battery couldn't hurt, either. I won with 
Neeva Kee. After winning, you unlock Sebulba, who's pod can go top speed 
with only a 5Plug Engine. Pretty cool! Now I can sell that exspensive 
engine! :) You can also play all of the other Inventational stages. 


        I N V I T A T I O N A L     P O D R A C I N G    C I R C U I T 

//////////////////////STAGE 22: ANDRO PRIME CENTRAL\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

                         "Coming Soon"
         "I'd like to do these on my own, so don't send anything in!" 

5) Codes/Secrets 

If you get first place in all of the circuits in a single cup, you can 
open up the Invitational Podracing Circuit, which has four levels: one 
for each cup (novice, semi-pro, galactic). After ALL the stages have 
first place, you get access to the final level of the Invitational, the 
Boonta Eve Classic, which was the same level seen in the Phantom Menace. 
Or so I hear...

If you're wondering how to get the many new racers that are in the 
Podracer Section, well, listen up. By placing first in a stage, you will 
unlock a new racer, usually the one who is favored to win (which is not 
always the case). Experiment with different racers and find out which 
one suits you the best!

Like in Mario Kart, Extreme G, F-Zero X, Diddy Kong Racing and every 
other racing game on the planet, you can get a head-start if you hold 
down the accelerator just before the "1" disappears on the countdown. If 
you did it correctly you will rocket forward and your character will 


These codes are not my responsbility, they were obtained from Cheat Code 
Central. Therefore, if there are any mistakes, or they are incorrect in 
some way, complain to THEM, not ME. Thank you. 


Select tournament mode, then choose an empty name entry. Hold Z and 
enter "RRTANGENT" as a name, while pressing L to enter each letter. 
Note: Ignore the fact that only three letters may be entered for your 
initials. After entering each letter, they should appear in the lower 
left corner of the screen. Then, highlight "End" and press L followed by 
B. Select the same file, then hold Z and enter "ABACUS" as a name, while 
pressing L to enter each letter. Then, highlight "End" and press L 
followed by A. Begin a race on any tournament track. Then, pause the 
game and press Up, Left, Down, Right to access the cheat menu. All 
options on the cheat menu will now be unlocked. Jinn Reeso and Cy Yunga 
will also be unlocked. -From: [email protected]


Enable the "Unlock all cheats" code. Then while playing a game, press R 
+ Z to activate auto pilot, where you only have to control the speed of 
your pod racer. Press R + Z to disable auto pilot and retain full 
control of your pod racer. -From: [email protected] and 
[email protected]


Select tournament mode, then choose an empty name entry. Hold Z and 
enter "RRDEBUG" as a name, while pressing L to enter each letter. Note: 
Ignore the fact that only three letters may be entered for your 
initials. After entering each letter, they should appear in the lower 
left corner of the screen. Then, highlight "End" and press L followed by 
A. Begin a race on any tournament track. Then, pause the game and press 
Up, Left, Down, Right to access the cheat menu. The debug option may now 
be enabled on the cheat menu.


Select tournament mode, then choose an empty name entry. Hold Z and 
enter "RRJABBA" as a name, while pressing L to enter each letter. Note: 
Ignore the fact that only three letters may be entered for your 
initials. After entering each letter, they should appear in the lower 
left corner of the screen. Then, highlight "End" and press L followed by 
A. Begin a race on any tournament track. Then, pause the game and press 
Up, Left, Down, Right to access the cheat menu. The invincibility option
may now be enabled on the cheat menu. Note: Your pod can still be 
destroyed by falling off cliffs. -From: [email protected] and 
[email protected]


Select tournament mode, then choose an empty name entry. Hold Z and 
enter "RRTHEBEAST" as a name, while pressing L to enter each letter. 
Note: Ignore the fact that only three letters may be entered for your 
initials. After entering each letter, they should appear in the lower 
left corner of the screen. Then, highlight "End" and press L followed by 
A. Begin a race on any tournament track. Then, pause the game and press 
Up, Left, Down, Right to access the cheat menu. The mirrored tracks 
option may now be enabled on the cheat menu. -From: [email protected]


Select tournament mode, then choose an empty name entry. Hold Z and 
enter "RRJINNRE" as a name, while pressing L to enter each letter. Note: 
Ignore the fact that only three letters may be entered for your 
initials. After entering each letter, they should appear in the lower 
left corner of the screen. Then, highlight "End" and press L followed by 
A. -From: [email protected]


Note: Bullseye Navior must be unlocked by successfully completing 
certain tracks before using this code. Select tournament mode, then 
choose an empty name entry. Hold Z and enter "RRCYYUN" as a name, while 
pressing L to enter each letter. Note: Ignore the fact that only three 
letters may be entered for your initials. After entering each letter, 
they should appear in the lower left corner of the screen. Then, 
highlight "End" and press L followed by A. Select any other file with 
Bullseye Navior and he will be replaced with the bonus pilot. -From: 
[email protected]


Select tournament mode, then choose an empty name entry. Hold Z and 
enter "RRDUAL" as a name, while pressing L to enter each letter. Note: 
Ignore the fact that only three letters may be entered for your 
initials. After entering each letter, they should appear in the lower 
left corner of the screen. Then, highlight "End" and press L followed by 
A. With this option, plug controller one into port one and controller 
two into port three to play the game with two controllers. -From:
[email protected]


Select tournament mode. Then at the menu screen, highlight "Start Race", 
hold Z and press A to begin a race. Then an intermission that features 
your character and opponent taunting each other will appear. Press R(2) 
during the race for more taunts. -From: [email protected]


Just as the number one disappears, press A for a quick start.


Finish first place on the indicated track and circuit to unlock the 
corresponding racer:

RACER                   TRACK/CIRCUIT
Sebula              Boonta Classic/Galactic

Aldar Beedo         Beedo's Wild Ride/Amateur 

Ratts Tyerell       Howler Gorge/Semi-pro

Mawhonic            Andobi Mountain Run/Galactic

Slide Paramita      AP Centrum/Invitational

Clegg Holdfast      Aquilaris Classic/Amateur

Bullseye Navior     Sunken City/Semi-pro

Ark Bumpy Roose     Bumpy's Breakers/Semi-pro

Wan Sandage         Scrapper's Run/Semi-pro

Bozzie Baranta      Abyss/Invitational

Neva Kee            Baroo Coast/Semi-pro

Ben Quadinaros      Inferno/Invitational

Teemto Pagalies     Mon Gazza Speedway/Amateur

Mars Guo            Spice Mine Run/Amateur

Boles Roor          Zugga Challenge/Semi-pro

Fud Sang            Vengeance/Amateur

Toy Dampner         Executioner/Galactic

6) F.A.Q

Q: What does F.A.Q stand for? 
A: Frequently Fasked Questions, you dork. Did you get the Internet last 

Q: Do the level strategies work for the PC version? 
A: As far as I know, yes, they do. However, I am not 100% sure about the 
codes, seeing as you have a keyboard and joystick instead. 


Q: How do I erase a game slot so it says "empty"? 
A: This seems like a astupid question, but there appears to be no way to 
erase a game. To do so, press either C up or C down when the file is 
highlighted. I'm not exactly which one does it, but it IS one of those.

7) Credits

= = = = = = = = = 

Nintendo: They snagged the license.

Lucasarts/Factor 5: They developed the game itself. 

Internet Sites
= = = = = = = = = = = 

Cheat Code Central  Add Gamesages and N64cc and what do 
you have? The largest collection of cheat codes on the face of the 

= = = = = = = =

Mike : Wrote the walkthroughs for the Fire Mountain 
Rally and the Boonta Eve Classic. The only reason I took them because I 
had gotten back from my trip and I was lazy to write them. So there!

8) Legal Fluff

You may freely distribute this FAQ as long as the following terms are 
1) The version you are taking is from
2) You give me credit
3) It is shown in it's full version
4) This fine print is included
5) 	It will not be used to gain a profit by ways of selling or bartering
6) You update it as I update it. I can not be bothered to send everyone 
the newest version, it would simply take WAY too long. And besides, I'm 
too busy (i.e. lazy). 

You may put it into HTML if you wish, but the above conditions must be 
met. It can be "broken into pieces" when in HTML as long as the text 
remains untampered, unaltered, unpirated, and just plain left alone 
(except for color stuff, bold, links, or whatever, but that's not 
changing the meaning). 

This document is copyrighted (c) 1999 marshmallow  
All Rights Reserved  

9) Fin

Any typos, mistakes, mis-prints, or farm animals can be e-mailed to: 
[email protected] 

Before e-mailing me, however, make sure you are looking atthe most 
updated version, which can be found at 

                           - marshmallow - 

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