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Superhero Sakusen (a.k.a. Super Hero Operations)
Banpresto (c) 1999

6 / 11 / 99 - The first update.
Kenneth T.(GunslayrEx)
[email protected]

##Game Details##
1P roleplaying game.
Game saves require 3 blocks.
- Circle selects cction.
- X cancels action. 
- Start brings up Status Menu.

Imagine uniting Sentai and Tokusatsu heros of the 1970's with a team of 
Mobile Suits, defending the Earth as part of the Terran Defense Force. You 
now have the basic premise of Super Hero Operations. Because I don't have a 
clear understanding of what the hell I'm doing, I'll explain a few basic 
elements of the game that I have learned.

The format of the game is RPG, yet  the main perspective of the game is from 
a 3-quarters perspective. You get to roam around exploring the environment 
until random encounters take place, or you have progressed in the game to 
it's cutscenes.

In combat, the maximum number of your party and of the enemies' party is four 
members. Depending on how far you are in the game or what type of encounter 
you've come across in relation to the cutscenes will your number of heros 

In retrospect, the way things are laid out is very similiar to Xenogears, 
without having to press buttons in order to perform manuevers. A set of 
pentagons mark each menu in which you make take your course of action:
Attack - Technique - Guard - Run - Use Item

On either side of your character's portrait will be your HP(left) and 
TP(right). Technique points allow you to perform different special attacks, 
which either have anime cutscenes, or computer rendered cutscenes. For some 
of the heros, the manuevers that they perform will seem very familiar, they 
are the special moves that they performed on their respective live action 
shows of the 1970's-1980's.

##Special Technique Attacks##
Each special attack has a name(in Japanese Kanji / Karii), a cost in 
technique points, and a type of effect. Some attacks are geared to single 
targets, while others denoted with a spread icon, affect multiple targets. 
There is a blue circle which encases the portrait of the hero's portrait, 
this doesn't just serve a artistic purpose, it shows how far you've 
overcharged on your TP meter.

Overcharging your TP meter(meaning charging past your TP limit) will allow 
you to perform Special Attacks free of charge. This is noted by a orange 
level which travels the length of the blue circle. It depends on how far 
you've overcharged; then a special symbol will appear in your Technique menu 
when you select an attack. Choosing a Technique will drain the Overcharge and 
bring you back to your maximum TP level.

I wish I had more information on this game to offer but because I can't I 
don't know how to read Japanese. I can't even give you an item list, or 
details on what techniques do what. I'm hoping that some reader out there who 
does know how to read Japanese can make additions to this Review/FAQ. Plus 
help me out... I'm stuck at 8 hrs. into this game.

##Heroes that Appear##
Kikiada 01 + 02
Various Mobile Suit Gundam	
Space Sherrif Gavan
The 7 Ultramen
VR Trooper

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