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Super Robot War 64 Guide
Version 0.1
Phillip L Yee

This FAQ may be distributed freely. None of the information
in this document may be reproduced in any form with out the 
of the Author whom can be reached at [email protected]

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Super Robot War 64
Banpresto/Winky Soft
Nintendo 64
7800 Yen

Hello again you SRW nuts. Shortly after the summer release of 
the SRW Complete box, Banpresto revealed 4
New SRW games. One of which is what this guide is dedicated to, 
Super Robot War 64. The others are Linkbattler (Gameboy Color), 
Shin Masou Kishin: Panzer Tactics (PSX) and Super Robot War 
Alpha (PSX & DC). I'll talk about Linkbattler a bit later as it 
has a special relationship with SRW64.

With SRW Alpha coming out for the PSX this winter, you might be 
asking why should you even bother getting SRW64.
Well if you are asking this, then close this window and go back 
to playing sucky Final Fantasy 8 you Chicken wuss!
Now then for the rest of you, SRW64 should bring you back 
memories of playing the SRW games on the SFC/SNES
since there are no character voices or long load times. Battle 
screen backgrounds have 3D scenery plus camera angles zoom in 
and out from your units. 

Is it worth getting a N64 just to play it? To be honest, no not 
really unless you are diehard. But since there are a few good 
games for the N64 such as Zelda and Star Fox 64, you may as well 
pick one up right?

Oh yeah for those who are wondering, my new URL is


Man has achieved the ability to build space colonies in space. 
After a few decades of peaceful life, the colonies in Side 3 
calling themselves the Jion republic, rebelled against the Earth 
Federation and declared independence. This was the beginning of 
the One-Year war. Within the year Earth and Jion forces fought, 
but ended with the Earth Federation victorious. Losses for the 
Earth federation were great, reconstruction begins.

After a few years of rebuilding the destruction caused by the 
war, they came. Forces from the Mugenzoldak Empire invaded 
Earth. After fighting the previous war the Earth federation was 
taken off guard and is mostly left defenseless. Many parts of 
earth were captured quickly from the defenseless Earth forces. 
Military bases were established by the
Empire all over earth, even humans joined forces with the aliens 
to establish the new world order. 

Now only a few small group of Earth defense force members remain 
along with pockets of resistance movements all
around the globe. The Year is AC 191 the Super Robot War begins.


Just like in SRW4 and F/FF, you can choose your main character. 
You can change his or her name as well. However
Unlike the previous games, your character will have a Rival. 
They act as friends or foes (sometimes both) to your main
Character, which adds more excitement on a personal level for 
you since you can change your Rivals name too. Each
Character has a (slightly) different story.

Real Robot Pilots:
Arklight Blue: Age:17 Lost his family during a battle between 
Resistance members and Empire forces. Joins the 
                        resistance after finding and piloting 
the 'Sorudefa'.   
Erurrit Shutazen: An Elite Pilot for the Empire and Arklight's 
rival. Pilots the "Block Breaker", which looks almost      
                            Identical to Blue's "Sorudefa".

Selene Menes: Age: 17. Also lost her folks , so this motivates 
her to join the Resistance. Pilot of the "Supianheld".

Rissu Greesewel: A captain of the 'Specials' for the empire. 
Selene's rival.

Super Robot Pilots:
Blood Skywind: Age: 16. Super robot Pilot with martial art 
skills. Pilot of the "Asugein."

Katsu Forueosu: Blood's former friend and now rival. They both 
studied the same form of martial art.

Minami Hammel: Age: 16. From the prestigious Hammel family of 
Europe.  Joins the Resistance movement after
                              Witnessing the many cruelties of 
the empire. Pilots the "Suimrug"

Aisha Rijimond: Minami's rival from the Rijimond family. Joins 
the empire to hunt Aisha.


Psycho Spells:


The Link Battler Connection:

As mentioned before. You can download data from Link Battler to 
use in your SRW64 game. Here is the list of benefits
You get for having Link Battler:

Extra Units:
You'll be able to Unlock units in the game you wouldn't be able 
to get otherwise:

Zambot 3
Gundam F91 (Seabook Anno)
Vina Gina (Cecilly Fairchild)

Stat Bonus:

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