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		Super RUNABOUT - Climax Entertainment -
		FAQ v.0.2 by kyapiko

	2)Quick Review
	6)The ULTIMATE code (only for Japanese version)


First of all, I know that Super RUNABOUT was released in the US but this FAQ
was made with the Japanese version. Names and descriptions could be differents
in the US version.
This is my first FAQ written in English for a game (I'm French). My English is
not good, so, I think there is a lot of mistakes in my FAQ. I'm sorry and I
hope you will understand this FAQ without big problems.

2)Quick Review.

To be true, the first time I've played this game, I've finded it very bad : 30
fps, realistic driving, unplayable, ... But after a few times of comprehension,
I find a lot of very interesting things in the game, so, I've decided to play
seriously at it.
And I haven't been disappointed, this game is very original and long, the city
is extremly huge, it was a lot of vehicles & secrets, we can destroy a lot of
things, ...
Finaly, after that "bad-first-impression", Super RUNABOUT becomes a great game.
I know, Crazy Taxi is more speddy & more playable but, finaly, less interesting
& original than Super RUNABOUT !

GRAPHICS	15/20	Very realistic ! The city looks like a "real" city. 
Vehicles are
perfectly modelised. (Character CG is not very good, but it's not important in
this game !)

ANIMATION	11/20	The weak point of the game. 30 fps with some slowdown 
However, when you reach 250-300 km/h, it's really impressive !

SFX		10/20	Vehicles motors sounds good, but are too noisy. Voice 
haven't a
really good style (I find). Other sounds likes real.

MUSIC		16/20	Excellent !!! Impressive rock. It's perfect for a game 
like this !

GAMEPLAY	13/20	Realistic. It have good & bad aspects. Bad at the first
impression, but it's better when you begin to play for a while.

LASTING APPEAL	15/20	A lot of hidden vehicles & other things. A total of 16
very original missions.

GLOBAL		15/20


First of all, I highly recommend you to play normal or hard mode because you
can't get all emblems in easy mode. (note : this mode selection seems to be
only in the Japanese version)
There was 2 scenarios in the game :
A : The family
B : The police
Each scenario have 6 regular missions & 2 hidden ones. (this makes a total of
16 missions)

3.1)Scenario A : The Family.

Mission-1 : Get the bombs.
This first mission is pretty easy. You have to search for the 6 bombs in dust
boxes located in the city then find the terrorists van. All is clearly
indicated on the map, try to optimize your way & you will successfuly finish it
without problems.

Mission-2 : Hotdogs for VIP.
This mission is a little harder than the first one. You must bring 3 hotdogs at
the City Hall. To make 1 hotdog, you have to get 3 ingredients : 1 sausage (red
on the map), 1 letuce (green on the map) & 1 bread (yellow on the map). So, you
must get 3 sausage, 3 letuce & 3 bread then going to the City Hall.

Mission-3 : Race against F1.
In this mission, you have to follow the indicated way on the map before the
time is going out. You race against a F1 (but it is very slow, there is no
problem to overtake it). Simply follow the direction indicated on the map & you
will win the race.

Mission-4 : Drop the limousines.
What you have to do in this mission is to drop 4 limousines in the water. You
must push them in order to drop them in the water. Not too hard.

Mission-5 : Bring girls to the stadium.
There is 2 limousines with 1 girl in each one. When you broke a limousine, you
got 1 girl. You have to get the 2 girls then go to the stadium (follow the way
on the map).

Mission-6 : Save the President.
You have to reach the president inside the aircraft carrier. Use the elevator
on the edges of the carrier (push Y button to activate them). Now, search the
President (not too hard). Then, reach the surface to go to the helicopter.

Mission-S1 : Clean the streets.
There is 4 area on the city which are "infected" by "powerful drugs". Simply
run on the drugs boxes to clean an area. Pretty easy.

Mission-S2 : Take photos.
You have to take 6 photos then going to the final point (indicated on the map).
Just sit your vehicule in the same direction than the arrow on the ground then
push Y button to take a shot.

3.2)Scenario B : The Police.

Mission-1 : Stop the Cable Car.
This first mission consist to break the cable car before it reach the end of
the road. What you have to do is to crash it too get down it energy bar.

Mission-2 : Ketchup & Mustard for VIP.
This mission looks like the other scenario's one. You must get 3 mustard & 3
ketchup then go to the City Hall. You can optimize your way to lose the less
possible time.

Mission-3 : Collect the cases.
In this mission, you must bring the 6 attache cases to the indicated point on
the map but you have a rival. When you crash the rival car, you get 1 case. The
best thing to do is to go forward (don't follow the rival car), take the cases
you encounter on your way then wait the rival car at the end of the course to
crash it and get the cases.

Mission-4 : Limousines going wrecked.
In this mission, you have to wreck terrorist limousines. At each point, there
is a wrecker and a limousine in front of it. Simply crash the rear of the
limousine (not too violently) to bring it on the wrecker. This mission is not
very easy because if a limousine is too violently crashed, it get off from it
axe then it's very difficult to bring it to the wrecker.

Mission-5 : Broke fake ambulances.
This mission consist on breaking fake ambulances. Just follow the indicated way
on the map then crash it. After the second ambulance, there is 2 ambulances at
each point : one is running and the other one is parked. I suggest you to broke
the running one because the way becomes different and easier like this.

Mission-6 : Escape from Alcatraz.
First, you must find the police chief (he is inside the prison), then you have
to destroy missiles. Simply follow the points on the map, it's not too hard.
After destroying the missiles, you must go inside the boat were you came from.

Mission-S1 : Bring baseball players to stadium.
Like CRAZY TAXI, you have to take all the baseball players from the city (push
Y button to get them) then bring them to the stadium.

Mission-S2 : Follow the Waldman
Simply follow the waldman (stay far because it shot you). When there is 4
limousines, follow the one which is going to the docks. When he is parked, you
must crash it.


There are a lot of vehicles in this game ! Each one have it own characteristics
& playability. A lot of them are hidden. There is a total of 32 vehicles (16 in
each scenario).

4.1)Scenario A Vehicles.

Max Speed : 238 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 180 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 160 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 90 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 200 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 95 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 230 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 160 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 270 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 305 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 230 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 200 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 95 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 75 km/h
Action Button : Shoot

Max Speed : 130 km/h
Action Button : Activate brushes

Max Speed : 45 km/h
Action Button : Jump

4.2)Scenario B Vehicles.

Max Speed : 200 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 205 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 220 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 230 km/h
Action Button : Activate girofar

Max Speed : 295 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 185 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 295 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 150 km/h
Action Button : Activate girofar

Max Speed : 100 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 217 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 160 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : ? (~300 km/h)
Action Button : Turbo boost

Max Speed : 200 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 95 km/h
Action Button : nothing

Max Speed : 75 km/h
Action Button : Shoot

Max Speed : 160 km/h
Action Button : nothing


The emblems are the "hidden things" of the game. It can be hidden vehicles,
hidden scenarios or VMS games.
You can get emblems simply when you finish a mission but half of it are hidden
(search for secret places in the city). There is a total of 30 emblems (15 for
the scenario A & 15 for the scenario B).

5.1)Scenario A Emblems.

Emblem 01 : F500 Get
Emblem 02 : RAM Get
Emblem 03 : Mission AS-1
Emblem 04 : P405 Get
Emblem 05 : TYR Get
Emblem 06 : NSR Get
Emblem 07 : Mission AS-2
Emblem 08 : HAM Get
Emblem 09 : TANK-A Get
Emblem 10 : RSP Get
Emblem 11 : BUS-A Get
Emblem 12 : F891 Get
Emblem 13 : SGX-11 Get
Emblem 14 : PIGGIE Get
Emblem 15 : Climax Editors (VMS game)

5.2)Scenario B Emblems.

Emblem-16 : 4WB Get
Emblem-17 : CHV Get
Emblem-18 : Mission BS-1
Emblem-19 : 345GT & RAM-B Get
Emblem-20 : LIM Get
Emblem-21 : Mission BS-2
Emblem-22 : AMB Get
Emblem-23 : HAM-B Get
Emblem-24 : COMBOI Get
Emblem-25 : TAC Get
Emblem-26 : BUS-B Get
Emblem-27 : TANK-B
Emblem-28 : BIM Get
Emblem-29 : RUNABOUT (VMS Game)
Emblem-30 : Super View

6)The ULTIMATE code.

Simply enter ELVIS!!! as your name then enjoy !!!
(Sorry, this code seems to not work on the US version, I will include it if I
find a code for the US release)

Special thanks to :

SEGA for their fantastic hardware !!!
CLIMAX to have made a so great game !!!
THE SURF COASTERS who have made the impressive soundtrack !!!
ADK who have show to me the good aspects of the game.
I DON'T REMEMBER THE SITE TITLE were I have finded the ULTIMATE code.

You can contact me at [email protected]

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