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  BBB	BBBB        EEE RRR     SSSSSS  SS  EEE RRR     KK     KK  
 BBB     BBBB       EEE RRR      SSS     S  EEE RRR           KK
BBB       BBBB      EE  RRR  RR  SSS        EE  RRR  RR      KK
           BBBB    EEE   RRR R   SSSS      EEE   RRR R      KK
            BBBB   EE    RRRR     SSSSSSSS EE    RRRR     KKK
                              Y Y
                          Y    Y    Y
                           Y   Y   Y
                            Y  Y  Y
                             Y Y Y
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                           Y   Y   Y
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                             Y Y Y

BERSERK for Dreamcast 
version 2.0
by Red_Bejelit ([email protected])(icq:62505623)

Author note:This is my first patient with me....and excuse my 
english...i' m italian.....
All characters are copyright of Kentaro Miura and Ascii
Dreamcast is copyright of SEGA
This guide is copyright of Red_bejelit (Evaristo Pala)
I will gratefully accept every comment and suggestion.
If you need help, feel free to mail me, i will reply you, or via mail, or in a 
new release of the faq
Thank you. 
1-What's New
3-Cast Of Characters
	Chapter 1
	Chapter 2
	Chapter 3
	Chapter 4
	Chapter 5
	Chapter 6
	Chapter 7
	Chapter 8
7-Prize Box
8-Mini Game
9-Battle Arena
10-Stage Select
11-No Limit Mode
13-More to come
Version 1.0 
First release of the Faq

Version 1.1
Added What's new section, Mini game, Battle arena, Stage select, No limit mode.

Version 2.0
Added Ascii art, Cast of Characters, Controls, Gallery

Version 2.1
Added a strategy for chapter 7,little story of the manga, some minor corrections 


Welcome to the Berserk boss guide for the dreamcast
The game is an action/adventure with a cool 3d graphic, based on the popoular 
japanese manga "berserk" by Kentaro Miura
You play as Gatsu, the main character in  the manga too, "the Black Swordman" 
and in the game you have to go throught 13 "chapters" with 6 main bosses.
You will know that you are fighting a boss by an energy bar on the lower side of 
the screen.

The names of the charachters in the game are from the italian edition of the manga, so, please , don't 
send me mail tellin' me that Gatsu is called Guts or Pak Puck....i simply follow the 
litteraly translitteration of the Katakana..
Kentaro Miura himself, in a interview, Says that Gatsu is the correct translitteration...sayin that 
the name resemles the deutch for cats, Catze....

The game is damn hard, if you play at the higher level...but if you want to free 
all the option in the prize 
box, you have to finish the game in all levels of difficulty. 
|Story of the manga|

I don' t know if in your country the manga "Berserk" is translated, so i will explain you some things
about the story of Gatsu.

The manga starts with a scene that resemble the movie Conan, where Gatsu is "makin' love" with
a woman that suddently changes into a demon, theat he suddently kills.
Note: Gatsu is already blind fo an eye and without an arm, with the mark on his neck.
He arrives in a city where in an inn he meets Pak, that was tortured by some bandits.
He saves him, and in the process he cuts in half an enemy. ( first apparence of the dragonslayer)
After that, he fights a demon that could take the aspect of a snake man, and we see the rage of 
the berserk towards the demons.
We then know that his mark reacts to evil, blleding and hurting.
The first apparence of the bejelit is in a city dominated by a count, that in reality is a demon-slug
After the battle, the bejelit is activated by the desire of the count to survive, and we know that
Gatsu is after them, Grifis in particular.
After thi number, the manga suddently goes back before Gatsu birth, and we know that he was "adopted" by 
the wife of a mercenary (note: Gatsu was born from an hanged dead woman).
He begin to learn to fight under Gambino, his "father" but he must use a oversized sword, as there aren' t 
a sword of the size of a boy.
After a twist of events, he kills Gambino, and escapes from the mercenaries, only for joinin' after a while 
the white Hawk squadron leaded by Grifis, still human.
The White Hawk squadron is able to defeat the best group of the enemis, and they win the war.
After that, Gatsu leaves the squadron, leavin'grifis in shock.
Grifis , tryin' to forget Gatsu, makes love with the princess, the king is informed of it and make 
incarcerate Grifis.
After some time, Gatsu is reunited with the white hawk squadron, and the go for the resque of Grifis.
they were able to free him, but he is devastated....his tendrils cutted, with his tongue too.
So, he tries to commit suicide, but he is only able to evocate the god hand, that offers him power and 
immortality in excange of a sacrifice: the White HAwk squadron.
He accepts, and the marks are impressed on every compomnent of the white squadron.
The Slaughter begin...Gatsu managed to not be killed, only to see Caska in the hand of tyhe new Grifis,
Grifis begins to rape Caska, so Gatsu run as mad tryin to save her, but his arm is blocked by a demon..
as his sword has no effect on the monster, he cuts his arm, but is blocked on the ground by another demon,
that puts a nail in his eye.
After Pempth has done with Caska, the Skull Knight comes to the rescue.
They refuge at Godor House, a Blacksmith, that eventually forges the Dragonslayer and his mechanical arms.

GATSU, the black Swordman: Main character, in the game and in the manga.
He lost his left arm and his right eye fighting the five of the "god-hand".
A mercenary, he fights since he was a kid, and milited a long time in the Hawk 
squadron, a mercenary squad leaded by the white Hawk, Grifis.
He wields a six-feet sword, the "dragon slayer" given to him by Godor, a master 

CASKA: Once Gatsu fiancee (she was the only woman in the Hawk Squadron), she 
lost her mind after bein' raped by one of the god-hand, Phempt, the late Grifis, 
during the eclipse in which Gatsu loses his arm and eye.

PAK:A little elf that follow Gatsu since he saved him from death in the first 
volume of the manga.
An humorous character, helps Gatsu with elves powder, a powder with healing 

RITA: An young acrobat, that travel city to city with Yobu, the first chapter 
Later , she joins Gatsu in Caska's rescue.

BALZAK: A rich man that studies mandrake's propriety in order to heal his 
daughter, that is in the same condition as Caska.

ERIKA: A misterious nun, livin' in a town where all the townspeople are 
afflicted by the mandrake disease.

ZODDO THE IMMORTAL: A servant of the God-hand. Gatsu first contact with the god-
Loses his left horn fighting Phempt.

THE SKULL KNIGHT: A misterious knight, wearing a skeleton armour, seems 
immortal, and fight the God-hand like Gatsu.

THE BEJELIT: An artifact that could summon the God-hand, granting the wielder 
the power to mutate in a demonic being after sacrifice of loved one.
The mark that bleed on Gatsu neck is the mark of sacrifice he gets in the 
eclipse when Grifis mutates in Phempt. The mark reacts to evil.
Caska too has the mark on her chest.(note when she meet Zoddo, she holds her 
Thumb-pad   ---> Moves Gatsu
L Trigger   ---> Sheat/unsheat Sword
X Button    ---> Jump
Y Button    ---> Block
Y+Direction ---> Strife
Direction+Y ---> Slide
R Trigger+A ---> Trow Knives
R Trigger+B ---> Trow Bombs
R Trigger+X ---> Elves Powder
R Trigger+Y ---> Arm Cannon
A button+B  ---> Whirlwind Attack (note -- Drains some health from your life 
A Button    ---> Punch
B Button    ---> Bowgun
Direction+A ---> Shoulder Attack
A Button    ---> Overhead Attack (cuold be used after a jump for an extra 
Holding A   ---> Charge a Double Attack
B Button    ---> Side Slash

You will note a little bar under your life gauge, that gradually fills.
That is the Berserk Bar.
When it' s full, the screen will become reddish, you eyes will blink red, and 
your life gauge will be replaced by the berserk gauge, that will deplete slowly.
In Berserk condition, you will stop lose health, and your attack will be more 
Every damage you take, will deplete you berserk gauge, and when it ends, you' ll 
return normal. 
So, the less you will be hit, more you will stay berserk.
Note ---> The whirlwind attack will take off life from your life bar, even if 
you are in berserk mode.

The first thing to do, is to know your weapon, if you want to go throught the 
game easily.
Your main weapon is the "Dragon Slayer" the six-foot sword you always carry with 
Remember: the size of the sword limit your actions! if you are in a thight 
place, you won' t be able to use the side slash.

The second weapon is your arm cannon.
It fires a large blast of fire, that kills almost every enemy in front of you. 
Note that the shoot will cause you  to slide back and you will damage the enemy 
on your back.

Then you have an explosive bomb, that sticks to the enemy, then explodes.

You have also trowing  knives, the only secondary weapon that is unlimited.

Not proprely a weapon, you could use the elves powder, that allow you to recover 
full strenght.

When you are unarmed, pressing the secondary attack button makes Gatsu shoot a 
lot of arrows, with an auto-aim function.

note: i won' t follow the division in chapter that uses the game.....for me a 
chapter ends after you defeat a Boss.

Chapter 1
1 STAGE:Hijack!
To clear the stage kill 20 thieves.

First boss: YOBU
The first Boss is quite easy...just remember to run away from him, when he pull 
up his tight arm...if he catches you, he will smash you on the ground for heavy 

Chapter 2 
1 STAGE:Castle Dungeon
You have to kill 20 mutants

2 STAGE:Night Streets
Follow the dog to the exit.To clear the last part you have to kill 20 enemies

Chapter 3
1 STAGE:Cemetary
You have to kill 25 skeletons and ghosts for the bridge to come down.

2 STAGE:Inversed Tower
Run down the stairs, and then kill 16 skeletons

3 STAGE:Forest
Run in the forest until you arrive in front of a stone you have to 
press the Y button when it requires it. Doin' so, will lead you to another zone.
Fight your way to a bridge then press B when it requires to do so.
You will find you attacked by the first level thieves.
Kill 25 of them.
In a valley, you must confront some strange enemies,kill 16 and you will clear 
the stage.

Chapter 4
1 STAGE:Mandrake town
You will be in a town full of must defeat 36 of them for 
clear the stage.

2 STAGE:Church Dungeon
Fight your way to a wooden bridge, press X when requested.

The first part of the fight requires you to press the following sequence of 
buttons...X, then Y and for last A.
Then first dispose of the two mouths , then when he opens the flower, hit him 
Beware of the schrieks! They won't hit you "physically" but you will lose some 

Chapter 5
Maybe the harder boos of the game!
He will attack you with a stab of his horn, then smash you on the ground.
He then will catch you with an hand, an smash you another time on the ground. 
He has also a tail attack.
Defeatin' him requires a lot of tactics, and a bit of luck.
You have to hit him with a jumping slash, then run away from him, wait his 
attack, attack him with another jumping slash and so on..

Note: try to stay on his left...where he has no horn...this will prevent him to 
catch you with his horn attack....

Chapter 6
1 STAGE:Night Streets Revisited 
After defeating Zoddo, you will find you in the town, but this time you have to 
confront  mandrake-mutants.

2 STAGE:Outside Castle 
You are in the castle' s garden, and if you' re able to kill 33 enemies in a 
short time, you grant Gatsu access to the main zone of the castle.

3 STAGE:Inside Castle 
You are now inside the castle, where you will be attacked by some Y, then kill them as you want.

4 STAGE:Anti-Chamber 
In this corridor, you have to kill first the "lacchè" of Balzack, then kill the 
other enemies.

He is Quick! the only tactics here is to hit him hard and quick....remember to 
stay always with your back against a , when he tries to attack you 
with the dual blast, he will not harm you, as he will hit the wall beside you.

Chapter 7
1 STAGE:Run for your life! 
Do you remember Crash Bandicoot? then you will know how to pass thi stage.
You have to run, as quick as you can, jumping over obstacles and plants, before 
the big tentacles grasp you.(i will put a map of the corridor in a later release 
of the Faq)

I' ve received a lot of e-mail sayin' that they cuold not pass after this stage....
You know, it is a very hard cookie.
On the higher leves ,just one little mistake could send you to death.
My suggestion are: the first part of the runnin' corridor is not very difficult, as there aren't 
plants that slow you, just be sure not to lose time after the fmv.
on very hard, an esitation means death.
Try to memorize the pattern of the corridors, and try to make a smooth run,
no hard turns , or jumps over the rocks.
Remember!: jumpin' slow you!
The third part of the corridor seems impossible the first time....
Here's a cheat: if you have an arm cannon shoot, position yourself in front of the 
first rock you need to jump, a little turned towards right, then shoot.
You will destroy some rocks, that will grant you a qiucker start.

This big baby could seem hard, but when you know as he moves, you could dispose 
of him in no time....Beware of the schrieck, as it will damage you. then, when 
he pull up his arms, slide away from him, then hit him in the face with your 
jumping slash.
When you are able to take away from him about half of his energy, he will change 
pattern of attack, using his leaf to grasp you, and shooting some mandrake to 

Chapter 8

You find you in a alternative reality zone, where you will confront Daemon-
He is tough, if you don't know his blind point.....put you between the principal 
head and a secondary one, and hit as a possessed!
He will not be able to hit you with his powerful attack... Then, when you have 
almost killed him, 
hit his principal head.

YOU HAVE ENDED THE GAME! Enjoy the final Fmv.

Ending the game at the VERY EASY level will grant you the mini-game of Pak.

Ending the game at EASY level will grant you Battle arena.

Ending the game at NORMAL , will free some photos

Ending the game at HARD , will free the VERY HARD level, the no limit mode and 
the stage select.

As far i could tell, ending the game in very hard mode won't free anything.
Beating the game at very easy level, will release the mini game.
In the mini game you play as Pak, the little elf, tryin' to defend Gatsu's bag 
from an attack by little Mandrakes. (note the cryin' Bejelit on the lower right 
corner of the bag. Ilarious!)
The Thumb-pad moves Pak, the A button makes him attack. if you are able to 
resist two minutes before the lower bar fills, you win.

After you are able to finish the game at easy level, in the prize box a group of 
question marks change into Battle Arena.
Selecting it, you can select between 9 stages, that i will explain later.
In Battle Arena, you have a time limit....
You will be granted of 2 arm cannon shot, 3 elves powder, 9 smoke bombs.

1 Arena: YOBU. The First stage boss...use the same tactic you used to beat him 
in the game, remember to use the arm cannon to accelerate the action.
Time: 2:00 min
hi score: 20000 pts

2 Arena: MANDRAKE-DEMON . The second boss....same as 1 Arena.
Time: 2:30 min
hi score: 20000 pts

3 Arena: ZODDO. Here you must change your tactic....if you have use a defensive 
tactic in the game, here you must attack, attack, attack, or you won't be able 
to deal the massive amount of damage you need to beat around him, 
attack him on the back, when he turns towards you, jump, slash, and run. 
Remember!!! Run always counter-clockwise to stay always at Zoddo's left  (your 
Time: 3:30 min
hi score: 20000 pts

4 Arena: MANDRAKE-BALZAK. Same tecnique you used in the game....just try to 
attack as soon as possible..
Time: 3:00 min
hi score: 20000 pts

5 Arena: MANDRAKE. If possible, the harder battle in the arena...not 'cause you 
cuold be killed, but for the time limit.
In the first half of the battle (until he change pattern of attack) attack the 
same way in the game (block when he skriecks, run away from his punch using the 
Y slide attack when he pull up his arm) but also trow knives at his face when he 
punches the ground.
When he changes pattern of attack, put Gatsu in front of Mandrake and shot your 
arm cannon twice.
if you are able to hit him perfectly two times, you will kill him. 
If not, continue using the game tecnique.
It will not take much time....
Time: 3:30 min
Hi Score: 20000 pts

6 Arena: DAEMON-BALZAK. If you managed to kill Daemon-balzak in the game, you 
already know that 2 minutes are enough to defeat him.
Put yourself another time between two heads and hit!
Time: 4:30 min
Hi Score: 20000 pts

7 Arena: TEAM ATTACK [A]. You find yourself in the first stage (the one where 
you fight the thieves) and you have to kill a group of Thieves in 2 minutes. The 
number of enemies varies depending the level of difficulty you select.
Time: 2:00 min
Hi Score: 20000 pts

8 Arena: TEAM ATTACK [B]. The Mandrake town, where you have to defeat a number 
of mandrake-mutants in 2 minutes. Same as 7 Arena
Time: 2:00 min
Hi Score: 20000 pts

9 Arena: TEAM ATTACK [C]. You are in the square where you find Yobu, and tou 
have to beat a number of Balzak's guards in two minutes. Same as 7 Arena.
Time: 2:00 min
Hi Score: 20000 pts

When you release this option, you can select which chapter of the game you want 
to play. No more, No less.
Turning on the no limit mode, you have infinite Arm cannon shots, elves powder, 
and smoke bomb.
Remember, you could end each level of the game and be awarded with the prize.
Only the very hard mode will not give you anything if you beat the game in no 
limit mode.

Here I will describe the 12 images of the Prize Box Gallery.

1  - Gatsu
2  - Caska
3  - Pak
4  - Skull Knight
5  - Rita
6  - Nun Erika
7  - Balzak
8  - Anashito ???
9  - Yobu 
10 - Zoddo
11 - Dantes
12 - The Bejelit 

Little story of the manga,
difference from the japanese and american version..(as soon as i could get the gd-rom..)
Dedico questa mia prima faq alla mia ragazza...Edelweiss.


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