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 System: Sony PlayStation
 Developer/Publisher: Bandai (1998)

 FAQ by Kelvin Koh

1. Introduction
2. Story & Characters
3. How to Play
4. Items
5. Menu Translation
6. General Tips
7. World Map
8. Walkthrough


   Tail Concerto is a 3D action/adventure game by Bandai which
features many cool anime characters by Nobuteru Yuuki, a fantastic
story-line, plenty of stunning anime scenes  and awesome voice-acting
by famous seiyuu. I am not really into action-type games, but the anime
aspect of Tail Concerto made me pick it up, and up till now, I never
regretted it. ^_^

   The game itself is not very complicated as most of the towns &
'dungeons' are actually very small & simple in design. In fact, you
may probably take about 5 hours to finish this rather short game.
(I now wish it was longer.)

   However, the game's major flaw has to be its view-point. The camera
that follows your character tends to lag behind when you move, and it
sometimes cannot catch up with you. This gets very frustrating when
you cannot see what you want to, especially when fighting bosses. The
most annoying of all is the fact that it is extremely difficult to
gauge where you will land whenever you initiate a jump, and you will
find yourself having to retry many times before you actually succeed.

   However, if you can overcome this drawback, you will find the game
very fun, enjoyable & entertaining. Anime and 3D action fans would love
this game!


   This section briefly sets the stage for the game, and has some very
short descriptions for some key characters.

~~~ STORY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The story of Tail Concerto takes place in the kingdom of Prerir.
Prerir is made up of many floating islands in the sky, with the sea
below. The people here makes use of air ships & balloons as means of
transport. On the islands themselves, cars are used for travelling.
   However, it is said that there used to be land below, but all that
has be destroyed by ravaging monsters.
   The most interesting thing about Prerir has to be its population,
which consists of 50,000 dogs and only 2,000 cats.
   Well, basically, they live in peace & harmony.

~~~ Waffle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The main character of the game. He is very cheerful & friendly.

~~~ Russell ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   Waffle's Grandfather. He is an archaeologist. Waffle's parents
passed away when he was young, so he was responsible for his
   Russell is also an expert researcher on the TetsuKyoShin.

~~~ Alicia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The oldest of the Priss sisters, and leader of the Black Cats. She
thinks that all dogs hate cats, and wants to build the cats a world of
their own.
   Some say that she has known Waffle since childhood.

~~~ Stea ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The second oldest sister is very calm, cold, and does not express
her inner feelings.

~~~ Flare ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The youngest of the Priss sisters. She is active, cheerful, and
quite childish. She thinks that life's a game.

~~~ Fooru ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The mastermind and sponsor for the Black Cats. He wants them to
collect five Crystals for his evil plan, which is to resurrect an
ancient beast that can give him unlimited power.

~~~ Princess Teria ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The princess of Prerir is quite adventurous, and loves sneaking out
of the castle.

~~~ The Butler ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The royal butler is very faithful, and always accompanies the
princess wherever she goes.

~~~ Hound the Third ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The king of Prerir is a very fierce & stern person. He can handle
just about anything. Well, except for his daughter.

~~~ Shean ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   The leader of the Royal Knights of Prerir does not live up to his
name. He is an arrogant person who talks a lot, but always lands
himself in all sorts of trouble.

~~~ Panta ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   A young trainee policeman, who is in charge of radio communications.

~~~ The Police Chief ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   He is the guy who tells you want to do through your radio. Very firm
& strict.


--- CONTROLLING THE POLICE-ROBO -------------------------------------

 [D-PAD] - Moves character in specified direction

 [SQUARE BUTTON] - Fire Capture Bubbles (hold to see path of bubble)
 [X BUTTON] - Jump (tap repeatedly to hover)
 [CIRCLE BUTTON] - Action Button (Talk, Search, Capture, Pick Up/Throw)

 [L1/L2] - Raise/Lower viewpoint
 [R1] - Move in the direction you are facing
 [R2] - Move backwards

--- CONTROLS WITH JETS EQUIPPED --------------------------------------

   When you have the thrusters equipped on AIR LEAF, jump and continue
to hold the X BUTTON. After a short delay, the engines will start, and
you will continue to fly, but in the forward direction only.
   At this point, press:

 [UP] to descent (move down).
 [DOWN] to ascend (move up).
 [LEFT/RIGHT] to steer.

   If you wish to land safely, let go of the X BUTTON, and as you fall,
tap the X BUTTON periodically to slow down your descent, so that you
don't go crashing against the ground, and taking damage.

--- HOW TO ATTACK ---------------------------------------------------

   In this game, you will spend most of your time capturing little
kitties in just about every area. To capture a kitty, you will first
have to fire your Capture Bubble (press SQUARE). Once you managed to
trap a kitty in your bubble, it can no longer move, and you can now
capture the kitty by pressing the CIRCLE BUTTON, and your Police Robo
will pick him up, and store him inside its backpack. (Note that the
kitty can break free from the Bubble if you take too long to catch
  Note that it is also possible to capture a kitty without using your
Capture Bubble. Simply go up to the kitty, and press the CIRCLE BUTTON.

  Sometimes, the kitties will confront you in all kinds of machines
(such as planes & tanks). Fire your Capture Bubble at these contraptions, 
as it causes damage, too, and once the vehicles are destroyed, the kitties
will be tossed out, and you can now capture them as for normal.

  In some instances, you will find all kinds of things being launched at
you, such as bombs, missiles, or even rocks. If you can pick them up
from the ground (use the Action Button) before they blow up, you can
throw them back at your enemies for major damage (press Action Button
   This is the general strategy used when facing bosses, as they
usually fire an assortment of bombs & missiles at you. And besides,
throwing a bomb at a boss does a lot more damage than merely firing
your bubbles alone. (If you feel lucky, you may even want to catch a
missile or bomb out of the air, and toss it back at the boss.)


   These items can be found everywhere in the world of PRERIR.
   Press the Action Button to pick them up, then press it a second time
to use them.

 [BONE] - recovers 30% of total health.
 [CANNED DOGFOOD] - recovers 50% of total health.
 [FIRST AID KIT] - recovers 100% of total health.

 [WHISTLE] - These act as the number of lives you have. Everytime you
run out of health, your Police Robo will break down, and Waffle will
use the Whistle to summon Panta to come repair it. You will then
continue from the beginning of the room you are currently in.

 [ITEM BOX] - These red boxes with stars printed all over them contain
puzzle pieces which can be pieced together to form one complete
picture. If you can find all the pieces for one picture, you can view
the picture in Waffle's house at PORTO. There are several pictures that
you can view if you can manage to find all the missing pieces.
   These boxes are mostly hidden in the world of PRERIR, so happy
hunting! ^_^



 [CONTINUE] - Load your previous save game data


 Call this menu up by pausing the game (press START).

 [CONTINUE THE GAME] - Exits the Pause Menu.
 [SCREEN ADJUST] - Adjust the screen.
 [VIBRATION ON/OFF] - Turns the vibration on/off if you are using a
                        Dual Shock controller.
 [RESET] - Resets the game ; you will go back to the title screen.

 [PLAY TIME] - Shows how long you've been playing the game.
 [WHISTLES] - Shows the number of Whistles you have left.


 Your Ship is always found parked at the entrance of any island that
you visit. You can call up this menu by going to your ship and pressing
the Action Button.

 [EXIT MENU] - Exit the menu.
 [CONTACT HQ (SAVE)] - Saves your game.
 [HOP ABOARD] - Go to the Map Screen when you want to other


   Waffle's house is located in the village of PORTO. If you enter his
room, and walk towards some furniture, you can actually 'use' some of
them if you press the Action Button.
   Here is what they do:

 [TELEPHONE] - Saves the game.
 [PHONOGRAPH] - Adjust music volume.
 [ALBUM] - Look at the picture pieces you have collected.
           You can view a picture in full only when you have
           found all the pieces for it.
 [POLICE ROBO] - Go to the Garage, and search your Police Robo.
                 You can customize the control configurations here.
 [BED] - View all the anime scenes in the game.
         (Only available when you finish the game. See Walkthrough.)


   1. Although I may not mention it in my walkthrough, it is very
 important to talk to everyone that you meet, as it may trigger off
 certain key events (such as allowing access to a new location). 
 This specially applies to PORTO village. You should talk to all the
 people there, as they say something different, and provide new 
 information every time you return after a stage or event.

   2. Search the areas carefully for any kitties you may leave out. Some
 may be hidden in cupboards, boxes, etc. You can only be sure that you have
 nabbed all the kitties in a room or area when you hear a sound after
 capturing the last one.

   3. Search all houses, and smash all the furniture. You may find some
 health items, or boxes containing picture pieces for you Photo Album.
   Sometimes, you may even come across a stray kitty that yields a
 special item if you capture it. After this, you will have to find the
 owner of the item, and return it to him/her. (This is totally optional,
 and you can choose to ignore searching for the owner.)

   4. Above all, save as often as you can! Always save your game at
 your Ship at the start of the area just in case.


    The following is the map of the world of PRERIR. You may want to
refer to it for the locations of places as you read the walkthrough.
    Note that I did not include the locations of some areas that only
appear temporarily for certain missions only.

                          |          |
                          | COOLLANT |                       
   ________               |__________|           ___________
  |        |                                    |           |
  | GRIMTO |                                    | EGG STONE |
  |________|                                    |___________|
                               _____________          |          |
                              |             |         | AIR LEAF |
    _________                 | CAPITAL OF  |         |__________|  
   |         |                |   PRERIR    |
   | FERSEN  |                |_____________|

                     _________                  __________
                    |         |                |          |
                    |  PORTO  |                |  RESAGA  |
                    |_________|                |__________|       


   This is a very brief walkthrough of the entire game, and it only
deals with what you have to do to get pass each area. I tried to 
include as little of the story as possible. Enjoy! ^_^

 {Note: I am writing this walkthrough a week after I finished the
game, so this is all based on my memory! Some portions may be very
short or unclear.  Please e-mail me if you find any serious mistakes,
and I'd be happy to fix them!}

-----1.RESAGA -------------------------------------------------------


   After the introduction, Waffle will arrive in RESAGA. Here, you
will have to capture all the cats in the warehouses. After that, you
will be allowed to enter the CENTRAL AREA through the huge gates.

   In the CENTRAL AREA, you will again have to clear the area of all
cats. You will find a COAL BAG once all the cats have been
captured. Take this to the building with the sign ENGINE displayed
next to its door, and enter it. Talk to the person there, and you will
hand over the COAL BAG. The elevator will now be activated, and
you can use it to reach the SKY RUINS.

   Outside the SKY RUINS, Panta will appear. You can save your game
with him before you enter the SKY RUINS to face the Boss.

   After defeating the boss, you will receive the first Crsytal and you
are now allowed to enter the STREETS OF RESAGA. Talk to the people
here, and explore the houses. You will learn about the town of FERSEN
and AIR LEAF, which will both be accessible to you on the world map
when you leave RESAGA.

-----2.AIRKEONESS ----------------------------------------------------

   From RESAGA, go back to PORTO village (your hometown). If you try to
use your Ship to leave (go to your Ship and press the Action Button),
the Chief will radio you. He will tell you that the Black Cats have
hijacked the plane AIRKEONESS, and wants you to go take care of things.

   Hop aboard your Ship, and you will see a new location (AIRKEONESS)
on the Map Screen. Go there for your next mission.

   On reaching the top of the plane, you will have to find the
entrance, which will be located at the rear.

   Once you are in, go about capturing all the cats. You will also have
To search the rooms & furniture for some cats in both wings of the
plane. Once all have been captured, you will find a TOOLBOX. Take this
to the Mechanic downstairs (use the ladders), and talk to him. He will
then repair the damaged engines, and the doorway full of smoke will now
be cleared. You can now use that doorway to enter the control room, and
round up the remaining kitties.

   After the mission is over, you may return to PORTO.

   (Note that after this, it is possible to go to FERSEN first before
you go to AIR LEAF, so you may change the order of visiting these
places if you like.)

-----3.AIR LEAF ------------------------------------------------------

   Go to AIR LEAF, and on entering, a person will attach some thrusters
to your Police Robo. He will tell you that someone is stranded on one
of the floating islands on AIR LEAF, and wants you to go rescue him.

   Your mission here will be to reach the island marked by the word TARGET.
Use the thrusters and hop from platform to platform until you
get to your destination. Should you get lost, you can always refer to
your starting point, also marked by the word START. (You may also pick
up some items along the way.)

   Once you reach your destination, you will learn that the stranded
Person is actually Russell (Waffle's Grandfather). He will tell Waffle
about the TETSUKYOSHIN (Iron Giant), and take him to EGG STONE, an
island to the North of AIR LEAF.

   After the event is over, you can leave. You may now go to FERSEN.

   Note: The thrusters will only be equipped whenever you come to AIR LEAF.
You can't leave with it, and use it for the other stages.

-----4.FERSEN --------------------------------------------------------

   After the brief anime scene, Waffle will arrive in FERSEN. He will
be approached by Princess Teria's Butler, who will tell you that she
has been kidnapped by the Black Cats. Your mission is to now rescue

   Go to the Mines (the entrance is at the bottom of the town). You
will soon come to a place with a huge map. This is the map of the
Mines, which consists of 9 different platforms, linked by rails. Using
the maps found at each platform, your aim here is to use the Mine Carts
to go to all the 9 platforms, and capture all the cats that you find.
Note that you can pick up some items on the sides of the track by using
the Action Button as you ride the Mine Cart.
  (There is a break in the rails between platforms 9 and 1, so you can't
travel to 8 and 9 yet.)

   After the first Mine area has been cleared of cats, you can go to
platform 7, and enter the gates there. You will find yourself at the
top of the town. Cross the bridge, and enter the second Mine area.

   Here, you will find platforms 8 and 9. Capture the remaining kitties
and you will obtain the second Crystal.

   Go back to the bridge at the top of the town (the one that you used
earlier). From here, adjust your view until you can see the Black Cat's
blimp, and behind it, you will be able to see a ladder and a brown
door(with a wall between them). Try to make your way to that door by
going to the right, and jumping from roof to roof until you get to the
ladder. While you are on the ladder, jump over the wall, and you would
have reached the door.

   Once you are in, the Black Cats will offer to release the Princess
in exchange for the two Crystals. After you hand over the Crystals, you
will face a Boss.

   After defeating the boss, you will recover both Crystals.
   Princess Teria will then invite you to the capital of PRERIR for
rescuing her. After the event is over, you can go back to PORTO.

-----5.GRIMTO -------------------------------------------------------

   When you are back at PORTO and try to leave using your Ship again,
the Butler will radio you. It seems that Princess Teria has discovered
the whereabouts of the Black Cats, and would like to got to GRIMTO

   First, enter the forest to the right. Capture all the kitties, and
you will receive the third Crystal. Be careful of the giant heads ;
they cannot be destroyed. You can also save your game here with Panta
who is hiding in the swamp.

   After obtaining the third Crystal, go back outside to meet the
Butler. He will say that the Princess has gone missing. Now, go over
to the left where there is a gate. You can't open it, but Shean will
appear to help you out (and lands himself in trouble ^_^).

 Proceed through the gate, and shortly, you will see a conversation
between Princess Teria and Alicia before you fight the Boss.

   After you defeat the Boss, Flare will fail to escape with her the
other Black Cats. After capturing her and imprisoning her in the Capital
(with Shean taking all the credit), a very touching event will

    When it is all over, you will be back at PORTO.

-----6.JUNK FACTORY --------------------------------------------------

   Try to use your Ship to leave, and the Chief will inform you of the
Black Cats' JUNK FACTORY. It is here where they manufactured all their
machines & mecha, so you'll have to go and check it out.

   Ride your Ship to the JUNK FACTORY (which is somewhere near RESAGA
the Map Screen).

   Note: This is one of the most longest and frustrating stages of the
entire game, because it involves a lot of precise jumping, and when you
fall, you lose some life, and have to try and try until you succeed. (I
even lost more than 5 of my Whistles during certain jumps!)

   Once you reach there, you realize that you cannot enter by the main
door. You will have to find another entrance to the right by climbing
the pipes.

   For this stage, you have to keep the following in mind:

1. In order to climb a yellow pipe, you will first have to stand and
 face it. When the pipe starts to flash, it implies that it is directly
 in front of you. At this point, jump straight at the pipe and you are
 bound to grab onto it. (try not to press the Direction Pad too much in
 mid-air or you'll miss the pipe!)

2. As usual, clear all rooms of kitties in order to unlock the doors
 to advance. Note that things start to get difficult as some of them 
 will attack you in tanks now.

3. There is a section where you have to go from one end of the screen
 to the other by jumping from one conveyor belt to another.
 In the meantime, falling bombs & cannon turrets will try to stop you,
 so be careful when jumping. (You many want to tap the Jump button
 repeatedly when you jump to slow down your descent to avoid the bombs.)

   After lots of jumping, you will reach the top of the factory
(finally!). Here, you will face another Boss. However, this Boss is
quite different from the others. It is actually a cat-mecha which is
still under construction, so basically, it can't move nor attack. Keep
shooting at it. However, the factory equipment and some small airplanes
will try to prevent your from destroying it, so beware! (You may want
to throw the bombs ,that the little airplanes drop, at the Boss for
more damage!)

   Once you defeat the boss, the factory will blow up. The mastermind
Fooru will appear, and escape in a blimp to his secret hideout, with
Waffle hot in pursuit.

-----7.THE HIDEOUT --------------------------------------------------

   Waffle will chase Fooru to the hideout, and when you try to enter,
you will fall down a trap door. At this point, you will be asked to
save your game.

   Note: This hide-out is the another frustrating stage in the
game. (It's so mean of Bandai to place one difficult stage after another.)
Be prepared to lose more Whistles here. Read ahead and find out.

   You will begin the stage with some rather simple tasks.
   This involves:

   1. Jumping on huge cylinders that move up & down periodically.

   2. Using overhead grills to travel across the ceiling.

   3. Getting from one end of a room (with a burning floor)
  to a door on the other end using platforms. (At one point, I even deliberately
  jumped onto the floor and hopped across it while receiving damage in order
  to reach the exit faster. ^_^)

   When the first area is over, the nightmare begins!
   Fooru will inform you that he has set the whole place to self
destruct in 5 minutes, and you are given precisely that amount to time
to reach the top of the FORTRESS. Should time run out, you lose a
Whistle, and will have to start from the beginning of this area. 
(Good Luck! It took me 6 tries to beat this section. With 8 seconds
left on the clock, too! Phew!)

   First, you will have to reach the top of the room using the familiar
yellow pipes, and some moving platforms. Time your jumps carefully, and
avoid the gas that spurts out of the background, or you will be knocked
all the way to the beginning.

   Next is a room with some moving platforms and some large swinging
axes. You will have to make your way to the right without getting
knocked off, or you will have to start from the beginning of this room.

   For the last obstacle, you must first make your way to the right,
while avoiding the spikes that move in and out of the wall, then up the
ladder. (Not much difficulty in doing that.)
   Now, you will have to go from right to left. You can only cross when
the sections of the wall have moved out for you to step on, so time it
right, and dash as quickly as you can across all the sections before
they re-tract back into the wall, and cause you to fall.

   Once it is all over, all you have to do now is to go up the last
ladder. You will find yourself in a room. Now, exit through the door,
and you are out in the open! (Yippee! You are free!)

   Waffle will now hop aboard his Ship, and leave the collapsing

   (You have beaten the 2 most frustrating stages in the game! Give
yourself a pat on the back! You deserve it! ^_^ )

-----8. COOLLANT ----------------------------------------------------

   After the FORTRESS incident, you will find yourself back in PORTO. Go
to your Ship, and when you try to leave, Russell will contact you. He
tells you to go meet him in FERSEN.

   Go to FERSEN and meet Russell, who will be waiting right there for
you. He tells you to go to COOLLANT to get some papers translated for

   Now, go to COOLLANT. If you try to enter the Igloo near the
starting point, the person inside will refuse to help you translate the
papers unless you round up all the kitties on the island.

   Now, go to the other entrance at the back. You will find yourself in
a ice cave. Capture all the little kitties here, plus some which will
appear outside the cave, and you will obtain the fourth Crystal.

  After this, go see the person in his Igloo again, and he will gladly
translate the papers for you. Now, bring the translations back to
FERSEN, and talk to Russell again.

   You will automatically end up in PORTO again, where Russell will
further explain the mysteries of the TETSUKYOSHIN, and how he can be
resurrected using 5 magical Crystals.

   All of a sudden, the Black Cats will attack PORTO village in their
   Waffle will now board his Ship and fly up to the FLOATING FORTRESS
to confront the Black Cats.

-----9. FLOATING FORTRESS (1) -----------------------------------------

   The FLOATING FORTRESS is quite simple in design ; just that the
baddies now attack in small tanks that are quite tough to destroy.

   Just keep on going straight, clearing room after room. You will come
to a room where there is a ladder leading downstairs. Climb down to
collect some goodies & health items before you proceed.

   After that, there is a room where parts of the ground can open up,
sending some walking bombs after you. Quickly destroy the two cannons
guarding the door and exit.

   You will soon come to a place where the floor of the FORTRESS opens
up to reveal the sky outside. This is a little tricky. You will have to
cross to the other end by jumping and holding onto the moving overhead
grills, which will take you to the middle of the room. After that, it's
on to another moving grill which will take you to the other end. Note
that while you are hanging on, you still have to move around to avoid
the falling bombs. Should you get hurt, you will fall out of the plane,
and will have to try again.

   After that, Waffle will go through the door, only to realize that
the section of the FORTRESS that he was on had been detached from the
main one. The Black Cats will escape, and Waffle will abandon the

-----10. AIR LEAF ----------------------------------------------------

   You will find yourself back in PORTO village. Try to leave in your
Ship, and the Chief will radio you again. He will tell you that the
FLOATING FORTRESS have been sighted near AIR LEAF.

   Go to AIR LEAF, and the person there will give you a radar device that
shows the whereabouts of the FLOATING FORTRESS. Furthermore, he will
equip your Police Robo with some upgraded thrusters. These new
thrusters allow you to stay in the air for a much longer period of
time, so you may now easily pick up any items on AIR LEAF that you have
not obtained yet since your previous visit. (This is optional.)

   Once you leave AIR LEAF, you will now see the FLOATING FORTRESS on
the world map. Go there for your next mission.

-----11. FLOATING FORTRESS (2) ---------------------------------------

   There is nothing much to do here. You will first face a Boss which
is piloted by Stea and Flare. The Boss uses a gigantic magnet and a
hammer to attack you. Once you defeat the Boss, the two sisters will
leave the FORTRESS.

   Next, it's through the door, and after hearing Alicia and Fooru's
conversation, you will fight another Boss mecha, this time piloted by

   This time, Alicia's cat mecha comes equipped with a huge megaphone
and a large hammer. (Be prepared for an interesting fight with lots of
screaming. ^_^)

   After defeating Alicia, Fooru will come to her aid, and the two will

   Now that the FORTRESS is destroyed, you can return to PORTO.

-----12. THE REVIVAL OF THE TETSUKYOSHIN ------------------------------

   Try to leave PORTO in your Ship, and the Chief will radio you. He
will tell you that two of the BLACK CATS have been sighted in small hot
air balloons, and would like you to go find them.
   The two cats are Stea and Flare.

   For Stea, go to GRIMTO. You will see her hot air balloon parked near
the starting point. Enter the forest to the right, and after a brief
conversation, Waffle will end up taking her to his home.

   (I urge you to save your game at this point, as after this, the save
point you come across will now allow you to visit to other towns. Also,
try to stock up on as many Whistles as you can, and complete your Photo
Album if you wish.)

   For Flare, go to RESAGA. Again, you will see a hot air balloon
parked near the starting point. Go to the CENTRAL AREA, and then to the
   Once you enter the STREETS OF RESAGA, there is a house directly next
to the gate where you enter. (You may remember this as the house that
you could not enter before when you first came to RESAGA.) After
reading the sign on the door, enter the house, and go down the ladder.
   After getting past the smashing pillars, you will meet FLARE. Talk
to her, and Waffle will take her back to his home in PORTO.

   After Stea and Flare are re-united, Alicia will come during the
night. However, when Waffle is asleep, she makes off with the four
Crystals. Waffle wakes up just in the nick of time to pursue her.

   The chase will lead Waffle to EGG STONE, where he and Alicia
witnesses the revival of the TetsuKyoShin by Fooru, who has gathered
all 5 Crystals.

   After this, the two will escape.

   Waffle will go to the Capital of PRERIR. After talking to everyone,
speak to the King, and an anime scene will play.

   Alicia will get swallowed up by the TetsuKyoShin, and Waffle will
enter the mouth of the beast to go after her.

-----13. INSIDE THE TETSUKYOSHIN -------------------------------------	

   Well, this is the Final Stage of the game. If you try to save your
game using your Ship, the game will warn you that you will not be able
to leave the stage, and advices you not to save over any previous
important game data.

   The first thing you will notice is that your Capture Bubbles have
become homing green sparks, which is very useful against the floating
worm baddies here.

   You will also realize that your movements and jumps have been slowed
down due to the fact that you are 'underwater' (body fluids?). This
makes timing your jumps later a real pain.

   Actually, the Final Stage is quite simple, but it can be really
annoying if you don't know what to do at first. Your aim is to reach
Alicia's Ship, which is located at the top of the stage, with the use
of some color-coded Teleporters. Should you fall down, you will start
at the bottom again.

   You start at the bottom, and the first teleport booth you come
across will be the Light Green one. Hop onto it, and you will end up
higher in the room.

   Now, you will see two more booths ; a Dark Green one in front of
you, and a Red one to your right. Use the moving platforms to get to
either one. (For me, I chose the Red one.) It can be very difficult to
time your jumps because all movements have been slowed down. I suggest
adjusting the view such that you can see slightly below you so that you
can gauge your landing after you jump. Also, tap Jump repeatedly to
flap your arms and delay your fall.

   After going through either the Dark Green or Red teleportation
booth, you will find yourself much higher up in the room. Now, your
next aim is to reach the Yellow teleport booth. Locate it first, then
work your way to it, using the moving platforms again. (Easier said
than done!)

   Enter the Yellow booth, and you will now be almost at the top of the
room. Wait for a while, and a flight of steps will form in front of
you. You are almost there, so be real careful when jumping up those
steps, or you'll fall!

   Once you reach the top of the room, you will find Alicia's Ship, and
another teleport booth. Use it, and you will be warped to confront the
Final Boss.

-----14. FINAL BATTLE ------------------------------------------------

     (Make sure you have plenty of Whistles here! You don't want to go
through all that jumping and teleporting again!)

    The Final Boss is a robot, which attacks in 3 ways, which he

    Firstly, he will fire a laser from its head, which then results in
a trail of fire. Just keep shooting at the Boss, and be ready for it,
and jump aside when he fires it. Be careful ; sometimes, he fires twice
instead of only once.

    Secondly, he will pause for a while, and open up his body to
release some floating bombs. (This is the best time to shoot him.) Once
he sends them flying at you, run sideways, and jump as they are about
to hit you, and they will all collide against the ground, and explode.
(This can be easily avoided.)

    Thirdly, the Boss will start spinning, then comes charging right at
you. This is extremely tricky, and difficult to avoid. Just keep
running sideways, and try not to get yourself cornered. The Boss will
collide into the wall, and will be momentarily stunned. Attack him as
much as you can!

   Even if you do not manage to dodge this move, and get hit by it all
the time, you can still win in the end as long as you manage to attack
the Boss as much as possible at every given opportunity, and not get
hurt unnecessarily.

   After the spinning attack, the Boss will go back to the laser move,
and will repeat the pattern indefinitely.

   After defeating the Boss, Waffle will go to have a look at Alicia,
when all of a sudden, the 5 Crystals will appear, and revive the Final

   The Final Boss will start with full health, and uses the same
pattern all over again. (Boy, was I panic-stricken when I saw this!)

   However, this time, all you have to do is to go and smash any one of
the 5 Crystals, and the Boss will be defeated (again).(Phew!)
   Simply jump at the Crystals, and press the Action button to destroy
any one of them. Just make sure you have enough health left just in
case you miss and want to try again while the Boss is attacking you.

   Once, the Final Boss is defeated, the TetsuKyoShin will start to
crumble. Waffle will safely escape with Alicia, and PRERIR is saved
from disaster.

   Sit back and enjoy the ending. You deserve it!
   (Very touching and familiar, don't you think? ^_^)

----- EPILOGUE ----------------------------------------------------

    After the ending, and the staff roll, you will be asked to save
your game (entitled "Clear Data"). The game will warn you again not to
save this over any previous important data.

   When you return to the title screen, load the "Clear Data" save.

   When the game starts, you will now take control of Waffle, who is at
home. You can walk around the village of PORTO, and talk to the people
here, including Alicia, Stea & Flare. (This seems to be taking place
after the defeat of the TetsuKyoShin.)

   Furthermore, if you go and search your Bed (push the Action button),
a menu will pop up, and you can view all the anime scenes in game any
time you wish! (A cool bonus! ^_^)

   (Note that you cannot leave the village, nor can you save your


============================[THE END]=================================

   Well, that's the end of the game. I hope everyone had fun! ^_^

   This FAQ was created by Kelvin Koh.
      (e-mail: [email protected])

   (15/6/98) - Finished Introduction
   (16/6/98) - Finished Walkthrough
             - Finished Map         
             - Finished Controls
             - Finished Items & Menu
             - Finished Tips
   (17/6/98) - Finished Story & Characters
             - Re-checked FAQ for errors

    Thanks for reading!  ^_^
    If anyone has any comments, information, or if you have found a
mistake, please feel free to e-mail me. Also, if you intend to
post my FAQ, please inform me first.

   Copyright 1998 by Kelvin Koh. All rights reserved.

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