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Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 21:15:34 -0500
From: Peter Chang 

				Walkthrough Version 1.0
	By James Chang
This is version 1.0 of my walkthrough.  All it does is walk you 
through the game.  If you want to
know more about the game, then read my “Everything else” FAQ.  This 
FAQ is not affiliated with
Tecmo in any way.  Anything in this walkthrough was founded by 
either me or my brother before
I recieved all those e-mails about thrifty things you could do in 
Tecmo’s Deception (Sorry!). 
Well, except for the “Lure Sorceror” combination.  That’s a witch 
and a wizard.   (Thanks to
Mika Vallas for that).  It’ll be in my everything else Faq, later.

The kingdom is cheering.  You, the prince of Zemekia, the kingdom of 
magic, have finally
returned home.  Zamur, the court magician welcomes you into the 
royal hall, then you walk up to
your father, the king, who is overjoyed that you have come back.  
And now, with your
engagement to Fiana, the princess of Angelio, the kingdom of the 
sword wielders, for lack of a
better term.  Anyway, just watch the prologue.  When your father 
asks you a question about the
princess, I don’t think your choice matters.

Chapter One:  The Master
Eventually, thanks to your stupid brother, Yurias, you end up at the 
Castle of the Damned.  Talk
to the soldier, who enthusiastically tells you about the treasure in 
the castle that he’ll get before
you.  Follow him into the hall, and watch Ardebaron kill him (what a 
wimp.).  Ardebaron soon
spots you, and decides to kill you too (lousy bum!).  All of a 
sudden, Indorigo, an old soldier in
blue armour, decides to rescue you.  He tells you to follow him.  Of 
course, that’s what you
should do.  (hint:  Use the x button to run.).  He leads you to a 
safe room, where Ardebaron stops
chasing you.  He tells you that he is in the castle to avenge his 
friend, who was killed by
Ardebaron.  After he runs off, head back into the hall where you met 
Ardebaron and keep going
until you run into a fat guy named Doneal.  He’ll offer to sell you 
stuff and gives you some
information about the castle.  (You do not have to buy anything, but 
you can if you don’t feel
very confident.)  Now keep going until you reach a door.  When you 
open it, you’ll see a sign
with a bunch of hieroglyphs.  Enter the room, then set off the traps 
in the order on the sign.  Set
off the foot first, then the ball, then the cage.  Don’t set them 
off on yourself!  Anyways, it opens
up a secret passage in the wall (If you are observant, you might see 
Astarte for a split second). 
Go into the prison, look onto the floor, and pick up the skull key. 
 Now head back to the entrance
hall and use the key on the door in the upper northwest there.  Head 
upstairs until you reach a
living room.  All of a sudden, a one-ton weight almost falls on your 
head.  You automatically turn
around to see Ardebaron, who is annoyed that his trap missed you.  
But he doesn’t really care,
since he is going to slice you up, anyway.

Ardebaron                                              Builder
This sadistic villain is the current castle master who revels in 
killing people.  He is not very good
at his job, however...

Strategy:  Ardebaron immediately starts chasing you around the room, 
but then he notices a
bunch of traps that were placed in the room.  Stand behind one of 
these traps (volt cage) and wait
for him to come to you.  When he is underneath the red triangle 
marker, set it off.  Simple!  When
it comes to choosing your reward, take the money, unless your a 
beginner, in which case you
probably need the MP.
Special Items:  Receive the covenant from Ardebaron.

After killing Ardebaron and receiving the covenant ring, head into 
the demon room.  Listen to
Astarte talk about making you the new castle master.  She then gives 
you a test:  Kill Indorigo,
the man who helped you earlier.  Unless your reflexes are terrible, 
don’t worry about setting any
more volt cages, unless you want to catch Doneal.  In that case, set 
a bunch of Volt Cages along
the wall of that hall where he was.  Also, you might want to save 
your game.  When you head
back into the upstairs hall, Indorigo comes out of a secret passage 
that he found.  He notices you,
then he notices your covenant.  He quickly jumps to the conclusion 
that you are the enemy.

Indorigo                                        Soldier
Noble but misguided soldier.

Quickly run past Indorigo before he can chop you and head back to 
the room with the volt cages. 
The volt cages should still be in there.  Use the volt cage to take 
care of the pest, although be
careful, Indorigo is pretty fast.

Now, with Indorigo gone, DO NOT re-enter the strategy room (The one 
with Astarte) if you
want to catch Doneal.  Head downstairs and use those Volt cages to 
take capture him for some
extra experience, items, and gold (and the all capture bonus).  If 
you run out of cages, go upstairs
and go through the secret passage Indorigo used to reach the power 
room, where you can place
more traps.  You might have to judge where Doneal will walk since he 
tends to walk along the
wall in circles.  When your done here, head back to the strategy 
room, where Astarte will give
you the power to make rooms, set traps, and use masks.  And that’s 
the end of the first chapter.

Chapter 2:  The Trial
This chapter is called the trial because it is meant to test you for 
the rest of the game.  Basically, a
fat stupid merchant named Henry sends a bunch of his cronies into 
the castle to retrieve the
treasure.  You should learn to use all the traps here.  Actually, 
you can beat this chapter using
only capture traps, except for the last guy.

Jin and Scuba were given a map of the castle by Henry, which tells 
them where the treasure is. 
Scuba was kind of reluctant to enter the castle, but Jin wants the 
treasure so he can show it to his
mentor, Darius.  So they enter the castle, and Jin feels that he can 
whack any monster that gets in
the way.

Jin                              Soldier
An arrogant confident soldier from Junan who is always trying to 
impress his mentor.  Tends to
drag Scuba around.

Scuba                         Archer
A not so confident archer who follows Jin around.  He’s that guy who 
always tells people what
NOT to do.

You do not need any destroying traps to weaken these two.  They are 
susceptible to magic
attacks, so use the crane, not the cage.  Place a crane in front of 
the first UNLOCKED door that
you’ll reach when you go down the stairway to your right.  (You 
know, the door that you
unlocked with the skull key)  You will use this door often to bait 
and trap many invaders.  Place a
whole bunch of cranes around the entrance hall, too.  Now, head 
downstairs.  When you open the
door, Scuba and/or Jin will probably spot you.  Thinking that you 
are that evil ghost of the castle
(Which is sort of right), they will decide to get rid of you.  Scuba 
should come running torwards
you.  If he stops to shoot at you, move out of the way!  Let him get 
underneath the crane, then
WHAM!  If he dodges the crane, head for another one, but don’t get 
to close to Jin.  Jin is even
easier to kill.  He’s pretty slow.  Just run past him and get a 
crane between you and him.

Special Items:  Receive a tiara from Jin.

Darius (Jin’s mentor) found out that Jin entered the castle.  
Naturally, he is worried about Jin, and
he knows that the castle is dangerous.  So he decides to come to the 
castle to rescue him.

Darius                          Soldier
Noble plain old likeable person.  He is popular military commander 
from Junan.  He’s also Jin’s
mentor (or teacher, or something like that)

Place some more cranes if you need to.  When Darius sees you, he’ll 
inquire about Jin.  He’ll then
notice that you have Jin’s tiara (how do they see these things?).  
He figures that you killed Jin
(and he’s right).  Be careful!  He’s faster than Indorigo.  He’ll 
probably chase you around for a
while.  Try to get some distance in between you and him so that you 
can get a crane in front of
you.  Use the crane to get rid of him.

Dan and Macadamia are partners in treasure hunting.  These two 
pirates heard of the treasure
from Henry, and, naturally, they want it.  Upon entering the castle, 
Dan’s affable companion
decides to split up, and he unlocks the door to the first floor 
power room.  Dan tells him to keep
out of trouble, and the two search for the castle master.

Dan                       Pirate
This is Macadamia’s partner.  He likes treasure.

This is Dan’s not so talkable partner.  Tends to run off and go his 
own way.

Macadamia tends to go back into the entrance hall if you are nearby, 
so don’t think you get to
take them on one at a time.  They are not too difficult, though.  
Just use the cranes and take care
of them.

Special Items:  Possibly get earrings from Madamia.  If you really 
want them, save the game
before you kill Madamia, then reset if you don’t get them.

Henry is getting annoyed.  No one has been able to retrieve the 
treasure.  So he has hired Saizo,
expert ninja and professional chicken, to get the treasure.  Saizo 
does not want to go into the
creepy castle, but he does, anyway.

Saizo                               Ninja
Cowardly ninja.  Just because he is a loser does not mean that you 
should underestimate him.

Saizo is a ninja.  Cranes are very UNeffective against him.  Make 
sure you place some copper
cages in convenient locations.  He is FAST, so be careful.  He’ll 
probably chase you around, like
Darius.  Try to get him underneath the cage, then set it off.  Make 
sure you time it right.

Henry wonders why no one has gotten the treasure.  He finally 
decides to investigate the
situation, personally.

Henry                             Merchant
A curious merchant who will pay heavily for what he wants.  Typical 
greedy merchant.  He’s
arrogant, too.

You need to weaken Henry with a pit first.  Use the nice mask (and 
watch that blubber fly) in
order to get him to one of your pits.  You can walk up to him and 
press the X button to go
shopping if you want to.  Dodge the annoying buckets he throws at 
you, and after you beat him
up, use a crane to finish him off.  Watch him beg (heh, heh).

Special Items:  Get the save point from Henry.

Now that you beat the chapter, you may go on your first body 
collecting if you want to.  It’s
recomended.  Lure a secret invader if you want to, or go after 
pirates for some old books
(hopefully) or ninjas for speed gems.  Remember to use cages against 
ninjas.  If you decide to get
a carpenter to come (see my everything else FAQ), be careful.  They 
are hard to capture.

Chapter three:  Souls Essence
Note:  This chapter is sad(istic?).

Lou and Grand are two married adventurors, but their poor daughter, 
Rosa, is seriously ill. 
Unfortunately, the couple does not have enough money to pay the 
doctor’s bill.  One day,
Grand’s good friend, Jack, brought them their solution.  It was a 
wanted poster for the master of
the Castle of the Damned.  With the reward from killing him, the two 
can pay for their daughter’s
operation, and save her life.  They do not want to kill someone, but 
they have no choice...

Grand                              Fatemaker
A nice big guy.  He likes to go adventuring with his wife, Lou, and 
his friend, Jack.  However,
today he is one a mission.  If he suceeds, he can save his 
daughter’s life.

Lou                                 Gem Gaurd
Grand’s wife.  She practices magic.  She also worries day and night 
for her daughter.

Jack                                Hunter
Grand’s good friend.  He cares deeply for Lou.  I suspect from his 
dialogue that he was (and still
is) in love with her, but she loved Grand, instead.  Not one to hold 
a grudge, he tries to protect
the two as much as possible.

Strategy:  This is not fair!  They pit you against three of the 
toughest proffessions in the game. 
Get rid of Jack first, since he has an annoying tendency to KILL you 
when ever you head upstairs
to escape from Lou and Grand.  Place a crane in front of the 
strategy room, and place a pit in
front of the crane.  Now head outside of that living room.  Jack 
usually comes charging right out
of the secret passage to get you, giving some people a heart attack. 
 Quickly lead him over to the
pit.  He’s fast, and powerful, so be careful.  Drop him down the 
pit, then use a mean laugh to get
him underneath the crane.  Now save your game, unless you are very 
confident, then place some
spikes, pits, cranes, and cages downstairs in convenient locations. 
 Head downstairs.  Take care of
Lou first, since she has powerful projectiles.  Use the mean laugh 
mask to get her away from her
husband and get her to one of your traps without her blasting you 
all the time.  Weaken her with
some spikes, then drop a cage on her when Grand is far away.  
Quickly kill her.  If Grand gets to
you while you are capturing her, you’ll probable die, since he can 
kill you in two hits.  Grand
himself is not too difficult, but it might take a long time to 
weaken him (with pits) and capture him
(with a crane) since he is slower than a snail.

Special items:  Possible amulet from Lou.

Now you get to see a sad(istic?) scene of Rosa crying for her 

Chapter four:  Evil Awakening
Kain, an elite soldier of Angelio, and Pat, an old Angelio Assassin, 
have been sent to find out
what is going on with the Castle of the Damned.  Kain, who is a 
coward like Saizo, only wants to
go home to his fiance, Chita, but he must do his duty, or does he?

Kain                   Soldier
A coward.  How did he become an elite soldier?  Simple.  He can’t be 

Pat                     Ninja
An old Angelio Assassin.  He is still skilled, though.

Don’t bother trying to kill Kain.  He’ll dodge all your traps and 
runs away.  Use some spikes and
a copper cage to get rid of Pat.  Simple.

Now head to the power room on the first floor and watch the Special 
Angelio Magic Force
member examine the evil power then die.

Coolbou, one of the descendents of the legendary braves, has finally 
found the source of the evil
power.  Now, she must fulfill her destiny as a descendent of the 
braves and destroy the evil
artifact in the castle.

Coolbou                  Gem Guard
She’s a heroine and she knows it.  Now she must defeat the evil 
castle master and destroy the evil
ring for the good of the world.  She’s also a descendent of the 
legendary braves, like you and
Fiana.  She also has strange make-up.

When you meet Coolbou, she asks you to identify yourself.  I’m not 
sure if your choice affects the
ending of the game or not.  At any rate, she knows you are the 
castle master and that she must
destroy you.  Drop a one-ton weight on her for laughs.  Then catch 
her in a copper cage (Use the
mean laugh if you have to.)  Before she dies, she tells you that you 
are too late and that she placed
the evil ring in the fire and it must be destroyed by now.  Head to 
the fire place and pick up the
evil ring.  Some people just don’t realize the longevity of evil 

Evil Treasure:  Evil Ring               As far as I know, it has no 
conventional use.

Chapter five:  Messenger
Kain tells Chita that he saw Fiana’s fiance :) in the castle.  Chita 
tells Fiana.  Not knowing that
you are now an evil psychopath, Fiana sends Chita to deliver a 
letter to you.

Just talk to Chita.  Don’t bother trying to kill her.  Read the 
letter, then sell it if you want to.

After delivering the letter, Chita leaves the castle.  However, 
Haya, one of the Zemekian
assassins, assassinates her.  Karbadoes, his current supervisor, 
tells Haya that now that the job is
done, they can leave.  So, why do they enter your castle?  This game 
has some discrpancies.

Karbadoes                     Hunter
A money grubbing man who likes to get drunk.

Haya                              Ninja
One of Dodai’s Zemekia Assassins.  He was sent to kill Chita.

Standard mission.  Use a pit and crane on Karbadoes and a cage on 

Chapter Six:  Old Magician
Doks.  He is the great castle master of the Castle of the Damned.  
He has killed countless
invaders.  One day, however, he happened to stumble upon a strange 
teleporter device in his
castle.  Using his special mask, he decided to send some of his 
monster slaves into the device,
before entering it himself.  He came out and saw that he was still 
in the Castle of the Damned,
only something was different.  He sensed the presence of another 
castle master, and his monsters
came to his call.

???? ( three of them)            Magic Doll
These dolls are some of Dok’s creations.

Use the bear trap and the Nice laugh and be prepared to slam on the 
X button like heck when one
of them gets caught in a bear trap.  If you fail, set another bear 
trap on them, because an invader
DOES get weakened by constant capture traps.

???? (two of them)              White Ant

They are fast.  Use bear traps.

????                                    Queen Ant

Use spikes to weaken her, then capture her with a magnet or a, you 
guessed it, bear trap.

Frustrated that all his monsters were killed by this new castle 
master, Doks decides to take
matters into his own hands.

Doks                                   Wizard
He is one of the castle’s previous masters.  How did he get here?

Just set a copper cage on him.  Too easy.  Be careful of his fire 
blast, though.

Special Items:  Mask (Lets you develop MONSTERS!)

Chapter Seven:  Fiana
Chita is dead.  Her body was found outside of the castle of the 
damned.  Obviously, Fiana is very
distressed, but she doesn’t think you killed Chita (You just gotta 
love her... ;).  Anyways, she
decides to pay her fiance a visit.  Besides, that bonehead, Yurias, 
is ticking her off.  When Yurias
finds out that she is missing, Zamur tells him to send Gilbert (who 
by the way is from Angelio,
strangely enough) to get her back.  Zamur also tells Yurias that he 
suspects that Fiana’s tiara is
one of the evil treasures.  Another note:  Naturally, Yurias is 
infuriated at Fiana’s guard, Als, for
letting her get away.  He orders an execution of Als, but Zamur 
decides to use Als for his own

Hooray!  Talk to Fiana (Don’t bother trying to kill her, she’s 
probably a top gymnyst or
something) and give her a tour of the castle.  Bring her to the 
front of the power room.

Gilbert was waiting in the castle all of this time.  When he sees 
you in front of the power room
with Fiana, he is overjoyed.  He’ll get a promotion for this!

Gilbert                    General
A greedy general who will do anything for a promotion, even if it 
means working for Zemekia.

Oooohhh... scary.  Place some pits and magnets in the hall, then run 
past Gilbert and lead him into
the pits.  He withstands a lot and is pretty powerful, but he should 
not be too difficult.  Cranes
after the pits work, too.  If you want, keep Gilbert’s body (yuck!) 
for making monsters.  Now
head to the power room (NOT strategy room!) upstairs, where Fiana 
decides to give you her

Evil Treasures:  Evil Crown (No known conventional use)
Special Items:  Recieve an Armour gem from Gilbert.

Chapter Eight:  The Ressurection

Yurias is mad that Gilbert failed.  He decides to send the great 
magician, Wizbone the Wizard :). 
He tells Wizbone to retrieve Fiana and get her back in two hours.  
Zamur then secretly tells
Wizbone to kill Fiana and the castle master.

Make Fiana a bedroom downstairs.  Place bedrooms in strategetic 
locations, where you can sleep
without being killed by invaders.

Wizbone has to get Fiana in less than two hours (minutes, by the 
game’s standards)...

Wizbone                       Wizard
Reknowned popular thunder wizard with fading powers.  Actually, he 
is more like a “yes-man.”

Don’t bother placing traps to defend the bedroom.  If you want to 
defeat Wizbone in under two
minutes, place a one-ton weight in front of the door that is just to 
the left of the entrance (the
closest one).  Place copper cages in the near vicinity, too.  Save 
your game before you do all this. 
Set the weight off on Wizbone, then set the cage off on him.

Special Item:  Magic Mantle from Wizbone?
If you take less than two minutes, head to the downstairs power 
Waah!  If you take more than two minutes, head to the strategy room.
Depending on your choice in the strategy room, you will get either a 
clear conscience or the
She-Death monster.

Body collecting:  Finally!  You can use your mask to go body 
collecting.  Lure a soldier, wizard,
and a pirate.  A cleric should come with them.  Now capture them all 
and use the soldier, pirate,
and cleric to make a zombie.

Chapter nine:  A Friend
Fiana’s brother, Erious, is searching for his sister.  He suspects 
that she went into the Castle of the

Erious          Swordsman
Fiana’s brother.  A noble man, but a bit overconfident.  Also, he’s 
naive and unwilling to

Head to the library/den downstairs.  Erious will remember his 
sister’s fiance, but he will then smell
the blood on you (how!?) and figure out that you are a murderor.  
Use your zombie on him a
couple of times, then squash him with a foot :).  He’ll still be 
alive after you defeat him...

Hint:  Get the genocide bonus.  Do not bother trying to capture him.

Body Collecting:  Choose the invaders of your choice for monsters.  
Don’t forget secret invaders!

Chapter Ten:  The Final Showdown
Note:  Why is this chapter called the Final Showdown?

There was a beauty contest in town, today.  Jessica was almost sure 
that she would win.  She
bragged to everyone about her beauty.  Annoyed with her constant 
yapping, the judges opted to
vote for someone else.  Now, Jessica is very mad.  She decided that 
she would show them how
great she is, so she met with her friends, Iria and Sarah.  Iria, a 
dedicated feminist, wanted to
show “those boys” just how able women are.  She decides that the 
best way to show their worth
is to defeat that Castle Master of the Castle of the Damned.  Lazy 
girl Sarah is opposed to the
idea, but Iria forces her to come along.

Iria                 Psychic
The leader of the bunch.  She’s noble, feministic, and kind of crazy 
to think that she could defeat
the castle master.

Jessica           Psychic
A tomboy who is constantly getting into trouble.

Sarah            Psychic
Like Scuba, she gets dragged along by her friends.  Unlike Scuba, 
she knows when to run away.

This chapter is very easy, but the constant knives flying in your 
direction can get annoying.  Use
mean laughs and copper cages to get rid of them quickly.  Keep two 
of them for monster making. 
To catch Sarah, place a bunch of cages along the right side/wall 
(from the entrance’s point of
view).  Sarah will try to escape, but she should run (float) right 
underneath your cages.

Chapter Eleven:   Ghost
Arrgh!  His brother just never seems to die.  Yurias and Zamur are 
now going to the castle to kill
the master, personally... or are they?

Yurias			King
He’s your brother!  That annoying scum who got you into this mess in 
the first place.

Zamur			Magician
He is the big jerk who made Yurias do everything he did.

This chapter is VERY DIFFICULT!  Zamur can kill you in two hits.  
Use extreme caution.  I
really can’t help you too much.  Be very very patient.  No masks 
work.  Wait a long time for him
to come into range of a trap.  He takes a long time to power up his 
shots, so you have plenty of
time to dodge him.  Weaken him with spikes and the werewolf or 
zombie monster.  Capture him
when he is VERY beat up using a bear trap.  When you catch him, you 
find out that he really is an
imposter sent by Zamur to kill you.  (One HECK of an imposter, if 
you ask me.)  Yurias (Who is
also an imposter) isn’t as difficult, but he still is annoying.  Use 
the same techniques as on Zamur.
Special items:  Mirror from Zamur, Goblet from Yurias.

Chapter Twelve:  Spies
Castro is the leader of the Angelio Assassins (remember Pat?  He was 
also an Angelio Assassin,
but who cares?).  If Angelio can take the Castle of the Damned, then 
they will have a huge
advantage in the war against Zemekia (Somewhere along the line, war 
broke out.).  Castro was
sent to personally investigate the castle, and to find out if there 
really is a castle master.  For this
job, he has taken along Fabuki and Kelvin.  He warns them that their 
only job is to find out if
there is a castle master, then leave.  However, Fabuki and Kelvin 
think they’re hot enough to take
the castle master on.

Castro               Ninja
Leader of the Angelio Assassins.  He sticks to the mission profile.

Fabuki              Ninja
He joined the Angelio Assassins because he admires Castro.  If he 
admires Castro, why does he
disobey him?

Kelvin              Trap Pro
He is keenly aware of nearby traps.  He was brought along to check 
for traps, of course.

Take care of Fabuki and Kelvin first, since they try to kill you.  
Simply use a spike and a cage on
Fabuki.  I think Kelvin was susceptible to pits and magnets.  Use 
the nice laugh on Kelvin.  For
Castro, use the same tactics as for Sarah, except use some spikes 
(better yet, a monster), too,
because you have to weaken Castro first.  He tries to escape.

Chapter Thirteen:  Cavalry
He is Londo, famed leader of the Angelio Dragon Legion.  He knows 
that there is a monster in
the Castle of the Damned (you), but he, along with the rest of the 
Angelio Army, is ready to take
it on.  However, the Army is late, so Londo decides that the Dragon 
troop alone is enough to take
the castle.

Takeshi               Cavalier
He’s a member of the dragon troop.

Baccas               Cavalier
He is Londo’s good friend.  He is usually bickering with Londo.

And there are two other cavaliers whose names I can’t remember.

Take care of them using cranes, monsters, nice laughs, and pits.

Special Items:  I think you get an Armour gem from one, but I’m not 

Four more cavaliers.

Same strategy as above.

Special Items:  Randls sometimes drops an earring, I think.

Londo             Cavalier
This is the leader of the Dragon Troop.  He wields the mighty demon 
sword, and is kind of

Two more Cavaliers, one of which is quite, er... frenzied.

You have to kill Londo.  You can not capture him.  So if you want 
bonus, you have to get the
genocide bonus.  Or you can capture two cavaliers for monster 
making.  Your choice.

Special Items:  Boots, from one of them.
Evil Treasure:  Evil Sword (Lets you develop Traps!)

Chapter Fourteen:  One Last Hope
Another Sadistic chapter.
By the way, my copy of Tecmo’s Deception disappeared and my memory 
is getting rusty, so these
names might not be correct.
Now refferred to simply as Prisoners A, B, C, and D, their names 
were long forgotten.  For a long
time they have been imprisoned for a false accusation against 
Zemekia.  Now, Zamur is coming. 
Joy!  Zamur has come personally to oversee the execution!  What an 
honor... to think, they were
just lowly prisoners... but wait... Zamur has something else even 
better for them... a huge bounty
of gold, and better yet, freedom, all can be theirs.  All they have 
to do is kill the murderer in the
castle of the damned...

Asher			Soldier
Prisoner C, Asher saw the war against Angelio to be completely 
pointless.  He tried to stop the
madness, but Yurias, sensing his defiance, sentenced him to death...

Kyrule			Bomb Pro
He was the explosive expert in the war.  One day, his bomb detonated 
by mistake.  Many of his
comrades were killed by the explosion, and Kyrule himself barely 
lived.  Blamed for the accident,
Kyrule was condemned to the jails of the castle.

Dogole			Fatemaker
A slow mover with enormous power.  Mentally challenged, Yurias 
decided that it was better to
kill him instead of risk having a mentally ill strong man...

Zacks?			Digger
He led an expedition to dig a tunnel underneath Angelio.  Had he 
suceeded, Zemekia would have
had the upper hand in the war.  He failed.  Execution was his 

Develop your traps.  First of all, develop your magnets, spikes, 
then pits.  The extra new power
should be more than enough to take out these four.  Asher is no 
problem, but Kyrule’s bombs can
get annoying.  Use a nice laugh to lure him into a hand trap.  
Dogole is difficult, like all fate
makers.  Still, if your careful, he is no problem.  Zacks is VERY 
hard to capture, so you have to
beat him up A LOT before you can capture him.

The messenger returned to Zamur to tell him that the four prisoners 
never made it back.  Zamur
could care less.  The kingdom of Zemekia could do better without 
those four menaces...

Chapter Fifteen:  The awakening.
Did I get the order of the chapters right?

Just as he hypothesized, there were more ancestors of the Braves.  
Erious revelled in this thought. 
The evil murderer in the castle of the damned surely can not defeat 
the Braves!  But first, the
other descendants of the braves must realize their true power.  
Alkeny obviously has not done
that, yet.  That is why Erious must send him into the castle.  A 
test.  Practice before the real thing.

Alkeny			Cleric
A cowardly cleric who somehow is an descendant of the legendary 

Don’t bother placing any traps at first.  Meet up with Alkeny, who 
will run away as soon as he
sees you.  Now you can place the traps.  Blast Alkeny with some fire 
spikes, using the help mask
to lure him.  His blasts can confuse you, so be careful.  As with 
Erious, go for the genocide
bonus, not the capture bonus.

Alkeny, bruised and battered, returns to Erious.  It’s alright.  
Next time, they’ll be ready.

Chapter Sixteen:  The necklace
Why can’t anyone figure out what to do here!?

Bon Bon and Daccas.  Two treasure hunting entrepeneurs.  Rumor of a 
great treasure has lead
them here.  Many have died searching for the legendary necklace, 
including Jin, Scuba, Henry,
and others.  However, they will not fail.

Bon Bon		Pirate
A pirate searching for treasure.

Daccas			Merchant
He teamed up with Bon Bon to find the necklace.

Simple.  A pirate and merchant are no problem.  Capture Bon Bon.  If 
you wish, you can spare his
life or kill him.  I have no idea what the difference is.  Now go 
after Daccas.  Just hit him with
some pit/floor lift traps, then grab him with a hand.
Special Items:  Possible Skill Gem from Daccas.  Goblet from Bon Bon 
too.  Not all the time.

Now to get the necklace, you must knock it free from the first floor 
ceiling.  Go to the first floor. 
In the hallway above the entrance to the left, if you look up, you 
can see a glitter in the ceiling. 
Turn to the map of the first floor and see what square the glitter 
is on.  Place your cursor on that
square.  Now turn to the second floor.  Your cursor will be above 
that same square.  Place a One
Ton weight there on the second floor.  (The square is directly in 
front of the strategy room
entrance.  Place the weight there on the left side of the door.)  
Drop the weight.  Now head down
to the first floor, where the necklace will be on the floor cause 
you knocked it from the ceiling. 
Get it!  (I figured this out myself, with my younger brother.)
Evil Artifact:  Necklace.	No known conventional use.

Chapter seventeen:	Two Fugitives
Did I get the order of these chapters right?  I know the title is 
wrong.  Sorry.  I lost my game.

What’s going on?  Two merchants with a valuable treasure of Zemekia 
have escaped!  Yurias is
furious!  (Hey, that rhymed.)  He imediately summons Dodai to 
capture the merchants.  It appears
that they are heading for the castle of the damned to speak to the 
master.  Obviously, this must be
prevented.  Being too lazy to do the job himself, Dodai instead 
sends Gaza.
Upon arriving at the castle, Gaza quickly murders the two merchants. 
 But wait... Perhaps he can
kill the castle master, too?  Why not?

Gaza			Ninja
Pompous ninja and hypocrite.  He calls you a murderer right after 
killing those two merchants. 
Why don’t you ever fight Dodai?

Before you kill Gaza, head down to the 1st floor to pick up the two 
items that the merchants
dropped.  The Dark Gem that you recieve can be used ONCE per chapter 
to recover hp.  Just get
rid of Gaza with some spikes and a volt cage.
Special Item:  Hour Glass.  Used, later.

Chapter eighteen:  Darkness Awakening?
The great Demon general, Shadow, will finally rule over the kingdom 
of Angelio.  With his
abilities to create clones of himself, he can create an army to 
conquer everything.  Unfortunately,
he does not have enough power to create THAT much clones, so he has 
come to the castle of the
Damned to trade the devil cane for the power he desires.  But wait, 
why trade in the devil cane
when a fake replica will do, just as well?

The chapter starts with shadow entering the first floor power room. 
 Head to the first floor power
room and meet shadow.  Then head up to the strategy room.

Shadow attempts to trade the fake devil cane to Astarte, but she 
senses that it is fake, and kills
him:).  Fortunately for Shadow, the one who attempted to trade in 
the cane was simply one of his
clones.  Having quite enough, shadow attempts to get the power, 

Note:  You can kill Shadow with a Megatron Monster before he spots 
you and dissappears.  If
you do so, you will simply win the chapter and move on.  For more 
experience, just let him see
you.  Shadow dissappears and summons two clones to fight you.

Godus			General
Guile			General
These clones of Shadow have no mind of their own and do his bidding.

Take care of the clones using a combination of poison pits and volt 
hands.  Make sure that they
aren’t together when you try to capture one.

Shadow		General
Quite pissed off at you for killing his clones, the demon general 
takes matters into his own hands.

Beat Shadow like any other general.  You can’t capture him with 
conventional traps, but you
CAN capture him with lightning traps like the volt cage or volt 
Special Item from Shadow:  Devil Cane.  One of the legendary 
artifacts.  No known use.

Chapter nineteen:  The Ultimate Sacrifice (Nice name.  Wonder what 
it means...)
Depending on whether Fiana is alive or not, the introduction to this 
chapter changes.  Zamur
either sends Indigo and Gerhault to fetch her body, or to kill you. 
 If Fiana is alive, you learn that
Zamur wanted Wizbone to kill her because he feared that she might be 
able to wretch Yurias from
his control.  Zamur despises Yurias’ infatuation with Fiana, and 
wishes her to be dead.  (This is
actually a nice storyline... someday I’d like to see something like 
it incorporated into another

Gerhault			General
A killer sent by Zamur.  Need I say more?

Indigo				Wizard
He secretly studied magic, and now has his chance to test his power.

Easy, unless you are unlucky and Indigo or Gerhault takes the stairs 
and end up on the same floor
together.  It is very difficult to fight them both at once.  It 
seems to happen at random.  Just use
the same tactics as before (Physical on Indigo, Magic on Gerhault.) 
 If they end up together, be

Chapter Twenty:  Ambition
Lood’s brood of fighters is now going to conquer the castle of the 
Damned.  Every wish they
have ever wanted will be theirs.  At the suggestion of his ninja 
friend, Zanzibal, Lood has decided
to assault the castle.  He and his partner, Brown, as well as his 
best Friend, Max, will now
conquer the killer of killers in this climatic battle.

Jin			Soldier
He came to the castle to get the treasures.  Teaming up with Lood 
was one of the best, or worse,
things that could ever happen to him.

Neil			Archer
Neil always wanted to be a swordsman, but he never had the skill, so 
he became an archer,
instead.  His wish is naturally to become a swordsman.

Kufu?			Digger
Kufu is the veteran of the group.  He is also the oldest, and has 
been with Lood for a long time.

Kuff?			Archer
Lood’s most recent recruit, his membership will be short-lived...

This chapter is like a review of everything you’ve done so far.  The 
invaders are well-balanced,
but they should be no match for you.  The second group is more 
difficult, though...

Lood			Hunter
Lood has come to overthrow the castle master, Ardebaron.  Little 
does he know, Ardebaron is
already dead.  Of course, as long as he kills the current master, 
that doesn’t matter...

Max			Cavalier
He disagreed to the invasion, but he was so noble that he couldn’t 
just desert his best friend,

Brown			Fatemaker
Lood’s partner.  Working together for many years, they are 
unstoppable.  Brown is almost
super-man incarnate...

Zanzibal		Ninja
Lood’s friend for thirty years.  Zanzibal is the one who suggested 
that they take over the castle of
the damned.

Take out Lood first.  Drop a fire foot on him:).  Also, use your 
Golem to smack him hard.  A volt
hand does wonders.  Brown is next.  After hitting him, you will soon 
find out that he is VERY
strong.  Use the most powerful trap you have (The fire foot) 
repetedly, then finish him off with a
volt hand.  He withstands A LOT, and is hard to capture.  Max and 
Zanzibal aren’t too difficult,
just watch out for Max, who is a pretty skillful fighter.

Chapter Twenty-One:  Confusion

Fiana is back!  Hooray!  She has returned (From the grave, 
possibly?) to reunite with her love...
but wait... something is wrong...

At the start of the chapter, you will be prompted to go to the 1st 
floor prison to meet Fiana... 
Don’t!  Not just yet.  If you do, you find out that it’s a trap and 
you get trapped in a jail cell
where Als can hack you to ribbons for a while.  Instead, go to the 
1st floor power room, place the
cursor on the jail cell trap, and press square to remove it:).  Now 
go to the prison.

Als			Soldier
He was Fiana’s guard, but when Fiana escaped, Zamur saved Als from 
execution.  Als has been
indebted to Zamur, ever since.  He is also Mina’s fiance.

Mina			Royal Maid
She was to be Fiana’s new maid, but Zamur decided to use her for 
this trap, instead.

Kill Als with some Fire Spikes, Poison Pits, and a Hand Trap.  
Capture Mina with anything.  Place
the traps along the right wall of the entrance room because she 
tries to escape.  When you when,
Zamur is not very happy...

Chapter Twenty-Two:  The Decisive Choice?
He’s back!  Ha ha ha!  The Braves will triumph over this evil!  
Erious is back with Alkeny, and he
has found another descendant!  Bangel, the sorceror.  Together, they 
will finally defeat Satan’s
servant... but Bangel has other plans...

Erious			Swordsman
Here for the final showdown, Erious is the hero of the story...

Alkeny			Cleric
Though he is scared, for better or worse, Alkeny must fulfill his 
destiny as a Brave.

Depending on who you kill, first, you will get a scene of Bangel 
killing off the other Brave.  For
your information, Bangel killing Erious is much more dramatic.  If 
you really want to kill them
both, yourself, use a mask to lure one of them onto the same floor 
as the other.  Now you’re
supposed to kill the one who is SUPPOSED to be on that floor.  
Alkeny is supposed to be on the
second floor, Erious on the first.  You get more experience this 
way, but you don’t get to see
Bangel’s true intentions or Erious’ sad death scene...
Simply use the same strategies as always.  These “Braves” are wimps.

Bangel			Sorceror
Bangel has actually come into the castle to claim the dark power for 
himself!  It is much more
powerful than the power of the braves!  Or is it?  Poor Bangel.  He 
doesn’t know it, but he has
power that rivals Zamur.  He just never realizes it...

Bangel is VERY DIFFICULT!  His constant jumping away as well as his 
double shot are SUPER
annoying!  Use a golem and your monsters to really hurt him, 
although keep in mind that your
monsters can NOT attack him while he’s shooting at you, so when you 
summon your monsters,
run away so he does not shoot at you.  Capture him with an ice trap. 
 It’s hard.  If he killed Erious
or Alkeny, head to the dungeon of that floor to find them.  Erious’ 
death scene is tragic.  Astarte
then tells you that Doks, the old castle master, came here through a 
time warp.  You can use that
time warp with your hour glass, later.

“Tsk tsk.  Braves just aren’t what they used to be.”

Chapter Twenty-Three:  (I don’t remember the name)
Just Yurias and Zamur.  This time, they will truly go, themselves... 
Zamur seems reluctant.

The minute Zamur sees you, he chickens out.
Yurias			King
Your true brother... this is the final showdown.

Remember the ghost chapter?  Use the same tactics here.  You can’t 
capture Yurias.  When he is
defeated, head to the strategy room.

As he is dying, you learn why Yurias did everything to you.  He was 
in love with Fiana.  He
couldn’t stand seeing you with her... He wanted Fiana to love him.  
He didn’t frame you for
power or the kingdom, but for the woman he loved.  He begs for your 
forgiveness.  He begs you
to not revive Satan, he begs you to save yourself.  He begs you to 
stop before it is too late, before
you are totally consumed by evil... before you become worse than he 

Sad?  He reminds me of Kain in Final Fantasy II.  Love for a woman 
who loves someone else.

Chapter 24:  (Don’t remember the name)
Now you must retrieve the final artifact.  The Demon Horn.  It is 
not in this time.  It is in the past.
The Past...
Shelling has forgotten something.  He bids his fellow braves 
farewell, as he re-enters the castle of
the Damned to retrieve the last legendary artifact, so that they can 
finally bind Satan forever...

Enter the room where Doks came out of.  (2nd floor, turn left into 
the door that looks like a wall,
then enter the small room, remember?)  Use the time warp here to 
warp to the past.  Shelling
notices you, then smells your blood (Familiar, eh?  Erious?)

Shelling		Swordsman
One of the legendary braves.  Shelling was a hero.  He wanted to 
seal Satan for good.

Fight Shelling with monsters, and capture him with a volt hand.  Try 
to hurry.  Every two minutes
or so, you get kicked out of the time warp, and will have to 
Legendary Artifact:  Demon Horn.  No known use.

Chapter 25:  (I don’t remember the name of this, either.)
Zamur tells you all that has happened.  All this time, you were his 
puppet!  He created Astarte to
manipulate you!  He has used your brother to send you here so that 
you could retrieve the
legendary artifacts.  Then, he could revive Satan to use for his own 
bidding!  All of the death...
the ruining of your life... was set up by him!  And now, he will 
finish what he has started, by
summoning Astarte to kill you!

As soon as you wack her with a trap, Astarte disappears with a 

Perplexed on why Astarte died so easily, Zamur decides to kill you, 
Zamur			Magician
He has set everything up.  He is the true reason why the game, 
Deception, ever took place.

Fight Zamur with the same tactics as in the Ghost Chapter.  He is 
VERY difficult.  You can not
capture him.  Good luck.  Head back to the strategy room, I think.

Yurias is dying.  (He’s still alive!?)  He wants to do one last good 
deed before he dies.  He wants
to die a good man.  He asks you to stop Satan’s resurrection.  To do 
that, he tells you that you
must return to the past.  He wishes Fiana goodbye, then dies.

At least I think he wishes Fiana goodbye.  I don’t remember.

Chapter 26:  The Final Key.
Head back into the time portal to meet your ancestor, who has the 
same name as you.  You can
choose to resurrect Satan or not.  Your choice affects the ending.  
If you tell him that you want to
ressurect Satan, you have to fight him.
(You)			Swordsman
The leader of the Braves who sealed Satan long ago, he wields the 
Hero Sword.

(You) is very tough.  Use Fire feet and dragons to beat (You) up, 
then capture (you) with a volt
hand.  Whether you fight (You) or not, you will recieve the 
“BANISHER” trap.  As far as I
know, this trap only works on Astarte, but it might work on any 
MAGIC user.

Chapter 27:  The Final Chapter (I made this name up)
Zamur is back to kill you!  Along with his puppet, Astarte.  Wait, 
never mind.  Astarte kills him. 
All this time, she has actually been controlling herself:).  Now, 
she asks you to sacrifice your soul
to revive Satan... what will you do?

Your choice determines the ending.  If you did not fight (You), and 
choose to resurrect Satan,
you will have to fight (You).  You will also get a very funny scene 
where (You) kills Astarte.  If
you choose not to resurrect, you will fight Astarte.

Astarte			Trainer (What kind of profession is that!?)
Satan’s right hand woman, of course.

You can try to kill Astarte with conventional traps, but you won’t 
get anywhere.  She’ll just keep
getting revived.  To kill her, use the banisher trap.  This trap is 
so powerful that it activates by
itself, and one hit will be more than enough to kill Astarte.  You 
don’t even have to weaken her! 
It’s a capture trap, so capture her.

Now sit back and watch the ending you got!

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