Tekken Tag Tournament

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Strategy Guide

              d::::::d                                    222222222222222    
              d::::::d                                   2:::::::::::::::22  
              d::::::d                                   2::::::222222:::::2 
              d:::::d                                    2222222     2:::::2 
      ddddddddd:::::d    ooooooooooo     aaaaaaaaaaaaa               2:::::2 
    dd::::::::::::::d  oo:::::::::::oo   a::::::::::::a              2:::::2 
   d::::::::::::::::d o:::::::::::::::o  aaaaaaaaa:::::a          2222::::2  
  d:::::::ddddd:::::d o:::::ooooo:::::o           a::::a     22222::::::22   
  d::::::d    d:::::d o::::o     o::::o    aaaaaaa:::::a   22::::::::222     
  d:::::d     d:::::d o::::o     o::::o  aa::::::::::::a  2:::::22222        
  d:::::d     d:::::d o::::o     o::::o a::::aaaa::::::a 2:::::2             
  d:::::d     d:::::d o::::o     o::::oa::::a    a:::::a 2:::::2             
  d::::::ddddd::::::ddo:::::ooooo:::::oa::::a    a:::::a 2:::::2       222222
   d:::::::::::::::::do:::::::::::::::oa:::::aaaa::::::a 2::::::2222222:::::2
    d:::::::::ddd::::d oo:::::::::::oo  a::::::::::aa:::a2::::::::::::::::::2
     ddddddddd   ddddd   ooooooooooo     aaaaaaaaaa  aaaa22222222222222222222

     The 'Dead or Alive 2 First FAQ' - By Big Cat (Jon Tanaka)
      _____                          - Assisted by al-x (Alex Ambroziak)
    _/ ____\____                     - Updates available at www.fighters.net
    \   __\/    \                    - Version 1.0b (3rd January 2000)
     |  | |   |  \
     |__| |___|  /

Notes ------------------------------------------------------------------

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- It will not be used by any commercial organization for profit without 
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We have, and WILL, take legal action; the author has worked weeks to document, 
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Now on to the good stuff =) .....

This is all, of course, probably going to be discussed
again, but here goes anyhow:

- Helena has no move names yet, reason being that
they're a total bitch to translate.  I think it will
take me about two to three hours of solid time to do
it, and I really don't feel like it right now.
- Not all the tag throws have been given names yet
- Not all characters have their secondary partner(s?!)
- Some moves should be re-translated by a native
speaker (eg. "The Gold Chicken Stands Alone"), or to
fully Englis names
- Missing Ayane's wall throw stats (ie. front or back)
as well as Leon's, on his qcf+S+P
- Don't know if i got all of the Catch throws
- Nothing for big, bad-ass MoFo end boss type guy in
the way of moves

Move Conventions ---------------------------------------------------------------

~ - Immediately after
, - After
> - Delayed after

(AoP) - From Art of Phoenix Stance (Helena only)
(back) - With back facing opponent
(rising) - While getting up from any prone position
(FU/FT) - Prone, face up, feet towards
(FU/FA) - Prone, face up, feet away
(FD/FT) - Prone, face down, feet towards
(FD/FA) - Prone, face down, feet away
(jump) - While descending from jump

H - High Attack - Can be blocked high, or ducked
H! - High Power - Can only be ducked
M - Mid Attack - Can only be blocked standing
M/G - Mid/Ground - Also hits grounded opponents
L - Low Attack - Can only be blocked ducking
TA - Character shows back after move

Standing Throw - Used on a standing opponent
"Catch" - Standing throw with execution time
"Low" - Used on a crouching opponent
"Back" - Used on a standing opponent, facing their back
Multithrow - Used immediately after the previous throw when
		the words "Combo Throw" appear on the screen
	(2) - Second Multipart, following initial throw
	(3) - Third Multipart, following 2nd Multipart
	(x) - Initial Replacement, damage replaces inital throw
	(2x) - Multi Replacement, damage replaces 2nd Multipart
"Wall (f)" - Wall throw, used with wall at your front
"Wall (b)" - Wall throw, used with wall at your back

Eg. a "Back Wall (b) Throw" indicates that the opponent must be thrown
	from behind, with the wall behind you.

"Down" Catch/Attack - May only be executed when opponent is prone

Characters -------------------------------------------------------------

The following are the moves for each character listed in alphabetical order.

Ayane ------------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Ein
Secondary Partner: ??

Basic Arts
Supreme Edge		P		H		10
Wind Murder Knife	d/f+P		M		20
Earth Edge		d+P		L		5
Supreme Heaven Kick	K		H		27
Flash People's Kick	d/f+K		M		24
Flowing Dust Kick	d+K		L		10

Front Arc Sky Murder	u/f~P		M		15
Front Arc Sky Kick	u/f~K		M		30
Front Dbl Earth Mount	u/f,P		M		25
Frt. Supreme Earth Kick	u/f,K		M		22
Arcing Sky Murder	u~P		M		15
Arcing Sky Kick		u~K		M		30
Double Earth Mount	u,P		M		25
Supreme Earth Kick	u,K		L		25
Back Spinning Dust	u/b,P		M		23
Back Landing Wolf Lance	u/b,K		L		25

Rising Illusion Lance	(FU/FA) S+K	M		40

Supreme Edge		P		H		10
 Combo Edge		PP		(HH)		10,10
  God's Double Mount	PPP		(HH)M		10,10,20
  Edge - Heaven's Kick	PPK		(HH)H		10,10,27
   Edge - Combo Kick	PPKK		(HH)HH		10,10,27,27
  Edge - Wave Needle	PP,f+P		(HH)M		10,10,22
   Edge - Shadow Claw	PP,f+PP		(HH)MM		10,10,22,28
 Supreme Heaven Kick	PK		HH		10,25
Wave Needle		f+P		M		22
 Shadow Claw		f+PP		MM		22,28
Dbl Mount Destruction	ff+P		M		25
 Double Supreme Kick	ff+P,f+K	MM		25,22
Wind Murder Knife	d/f+P		M		20
 W. Murder Dragon Wheel	d/f+P,b+P	MM		20,23
Earth & Thunder Thrust	d/f,d/f+P	L		18
 Earth & Thunder Blaze	d/f,d/f+P,D+K	LL		18,25
Spinning Nishi Knife	b+P		M		23
 SN. Rev. People's Kick	b+PK		MH		23,28
 SN. Flying Eagle Kick	b+P>K		MH		23,35
 SN. Rev. Earth Kick	b+P,d+K		ML		23,25
 SN. Flying Swallow K	b+P>d+K		ML		23,30
Floating Heaven's Edge	u/f+P		H		12
 One-Two Stab		u/f+PP		(HH)		12,10
  Wind Spirit Dbl Mount	u/f+PPP		(HH)M		12,10,20
 Wind Spirit Kick	u/f+PK		HH		12,28
  W. Spirit Heaven Kick	u/f+PKK		HHH		12,28,22
Gleaming Saber of Light	d/b+P		L		18
 Dust Kick		D/B+PK		LL		18,25
Supreme Heaven Kick	K		H		27
 Combo Heaven Kick	KK		HH		27,22
Swift Thunder Kick	f+K		M		26
 Thunder - Dragon Lance	f+KK		MH		26,25
 Thunder - Wolf Lance	f+K,d+K		ML		26,22
Blue Heaven Kick	u+K		H		25
Dragontail Fan Splitter	u/f+K		M		45
Autumn Moon Wheel	u/b+K		M		40
Hatchet Spirit Kick	b+K		M		28
Splitting Heaven Kick	S+K		H		35
Splitting Earth Kick	d/f+S+K		M		30
Wolf Lance Kick		d+S+K		L		25
Comet Murder		P+K		H		24
 Comet - Supreme Edge	P+K,P		(HH)		24,15
  Comet - God's Attack	P+K,PP		(HH)H		24,15,25
  Comet - Dust Splitter	P+K,PK		(HH)H		24,15,55
  Comet - God Splitter	P+K,P,u/b+K	(HH)M		24,15,30
  Comet - God Kick	P+K,P,d+K	(HH)L		24,15,25
Illusion Lance		qcf+K		M		38
Dust Splitter		qcf+S+K		H		55
Victory Thread Kick	b+S+K		M		32

Back Turned Techniques (all from (back))
Silken Edge		P		H		10
Back Shadow Arc		d+P		M		28
Back Earth Edge		D+P		L		12
Back Heaven's Kick	K		H		30
Back People's Kick	d+K		M		25
Back Earth Kick		D+K		L		25
(back) Px Combos
 Back Combo Edge	PP		(HH)		10,10
  Silk-Double Mount	PPP		(HH)M		10,10,20
  Silk-Comet Murder	PP,b+P		(HH)H		10,10,15
   Silk-Comet Rend	PP,b+PP		(HH)(HH)	10,10,15,12
    Silk-Comet Attack	PP,b+PPP	(HH)(HH)H	10,10,15,12,20
    Silk-Dust Splitter	PP,b+PPK	(HH)(HH)H	10,10,15,12,55
    Silk-Comet Splitter	PP,b+PP,u/b+K	(HH)(HH)M	10,10,15,12,30
    Silk-God Kick	PP,b+PP,d+K	(HH)(HH)L	10,10,15,12,25
  Silk-Rising Attack	PP,f+P		(HH)M		10,10,20
   Silk-Rev. People's K	PP,f+PK		(HH)MH		10,10,20,28
   Silk-Flying Eagle	PP,f+P>K	(HH)MH		10,10,20,30
   Silk-Rev. Earth Kick	PP,f+P,d+K	(HH)ML		10,10,20,25
   Silk-Flying Swallow	PP,f+P>d+K	(HH)ML		10,10,20,30
  Silk-Light Saber	PP,d/b+P	(HH)L		10,10,18
  Silk-Dust Kick	PP,D/B+PK 	(HH)LL		10,10,18,25
Wind Rite		u+K		M		35
Phantom Moon Wheel	u/b+K		M		40
Balance Wheel Knife	b+P		H		20
 BWK - Supreme Edge	b+PP		(HH)		20,15
  BWK - God's Attack	b+PPP		(HH)H		20,15,25
  BWK - Dust Splitter	b+PPK		(HH)H		20,15,55
  BWK - God Splitter	b+PP,u/b+K	(HH)M		20,15,30
  BWK - God Kick	b+PP,d+K	(HH)L		20,15,25
Lonesome Light Saber	d/b+P		L		18
 Lonesome Dust Kick	D/B+PK		LL		18,25
Circle Flying Wheel	u/b+P		M		24
Circle Flash Kick	d+S+K		L		30
Empty Sky Lance		S+K		M		43

Crimson Leaf Crumbler	S+P		Standing Throw	40
God's Circle Dance	f+S+P		Standing Throw	42
Light Circle Dance	f+S+P		Wall (?) Throw	52
Mist Illusion		b+S+P		Standing Throw	0
Peach Blossom Fan	b,f+S+P
 		or 	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	52
Plum Blossom Fan	b,f+S+P		Wall (?) Throw	30+30
Avalanch Wheel		ff+S+P		Standing Throw	48
Ice Pillar Drop		>u+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>20
Dreams of Butterflies	qcf+S+P		Standing Throw	20+35
Dreams of Chaos		qcb+S+P		Standing Throw	60
Wandering Sword		(back) S+P	Standing Throw	20+23
Dark Raven		(back) f+S+P	Standing Throw	58
Flowing Sand Drop	S+P		Back Throw	52
Disturbing the Tea Bush	f+S+P
 		or 	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	55
Reverse Dark Raven	(back) f+S+P	Back Throw	58
Instant Drop		d+S+P		Low Throw	55
God Hiding in the Night	d/b+S+P
		or 	(jump) d+S+P	Low Throw	55
Sharp Cut		(back) d+S+P	Low Throw	62
Dream Wheel		d+S+P		Low Back Throw	57
Heaven's Battle Dance	d/b+S+P
   		or	(jump) d+S+P	Low Back Throw	40+20

Twilight Spirit		f,u+S		vs. H Punch	58
Ring of Ice		f,u+S		vs. H Kick	58
Spinning Thread		f,b+S		vs. M Punch	58
Wind's Battle Dance	b,f+S		vs. M Kick	30+15
The Withering Trees	f,d+S		vs. L Punch	40+18
Stairway to Heaven	f,d+S		vs. L Kick	58

Mist of Ice Crystals	u+P+K		Down Attack	20
Tile Splitter		d+P		Down Attack	10

Special Moves
Appeal: Warasewaruwane	bfb+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Appeal: Baka Mitai	dd+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Treason			u+P		Movement	0
Moonsault		u/b+P
		or	(back) u/f	Movement	0
Billows of Wind		(back) f,f	Movement	0
Revolving Winds		(back) f,F	Movement	0
>Combination of Winds	(back) F	Movement	0
Mountain Wind		(back) d/f	Movement	0
Mountain Wind's Frost	(back) D/F	Movement	0
Mountain Wind's Current	(back) d/f,B	Movement	0
Mountain Frost Current	(back) d/f,D/B	Movement	0

Tag Throws
Wind Dance - Tower Kick	(t/Ein) ff+ALL
Double Roundhouse	(f/Ein) ff+ALL	
??			(f/anyone but Ein) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL

Bass -------------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Tina
Secondary Partner: Leon

Basic Arts
Palm Jab		P		H		12
Elbow Smash		d/f+P		M		20
Low Knuckle		d+P		L		5
High Kick		K		H		30
Front Kick		d/f+K		M		26
Low Kick		d+K		L		12
Swing Palm		(back) P	H		13
Round Back Knuckle	(back) d+P	M		15
Swing Low Palm		(back) D+P	L		10
Round High Kick		(back) K	H		30
Round Middle Kick	(back) d+K	M		28
Round Low Kick		(back) D+K	L		25
Toras Kick		(back) b+K	H		35
TA Round Muscle Elbow	(back) P+K	[MM]		[28,15]

Front Air Knuckle	u/f~P		M		15
Front Bronco Kick	u/f~K		M		35
Front Neck Shoto	u/f,P		H		30
Front Leg Break		u/f,K		L		20
Jumping Knuckle		u~P		M		15
Bronco Kick		u~K		M		30
Neck Shoto		u,P		H		30
Jumping Leg Break	u,K		L		20
Back Neck Shoto		u/b,P		H		30
Back Leg Break		u/b,K		L		20

Rising Low Drop Kick	(FU/FT) D+S+K	L		25

Basic Arts
Px Combos from Palm Jab or Swing Palm
 Double Palm		PP		(HH)		??,12
  Combo Gong		PPP		(HH)M		??,12,32
  Combo Hammer		PP,d+P		(HH)L		??,12,26
  Combo High Kick	PPK		(HH)H		??,12,33
 Jab - Front Kick	PK		HM		??,26
  Combo Kick Rush	PKK		HMH		??,26,30
Body Hook		f+P		M		24
 Wild Swing		f+PP		MM		24,33
Hell Strike		P+K		H		30
Elbow Bat		u/f+P		H		27
 Elbow Rush		u/f+PP		HM		27,30
Texas Chop		b+P		M		16
 Shoto Gun Chop		b+PP		(MM)		16,18
  Stun Gun Chop		b+PP,P+K	(MM)M		35
Proton Hammer		d/b+P		L		26
 Power Going		d/b+PP		LM		26,32
Knee Lift		f+K		M		26
 Knee Hammer		f+KP		MM		26,25
Jumping High Kick	u+K		H		34
Smash Going		ff+P		M		32
Bear Crash		d/f+P+K		M		30
 Bear Scissors		d/f+P+K,P	MM		30,28
Front Kick		d/f+K		M		26
 Kick Crash		d/f+KK		MH		26,33
One-Hand Hammer		u+P		M		25
Buffalo Crash		d/f,d/f+P	M		35
Drop Kick		qcf+K		M		40
Flying Cross Chop	ff+P+K		M		35
Kenka Kick		ff+K		M - TA		45
Mongolian Chop		u/b+P		M		27
 Hell Scissors		u/b+PP		MM		27,28
Rolling Axe		bf+P		M		32
Bass Lariat		f+P+K		H		38
Front Roll Kick		f+S+K		M		32
Leg Break		d/b+K		L		18
Low Drop Kick		d+S+K		L		25
Muscle Elbow		b+P+K		[MM] - TA	[28,15]
Appeal: Burning Soul	d+P+K		Taunt		0
 Axe Bomber		d+P+K,P+K	H!		55

Falcon Arrow		S+P		Standing Throw	45
One Foot Headbutt	d/f+S+P		Standing Throw	43
		or	d/f+S+P		Back Throw	43
Ferocious Bull Headbutt	d/f+S+P		Wall (f) Throw	20+35
Waterwheel Drop		b+S+P		Standing Throw	42
Bear Press		b+S+P		Wall (b) Throw	20+35
Bass Tornado		f+S+P		Standing Throw	48
Flying Body Scissors	u+S+P
		or	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	50
Dynamite Lariat		b,f+S+P		Standing Throw	55
Atomic Hammer Crash	b,f+S+P		Wall (b) Throw	65
Powerslam		ff+S+P		Standing Throw	45
>Oklahoma Stampede	f+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>25
Kitchen Sink		qcb+S+P		Standing Throw	45
>Stretch Plum		d+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>25
>>Manhattan Drop	d,u+S+P		Multithrow (3)	>>35
Superfreak Powerbomb	hcf+S+P		Standing Throw	68
T.F.B.B.		D,f,b+S+P	Standing Throw	80
T.F.B.C.		D,f,b+S+P	Wall (f) Throw	90
Escape Back		(back) S+P	Standing Throw	0
Dangerous Back Drop	S+P		Back Throw	55
Locomotion Backdrop	S+P		Back Wall (b)	35+30
Argentine Backbreaker	b+S+P		Back Throw	20+20+20
Reverse Powerbomb	u+S+P
		or	b,f+S+P
		or	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	64
Atomic Drop		ff+S+P		Back Throw	52
>Face Crusher		f+S+P		Multithrow (2)	30
Iron Claw		hcf+S+P		Back Throw	50
>Grizzly Launcher	dd+S+P		Multithrow (2)	8+8+8+8+8+15
>Grizzly Crush		dd+S+P		M (2) Wall (b)	8+8+8+8+8+25
Bass Bomb		d+S+P
		or	(jump) d+S+P	Low Throw	58
Spiral Bomb		d/b+S+P		Low Throw	10+55
Double Arm DDT		d/f,d/f+S+P	Low Throw	70
Calf Branding		d+S+P		
		or	(jump) d+S+P	Low Back Throw	70

Half Neck Suplex	f,u+S		vs. H Punch	30+33
Rolling Senton		f,u+S		vs. H Kick	30+33
Shoulder Throw		f,b+S		vs. M Punch	63
Spine Buster		b,f+S		vs. M Kick	45
>Jurassic Trailer	bb+S		Multihold (2)	>25
Guillotine Drop		f,d+S		vs. L Punch	28+35
Giant Hammer Throw	f,d+S		vs. L Punch	63

Double Knee Drop	u+P+K		Down Attack	22
Stomping		d+K		Down Attack	12

Special Moves
Appeal: "I love Tina"	bfb+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Appeal: "Showtime"	dd+S+P+K	Taunt		0

Tag Throws
Dbl Armstrong Buster	(f/Tina) ff+ALL
Spike Tombstone		(t/Tina) ff+ALL
Arm Lock - Legdrop	(f/Leon) ff+ALL
Double Lariat		(f/Tina) qcf+ALL
Iron Claw - Skytwister	(t/Tina) qcf+ALL
Tag Powerslam		(f/anyone but Tina/Leon) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL
>Tag Oklahoma Stampede	f+S+P

Ein --------------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Ayane
Secondary Partner: ??

Basic Arts
Strike of Order		P		H		10
Rising Strike		d/f+P		M		20
Low Strike		d+P		L		5
Roundhouse Kick		K		H		30
Front Kick		d/f+K		M		20
Low Kick		d+K		L		10

Turning Fist of Truth	(back) P	H		35
Rounded Reverse Punch	(back) d+P	M		38
Turning Low Punch	(back) D+P	L		13
Reverse Back Kick	(back) K	H		30
Turning Heel Drop	(back) d+K	M		27
Turning Low Heel Sword	(back) D+K	L		15
Jumping Back Kick	(back) u+K	M		30

Front Jump Strike	u/f~P		M		51
Front Jump Kick		u/f~K		M		30
Front Jump Dbl Strike	u/f,P		[HM]		[20,20]
Front Jump Water Kick	u/f,K		L		25
Jumping Strike		u~P		M		15
Jumping Kick		u~K		M		30
Jumping Double Strike	u,P		[HM]		[20,20]
Jumping Water Kick	u,K		L		25
Back Jump Dbl Strike	u/b,P		M		45
Back Jump Water Kick	u/b,K		L		25

Hilt Strike		f+P		M		24
My Wife			bf+P		H		42
Double Fist Strike	f+P+K		[HM]		[20,20]
Dusty Wind		qcf+P		M		45
Clogging Strike		u+P		M		20
Ice Splitter		u/b+P		H		38
Rising Elbow Strike	u/f+P		M		25
 Thunder Warrior	u/f+PK		MH		25,30
Strike of Order		P		H		10
 Combo Punch		PP		(HH)		10,10
  Wind Combo		PPP		(HH)M		10,10,25
  Claw Combo		PP,f+P		(HH)H		10,10,16
   Bull Reining Combo	PP,f+PP		(HH)HM		10,10,16,18
   Fog Chime		PP,f+PK		(HH)HM		10,10,16,25
   Falling Light	PP,f+P,d+K	(HH)HL		10,10,16,22
  Combo - Roundhouse	PPK		(HH)H		10,10,25
   Combo - Combo Kick	PPKK		(HH)HM		10,10,25,27
  Combo - Low Kick	PP,d+K		(HH)L		10,10,10
   Scarlet Sparrow	PP,d+KK		(HH)LH		10,10,10,32
   Dragon Tail		PP,D+KK		(HH)LL		10,10,10,24
 Punch - Roundhouse	PK		HH		10,25
  Punch - Combo Kick	PKK		HHM		10,25,27
Claw Hand		ff+P		H		16
 Bull Rein		ff+PP		HM		16,18
 Claw Hand - Sidekick	ff+PK		HM		16,25
 Claw Hand - Water Kick	ff+P,d+K	HL		16,25
Iron Hammer		b+P		H		15
 IH - Low Heel Sword	b+P,d+K		HL		15,15
  Heavenly Shores	b+P,d+KP	HLM		15,15,20
 Iron Hammer Combo	b+PP		(HH)		15,15
  Purple Haze		b+PPP		(HH)M		15,15,20
  Fuumon		b+PP,d+K	(HH)L		15,15,25
Roundhouse Kick		K		H		30
 Roundhouse - Back Kick	KK		HM		30,27
Rising Roundhouse	WS+K		H		35
Raised Front Kick	b+K		M		28
Jumping Knee Kick	ff+K		M		25
 Falling Star Kick	ff+KK		MH		25,20
  Leftover Stars	ff+KKK		MHM		25,20,25
Heaven's Lance		d/f,d/f+K	M		30
Heel Drop		u+K		M		27
Wind and Clouds		bf+K		M		38
Ruler of the Skies	qcf+K		M		42
Tears of Light		S+K		M		30
 ToL - Hop Kick		S+K,K		MH		30,30
 ToL - Water Kick	S+K,d+K		ML		30,25
Jewel of Light		b+S+K		H		28
Thrusting Elbow		P+K		M		32
 Dawn's Chimes		P+K,f+P		MM		32,40
Knee Kick		F+K		M		24
 Demon Tooth		F+KK		MM		24,32
Heel Sword Kick		f+K		H		25
 Heel Sword Combo Kick	f+KK		HH		25,25
  Line of Stars		f+KKK		HHH		25,25,25
  Sirius Kick		f+KK,f+K	HHM		25,25,27
Low Heel Sword		d/b+K		L		15
Kx Combos from d/b+K or (back) D+K
 Silver Wolf		d/b+KK		LM		15,27
 Style of the Sword	d/b+KP		LM		15,20
 Low Heel Sword - Claw	d/b+K,f+P	LH		15,16
  Thunder Cow		d/b+K,f+PP	LHM		15,16,18
  Celestial Thunder	d/b+K,f+PK	LHM		15,16,25
  Global Thunder	d/b+K,f+P,d+K	LHL		15,16,22
Low Kick		d+K		L		10
 Leopard Tail		D+KK		LL		10,24
Jumping Front Kick	u/f+K		M		23
 Flying Kirin		u/f+KK		(MH)		23,25
Wind of Light		f+S+K		M		37
Crane Wheel		u/b+K		M		36
Front Kick		d/f+K		M		20
 Jumping Combo Kick	d/f+KK		MM		20,23
  Celestial Kirin	d/f+KKK		M(MH)		20,23,23

Water Moon		S+P		Standing Throw	10+30
Frame of the Dragon	b+S+P
 		or 	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	15+32
Frame of the Boulder	b+S+P		Wall (b) Throw	57
Firelight		d/f,d/f+S+P	Standing Throw	65
Violent Flames		d/f,d/f+S+P	Wall (f) Throw	15+15+15+15+15
Billowing Wind		f+S+P		Standing Throw	10+38
Crimson Lotus		qcb+S+P		Standing Throw	15+30+15
Double Acme		S+P		Back Throw	55
Summit of Stars		b+S+P
 		or 	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	60
Flooded Moon		d+S+P
		or 	(jump) d+S+P	Low Throw	55
Peck of the Shrike	d/b+S+P		Low Throw	60
Crane Fist Pinch	d+S+P		Low Back Throw	62
Water Wheel		d/b+S+P		Low Back Throw	65

Chasing Waves		f,u+S		vs. H Punch	60
The Milky Way		f,u+S		vs. H Kick	60
Fall of the Network	f,b+S		vs. M Punch	30+30
Fell the Gates		b,f+S		vs. M Kick	60
Chaos Theory		f,d+S		vs. L Punch	30+30
Light of the Pampas	f,d+S		vs. L Kick	20+40

Demon Smasher		u+P+K		Down Attack	18
Low Level Punch		d+P		Down Attack	10

Special Moves
Appeal: Koi!		bfb+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Appeal: Amai		dd+S+P+K	Taunt		0

Tag Throws
Wind Dance - Tower Kick	(f/Ayane) ff+ALL
Double Roundhouse	(t/Ayane) ff+ALL
Tag Firelight		(f/anyone but Ayane) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL

Gen Fu -----------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Tag Partner: Helena
Secondary Tag Partners: Kasumi

Basic Arts
Jab			P		H		10
Upslice			d/f+P		M		20
Low Punch		d+P		L		5
High Front Kick		K		H		30
Front Kick		d/f+K		M		25
Low Kick		d+K		L		12

Turning High Palm	(back) P	H		13
Turning Rising Palm	(back) d+P	M		17
Turning Low Backfist	(back) D+P	L		11
Turning High Front Kick	(back) K	H		30
Turning Hook Kick	(back) d+K	M		27
Turning Low Kick	(back) D+K	L		25

Advancing Hop Punch	u/f~P		M		15
Advancing Jumpkick	u/f~K		M		30
Advancing Hop Dbl Palm	u/f,P		H		30
Advancing Hop Sweep	u/f,K		L		25
Hopping Punch		u~P		M		15
Hopping Jumpkick	u~K		M		30
Hopping Double Palm	u,P		H		30
Hopping Sweep		u,K		L		25
Back Hopping Dbl Palm	u/b,P		H		30
Back Hopping Sweep	u/b,K		L		25

Palm Uppercut		u+P		H		16
Px Combos from P or u+P
 One-Two Palm		PP		(HH)		??,12
  Straight Strike Combo	PPP		(HH)M		??,12,25
Upslice			d/f+P		M		20
 Indecision Slice	d/f+PP		MM		20,22
High Slap		u/f+P		H		26
Elbow Strike		f+P		M		18
 Elbow-Upslice		f+PP		MM		18,18
  Indecision Combo 	f+PPP		MMM		18,18,20
  Side Bodycheck Combo	f+PP,P+K	MMM		18,18,40
Cross Elbow Strike	b+P		M		22
 Cross-Violent Slice	b+PP		MM		22,30
 Cross-Jab		b+P,f+P		(MM)		22,20
  Double Palm Combo	b+P,f+P,P+K	(MM)M		22,20,30
Upwards Riot Chop	D/F+P		M		24
Stepping Palm Strike	ff+P		M		25
Overhead Slice		d/f,d/f+P	M		22
Scoot Punch		qcf+PP		-M		0,28
Headbutt		P+K		M		25
Violent Slice		f,b+P		M		30
Short Bodycheck		d/b,f+P		M		50
Stomping Double Palm	f+P+K		M		42
Death Touch		d+P+K		[HM]		[15,30]
 Cmb Stomping Bodycheck	d+P+K,bf+P	HMM		15,30,30
High Double Palm	b+P+K		H		30
Turnaway Flipover Upper	d/b+P+K		M		32
	(shows back if not a standing, non-counter hit)
Side Bodycheck		d/f+P+K		M		40
Low Backfist		d/b+P		L		20
Low Reverse Punch	d/f+K		M		25
 Low Reverse-Jab	d/f+KP		MM		25,25
  Spinning Hammer Combo	d/f+KP,bf+P	MMH		25,25,40
Shot Knee Strike	F+K		M		25
 Shot Knee-Hopkick	F+KK		MM		25,30
Low Kick		d/b+K		L		15
 Low-Side Bodycheck	d/b+K,f+P	LM		15,40
Hopkick			u+K		M		30
Jumping Crescent Kick	u/f+K		H		40
 Jumping Crescent-Sweep	u/f+K,d+K	HL		40,25
Reverse Cartwheel Kick	u/b+K		M		35
Step Thrust Kick	f+K		H		24
Leaping Toe Touch	S+K		H		26
Leg Sweep		d+S+K		L		25

Side Cross Wrap		S+P		Standing Throw	40
Grasping the Heart	b+S+P
 		or 	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	45
Dragon Shoulder		b+S+P
 		or 	qcf+S+P		Wall (f) Throw	15+40
Shuutai			f+S+P		Standing Throw	48
Rolling Earth Wind	ff+S+P		Standing Throw	50
>Monkey Style		f+S+P		Multithrow (2)	20
Unlock the Chains 
  of the Three Emperors	qcb+S+P		Standing Throw	17+17+17
Close the Clouds and
  Grasp the Moon	qcf+S+P		Standing Throw	35+15
>Close the Clouds and
  Catch the Falling	S+P		Multithrow (2)	>0
Spread the Tiger's Tail	S+P		Back Throw	55
Leaning Position	f+S+P
 		or 	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	60
The Horse's Iron Head	d+S+P		Low Throw	20+36
Raccoon-Cat up a Tree	d/b+S+P
 		or 	(jump) d+S+P	Low Throw	15+15+20
Great Cross Splitter	d+S+P			
		or 	(jump) d+S+P	Low Back Throw	62

A Strike Collapses the
  Tranquil Mountain	f,u+S		vs. H Punch	60
A Spinning Grasp
  Captures the Hawk	f,u+S		vs. H Kick	60
The Dragon's Shape	f,b+S		vs. M Punch	10+10+40
Investigating the
  Dragon's Bladder	b,f+S		vs. M Kick	60
A Strike Collapses the
  Celestial Mountain	f,d+S		vs. L Punch	60
Great Lance		f,d+S		vs. L Kick	60

Taken Hand		b,u+S		vs. H/M Punch	0
Bent Hand		b,u+S		vs. H/M Kick	0
Sloping Hand		b,d+S		vs. L Punch	0
Sloping Suspension	b,d+S		vs. L Kick	0

Falling Kick		u+P+K		Down Attack	18
Earth Palm Strike	d+P		Down Attack	10

Special Moves
Appeal 1: Banrakuchi	bfb+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Appeal 2: Tenseiba	dd+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Arrow Step		qcf+P		Movement	0
Back Cartwheel		u/b+P		Movement	0

Tag Throws
Kung Fu Fighting	(f/Helena) ff+ALL
??			(t/Helena) ff+ALL
Moon Toss-Heaven Dance	(t/Kasumi) ff+ALL
??			(f/anyone but Helena/??) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL

Hayabusa ---------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Kasumi
Secondary Partners: ??

Basic Arts
Jab			P		H		10
Mid Punch		d/f+P		M		20
Low Punch		d+P		L		5
Roundhouse Kick		K		H		30
Sidekick		d/f+K		M		22
Low Kick		d+K		L		10

Turning Jab		(back) P	H		11
Turning Mid Punch	(back) d+P	M		14
Turning Low Punch	(back) D+P	L		13
Turning Roundhouse	(back) K	H		30
Turning Mid Kick	(back) d+K	M		26
Turning Sweep		(back) D+K	L		25
Trembling Fang Drop	(back) u+K	M		28

Advancing Hopping Palm	u/f~P		M		15
Advancing Jumpkick	u/f~K		M		30
Advancing Hop Step Palm	u/f,P		M		25
Advancing Hop Sweep	u/f,K		L		24
Hopping Palm Strike	u~P		M		15
Hopping Jumpkick	u~K		M		30
Hopping Step Palm	u,P		M		25
Hopping Sweep		u,K		L		24
Back Hopping Step Palm	u/b,P		M		25
Back Hopping Sweep	u/b,K		L		24

Px combos from P or (back) P
 Double Punch		PP		HH		??,10
  Delayed Chop Combo	PPP		HHM		??,10,24
  One-Two Backfist	PP,b+P		HHM		??,10,18
   Stepping Palm Combo	PP,b+P,f+P	HHMM		??,10,18,28
   Palm-Flipover Combo	PP,b+P,K	HHMM		??,10,18,36
  One-Two Hawk Kick	PPK		HHH		??,10,16
   Raging Hawk Combo	PPKK		HHHH		??,10,16,15
    Hunting Hawk Combo	PPKKK		HHHHH		??,10,16,15,24
  Rolling Handstand Cmb	PP,d+K		HHL		??,10,25
 Jab-Roundhouse		PK		HH		??,26
  Jab-Double Roundhouse	PKK		HHH		??,26,28
Trapping Elbow		f+P		M		18
 Elbow-Knee		f+PK		MM		18,25
  Elbow-Snap Knee	f+PKK		M(ML)		18,25,25
Stepping Palm Strike	ff+P		M		28
Leaning Uppercut	u+P		H		18
Spinning Backfist	b+P		M		18
 Backfist-Stepping Palm	b+P,f+P		MM		18,28
 Backfist-Standing Axle	b+PK		MM		18,30
Delayed Chop		u/b+P		M		24
Low Spinning Backfist	d/b+P		L		18
 LBF-Breakdance Sweep	D/B+PK		LL		18,25
360 Uppercut		qcf+P		M		28
Roundhouse Kick		K		H		30
 Roundhouse-Downchop	KP		HM		30,26
 Hayabusa Axle Kick	KK		HH		30,36
Diving Somersault Kick	u/f+K		M		35
Rising Punt Kick	u+K		H		26
 Punt-Falling Axe Kick	u+KK		HM		26,30
Shinobi Illusion Kick	u/b+K		M		40
Rising Illusion Kick	WS+K		H		29
Sidekick		d/f+K		M		22
 Sidekick-Breakdance	d/f+K,d+K	ML		22,24
Jumping Knee		f+K		M		25
 Knee-Snapping Kick	f+KK		(MH)		25,25
Dashing Hop Slide	ff+K		L		28
Breakdance Sweep	d/b+K		L		24
 'Dance-Handstand Roll	d/b+K,D+K	LL		24,25
 'Dance-Hndstd Option	d/b+K,d+K	LL		24,24
 Double Breakdance	d/b+K,d/b+K	LL		24,24
  Breakdancing Fury	d/b+K,d/b+K,D+K LLL		24,24,25
Back Leg Sweep		f,b+K		L		17
Light Wheel Kick	b+K		H		33
Stepping Illusion Kick	qcf+K		M		34
Rolling Handstand	D,b+K		M		26
Shoto			P+K		H		25
Double Palm Strike	b+P+K		M		42
Turnaway Tiger UpKnife	d/f+P+K		M		20
 Tiger-Super Axe Kick	d/f+P+K,K	MM		20,28
Flying Hawk Kick	S+K		H		20
 Raging Hawk Kick	S+K,K		HH		20,15
  Hunting Hawk Kick	S+K,KK		HHH		20,15,30
Handspring Kick		b+S+K		H		32
Handstand Option Roll	d+S+K		L		25
Backroll Handstand Kick	d/f+S+K		M		40

Handstand Position
 Rollout Jab		P		H		10
  Rollout PK Combo	PK		M		25
 Handstand Kick		K		H		20
  Double Spinning Kick	KK		HM		20,25
 Rolling Catapult Kick	P+K		M		35
 Hyper Spin Sweep	S+K		L		25

 SuiJuu Nage		S+P		Standing Throw	48
 Head Hunting		b+S+P		Standing Throw	50

 Rollout		d		Movement	0
 Backwards Stepout	b,b		Movement	0

Juuji-Karami		S+P		Standing Throw	40
KubiKiri-Nage		f+S+P		Standing Throw	45
Church Bells Ring	f+S+P		Wall (f) Throw	55
Shiho-Nage		d/f+S+P		Standing Throw	48
Yama-Arashi		b+S+P		Standing Throw	56
Falcon Kick		ff+S+P		Standing Throw	50
Dream Shadow		b,f+S+P		Standing Throw	0
Falling Thunder Strike	qcb+S+P
  		or 	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	60
Rising Thunder Palm	qcf+S+P		Standing Throw	30+15
>Kama-Itachi		d^f^u+S+P	Multithrow (2)	>30
>>Hankou Drop		360+S+P		Multithrow (2x)	>50
Ura Nage		S+P		Back Throw	52
Jinryuu Drop		b+S+P
  		or 	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	55
Falling Dragon Strike	ff+S+P		Back Throw	58
Neck Hunting Flash	d+S+P		
  		or 	(jump) d+S+P 	Low Throw	55
Hopping Spin Move	d/b+S+P		Low Throw	62
Carry the Jar Across	d+S+P
  the Waterfall		or (jump) S+P	Low Back Throw	57

Rising Thunder Bullet	f,u+S		vs. H punch	30+15
>Flash of Light:
	Kama-Itachi	d^b^u+S 	Multihold (2)	>30
>>Flash of Light:
	Hankou Drop	360+S 		Multihold (2x)	>50
Cage of Shadows		f,u+S		vs. H kick	30+30
Rising Thunder Gates	f,b+S		vs. M punch	30+15
>Splitting Light:
	Kama Itachi	d^b^u+S		Multihold (2)	>30
>>Splitting Light:
	Hankou Drop	360+S		Multihold (2x)	>50
Kick-Punch-Seize-Throw	b,f+S		vs. M kick	60
Rising Thunder Kick	f,d+S		vs. L punch	30+15
>Bewitching Light:
	Kama-Itachi	d^b^u+S		Multihold (2)	>30
>>Bewitching Light:
	Hankou Drop	360+S		Multihold (2x)	>50
Arching Blade Murder	f,d+S		vs. L kick	60

Nara Drop		u+P+K		Down Attack	18
Double Tiger Fang	d+P		Down Attack	10

Special Moves
Appeal 1 - Shinobi	b,f,b+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Appeal 2 - Nosomu	f,b,f+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Appeal 3 - Rei		dd+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Handstand Position	d+P+K		Movement	0
Diving Somersault	u/f+P		Movement	0
Triangle Jump		(wall+jump) f	Movement	0

Tag Team Throws
Thunder Palm-Talon Kick	(t/Kasumi) ff+ALL	Tag Team Throw
Double Gloom		(f/Kasumi) ff+ALL	Tag Team Throw
Tag Rising Thunder	(f/anyone but Kasumi) ff+ALL
			(f/anyone) b+ALL	Tag Team Throw
>Tag Kama-Itachi	d^f^u+S+P		Tag Multi (2)
>>Tag Hankou Drop	360+S+P			Tag Multi (2x)

Helena -----------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Gen Fu
Secondary Partner: ??

Basic Arts
Drill Palm		P		H		10
Mid Stabbing Fist	d/f+P		M		16
Low Bent Fist		d+P		L		5
High Spin Kick		K		H		28
Spin Kick		d/f+K		M		25
Thigh Sweep		d+K		L		10

Front Hop Split Hand	u/f~P		M		15
Front Hop Rising Kick	u/f~K		M		30
Front Hop Random Palm	u/f,P		M		25
Front Hop Turning Kick	u/f,K		L		23
Hopping Split Hand	u~P		M		15
Hopping Rising Kick	u~K		M		30
Hopping Random Palm	u,P		M		25
Hopping Turning Kick	u,K		L		23
Back Hop Random Palm	u/b,P		M		25
Back Hop Turning Kick	u/b,K		L		23

Random Palm		ff+P		M		25
Drill Palm		P		H		10
 PP		HM		10,14
  PPP		HMM		10,14,25
  PPK		HMH		10,14,30
  PP,d+K	HML		10,14,22
 PP,B		HM		10,14
  PP,B+P	HMM		10,14,14
   PP,B+PP	HMMM		10,14,14,25
 PK		HH		10,28
  PKK		H(HM)		10,28,15
   PKKK		H(HMH)		10,28,15,20
u+P		H		20
u/b+P		M		24
d/f+P		M		16
 d/f+PP		MM		16,20
b+P		M		18
 b+PP		MM		18,17
  b+PPP		MMM		18,17,25
u/f+P		M		20
 u/f+PP		MM		20,25
 u/f+PK		MH		20,30
 u/f+P,d+K	ML		20,22
bb+P		M		15
 bb+PP		MM		15,20
  bb+PP,d+P	MML		15,20,15
f+P		M		22
 f+PP		MM		22,25
d/b+P		L		15
P+K		M		24
 P+K,P+K	MM		24,30
K		H		28
 KK		(HM)		28,15
  KKK		(HMH)		28,15,20
f+K		M		26
 f+K,d+K	ML		26,22
 f+KP		MM		26,24
b+K		H		23
 b+KK		HM		23,25
u+K		H		22
u/b+K		M		30
ff+K		L		23
 ff+KP		LL		23,15
  ff+KPP	LL[HM]		23,15,[16,24]
d/b+K		L		15
 d/b+KP		L[HM]		15,[16,24]
d+K		L		10
 d+KK		LM		10,25
u/f+K		[(MM)]		[15,20]
D+S+K		L		22
D/F+P		M		24
 D/F+PP		MM		24,24
qcf+P		[(MMM)]		[7,8,20]
b+P+K		L		19
qcb+P		M		22
f+P+K		M		28

Back Turned Strikes
(back) P		H		10
(back) d+P	M		22
(back) D+P	L		12
(back) K		H		30
(back) d+K	M		25
(back) D+K	L		22

(back)P		H		10
(back) PP	(HH)		10,10
(back)  PPP	(HH)M		10,10,22
(back)   PPPP	(HHM)M		10,10,22,25
(back) PP,b+P	(HH)M		10,10,15
(back) PP,b+PP	(HH)MM		10,10,15,14
(back) PP,b+PPP	(HH)MMM		10,10,15,14,25
(back)f+K	M		22
(back) f+K,d+K	ML		22,22
(back) f+KP	MM		22,24
(back)f+P	M		25
(back)P+K	M		38
(back)ff+K	L		23

Art of Phoenix
(AoP)P		H		10
(AoP) PP	(HH)		10,10
(AoP)  PPP	(HH)M		10,10,20
(AoP)  PPK	(HH)[(MM)]	10,10,[15+20]
(AoP)f+P	M		12
(AoP) f+PP	MM		12,12
(AoP)  f+PPP	MMM		12,12,20
(AoP)  f+PPK	MMH		12,12,18
(AoP)b+P	M		12
(AoP) b+PK	MM		12,26
(AoP)  b+PK,d+K	MML		12,26,22
(AoP)  b+PKP	MMM		12,26,24
(AoP)D/F+K	M		25
(AoP) D/F+K,D+K	ML		25,22
(AoP)ff+P	M		25
(AoP)K		H		28
(AoP)f+K	H		22
(AoP)D+S+K	L		28
(AoP)P+K	M		36

S+P		Standing Throw	10+10+20
b+S+P		Standing Throw	45
b+S+P		Wall (b) Throw	20+35
ff+S+P		Standing Throw	15+33
 or (back) S+P
 or (jump) S+P
 or (AoP) S+P	Standing Throw	62
S+P				20+35
 or (jump) S+P			20+35
 or (AoP) S+P	Back Throw	20+35
d+S+P		Low Throw	20+35
 or (jump) d+S+P Low Throw	62
 or (jump) d+S+P Low Back Throw	28+30

f,u+S		vs. H Punch	28+30
f,u+S		vs. H Kick	30+38
f,b+S		vs. M Punch	58
b,f+S		vs. M Kick	28+30
f,d+S		vs. L Punch	20+38
f,d+S		vs. L Kick	58

u+P+K		Down Attack	18
 or (AoP) d+K	Down Attack	12

Special Moves
Art of Phoenix		d+P+K
 		or 	d/b+P+K		Movement	0
Phoenix Advance		(AoP) f		Movement	0
Phoenix Retreat		(AoP) b		Movement	0
Phoenix Rising		(AoP) u		Movement	0
??			(AoP) u/b	Movement	0
Phoenix Forward Dash	(AoP) ff	Movement	0
Phoenix Back Dash	(AoP) bb	Movement	0
Phoenix Crouch		(AoP) dd	Movement	0
??			(back) ff	Movement	0
Appeal - ??		bfb+S+P+K	Taunt		0

Tag Throws
??			(f/Gen Fu) ff+ALL	
Kung Fu Fighting	(t/Gen Fu) ff+ALL
??			(f/anyone but Gen Fu) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL

Jann Lee ---------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Lei Fang
Secondary Partner:

Basic Arts
Lead Jab		P		H		10
Lead Upper		d/f+P		M		20
Low Knuckle		d+P		L		5
High Kick		K		H		30
Sidekick		d/f+K		M		22
Thrust Kick		d+K		L		12

Turn Jab		(back) P	H		12
Turn Bodyblow		(back) d+P	M		15
Turn Low Knuckle	(back) D+P	L		10
Turn High Kick		(back) K	H		30
Turn Sidekick		(back) d+K	M		27
Turn Spin Kick		(back) D+K	L		25
Blind Knuckle		(back) d/b+P	H		45
Blind Elbow		(back) P+K	M		40

Front Jump Knuckle	u/f~P		M		15
Front Jump Snap Kick	u/f~K		M		30
Front Jump Spin Knuckle	u/f,P		H		18
Front Jump Spin Kick	u/f,K		L		25
Jump Knuckle		u~P		M		15
Jump Snap Kick		u~K		M		30
Jump Spin Knuckle	u,P		H		18
Jump Spin Kick		u,K		L		25
Back Jump Spin Knuckle	u/b,P		H		18
Back Jump Spin Kick	u/b,K		L		25

Knuckle Upper		u/f+P		H		16
Back Hook		u+K		H		24
High Shin Knee Kick	u/b+K		H		25
Rear High Kick		u+K		H		35
Kick Upper		u/f+K		M		26
 Double Rising Kicks	u/f+KK		(MH)		26,25
Chastisement Chop	b+P		M		26
Sway Jab		u/b+P		H		12
Px Combos from Sway Jab, Lead Jab or Turn Jab
 Jab - High Kick	PK		HH		??,30
 Sonic Hook		P,f+P		(HH)		??,18
  Sonic Spin Kick	P,f+PK		(HH)M		??,18,30
  Sonic Low Spin Kick	P,f+P,d+K	(HH)L		??,18,25
 Sonic Blow		P,d+P		HM		??,18
  Sonic Upper		P,d+PP		HMM		??,18,20
  Combo Low Pin Kick	P,D+PK		HML		??,18,25
 Lead Hook		PP		(HH)		??,10
  Back Knuckle		PPP		(HHH)		??,10,10
   Dragon Rush		PPPK		(HHH)H		??,10,10,47
   Dragon Cannon	PPP,f+P		(HHH)M		??,10,10,45
   Dragon Slicer	PPP,d+K		(HHH)L		??,10,10,24
  Combo Knuckle Upper	PP,F+P		(HH)H		??,10,16
  Combo High Kick	PPK		(HH)H		??,10,26
Body Blow		f+P		M		18
 Body Upper		f+PP		MM		18,20
 Body Low Spin Kick	f+P,d+K		ML		18,25
Flash Hook		ff+P		H		18
 Flash Spin Kick	ff+PK		HM		18,30
 Flash Low Spin Kick	ff+P,d+K	HL		18,25
Low Dragon Hammer	d/b+P		L		20
Dragon Hammer		bf+P		M		28
Shin Knee Kick		S+K		M		25
 Shin Knee High Kick	S+K,K		MH		25,35
Middle Hook Kick	b+K		M		24
 Double Hook Kick	b+KK		MH		24,25
Thrust Kick		d+K		L		12
 Thrust Spike Kick	d+KK		LM		12,37
 Thrust Spin Kick	D+KK		LL		12,25
Side Kick		d/f+K		M		22
 Side Master Kick	d/f+KK		MH		22,32
 Dragon Strike		d/f+P,f+P	MM		22,50
 Side Back Kick		d/f+K,b+K	MM		22,25
Snap Kick		f+K		M		20
 Snap Spin Kick		f+KK		MH		20,32
 Snap Spike Kick	f+K,bf+K	MM		20,37
Dragon Low Kick		d/b+K		L		24
Low Spin Kick		d+S+K		L		25
Dragon Blow		qcf+P		H		40
Dragon Elbow		P+K		M		35
Dragon Knuckle		D,bf+P		M		50
Dragon Kick		qcf+K		H!		55
Dragon Spike		bf+K		M		40
Flash Turn		bb+P		H		18
High Kick		K		H		30
 High Spin Kick		KK		HH		30,32
Dragon Flare		ff+K		M		42
Dragon Step High	f+S+K		H		36

Hell Drive		S+P		Standing Throw	40
Dragon Gunner		f+S+P		Catch Throw	42
Piggyback Throw		b+S+P
		or	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	48
The Way of the Dragon	qcb+S+P		Standing Throw	5+5+5+5+5+30
The Wall of the Dragon	qcb+S+P		Wall (f) Throw	5+5+5+5+5+20+20
Headlock		qcf+S+P		Standing Throw	53
>Bulldogging Headlock	bb+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>25
Dragon Rave		S+P		Back Throw	30+25
Chastisement Punch	qcf+S+P
		or	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	58
Front Facelock		d+S+P
		or	(jump) d+S+P	Low Throw	55
Side Buster		d/b+S+P		Low Throw	60
Punishment Punch	d+S+P
		or	(jump) d+S+P	Low Back Throw	63

Godless Shoto Knee	f,u+S		vs. H Punch	28+30
Trace Gunner		f,u+S		vs. H Kick	58
Double Bind		f,b+S		vs. M Punch	10+10
Leg Sweep		b,f+S		vs. M Kick	58
Deep the Dragon		f,d+S		vs. L Punch	28+30
Dragon Twist		f,d+S		vs. L Kick	58

Trample			u+P+K		Down Attack	20
Enter the Dragon	u+S+P+K		Down Attack	15+5+5
Low Snap Kick		d+K		Down Attack	10

Special Moves
Appeal: Shout		bfb+S+P+K	Taunt		0

Tag Throws
Skyscaper - Dragon Kick	(f/Lei Fang) ff+ALL
Double Dragon Fist	(t/Lei Fang) ff+ALL
Tag Deep the Dragon	(f/anyone but Lei Fang) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL

Kasumi -----------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Hayabusa
Secondary Partner: Gen Fu

Basic Arts
Heaven's Edge		P		H		10
World's Edge		d/f+P		M		20
Earth's Edge		d+P		L		5
Roundhouse Kick		K		H		27
Sidekick		d/f+K		M		24
Low Kick		d+K		L		10

Turning Jab		(back) P	H		10
Turning Tiger Uppercut	(back) d+P	M		38
Turning Low Punch	(back) D+P	L		14
Turning Roundhouse	(back) K	H		30
 Turning Dbl Roundhouse	(back) KK	HM		30,25
Turning Sidekick	(back) d+K	M		25
Turning Sweep		(back) D+K	L		24
Turning Moonlight Kick	(back) u+K	M		35

Advancing Hop Spin Edge	u/f~P		M		15
Advancing Jumpkick	u/f~K		M		30
Advancing Hop TA Upper	u/f,P		M		22
Advancing Hop Sweep	u/f,K		L		25
Hopping Spin Edge	u~P		M		15
Hopping Jumpkick	u+K		M		30
Hopping Turnaway Upper	u,P		M		22
Hopping Sweep		u,K		L		25
Back Hopping TA Upper	u/b,P		M		22
Back Hopping Sweep	u/b,K		L		25

Rising Mid Kick		(rising) K	M		20
 Combo Rising Puntkick	(rising) K,f+K	MM		20,20
Moon Lake Kick		(FD/FA) S+K	M		38

Skyscraper Kick		u/f+K		M		30
Dragon Punt Kick	u+K		H		25
Moon Wheel Kickflip	u/b+K		M		45
Floating Heaven's Edge	u+P		H		12
Evading Heaven's Edge	b+P		H		11
Px combos from P; (back) P; u+P; or b+P
 Double Combo Punch	PP		(HH)		??,10
  World's Edge Combo	PPP		(HH)H		??,10,12
   Flashing Punch Combo	PPPP		(HH)(MM)	??,10,12,15
  Michizane Flash Kick	PPK		(HH)H		??,10,27
   Michizane Cmb Kick	PPKK		(HH)HH		??,10,27,22
    Michi. Thunder Kick	PPKKK		(HH)HHM		??,10,27,22,25
   Michi. People's Kick	PPK,d/f+K	(HH)HM		??,10,27,24
   Michizane Earth Kick	PPK,d+K		(HH)HL		??,10,27,22
  Moon Breaker Combo	PP,u/b+K	(HH)M		??,10,35
   Light Bullet Combo	PP,f+P		(HHM)		??,10,18
   Light People's Kick	PP,f+P,K	(HHM)M		??,10,18,32
    Light Rev. Murder	PP,f+P,KK	(HHM)MM		??,10,18,32,32
    Light Void Murder	PP,f+P,K,d+K 	(HHM)ML		??,10,18,32,28
   Light Heaven's Kick	PP,f+P,f+K	(HHM)M		??,10,18,30
   Light Low Savate	PP,f+P,d+K	(HHM)L		??,10,18,24
  Flame Knee Combo	PP,f+K		(HH)M		??,10,22
   Flame Moon Combo	PP,f+KK		(HH)MH		??,10,22,32
   Tears of the Moon Cb	PP,f+K,d+K	(HH)ML		??,10,22,26
 Heaven's Edge & Flash	PK		HH		??,27
  Heaven's Edge & Combo	PKK		HHH		??,27,22
   Heaven's E & Thunder PKKK		HHHM		??,27,22,25
  Heaven's Edge & Kick	PK,d/f+K	HHM		??,27,24
  Heaven's Edge & Earth	PK,d+K		HHL		??,27,22
Flash Bullet Elbow	f+P		M		18
 Flash People's Kick	f+PK		MM		18,32
  Flash Reverse Murder	f+PKK		MMM		18,32,32
  Flash Void Murder	f+PK,d+K	MML		18,32,28
 Flash Heaven's Kick	f+P,f+K		MM		18,30
 Flash Low Savate Kick	f+P,d+K		ML		18,24
World's Edge		d/f+P		M		20
 World's Flash Punch	d/f+PP		MM		20,20
 World's Low Savate	d/f+P,d+K	ML		20,24
Flash Roundhouse Kick	K		H		27
 Combo Roundhouse Kick	KK		HH		27,22
  Thunder Kick		KKK		HHM		27,22,25
 People's Kick		K,d/f+K		HM		27,24
 Earth's Kick		K,d+K		HL		27,22
Shadowless Knife	ff+P		M		20
 Shadowless Earth KIck	ff+P,d+K	ML		20,25
Flame Knee		f+K		M		22
 Flame Moon Kick	f+KK		MH		22,32
 Tears of the Moon Kick	f+K,d+K		ML		22,26
Wolf's Fang Sweep	ff+K		L		30
360 Spinning Slap	P+K		H		26
Kasumi Wind Kick	S+K		H		32
 Wind & Heaven Kick	S+K,K		HH		32,32
 Wind & Tears Kick	S+K,d+K		HL		32,28
Spinning Low Kick	d+S+K		L		25
Spinning Kasumi Kick	d/f+S+K		M		24
Turnaway Mist Illusion	d/f,d/f+P	M		22
Super Axe Kick		b+S+K		M		30
Fan Dance		d/f,d/f+K	M		26
Turnaway New Moon Kick	b+K		H		27
 Turnaway Moonlight Kck	b+KK		HM		27,35
Heaven's Advance Dance	u/f+P,K		-H		0,40

Kasumi's Reversal	S+P		Standing Throw	40
Waltz of Kegon		f+S+P		Standing Throw	42
Hawk in a Catalpa Tree	f+S+P		Wall (f) Throw	20+35
Heaven's Cascading Kick	b+S+P
		or 	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	5+5+5+10+20
Discovery of Silence	b+S+P		Wall (b) Throw	55
The Flying Swallow	u+S+P
		or	u/f+P,S+P	Catch Throw	57
>Swallow Reverse Drop	>b+S+P		Multithrow (x)	62
Heat Haze		ff+S+P		Standing Throw	0
>Thorn Drop		>d+S+P		Multithrow (2)	60
>Thorn Crush		>d+S+P		Wall (f)-Multi	70
Gloom			d/f,d/f+S+P	Standing Throw	68
Wolf's Jaw Kick		qcb+S+P		Standing Throw	60
White Rainbow		S+P		Back Throw	50
Reverse Flying Swallow	u+S+P		
  		or 	u/f+P,S+P	Back Catch Thrw	57
Leaping Circle Dance	f+S+P
  		or	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	55
Flying Rainbow Splash	d+S+P
  		or 	(jump) d+S+P	Low Throw	10+10+10+10+15
  		or 	d+S+P		Low Back Throw	10+10+10+10+15
Advance of the Swallow	d/b+S+P		Low Throw	60

Flower in the Mirror	f,u+S		vs. H punch	58
Truth of the Persimmon	f,u+S		vs. H kick	58
White Feathers Taken
  from a Foggy Dream	f,b+S		vs. M punch	58
Rain Dance		b,f+S		vs. M kick	30+15
Crimson Leaf Drop	f,d+S		vs. L punch	58
Frost Sword		f,d+S		vs. L kick	58

Sakura Delusion		b,u+S		vs. M/H Punch	0
					vs. M/H Kick   	0
Sakura Illusion		b,d+S		vs. L Punch	0
					vs. L Kick	0

Hawk's Talon Kick	u+P+K		Down Attack	20
Tile Splitter		d+P		Down Attack	10

Special Moves
Appeal - Sakura Toss	b,f,b+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Back Handspring		u/b+P		Movement	0
Heaven's Dance Flip	u/f+P		Movement	0

Tag Team Throws
Double Gloom		(t/Hayabusa) ff+ALL
Thunder Palm-Talon Kick	(f/Hayabusa) ff+ALL
Tag Gloom		(f/anyone but Hayabusa) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL

Lei Fang ---------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Jann Lee
Secondary Partner: ??

Basic Arts
Jab			P		H		10
Uppercut		d/f+P		M		20
Low Punch		d+P		L		5
High Front Kick		K		H		28
Front Kick		d/f+K		M		25
Low Kick		d+K		L		10

Turning High Palm	(back) P	H		12
Turning Mid Palm Strike	(back) d+P	M		16
Turning Low Palm Strike	(back) D+P	L		12
Turning Armada Kick	(back) K	H		30
Turning Front Kick	(back) d+K	M		25
Turning Low Kick	(back) D+K	L		23
Turning Delayed Palm	(back) P+K	M		38

Advancing Hopping Palm	u/f~P		M		15
Advancing Jumpkick	u/f~K		M		30
Advancing Hop Dbl Palm	u/f,P		H		22
Advancing Slide Kick	u/f,K		L		25
Hopping Palm Strike	u~P		M		15
Hopping Jumpkick	u~K		M		30
Hopping Double Palm	u,P		H		22
Hopping Slide Low Kick	u,K		L		25
Back Hopping Dbl Palm	u/b,P		H		22
Back Hopping Slide Kick	u/b,K		M		20

Stepping Fist		u/f+P		M		25
Dashing Elbow Strike	u+P		H		18
Single Jumpkick		u/f+K		M		23
 Double Jumpkick	u/f+KK		(MH)		23,25
Rear Hopping Crescent	u/b+K		H		34
Step Double Palm Strike	ff+P		M		26
Eye Gouge		f,b+P		H		26
Power Bodycheck		b,f+P		M		40
The Lone Gold Chicken	P+K		[HM]		[20,25]
Sliding Low Kick	dd+K		L		25
Elbow Strike		f+P		M		17
 Elbow - Gold Chicken	f+PK		M[HM]		17,[20,25]
Back Leaning Fist	bb+P		H		26
Stomping Palm		b+P		M		22
 Stomping Fist		b+PP		MM		22,25
Low Upwards Knife Edge	d/b+P		M		18
 Low Upper-TA Bodycheck	d/b+PP		MM		18,28
Trapping Strike		qcf+P		M		32
Low Swipe		d/f,d/f+P	L		20
 Swipe-Single Jumpkick	d/f,d/f+PK	LM		20,23
  Swipe-Dbl Jumpkick	d/f,d/f+PKK	L(MH)		20,23,25
 Swipe-TA Bodycheck	d/f,d/f+P,P+K	LM		20,35
Stepping High Kick	f+K		H		24
Stepping Punt Kick	ff+K		M		32
Spreading Kick		u+K  		H		24
Armada Kick		b+K		H		30
 Armada-Mid Spin Sweep	b+KK		HM		30,20
  Armada-Leg Sweep	b+KK,d+K 	HML		30,20,15
Low Shin Kick		d/b+K		L		15
 Low Shin-Sliding Kick	D/B+KK		LL		15,23
Front Kick		d/f+K		M		25
 Front K-TA Bodycheck	d/f+K,P+K	MM		25,35
High Double Palm Strike	f+P+K		H		22
Delayed Palm Strike	u/b+P		M		29
Px combos from d/f+P; P; (back) P; or u/b+P
 One-Two Punch		PP		(HH)		??,12
  One-Two-Windmill	PPP		(HH)M		??,12,32
  One-Two-Elbow Strike	PP,f+P		(HH)M		??,12,20
   Elbow-Chicken Combo	PP,f+PK		(HH)M[HM]	??,12,20,[20,25]
  One-Two-Stomping Palm	PP,b+P		(HH)M		??,12,22
   Stomping Fist Combo	PP,b+PP		(HH)MM		??,12,22,25
  One-Two-Skyscraper K	PPK		(HH)H		??,12,25
   Sky Armada Combo	PPKK		(HH)HH		??,12,25,28
   Sky Mid Sweep Combo	PPK,d+K		(HH)HM		??,12,25,20
  Sliding Kick Combo	PP,d+K		(HH)L		??,12,25
 Jab-Low Straight Punch	P,D/F+P		(HM)		??,20
  Double Palm Combo	P,D/F+PP	(HM)M		??,20,26
  TA Bodycheck Combo	P,D/F+P,P+K	(HM)M		??,20,35
 Jab-Armada Kick	PK		(HH)		??,30
  Armada-Mid Combo	PKK		(HH)M		??,30,20
   Armada-Leg Sweep Cmb	PKK,d+K		(HH)ML		??,30,20,15
High Front Kick		K		H		28
 Front-Armada		KK		HH		28,32
 Front-Mid Sweep	K,d+K		HM		28,20
Double Eye Gouge	b+P+K		H		20
Low Double Fist Strike	d/b+P+K		M		34
Turnaway Bodycheck	d+P+K		M		35
Jumping Crescent Kick	S+K		M		35

Collapsing Monkey	S+P		Standing Throw	42
The Common Man's Horse
  has Its Duty		b+S+P		Standing Throw	46
Reversal of Fortune	b+S+P		Wall (b) Throw	0
Pressing Spinfall	d/f+S+P		Standing Throw	20+32
Kneeling Strike		b,f+S+P		Standing Throw	55
The Bent Knee Staggers	ff+S+P
  		or 	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	25+25
The Bent Knee Dominates	ff+S+P		Wall (f) Throw	25+35
Challenge the Hand and
  Strike the Chest	qcf+S+P		Standing Throw	48
>The Fat Prince 
  Ensnares the Fish	b+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>20
>>Fat Prince Combo	ff+S+P		Multithrow (3)	>>32
>>Request the Bodycheck	b,f+S+P		Multithrow (3)	>>28
Uranui-Hijisui		qcb+S+P		Standing Throw	15+47
Takuchuu Treason	S+P		Back Throw	55
Airwalk			ff+S+P
  		or 	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	58
A Knee to the Head
  Opens the Back	qcf+S+P		Back Throw	30+30
Touitsukon		d+S+P		Low Throw	10+20+28
The Lone Gold Chicken	d/b+S+P
  		or 	(jump) d+S+P 	Low Throw	62
Take the Hand		d+S+P
  		or 	(jump) d+S+P 	Low Back Throw	65

Turning Foot Sweep	f,u+S		vs. H Punch	62
Routai-Toutou		f,u+S		vs. H Kick	32+30
Kneeling Attack		f,b+S		vs. M Punch	62
Kneeling Oppression	(wall-b) f,b+S	vs. M Punch	30+42
Revolving Push		b,f+S		vs. M Kick	0
Double Opening Kick	f,d+S		vs. L Punch	62
Embracing Thigh Kick	f,d+S		vs. L Kick	62

Sairetsu		b,u+S		vs. H/M Punch	0
Housei			b,u+S		vs. H/M Kick	0
Risei			b,d+S		vs. L Punch	0
Erasing Push		b,u+S		vs. L Kick	0

Falling Double Strike	u+P+K		Down Attack	18
Earthquake Stomp	d+K		Down Attack	15

Special Moves
Appeal 1 - Salute	b,f,b+S+P+K		Taunt		0
Appeal 2 - Damedame...	dd+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Appeal 3 - Yo-shi	f,b,f+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Appeal 4 - Damedame...	bb+S+P+K	Taunt		0

Tag Throws
Double Dragon Fist	(f/Jann Lee) ff+ALL
Skyscraper- Dragon Kick	(t/Jann Lee) ff+ALL
Tag Kneeling Throw	(f/anyone but Jann Lee) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL
>>Tag Kneeling Crush		"		Wall (b) Variant

Leon -------------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Zack
Secondary Partner: Bass

Basic Arts
Jab			P		H		12
Palm Stamp		d/f+P		M		20
Low Knuckle		d+P		L		5
High Kick		K		H		32
Middle Side Kick 	d/f+K		M		26
Low Kick		d+K		L		12

Turn Back Knuckle	(back) P	H		12
 Smash Hook		(back) PP	HM		12,18
  Smash Upper		(back) PPP	HMM		12,18,22
Turn Bodyblow		(back) d+P	M		15
Turn Low Spin Knuckle	(back) D+P	L		13
Turn Spin Kick		(back) K	H		30
Turn Sidekick		(back) d+K	M		28
Turn Low Spin Kick	(back) D+K	L		25

Assault Down Palm	u/f~P		M		15
Assault Front Kick	u/f~K		M		30
Assault Smash Hook	u/f,P		M		20
Assault Leg Spike	u/f,K		L		25
Air Down Palm		u~P		M		15
Air Front Kick		u~K		M		30
Step Smash Hook		u,P		M		20
Step Leg Spike		u,K		L		25
Trap Smash Hook		u/b,P		M		20
Trap Leg Spike		u/b,K		L		25

Palm Arrow		u/b+P		M		30
Tomahawk Elbow		u/f+P		M		32
Smash Hook		u+P		M		18
 Smash Upper		u+PP		MM		22
To-raa-su Kick		WS+K		H		36
Rising Tomahawk		u/f+K		M		34
Javelin Kick		u+K		H		30
Body Savate		S+K		M		35
Blast Back Knuckle	b+P		H		24
 Blast toraasu		b+P		HH		24,36
 Blast Drive Knee	b+P,f+K 	HM		24,25
Knee Lift		f+K		M		25
Smash			D/F+P		M		25
Heel Hammer		b+K		M		30
Head Bat		P+K		M		25
Arm Grenade		f+P+K		H		38
Flame Knuckle		ff+P		H		30
Shoulder Tackle		b,f+P		M		40
Swing Double Hammer	b+P+K		M		25
 Reverse Double Hammer	b+P+K,P		MM		25,30
Leg Spike		d/b+K		L		25
Body Blow		f+P		M		18
 Stomach Crush		f+PP		(MM)		18,18
  Solid Crush		f+PPP		(MM)M		18,18,25
  Crush Leg Spike	f+PP,d+K	(MM)L		18,18,20
 Stomach Break		f+PK		MM		18,30
Jab			P		H		12
 Jab - Bodyblow		P,f+P		(HM)		12,18
  Rush Savate		P,f+PK		(HM)M		12,18,35
  Rush Leg Spike	P,f+P,d+K	(HM)L		12,18,20
 Jab - High Kick	PK		(HH)		12,30
 Jab - Straight		PP		(HH)		12,12
  Storm Hook		PPP		(HH)M		12,12,28
  Storm Blast Knuckle	PP,b+P		(HH)H		12,12,24
  Storm Savate		PPK		(HH)M		12,12,35
  Storm Upper		PP,d/b+P	(HH)M		12,12,32
High Kick		K		H		32
 Trap Heel Hammer	KK		HM		32,30
 Trap Double Hammer	KP		HM		32,25
  Trap Reverse Hammer	KPP		HMM		32,25,30
Giant Upper		qcb+P		M		32
Side Scimitar		ff+K		L		20
 Scimitar Lock Heel 	ff+KK		LM		20,30
Turn Low Javelin	d+S+K		L		22

Victor Knee Cross Lock	S+P		Standing Throw	45
Neck Hanging Tree	b+S+P		Standing Throw	43
Neck Hanging Blow	b+S+P		Wall (b) Throw	53
Arm Lock		f+S+P
		or	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	48
Firestorm Knee		f+S+P		Wall (f) Throw	55
Pivoting Leg Sweep	b,f+S+P		Standing Throw	45
 Standing Achilles Lock	f,b+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>25
  Reverse Prawn Hold	d+S+P		Multithrow (3)	>>35
Crab Scissors		d/f,d/f+S+P	Catch Throw	42
>STF			dd+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>10+25
Standing Arm Lock	qcb+S+P		Standing Throw	30
>Neck-Arm Gammadion	f,b+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>30
>>DDT			d+S+P		Multithrow (3)	>>45
Windmill Backbreaker	qcf+S+P		Standing Throw	67
Desert Bridge		qcf+S+P		Wall (?) Throw	75
Jumping Arm Cross Lock	S+P		Back Throw	55
Hell Hazard Lock	f+S+P
		or	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	30+30
Sleeper Hold		b,f+S+P		Back Throw	50
>Swing Sleeper		f,b+S+P		Multithrow (2)	40
>Swing Bless Wall	f,b+S+P		Wall (b) Multi	30+20
Side Lock		d+S+P
		or	(jump) d+S+P	Low Throw	40
>Reverse Arm Cross Lock	d+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>20
>>Crazy Crash		dd+S+P		Multithrow (3)	>>8+8+8
Snake Facelock		d/b+S+P		Low Throw
		or	d/b+S+P		Low Back Throw	25+30
>Reverse Arm Lock	d+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>20

Neck Hunting Cross Lock	f,u+S		vs. H Punch	62
Rev. Achilles Tdn Lock	f,u+S		vs. H Kick	30+32
Deathtrap		f,b+S		vs. M Punch	62
Snake Bites		(wall-b) f,b+S	vs. M Punch	72
Jumping Knee Cross Lock	b,f+S		vs. M Kick	62
Rolling Cross Lock	f,d+S		vs. L Punch	62
Cobra Death Lock	f,d+S		vs. L Kick	62

Knee Drop		u+P+K		Down Attack	22
Stomping		d+K		Down Attack	12
Ground Submission	d+S+P		Ground Catch	30

Special Moves?
Appeal: Go to Hell	b,f,b+ALL
Tag Throws
Double Flapjack		(f/Zack) ff+ALL
Double Headbutt		(t/Zack) ff+ALL
Arm Lock - Leg Drop	(t/Bass) ff+ALL
Tag Neck Cross Lock	(f/anyone but Zack) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL
>>Tag Wall Crush		"		Wall (b) Variant

Tina -------------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Bass
Secondary Partner: Zack

Basic Arts
Jab			P		H		10
Upper			d/f+P		M		20
Low Knuckle		d+P		L		5
High Kick		K		H		30
Middle Kick		d/f+K		M		25
Low Kick		d+K		L		12

Turn Spin Knuckle	(back) P	H		13
Turn Middle Knuckle	(back) d+P	M		15
Turn Low Knuckle	(back) D+P	L		10
Turn Spin Kick		(back) K	H		30
Turn Sidekick		(back) d+K	M		28
Turn Low Kick		(back) D+K	L		15
Turn Savate		(back) S+K	H		38
Moonsault Attack	(back) P+K	M/G		35

Front Fist Drop		u/f~P		M		15
Drop Kick		u/f~K		M		35
Front Step Hammer	u/f,P		M		25
Kangaroo Knee Kick	u/f,K		M		30
Flying Fist Drop	u~P		M		15
Branching Kick		u~K		M		30
Step Hammer		u,P		M		25
Kangaroo Knee Step	u,K		M		30
Back Step Hammer	u/b,P		M		25
Back Step Low Drop	u/b,K		L		25

Px - From Jab or Turn Spin Knuckle
 Jab - High Kick	PK		(HH)		??,30
 Jab - Straight		PP		(HH)		??,13
  Machine Gun Middle	PPK		(HH)M		??,13,25
  Machine Gun Elbow	PPP		(HH)H		??,13,22
   Machine Gun Knee	PPPK		(HH)HM		??,13,22,30
Knuckle Arrow		u/b+P		M		33
Blazing Chop		u+P		M		28
Backhand Elbow		u/f+P		H		22
 Back Elbow - Knee	u/f+PP		HM		22,30
Double Hammer		b+P		M		25
Low Spin Knuckle	d/f+P		L		18
Elbow			f+P		M		18
 Elbow - Back Knuckle	f+PP		(MM)		18,20
  Infinity Combo	f+PPP		(MM)M		18,20,30
  Ultimate Combo	f+PPK		(MM)M		18,20,25
  Spin Knuckle Combo	f+PP,d+P 	(MM)L		18,20,18
  Low Drop Combo	f+PP,d+K 	(MM)L		18,20,22
Dashing Upper		ff+P		M		25
 Double Upper		ff+PP		MM		25,20
  Combo Drop Kick	ff+PPK		MMM		25,20,31
Tina Special		ff+P+K		M		50
Vertical Back Chop	D/F+P		M		22
 Vertical Hammer	D/F+PP		(MM)		22,25
Dolphin Upper		d/f,d/f+P	M		25
Rolling Elbow		QCF+P		M		30
High Kick		K		H		30
 Ankle Spin Kick	KK		HH		30,30
Middle Kick		d/f+K		M		25
 Double Middle Kick	d/f+KK		MM		25,25
Step Kick		u/f+K		H		26
Back Brain Kick		u/b+K		H		45
Drop Kick		u+K		M		40
Front Step Kick		ff+K		M		38
Jumping Knee Pat	f+K		M		30
 Knee - Hammer		f+KP		MM		30,25
Turn Low Kick		D+K		L		15
 Alley Kick		D+KK		LL		15,25
  Double Alley Kick	D+KKK		LLL		15,25,28
Crash Knee		d/f,d/f+K 	M		28
Dancing Doll Kick	S+K		H		32
Shoulder Tackle		b,f+P		M		40
Short Range Lariat	P+K		H		34
Elbow Suicida		f+P+K		M		35
Rolling Sabot		b+K		M		24
Front Roll Kick		f+S+K		M		30
Low Drop Kick		f+S+K		L		25
Moonsault Press		b+P+K		M/G		35

Death Valley Bomb	P+G		Standing Throw	45
Body Slam		f+S+P		Standing Throw	43
>Texas Driver		>d+S+P		Multithrow (x)	50
Bust Cyclone		f+S+P		Wall (F) Throw	45+15
Frankensteiner		b+S+P
		or	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	48
Hammer Throw		ff+S+P		Standing Throw	0
>Japan Ocean Suplex	>S+P		Multithrow (x)	58
Bust J.O.S.		ff+S+P		Wall (B) Throw	40+30
Tackle			b,f+S+P		Catch Throw	35
Oki-Agari Tackle	(FD/FA) S+P	Catch Throw	35
>Tackle - Giant Swing	hcf+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>45
Piledriver		f,b+S+P		Standing Throw	50
>Rev. "Gorii" Bomb	d+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>20
>>Skytwister Press	d,u+S+P		Multithrow (3)	>>35
Flying Mare		QCB+S+P		Standing Throw	48
>Surfboard-Style Lock	>b,f+S+P	Multithrow (2)	>20
>>Japan Ocean Suplex	>>d,u+S+P	Multithrow (3)	>>37
Fisherman's Suplex	HCF+S+P		Standing Throw	68
Japan Ocean Cyclone	D,f,b+S+P	Standing Throw	80
German Suplex		S+P		Back Throw	50
>Double Break		>d+S+P		Multithrow (2)	>20
Release German Suplex	f+S+P 		
		or	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	60
Bust Suplex		f+S+P 		Back Wall (b)	70
Full Nelson		f,b+S+P		Back Throw	40
>Dragon Suplex		>f,b+S+P	Multithrow (2)	>30
Bass Bomb		d+S+P
		or	(jump) d+S+P	Low Throw	43
>Trans-Four Leg Lock	>d,d+S+P	Multithrow (2)	>20
Double Arm Suplex	d/b+S+P		Low Throw	10+45
>Tiger Driver		>d+S+P		Multithrow (x)	10+55
Japan Ocean Bomb	d/f,d/f+S+P	Low Throw	70
Neck Crasher		d+S+P		
		or	(jump) d+S+P  	Low Back Throw	10+60

Locking Hammer		f,u+S		vs. H punches	62
Spring Leg Lock		f,u+S		vs. H kicks	30+32
Arm Whip		f,b+S		vs. M punches	62
Dragon Screw		b,f+S		vs. M kicks	45
>Figure 4 Leglock	dd+S		Multihold (2)	>35
Rolling Cross Lock	f,d+S		vs. L punches	62
Leg Split		f,d+S		vs. L kicks	62

Hip Drop		u+P+K		Down Attack	22
Elbow Drop		d+P		Down Attack	12

Special Moves
Appeal: "Come on!"	b,f,b+S+P+K	0
Appeal: Guts Pose	dd+S+P+K	25
Front Roll		d+P+K		-

Tag Throws
Spike Tombstone		(f/Bass) ff+ALL
Double Armstrong Buster	(t/Bass) ff+ALL
Bombe de la Rougeau	(t/Zack) ff+ALL
Iron Claw - Skytwister	(f/Bass) qcf+ALL
Double Lariat		(t/Bass) qcf+ALL
Tag Arm Drag		(f/anyone but Bass) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL

Zack -------------------------------------------------------------------

Primary Partner: Leon
Secondary Partner: Tina

Basic Arts
Jab			P		H		10
Upper			d/f+P		M		20
Low Knuckle		d+P		L		5
High Kick		K		H		28
Middle Kick		d/f+K		M		20
Te Ran			d+K		L		12

Turn Knuckle		(back) P	H		13
Turn Elbow		(back) d+P	M		20
Turn Low Knuckle	(back) D+P	L		10
Turn Heel Kick		(back) K	H		30
Turn Upper Kick		(back) d+K	M		28
Turn Low Spin Kick	(back) D+K	L		30
Turn Sok Club		(back) b+P	H		28
Turn Spinning Heel Kick	(back) b+K	M		25

Leap Down Blow		u/f~P		M		15
Leap Side Kick		u/f~K		M		30
Forward Step Elbow	u/f,P		M		30
Forward Step Knee	u/f,K		M		30
Air Down Blow		u~P		M		15
Air Side Kick		u~K		M		30
Step Elbow		u,P		M		30
Step Knee Kick		u,K		M		30
Feint Elbow		u/b,P		H		28
Feint Middle Spin	u/b,K		M		35

Rising Head Spring	(rising) F+K	-		0
 Spring Heel		(rising) F+K,K	M		18+25

Hell Needle		u+P		M		25
Ti Sok Bon		d/b+P		M		28
Rising Heel Kick	u+K		H		30
Sok Club		qcf+P		H		28
 Double Impact		qcf+PP		HM		28,25
 Spinning Heel Kick	qcf+PK		HM		28,25
Tei Sok Tron		f+P		M		18
 Double Sok		f+PP		MM		18,28
 Elbow Middle Kick	f+PK		MM		18,10
  Elbow Double Middle	f+PKK		M(MM)		18,10,10
   Elbow Triple Middle	f+PKKK		M(MMM)		18,10,10,10
    Inferno Rush	f+PKKKK		M(MMMM)M	18,10,10,10,15
Tei Sok Ran		ff+P		M		25
Half Spin High Kick	b+K		H		28
 Half Spin Sook Club	b+KP		HH		28,28
 Half Spin Heel Kick	b+KK		HM		28,25
Tei Kau Tron		f+K		M		25
 Gatling Knee		f+KK		MM		25,25
Heat Sunrise		u/b+K		M		42
Tamborine Kick		bb+K		M		28
 Tamborine Heel		bb+KK		MM		18,18+25
Sway Blow		u/b+P		H		12
Px Combos from Sway Blow, Jab or Turn Knuckle
 Jab - High Kick	PK		HH	 	??,28
  Jab - High Turn Heel	PKK		HHM	 	??,28,26
   Jab - High Triple 	PKKK		HHMH	 	??,28,26,30
    Boost Rush		PKKKK		HHMHM	 	??,28,26,30,32
 Jab - Straight		PP		(HH)	 	??,11
  Vulcan Flame		PPP		(HH)H	 	??,11,28
   Mebius Rush	  	PPPK		(HH)HM	 	??,11,28,25
  Vulcan Middle Kick	PPK		(HH)M	 	??,11,10
   Vulcan Double Middle PPKK		(HH)(MM) 	??,11,10,10
    Vulcan Triple Mid  	PPKKK		(HH)(MMM)	??,11,10,10,10
     Mad Beast		PPKKKK  	(HH)(MMM)M	??,11,10,10,10,15
  Vulcan Low Kick	PP,d+K		(HH)L		??,11,10
   Vulcan Double Low	PP,D+KK		(HH)(LL)	??,11,10,10
    Vulcan Triple Low	PP,D+KKK	(HH)(LLL)	??,11,10,10,10
     Mad Hound		PP,D+KKKK	(HH)(LLL)L	??,11,10,10,10,15
  Vulcan Knee Kick	PP,f+K		(HH)M		??,11,35
  Vulcan Edge		PP,f+P		(HH)M		??,11,15
   Genocide Rush	PP,f+PK		(HH)MM		??,11,15,25
   Devil's Rush		PP,f+PP		(HH)MM		??,11,15,20
  Vulcan Fake		PP,b		(HH)-		??,11,-
   Fake Spinning Middle	PP,b,K		(HH)M		??,11,25
Upper			d/f+P		M		20
 Hell Smash		D/F+PP  	(MM)		20,20
  Heaven Smash		D/F+PPP		(MM)M		20,20,30
Slam Knuckle		b+P		H		26
High Kick		K		H		28
 High Turn Heel Kick	KK		HM		28,26
  High Turn Triple	KKK		HMH		28,26,30
   Mephisto Rush	KKKK		HMHM		28,26,30,32
Middle Kick		d/f+K		M		20
 Double Middle Kick	d/f+KK		MM		20,10
  Triple Middle Kick	d/f+KKK		M(MM)		20,10,10
   Middle Kick Rush	d/f+KKKK	M(MMM)		20,10,10,10
    Demon Rush		d/f+KKKKK	M(MMM)M		20,10,10,10,15
Te Ran			d+K		L		12
 Double Low Kick	D+KK		LL		12,10
  Triple Low Kick	D+KKK		L(LL)		12,10,10
   Low Kick Rush	D+KKKK		L(LLL)		12,10,10,10
    Barrier Rush	D+KKKKK		L(LLL)L		12,10,10,10,15
 Te Ran Straight	d+KP		LH		12,11
  Tricky Middle Kick	d+KPK		LHM		12,11,10
   Tricky Double Middle	d+KPKK		LH(MM)		12,11,10,10
    Tricky Triple Mid	d+KPKKK		LH(MMM)		12,11,10,10,10
     Tricky Beast	d+KPKKKK	LH(MMM)M	12,11,10,10,10,15
  Tricky Low Kick	d+KP,d+K	LHL		12,10,10
   Tricky Double Low	d+KP,D+KK	LH(LL)		12,10,10,10
    Tricky Triple Low	d+KP,D+KKK	LH(LLL)		12,10,10,10,10
     Tricky Hound	d+KP,D+KKKK	LH(LLL)L	12,10,10,10,10,15
  Vulcan Elbow		d+KPP		LHH		12,10,28
   Mebius Rush		d+KPPK		LHHM		12,10,28,25
  Vulcan Knee Kick	d+KP,f+K	LHM		12,10,35
  Vulcan Edge		d+KP,f+P	LHM		12,10,15
   Genocide Rush	d+KP,f+PK	LHMM		12,10,15,25
  Vulcan Fake		d+KP,b		LH-		12,10
   Fake Spinning Middle	d+KP,b,K	LHM		12,10,25
Zack Tornado		d+S+K		L		20
Spinning Middle Kick	S+K		M		32
Twister Upper		d/f+P+K		M		40
Kau Roy			ff+K		M		35
Flying Knee Kick	f+P+K		[MH]		[25,25]
Devil's Upper		d/f,d/f+P	M		20
 Devil's Elbow		d/f,d/f+P,f+P	MH		20,35
Vertical Axe		P+K		M		25
Airwalk			ff+P+K		M		55
Raising Knee		d/f,d/f+K	M		28
 Overhead Kick		d/f,d/f+KK	MM		28,35
Turn Bazooka		b,f+P		M		45

Wild Throw		S+P		Standing Throw	40
Stunner			b+S+P		Standing Throw	45
Go Ko Tei Kau		f,b+S+P		Standing Throw	10+10+30
Nightmare Stand 	f,b+S+P		Wall * throw	15+15+30
Hard Rush		d/f,d/f+S+P	
		or	(jump) S+P	Standing Throw	12+12+38
Splash Dunk		qcf+S+P		Standing Throw	15+15+35
Fly Bo Deing		qcf+S+P		Wall * Throw	30+10+10+10+10

Neck Hunting		S+P		Back Throw	55
Violence Beat		b+S+P
		or	(jump) S+P	Back Throw	12+12+12+25

Beast Fang		d+S+P
		or	(jump) d+S+P	Low Throw	57
Heartbreaker		d/b+S+P		Low Throw	60
Reverse Beast Fang	d+S+P
		or	(jump) d+S+P	Low Back Throw	63

Topaz Blow		f,u+S		vs. H Punch	18+20+20
Slash Elbow		f,u+S		vs. H Kick	18+20+20
Cross Bazooka		f,b+S		vs. M Punch	58
Heel Edge		b,f+S		vs. M Kick	26+30
Funky Elbow		f,d+S		vs. L Punch	58
Dust Stamp		f,d+S		vs. L Kick	58

Foot Stamp		u+P+K		Down Attack	20
 Stepping Wave		u+P+K,bf+P+K	Movement	20,-
Wild Heel		d+K		Down Attack	10

Appeal: Wave		bfb+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Appeal: "Nande yanen!"	dd+S+P+K	Taunt		0
Fake Roll		qcf+S		Taunt		0

Tag Throws
Double Headbutt		(f/Leon) ff+ALL
Double Flapjack		(t/Leon) ff+ALL
Bombe de la Rougeau	(f/Tina) ff+ALL
Tag Funky Elbow		(f/anyone but Leon/Tina) ff+ALL
		or	(f/anyone) b+ALL

Thanks ---------------------------------------------------------------------

We would like to thank everybody who contributed to this FAQ. In particular
those who play in the Crescent street arcade in downtown Montreal:

Banshee, Donald, Frank and all the others (your names will be here in the
next version).

Also Three-11, U-N-C-L-E and the Faceless Master.

Most of all though I (al-x) would like to thank Big Cat (Jon Tanaka) for his 
insanely obsessive devotion and contributions to the fighting game genre and 
for single-handedly producing this FAQ from scratch, annnnnd for ALWAYS being
up for a couple of rounds of anything (except Soul Calibur hehe).

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