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        TENCHU 2 WALKTHROUGH 0.18 © 2000 Rob Larson [[email protected]]

 1.  UPDATES        4.  WALKTHROUGH    7.  ITEM LIST      10.  CREDITS
 2.  QUESTIONS      5.  M. EDITOR      8.  CODES


08/21/00  Version 0.10 – Set all of the sections up.

08/30/00  Version 0.18


Q. How do I execute a jump while in midair I'm able to spin and land facing
   the other direction?

A. Tap down, up, and then X.  This has to be done quickly to work.

Q. When I go to Shiunsai's house on The Training Course nothing happens, what
   am I doing wrong?

A. You're likely visiting the wrong house.  There's another house that looks
   like Shiunsai's, but is not.  Shiunsai's house is on the cliff.  You must
   use your grappling hook to reach it.  From the start of the level, turn
   180° and run straight until you reach a wall.  Use the grappling hook here.

Q. How am I to earn the rank of Grand Master?

A. Kill every enemy on the stage without being seen once.  If you have a
   differing opinion, feel free to tell me about it.

Q. On which level do I get so and so item for earning Grand Master?

A. The items have no correlation with any particular level, they are given
   after earning the rank a certain number of times.  The Grand Master totals
   are cumulative between multiple characters.  Say, if you earn Grand Master
   on Rikimaru's training course and Ayame's, that counts as two and you will
   be given sleeping gas as a reward.

Q. How do I unsheathe the sword on Tatsumaru's back?

A. Find JDrake's in-depth "Stealth Kill FAQ" at GameFAQs.  Then find the
   section on Tatsumaru and read about stealth kill #7.  I think that might
   answer your question.

Q. How do I beat Rikimaru's last stage, The Sea Battle?

A. I get this question a lot, ok only twice actually.  As you may or may not
   have noticed, I'm currently working on The Temple of Dreams.  I'm working
   as fast as I can, dammit!  Have patience.

Q. How do I decapitate people?

A. Assuming you're question pertains to Tenchu 2, I think it's random, but
   that's just my take on it.  And since this seems to be a hot topic, I
   intend on following every lead until I uncover the truth!  If you have any
   information regarding this mystery, please let me know.

Q. Do you know how to do the eight stealth kill?

A. To be quite honest, I've never been interested in which stealth kill I'm
   doing so long as it's a stealth kill.  If you want to learn more about
   what they look like and such, read JDrake's "Stealth Kill FAQ."  According
   to his guide it's nothing more than stealth kill #1 with decapitation.

 3.  BASICS:

-  Watch your ki meter.  Generally, a ki rating below 50 is a safe distance.

-  If your ki reads "!?" wait until the enemies give up searching to resume.

-  When you are seen, the guards actively search for you.  Naturally, this
   will disturb their usual patterns.

-  When you use the grappling hook, try to position your character parallel
   to the desired target for a much greater chance of grabbing on.

-  If you attack an enemy at close range, you may bump them, alerting them of
   your presence.

-  If you have your sword sheathed, you can press attack to unsheathe and
   stealth kill in one fluid motion.

-  When you block an enemy's attack, counter with a forward lunge to close
   the gap.

-  If your back is facing the enemy, there are many maneuvers you can
   execute, i.e. reverse roll, back flip, 180° reverse attack or a 180° jump.

-  For whatever reason, you can't drag a headless enemy.

-  Animals don't count as stealth kills nor will they count as being spotted,
   but if they see you, they'll alert other enemies that will.

-  To clarify, whenever I list a cardinal point I'm assuming up on the level
   map is north and so on.


  A kill-by-kill itinerary designed to turn the Thug into the Grand Master!!

CHARACTER:  Rikimaru

Newly appointed Azuma ninja.  Rikimaru is extremely loyal to his master, Lord 
Gohda.  As in the first game, he isn't as light-footed as Ayame, but counter-
balances this weakness with physical strength and a greater reach.  The ninja 
sword is his weapon of choice.

                             THE TRAINING COURSE

ITEMS:  1 Healing Potion, 5 Shuriken

After you have completed the four basics tutorials, proceed to Shiunsai's 
house on the cliff.  Shiunsai thinks you have much to learn before becoming a 
full-fledged ninja, so he drops you into a heavily guarded cave beneath his 

Past the torches, jump up the stone impediment and immediately press against 
the left wall.  Slide along the wall until the first enemy is within sight.  
When the enemy faces the wall, dash towards him and attack.  Kill 1/9.

Sheath your sword and climb the step.  Jump up and latch onto the wood wall.  
Run to the end.  Crouching, peer over the edge.  Below lies a meandering 
enemy.  Attack from behind.  Kill 2/9.

Use your grappling hook and climb the wall leading out of the pit.  In the 
narrow passage, press against the left wall upon entering.  Watch for the 
enemy in the next room.  Roll forward when the coast is clear.  Hide behind 
this wall until the moment to attack presents itself.  Use the L1 button to 
look around the wall if necessary.  Kill 3/9.

Note the panels with distinct outlines, six in total.  They are pressure 
sensitive pitfalls, plus they make a loud noise.  Avoid them altogether by 
using the long jump.  Going up this slope you'll face another trap.  Arrows 
will fire from the holes in the wall when you pass them.  They only do 5 
points of damage apiece, nothing serious, but they do alert the enemies of 
your presence.  Try your best to avoid them.  Looking down from this ledge, 
wait for the enemy and pounce.  Kill 4/9.

Advancing forward, take a long jump to traverse this furrow.  Entering it 
will activate a poisonous gas, which will inflict moderate damage.  Ahead 
you'll see a conspicuous mound of dirt.  It is indeed a mine and will cause 
considerable damage upon detonating, plus it will be a dead giveaway to the 
nearby enemy.  Passing the edge of the wall, crouch immediately and don't 
make any sudden movements.  If he sees you, back away slowly.  When he walks 
away from you, start your run without delay and attack.  Kill 5/9.

Notice the wooden arrow pointing up.  Return to that in a second, but first 
take a little detour.  Continue forward, past the arrow, then right and up 
the slope.  Move along the right wall to avoid the spear at the end.  Face 
the hole in the wall.  Look up and grapple.  When you enter, turn right.  
Sneak along the right wall.  Move all of the way to the edge.  There's an 
enemy shortly beyond, an easy kill really.  Kill 6/9.

Don't drop down here, if you'd look, you'll see it leads to the sinking 
panels.  Turn around.  When returning to the ground below, jump away from the 
left wall to avoid the spear.  Return to the arrow between the torches.  It's 
pointing to a thin platform above.  Grapple up and run to the second arrow.  
This arrow points down.  It's a long ways down.  Swim towards the shallow 
water and follow that path.  In this deep pool, go under and travel through 
the semi-hidden tunnel to the right.  You'll soon reach an opening, pass it.  
Surface in the second opening, next to the platform with an enemy.  Kill 7/9.

Don't return to the water.  Facing the second opening, walk alongside the 
left wall to the water's edge where the platform meets the wall at an angle.  
Take a look to the upper left.  When the enemy has his back turned, climb up 
and wait behind this step if need be.  Then spring up.  Kill 8/9.

Walk past the stone pillar and to the ledge, gazing into the final room of 
the training course.  If you've gone this far undetected, wait it out.  The 
enemy below will show vulnerability, attack when he does.  Kill 9/9.

Walk through the giant door to claim your prize.  Rikimaru receives his ninja 
diploma from Shiunsai and is now ready for serious missions and combat.

                             THE GANG OF THIEVES

SUGGESTED ITEM:  1 Healing Potion

Run towards the boulder.  Avoid sounding any alarms.  Keep running in this 
direction.  Turn 45° to the right.  You should see a small house with a large 
opening and an enemy inside.  Crouch on the edge just beyond the rock.  Wait 
a few seconds for him to lose his guard and nap some more.  Once asleep, 
approach the enemy.  Unsheathe your blade and release one swift strike.  Kill 

Sheath your blade and step back outside.  Pivot approximately 45°.  Head for 
the dirt mound next to a house.  Using the mound as cover, wait for the enemy 
on the rooftop to turn his back on you.  Run in and use your grappling hook.  
Hang onto the edge until ready.  Hoist yourself up and attack.  Kill 2/10.

On the rooftop, look for the neatly stacked pile of logs next to a watch-
tower.  Drop off of the roof and run towards the watchtower.  Grapple up to 
the very top, which may take a couple of tries.  Wait for the right moment, 
then spring your attack on the unsuspecting archer.  Kill 3/10.

Jump off of the side opposite the logs.  Run towards the fenced house and 
from there to the overturned tree.  Fall into the ravine along the right side 
of the tree and run to end.  I'd advise approaching from an angle.  Either 
way, crouch when you reach the end.  Use L1 to peer over the tree.  You 
should spot an enemy moving in a circular path every once in a while stopping 
to make a turn.  Wait for him to walk close by, as close as he'll get, then 
run out and attack before he moves again.  Kill 4/10.

From this point, turn 90° to the left.  Locate the well and run after it, but 
not blindly, keep a close eye on the maid.  If she sees you she'll cry for 
help, alerting the enemy.  When the coast is clear, reach the well and crouch 
behind it.  Facing west, roll right.  This enemy, like most, has a severe 
case of tunnel vision.  Roll forward until you are positioned directly behind 
the trunk.  From this vantage point you can watch the enemy all day and he'll 
never notice you.  The enemy will turn his back on numerous occasions.  Pick 
one and come at him slicing.  Kill 5/10.

Directly north of the well you'll find a house and an unmanned tower, perfect 
cover for the next kill.  Slide between the two structures and press against 
the house.  Peer over the right corner.  Examine the enemy located by a tree 
and in front of a bridge.  He won't move, only turn periodically.  Wait for 
the critical moment when his back is turned.  Kill 6/10.

Cross the bridge and continue running straight in a beeline.  Halt next to 
the large tree.  Use your grappling hook on the tower in front of you.  Hang 
onto the sides until ready.  This enemy may see you if you attack carelessly.  
The best strategy is to wait at the center, and pull yourself up when he 
starts walking.  Enemies are notorious for their lack of peripheral vision. 
Then do your magic.  Kill 7/10.

From this bird's-eye view, you can see an enemy patrolling due east.  This is 
another easy kill.  Wait for the hapless bandit to wander in your direction.  
When he turns to walk away, leap off and launch your attack.  Kill 8/10.

Spin around 180° and head directly west of the tower.  Jump over the fence 
and immediately begin a crouching roll.  The enemy in the distance is 
guarding the entrance to the Shinto shrine.  Roll along the stone wall to the 
right.  When he's walking to the left, make that final stretch to the edge.  
Grab on and climb up when he turns his head.  Kill 9/10.

Return to the shadows along the right wall.  Make your way up the incline and 
step into the recess in the hill.  Use L1 to peer over the hump.  You'll be 
able to see the enemy's head, all that you need.  All he does is turn.  When 
the time is right, jump forward and attack.  Kill 10/10.

The entire village is now clear of common thieves and bandits.  Walk up to 
the doors of the shrine.  Don't bother sheathing your sword before entering, 
you'll need it:

BOSS:  Garan

A good offense is a good defense.  Don't bother holding down to block.  I 
advise hitting attack as the battle starts because that extra second can give 
you the upper hand.  After he falls, be prepared to resume attacking when he 
gains his bearings.  If you can't keep him actively blocking, he'll use 
various tricks like smoke bombs and grenades to punish you.  If he gets into 
a groove, you're dead.

                           TREASON AT GOHDA CASTLE

SUGGESTED ITEM:  1 Healing Potion

Walk through the doorway to your right.  The majority of this room is a 
flaming inferno.  Circumnavigate the rubble, then climb the stairs.  At the 
top of the stairs, make your way from room to room until you reach a dead 
end.  Slice at the wall panel with the crisscross pattern.  It will shatter, 
revealing a room, and an enemy inside.  Kill 1/15.

The left path leads to a dead end so take a right.  Ignore and pass the 
staircase.  Then turn left.  Crouch and roll into the room.  Attack the enemy 
near the doorway.  Kill 2/15.

Take a right into the vacant room.  The following room has a staircase to the 
left and an enemy to the right.  The enemy will pace back and forth, entering 
and exiting the room.  Standing in the doorway is a safe distance.  When he 
swivels to exit, run and attack.  Kill 3/15.

Go through the right opening, disregarding the staircase for now.  Traveling 
all of the way down this corridor will lead to another dead end, so go into 
the door along the right wall almost immediately upon entry.  This room is 
useless, take a left.  Destroy the flimsy barrier here and as you enter, turn 
left.  Wait for the guard beyond the stairs to turn away.  Kill 4/15.

Return to the staircase a few rooms prior.  Climb these stairs.  It takes you 
to an intersection.  First, take the path with a corpse in the entrance.  
Drop to a crouch as you cross the fire along the left side.  Inch towards the 
enemy.  If he walks towards you, recede.  There's a certain distance where 
you can see them and they can't see you.  Kill 5/15.

Backtrack to the intersection and take the other path.  Cautiously enter this 
area because the enemy here is quite enigmatic.  He can be in the first room 
or he can be in the second.  Kill 6/15.

Take a left at the room with the amazingly obvious pitfall at the center.  
Hide in the right corner between a torch and the wall.  Look into the hall-
way.  An enemy will walk into view from the right side, stop, turn full 
circle and walk to the left.  As he starts his walk left, run out and attack.  
Kill 7/15.

Taking a right will lead to a plethora of tripwires, so take the left route, 
with all of the flaming debris in the corner.  Crouch when you reach the 
rails, preferably adjacent to the rails.  An enemy stands in wait just beyond 
the stairs.  Kill 8/15.

Pass the broken staircase and the entrance [leads back to the intersection].  
Take a right turn at the end of the hall.  This enemy is prone to staring 
contests with the wall, but don't take his idiocy for granted.  Slowly sneak 
up and attack.  Kill 9/15.

Walk under the fallen rafter.  Enter the doorway to your immediate right.  
Don't proceed any further than that.  There is an enemy beyond the hall in a 
small room.  Wait for him to turn away and attack.  Kill 10/15.

While in this room, break the box in the corner for a hidden healing potion.  
Walk down the hallway to another paper barrier.  Smash through and climb the 
stairs.  Pass through these empty rooms and into a new hallway.  Turn left.  
You should see a staircase protruding past the wall.  Run towards that, then 
crouch at the foot of the stairs and steadily move forward.  Wait for the 
enemy to walk away from the second set of stairs on the platform.  Then dash 
up the stairs and attack.  Kill 11/15.

There is a smoke bomb to attain directly under this platform, but there are 
also tripwires.  I advise picking up the item and waiting for the surveil-
lance mode to pass.  Instead of continuing forward, a semi-risky maneuver, 
backtrack and take the other hall.  Climb the first set of stairs and then 
the second.  While crouching, move forward until you spot the enemy.  Kill 

Take a right; drop down next to the box.  Press against the wall.  This may 
be the hardest stealth kill on this stage, so bide your time.  The enemy will 
be walking possibly close to the door and around fire hazards.  If you light 
yourself on fire, it will alert everyone of your presence.  Kill 13/15.

Don't get careless.  The other enemy is perched between the two staircases.  
Grapple up and hang onto the ledge until his back is facing you.  Kill 14/15.

Rushing up these stairs will only get you into trouble.  Don't let Rikimaru 
rise above ground level.  Crouch at the end of the stairs and take a good 
look around the room.  The enemy is usually positioned roughly to the right 
of entry and sometimes hides in the corners.  Kill 15/15

Climb the stairs.  Before walking any further, draw your weapon and prepare 
for battle:

BOSS:  Gohda Motohide

Not as crafty as Garan, but he's still lethal with both gun and sword.  If 
you are within reaching distance, he'll use his sword.  Parry his sword 
attacks.  It's when you back away he'll pull out his gun and take a shot at 
you, so stay on the offensive whenever possible.  Reduce his life to around 
50 to win.

                             LORD TODA'S WAR CAMP

SUGGESTED ITEM:  1 Healing Potion

You start this level amidst a downpour.  An enemy stands directly in front of 
you, but he can't see you.  Pivot 90° to the left.  Run behind the tree and 
past the torch.  To your right is a boxed enclosure.  The entrance is located 
at this corner.  Enter, but be careful not to trip the alarm.  Follow the 
left wall.  Hide behind the outer edge of the north wall, peering out of the 
second entrance.  As the enemy walks away from the torch, run out and attack 
from behind.  Kill 1/13.

Hide this corpse, preferably in the last boxed enclosure.  North of the last 
encounter is the second boxed enclosure.  Enter through the corner here.  In 
this room lie two boxes.  Again, follow the left wall.  Turn to the right as 
you reach the torch and move forward.  Watch the enemy from this corner exit 
and attack.  Kill 2/13.

Walk along the right of the fence, which also happens to be the level 
boundary.  Continue straight until you reach a wall.  The wall is slightly 
inclined so you can use it as a ramp.  Walk up until you are on a level plain 
with the next enemy to the left.  Wait for the enemy to walk to the edge.  
Then run parallel to the roof and attack.  Again, be careful of the alarms 
rigged along the ground and hidden in the grass.  Kill 3/13.

Stash the body away from the watchtower.  Preferably between the house and 
the wall.  Face the house now and drop off if not already.  Run right, past 
the torch.  At the fence corner is a slope.  Climb the slope, grapple up the 
watchtower.  Gaze over the northwest corner.  An enemy patrols below.  He'll 
walk around the tree stump counterclockwise.  Drop off of the corner as he 
splits the stump and torch.  Kill 4/13.

It would be a wise move to drag this body down a ways, away from the enemy 
close by.  Due west of the watchtower lies a large tree.  Run to the stump 
from the west.  Hide behind and look beyond the left side.  An enemy clad in 
red is standing at the corner of a hill.  Wait for him to turn away and rush 
up on him.  Kill 5/13.

More often than not, these red enemies carry items such as grenades, smoke 
bombs, caltrops, and shuriken so check each one by crouching as you dispatch 
them.  Backtrack to the tree and from here, north to the woodpiles.  On the 
right side of these piles, facing the wall, jump up to the ledge.  Hoist 
yourself up behind the wood barricade.  From this vantage point you can watch 
the enemy as he walks around.  There's another boxed enclosure to the north 
and a red enemy to the left.  When the closest enemy walks to the right 
spring out and attack.  Make sure the red enemy can't see you.  Kill 6/13.

Drag this body behind the barricade where it can't be found even by the most 
discerning eye.  To the right is another set of barricades.  From the torch, 
run to the first barricade.  If the coast is clear, which it should be, run 
to the second.  Stand by the right edge.  Wait for the enemy to arrive.  He 
won't be able to see you here, even if you are standing.  He'll stop near the 
stump to make a turn.  When he does, attack.  Kill 7/13.

Run north a short ways.  Stop when you reach the manned watchtower and 
grapple up the eastern wall.  If you attack from the center, you may startle 
the guard before you kill him.  I advise attacking from a corner.  Kill 8/13.

Drop off of the south side of the watchtower, near an entrance to the boxed 
enclosure.  Keeping an eye on the red enemy, scramble to the next watchtower.  
Hide behind the eastern wall.  Hide behind the wall, but not to the edge or 
you risk being spotted.  Position the camera between this wall and the white 
wall with black stripes.  When the enemy walks a step past the torch, run out 
and attack.  Don't be fooled, if he stops before the torch, he'll turn around 
and you'll be caught in the act.  Kill 9/13.

Quickly stash this body behind the south wall of the nearest watchtower.  
Directly west of the tower is an elevated platform.  Climb to the highest 
point for a boxed item [I forget which].  Note that this area is littered 
with alarms, so tread with caution.  Face south, walk down the slope until 
you encounter an enemy, another immobile enemy.  Using the trees as cover, 
wait for him to turn.  Kill 10/13.

Return to the tower.  Stand just beyond the west wall and a step or two 
south.  Look directly north.  An enemy will stop between a house and a wood 
barricade.  He'll be standing on a hill facing you.  When he turns to walk 
away, it's safe to attack.  Kill 11/13.

Take cover behind the barricade.  An enemy patrols in the open field to the 
right.  If the enemy is out of sight, make a dash for the tree a short ways 
northeast.  Hide behind the tree until the enemy is to the right, adjacent to 
the barricades and turns to walk north.  Kill 12/13.

Do NOT approach the entrance to Toda's barracks, it will activate the boss 
battle and there's still one enemy left alive.  So, face the right and run 
past the barricades.  Running along the right wall of Toda's, reach the large 
tree.  Contrary to the mission tips, grappling up the tree will cause more 
problems than it's worth.  Look around the trunk for the final enemy.  When 
the enemy faces the northeast corner near the trail, attack.  Kill 13/13.

Check the corpse for items.  You've killed all of Toda's men!  Now enter 
Toda's fort, through the entrance with two torches:

BOSS:  The Red Sparrow

He has a lot of gimmicks up his sleeves.  He'll toss knives, grenades and 
smoke bombs at you.  Unlike the previous boss battles, you aren't restricted 
by anything, but the level boundaries.  You have a large plain to work with, 
so use it to your advantage.  My favorite use is the barricades in front of 
Toda's.  He'll try to walk over them, each time slicing at him with a sword.  
It's cheap, but really effective.  When you see him use a smoke bomb, back 
flip immediately.  Reduce his life below 100 to win.

                                DEMON MOUNTAIN

SUGGESTED ITEMS:  1 Healing Potion, 4-5 Shuriken

You start the level at the base of Demon Mountain.  Run north to the stone.  
Facing the box, grapple up to the first ledge.  Now grapple up to the next 
ledge and hang on.  This enemy covers two platforms.  Wait for him to turn 
his back on you.  The ideal moment to attack is when he goes to climb the 
step.  Kill 1/22.

Climb up the stepping platform.  Look up for a mossy ledge.  Use your 
grappling hook to reach it.  From here, face west and grapple to the next 
platform.  You should arrive at a series of graduated steps.  Climb up the 
first of these, then hang onto the ledge at the enemy's feet.  Kill 2/22.

Get on the bridge.  Walk almost to the end.  A few steps from the end at 
least.  The enemy will be in front of you.  He'll stop at the stone, turn 
right, and face you.  When he turns left, run towards him immediately and 
attack.  Kill 3/22.

Left of the vacated house and cherry blossoms is a platform beyond the ledge.  
Fall opposite the stone.  Any further right will inexplicably trigger an 
avalanche, so avoid moving in that direction.  Take one more drop and then 
another.  A guard lies asleep in the house to your left.  Sneak up and attack 
as you would any other.  Kill 4/22.

From this platform, drop to the square shaped stone.  Look below.  An enemy 
walks around in this vicinity.  Hop down and attack.  Kill 5/22.

Look north, an enemy stands by a cherry blossom and a few boxes.  Run and 
attack when his back is sufficiently facing you.  Kill 6/22.

Step into the water, preferably from the shoal.  Go under and swim past the 
waterfalls.  Hide under the water near the edge.  Use R1 for oxygen and 
anonymity.  This enemy won't be able to see you through the seemingly lucid 
water.  Jump out and attack when he walks past the rock towards the dead end, 
but don't splash too wildly.  Kill 7/22.

At the south side of the rock, grapple up to the first platform.  Turn 180°, 
grapple to the lower of the two with stone at one end.  Face right, towards 
the waterfalls, and grapple.  This platform splits the waterfall into two.  
From here, climb up to the next platform.  Behind the stone, grapple to the 
platform in front of you.  Aim to the right for a better chance of grabbing 
on.  To the west is the final grappling platform.  Grapple up to the step 
protruding out of the wall so you won't risk plummeting to the bottom and 
starting over.  Latch onto the next platform.  Directly north is an enemy 
standing by a cherry blossom.  Odds are he'll be facing your direction and 
static.  If so, climb up and immediately fall back down to get his attention.  
He'll walk your way and take a right.  As he passes, lift yourself up and 
attack.  Kill 8/22.

Take the right path with the stone floor.  To the left is a narrow platform 
where an enemy roams.  Walk a ways east, between the walls, but not past the 
platform.  Grapple up about midway.  The enemy walks half the length of the 
platform, attack when he passes.  Kill 9/22.

Now walk to the eastern edge and take a look to the left.  There's an out-
cropping of stone pillars, perfect cover for the next two kills.  Hide behind 
the first pillar you encounter, doesn't really matter which.  A bear will be 
plodding in and out of the pillars.  It blends into the surroundings well. 
Don't let it catch you by surprise.  Kill 10/22.

Immediately hide behind another pillar.  To the north is the second enemy I 
was talking about, only this time the enemy is human.  Run out and attack 
when you see fit.  Kill 11/22.

Follow this outer wall northwest into the narrow passage.  Pass the tall 
pillar into an opening with a waterfall.  Follow the rivulet down a ways.  
When the right wall ends, run towards the house.  Don't kill the  enemy near 
the house or an enemy above will likely spot you.  Hide behind the side of 
the house facing the water.  Wait for the enemy to walk down stream.  Follow 
him, and attack when he stops in the patch of grass.  Kill 12/22.

Retrace your steps to the house.  Grapple onto the ledge protruding towards 
the house.  This enemy will try to fake you out with a few stutter steps.  
Don't be fooled though, climb up when he starts his walk left, towards a 
cherry blossom and a short bridge.  Kill 13/22.

Return to the grass by the jutting ledge.  Look north and up to find a small 
ledge roughly the length of the previous ledge with a patch of grass at its 
edge.  Wait for the enemy to walk into the grass.  He'll turn right, that's 
your signal to attack.  Kill 14/22.

Right of the bridge, look down to where a series of steps leads to a lower 
platform with an enemy meandering about.  He'll walk into view and stop near 
the first step.  He'll pivot, look around and all of that rigmarole.  When he 
starts walking again, jump down and kill him.  Kill 15/22.

Drag this corpse near the stone so the dog want sniff it out.  Dogs can be 
your worst enemy.  Climb the steps now and walk around the corner.  Stop at 
the small incline.  This is a safe place to watch for the next enemy.  Look 
towards the cherry blossom.  The enemy will stop near, go through the whole 
turning routine and return from whence he came, that's your chance to attack.  
Kill 16/22.

Set your item to shuriken and continue forward down the rolling declination.  
You should be moving west along the top of the level.  Reach the end of the 
narrow corridor, turn left, inch forward, and watch for a dog's silhouette on 
the horizon.  Dogs have a much greater capacity for seeing than their human 
counterparts.  You shouldn't have to go any further than the patch of grass.  
Use your shuriken.  Kill 17/22.

Notice the stone boulders around, these are obviously traps, so don't cross 
their paths.  Try to avoid them altogether.  Walk to about the dog's carcass 
going south to where you can see a rock, grass, and cherry blossom all lined 
in a row.  Just past that is a platform with an enemy aloft.  Grapple or walk 
up to the ledge.  Kill the enemy standing by the cherry blossom.  Kill 18/22.

Drop down into the circular pit.  From here, go east through a tunnel into 
another room.  Either here or the last area you'll find a box of poison rice.  
Grapple up to the bridge.  If this area is eerily familiar, be it the corpse 
lying around, etc. it's because you were just here not too long ago.  Go to 
the jutting ledge again and grapple up to the grass adorned ledge.  This time 
you'll cross the bridge up to a oddly located house.  Climb the steps leading 
up to it, to the right of the house another series of steps.  Grab onto the 
first and look up to the top.  An archer stands waiting.  Climb the remaining 
steps when he's turned.  Kill 19/22.

Turn east, grapple up to the lone platform.  You're really gaining altitude 
now, almost at the end.  Continuing in that direction, step off onto the next 
platform.  See an enemy walking between house and gorge below.  This can be a 
little tricky.  To kill this enemy without being spotted you'll have to 
attack when he stops nearest you and turns away.  Your window is between that 
point and his following turn.  I like to drop down to the second step, take a 
long jump off of the steps and perform a midair stealth kill.  It looks 
coolest that way, hah.  Kill 20/22.

Hide the corpse in the grass beside the house so it can't be seen from above.  
Grappling to the summit can be a pain.  If you fall it'll be a long drop.  If 
you recall the location of the solitary stone pillar before, that's about 
where you'll land.  I've fallen quite a few times here.  The best method is 
to grapple up to the pillar.  Whilst hanging onto the pillar, move to the 
left so you won't be spotted.  Climb up, long jump towards the other side and 
attack when to the enemy is walking away from you, situated to the left of 
the pillar.  Kill 21/22.

Enter the narrow passage at this end.  Walk all of the way through, stopping 
at the opening.  Watch for the dog under the elevated platform with a tree 
running through it.  Same deal here.  Use the camera to zoom in, once you see 
the dog's silhouette, aim the shuriken and throw.  Or if you want to be 
conservative, you can sneak in and hide behind one of the posts to dispose of 
it manually.  Kill 22/22.

Grapple directly into the opening of the dome.  You can see the villagers 
tied up to the large tree:

BOSS:  Kamadoma

This boss has a wicked three hit combo that you have to avoid, fairly easy 
actually.  A recurring theme here, the boss also makes use of grenades and 
smoke bombs.  You are free to roam around unhindered, but if you insist on 
fighting in the dome, try cornering him.  Use the tactics from other boss 
encounters to make short work of Kamadoma.

                              THE SECRET HARBOR

SUGGESTED ITEM:  1 Healing Potion

This is possibly the easiest level to attain the rank of Grand Master, 
certainly the fastest thus far [at least for me].  You can hear a tranquil 
sea breeze and the waves washing ashore.  It's nighttime and the sky is 
dotted with stars, the perfect setting for the ensuing carnage.

Draw your blade and crouch behind the wall to your left.  Looking over the 
corner, wait for an enemy to enter the picture.  He'll stop to the right of a 
patch of grass, look around and resume his walk.  When he starts his return, 
run from behind and attack.  Kill 1/16.

From this point, face south [check map].  Walk up and between a patch of 
grass and an incline.  Jump up to grab on and pull yourself up.  Looking 
south you should see an enemy scouring a trench.  Wait for him to walk to 
your end of the trench.  When he starts his walk back down, jump off and 
attack.  Kill 2/16.

Turn 90° east.  From the trench, walk up this sloping tor.  Keep climbing 
until you reach a rectangular peak.  Crouching, inch to the northwest corner.  
Be careful not to tap the direction twice or you'll roll off.  Look down, 
watch the enemy stop below, than proceed to walk a short ways right.  Make it 
quick, hop down and attack.  Kill 3/16.

Face east.  Heading in this direction, hop off of the current platform.  Look 
to the northeast.  You should see a gunman on a short rise.  Approach the 
south slope.  Sneak up and hang onto the ledge.  Climb up when he turns and 
attack.  Kill 4/16.

Continuing north, take a long jump over a trench onto a platform.  Inch to 
the southern edge, once again cautiously moving forward.  An enemy is walking 
along the north wall below.  Kill 5/16.

Face east, walk to the end of the trench.  Now face south, climb up the wall 
and continue a short ways to an abrupt drop.  From your perch you can see an 
expanse of land ahead of you.  An enemy is walking around a square shaped 
rock counterclockwise.  When he arrives at the corner closest you, jump down 
and attack.  His pause between turns will be brief and inconsequential.  Kill 

Face east yet again and dash to a platform with grass lining its base.  Grab 
onto the edge, but don't pull yourself up.  A gunman is walking on a rise 
just ahead.  He'll stop at the torch.  When he pivots to the right, climb up 
the platform and make a long jump onto his platform, attacking swiftly.  Kill 

A tell tale sign of your current location, to make sure we're on the same 
page here, would be the bizarre plant to the south and a ramshackle hut soon 
after.  Face this direction and run to the raft looking object nearby.  An 
enemy stands south.  Kill 8/16.

From this kill face west and run towards the rectangular stone formation for 
shelter.  Watch out for the mound of sand, it's a mine.  Hide behind the 
rightmost edge.  Glance around to see an enemy due south.  It's the first 
female enemy of the game and one of the easiest varieties to dispatch because 
they take long pauses in between moves.  Dash towards the enemy and attack.  
Kill 9/16.

The last kill should have you situated near a square platform.  Turn to the 
northwest where you should see another platform.  Once you reach the 
aforementioned platform, look over the right corner as before.  The female 
enemy walks around scattered rocks and another mine blending into the mix.  
Once she actually stepped on it without any provocation, pretty hilarious 
actually.  Kill 10/16.

Face south and run until you reach a stone arch formation.  Crouch below the 
platform leading to the said arch, preferably below the piece of driftwood so 
you can run up on call instead of having to make a climb.  An enemy will stop 
before the wood and turn left.  Attack when he turns.  Kill 11/16.

Continue south through the opening until you reach the water's edge.  Then 
face and walk east.  Step onto the ramp leading to the top of the arch.  
Crouch in the little crevice.  Watch for the enemy to walk up.  Attack as 
soon as he starts his walk back down.  Kill 12/16.

Claim the air bottle inside the item box.  Continuing the posthumous enemy's 
direction, down the slope and onto the shore.  Lots of items litter the 
beach, boxes, cargo, etc. none of which contain a damn thing!  Jump over the 
first two canoes and follow the shoreline.  Stop behind the third canoe that 
you encounter.  To the east an enemy will stop near a torch.  When he walks 
away from the torch it is safe to run in.  Kill 13/16.

Do not access the pier to your right just yet.  Instead, continue following 
the shoreline east until you encounter a reclusive enemy in the corner.  It's 
another female enemy and equally oblivious.  Kill 14/16.

The water that extends south is home to at least one shark.  There are a few 
little islands amidst the harbor, the purposes of which are unknown.  I swam 
out and found nothing, but the hungry shark.  There may be an item that I 
missed somewhere.  I have my doubts though.

Retracing your steps by the shoreline, return to the torches.  From here, 
locate the pier.  Wait a step behind the pier and watch the enemy standing 
idle at the corner.  Kill 15/16.

From the corner, look onto the deck of the ship.  An enemy will be walking 
around the center mast.  This is another easy kill as he is consistently 
facing east.  Kill 16/16.

The barbarians have been purged from the harbor!  Before you enter the cabin, 
shatter the box lying between the masts for a bonus healing potion.  Now jump 
to the stairs between the torches:

BOSS:  Wang Xiaohai

This boss is a master of martial arts.  You must understand that fists are a 
completely different entity than knives and blades.  For some reason, they 
are much harder to block.  His punches also have the ability to slip through 
a block.  My best advice for you is to attack and attack some more!!  After 
he finishes a combo he'll start up another.  If you miss the first attack 
you'll have very little hope of blocking thereafter.  Since my shuriken count 
is always reaching the maximum, I take around ten for kicks.  It's at least a 
decent way of trimming down your inventory.  Unless you get really lucky, 
you'll have to heal at least once on this boss, so make sure to bring along 
at least one healing potion.

                             THE TEMPLE OF DREAMS





Despite what you may see below, I do love the game; I just think it's funny 
how flawed the game can be at times.  The first glitch can prevent you from 
earning the coveted Grand Master rank, so it's definitely worth noting.  The 
other glitches are merely for your entertainment.  If you have a glitch I 
don't have listed here and would like it listed here, I'll be happy to read 

Enemies have a penchant for disappearing.  The first time I experienced this 
phenomenon, on The Gang of Thieves, the second enemy on the rooftop was gone.  
I grappled up and looked around, nothing.  So, I jumped off wondering what 
the hell is happening only to be greeted with a "!" warning.  Apparently he 
had returned from wherever.  A remedy for this glitch is to return later and 
more often than not, they'll return too.

There are a number of death animations for the enemies.  In one animation, 
the enemy takes a few steps forward with arms outstretched.  Once, I 
decapitated the enemy and this was his death animation.  Imagine a walking, 
headless enemy.  Since this is physically impossible, I think this qualifies 
as a glitch.

One major problem with Tenchu 2 that I've noticed thus far is the collision 
detection.  The most noticeable of all collision detection anomalies is the 
way enemies move when they're dead.  If you discard a body over a slope or it 
just happens to fall on a slope, they'll flop around like a fish out of 
water.  Enemies not only spasm when they hit solid objects, but they've also 
been known to fuse with them on occasion, e.g. rocks.

This is another glitch concerning enemy death.  I killed this enemy on the 
edge of a slope.  The enemy toppled onto the slope.  Not very bizarre, eh?  
The usual blood stain was practically vertical.  Since the enemy was on a 
slope, the blood reacted as if it was on a slope too.  I consider levitating 
blood a glitch and also a mystery.

Everybody knows about the now infamous "missing time" stealth kills, a kill 
that ends before it even starts.  Well this is a variant of that glitch.  I 
was just walking along all ninja like, stalking an enemy, when I attack and 
the stealth kill animation starts.  A split second later I fell off of the 
ledge I was standing on.  The enemy dies before I draw my sword!  I like to 
call this the glitch of death.

Just when I thought I had seen every glitch in the game, another caught me by 
surprise.  This glitch I call the phantom slice because I executed the "from 
behind" stealth kill, the stealth kill where Rikimaru slits the enemy's throat 
with the blunt edge of his sword, and the enemy's arm mysteriously severed 
off!!  Something tells me Sony Music and or Activision didn't invest too much 
money in testers.

Artificial Intelligence [AI] is a term thrown around rather loosely, and 
Tenchu 2 is no exception.  The American Heritage Dictionary describes AI as, 
"The ability to perform those activities that are normally thought to require 
intelligence."  I haven't found any of those activities yet.  And to add 
insult to injury, in all of the previews I read leading up to the release, I 
was promised better AI, but alas, they failed.  I have provided a few prime 
examples in the paragraph below:

When you use the grappling hook there's a whiplash where your head and torso 
rise above ground level.  Oftentimes the enemy is fixated in your direction.  
Do they ever notice anything, hell no.  Does the enemy notice your sword 
swaying two feet in the air, who would?  But by far the worst token of AI 
ineptitude was when I bumped into an enemy, the enemy cried, "I see you!" and 
proceeded to run off into the distance.

The game assumes whenever a mine goes off, it's of your doing.  For example, 
I'm watching this one enemy from afar, the idiot steps on a mine!  What I 
don't understand is this, why the hell did it give me a "!?" warning, it was 
not I who detonated the mine.


|NINJA ITEM:           |ACQUIRED HOW:                                        |
|Air Bottle            |Item box on The Secret Harbor [R].                   |
|Blinding Dust         |                                                     |
|Blow Gun              |                                                     |
|Caltrops              |Starting item.  Enemies carry them.                  |
|Colored Rice          |Starting item.                                       |
|Dragon's Breath       |Grand Master on twenty levels.                       |
|Exploding Arrow       |Grand Master on six levels.                          |
|Fish Bone [?]         |Grand Master on twenty-nine levels.                  |
|Grenade               |Enemies carry them.                                  |
|Healing Potion        |Starting item.  Also found on many levels.           |
|Leaves of Stealth     |Grand Master on ten levels.                          |
|Mine                  |                                                     |
|Ninja Armor           |Grand Master on fifteen levels.                      |
|Ninja Camouflage      |Grand Master on four levels.                         |
|Ninja Rebirth         |Grand Master on twenty-five levels.                  |
|Poison Antidote       |                                                     |
|Poison Rice           |Item box on Demon Mountain [R].                      |
|Shuriken              |Starting item.  Enemies carry them.                  |
|Sleeping Gas          |Grand Master on two levels.                          |
|Smoke Bomb            |Enemies carry them.  Also found on levels.           |

 8.  CODES:

Although I don't condone cheating, I have tried all of these codes to make 
sure they work.  If you'd like to ruin the game for yourself, go right ahead.


Hold Select + Square + Circle and press Right, Right, Right, Up, Left, Down, 
R2 at the level select screen.


Hold Square + Circle and press R1, R2, L2, L1, Up, Down, Left, Right, Select 
at the level select screen.


Press Square, Square, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Left, Up, Down, 
Right, R2, R2 at the item select screen.


Hold R1 + Square and press Right, Down, Left, Up at the item select screen.


While playing, hold select to display the map and then press Circle 5 times.


Pause the game.  Then hold Square and press Left, Right, Up, Down.  Use this 
code at your own discretion.


Enter the custom mission screen in the mission editor, then hold R2 + Circle 
and press Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Left.

You can find the rest of the codes, including GameShark, at


Follow these simple rules please:

1. If you would like to post this guide on your site, e-mail your request to
   [email protected]  I've never said no, so just ask.

2. And if you aren't going to update it, don't ask.

3. Don't plagiarize this guide.  Even if only a small portion is taken, I
   expect to be properly cited.

4. No profit will be gained from any of my guides.  This is strictly for
   personal use.

5. Lastly, do not take it upon yourself to modify this guide.  I'll do the


-  Tenchu is copyright Sony Music Entertainment Japan Inc. and Activision.
   All rights reserved.

-  The updated version of this guide can always be found at GameFAQs.  SO,
   visit GameFAQs!

-  The Tenchu 2 message board at GameFAQs has been a big help [special thanks
   to TRM777 and Smasher132].

-  Cheat Code Central for offering their trove of Tenchu 2 codes for use in
   my guide [].

-  A big thanks goes to all of the other hosting sites and all of the people
   who sent in their questions.

-  Jdrake has a wonderful Tenchu 2 FAQ, I advise reading it.

-  Lastly, thanks to all of the trees that sacrificed their lives for my note

-  If anyone is still reading this and can help me finish the item chart, I
   would really appreciate it.  Oh yeah, you will be credited.

     THE END

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