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Legal notice:
I suppose this document is inherently protected by copyright law, but come on
now, let's not take ourselves too seriously. It's just a FAQ for a video game.
If you wanna put it up on your site, fine, if you wanna steal it and give
yourself credit for it, fine. As long as the original is at GameFaqs under my
name... but that's the thing. Nobody's going to do any of this, and that's the
assumption under which I grant these rights. Heck, if you seriously think that
you can make money by selling a piddling FAQ for a forgettable game, then be my
guest. More power to you. I hereby waive my rights of protection as author of
this document. I urge fellow writers of less-than-memorable FAQs to do the
same. I mean, have you seen some of these legal sections out there? They're
half as long as the FAQ itself! It's a waste of space anyway. Come on, admit
it, you liked reading my legal section more than any of the pseudo-legal
ramblings of those other FAQs. The way I see it, if you're going to blow a big
fat paragraph at the top of your document, you should at least make it somewhat
appealing to the 2 or 3 people who may eventually read it. Anyway, on with the


This is a pure FAQ. It will only be answering questions and compiling
information that may be of some use to players of Test Drive 6. You WON'T find
reviews, opinions, play instructions, or anything else that can be answered by
the game manual/a Dreamcast web site/common sense. I wrote this FAQ because
apparently someone requested it at GameFAQs, not because I felt the need to
rehash the instruction manual. The idea is that this document should cover all
the info about Test Drive 6 that you may not be able to find anywhere else,
including the Internet. Now then...


1.) What are the differences between the cars?
2.) What are the differences between the tournaments?
3.) How do I unlock hidden cars and tracks?
4.) Does Cop Chase/Challenge mode unlock anything?
5.) Do the tracks exist in real life?
6.) Why didn't you cover X?
7.) Are there any cheats/codes for this game?
8.) Miscellaneous info


1.) What are the differences between the cars?
Cars in Test Drive 6 are modeled after their real life counterparts (more or
less). Each has distinctive attributes for acceleration, speed, handling, and
so on. Some of these attributes have been given a numerical rating (most of the
time--but not always--the game's ratings for each car will be very close to the
real life specs), but some can only be compared by taking the cars out for a
spin. For example, the Caterham 7 and the old Boss 428 have similar enough
stats in acceleration and top speed, but what the stat screens don't tell you
(even though anyone with a decent knowledge of cars would know this already) is
that the Mustang is hundreds (thousands?) of pounds heavier than the Caterham
and can really be hard to handle for inexperienced drivers. Meanwhile, the
little 7 can zip through corners more easily thanks to its smaller, lighter
frame. It's just something to think about--use common sense when picking your

Below is a breakdown of all the cars in Test Drive 6. One thing to make note
of: the 0 to 60 times are taken from the real life cars' times and are very
accurate in that respect. However, with TD6's wacked-out physics, none of the
times come close. In the game, a stock '90 Mustang (according to its stats, its
6.1-second 0-60 is tied for the worst) hits 60 mph in 4.1 or 4.2 actual
seconds. The Audi TT, also with a reported time of 6.1 but with supposedly more
lateral acceleration (0.91G versus 0.85G), takes about a tenth of a second
*longer* to get to 60. Go figure. On the other end of the spectrum, the Speed
12 is supposed to take 2.8 seconds to get to 60, but a stock Speed 12 gets
there in about 1.2. And, just because you're curious, I should mention that a
maxed out Speed 12 tuned for acceleration will get from 0 to 60 in an outright
ludicrous 0.7 seconds. The main thing to remember is that although the 0-60
times don't match up with their actual performance, all the stats are still
relative from one car to the next. Therefore, the times shown in the game are
still quite useful in comparing cars.


Year/Make/Model                 Class   BHP   0-60   Top   Accel      Price      

1999 Ford F150 Lightning          1     360   5.8s   139   0.85G   $   24,000
1999 Lotus Elise                  1     118   5.6s   130   0.89G   $   25,000
1969 Dodge Charger                1     425   5.6s   136   0.85G   $   26,000
1999 Plymouth Prowler             1     253   5.8s   130   0.87G   $   26,000
1990 Ford Mustang LX 5.0          1     255   6.1s   144   0.85G   $   27,000
1972 Plymouth Hemi Cuda           1     425   5.5s   140   0.85G   $   28,000
1982 Lotus Esprit Turbo           1     280   5.6s   130   0.88G   $   28,000
1968.5 Ford Mustang 428 CJ        1     510   4.9s   140   0.85G   $   31,000
1999 Audi TT                      1     180   6.1s   145   0.91G   $   32,000
1999 Caterham 7                   1     135   4.8s   138   0.92G   $   34,000
1999 Marcos Mantaray              1     340   5.4s   145   0.88G   $   35,000
1999 Jaguar XK-R                  1     370   5.2s   152   0.91G   $   50,000
     Dodge concept car            2     220   4.9s   155   0.96G   $   42,000
1999 Subaru Impreza 22B STI       2     302   4.9s   149   0.97G   $   43,000
1999 Venturi Atlantique           2     310   4.7s   170   0.90G   $   45,000
2000 Panoz Esperante              2     320   4.7s   160   0.97G   $   49,000
1999 TVR Griffith                 2     320   4.1s   165   0.90G   $   50,000
1999 Shelby Series 1              2     320   4.4s   172   0.94G   $   55,000
1999 Nissan Skyline GTR           2     320   4.8s   155   1.10G   $   57,000
1999 Lotus Esprit V8              2     350   4.4s   178   0.93G   $   62,000
1997 Ford Mustang Super Stallion  2     545   4.3s   175   0.92G   $   65,000
1966 Shelby Cobra                 3     425   4.1s   174   0.97G   $   65,000
1999 Saleen Mustang S351          3     495   4.4s   190   0.93G   $   70,000
1999 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage     3     420   4.7s   187   0.98G   $   72,000
2000 Jaguar XK-180                3     450   4.3s   180   0.91G   $   75,000
1999 TVR Cerbera                  3     420   3.9s   185   0.97G   $   77,000
1999 Dodge Viper GTS              3     450   4.1s   186   0.95G   $   80,000
1999 Venturi 400GT                3     408   4.3s   181   0.97G   $   82,000
1968 Ford GT-40                   4     485   4.5s   217   0.98G   $  500,000
1994 Jaguar XJ-220                4     542   3.8s   218   0.98G   $  500,000
1999 Dodge Viper GTS-R            4     525   3.2s   185   1.02G   $  500,000
1999 Lotus GT1                    4     580   3.8s   195   1.20G   $  500,000
1999 Nissan R390 GT-1             4     550   3.9s   200   1.10G   $  500,000
1999 TVR Speed 12                 4     800   2.8s   200   0.95G   $  500,000
     Aston Martin Project Vantage 4     550   4.0s   200   0.96G   $  500,000
1999 Toyota GT-One                4     600   3.6s   225   1.10G   $1,000,000
1969 Dodge Charger Police Car     P     530   4.5s   136   0.85G   ----------
1999 Ford Mustang Police Car      P     530   4.0s   190   0.93G   ----------
1999 Jaguar XK-R Police Car       P     410   4.6s   152   0.91G   ----------
1999 TVR Cerbera Police Car       P     460   3.5s   185   0.97G   ----------

2.) What are the differences between the tournaments?
Well, besides the expected differences of more cash and more races as you go up
the tournament scale, there are also certain cars and tracks that won't be
accessible in Practice or Single Race mode until you "unlock" them by winning
specific tournaments. In order for you to easily choose which tournament you
need to compete in, I have compiled all of the relevant information for each
tourney. First, the races that make up the tournament are listed in the order
in which they are raced, then the minimum and maximum wager amounts for each
race in the tournament are shown. "Max Tournament Winnings" is how much you'd
make if you entered the tourney, bet the maximum amount each race, and finished
first in each race. The figure is simply: (tournament pot) + (winnings from all
individual races) - (cumulative amount that was wagered on all races). So, for
example, if you had $10,000 going into the Class 1 Tournament 1, and if you won
every race after having wagered the maximum amount, you'd finish up with
$32,500. The final three categories show you what cars and/or tracks you will
unlock by winning the specific tournament. It's pretty self-explanatory...
"Practice Car Unlocks" lists the cars you'll be able to race with in Practice
mode after beating the tournament. "Practice Track Unlocks" shows the new
tracks you'll be able to race on in Practice mode. And finally, "Single Race
Track Unlocks" tells you which new tracks you can use in Single Race mode.
NOTE: To see a table of all the unlocks listed by cars/tracks, consult section


----------Class 1 Tournament 1----------

Race Lineup (3 total):
1. Pelton Raceway
2. Cape Hatteras
3. London

Min Bet: $600

Max Bet: $2,000

Max Tournament Winnings: $22,500

Practice Car Unlocks:
Caterham 7
99 Marcos Mantaray
82 Lotus Esprit Turbo
90 Mustang LX 5.0
99 Ford F150 Lightning
99 Plymouth Prowler

Practice Track Unlocks: none

Single Race Track Unlocks: none

----------Class 1 Tournament 2----------

Race Lineup (4 total):
1. England
2. Ireland
3. Egypt Backwards
4. Rome

Min Bet: $1,000

Max Bet: $4,000

Max Tournament Winnings: $60,000

Practice Car Unlocks: none

Practice Track Unlocks: none

Single Race Track Unlocks: none

----------Class 2 Tournament 1----------

Race Lineup (6 total):
1. Lake Tahoe
2. England Backwards
3. Maui
4. Pelton Raceway
5. Jordan
6. London Backwards

Min Bet: $2,000

Max Bet: $4,000

Max Tournament Winnings: $90,000

Practice Car Unlocks: 
97 Ford Mustang Super Stallion
99 Shelby Series 1
99 TVR Griffith
00 Panoz Esperante
Dodge Concept Car

Practice Track Unlocks: 
Lake Tahoe

Single Race Track Unlocks: none

----------Class 2 Tournament 2----------

Race Lineup (7 total):
1. Rome Backwards
2. Caribbean
3. Switzerland
4. Ireland
5. Italy Backwards
6. Newcastle Backwards
7. Paris

Min Bet: $2,500

Max Bet: $4,500

Max Tournament Winnings: $118,125

Practice Car Unlocks: none

Practice Track Unlocks:
Newcastle Backwards
Italy Backwards

Single Race Track Unlocks:

----------Class 3 Tournament 1----------

Race Lineup (10 total):
1. Rome
2. Cape Hatteras Backwards
3. New York
4. Italy
5. Maui
6. Jordan
7. London
8. Caribbean
9. England
10. Paris Backwards

Min Bet: $6,000

Max Bet: $9,500

Max Tournament Winnings: $356,250

Practice Car Unlocks:
99 Venturi 400GT
99 TVR Cerbera
00 Jaguar XK-180
99 Saleen Mustang S351

Practice Track Unlocks:
Paris Backwards
Maui Backwards

Single Race Track Unlocks:
Paris Backwards

----------Class 3 Tournament 2----------

Race Lineup (12 total):
1. London Backwards
2. Caribbean Backwards
3. Egypt
4. Maui
5. Newcastle
6. Pelton Raceway
7. London
8. Cape Hatteras
9. Paris
10. Pelton Raceway Backwards
11. New York
12. Rome Backwards

Min Bet: $8,000

Max Bet: $11,500

Max Tournament Winnings: $517,500

Practice Car Unlocks: none

Practice Track Unlocks:
New York
Caribbean Backwards

Single Race Track Unlocks:
New York

----------Class 4 Tournament 1----------

Race Lineup (14 total):
1. New York
2. England Backwards
3. Lake Tahoe Backwards
4. Cape Hatteras Backwards
5. London
6. Paris Backwards
7. Pelton Raceway
8. Jordan Backwards
9. Ireland
10. Caribbean
11. Rome
12. Maui
13. Hong Kong
14. New York Backwards

Min Bet: $12,000

Max Bet: $20,000

Max Tournament Winnings: $1,050,000

Practice Car Unlocks:
99 Nissan R390 GT-1
99 Lotus GT1
94 Jaguar XJ-220
99 Dodge Viper GTS-R
99 TVR Speed 12

Practice Track Unlocks:
Hong Kong
New York Backwards
Jordan Backwards
Lake Tahoe Backwards

Single Race Track Unlocks:
Hong Kong
New York Backwards

----------Class 4 Tournament 2----------

Race Lineup (16 total):
1. Paris
2. Rome
3. Hong Kong
4. Pelton Raceway
5. London Backwards
6. Hong Kong Backwards
7. Pelton Raceway Backwards
8. Cape Hatteras
9. Rome Backwards
10. Ireland
11. New York Backwards
12. London
13. Cape Hatteras Backwards
14. New York
15. England
16. Paris Backwards

Min Bet: $15,000

Max Bet: $25,000

Max Tournament Winnings: $1,500,000

Practice Car Unlocks:
99 Toyota GT-One

Practice Track Unlocks:
Hong Kong Backwards
Switzerland Backwards

Single Race Track Unlocks:
Hong Kong Backwards

3.) How do I unlock hidden cars and tracks?
You unlock hidden cars and tracks by winning various tournaments.

Well, to tell you the truth, there are no "hidden" cars or tracks in Test Drive
6. I mean, not in the sense of you being suddenly challenged by a McLaren F1 to
a race at the Autobahn. All the cars and courses you "unlock" are available in
Tournament mode. I would imagine that the reasoning goes like this: The game
developers have a certain amount of cars and a certain amount of tracks. In
order to increase the longevity of the title, they decide not to make all
tracks immediately able to be raced on. So they come up with the idea of many
tracks not coming up until later stages of long tournaments. Of course, if the
only way to race on, say, Hong Kong was to build up to a class 4 car and wade
through 12 races in tournament 4-1, nobody would be doing it. So, in order to
keep some of the tracks a "surprise" for later in the game, but still able to
be played at will once they've been found, the developers used the trendy
"unlocking" system. It also solves the problem of motivation for a player to
play through and win all of the tournaments to unlock everything, since there's
no real ending to speak of. Grumble grumble.....

ANYway, here's a list of the cars and tracks available before you win any

-Single Race Tracks-  -Practice Cars-               -Practice Tracks-

Rome                  99 Jaguar XK-R                Rome
Rome Backwards        99 Audi TT                    Rome Backwards
London                68.5 Ford Mustang 428 CJ      London
London Backwards      72 Plymouth Hemi Cuda         London Backwards
                      99 Lotus Elise                Pelton Raceway
                      69 Dodge Charger              Pelton Raceway Backwards
                      99 Lotus Esprit V8            Ireland
                      99 Nissan Skyline GTR         Ireland Backwards
                      99 Venturi Atlantique         England
                      99 Subaru Impreza 22B STI     England Backwards
                      66 Shelby Cobra               Cape Hatteras
                      99 Dodge Viper GTS            Cape Hatteras Backwards
                      99 Aston Martin DB7 Vantage   Egypt
                      68 Ford GT-40                 Egypt Backwards
                      Aston Martin Project Vantage

Now, here's a table that will tell you which tournament you'll have to win in
order to get a specific car/track unlocked.

CAR/TRACK                            CLASS/TOUR NUMBER
---------                            -----------------

---Single Race mode-----------------------------------
Track: Hong Kong............................4-1
Track: Hong Kong Backwards..................4-2
Track: New York.............................3-2
Track: New York Backwards...................4-1
Track: Paris................................2-2
Track: Paris Backwards......................3-1

---Practice mode--------------------------------------
Car: Caterham 7.............................1-1
Car: Dodge Concept Car......................2-1
Car: Dodge Viper GTS-R......................4-1
Car: Ford F150 Lightning....................1-1
Car: Ford Mustang LX 5.0....................1-1
Car: Ford Mustang Super Stallion............2-1
Car: Jaguar XK-180..........................3-1
Car: Jaguar XJ-220..........................4-1
Car: Lotus Esprit Turbo.....................1-1
Car: Lotus GT1..............................4-1
Car: Marcos Mantaray........................1-1
Car: Nissan R390 GT-1.......................4-1
Car: Panoz Esperante........................2-1
Car: Plymouth Prowler.......................1-1
Car: Saleen Mustang S351....................3-1
Car: Shelby Series 1........................2-1
Car: Toyota GT-One..........................4-2
Car: TVR Cerbera............................3-1
Car: TVR Griffith...........................2-1
Car: TVR Speed 12...........................4-1
Car: Venturi 400GT..........................3-1
Track: Caribbean............................2-2
Track: Caribbean Backwards..................3-2
Track: Hong Kong............................4-1
Track: Hong Kong Backwards..................4-2
Track: Italy................................3-1
Track: Italy Backwards......................2-2
Track: Jordan...............................2-1
Track: Jordan Backwards.....................4-1
Track: Lake Tahoe...........................2-1
Track: Lake Tahoe Backwards.................4-1
Track: Maui.................................2-1
Track: Maui Backwards.......................3-1
Track: Newcastle............................3-1
Track: Newcastle Backwards..................2-2
Track: New York.............................3-2
Track: New York Backwards...................4-1
Track: Paris................................2-2
Track: Paris Backwards......................3-1
Track: Switzerland..........................2-2
Track: Switzerland Backwards................4-2

4.) Does Cop Chase/Challenge mode unlock anything?
No, not unless you count being able to play Stop the Bomber after completing
all 5 tracks in Stop the Racers. Not even completing all 5 tracks in Stop the
Bomber has any effect. You don't get to play on any new tracks, nor do you get
to use any new cop cars.

Challenge mode doesn't have any purpose other than to net you easy money.
Completing all the challenges, even doing so repeatedly and with phenomenal
times, doesn't open up any new challenges.

The purpose of both of these modes is to let you get a hold of some money if
you're low. You have to spend money (on upgrades as well as in the form of
wagering) in order to make money in this game, and if you are stuck at around
zero cash, you can't even enter a race to make some dough. Cop Chase and the
Challenges provide the only ways to make money without risking anything. This
is their only purpose... well, ok, another purpose is to add a twist to the
game and give it more playability, but to answer the initial question: no,
these two play modes don't accomplish anything besides helping you get by

5.) Do the tracks exist in real life?
No. The programmers did, however, take actual famous sites and include them in
their appropriate locations. But these are just pieces of scenery and have been
transplanted for the sake of giving each track a bit of a regional identity. I
mean, think about it... if you weren't questioning the existence of a road that
links Big Ben to New Scotland Yard a mile or two away, then surely you had to
notice something was wrong when you were driving under the Eiffel tower at 200
miler per hour...

6.) Why didn't you cover X?
As I said at the beginning of this FAQ, my goal was not to give a review of
this game, or to summarize the controls, or to offer what may or may not be
helpful advice. The purpose of this document was to answer any questions that
*could not be answered anywhere else*, at least without tedious research. This
is a compilation of all of the concrete data regarding TD6, and hopefully it
saved a few people some time or clarified for some people why the game acts the
way it does. If you want a summary of the controls or of the different play
modes, read the manual. If you want a review, go to (or
don't, the review might scare you away from TD6). For those of you who think
this FAQ is incomplete without some sort of "driving tips" or course
walkthroughs, come on. To tell the truth, this game is hopelessly easy.
Practice a couple of races, and then play through a tournament. It's not that
hard. Even the toughest parts of the game, like getting all the Stop the Bomber
chases completed, can be done if you just keep trying. Even if I did feel like
holding people's hand through a subpar racing video game, I wouldn't have any
strategic wisdom to dispense. The aforementioned Stop the Bomber missions all
seem to come down to luck anyway. For races, buy the most expensive car and
upgrade the heck out of it. Even if you spend half the time careening into
walls, you can usually win if you have the most powerful machine and know how
to tune it for each track. That's another thing: tuning. I was thinking of
including a section on how to best set up your car for particular situations,
but then I sat down and swept through Tournament 4-2 with all my GT-One's
settings at dead center. My conclusion: Racing strategy doesn't play a role in
Test Drive 6. Just stand on it and steer. For everything else I that could have
included, it's just not stuff that belongs in a pure FAQ.

7.) Are there any cheats/codes for this game?
A few. They all have to do with what name you enter when you go into the race
menu. Enter the following names for the effect listed:

AKJGQ: Gives you $6,000,000.

RFGTR: You can go right to Stop the Bomber in Cop Chase mode without having
       beaten the five Stop the Racers stages.

ERERTH: Unlocks all the tracks in both Practice and Single Race modes. Note
        this doesn't unlock ALL the tracks in Single Race mode, only the ones
        that can normally be unlocked.

DFGY: Unlocks all the cars for use in Practice Mode.

There are also a few Gameshark codes floating around out there. 

8.) Miscellaneous Info
Here are a few facts about Test Drive 6 that probably won't be frequently asked
questions, but nevertheless may prove useful to some players.

* In Tournaments, you start out in last place for the first race. For every
  other race, your starting position is the position in which you finished the
  previous race.

* During the stats screen when your selected car is spinning around, hold the L
  and R triggers in to stop the car from rotating. Then use left and right on
  the directional pad to rotate the car manually.

* Cars will always sell for exactly half the amount you have put into them,
  even if you spent money on multiple upgrades for the same part. For instance,
  if you bought a $10,000 engine upgrade and then later bought a $30,000 engine
  upgrade for the same car, you'll still get back half the car's initial price
  plus $20,000 (half of the combined upgrade cost).

* For single races, the prize money is as follows:
  1st Place: (bet) x 3.5
  2nd Place: (bet) x 2
  3rd Place: (bet) x 0.5
  So your earnings per win (1st place finish) will be: (bet) x 2.5
  For tournament races, the prize money is as follows:
  1st Place: (bet) x 1.75
  2nd Place: (bet) x 1
  3rd Place: (bet) x 0.25
  Pot Money: (bet) x 3
  So your earnings per win will be: (bet) x 0.75
  BUT if you win the tournament, your earnings jump to:
  (bet) x (number of races) x 3.75
  (provided you win all the races). This makes your earnings per win average
  out to: (bet) x (3.75)
  to compare the two earning rates, divide one by the other:
  3.75(bet) / 2.5(bet) = 1.5
  SO.... Winning tournament races is exactly 50% more lucrative than winning
  single races... just in case you were wondering.

9.) A final note
If anyone out there reads this FAQ and has a question, correction, point of
discussion, etc., go ahead and e-mail me. My address is eller and my domain
name is If you don't know a.) why I did that or b.) how to turn that
into a working e-mail address, then you're probably the kind of person that I
don't want to hear from anyway. Have a nice day!


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