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The Devil Inside Walk-Through
by Anghel - Dominator Software

I-Act I


Go through the Shadow Gate entrance (avoid killing a cop, or the show?s over). 
(Note the medi-kit under the mailbox.)
You can do a permanent save as soon as you enter the garden.
Proceed to the right. There?s an argument going on between two cops and an 
Electrocution victim (who flees as the player approaches)? Follow him into the 
stone maze. 
There, you will face off some ten members of the living dead. Find the ammunition 
and medi-kit, and temporary save station (meanwhile, the Electrocution victim has 
shot down the cop). Then go back to where you started. 
A helicopter passes overhead, right after some zombies shoot down two other cops 
(near the tunnel). Grab the ammunition at the entrance on the right.
Survive the ambush in the tunnel involving 4 zombies?two of whom unexpectedly 
attack the cameraman.
Once the zombies are dead, continue on the path to the garage (a wooden barn). 
There?s a medi-kit to the left of the log cabin (near the stone wall), and a 
temporary save is available in the same place.
Log Cabin:  In the back of the cabin, take the ammunition, the sander, and the 
gate key (in the ditch). Exit the cabin and fight four zombies.
As you retrace your steps, you will experience frequent encounters: grandmothers 
armed with Uzis, and a legless cripple, among others.
Tunnel exit: A film sequence shows 6 zombies attacking three LAPD cops near the 
lake. You join in the scuffle?
Lake: Search the shoreline to collect two ammunition packs and a medi-kit (on the 
Gate: Use the key that you found in the cabin. Climb the stairs, follow the path 
and defend yourself from the living dead in that area.
From the trail, you can already glimpse Shadow Gate.
When you reach the double staircase opposite Shadow Gate, take the right path as 
far as the forest; jump over the gate and go to the statue. Kill the zombies. 
Above all, be sure to recover the key to the ground floor, which lies at the base 
of the statue.
Shed, left of the entrance: Find the cartridge box.
On the hill to the right of the house (toward the garage), pick up the ammunition 
lying between the bush and the tree.
Take this opportunity to do a permanent save in front of the statue of the gold 
prospector (with his sifter).
Use the key to open the front door?

2-Ground Floor (First Floor)

To the left of the front door, the bathroom offers a temporary save, but there is 
also a more-or-less lethargic zombie standing in front of them? You can find the 
plumber?s letter by searching the toilet bowl (lovely!!).
Back in the entranceway, activate the two tiles to the right and left, 
respectively, of the fountain (a box of ammunition lies on the left tile)? It 
triggers the opening of the elevator (which, for the moment, is not working).
The first door on the right leads to the Kitchen. 
In the refrigerator, take the ?laziness poem?. Activate the videophone to attract 
the Electrocution victim into the dining room (otherwise, he can wound the player 
from the adjoining room).
In the gas stove, find the two sheets of paper and a medi-kit.
In the oven, take the silencer, the ammunition and the sheet of paper.
Dumbwaiter:  Find the key to the lounge.
First door on the right:  Retrieve the ammunition at the top of the condemned 
spiral staircase.
Back in the entranceway, climb the staircase. Take the library key and shotgun 
ammunition (on the left, at the top of the stairs, and also at the right column 
of the collapsed staircase).
Fountain: at the bottom of the fountain is a mosaic with a cryptic symbol (a 
pentagram) by which the player can invoke Deva? You can choose to continue as 
either Dave?or Deva?
Back in the entranceway: A double wooden door leads to a corridor of statues.
Combat the burning Hanged Criminal. (We strongly recommend that you confront him 
as Deva, because she can regenerate when exposed to flames.)
Activate the trap door at the rear of the corridor (this opens the panels that 
hide the second part of the library).
Destroy the statue on the left (next to the debris). In the rear of the corridor, 
take the letter that is in the chest held by another statue.

Return to the corridor:  Go to the rear and take the last door on the right?the 
door to the lounge.
Go in, but watch for the Electrocution victim. Activate the beer-dispensing lever 
at the bar: Electrocution victims arrive and the door of the closet containing 
the street Blaster (pump gun) opens. Take the key to the dining room from the 
drawer in the coffee table?
Activate the hand lever on the wall immediately to the right of the lounge 
entrance (behind the counter)?
In the (collapsed) dining room:  There is a permanent save and two ammunition 
boxes in the rear of the room. If the corridor statue was destroyed, this is an 
empty room. If not, there?s a continuous invasion of zombies in the ditch. Climb 
out using wooden planks...
Follow the corridor passage again to go to the library. Take this opportunity to 
transform yourself into Deva and inhale the souls (of the recently shot 
Electrocution victims). The red pentacles (gates of hell) also allow the player 
to send the souls back to Lucifer.
A medi-kit and two ammunition boxes are in the room. A map of the attic is in the 
small writing desk at the entrance to the library, and there are various papers 
on the shelves. A medi-kit is in the elevator? Cross the second part of the room 
and activate the hand lever (hidden in the middle of the shelves). This action 
will eliminate the metal partition blocking your access to the entrance from the 
elevator. You will also find a ?Who?s Who? book there.
Inspect the writing desk opposite the hand lever. Take the remote control from 
the drone.
Open the closet: A burning zombie jumps out?(hint: incarnate as Deva when you 
encounter the living dead?they catch fire after death, giving the player an 
opportunity to recharge his life force).
Opposite the closet, the player comes across an ammunition cabinet.
There?s a medi-kit on the (hard-to-miss) zebra-striped sofa.
Note: The painting of H.P. Lovecraft can be moved, but doing this has no effect.

Enter the projection room and go to the projector, after climbing the staircase. 
A film sequence is triggered that shows an Electrocution victim sounding a 
warning in an adjoining movie theatre. Then, he decides to take the offensive. 
Pick up the ammunition next to the projector. Activate the hand lever above the 
film editing table to raise the movie theatre curtain. Search through the film 
reel shelves to find ?Ye Book of the Future.?
Continue on into the movie theatre (through the armored door). Fight the 
Electrocution victim and the two Hanged Criminals falling from the ceiling (the 
Hanged Criminals usually leave an ammunition box behind). Use the temporary save 
Shoot into the jerry can to set the wall screen ablaze, thereby revealing the 
hand lever that activates the secret passage (hidden behind the painting) leading 
to the veranda.
Veranda:  There is a pentacle in the pond.
In the rear area, confront the Electrocution victim on the electric chair and 
recover the battery that he leaves behind him when he disappears. Find the medi-
kit and ammunition. Retrieve the lever in the middle of the marble columns and 
locate the crack in one of those columns? Then, slip in the rod to open the 
window panel that leads to the backyard (which also opens up the secret passage 
to the entrance (located under the light bulb).
Backyard:  This is your first confrontation with the Night Howler (avoid the 
blows from his spiked mallet!). When he disappears, take the film reel? and pick 
up the box of ammunition.
Return to the projection room. Mount the reel on the projector? Locate the secret 
passage by activating the hand lever?it reveals the staircase leading to the 


Break the mirror facing you and, behind it, activate the hand lever providing 
access to the attic.
Keep on going. A short time later, the Night Howler kidnaps the cameraman. In the 
next room, three Electrocution victims are venting their rage on three Skinned 
Criminals. Go through the door behind the Electrocution victims (triangular 
spider web in the corner). Angelina comes in when the player passes through this 
door (a film sequence occurs in which she calls upon Jack T. Ripper). If that 
doesn?t happen, you?ve gone through the wrong door?.
This level is full of Electrocuted and Skinned Criminals ambushing each other 
(hint: don?t try to join in their fight; they end up killing each other).
Tour the attic, using the map as a guide. Many items can be found there: 
ammunition, etc. Don?t forget to break all of the mirrors and uncover the 
concealed walls?and a gate to hell! You can even get a permanent save there (the 
television set).
After the film sequence featuring Angelina, slip along the left wall and enter 
the back room (just beyond the iron box). This is where the cameraman is being 
guarded by an Electrocution victim on an electric chair. Pick up the fuses next 
to the cameraman (the medi-kit and the bullets, too). Leave the room and turn 
left after you pass the iron box. Follow the corridor until you locate the 
electric meter. Insert the fuses? a film sequence occurs showing the Shadow Gate 
elevator (which is now working).
Go back out the way you came in and continue straight ahead? a film sequence is 
triggered showing the Skinned Criminal kidnapping Angelina. Continue on and go 
through the wood-paneled door. Behind it is the gate to hell? inhale?and send the 
souls back with Deva.
In this room, turn left immediately after the wooden door. Kill the Skinned 
Criminal guarding the entrance. Go through the room; the elevator is there? and a 
permanent save (guarded by two Electrocution victims). A little further away, you 
can also find an assault rifle. To take the elevator, click on the control 
console (use the left mouse button to select the floor): in this case, the second.

4-Second Floor

There is a temporary save opposite the elevator. Proceed to the end of the 
corridor. Destroy the electrical outlets as you move along (the Electrocution 
victims can use them to move from one place to another). At the end of the hall, 
open the chest containing a newspaper and a shotgun. 
Turn left to reach the swimming pool (where you will find a permanent save, a 
medi-kit, and ammunition). 
Go to the rear, behind the counter, to the bathroom. There are pinball tokens in 
the wooden crate and a sheet of paper on the shelves. Leave and activate the 
intercom (to attract the Electrocution victims, so that you can reduce the number 
of adversaries for the final scene of that level). 
When you are opposite the pentacle in the room adjoining the swimming pool, go 
through the door into the valet?s room. Kill the Hanged Criminals, pick up the 
key behind the screen (you can use it to leave the room). You?ll find ammunition, 
among other things, in the chest of drawers.            
Go back into the corridor and go through the door opposite you to enter the 
snooker room. 
Kill the Skinned Criminals and take the bedroom key that they left near the 
jukebox. Use your tokens to play pinball (this will unblock the door that leads 
to the red room).
Enter the room, open the chest of drawers, and pick up the billiard ball and 
various other items you find there. Go to the snooker table and play, using the 
billiard ball, which will reveal a hiding place behind the cue rest. Retrieve the 
crossbow that you find there.
Head toward the gymnasium, which can be reached through the red room door. Kill 
the Skinned Criminals, recover the medi-kit and head toward the showers. In the 
corridor, examine the skins of the Skinned Criminals, hanging on the wall. Find 
the key to the room where Angelina is being held prisoner. 
Retrace your steps and go into the sauna through the dressing room door (located 
next to the mirror in the gymnasium). Kill the sauna zombie in order to 
neutralize his ghost, who has been tormenting you since you came to that level. 
Go through the gate to hell in the sauna. 
Return to the central part of the hall. In front of the elevator (to your left) 
is a hidden door. 
Enter the valet?s room and kill the ?zombified? soundman. Search through the 
chest of drawers (for the sheet of paper), and pick up the medi-kit in the 
When you get back in the hall, another door is revealed (if this doesn?t happen, 
search for it). Enter the room, using the bedroom key: kill the Electrocution 
victims, and head toward Angelina. Kill her (she turns out to be a zombie). Leave 
the room once you have retrieved the key and the medi-kit. A film sequence shows 
Angelina being forcefully dragged by the torturer to the basement.
Use the elevator to descend to the ground floor. Go out into the garden, turn 
left, open the trap door, and go down into the cellar.


At the bottom of the stairs, turn left and do a temporary save. Move straight 
ahead and take the left fork (the doors are closed at this time). At the end of 
the corridor, a wall closes behind the player. 
Confront the three Hanged Criminals. Shoot at the jerry can to make that section 
of wall explode. In the crack made by the explosion, activate the hand lever to 
release the coal cellar?s wooden door.
Kill the Gas Victims. In that room, find the recessed area and retrieve the items 
it contains. Kill the Hanged Criminal. Pick up the sheet of paper in the wine 
Leave the room and turn left. Shoot the zombies, then return to the entrance to 
go to the coal cellar? Shoot at the red bricks in the wall. This reveals another 
recess area. Activate the hand lever to open the passage leading to the mines. 
Exit and turn right at the end of the corridor. 
Continue in that direction. Kill the Drowning Victims. Activate the wall lever, 
which reveals the secret passage to the mines (opposite the entrance with the 
In the corridors left of the entrance to the mines, go to the gate of hell? Send 
back the souls from this level so that Lucifer will give you the power to fly 
(you need it to explore the mines).


Go into the mines. Use the flight spell to cross the crevices. Go straight ahead 
to the boxes and gas meter. Turn right, past the earth mound and the debris from 
the beams. Continue until you reach the lantern (or go left, which will take you 
to the same place). Kill the Electrocution victims in the electric chairs behind 
the carts. Turn left and head toward the iron door. Continue straight ahead. Kill 
the four Electrocution victims. Go straight ahead again and fly over the 
television set. Shoot at the bas relief of the devil?s head on the wall to the 
left of you. You will enter the necropolis.



(Goal of this level: To retrieve the four talismans that provide access to the 
torture chamber where Angelina is being held captive)

Go forward: further ahead, and slightly below you, is a permanent save. Collect 
the (many!) bullets and the medi-kit.
Exit and you come to a vast circular chamber that connects with the entire level?
Turn left after killing the two Gas Victims next to the gravestone, then go 
through the door and continue straight ahead?
In the next room, the Torturer shows you where you can find one of the talismans. 
Take the talisman and go back to the gravestone where you confronted the Gas 
Continue straight on again. Kill the two Gas Victims and move on until you reach 
two doors. Pick up the arrows on the floor. Both doors lead to a talisman and 
then to a dead end. When you retrace your steps, take the door near the three 
stone stalactites (mummy sarcophagi). 
In the first room to the right, a Gas Victim is guarding a gate to hell? Give him 
the usual and take the medi-kit. Leave, going either to the right or the left 
(left is better, because you come across a permanent save). Both paths lead to 
the same room. 
From there, you access a gigantic chamber with a wooden bridge. The fourth 
talisman is here. A film sequence shows you the place where you should leave the 
four talismans. Return to the gravestone, which has now opened to the torture 
chamber. Angelina is attached to a wheel?
Jethro (the torturer) remains invincible as long as the four stalactites above 
Angelina have not been destroyed (the stalactites are visible when they emit a 
green light). Beware of the torturer?s axe blows (he teleports himself 
continuously). Free Angelina! The Night Howler arrives and grabs Deva. At that 
moment, a Grandmother appears. Kill her so that Angelina can recover her weapon 
(an Uzi). Save your game so that you can leave the room. 
Follow the path shown in the film sequence: return to the door to the three 
stalactites. Wait? do not fail to protect Angelina on your way back. (You still 
need to hurry, since your time is limited.)
        Return to the chamber with the bridge, then follow the bridge. It will 
take you outside into the open air, inside the cemetery. 



Save your game next to the first tomb you encounter. Walk around the grave mound 
and try to open the tombs situated along its sides. 
You will find several objects in the only accessible tomb (four items: mirrors, a 
watch, talismans and a coin). Place these items in the corresponding tombs. For 
example, put the gold coin on the greedy woman?s stand (if you make a mistake, 
Dave catches fire). A horde of zombies are surging out of every exit and heading 
for the last tomb that you visited. Beware: don?t forget to protect Angelina, who 
can only defend herself from a limited number of adversaries. So keep an eye on 
Also search the surroundings of the grave mound for any weapons or items that you 
can retrieve there. Once you have placed the four items on their respective 
locations, the Night Howler appears, fleeing through the grave mound maze as Dave 
approaches. Follow Dave and search the place. Fight back the Hanged Criminals 
until you enter a room where you find two sheets of paper and a medi-kit. Dave 
and his confederates are then transported to the higher level (the level just 
above, on the grave mound).

9-Grave Mound

Visit every tomb and push back the frequent attacks? Follow Angelina into the 
tomb of the deceased, Hubert Chardot (whose inscription appears on his 
gravestone). When you have been transported to the upper level (teleporting is 
automatic once the tour is over), proceed as you did before, up to the top of the 
grave mound (to the Tomb of Anger). Save your game and enter the tomb. Use the 
action command on that tomb and prepare yourself for the final confrontatio

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