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by Gregorio Diaz EL COMPY


1. Introduction
2. FAQ version
3. Button legend
4. Characters 
5. Credits
6. Spoiler alert


   Hello again, JP fans. Welcome to my second Lost World FAQ. I did this FAQ
because a guy e-mailed me asking about help, and since I typed a lot only
for Compy, I said myself. " hey, this deserves a FAQ". Thanks Jason. The
section 5 will interest you.
  This FAQ teaches you all the moves and general tips about the characters.
Although it is not a walkthrough, I will give you some help in certain
stages. ( to get info about the bosses, see Section 6)  ( to make me happy,
read the whole FAQ ) 
  So here it is. Tell me what you need, or want to see, or like or dislike
at:  [email protected] , therefore winning the right to see your
name and e-mail at Section 5. Thanks.
( if you need passwords, then go to see my other FAQ at )


1.0  This one! ( first release)

and more to come...


 If you have read ( and enjoyed, I hope) my first FAQ, you will find that
the buttons remain unchanged. If you are new ( welcome! ) then here you are:

Square will be referred as S
Triangle will be referred as T
X does not need pseudonyms, 
Circle will be referred as C
L1, L2, R1, R2 are also the same

Up will be U 
Down will be D
Forward will be F
Back will be B



  The smallest and fastest dinosaur, Compy is my favorite. It has speed to
escape and power to kill. Do not underestimate it. Get used to it , cause
you will play with it the most. ( 9 stages to be precise).


S: attack
T: retreat
X: jump
C: power attack
L2 or R2: eat ( you can only eat corpses)

Other keys:

Down+T: roll
Up+T: small jump
Up+X: upper bite 


a- Always try to attack with the Circle button WHILE RUNNING. This will give
you an excellent way to attack and escape from the enemies. Jump attacks are
not recommended because sometimes the bigger enemies will not let you jump,
or you will be damaged when falling, or you will jump directly to its mouths.
b- After killing someone, DO NOT run far away, because if you do so, the
body will dissappear, and you will not be able to eat from it.
c- Be careful when jumping, especially from one platform to another.
Imprecise jumping will cause you to fall ( and be really injured or die when
you touch the ground ) If possible, try to throw yourself SLOWLY to the
platform. ( if it is below you )
d- Remember to kill any mosquitoes that stand in your way. They are the
characters that give you the most energy upon die. Kill them with a jumping
bite ( especially the upper bite ) or jump and while airborne execute the
upper bite. They will refill you immediately, so you do not need to eat them
e- While underwater, keep an eye to your oxigen bar ( blue ). If the bar
depletes you will start to spend your life bar ( red ) and guess what
happens when you run out of life. You can refill the blue bar by touching
the vertical bubble path that appears three times in the route. They are
always in the same place, usually guarded by a mean and hungry Barasuchas,
so do not stop for too long. The third bubble path is the safest. ( it is
located at the bottom of the lake, near the end of the level.
f- At the hunter level, jump to the right at the beginning, and continue
climbing to the right using the platforms. Do not stay too much in the same
place or BANG! Try also to jump accurately. 
g-Try to attack regularly. This will " reptilize " the eye at the top right
of the screen. The eye regulates the strength and power of your attacks. The
pupil must be as vertical as possible.
NOTE: the eye will reptilize faster by getting the FANG power up. (
dinosaurs only )
h-Finally, DO NOT TOUCH ANY RED PLANTS! They will only damage you , and you
cannot destroy them in any way. ( they even resist Brachiosaurus stomps!) 


 An average player, use him at a distance and you will be okay. The piton
jumps can be tricky, so practice them a lot.


S: shoot
T: retreat
X: jump
C: piton ( rope )
L1,R1: changes path ( some stages only )
L2,R2: switch weapons ( please see section 4.5)

Other keys:

Any direction+S: shoot in that direction ( Duh!)
D+T: forward roll
F+T: slide


 A rope attachment that lets you reach high places and jump over long
chasms. The fifth character has one of these too. Here I will detach all its
uses depending on your needs.

While standing:

C or F+C ( HOLD C ): fires it at 45 degrees. ( diagonally in front of him)
U+C ( HOLD C ):fires it 90 degrees: ( exactly over him)

While jumping:

Same as above

NOTE: If you throw yourself off the platform, the Hunter will fire the piton
over him, so if you need to fire it in front of him, you must jump off the
platform. Example: The hunter needs to grab to the rock shown

        Platform            o                 Rock

Here the Hunter left the platform WITHOUT jumping. He will not be able to
connect the rope to the rock and he will fall.

        Platform                                Rock

  In this case, he left the platform with a jump ( X button ) and when he
fired the rope he could hang to the rock If you do not understand this, then
e-mail me and I will explain it to you.

When grabbed:

 If you grabbed your objective DO NOT release the Circle button or you will
 Press F, then B : swing . Press them fast to swing faster. To stop do NOT
press any directions. When swinging, DO NOT TOUCH WALLS OR ENEMIES OR OTHER
OBJECTS as this will make you release the rope automatically. 
 Press U: retracts rope
 Press: D: stretches rope


If you need to advance using the rope, then do the following:

Grab the ceiling or rock , then press F once to swing a little to the right
, then release the rope and immediately fire it again. Repeat it as needed.
For easier jumps, stretch the rope a little before release it


 Sometimes, the game asks you to climb to a platform using only your
rope.Example: The hunter needs to climb to platform 2 to exit the level

                                platform 2 ------------------- Exit

    Platform 1

In this case, you need to attach your rope to the edge of platform 2 like this:

                           platform 2---------------------Exit

 Now, swing as fast as you can, and release the rope while swinging to the
left, trying to fall on the platform like this:  ( think the 1s   are the
path he followed) 

                    1  1 
                 1           Hunter
                1     platform 2----------------------Exit 

 Since the Hunter section is too long, I will show the weapons in the
section 4.5 ( human prey ) 
Tip: kill the birds with machine gun ( from behind ) or rockets.
Hope the graphics are understandable. They may look strange in the final
release at gamefaqs. 

4.3 VELOCIRAPTOR ( Raptor )

 My fav. next to Compy. It is strong, evil, and it is the best jumper of the


S: bite
T: retreat
X: jump
C: forward attack ( after taking down a human, S to bite him, or C to nail him )
L2,R2: eat

other keys

D+T: ducking retreat
F+T : forward roll
U+S : upper bite

While jumping: 

C: pounce
D+S: also a pounce, but it is more effective ( I think )


a- In the first level, attack gas users with the pounce, or get close and
use the forward attack. The gas is the meanest weapon, it leaves you stunned
and does A LOT of damage.
b- Most of the boxes are traps, but there are  1 ups hidden in some of them.
c- Some platforms will "open" letting you fall. Although you will not hurt
when landing, sometimes there are hunters waiting for you down there.
d- Your best offense against dinosaurs is to pounce them with D+S, land, and
pounce again. This way you will evade bites from Deinonichus. Against
Pachycephalosaurus ( a.k.a. Pachy, or Voldo, ) wait for them to headbutt,
them jump over them, turn yourself, duck and bite them from behind. This is
difficult to execute when Pachy is with one of his many friends. ( his
friends are anyone except you )
e- Remember that fire and spikes in the ground also affect enemy dinosaurs.
f- The Triceratops is secretly known as " The Raptor Hunter ". Evade him at
all costs.
g- As with Compy, try to reptilize your eye ( with a full eye, you can kill
Voldo in two or three hits! )
h- There are prizes at the top of the trees, so jump on the branches
i- Kill as many humans as  you can, is fun and sadistic.


 The worst character ( at least for me ) the T-Rex is slow, big and clumsy.
But he is powerful, cool and its roar rocks!Yes, also eats people.


S: bite
T: retreat
X: jump ( almost useless )
C: forward bite
L1,R1: changes path
L2,R2: roar

 When you have something in your mouth:

X: eat the prey
S or C: play with it
Nothing: The slow and painful death ( for the prey )

Other keys:

D+S or D+C: low bite
U+S,C, or T: upper headbutt
F+T: front headbutt or human cannon


a- At the raptor stages ( 1st, 2nd, 4th ) eat the raptors in front of you
and DO NOT STOP. Keep moving or they will pummel you. If you say " I need to
kill the raptor that is biting me from behind", I will tell you NO because:

The T-rex turns slower than a train
When you are trying to eat that raptor, there will be another one behind you
that will hurt you, causing you to spit your snack
If you are stepping on hot ground you will be bited and burned ( not stirred )
The raptors  appear indefinitely, so if you stop and turn around, there are
more raptors behind you and in front of you all of them attacking you at the
same time.
If the T-rex is turning to the left and it is biten, it will return to its
initial position. In other words, they do not let you turn around. 
b- Always walk with the L1 button pressed. Remember that this button alters
the path, making the game 3-D. In some levels, the exit is in the sub-path,
so if you reach a dead end, back up and try again, this time with L1 pressed
c- To kill the bothersome stegosaurus, try to bite it when it is turning, so
you will nail it without crushing its head. If it tries to attack you, go to
the left and then return.Crush its head if neccessary but attack it .Keep
doing this until you return to the raptors territory, cause if you attack a
raptor that it is close to the stegosaurus, you will hurt them both without
receiving damage. When it dies go to the right to exit the level.
d- At the geyser zone, avoid being touched by water. The triceratops is
defeated by using the low bite in it. The T-rex will pull the triceratops
and bite it in its butt. Press the buttons to bite it twice. Then the T-rex
will release it. Repeat as neccessary. Change the path after killing the
second triceratops.
e- The allosaurus is killed in the same manner as the triceratops, but it
tends to retreat a lot from your low bites. ( I hate that wimp! )
f- At the humans camp, stop under the observation basket and perform the
upper headbutt. This will take down the two guys that attack from there.
g- Remember to destroy the power plants so you can go through portals. The
power plants are always in the sub-paths. Bite them with S.
h- At the last level, there are guys that fire double rockets. Try to jump
toward them and then eat em.
i- When you run over humans, they will play dead. Pick them up with a low bite. 
j- Eat everything you grab. The life meter depletes faster than you think so
you cannot waste food by throwing it away.
k- Use the front headbutt to hit humans. This will send them away when there
are observation baskets or rocket users that you need to erradicate first. (
this is the reason why I call this move human cannon)
l- Use L2 as much as you can. This will make you look dangerous and powerful!
Happy eating!

4.5 HUMAN PREY ( Dr. Sarah Harding )

A great character, but I think she does not have enough stages to pass
through. Sad. 


Same as hunter ( Section 4.2 )

Other keys:



The hunter section was bigger than I expected, so I could not talk about the
weapons there. He uses all of Sarah´s weapons with the exception of the flare

Eye: normal shot. Weak but it has infinite ammo
Crosseye: Machine gun. normal shot with steroids. Excellent for raptors or birds
Death: Gas can. Useful if the dinosaur stays in the same place. It can kill
you too, so be careful.
Fireball: Rockets. It kills raptors with two shots, birds with one, and
destroys barricades
Flame: Flamethrower: The perfect weapon against T-Rex
Flare: Zero damage. It is only a way to distract T-Rex. Shoot it upwards.
Clock: Delay bomb. It is slow and hard to use. Lame
Red cross medikit: Not a weapon. Restores some energy
Paramedic medikit: White and green, restores all of your energy.


a- Try to ALWAYS keep flares with you. They are a life saver. When you have
a wall to the left, and a hungry T-Rex to the right, the flare is the best
b- Most of the power ups are in the air, so practice piton jumps.
c- As mentioned, rockets can destroy barricades, that is safer and easier
than jumping over them
d- Sarah cannot jump over two barricades, so maybe T-Rex can help you
e- At the second stage, jump from the wood platform, grab to the tree, get
the flares, and go to the left. There are goodies there.( at the beginning)
f- The spikes damage raptors and can be destroyed with rockets or a big nose.
g- The humans can also destroy barricades, and sometimes the remains of the
barricade hurt you.


NAME                                      E-MAIL

Gregorio Diaz EL COMPY      [email protected]       Everything you
just read 

Jason  Smith RAPTOR     [email protected]      The idea of writing
this FAQ

DreamWorks Interactive                  Sorry again!             They made
the game       [email protected]            They publish my FAQs

And thanks to the readers of this FAQ . Long FAQ, isn´t it ? Remember, your
name can be there. Please send all your tips, passwords,questions, secrets,
cheats or viewpoints about the game at :  

[email protected]

                                                                AND NOW:


If you do not know what I mean, the spoiler alert is a warning telling you
that the following info can spoil your game. So if you want to find this out
by yourself, or will feel guilty after reading this,or if you are under 18 (
just kidding on this one), then think that the FAQ ended with the Credits.
Go no further and stop reading. Pretty Please?

                                                        YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

    Still There? Great Mr. Adult ( just kidding) . Well, then I will tell
you how to kill the bosses. They are:

Dr. Doom and Thanos ( kidding again )

Euoplocephalus for the Raptor:

  To kill it, just make the forward attack in its face, then the raptor
automatically will turn it on its back like a turtle. When it is down, nail
it with the low bite ( D+S ) three times and then run away from it. It will
try to rush against you. Jump over it. Then it will attack you like the
stegosaurus. Walk away again. Get close when it has finished its tail
strikes. Continue the treatment until it dies. Hear that stomps? It is the
T-rex, coming for you!  

And now, the brave and beautiful girl against the big bad heartless giant .
After this the girl will escape in an helicopter.

  First, run in circles so Tyrant will not hurt you . Then wait for the wimp
in the helicopter to throw you the rocket launcher. Grab it and say "
Tyrant, say cheese! " . Kill it and ooooppppssss!!!!!!! Wait, that is a
different game, but the girl, the giant, the helicopter,the flare, so many
coincidences. Sorry! ¡Perdon! Go mene! See? Wrong game again! Okayl, lets
get serious.  Again, wrong game, sorry Kim Kaphwan, that is your exclusive

                                    O.K. I will stop. Just do not be so serious.

 You are in a ship and the T-Rex is roaring. So hurry, and go to the left of
the ship. If you have flares shoot one, grab the goodies inside the boxes
that T-rex just broke and go right. Grab all the weapons you can . There are
three masts, each one with a different power up. In the left flares, in the
right rockets, and medicines in the middle.Like Quake´s deathmatches, they
reappear after some time. In this stage  the T-rex must die once and for
all, but this time, you are not using it! Try this: fire a flare and quickly
walk to the T-rex back. Now, select the flamethrower and nail it until it
bites the dust. See? I told you that T-rex cannot turn when it is under
attack! You did it ! You kill it! You are a hero! You just killed Lost
World´s most powerful....  What!? Nobody told me that T-rex has a twin bro!
 Now it only gets tougher . Use the method A:

Distract it with a flare, then attack it with your remaining weapons. If you
are weak, wait for the medicine to appear, the same for the weapons. DO NOT
RUN OUT OF FLARES! You can live without rockets, but you cant without flares
. Repeat it until it dies. And period. An average FMV, the credits,  and
The title screen.Period again. 

I know there are more things in that game, like secret levels,cheats, and I
hope a T-rex against T-rex fight. E- mail me if you know secrets about it.
The address: [email protected]

Thanks for read the whole FAQ. Unless you are a FAQ maker, you do not know
how tired and hard is to write a monster like this. Hope you liked it (
especially the jokes. I love Capcom. Sorry. I also love Namco, Square and
Sakura Kasugano ( Capcom´s  schoolgirl ) If you want to talk about other
games e-mail me. I reply all mail! And yes, I read all mail too! Thanks a lot.

( Method B: cheat with the gameshark)( no, I do not know any codes. Sorry.)



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