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By ToastyFrog 
(Jeremy Parish - [email protected])
May 7, 2000

Note: for terms of use and publishing, check the end of this document.

No one knows how to milk a franchise like Capcom. The variants of Street
Fighter that have graced the gaming world over the past decade are more vast
than sands upon the beach. Yet who can complain, when the sequels just keep
getting better? Case in point: The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Sure, it's a
spin-off of a sub-franchise, but despite its superficially derivative nature,
it's an inventive and highly original game. Frankly, it violates the rule of
"sequels suck" with such audacity and panache that the more dogmatic gamers in
the audience may be reduced to sobbing in the corner at their violated

The actual US version is FINALLY out, and now that it's out I have been able to
solve the last few puzzle levels. Everything should be jes' peachy now. I have
a few little tidbits to uncover still (such as a few Servbot skills), so please
feel free to email corrections to [email protected] for credit - thanks! 


    2. ACTION
    3. PUZZLE
    4. RPG
  C. NPCs


The Bonne family may be dirty rotten scoundrels, but they're downright cherubic
compared to Loath, a loan shark from whom they foolishly borrowed money. Loath
sends his bully boy after the Bonnes when their payments end up delinquent. The
enforcer, a snooty pretty boy by the name of Glyde (who has his own version of
Servbots, even), captures Bonne brothers Teasel and Bomb, leaving their poor
sister Tron alone with just the Servbots in their airship Gesellschaft. But
Tron has a lot of moxie for a scrawny 14-year-old girl and decides to kick butt
and take names - with the help of the Servbots, of course. Now it is the
beginning of a fantastic journey!


-- 1. ADVENTURE ------------------------------

Adventure mode should seem familiar to anyone who has played Megaman Legends -
it's basically the same thing, but with a villain in the driver's seat. Tron,
being dainty (no, really) controls a Gustaff mech suit which is a bit more
durable than Megaman was, but also less maneuverable. However, she compensates
for her lack of celerity by bringing along six Servbots who help in various
ways - distracting enemies, collecting spoils, searching for hidden zenny.
Besides that, Tron's adventures control and unfold almost exactly the same as

-- 2. ACTION ---------------------------------

Another mode with a lot in common with Megaman Legends. Each of the Action
sequences are either timed or have a specific gameplay goal. The control is
similar to Adventure mode, but the open areas and stream of policemen give it a
more arcade-like feel.

-- 3. PUZZLE ---------------------------------

Here's where the game really starts to come into its own. Puzzle Mode is a
fairly simple mini-game that can really pose a mental challenge after a while.
The rules are simple: Tron takes her Gustaff Tank mech to the island's docks
with the intention of stealing valuable goods. Her tank suit has limited power
and mobility, and she must snag as much of the cargo as possible within the
power range of her suit. Each level also offers bonus cargo for the
exceptionally skilled. The more you steal, the more Zenny you earn, thus
teaching valuable cause-effect relationships to your children! Ages 4 and up.

-- 4. RPG ------------------------------------

The name "RPG" is a wee bit misleading, since it's not the turn-based combat
and lengthy dialogue you're probably expecting. However, the RPG mode is
somewhat reminscent of those old, old, old school RPGs like Tunnels and Trolls
or whatever it was called, many years ago on the TI99-4/A computer. If you ask
me what a TI99-4/A is, I'll breaka you face.

While in RPG Mode, Tron is limited to using a small remote drone with no
manipulative/offensive capabilities whatsoever - therefore she has to rely on
her crack team of Servbots to do her work for her. The Servbots are
invaluable here - they'll tackle enemies for you, collect treasures, defuse
traps and interact with Diggers (those grim but friendly folks who make their
living searching for treasure in the ancient techno-dungeons of the world).


The airship Gesellschaft, apparently the hotpoint of contention in the game,
serves as Tron's base of operations as she works to rescue her brothers.

The Gesellschaft grows as you advance in the game. It's a bit like Suikoden's
castle, except you get new Servbots AFTER the ship expands. For convenience,
I'm going to refer to the growth as Levels, because certain changes trigger
various events and opportunities.

 LEVEL 1: Starting state. H.Q., Lab, Storage, Cafe, Mtg Room, Gym are 
 LEVEL 2: Available after 2 successful missions. Tron's Room added.
 LEVEL 3: Available after 5 successful missions. Deck added.
 LEVEL 4: Available after 8 successful missions. Teasel's Room added.
 LEVEL 5: Available after 11 successful missions. Engine Room added.
 LEVEL 6: Available after ?? successful missions. Bon's Room (?) added.

-- 1. MOVING ABOUT ---------------------------

The Gesellschaft has a menu-driven interface; everything you do and everywhere
you go is determined by menu selections. Let me say, this makes the game a
whole lot less annoying and tedious than the Yggsdrasil in Xenogears. And
you're guaranteed not to develop a seething hatred for "Chain of Ocean and
Fire," too. In each area you can perform a variety of tasks, as well as speak
with the various Servbots to catch up on plot details or ship functions or
receive tips.

Pressing Triangle will bring up the Main Menu (each room's main menu listed
Pressing Square will display the ID numbers of each Servbot.
Pressing Circle while talking will bring up the Status Menu:

 - GIVE: Give items to Servbots.
 - DATA: Look at the stats of the Servbots at your current location.
 - SERVBOTS LIST: Read all stats for all Servbots. Press Circle to see Data.
 - NAMING: You can rename any of the 40 Servbots. Up to 4 characters per name.
THE BRIDGE ------------------------------------

No, not the Billy Joel album; this is Tron's starting point in the
Gesellschaft. It's also where you'll access the Mission Select screen.

  MISSION SELECT - Allows you to choose your next mission.
  TALK - Communicate with the Servbots.
  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  SCOUTING - Direct the Servbots' stakeouts.
  FILE OPERATION - Access ye olde memory carde.
                 - SAVE
                 - LOAD

  01 - Speak to 1 for hints about other developing other Snipers. Also, after a 
       few missions he will give you the Strategy Notes.
  06 - Nothing useful.
  11 - Pilots the Gesellschaft.
  15 - Reminds you to save. Whee!
  16 - Nothing useful.
  40 - Moves to Tron's Room when Gesellschaft reaches Level 2.

A note about surveillance: before every mission, you can assign three
Servbots stakeouts around the island. Depending on where you send them and
(presumably) their skill levels and your success in the mission, they will
retrieve various items that can be sold or used for upgrades (I've gotten all
kinds of weird things - fish, ice cream, manga...). Take a few moments before
launching a mission to set up the Bots. The higher your Servbots' Brain
ratings, the better the items you will receive. Send out your smartest Servbots
to acquire truly great items such as Power and Brain Cubes, Police Lights and
Mineral Ore (which can reduce development costs by a cool 100,000 zenny!). Also
note that while a Servbot is out Scouting, he will be unavailable in the
Gesellschaft. So if you want to upgrade to a Bazooka, but 31 is Scouting,
you're SOL until you return from a mission (successfully or otherwise).

LAB ---------------------------------------------

Tron slips into her mad scientist gear here to tweak and improve the Gustaff.

  DEVELOP - Purchase gear and items for Gustaff.
  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  H.Q. - Return the the Bridge

  02 - Gives you Paint Set when Gesellschaft reaches Level 2.
  30 - Tank Development. Develop Tank Part or raise his B to 4.
       Give him the item "Litnium" for Energy Tanks 4 & 5
  31 - Bazooka Development. Develop Bazooka Parts and give him the item "Pipe" 
       to create the Bonne Bazooka. Can also raise B to 4.
  32 - Gatling Development. Develop Gatling Parts and give him the item 
       "Fireworks" to create Gatling Gun. Can also raise B to 4.
  33 - Bottle Development.
       Gesellschaft must be at Level 3 to create E. Bottle 3.
       Give him Bottle Notes to create E. Bottle 4.
  34 - Armor Development. Develop Armor Parts or raise B to 4 and give him the 
       item "Steel Plate" to create Hard Armor.

TRON'S ROOM -------------------------------------

Wow... it's really... REALLY... pink. Nice piano, tho'.


  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  H.Q - Return to the Bridge
  17 - Once you have given a Servbot the Red Head Parts, 17 will offer to let 
       you rest. Choosing to do so will open up the Casino minigame.
  36 - Pianist. Give him the Shell to activate his Music skill. Give him other 
       items to create new musical themes.
  40 - Give him the Design magazine and he'll start jumping around on Tron's 
       bed and asking if he can change the color of the Gesellschaft to pink. 
       Apparently in the Japanese game the "Design" magazine was a dirty 
       magazine, and he turned into a raging pervert instead of a stereotypical 
       gay designer. Go figure.
  18 - Nothing useful.

STORAGE -----------------------------------------

Store your extra gizmos and knicknacks and such rather than toting them about
in Gustaff.


  APPRAISE - Learn the value of your items. 14 must be present, 
             unless 19 has learned Appraise as well.
  SELL - Make quick cash by hocking off old gear.
  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  H.Q. - Return to the Bridge
  04 - He's lost and doesn't belong here.
  14 - Appraise. Can examine your items and describe their value. When his B  
       reaches 4, he'll also tell which Servbot items belong to which Bots.
  19 - Boost his B to 4 and he can Appraise, too, which means 14 can go 

THE CAFE ----------------------------------------

The Servbots hang out here to eat. Why do little Lego-bots need food? I don't
know. It's a game, it doesn't have to be logical - live with it.

  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  H.Q. - Return to the Bridge
  03 - Just kinda sits there, eating.
  05 - Just sorta stands there, moping.
  21 - A chef.
  26 - A foundering chef.
  39 - Once he receives the Poetry Book, he can offer hints about your 
       Servbots' potential skills (in other words, what attributes need to be   
       maximized to discover their potential).

THE DECK ----------------------------------------

The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, it's like a pin-up opportunity or


  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  H.Q. - Return to the Bridge
  22 - Enjoys sweeping.
  24 - Enjoys scouting.
  25 - Enjoys nearly plummeting to his doom. 

GYM ---------------------------------------------

Train the Servbots here with exciting (and painful) minigames!

  TRAINING - Choose a Servbot to tone and trim with a minigame.
  HIGH SCORE - Check your personal records here.
  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  H.Q. - Return to the Bridge
  09 - When the Gesellschaft reaches Level 2, he will give you the Red Head 
       Parts. Also, give him a "Comic" to activate his Sniper skill.
  12 - Nothing useful.
  13 - When Gesellschaft reaches Level 4, he'll give you Bon Parts.
  38 - Runs the training regimen.

MTG ROOM  ---------------------------------------

Plan your next move in Tron's cute-but-evil reign of menace.


  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  H.Q. - Return to the Bridge
  07 - Nothing useful.
  08 - Speak to him when Gesellschaft is at Level 3 and answer Yes. WHen you 
       find his Contacts, give them back and he will become a Sniper.
  10 - Speak to him when 8 loses his Contacts, and 10 will find them.
  35 - Give him the Paint Set and he'll become a Painter who can redecorate the 
       Gustaff. You can give him other items (Momento, Bon Parts) to create new 
       Gustaff paint schemes.
  37 - Give him the Strategy Notes and he'll offer advice.
TEASEL'S ROOM --------------------------------

It's where Teasel sleeps and stuff.

  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  H.Q. - Return to the Bridge
  28 - Nothing useful.
TORTURE ROOM ---------------------------------

If any of your Servbots reach 4 Sloth, the Torture Room will be constructed
automatically for you to cure the culprit of his laziness. However, you can
only torture a Servbot if its Sloth reaches 4. The controls here are pretty
simple and map to the location of the torture devices:

  SQUARE: Spikes (left side)
  CIRCLE: Fire Jet (right side)
  X: Weight (lower area)
Knock the Servbot's Sloth bar down to zero and his rating will drop to one.
Otherwise he'll just be mad at you. You have 30 seconds, so hurry!


  MOVE - Travel to other sections of the Gesellschaft.
  H.Q. - Return to the Bridge
  20 - Nothing useful, but has an interesting predilection for S&M...

-- 2. UPGRADING GUSTAFF ----------------------

As with any video game mech suit worth its salt, Gustaff can be upgraded with
an array of special armor and weapons, as well as repair tools and the like.
But upgrading costs money, so every time you kick it up a notch, you eat into
the fundage you're trying to collect toward that 1,000,000 zenny bounty.

-- 3. SERVBOT TRAINING -----------------------

You can increase your Servbots' stats with several minigames. Or you can boost
their stamina by subjecting them to outright torture. The choice is yours!

---- a. GAME I: TARGET PRACTICE --------------

  This is a simple little game, but it can be challenging! After a bit of 
  practice, though, you'll get the hang of it. Unless you're a clumsy oaf, in 
  which case you should stick to turn-based strategy games. Success in three 
  rounds of this game will boost a Servbot's Strength rating.

  CONTROLS: S - Catch/Grab/Throw
            X - Jump
            O - Eat
            D-PAD - Move
  This game is broken into three rounds. Each round is 1 minute long, and you 
  have to score an increasing number of points in each round by throwing bombs 
  at rows of carboard stand-ups of people. Regular people are worth 1 point per 
  hit, while Glyde, Denise, Loath and the Police are worth 2 points apiece. 
  There are two Servbots roaming around the stand-up area - one simply raises 
  the targets for you to hit, and the other throws the bombs you need to knock 
  over the stand-ups. If you're struck by a bomb, you'll be stunned. If two 
  bombs collide, they'll both explode. If a bomb is left to sit for a while, it 
  will explode on its own. Furthermore, each bomb can be thrown at the front  
  row or the back row (leap and throw to hit the back row). A well-placed throw 
  can strike two adjacent stand-ups at once.

  Other factors: every once in a while, a stand-up with a bazooka will appear, 
  giving you a few seconds to fire a bomb bazooka if you knock over the bazooka 
  stand-up. The shots from the bazooka will overpower any thrown bombs with 
  which they collide and can knock over an entire column of stand-ups, front 
  and back row. Make the most of the bazooka! Additionally, sometimes you'll be 
  given a piece of pie; grab this and eat it to freeze time for a few seconds. 
  This is of utmost importance in the later rounds.

                Round 1 - 15 targets
                Round 2 - 20 targets
                Round 3 - 25 Targets
                LEVEL THREE -----------
                Round 1 - 30 targets
                Round 2 - 35 targets
                Round 3 - 40 Targets
                LEVEL FOUR ------------
                Round 1 - 43 targets
                Round 2 - 46 targets
                Round 3 - 50 Targets

  STRATEGY: Learn to catch the bombs in mid-air. If you wait for the bombs to 
  come to a halt, you'll lose time AND frequently bombs (when they collide). 
  Learn to knock over two stand-ups at once by throwing your bombs between 
  them. Also, go after the 2-pt. stand-ups first, and try to stay ahead of the 
  Servbot who raises them to minimize the amount of time each stand-up is 
  down. Try to get the bazooka while as many stand-ups are active as possible 
  to make it easier to rack up more points. In Round 3, grabbing the pie and 
  scoring 4-point hits (knocking over 2 2-pt. targets at once, or hitting 4 
  targets with one bazooka shot) are vital.
  ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: The scoring seems a little more complicated than I 
  thought. Police are only worth a point apiece, and for some reason if you 
  knock over two Glydes at once, you still only get two points. Anyway, my best 
  advice is to try to stay ahead of the Servbot who's putting up the standees - 
  try to hit about 4 steps ahead of him, so he'll replace the fallen targets 
  immediately and increase your chances of super-dooper point combos. Also, the 
  food tends to be thrown sometime between 18-12 seconds remaining, usually in 
  conjunction with the second Bazooka standee being put up. Do NOT knock over 
  the second Bazooka target until you've eaten the pie, otherwise you're likely  
  to miss the pie  (or worse, destroy it with a Bazooka shot!). Even then the 
  road to 50 is hard and you're going to have to depend on the luck of the draw 
  to succeed.
---- b. GAME 2: LUNCH RUSH -------------------

  Game two is yet another one of those crazy Japanese cooking contests - the 
  Servbot of your choice fills in for kitchen duty to whip food for the rest of 
  the crew. This is a vaguely Parappa-like minigame that requires set button 
  presses per verbal cues. There are six different dishes to serve.
  Lunch Set A: (Up+Circle)
  Lunch Set B: (Left+Circle)
  Lunch Set C: (Down+Circle)
  Lunch Set D: (Right+Circle)
  Curry Rice:  Triangle
  Spaghetti:   Square
  Gameplay is pretty straightforward. Still, one of Tron's attacks in Marvel 
  vs. Capcom 2 is a Servbot Lunch Rush, so be prepared... As each Servbot comes 
  to the counter, they'll call out their preference. You can actually get the 
  jump on them, becaue their order appears in a text window as well. You have 
  about 1 second to get their order correct before they start getting mad 
  (impatient little guys!). If you screw up, they'll give you an angry look. 
  Winning the game boosts your second statistic 1 point. Each round is 36 
  seconds long, but requires progressively more Servbots to be fed.
                ROUND 1: 20 Servbots
                ROUND 2: 22 Servbots
                ROUND 3: 24 Servbots
                LEVEL THREE -----------
                ROUND 1: 26 Servbots
                ROUND 2: 28 Servbots
                ROUND 3: 30 Servbots
                LEVEL THREE -----------
                ROUND 1: 32 Servbots
                ROUND 2: 34 Servbots
                ROUND 3: 36 Servbots


When you first begin the game, you're given a few control choices:

- MANUAL SHOT - for you arcade veterans. The faster you press Fire, the faster    
     Tron shoots.
- AUTO SHOT - Automatically lockson to an enemy when you shoot. Not only is it 
      cheap, it's annoying - every time you press fire, your orientation 
      shifts. Ugh.
- D-PAD SLIDE - Causes the left and right directionals on the D-Pad to "strafe" 
     Doom-style and side step. The L1/R1 buttons are used for turning.
- L1/R1 SLIDE - I'm more comfortable with this control scheme. The L1 and R1 
     buttons cause Tron to move side to side while the D-Pad turns.
Additionally, you can adjust some of the other controls from the Options menu
(at the Title screen, or from the in-game menus). Here are the default

  SQUARE (S): Shot (Action/Adventure)
              Grab/Drop (Puzzle)
              Ram (RPG)
  X BUTTON (X): Jump (Action/Adventure/Puzzle)
                Cancel (Menus)
  TRIANGLE (T): Grab/Throw (Action/Adventure)
  CIRCLE (O): Secondary Weapon (Action/Adventure)
              Confirm (Menus)
  START: Enter/Exit Status Screen (Action/Adventure/RPG)
         Menus (Puzzle)
  SELECT: Activate/Hide Map (Puzzle)
  L2: Lock-on (lock-on causes Gustaffe to stop moving) (Action/Adventure)
  R2: Guided Shot (controls Servbots) (Action/Adventure/RPG/Puzzle)
The status screen is handy and offers a number of options. Although the layout
varies depending on game mode and your in-game circumstance, the functions are
consistent. Most important, of course, is the menu at the right side of the

  ITEM - Use/examine items.
  STATUS - Gustaff's current status.
  SERVBOTS - Data on the active Servbot party.
  MISSION - Mission goals and data.
  OPTIONS - Adjust game options here. Uh... duh.
     - TURNING CONTROL: L1/R1 - D-Pad
     - UP/DOWN AXIS: Reverse - Normal
     - SOUND MODE: Stereo - Monaural
     - VIBRATION: On - Off



-- 1. TRON BONNE -----------------------------

The heroine - er, protagonist - of the story, Tron is a young slip of 14.
Despite her tender age, she happens to be a brilliant mechanic. She also
possesses the emotional maturity of an infant and tends to express attraction
through violence. Though Rock Volnutt won't be around to make her blush and
stammer, her temperament still shines through. I'm still trying to figure out
why, precisely, she has a bolted armor crotch guard though.

-- 2. TEASEL BONNE ---------------------------

The oldest of the Bonne brothers. No, he's not Tron's father, he's her brother.
He acts as the mastermind (so to speak) behind their money-making schemes.

-- 3. BON BONNE ------------------------------

While he resembles nothing so much as a walking Metool from the original
Megaman games, Bomb is actually a big cyborg baby. He's strong, but sort of
simple-minded, and his verbal skills are limited to saying "Babu." He has a
tendency to have his head blown off, which makes me uncomfortable on some level
- I mean, he IS just a baby. I've heard they've given him a different voice in
the English version, which seems a shame. The Japanese voice is perfect, and
it's not like "Babu!" needs to be translated.

-- 4. SERVBOTS -------------------------------

Undercutting the deep and existential philisophical themes of the Megaman
Legends series are the supremely cute Servbots, who serve as a whimsical
superego to Teasel's dark id. No, wait, I forgot - there are no deep
philisophical themes in Legends. The Servbots are just part of the overall
goofy ambiance, and adorably so. Someone needs to found a Servbot adoption
clinic. They serve a significant role in Tron Bonne, and each of the 40 bots
has its own strengths and weaknesses.


-- 1. LOATH ----------------------------------

Not much is known about Loath, except he's fat and resembles the Penguin from
Batman. Wak wak wak! If you've played Tail Concerto, you might be reminded of

-- 2. GLYDE ----------------------------------

Glyde is the foppish enforcer of Loath' financial empire. He also kicks butt.
No doubt Tron will have to take him down at some point. Go Tron!

-- 3. DENISH ---------------------------------

Actually, Denise isn't a villain - she's a policewoman driven by justice. But
since the Bonnes are petty criminals driven by personal gain, she's the enemy.
For some reason, she's a lot more resilient than the rest of the cops in town,
and has an incredible judo throw that can floor Gustaff, despite the armor
weighing about a ton.

-- 4. BIRDBOTS -------------------------------

These are similar to Tron's Servbots, except they belong to Glyde, they look
like penguins, and they speak in a nasal baritone rather than a squeakily
kawaii soprano. Robotic penguins are a Megaman tradition dating all the way
back to original NES game! You should respect these venerable critters.


-- 1. DANTZ ----------------------------------

A well-meaning but sort of stupid digger who helps the Servbots through a few
of the RPG dungeons.

-- 2. PERL -----------------------------------

A programmable script... no, wait. A young woman who is looking for the
legendary Aurora Stones in the dungeons. She seems a bit on the manipulative

-- 3. UNGLE DIGG -----------------------------

A legendary Digger whose tips and hints inspire many other younger explorers.

-- 4. ROXETTE --------------------------------

Rei Ayanami grew up and got a tan! Roxette's a mysterious lady, but surely she
and her sultry voice have a reason for being in the ruins...

-- 5. MAUDE ----------------------------------

If I had ever seen Austin Powers, I'd insert that quip about it not being a
lady, but a man. Since I haven't seen it, though, I won't.

-- 6. ZHIG AND ZHAG --------------------------

Twins who seem to know an awful lot about the ruins. How the heck are they able
to open those doors?

-- 7. TUTTLE ---------------------------------

A very, very strange man. Apparently being a complete FREAK is a prerequisite
for being a Digger.

-- 8. RUSSELL --------------------------------

A man's man, if you know what I mean. No, not like THAT. I mean he's all macho
and stuff.



The game may star Tron Bonne, but it kicks off with her brothers on a mission.
Oh, don't look so confused, you'll get to control Tron soon enough. For now,
make the most of it and learn the basics of maneuvering Gustaff, the natty
power armor that Tron built for Teasel. You can also take this opportunity to
learn how to control the Servbots and what you can do with the "guided shot"
(disclaimer: it's nothing obscene).

A few basics, in case the detailed in-game explanation confuses you (you poor,
poor soul). First, the R2 button is the "Guided Shot." Basically, what this
does is create a homing beacon for the Servbots. Fire the Guided Shot at an
object and the Servbots will take action with it. The exact action is
determined contextually (oh AI, how sweet you are!) - for example, shoot at a
rock and the Servbots will play on it; shoot at a crevice and the Servbots
will search it for Zenny (why are Zenny stashed in every nook and cranny, you
ask? Because it's a friggin' videogame!); shoot at an enemy and the Servbots
will annoy it. Learn to use the Guided Shot to your advantage, because it's an
indespensible skill.

Shortly after beginning your quest, you'll encounter your first Reaverbot. The
Servbots can annoy it for you, or you can easily blow it apart before it
attacks - your call. Leap up onto the ledge nearby and the game will direct
your attention to a small crevasse in the canyon wall. Use your guided shot to
send the Servbots to investigate and they'll reveal [800 ZENNY]. You'll also
come across a smaller fissure in the wall that the Servbots can't explore - to
open this, grab one of the chunks of debris laying past the sand pits and throw
it at the fissure to crack it open. You will receive a whopping [30,000 ZENNY]!

Don't worry about the sand pits here; they're harmless and can only slow you
down. The Servbots get a charge out of sliding on them, though. Past the sand
pits are several boulders blocking your way - lift them and throw them to move
past the obstruction. You can run and jump while carrying objects, so you may
want to hang on to a rock to take down the Reaverbots that appear around the
corner. Don't miss the cave to your right, which has another [800 ZENNY] stash
inside. Be careful when the canyon narrows - there's a hulking Reaverbot that
activates when you come near, and it's actually somewhat dangerous. The Bot
fires a beam of red energy at you, which you can avoid by sidestepping. You can
also send the Servbots after it; they'll distract it long enough for you to
blow it to pieces.

Past the Reaverbot you'll come to a small building where Bon is waiting for
you. Unfortunately, before you can enter, you're attacked by an aircraft that
blows Bon to pieces. The culprit is Glyde, who along with his Birdbots
challenges Teasel to battle.

-- BOSS: GLYDE -------------------------------

Glyde isn't too difficult to defeat, like the weenie little pretty boy that he
is. He only has three attacks and one counterattack. His initial tactic is to
fire bolts of lightning, which have little range and are easy to dodge - shoot
from afar. Then he fires a slow-moving cone of energy rings, which are easy to
dodge. When he runs to the edge of the area, he's about to take flight and go
on a strafing run - face him and sidestep. Be careful if you decide to hit him
with some of the debris that litters the area - while it's much more powerful
than Gustaff's Search Cannon, it causes him to counterattack by charging you
("How dare you!?"), and dodging him can be difficult.

Unfortunately, defeating Glyde doesn't do you a lot of good - when his energy
runs down, he takes flight again and strafes Teasel with an energy beam that
knocks him out... you know, the old, "I underestimated you... but now it's time
to fight for real!" schtick that the enemy always uses. 


Now that Teasel's had his sorry butt kicked, the Servbots pal up with Tron and
decide to tackle the task of rescuing him. Luckily, she's not going up against
Megaman, so she has a fair chance of winning this time around.

1. ACTION MODE -------------------------------

-- LEVEL 1: THE HEIST? -----------------------

GOAL: 50,000 ZENNY

Tron's mission to knock over a bank goes comically awry when her Servbots
accidentally lead her to a veterinary clinic. Always one to make the most of
things, Tron decides to collect booty (that's the treasure kind of booty, perv)
from the surrounding homes instead.

You have three minutes to collect as much cash as possible (your goal is 50,000
Zenny). At 1:30, a squad of police show up and accosts you. When time is up, or
once you've snagged your 50,000 in cash, Denise appears for a showdown. If you
get your 50,000 before 1:30 is up, you'll skip the police altogether.

Haste is the word here. Everything in town can be used as a weapon, or
destroyed, or both. A few angry citizens will pelt you with small bits of
debris, and the animals you let loose from the vet will occassionally attack
you, but there's really nothing here to pose a threat. I highly recommend
bringing your weakest, slowest Servbots here, particularly the Development Lab
Bots - this is a great opportunity to raise their Brain stats without their
poor attack skills interfering with your chances of success.

While your first inclination might be to start blasting everything in sight,
take a clue from the Servbots' initial action in the level - target open doors
and send them inside. You may have to shoot a building a few times before the
door opens, but once you've cracked the door the Servbots can run inside and
seek treasure, just like in Free Action mode. They'll retrieve some serious
treasure from the vet (why are there treasure bags in a veterinary clinic? Who
knows). Be sure to send them into the house immediately to the left of where
you start for an amusing scene...

Once that's taken care of, collect the rest of your loot by smashing up the
houses to their foundation (inexplicably, they leave zenny in the rubble). For
efficiency, grab cars and mailboxes and such, and throw them at the houses to
save time. Hit the vet's first; there's a statue inside worth about 5,000
Zenny. You can also shoot people for cash - they turn crispy and drop a few
Zenny when blasted, then run off in fear - but they drop so little money it's
almost not worth the effort. The Servbots can help shake them down, but you'll
probably want them to fend off the cops for you until Denise arrives.

-- BOSS: DENISE ------------------------------

If you lose to Denise, you deserve to be slain with a limp noodle. Seriously,
she's less a boss than a minor impediment. She starts by puttering around in
her little police car, chucking easily-avoided bombs. Once you've smashed up
her car, she attacks on foot - whenever you shoot her, she gets mad and charges
with more bombs. Just run circles around her and fire away, or toss a couple of
mailboxes and lightposts at her, and she'll be down in no time. You can also
send Servbots into houses while fighting her in case you're still trying to
reach that 50,000 zenny mark; there's no time limit during the battle.

-- LEVEL 2: THE HEIST ------------------------

GOAL: 150,000 ZENNY
TIME: Unlimited

Tron gets put down in front of the vet again, but this time she decides to
strike out and find the bank anyway. There's no time limit here, so feel free
to crack open all the houses and find as much treasure as you want. The
citizens are pretty weak, so don't worry about their attacks. There's about
75,000 Zenny to be found in the town section, so you may as well go for it.
This is another great chance to boost Brain ratings on your weaker Servbots, so
only bring good attackers along if all your 4 Max Brain Bots are at their limit

Facing the ocean, you should head left and around the mountain. Around the
corner you'll meet about 4 police cars and a couple of police airships. The
airships are probably the bigger threat, as they fire a scattered pattern of
gun fire from a distance and can't be delayed in any way by the Servbots. The
cops, on the other hand, are pretty easy pickings. A thrown item will destroy
their cars, and a shot or two will knock the driver out of action.

As you progress a bit further, you'll encounter cops with riot armor and
nightsticks. These guys are a little trickier than the normal police, as they
take about 5 hits before their shields break, exposing them to gunfire. They
usually attack in groups of 4 and prefer to strike from up close. The Servbots
are good at delaying them - furthermore, sometimes the Servbots will steal
their shields, adding them to your inventory! Blast past the cops, the carrier
and the airships and come to the bridge.

Unfortunately, the bridge here is a bit weak and collapses under the weight of
Gustaff. All is not lost, though; once Tron shakes off her indignity, direct
the Servbots to the truck sitting at the edge of the bridge. They'll smash it
into the ground below, giving Tron a boost.

Past the bridge are two sets of "Suicide cops" who set their cars roaring
toward you and leap out. The kamikaze cars can be blown up before they hit, but
it's easier just to dodge. The drivers are unarmored and easy to knock out of
action. Past the second group of suicide cops is a narrow pass where a cluster
of riot police will attack. Your best bet is to throw something at them while
they're clustered up, which will inflict damage to the group. Have the Servbots
loot the restaurant here and move on to the armored carrier, which moves to
block your path. This is actually really easy to pass - simply direct the
Servbots to rock it, which will prevent it from moving to obstruct your

-- BOSS: DENISE AND RIOT POLICE --------------

At last, Tron gets to the bank. But then a carrier comes along, bringing with
it Denise and several riot police. Although Denise was a pushover before, this
time she's quite a bit harder to defeat (and made none the easier by the riot
police, who can really screw up your attacks).

Hitting Denise can be tough - she can roll to dodge your fire and then return a
few shots before you know it. The riot police will also get in your way
frequently (and when you knock them out of action, they replace their shields
and return rather swiftly). When you do hit Denise, she becomes angry and runs
after you. Her counter-attack is a nasty Judo throw that slams Gustaff into the
ground and clears the area of friends and foe alike. The throw is easily her
most dangerous move, because she runs faster than Gustaff and won't stop
chasing until she catches you or is hit.

The best strategy here is to keep a distance - hit her from afar so you'll have
plenty of time to react when she rushes to counter. Either hit her again
(she'll be flashing and invincible for a while, so be careful) or have the
Servbots jump her. They'll slow her down while she swings and tosses them,
giving you ample time to set up and take a shot. Use an Energy Bottle if your
HP drops too far and don't forget to have the Servbots loot the bank!

-- LEVEL 3: ANOTHER HEIST --------------------

GOAL: 400,000 ZENNY
TIME: Unlimited

Tron sets down in a different area, much closer to the bank this time. Alas,
the road is blocked (yes, Tron can blow up houses and uproot trees, but she
can't pass a roadblock - go figure) and an important bridge is out, so she has
to get to the bank the hard way.

This level is divided into three major sections (consider each instance of a
black screen/loading time to be a section division). In the first area, you
have to fight a number of armored cars, riot police and two airships amongs
several houses. The airships respawn when you knock them down, so the longer
you spend here the more damage you'll suffer. Snag some loot from the houses as
quickly as you can, and then move on toward the bridge in the distance. You'll
find another of those annoying armored cars that blocks your path waiting in
ambush behind the last house on the left, and then two more on the bridge that
run right at you. The first is no problem, but the second set can be
irritating. Try to have the Servbots accost one while it's at it farthest point
forward, then follow the other as it goes into reverse and try to leap
diagonally between the two before the free car moves forward again. Tricky, but
not impossible.

Beyond the bridge is the second section, which will be introduced by the
arrival of a cop in a minicopter. This is a straightforward section, but
there's plenty to dodge... Your first threat is a small yellow cannon that lobs
bombs at you. The best way to take care of these is to strafe side-to-side from
a safe distance. Unfortunately, you also have to avoid the guy in the
minicopter. The second cannon also has an airship protecting it. The fourth
cannon has all the above plus a companion cannon. Once you take out all of
these obstacles, you'll reach the bank - the third area.

-- BOSS: DENISE IN POWER LOADER --------------

Denise is back, but this time she's been watching "Aliens." She comes stomping
in wearing a very large suit of power armor. Personally, I think this fight is
easier than the previous battle, because Denise is alone and it's easier to
focus only on her. She has two main attacks - she'll toss crates at you, and
she'll smack you with her big baton. Note that most of the time she shields
herself with an armored arm, so the only time you can hit her is when she's
tossing crates, or when the Servbots harrass her. You can also inflict damage
by tossing scenery at her - even when she's shielding herself, she's vulnerable
to trees and benches and lightpoles. But be careful - she has a tendency to
smack you when you pause to grab objects. Luckily, she's slower in the Power
Loader than she was on foot, so it's easy to stay ahead of her. Your reward for
plundering the bank is a nice, happy 400,000 Zenny and a sad, dejected Denise.

2. PUZZLE MODE -------------------------------

Puzzle mode transpires on a grid. TO VIEW THESE PUZZLE SOLUTIONS, USE A
MONOSPACE FONT (like Courier). Otherwise my grids are going to look like crap -
well, even more so than they already do. Remember that in puzzle mode, Gustaff
Tank can only lift 8 times, and has a limited range of mobility while hefting
an item. While lifting, Gustaff cannot jump. Additionally, Green and Red boxes
can only be moved 10 spaces. Blue boxes cannot be transported, simply lifted
and placed. Yellow boxes may be moved freely over as many spaces as necessary.

KEY:    X# - Red Box        G# - Green Box      b# - Blue Box       !! - Goal
        nn - Immobile Item  y# - Yellow Box     .. - Water
        vv - Conveyer Belt (down)               >> - Conveyer Belt (right)
        ^^ - Conveyer Belt (up)                 << - Conveyer Belt (left)
The # by the movable items indicates the order in which they should be moved;
blue and yellow boxes which don't need to be moved are simply labeled bb or yy.
The puzzles don't always have to be solved in this particular order, but these
solutions are guaranteed to net all available cargo boxes.

Small note: You can still use the Beacon Bomb in these levels (they're
necessary for later levels). Whenever you see an open boathouse, have the
Servbot plunder it!

-- LEVEL 1A: ---------------------------------

Your first few forays into Puzzle mode are pretty simple. You should be able to
grab all 5 containers in each of the three rounds - but just in case, here's
help. An important technique to pick up here is the ability to place boxes in
the water to serve as a bridge.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L
1  |..|..|  |G6|y3|  |  |..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|
4  |X5|  |  |bb|G2|nn|G1|  |  |  |  |..|
5  |  |  |  |nn|..|  |  |..|..|  |  |  |
6  |  |  |G4|  |..|  |  |..|..|  |  |  |
7  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|  |..|  |
8  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|  |..|  |
9  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|  |
10 |..|..|..|..|..|!!|  |..|..|  |  |  |
11 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space F-10
STEP 1: Take G1 (Space G-4) to the Goal.
STEP 2: Take G2 (Space E-4) to the Goal.
STEP 3: Move y3 (Space E-1) to Space E-6.
STEP 4: Move G4 (Space C-6) to the Goal.
STEP 5: Move X5 (Space A-4) to the Goal.
STEP 6: Move G6 (Space D-1) to the Goal.

-- LEVEL 1B: ---------------------------------

This grid should look familiar... You'll have to deal with blue boxes here,
which can be tricky as they're too heavy for Gustaff to transport.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |  |  |G8|..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|  |  |b7|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |  |  |  |  |  |nn|b2|G3|  |b1|  |..|..|
5  |  |  |  |nn|..|  |  |..|..|  |  |  |..|
6  |  |  |  |  |..|  |  |..|..|  |  |  |..|
7  |..|..|..|..|..|  |G4|..|..|  |..|  |..|
8  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|G6|..|  |!!|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|  |..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|..|X5|..|..|  |  |  |..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space M-9
STEP 1: Stand in Space J-5 and move b1 (Space J-4) to Space I-5.
STEP 2: Stand in Space G-5 and move b2 (Space G-4) to Space H-5.
STEP 3: Take G3 (Space H-4) to the Goal.
STEP 4: Take G4 (Space G-7) to the Goal.
STEP 5: Take X5 (Space G-10) to the Goal.
STEP 6: Take G6 (Space J-8) to the Goal.
STEP 7: Stand in Space F-3 and move b7 (Space G-3) to Space E-3.
STEP 8: Take G8 (Space G-1) to the Goal.

-- LEVEL 1C: ---------------------------------

This uses the same basic grid as the first two puzzles again, but with
different item placements.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |G7|y5|G8|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|bb|b4|bb|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|G3|  |b2|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |  |  |  |X6|bb|nn|G1|  |  |  |  |..|
5  |  |  |  |nn|..|  |  |..|..|  |  |  |
6  |  |  |  |  |..|  |  |..|..|  |  |  |
7  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|  |..|  |
8  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|  |..|  |
9  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|  |
10 |..|..|..|..|..|!!|  |..|..|  |  |  |
11 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space F-10
STEP 1: Take G1 (Space G-4) to the Goal.
STEP 2: Stand in Space G-4 and move b2 (Space G-3) to Space H-4.
STEP 3: Take G3 (Space E-3) to the Goal.
STEP 4: Stand in Space F-3 and move b4 (Space F-2) to Space E-3.
STEP 5: Move y5 (Space F-1) to Space E-6.
STEP 6: Take X6 (Space D-4) to the Goal.
STEP 7: Take G7 (Space E-1) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Take G8 (Space G-1) to the Goal.

REWARD: Full success in these three rounds earns you [64,000 ZENNY].

-- LEVEL 2A: ---------------------------------

This transpires on the exact same grid as the previous rounds, so there's
nothing terribly surprising here.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |  |  |  |  |  |nn|y2|  |  |  |G8|..|..|
5  |  |  |  |nn|..|  |G7|..|..|b1|bb|  |..|
6  |  |  |  |  |..|  |bb|..|..|  |..|  |..|
7  |..|..|..|..|..|  |G6|..|..|  |..|  |!!|
8  |..|..|..|..|..|..|y3|..|..|..|..|  |..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|  |  |  |..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|..|G4|..|..|..|..|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|X5|..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space M-7
STEP 1: Move b1 (Space J-5) to Space K-6.
STEP 2: Move y2 (Space G-4) to Space I-9.
STEP 3: Move y3 (Space G-8) to Space H-9.
STEP 4: Take G4 (Space G-10) to the Goal.
STEP 5: Take X5 (Space G-11) to the Goal.
STEP 6: Take G6 (Space G-7) to the Goal.
STEP 7: Take G7 (Space G-5) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Take G8 (Space K-4) to the Goal.

-- LEVEL 2B: ---------------------------------

Yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |G2|bb|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|  |bb|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|b1|  |G7|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |  |  |  |y3|  |nn|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|
5  |  |  |G8|nn|..|  |yy|..|..|  |y4|G6|..|
6  |  |  |  |bb|..|  |  |..|..|  |..|  |..|
7  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|X5|..|  |..|
8  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|  |..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|  |  |  |..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|!!|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space F-10
STEP 1: Move b1 (Space E-3) to Space E-5.
STEP 2: Take G2 (Space E-2) to the Goal.
STEP 3: Move y3 (Space D-4) to Space H-6.
STEP 4: Move y4 (Space K-5) to Space I-6.
STEP 5: Take X5 (Space I-7) to the Goal.
STEP 6: Take G6 (Space L-5) to the Goal.
STEP 7: Take G7 (Space G-3) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Take G8 (Space C-5) to the Goal.

-- LEVEL 2C: ---------------------------------

OK, I've got the full solution now. Cheers!

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|  |bb|bb|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |  |  |  |  |  |nn|  |  |  |  |b3|..|..|
5  |  |  |  |nn|..|bb|G8|..|..|  |b2|y4|..|
6  |  |  |  |  |..|bb|bb|..|..|G2|..|G7|..|
7  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|y3|..|b4|..|
8  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|X5|..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|!!|G1|bb|..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space F-10
Note: The same item is moved in Steps 2 and 6.
STEP 1: Take G1 (Space K-9) to the Goal.
STEP 2: Move G2 (Space J-6) to Space J-4.
STEP 3: Move y3 (Space J-7) to Space K-7.
STEP 4: Move b4 (Space L-7) to Space K-8.
STEP 5: Take X5 (Space L-8) to the Goal.
STEP 6: Take G2 (Space J-4) to the Goal.
STEP 7: Take G7 (Space L-6) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Take G8 (Space G-5) to the Goal.

REWARD: Full success in these three rounds earns you [192,000 ZENNY].

-- LEVEL 3A: ---------------------------------

Zut alors! What is this? A new layout? New obstacles!? Great scott! However
shall we cope? (Not too badly as it turns out). The conveyer belts add a new
dimension to the puzzles here; the trick is to learn when to use them (each
space you're carried by a conveyer while holding a block does NOT count against
your total moves) and when NOT to use them. For instance, in this first puzzle,
to acquire the Red case you should use the conveyer to move you three times,
but then bypass it altogether for the last two cases by creating a shortcut
across water.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |G7|G8|bb|bb|..|..|
5  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|b6|>>|vv|bb|..|..|
6  |!!|  |..|..|..|..|..|X5|b4|vv|  |..|..|
7  |..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|y3|vv|  |..|..|
8  |..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|  |vv|  |..|..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|G1|  |  |<<|<<|G2|..|..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |  |  |  |  |..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |  |  |  |  |..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space A-6
STEP 1: Take G1 (Space F-9) to the Goal.
STEP 2: From Space J-10 or K-9, lift G2 (Space K-10) and step onto the conveyer 
        belt at Space J-9, then take the crate to the Goal.
STEP 3: Move y3 (Space I-7) to Space F-6.
STEP 4: Move b4 (Space I-6) to Space I-8.
STEP 5: Lift X5 (Space H-6) and use the conveyer belt to take the crate to the 
STEP 6: Move b6 (Space H-5) to Space G-6.
STEP 7: Take G7 (Space H-4) to the Goal via the bridge made in Steps 3 and 6.
STEP 8: Take G8 (Space I-4) to the Goal via the bridge made in Steps 3 and 6.

-- LEVEL 3B: ---------------------------------

Same as before, but slightly more evil.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |..|bb|  |b3|  |G4|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|
5  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|  |<<|<<|  |..|..|
6  |!!|  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |^^|  |..|..|
7  |..|bb|  |b1|  |G2|..|..|  |^^|  |..|..|
8  |..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|  |^^|  |..|..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|  |b3|X6|>>|^^|  |..|..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|  |bb|  |G7|bb|bb|..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|  |yy|  |G8|bb|  |..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space A-6 
STEP 1: Move b1 (Space D-7) to Space C-6.
STEP 2: Take G2 (Space F-7) to the Goal.
STEP 3: Move b3 (Space D-4) to Space C-5.
STEP 4: Take G4 (Space F-4) to the Goal.
STEP 5: Move b5 (Space G-9) to Space E-9.
STEP 6: Take X6 (Space H-9) to the Goal.
STEP 7: Take G7 (Space I-10) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Stand in Space I-10 and use the conveyer belt to take G8 (Space I-11) 
        to the Goal.

-- LEVEL 3C: ---------------------------------

I finally figured this one out too. The solution was so simple... d'oh.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |bb|bb|bb|bb|..|..|
5  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|  |<<|vv|G5|..|..|
6  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|G8|b6|<<|  |..|..|
7  |  |  |  |  |  |  |..|..|X7|vv|yy|..|..|
8  |..|..|!!|..|..|  |..|..|bb|>>|  |..|..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |b2|<<|<<|  |..|..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|  |bb|  |G3|  |y4|..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|G1|  |bb|  |bb|  |..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space C-8
STEP 1: Take G1 (Space F-11) to the Goal.
STEP 2: Stand at Space I-9 and lift b2 (Space H-9). You will be moved into 
        Space H-9. Now place the crate in Space H-10.
STEP 3: Take G3 (Space I-10) to the Goal.
STEP 4: Move y4 (Space K-10) to Space K-8.
STEP 5: Take G5 (Space K-5) to the Goal via the conveyer belt.
STEP 6: Stand in Space J-6 and grab b6 (Space I-6). The conveyer belt will move 
        you to I-6. Now drop b6 on Space I-5.
STEP 7: Take X7 (Space I-7) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Take G8 (Space H-6) to the Goal.

REWARD: Full success in these three rounds earns you more than [700,000 ZENNY].

3. RPG MODE ----------------------------------

Get the dramamine - this first-person perspective is likely to induce nausea
among those of weak constitution. However, it's an interesting departure.
Because Tron's remote drone is unarmed and lacks any sort of manipulators,
you'll rely completely on the Servbots (plus any friendly NPCs you encounter)
to get through these bits.

-- LEVEL 1 -----------------------------------

The first dungeon is simple and provides a bit of practice for this game
format. Pardon my crude map - I'm not much of an ASCII artist.

                              ----       (16)(17)
                                  |        |
                            |     |     |               |
                            |    -     /     (15)       |
(2)--       --(3)--        (8) (11)   |       |          --   
     |     |       |        |         |       |            |
   --------        |        (7)---    |       |           (20)
  |                |              |  (12)-----             |
   --               ----|(4)----:-         |              BOSS
    (1)                       |            |              
   --                         |            |
  |                          (5)   (14)---(13)
  |                         /
START                       |
START: Tron gives a rundown of the controls (lock-on with R2, Target with 
    R2+Square, Attack with Square)
1.  Meet Dantz, a friendly Digger. He'll give the Servbots advice, being the 
    nice guy that he is.
2.  Empty chest. Looks like another Digger already has gotten to it.
3.  Stalactites fall from the ceiling here when you get too close. Trigger them 
    and back off quickly, or have the Servbots trigger them by selecting the 
    ground below with the Target function. This is the first trap that can harm 
    the Finkel, although you really have to TRY to get hit by it.
4.  Pendulum trap. Dantz will try - rather unsuccessfully - to disarm it. Your 
    best bet is to drift to one side of it, hug the wall, and target the switch 
    beyond as the pendulum begins to swing away. Don't worry if one or two of 
    the Servbots gets hit; as long as one makes it past, you're in business.
5.  More stactites.
6.  A hole in the wall here hides [800 Zenny].
7.  Smash the barrel (no, not Barrell) with the Finkel twice to collect [3000 
8.  A fire trap with a proximity alert is located here. When you get too close, 
    it will activate. If the Servbots get hit by the fire, they run around 
    flaming for a moment. The trick here is to get as close as possible to the 
    trap without activating it and direct the Servbots to the switch at the 
    right side. You'll need to move away from the wall so the Servbots don't 
    get hung up on the wall.
9.  Another barrel,this one worth [6000 Zenny]. How come Megaman never found 
    such massive amounts of cash?
10. There's a locked chest here (see the eerie glow? That's Chest-ese for "I am 
    locked, get the key").
11. Luckily the key isn't too far away - have the Servbots snag it here and 
    return to collect an Energy Bottle 1 from the locked chest. "Lucky!"
12. Another Digger. She's a bit less friendly than Dantz. I bet she could 
    probably beat him up, too... she's butch.
13. Falling Rock Trap. There are three rows of falling rocks here. The first 
    two rows are pretty easy to pass - just slide through and pause between 
    rows. The third row, though, is falling too quickly to pass. Target the far 
    switch and let the Servbots suffer in your stead. 
14. Another key. Hootie hoo!
15. And here's where the key goes - another locked chest. This chest contains 
    another Key, of all things... but it's a SPECIAL key.
16. There's a message on the wall here. Look at it and you'll discover a small 
    blue stone carving, and you will receive a tip from Ungle Digg.
17. Two more barrels. The first contains [8000 Zenny} and the second has [12000 
    Zenny], which can be acquired by hitting the barrel 3 times. Don't hit it a 
    fourth, though, or it will explode and cause a small amount of damage to 
    the Finkel.
18. Two sentries block your path. They activate to move into your way and 
    explode upon contact (although unfortunately, they don't explode upon 
    contact with the Servbots). Try to coax them over to one side and zip past 
    them. If your Servbots can chuck bombs, they can destroy the sentries while 
    the light glows red.
19. Electrical interference will devastate your control of the Finkel; fight 
    the wobbliness to Target the switch, which will shut off the jamming.
20. Use the Room Key from point (15) to open the door. A female adventurer 
    named Perl will appear; Dantz rushes into the now-open room to snag the 
    treasure, but has a change of heart when he sees something scary inside...

-- BOSS: HAMMULDOLL --------------------------

   This guy should be familiar to Megaman Legends vets. 
   Unfortunately, Finkel doesn't have Megaman's firepower, so you're NEARLY 
   defenseless against it. But it just so happens the room contains four Fire 
   Traps. Lure the Hammuldoll to the traps, then have a Servbot activate it and 
   RUN. The Hammuldoll goes into a frenzy when damaged, and you'll need to run 
   away as quickly as possible. Six or seven good hits should do him in, and 
   the Servbots collect an [Aurora Stone] worth 50000 Zenny. Not a bad 
   haul... although Perl seems a little annoyed that she couldn't claim it 
   herself. As an alternate strategy, if you take a few bomb-tossing Servbots 
   into the mission, they can finish off the Hammuldoll without the Fire Traps. 
   Three Servbots at Lv. 3 Strength will take him out in 4 shots.

-- LEVEL 2 -----------------------------------

The second dungeon is also pretty straightforward, but you'll need the Servbot
Borer here to knock down walls. Also, there's an annoying little quiz by the
annoying little twins, which will undoubtedly be easier in English :-\

                      (3)         (8)         (15)
   (1)                 |           |           |              |
    |               -------     --(7)--     --(14)---     ----
(2)---             |       |   |       |   |         |---|
   |            |       |   |       |   |         |    --(16)
   ---     -----|     (6)---|     (11)--(12)-(13) |
  |                |       |   |       |   |         |
  |                |       |   |     (10)  |        (17)-
START               --(4)--     --(9)--     ---(19)--    |
                       |           |            |         --(18)
                      (5)         (30)     (20) |   
                            (31)   |         |-------
                  BOSS-(34)----(28)---(29)           |
                             |     |              --(21)--
                            (32)   |     (23)----|        |
                            (33)   |        (24) |        |
                                    ----------   |        | 
                                     (25)     |   --(22)--
                                            |  (26)

START: The adventure begins.
1.  If you try to go north here, the Servbots will make Tron feel reeeeally 
2.  Target the collapsed wall and the Borer will drill through to a new area   
    (Go to Section ). These weak areas will henceforth be referred to as 
    Drill Points.
3.  Here there be a Card Key and a jar with a snake in it. Whenever you strike 
    or examine the jar, a snake pops up and drops Zenny. Careful, the snake 
    will damage Finkel, so wait until it retreats before collecting the loot. 
    You can get Zenny several times from each jar.
4.  Drill Point.
5.  Treasure Chest: [5000 Zenny]
6.  Zhag, the first annoying twin. Drill point.
7.  Stationary Reaverbot. This bot shoots very slow fireballs here. Your 
    biggest enemy is yourself, actually - the fireballs move at such a sluggish 
    pace that it's easy to overestimate their danger. Your first instinct will 
    be to strafe, but don't corner yourself. Target it with your Beacon Bomb 
    and slowly move to the side as the Servbots destroy it, otherwise you'll be 
    pinned in the corner by a wide swath of fireballs and suffer a lot of 
    damage. Once it's gone, you can knock through the Drill Point.
8.  A locked chest is in this chamber which contains [Litnium].
9.  Drill Point.
10. You'll meet an ambulatory Reaverbot at this corner. You can have the 
    Servbots kill it, or just smash it with the Finkel.
11. Drill Point.
12. Annoying twin number 2, who directs you to a Drill Point.
13. Behind the wall is a room full of Reaverbots. It's those annoying guys who 
    can only be killed when their light glows red... don't panic, just try to 
    activate a few at a time and have the Borer destroy them. If you can 
    cluster them up, they'll suffer chain explosions. You CAN destroy them with 
    the Finkel, but you'll be damaged by the splash... so I wouldn't recommend 
14. Drill Point.
15. Locked chest containing an E. Bottle 2.
16. Hole with [2000 Zenny].
17. Drill Point.
18. Card Key.
19. Drill Point.
20. Aurora Fountain - hover in the light to recharge Finkel's energy.
21. Birdbot! The annoying little penguin tosses bombs at you. You can either 
    have the Servbots toss their own bombs, or if they're unarmed, they'll hold 
    him in the air while you smash Finkel into him. Either way, if you lose 
    this fight, let me know, because I want to laugh at you.
22. There's a Drill Point in the wall, behind which the enigmatic Roxette is 
    trapped. For rescuing her, she'll give you a Gate Key.
23. Hey! It's more Digg's Tips! Grab the green crystal here. And heck, you may 
    as well plunder the little snake jars too.
24. Use the Gate Key to unlock the Gate. Simple, eh?
25. There's an undersground lake here, and man standing nearby. His name is 
    Tuttle. He's a freak. Ignore him and move along.
26. There's a hole in the wall here with 3000 Zenny inside.
27. Another Card Key.
28. Zhig and Zhag will force you answer questions here and reward you based on 
    how many you can get right. I hate these guys. Here are the answers 
    (subject to change in the English version):
       1. B
       2. C
       3. A
       4. B
       5. A
       6. B
       7. C
       8. C
       9. A
       10. B
    If you get them all right, they'll open all the doors for you. 
29. Another Aurora Fountain
30. Card Key. Careful, if you go into the hole beyond the card key, you'll end 
    up back near the start of the level and have to backtrack. Ugh.
31. The Red Switch causes a platform to rise in the lake. Go back to Point 25 
    and use the Key Card to unlock the chest and claim the Room Key.
32. More Reaverbots. A worthy fight, as beyond them is...
33. A Super Drill bit, which will make the Borer more powerful. 
34. Use the Room Key and challenge the boss(es).

-- BOSS: REAVERBOT HORDE ---------------------

  It's not really a hard battle, just a tedious one. There is a throng of 
  really slow-moving Reaverbots who move about en masse. However, there's a 
  single Reaverbot which is purple and moves switfly. Whenever Finkel 
  approaches it, the purple Reaverbot blasts fire and runs away. Stay out of 
  its "run away" range and Beacon Bomb it - if you have strong Servbots, they 
  should take care of it pretty easily. If not, you may as well just ram the 
  thing with Finkel, repairing your damage with E. Bottles as needed. You can 
  tell when the Reaverbot has taken a hit, as all the bots flash in tandem 
  (which should be your clue as to the collective weakness). Once it's gone, 
  you'll receive a Yellow Aurora Stone worth a cool 150,000 Zenny.

-- LEVEL 3 -----------------------------------

The third dungeon is the most involving, but it's still pretty straightforward.
Sadly, it's the last level of its type, which is a shame - I enjoyed the
character interactions here.

                                         (29)      (32)
                                          |         |
                                         (28)      (31)
                                         (23)       |      ---(39)
                             (26)--       |        (30)  (36)
                             (25)--       |         |            |
                                          |         |           (38)
           (7)--(9)---                    |    (33)-|--(34)      |--(41)
                 |  (8)   (13)           (22)       |           (42)
                (6)        |   (15)       |         |            |
            (5)--|        (12)   |       (21)      (35)         (43)
                (4)        |      |       |        (40)          |
                 |         |      |       |                      |
           (2)--(3)-      (11)  (16)(17)---(20)                 (44)
            |       |      |      |     |                        |
           |         |     |      |     |                        |
START--(1)-           ----(10)--(14)   (18)                       --(45)-BOSS
START: Let us make a journey to a cave filled with monsters!
1.  Maude's digging here at the start, next to a barrell. She makes a big deal 
    about how she's going to beat the Servbots to the next treasure, but she 
    still hasn't gotten the Zenny from her barrel. D'oh.
2.  Uncle Digg! In the flesh!
3.  Perl and Dantz are standing here next to a powder keg. They'd sure love 
    your help!
4.  Watch for falling stalactites.
5.  There's 10,000 Zenny stashed in the wall here.
6.  Drill Point.
7.  Grab the Card Key.
8.  Play your mystic flute for the snake in the jar...
9.  Hit the switch to ignite the powder keg. Dantz, you dope.
10. It's Russell again! Uh, wait, Russell's new. Drill Point behind him.
11. A brief Bridbot skirmish. You have some bomb-throwing Servbots, right?
12. Another snake jar.
13. Locked chest containing E. Bottle 3.
14. It's Uncle Digg again.
15. Aurora Fountain.
16. Drill Point.
17. It's Rei, er, Roxette again. She's too big to fit beneath the door, but if 
    you target it the Servbots will trip the switch on the other side.
18. A room full of the blue/red-light Reaverbots. You should know the drill by 
19. Locked chest containing E. Bottle 3.
20. Drill Point  -  behind it is a hole with [15,000 zenny]
21. Double pendulum trap. Strafe to one side and have your Servbots run to the 
22. Drill Point.
23. It's a deep chasm. Take a leap of faith from the lion's mouth... another 
    Indiana Jones ripoff! You can use the bar to let a Servbot ride across and 
    hit the switch (28) to raise the bridge.
24. Drill Point.
25. Snake jar.
26. Card key.
27. A locked gate to the inner areas of the dungeon.
28. Bridge Switch.
29. A chest that SHOULD have contained the Gate Key.
30. Drill Point.
31. More of the blue/red Reaverbots.
32. Locked chest with Hyper Drill Bit, which you'll need later.
33. Card key.
34. There's a snake jar here next to an oddly familiar skeleton and the last of 
    Digg's Tips. You can take a bunch of Zenny by ramming the skeleton's 
    backpack, depending on your respect for the dead.
35. Drill Point (Hyper Drill needed).
36. Drill Point (Hyper Drill needed).
37. The door here can be opened with the turnstile.
38. Drill Point (Hyper Drill needed).
39. Aurora Fountain.
40. The mystery of the Elixir of Youth will be solved here (hic!).
41. D'oh, stupid Perl gets captured by the Birdbots here. Help her out and 
    she'll give you the final Room Key. Wench.
42. Russell seems oddly proud of Dantz.
43. Hey, it's that weirdo Tuttle again. He shows you how NOT to run the 
    upcoming Gauntlet.
44. Major trappage here. The pendula are easy enough to deactivate, but the 
    fire traps are a hassle. The switch is too far away for you to target with 
    a Beacon Bomb, so your best bet is to GO FOR IT. If you move across the 
    area diagonally, lining up the fire traps into rows, you should be able to 
    spot a break long enough to get through. Good luck, and don't forget to 
    recharge your energy if you need it.
45. It's Tuttle again. He doesn't have the Room Key, but you do. Freak.

-- BOSS: FIRE TURTLE -------------------------

  This is an unusual battle. It's also irritating in that it gets harder as the 
  battle proceeds. Your enemy is a large armored Reaverbot that has a series of 
  exhaust ports on its lower half. Once you initiate battle, it takes to the 
  air and begins spinning around the room. After a few seconds it will pause, 
  then ram you. To attack it, you have to wait for it to come to a stop, then 
  target a port and have the Servbots climb inside it and bomb it. The catch is 
  that every time you bomb a vent, it bursts into flames and becomes 
  unapproachable. Additionally, the Reaverbot is only stationary for a few 
  seconds at a time. By the time you get down to the last port, it's unlikely 
  you'll actually have a clean shot at the last non-flaming space. As usual, 
  keep your distance with Finkel - but don't LOOK like you're keeping your 
  distance. Fly casual! Side-to-side strafing is going to be the key to both 
  dodging its ramming attack and lining up your Beacon Bombs before the 
  creature has a chance to take flight again. Once you win you'll receive the 
  final Aurora Stone, worth a whole heck of a lot of zenny.

4. ADVENTURE MODE ----------------------------

Adventure Mode is a free-exploration journey through a dungeon not unlike the
Subgates from Megaman Legends. The difference is that Tron takes a gaggle of
Servbots with her. You may want to bring along some of your more fully
developed Servbots here, such as those who can throw bombs, or those with a
faster recovery time. You'll encounter quite a few nests swarming with
Reaverbots (why do Reaverbots swarm? Why do they nest? Don't ask me) and the
more distracting your little helpers can do, the better.

There are no real delineations between sections here, so for convenience I've
separated the dungeon into pieces based on where new areas load (whenever the
screen darkens, effectively). I will add new areas as I have a chance to map
them out.

Roughly, here is how the map divides:

    |             |             --------
    |  SECTION 2  |            |BOSS    |
    |             |      --    |        |
    |             |     |  |   |        |
   ---O ------    |     |  |   |         ----- ----------
  |           |   |     |  |   |   SECTION 4  O          |
  | SECTION 3 |   |     |  |    O  -----------           |
  |           |   |     |  |   |  O                      |
  |           |-O- -----    ---   |                      |
   ---        |                   |                      |
      |       |     SECTION 1     |       SECTION 5      |
      |       |   ----------      |                      | 
      |       |  |          |     |                      |
      |       |  |           ----- -----------           |
       ------- --           |                 O          |
                            | SECTION 6        ---       |
                            |                     O      |

-- SECTION 1 ---------------------------------

  - 2,000 Zenny
  - Brain Cube (Servbot Item)
  - 50,000 Zenny

To return to Gesellschaft at any time, simply return to the main entrance and
stand beneath the small airship. If you target the airship, your Servbots will
attack it (freaking out the pilot). I'm not certain if bomb-wielding Servbots
can destroy the airship, but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to find out
unless you feel like resetting...

Enemies do not respawn until you leave the dungeon, so you don't have to worry
about ambushes if you're in a hasty low-energy retreat.

Past the first door is a small room with three of the barrel-shaped Reaverbots
Teasel encountered in the opening bit. They're all pretty weak, so as long as
you don't let yourself get cornered you should be OK. Beyond the room is a long
passage which forks ahead (north) and to the east. Straight ahead you'll find a
room with a single barrel bot which can withstand significantly more damage
than the three you faced before. Circle it and have the Servbots jump it, then
pump it full of lead while it's distracted. 

The next room has 4 small flying enemies that vaguely resemble birds wearing a
Quake logo; they're weak, but fast, so dodge and fire. There's a hole at the
back of the room with about [2000 Zenny] inside. To the west is another room
with two weak barrel Reaverbots and one strong. Once you take them out, you can
have the Servbots open the chest within to receive an [Intelligence Cube]. Here
the passage dead-ends, so return to the fork and head east.

There's a crack in the wall along the passage here, but Tron can't shoot it
open, nor will a thrown rock crack it any further. You'll have to come back
with the Bazooka to open this crack and the one further down. Take the north
door along the east-west passage to move to Section 2.

Once you have the Bazooka and break down the walls, you'll open up two
sections. The one to the west (in the middle of the long passageway) leads to a
series of chambers running to the north. The first room is empty, but the
second has six floaters and a big barrel-shaped Reaverbot. Once those are gone,
you can retrieve some Zenny from the hole in the east wall.

North of that is a room with 2 of the burrowing dragon mechs, and past that is
a terminating room with FOUR big barrels. Good luck taking them all out... but
once you do, you can open a chest with [50,000 Zenny] inside.

The other crack leads to a room with a pool of water along the west wall and
two passages - on the north which leads to Section 4 and one to the east which
leads to Section 5.

-- SECTION 2 ---------------------------------

  - Fireworks
  - Brain Cube (Servbot item)
  - 1,700 Zenny

There's only a single passage here, which winds north to west. Near the western
end is a door leading south; along the passage's north face are three doors.
The east-most door has a sandworm-type creature inside that burrows and fires
blue energy when it emerges. The Servbots are practically useless against this
sort of enemy, as it burrows too quickly for them to get a lock-on, so you're
best advised simply to run-and-gun. From there, eastmost penninsula holds the
key... er, I mean, the eastern chamber contains a chest with [Fireworks]. If
you leave now and return to the Gesellschaft, you can develop a Gatling Gun
with the Fireworks.

The central room to the north has 6 more of those Quake guys and another chest
with another [Intelligence Cube] (not to be mistaken for Intelligent Qube).
Finally, the west door has four barrel bots, a rock you can throw at them, and
a hole in the wall containing [1700 Zenny].

The door to the south of the main passage leads to Section 3.

-- SECTION 3 ---------------------------------

  - Pipe
  - Attack Cube

The room you enter here is empty, but to the south is a large area with 3 of
the burrowing Sand Dragons. The southeast exit leads to a room with 6 of the
small blue floater Reaverbots. The weak wall in this section can be destroyed
by Bazooka, but you don't have a Bazooka at this point in the game. Take the
west door and fight the six orange floaters and the face the Mother of All
Quake Logos in the adjacent south chamber. This is a very, very large
Reaverbot, and defeating it will take some effort. It spawns a limitless number
of the little orange floaters which can dive attack you for significant damage.
Your best strategy is to run circles around it and shoot as you go. It's pretty
easy to stay ahead of the floaters as long as you keep moving. If you have any
bomb-chucking Servbots, use them to add a little collateral damage to the mama
Reaverbot. When it's gone, finish off any remaining floaters and take the Pipe
from the chest to the south. Now you can build a Bazooka! Head back to the
Gesellschaft, because this is as far as you can go until you actually have a
Bazooka in use.

When you return and knock down the broken wall with a Bazooka, you'll find a
chest with an Attack Cube inside.

-- SECTION 4 ---------------------------------

  - Iron Plate

Head north into Section 4 from the hole you made at the east end of the opening
area. You can only go about 2 screens in before you are stopped by a large pit.
Ironically, you're only a few rooms away from the boss, but of course there's
that darned pit to stop you.

There's another room to enter, which also has a pit... and the pit makes it
impossible to reach a distant chest. Almost impossible, anyway. Send the
Servbots into the crack on the north wall, and they'll find a secret passage
that leads to the chest, which contains the much-vaunted [Iron Plate].

You'll eventually find the other passage that leads to Section Four to the
north. You can tell you've made it because there are no enemies, and a door
leading to the south which brings you to the same pit which earlier impeded
your progress. The passageway winds around to the north until you come a door
with those famous Reaverbot markings on it... behind which is the boss (see
strategies below). Open the door and face the Monstro guy when you feel up to

-- SECTION 5 ---------------------------------

  - Rusted Tank

Section 5 is quite large and has a number of intersecting passages. The main
hall area has several holes in the wall, so be sure to send in the troops to
grab your Zenny. There's also a "secret" room in the southern-most passage
(head south, east, south, east from your entry point from Section 1; against
the north wall here you can see a room on the map but no cracks in the wall -
shoot anyway and you'll reveal a passage) that contains a Rusted Tank.

West of the Rusted Tank is a passage leading to Section 6. East and south of
the Rusted Tank is another entry to Section 6 (the southern portion). To the
north is a series of battles that lead to the correct path through Section 4.
You should be familiar with everything by now, so hopefully there's no need to
hold your hand...

-- SECTION 6 ---------------------------------

  - Old Instrument
  - Brain Cube
  - Fountain O' Zenny
Like Section 4, this area is broken into two by a pit, and there are two
entrances (both from Section 5). The north area terminates after a few rooms
and leads to a Brain Cube. The south area is a little more involved, but not by
much. The east-west section ends in a fountain that the Servbots can jump into
and retrieve Zenny. Actually, they can retrieve Zenny from it no less than
three times, and they're those big red Zenny, too. That's a heap o' cash.

If you take the long passage at the west end to the north and battle past the
barrel-shaped Reaverbots, you'll find the Old Instrument, which can be given to
36 to create a new musical theme.

-- BOSS: MONSTRO REAVERBOT -------------------

This guy is HUGE, and seemingly invincible. He's very, very frustrating unless
you know what to do - in which case he's actually a pushover. The Reaverbot's
only weakness is his mouth, but as his face is invulnerable, you have to get
him to open up somehow. Think back to Pinocchio - while you don't have any
firewood, you do have six little robots, each of whom is just about the right
size to fit into a giant Reaverbot's nostrils.

The battle is a pretty fun affair, really. It actually reminds me more of a
classic Megaman-style battle than anything in Legends, right down to the
ludicrous weak point of the boss. Just don't stand directly in front of him -
right between the arms is the single most dangerous place in the room (you're
vulnerable to floating bombs, leaping enemies, and several sorts of
projectiles). My recommendation is to hop up on one of his arms and take things
a threat at a time. The biggest danger here is the floating bombs, which come
in sets of 4 simultaneously from the left and right. Take down the ones nearest
you and then focus on the ones coming across from the other side. Sometimes the
boss will fire energy beams, but these don't seem as likely to strike if you're
on the arm.

Once you've settled in and can manage his attacks, you need to launch an
offensive. The only way you can hurt him is to fire into his open mouth, and
the only way that will happen is if the Servbots block his nostrils and cause
him to sneeze/roar in anger. Once a batch of floating bombs has passed, aim a
beacon bomb at the Reaverbot's nostrils. You may have to fire a few, because
there are little creatures jumping out of the pool of liquid that will do their
best to prevent you from locking on. You can tell if you're successful because
the lock-on indicator will be static, and two Servbots will leap onto his face
and climb into the nostrils. You may even have to do it twice to get it to work
- sometimes only one Servbot makes it in. Once both are in, there will be a
brief pause before the Reaverbot blasts the Servbots into the air and throws
open his gaping maw. Hopefully you have the Bonne Bazooka equipped, as it can
dish out the damage most rapidly. Fire at the red bulb in his throat (whee!
It's just like Evangelion!) and repeat the process as often as necessary. Keep
your energy high - preferably you have at least some armor and a healthy supply
of Energy Bottles.

When you finally defeat the Reaverbot, you will receive Diana's Tear, a huge,
huge Refractor worth no less than 1,000,000 zenny... exactly enough to buy
Steel Armor, in fact.


Once Tron collects 1,000,000 Zenny, she and the Servbots travel to pay Loath
and free her brothers (regardless of how many scenarios you've completed). Not
surprisingly, Loath takes the money and then demands an additional 2,000,000
Zenny. Glyde enters the scene and acts like a complete jerk, manhandling Tron
in a very ungentlemanly fashion. Poor Tron of course has no choice but to
agree, so off she goes; meanwhile, Loath and Glyde conspire as new sequences

1. ACTION MODE 2 -----------------------------

After her zany antics in town, Tron decides to rape and pillage (OK, just
pillage) her way across the more rural sections of Ryship Island. She
accomplishes this by stealing the (indestructible) livestock. You have an extra
energy meter here at the bottom right corner which belongs to the truck that
your captives are carried in... if that meter runs out, your mission fails.
Luckily it doesn't come under attack too often.

-- LEVEL 1: PIGGIES --------------------------

Each of the farm levels is pretty similar in layout - in fact, each one simply
builds on the last. Therefore, the first level is obviously the simplest. Your
goal here is to catch 6 pigs and toss them into the back of a truck. You can't
catch them with Gustaff, so the Servbots will have to track them down.

The first segment of the farm area has a small farm house which can be raided
for dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.). Knocking it down won't net you any
zenny, though. There are two pigs here as well as several trees which you can
shake for apples. Once the Servbots have the two pigs, you can move to the
next area (the gate near the trees).

In the second segment, you will be attacked by Birdbots driving large mechs.
The mechs take about 3 hits from the bazooka to put down, and the Servbots
cannot impede them simply by jumping on them (though Servbots with bombs can do
some damage for you). About three appear at any one time, and more appear when
one is destroyed, so the question is how many Birdbots do you want to capture?
(The Servbots can tote extravehicular Birdbots to the truck to be sold later.)
Other items of note in this area (besides the 4 pigs you need to capture) are a
rabbit which can be stolen and another farm house which can be looted.

-- BOSS: PINK BIRD MECHS ---------------------

Once you have all six pigs, you will be attacked by three pink Birdbot mechs.
These are different from the regular grey Birdbot mechs in that they don't land
- they attack from the air, and they have guns. However, they're pretty feeble
if you've been upgrading Gustaff at a decent rate, so lock on and blast 'em. If
you have any Servbots with projectile capabilities, they can attack the pink
mechs as well.

-- LEVEL 2: COWS -----------------------------

The cows are probably the easiest sort of animals to capture - they don't run
from the Servbots, and docilely allow the 'bots to lead them to the truck (how
do all six of those cows fit in there!?). Be careful, though; if you
accidentally shoot them, they'll get angry and ram Gustaff.

In the first area there are NO cows, 2 pigs some rabbits, a bunch of trees and
a couple of houses to plunder. You should capture the pigs as they can be sold
off for a decent price.  However, you'll need to move on to the second section
(which is new! Woo!) and capture the two cows in the corral while fending off
Armored Guards. You will learn to hate the Armored Guards - they're
indestructible while dormant, but as soon as you begin to capture an animal
they activate and rush the Servbot who's stealing the livestock. There are four
at a time and they're very fast. Ultimately, you're going to have to make
little bits of progress at a time... begin moving a cow to the truck, fend off
the Guards for as long as you can, and then when the Servbot is jarred loose
from the cow start the process over again. Tackle the cow outside the corral
first, as it's easy to pin the Guards together at the corral entrance and
destroy them in a shot or two. Once you've shanghaied both cows, move on to the
third area (to your left from where you entered). Don't forget to loot the
building first!

In the third area, you'll have to fend off Birdbot mechs and an irate farmer
while capturing 4 cows. This is actually much easier than the previous section,
because the Birdbots don't attack Servbots (unless they happen to cross paths)
- the Birdbot mechs go straight for Gustaff. So try to lead the Birdbots away
from the cows being captured. You do have to watch for the farmer, though -
he'll intercept any cows being hijacked, and he'll also attack the truck. Shoot
him to stun him for a while and keep him out of the mix.

-- BOSS: HAMMER WALKER -----------------------

This thing looks a lot like an AT-ST from Star Wars, except it has a big
honkin' hammer attached to its head. It goes after your truck, and if it
manages to destroy your truck you'll have to redo the whole darned level. Talk
about suck-tastic. Fortunately, this walker is ludicrously easy to stop - a few
bazooka shots will put it down for the count. Just don't get too close, because
that hammer hurts... please hammer, don't hurt 'em!

-- LEVEL 3: HORSES ---------------------------

The last of the farm levels is very definitely the single most annoying. If you
haven't learned to despise the Armored Guards yet, you will soon. 

The first area here is the exact same as the other two levels. No surprises,
which lets you work out the technique for capturing horses. The horses are
faster than the Servbots, and they're also aggressive - any Servbots who get
too close will be stunned as they're bowled over. So how do they 'bots capture
horses, then? You have to spook them with Gustaff - while the Servbots are
chasing the horses, head them off, which will cause the horse to rear up in
surprise and allow the 'bots to hop on its back and ride it to the truck. Nail
it now, because it gets reeeeeally frustrating in section two.

Prepare yourself once you have the first two horses, because then you have to
move on to... LIVING HELL. The return to the corral area is an experience in
pure pain and suffering. Not only do you have to head off the horses here, you
also have to do it in confined areas while fending off Armored Guards and
birdbots. Sound fun? Well, you're stupid if you said yes. It sucks.

My best advice here is take advantage of the Birdbots. The Armored Guards will
attack no matter what the Servbots are carrying - so draw the Guards away from
the horses by luring Birdbot mechs far from the corral and shooting them. Then
have a Servbot carry the Birdbot to the truck. The Armored Guards will activate
and move over to stop the offending 'bot, but it will give you far more
breathing room for capturing a horse. 

The only thing I can say is keep trying. Once you have the Armored Guards away
from the pen, try not to destroy thm, because they respawn inside the corral.
Once you manage to get both horses in the truck, things become much easier as
you move on to area three.

In the final section, there are two horses, Birdbots and a farmer. Use the same
tactics as before and you should have the horses without too much trouble.


Wow, sounds like a psychadelic band. Nothing new here, take out the AT-ST
ripoff first as it goes straight for your truck. And do you REALLY want to have
to redo that corral section again? I think not. Once you've gotten that out of
the way, pop the two flying pink mechs and call it a day.

2. PUZZLE MODE 2 -----------------------------

Puzzle mode transpires on a grid. TO VIEW THESE PUZZLE SOLUTIONS, USE A
MONOSPACE FONT (like Courier). Otherwise my grids are going to look like crap -
well, even more so than they already do. Remember that in puzzle mode, Gustaff
Tank can only lift 8 times, and has a limited range of mobility while hefting
an item. While lifting, Gustaff cannot jump. Additionally, Green and Red boxes
can only be moved 10 spaces. Blue boxes cannot be transported, simply lifted
and placed. Yellow boxes may be moved freely over as many spaces as necessary.

KEY:    X# - Red Box        G# - Green Box      b# - Blue Box       !! - Goal
        nn - Immobile Item  y# - Yellow Box     .. - Water
        vv - Conveyer Belt (down)               >> - Conveyer Belt (right)
        ^^ - Conveyer Belt (up)                 << - Conveyer Belt (left)
        There are also a few new elements here: a forklift and cranes.
        The Forklift is denoted with an FF, Cranes are denoted with an L#.
The # by the movable items indicates the order in which they should be moved;
blue and yellow boxes which don't need to be moved are simply labeled bb or yy.
The puzzles don't always have to be solved in this particular order, but these
solutions are guaranteed to net all available cargo boxes.

Small note: You can still use the Beacon Bomb in these levels (they're
necessary for later levels). Whenever you see an open boathouse, have the
Servbot plunder it!

-- ROUND 1: ---------------------------------

Get ready to be pummelled. In these missions, your success will be determined
by clearing a path to the boxes so your Servbot can use the Forklift to move
the green and red crates to your ship. As you might expect, it gets pretty
complex at times. Bring a Servbot with a Level 4 Brain rating - the smarter
your Servbot, the better the tips it can give you.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L
1  |..|..|X8|  |  |bb|  |..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|  |b6|  |..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|bb|bb|G7|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |  |  |  |  |  |nn|y2|  |  |bb|bb|..|
5  |G9|BB|  |nn|..|b5|b3|..|..|  |bb|  |
6  |  |  |  |  |..|  |G1|..|..|  |..|  |
7  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|b4|..|  |
8  |..|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|..|  |..|  |
9  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|  |
10 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|G0|  |bb|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |!!|..|..|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|FF|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space F-10
STEP 1: Send the Servbot to the Forklift (Space G-12) by targeting it with a 
        Beacon Bomb. Now move out of the way and target G1 (Space G-6). The
        Servbot will move it to the Goal.
STEP 2: Stand in Space H-4 and move y2 (Space G-4) to Space H-5.
STEP 3: Move b3 (Space G-5) to Space I-5.
STEP 4: Move b4 (Space J-7) to Space J-9.
STEP 5: Move b5 (Space F-5) to Space E-6.
STEP 6: Move b6 (Space F-2) to Space G-1. At this point, order is no longer 
        important - just be sure to take the Red crate before the four Green 
        crates. My recommended order is listed below.
STEP 7: Have the Servbot take G7 (Space G-3) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Have the Servbot take X8 (Space C-1) to the Goal.
STEP 9: Have the Servbot take G9 (Space A-5) to the Goal.
STEP 10: Have the Servbot take G0 (Space J-10) to the Goal.

-- ROUND 2: ---------------------------------

More zany Forklift hijinks.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H 
1  |..|..|..|..|..|  |bA|GB|
2  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |..|..|..|..|..|G4|y5|bb|
5  |..|..|..|..|..|  |b8|bb|
6  |..|..|..|..|..|b2|G2|  |
7  |..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|
8  |..|..|..|..|FF|  |!!|..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|
12 |  |  |..|..|..|  |..|..|
13 |  |  |  |  |  |  |..|..|
14 |bb|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|
15 |X6|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|
16 |..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|
17 |G7|y9|b1|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space G-8
STEP 1: Start by sending the Servbot to the Forklift. Then move down and put b1 
        (Space C-17) in Space B-16.
STEP 2: Stand in Space F-5 and lift b2 (Space F-6). While holding the crate, 
        target G-2 (Space G-6) and have the Servbot take it to the Goal. Now 
        place b2 back in Space F-6.
STEP 3: Move b2 (Space F-6) to Space H-6.
STEP 4: Have the Servbot take G4 (Space F-4) to the Goal.
STEP 5: Place y5 (Space G-4) in Space A-16.
STEP 6: Have the Servbot take X6 (Space A-15) to the Goal.
STEP 7: Have the Servbot take G7 (Space A-17) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Move b8 (Space G-5) to Space G-3.
STEP 9: Move y9 (Space B-17) to Space G-2.
STEP 10: Move bA (Space G-1) to Space F-2.
STEP 11: Let the Servbot take GB (Space H-1) to the Goal.

-- ROUND 3: ---------------------------------

It's tricky, but possible. It's actually really easy, but looks hard.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |..|  |  |  |  |  |bb|  |  |  |X8|..|..|
5  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|  |  |bb|bb|..|..|
6  |..|  |..|..|..|..|..|b1|b2|G7|bb|..|..|
7  |..|  |  |  |  |G9|..|..|b3|  |bb|..|..|
8  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|G6|b4|bb|..|..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |bb|bb|  |bb|..|..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |  |bb|  |bb|..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|FF|  |  |y5|G5|bb|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|!!|..|..|..|..|..|..|
13 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space G-12 
STEP 1: Send the Servbot to the Forklift. Move b1 (Space H-6) to Space H-5.
STEP 2: Move b2 (Space I-6) to Space G-6.
STEP 3: Move b3 (Space I-7) to Space H-6.
STEP 4: Move b4 (Space J-8) to Space I-7.
STEP 5: Lift y5 (Space I-11) and have the Servbot take G5 (Space J-11) to the 
        Goal. DO NOT PUT DOWN y5 YET.
STEP 6: Move to Space J-7 and have the Servbot take G6 (Space I-8) to the Goal. 
        Keep holding on to y5.
STEP 7: Stand in Space I-8 and have the Servbot take G7 (Space J-6) to the 
        Goal. Now place y5 in Space F-6.
STEP 8: Have the Servbot take X8 (Space K-4) to the Goal.
STEP 9: Have the Servbot take G9 (Space F-7) to the Goal.

-- ROUND 4: ----------------------------------

The Forklift is gone, but now you have a new tool: Cranes. The Servbots can use
the cranes to move boxes around... the only problem is that cranes can only
lift boxes that are 2 spaces away directly north, south, east or west. These
levels are less complex than they seem, so don't be intimidated by all the
conveyer belts and such.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K 
1  |  |  |  |G3|  |  |  |..|..|  |  |
2  |  |>>|>>|  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |  |^^|  |L1|  |..|  |  |..|..|..|
4  |  |  |..|..|..|..|  |  |..|  |  |
5  |^^|G9|..|b2|  |  |  |  |..|  |  |
6  |^^|X8|..|  |G6|  |  |L3|..|  |  |
7  |^^|b7|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|  |  |
8  |bb|  |  |  |  |..|  |  |  |  |  |
9  |G1|b4|  |L2|..|..|  |  |  |  |  |
10 |  |..|..|  |..|  |..|..|  |..|..|
11 |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
12 |  |  |  |..|..|..|  |  |..|  |  |
13 |  |!!|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space B-13 
STEP 1: Take G1 (Space A-9) to the Goal.
STEP 2: Use L1 (Space D-3) to move b2 (Space D-5) to Space F-3.
STEP 3: Use L1 (Space D-3) to move G3 (Space D-1) to Space D-5.
STEP 4: Use L2 (Space D-9) to move b4 (Space B-9) to Space D-7.
STEP 5: Take G3 (Space D-5) to the Goal.
STEP 6: Take G6 (Space E-6) to the Goal.
STEP 7: Move b7 (Space B-7) to Space C-8.
STEP 8: Take X8 (Space B-6) to the Goal.
STEP 9: Take G9 (Space B-5) to the Goal.

-- ROUND 5: ----------------------------------

More crane-lift lovin'. Mmm yeah.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K 
1  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|
2  |  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |  |  |  |L3|  |..|  |  |..|..|..|
4  |  |  |..|..|..|..|G8|G9|..|  |  |
5  |  |  |..|  |  |bb|X7|  |..|  |  |
6  |  |  |..|  |  |  |  |L2|..|b4|  |
7  |  |GG|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|bb|  |
8  |  |  |  |  |  |..|  |  |  |  |  |
9  |  |b2|  |L1|..|..|y3|  |  |  |  |
10 |  |..|..|  |..|  |..|..|  |..|..|
11 |  |..|..|..|..|  |..|..|  |..|..|
12 |  |  |  |..|..|  |bb|bb|G5|..|..|
13 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
14 |..|..|..|..|!!|  |..|..|..|..|..|
15 |..|..|..|..|..|y1|bb|  |  |..|..|
16 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..| 

GOAL: Space E-14 
STEP 1: Place y1 (Space F-15) in Space F-13.
STEP 2: Use L1 (Space D-9) to move b2 (Space B-9) to Space F-9.
STEP 3: Move y3 (Space G-9) to Space F-8.
STEP 4: Use L2 (Space H-6) to move b4 (Space J-6) to Space H-8.
STEP 5: Take G5 (Space I-12) to the Goal.
STEP 6: Move b4 (Space H-8) to Space G-7.
STEP 7: Take X7 (Space G-5) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Take G8 (Space G-4) to the Goal.
STEP 9: Take G9 (Space H-4) to the Goal.

-- ROUND 6: ----------------------------------

The Forklift is gone, but now you have a new tool: Cranes. The Servbots can use
the cranes to move boxes around... the only problem is that cranes can only
lift boxes that are 2 spaces away directly north, south, east or west. These
levels are less complex than they seem, so don't be intimidated by all the
conveyer belts and such.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K 
1  |  |  |  |yA|  |  |  |..|..|  |  |
2  |  |vv|<<|  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |  |vv|GC|L2|  |..|  |  |..|..|..|
4  |vv|<<|..|..|..|..|  |  |..|  |  |
5  |vv|  |..|G9|  |  |  |  |..|  |  |
6  |vv|  |..|  |  |  |  |L3|..|  |  |
7  |vv|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|  |  |
8  |vv|  |  |y8|  |..|  |  |  |  |  |
9  |  |b6|  |L1|..|..|  |  |  |  |  |
10 |  |..|..|G7|..|  |..|..|  |..|..|
11 |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
12 |  |b5|G4|..|..|..|  |  |  |  |  |
13 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
14 |..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|
15 |  |  |  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |..|
16 |  |  |  |!!|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|
17 |y2|y1|X1|..|..|..|..|..|..|  |  |
18 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|  |  |

GOAL: Space D-16 
LIFT: 10
STEP 1: Take X1 (Space C-17) to the Goal (wow, handy!).
STEP 2: Move y2 (Space B-17) to Space C-14.
STEP 3: Move y3 (Space A-17) to Space C-13.
STEP 4: Take G4 (Space C-12) to the Goal.
STEP 5: Move B5 (Space B-12) to Space D-12.
STEP 6: Use L1 (Space D-9) to move b6 (Space B-9) to Space D-11.
STEP 7: Take G7 (Space D-10) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Move y8 (Space D-8) to Space C-5.
STEP 9: Use L2 (Space D-3) to move G9 (Space D-5) to Space B-3. The conveyer  
        belt will whisk it along - follow behind and take it to the Goal.
STEP 10: Use L2 (Space D-3) to move yA (Space D-1) to Space D-5. 
STEP 11: Move yA (Space D-5) to Space C-4.
STEP 12: Take GC (Space C3) to the goal via the conveyer belt.

-- ROUND 7: ---------------------------------

Things are gettin' nasty, what with the presence of a Forklift AND a Crane....

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |..|  |  |  |nn|  |  |b9|  |X8|  |..|..|
5  |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|  |G7|  |bb|..|..|
6  |..|  |..|..|..|..|..|  |L1|b6|  |..|..|
7  |..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|bb|G5|bb|..|..|
8  |..|..|..|..|..|GB|..|..|  |b4|  |..|..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|nn|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|bb|  |nn|  |bb|y1|..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|bb|  |FF|..|..|G3|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|!!|..|..|..|..|..|..|
13 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space G-12 
STEP 1: Move y1 (Space K-10) to Space I-8.
STEP 2: Use L1 (Space I-6) to move y1 (Space I-8) to Space G-6.
STEP 3: Have the Servbot use the forklift to take G3 (Space K-11) to the Goal.
STEP 4: Move b4 (Space J-8) to Space K-9.
STEP 5: Have the Servbot take G5 (Space J-7) to the Goal.
STEP 6: Stand in Space K-6 and lift b6 (Space J-6).
STEP 7: Have the Servbot take G7 (Space I-5) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Have the Servbot take X8 (Space J-4) to the Goal.
STEP 9: Move b9 (Space H-4) to Space H-6.
STEP 10: Move b9 (Space H-6) to Space F-6.
STEP 11: Have the Servbot take GB (Space F-8) to the Goal.

-- ROUND 8: ---------------------------------

No forklift, just conveyer belts. And crates. Many crates.

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M
1  |..|..|  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
2  |..|..|..|..|  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |..|..|..|..|  |GB|y8|..|..|..|..|..|..|
4  |  |  |  |  |  |yy|y2|X6|y5|b4|G7|..|..|
5  |  |  |  |  |..|yy|bb|..|..|y3|bb|yy|..|
6  |  |  |  |  |..|yy|L1|..|..|yy|..|yy|..|
7  |..|..|..|..|..|G1|  |..|..|L2|..|yy|..|
8  |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|yy|..|
9  |..|..|..|..|..|!!|  |..|..|y9|GC|yy|..|
10 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|..|  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
12 |..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|

GOAL: Space F-9 
STEP 1: Take G1 (Space F-7) to the Goal.
STEP 2: Use L1 (Space G-6) to move y2 (Space G-4) to Space I-6.
STEP 3: Use L2 (Space J-7) to move y3 (Space J-5) to Space H-7.
STEP 4: Move b4 (Space J-4) to Space I-5.
STEP 5: Move y5 (Space I-4) to Space I-7.
STEP 6: Take X6 (Space H-4) to the Goal.
STEP 7: Take G7 (Space K-4) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Move y8 (Space G-3) to Space H-9.
STEP 9: Use L2 (Space J-7) to move y9 (Space J-9) to Space J-5.
STEP 10: Move y9 (Space J-5) to Space I-9.
STEP 11: Move GB (Space F-3) to the Goal.
STEP 12: Move GC (Space K-9) to the Goal.

-- ROUND 9: ---------------------------------

I am a single space away from having all 5 boxes. If you have the Red box
solution, please email me at [email protected] for a credited contribution!
Actually, I think I see the solution, but I'm too lazy to test it. So feel free
to help!

     A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K 
1  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |..|..|  |  |
2  |  |  |  |  |  |..|..|..|..|..|..|
3  |  |  |  |  |  |..|bb|b6|..|..|..|
4  |  |  |..|..|..|..|X9|GA|..|  |vv|
5  |  |  |..|L2|bb|b3|G8|L4|..|  |  |
6  |  |  |..|  |G4|bb|b5|G7|..|  |vv|
7  |  |vv|..|..|..|..|..|..|..|  |vv|
8  |  |vv|L1|  |b2|..|L3|  |  |^^|  |
9  |  |  |  |  |..|..|bb|  |  |<<|<<|
10 |..|..|..|  |..|  |..|..|vv|..|..|
11 |..|..|..|..|..|b1|..|..|  |..|..|
12 |  |  |  |..|!!|  |  |  |  |..|..|

GOAL: Space G-12 
STEP 1: Move b1 (Space F-11) to Space F-9.
STEP 2: Use L1 (Space C-8) to move b2 (Space E-8) to Space C-6.
STEP 3: Use L2 (Space D-5) to move b3 (Space F-5) to Space D-7.
STEP 4: Take G4 (Space E-6) to the Goal.
STEP 5: Use L3 (Space G-8) to move b5 (Space G-6) to Space E-8.
STEP 6: Use L4 (Space H-5) to move b6 (Space H-3) to Space H-7.
STEP 7: Take G7 (Space H-6) to the Goal.
STEP 8: Take G8 (Space G-5) to the Goal
STEP 9: Move X9 (Space G-4) to Space F-5.
STEP 10: Take GA (Space H-4) to the Goal. You'll have to lift it twice to make 


This whole section is kinda like the final bits of Metal Gear Solid... there
seems to be more chitchat than combat. It's also pretty simple, so I'm not
going to go nuts with details.

Once Tron meets with Loath and is captured, her favorite Servbot decides to
head into the dungeon where she is and rescue her. I don't know what happens if
you haven't chosen a favorite Servbot yet... maybe Tron's captured for ever and
ever? In any case, whichever Servbot has the Red Head Parts will control the
Gustaff (and even if the Servbot doesn't have Sniper as a skill, it still
controls the mech just fine). Pick your team for power here - everyone with 4
Strength or a skill like Bazooka or Grenades should come along.

The first section is a really simple dungeon. Your mission is to find the
Bonnes and rescue them; the only obstacles are a couple of little digging
machines and some Birdbot guards which cannot be destroyed. If you find
Birdbots, you can be sure it's not Tron's cell - her room is unguarded (and
don't bother fighting the Birdbots, because they're indestructible). Head
toward the upper right area of the map; you'll know you're on the right track
when you come to a play that has a wide room with a small wall protruding
upward from the south wall. Once you step outside the cell, Tron and Teasel hop
into the Gustaff. From there, simply continue in the direction you were headed
and follow the path to its end, at which point you'll encounter the Sleeping
Colossus and Glyde.

-- BOSS: GLYDE -------------------------------

Don't try to outrun Glyde, he's extremely fast and barely gives you time to
attack him. Your best bet is to take advantage of your superior durability (you
DID buy the Hard Armor and E. Tank 7, right?) and wail away at him without
trying to dodge. If you have the Bazooka, you may not even need to recharge
with an E. Bottle.

When Glyde is gone, everyone retreats to the Gesellschaft to try to take out
the no-longer-sleeping Colossus. Unfortunately, it packs way more firepower
than the Gesellschaft, and both Tron and Teasel are knocked out of commission,
leaving the final battle in the hands of the Favorite Servbot again. 

-- BOSS: COLOSSUS ----------------------------

Your goal here is to dodge the Colossus' attacks while ripping out the 16
pylons that power the massive Reaverbot. The Servbots are too weak to rip out
the big ones, so you'll have to use Gustaff to pull them out. Watch out,
because the Colossus sends smaller Reaverbots (the floaters, and the annoying
Sharukurusus from Legends) after you. There are eight pylons in sets of two on
the lower level; pull them out with the Triangle button and toss them at other
pylons to make the task easier. One or two Sharukurusus may attack down here,
but the real battle is on the upper platform, where you'll have to deal with
two more of them as well as respawning floaters as well as a powerful energy
beam from Coloussus' mouth. The four lower pylons are simple enough, but the
ones on Colossus' head are out of reach. Target them and have the Servbots jump
to pluck them out. Unfortunately, using the Beacon Bomb leaves you very
vulnerable to attack, so I recommend doubling back; whenever you cross
Colossus' line of sight, it will fire at you. So, run in one direction then
switch back and head the other. The Colossus will fire at where you were, which
should give you time to lock-on to the upper pylons and have the Servbots pull
them up. Hey, it works in all the movies, why not here?

-- FINAL BOSS: COLOSSUS' HEAD ----------------

Yeah, like you didn't expect to have to fight a second stage. Is there ever a
final boss these days that doesn't have multiple forms? The Colossus' Head
fights in a pattern reminscent of Megaman Juno (the final boss of Megaman
Legends - what do you mean, you haven't played it!?) but much, much less
frustrating. He has several attacks, which I'll try to describe:

 - A green "tracking" beam that arcs slightly to follow you (although it's not 
   a true homing beam).
 - The standard "Ground Smash Energy Ripple" that every game seems to have now. 
   There's only one ring of energy, though, so it's easy enough to dodge.
 - A dashing attack which can be avoided simply by dodging to the side.
 - "Inferno," which causes rings of fire to burst up from the ground and follow 
   you as you move.
 - A blue beam which is similar to the green beam, but more dangerous.
 - A scattered spray of purple beams which are less powerful than the green or 
   blue beams, but harder to dodge since they're fired in a ring pattern three 
   times consecutively.
None of these patterns are hard to dodge, expecially since it's pretty easy to
tell what's coming next. Since at this point your army of Servbots is probably
more powerful than Gustaff, I recommend just Beacon Bombing the head and
focusing on trying to dodge its attacks. It's really an easy battle, and
shouldn't ake long to put the monster down.

When you've finished, sit back and enjoy the ending, and don't forget to watch
the epilogue after the credits!


The following is a list of items and equipment that can be purchased in the
Gesellschaft hangar. As you purchase various items, more powerful equipment
becomes available.

Note: You can use items found during missions to lower the cost of item
production. When you select an item to purchase, a couple of inventory slots
may appear beneath the item. Select those slots and choose how many of the item
selected you wish to sell by pressing left/right, then confirm with Circle. The
cost of the item should reflect the discount.

-- UPGRADE ITEM LIST -------------------------
Items you can use to upgrade Gustaff.

NAME                EFFECT                                PRICE (Z)
E. BOTTLE 1         Restores some energy to Gustaff       1,000
E. BOTTLE 2         Restores more energy than Bottle 1    2,000
E. BOTTLE 3         Restores a lot of energy              3,000
                    Speak to Servbot 33 in the Garage   
E. BOTTLE 4         Full energy restoration               4,000
                    Give Bottle Plans to 33
TANK PARTS          Needed to teach 30 Tank Dev skill     5,000
ARMOR PARTS         Needed to teach 34 Armor De skill     20,000
GATLING PARTS       Needed to teach 32 Gatling De skill   50,000
ENERGY TANK 2       Adds durability to Gustaff            50,000
ENERGY TANK 3       More! More power!                     100,000
ENERGY TANK 4       And more! Requires Litnium            150,000
BAZOOKA PARTS       Needed to teach 31 Bazooka De skill   150,000
GATLING GUN         Fast, wide stream of fire, but weak   150,000
ENERGY TANK 5       Still more power! Bwah hah!           200,000
BONNE BAZOOKA       Packs a punch, but limits mobility    300,000
E. TANK 6           Even MORE energy                      300,000
E. TANK 7           Maximum energy storage                500,000
HARD ARMOR          More durable armor than Basic         1,000,000

-- OTHER ITEMS -------------------------------

By exploring the island during missions, or plundering houses, the Servbots may
uncover various items from this list, which you can then sell in the Storage
room of the Gesselschaft for extra zenny.

NAME                VALUE      NOTES
APPLE               100
JUICE               100
CAKE                200
FISH                200
MILK                200
YOGURT              200
SHELL               300        Give to 33 to help him realize his skill
PORK                400
CHEESE              400
BEEF                500
CURRY               500
COMIC               500        Give to 9 to help him realize his skill
BIRDBOT             500
RABBIT              800
LUNCHBOX            1,000
RIOT SHIELD         1,000      Can reduce development costs by 2,000
TIRE                1,000      Can reduce development costs by 2,000 or 10,000
SCALLOP             1,500
POLICE LIGHTS       1,600      Can reduce development costs by 5,000
RING                3,000
STRATEGY NOTES      ---        Acquire from 1
                               Give to 37 to help him realize his skill
RED HEAD PARTS      ---        Give to your favorite Servbot for a skill bonus 
                               and other benefits... 
                               Acquired from 9 in Gym
FIREWORKS           ---        Give to 32 to facilitate Gatling Development
                               Found in Nikkai Ruins
PIPE                ---        Give to 31 to facilitate Bazooka Development
                               Found in Nikkai Ruins
LITNIUM             ---        Give to 30 to make a lighter Energy Tank
                               Found in Shala-Kun Ruins, Level 2
REFRACTOR ORE       ---        Reduces development costs by 100000 zenny
                               Can only be found by Scouting
POETRY BOOK         ---        Acquire from 4 
                               Give to 39 to unlock his Poetry skill. 
PAINT SET           ---        Acquire from 2
                               Give to 35 to unlock his Painting skill
LOADER PARTS        ---        Give to 36 to create BGM "Police Lady"
BON PARTS           ---        Give to 35 to create Bon Bonne paint scheme
BOTTLE NOTES        ---        Give to 33 to make E. Bottle 4
OLD INSTRUMENT      ---        Give to 36 for theme "Ancient Ruins"
HI-DENSITY TANK     ---        Give to 30 for E. Tank 6
RUSTED TANK         ---        Give to 30 for E. Tank 7
MEMENTO             ---        Give to 35 for a T. Bonne paint motif


A. When will Tron Bonne be released in the U.S.?
   It was originally slated for last fall; then it was pushed to February 18. 
   Currently, Capcom's site has it listed for April 2. [CORRECTION: It's now 
   been pushed back to April 30. Argh!]
B. Does this take place as a prequel or sequel to Megaman Legends?

   I'm... not sure. The Gesellschaft was blown to pieces in the final 
   confrontation between Rock and the Bonnes in Megaman Legends, yet it serves 
   as Tron's base of operations here. However, she also uses the boat she stole 
   from Wily (prior to the destruction of the Gesellschaft) as a conveyance for  
   the food products she heists from the docks. I suspect it's a sequel of 
   sorts, and the money the Bonnes borrowed to cover the cost of repairing the 
   Gesellschaft is what prompted Loath and Glyde to go after Teasel and Bomb in 
   the first place.
   Revised note: The game is indeed a prequel. Teasel refers to the 
   Gesselschaft as their "new airship," and the ending sets into motion the 
   Bonnes' life of piracy, in a sense... I still don't know why they have 
   Wily's boat, though. [thanks to Andrew Vestal for help with this]
C. Does the world really NEED another Megaman game?

   If they're as good as this one... YES.
D. Why did Capcom use those crappy 3D renders on the U.S. packaging?

   I think it's a tradition for Capcom to replace high-quality Japanese 
   packaging with ugly, pathetic "U.S.-oriented" art. Remember, this stuff is 
   done by marketing executives based on research and statistics, not by gamers
   based on what looks good. But at least the games are fun.
E. How do I equip weapons on Gustaff?

   At the mission briefing, select Robot. If you have a Gatling Gun or Bazooka, 
   you will be told to press right or left to switch guns. Once you have the 
   weapon you want onscreen, press CIRCLE. That will select your weapon.
E. GAH! How do I beat the stupid boss in the FREE Ruins!?

   Make him sneeze...


This is a chart of the Servbots, their skills and their highest possible skill
levels. Note that giving a Servbot the Red Head Part will give it a +1 stat
boost above their max in (randomly chosen?) area.

S = Strength
P = Speed
B = Brains
L = Sloth (note: all Servbots have a max. 4 Sloth, so I will not list Sloth)

Two dashes (--) means that Servbot does not have a special skill.

 BOT  S  P  B   SKILL       TYPE          SKILL TRIGGER
 1    3  3  3   Sniper      Reliable      Begins game with skill
 2    4  2  4   Bazooka     Smart         Boost S to 4
 3    3  4  2   Rapid       Gourmet       Boost P to 4
 4    2  3  4   Slings      Quiet         Boost B to 4
 5    2  2  4   --          Strange       --
 6    3  2  4   Slings      Normal        Boost B to 4
 7    4  1  4   --          Serious       --
 8    1  3  4   Sniper      Cool          Give him the item "Contacts"
 9    2  4  3   Sniper      Hurried       Give him the item "Comic"
 10   4  3  2   ???         Diligent      ???
 11   3  4  3   --          Failure       --
 12   4  4  2   Rapid       Clumsy        Boost P to 4
 13   4  2  4   Bazooka     Rude          Boost S to 4
 14   1  3  4   Appraise    Mature        Begins game with skill
                                          When B becomes 4, he can tell which 
                                          Servbot needs each item.
 15   3  4  2   ???         Plain         ???
 16   2  2  2   --          Achiever      --
 17   3  3  4   Grenades    Dedicated     Boost B to 4
 18   4  2  4   Bazooka     Gentle        Boost S to 4
 19   2  2  4   Appraise    Happy         Boost B to 4
 20   3  2  4   ???         Shy           Boost B to 4
 21   2  1  4   --          Slow...       --
 22   4  4  3   Ramming     Responsible   Boost S to 4
 23   4  3  4   ???         Honest        Boost B to 4
 24   4  2  4   --          Optimist      --
 25   3  4  1   Sniper      Hard-Working  ???
 26   3  3  4   --          Popular       --
 27   3  4  4   Grenade     Attentive     Boost B to 4
 28   3  3  4   Slingshot   Macho         Boost B to 4
 29   2  3  3   --          Clean         --
 30   2  3  4   Tank Dev    Hard-Headed   Develop "Tank Parts"/Boost B to 4
 31   3  1  4   Bazooka Dev Heroic        Develop "Bazooka Parts"/Boost B to 4
 32   1  2  3   Gatling De  Short-Temper  Develop "Gatling Parts"/Boost B to 3
 33   4  2  3   Bottle De   Coquettish    Begins game with skill
 34   1  3  4   Armor Dev   Studious      Develop "Armor Parts"/Boost B to 4
 35   1  1  4   Painting    Relaxed       Give him the item "Paint Set"
                                          Bring other items for more designs
 36   2  2  4   Music       Nervous       Give him the item "Shell"
                                          Bring other items for more themes
 37   1  3  4   Strategy    Idealist      Give him the item "Strategy Notes"
 38   3  2  3   Train Dev   Strict        Begins game with skill
 39   1  1  4   Poetry      Romantic      Give him the item "Poetry Book"
 40   2  4  1   Design      Innocent      Give him the item "Design Magazine"

Prudent use of the Servbots can really help you through the game. Knowing how
to power them up and which ones to take where will make the game significantly
easier - in fact, by the final battle my Servbots were more powerful than
Gustaff's bazooka! Here are some general guidelines.

1. TRAINING. Each Servbot has a set potential. Use wise training to make the
most of this. You can power up their strength and speed with minigames, and
boost their brain rating by taking them on successful missions. The more they
steal while adventuring, the more likely their brain rating is to jump way up.
Many Servbots learn their special skills only when they reach a maxiumum level
in a certain category. For instance, the Lab Servbots learn to develop weapons
and armor at a Brain rating of 4, meaning you don't have to buy the initial
development items; similarly, Servbot 2 develops the Bazooka skill at Strength
Rating 4. 

The best way to start out on the right foot is to take weak Servbots with high
brain potential on the initial Action missions. Because the early Action
missions are so easy, you can afford to take Bots with a 1 or 2 Max Strength
along and have them plunder every house and vehicle you can find. That way, the
weak Servbots max out their Brain ratings early and let you take along the good
fighters for the later missions.

Although it can be tiring, I recommend playing minigames twice between missions
(possibly a bit more at the beginning). The more Servbots you can boost to 3
Strength or Speed, the better. You can also use the minigames to boost skills
to 4, but it's almost impossible... far more frustrating than its worth, unless
you're really awesome. I recommend using Strength and Speed Cubes to take
Servbots to level 4 on their skills. By the time you get to the second half of
the game, you should have a bruising team of butt-kicking Servbot fighters as
well as a bunch of Bots who can plunder like crazy when Scouting.

[UPDATE] If you need hints for cultivating your Servbots, #39 gives small clues
in his poetry. Generally, though, just raise whichever attribute goes to 4 to
its maximum.

[UPDATE 2] It seems as though the attribute raising is sort of random. Some
Servbots require having their Brain rating boosted when I play once, and the
next time they require their Strength to be boosted instead. Bleah.

2. MISSION SELECTION. Different Servbots are better suited to different kinds
of missions. This becomes especially apparent when you take slow Servbots into
the Nikkai Ruins and leave some of them behind - they get lost and huddle in a
corner crying until you find them or move to the next section. And there's
nothing more heartbreaking than a crying Servbot.

Choose Servbots according to their strengths. When going into the Nikkai ruins,
select for speed and then stength; when going on Action or RPG missions, select
for strength and special skills (develop 2's Bazooka skill as quickly as you
can; it ROCKS). During Puzzle missions, simply take along Servbots whose brain
ratings you want to raise. Be aware, though, that the higher your Servbot's
Brain rating, the better the hints it can offer during Puzzle mode. A Servbot
with a 1 or 2 Brain rating will give you a blank look; a Servbot with a 3 will 
give you a decent answer; a Servbot with a 4 Brain rating will offer very 
useful suggestions.

When certain Servbots acquire a Strength of 3, they earn the ability to toss
bombs. When their strength reaches 4, they can toss even larger bombs. Watching
your little Bots take down a giant Reaverbot on their own is as beautiful a
sight as watching your children get married.


Possibly the best part of this game is the weird things the Servbots do in
their inimitably cute way. Whenever I come across something particularly
bizarre or amusing, I'll add it here. Most of these skills result from using
Gustaff's "Lock On" Shot.


When controlling the Gustaff as Teasel, direct the Servbots to any of the
boulders that litter the landscape. Rather than examining or lifting it, the
Servbots will take turns climbing to the top of the rock and jumping off


When controlling multiple Servbots, target one Bot and it will panic and begin
running. The other Servbots will begin chasing it around.


In the town area, direct the Servbots to one of the light poles. They will
take turns climbing it, grunting "Hup! Hup!" as they do. This also works with
the columns in the opening area, except that they get frustrated at their
inability to climb all the way to the top.


During the opening section, or anywhere with sand pits, the Servbots get a
kick out of being directed into the center of the pits.


The Servbots can shake any of the vehicles, which is especially handy when you
need to pass an armored carrier, or prevent riot police from pouring out into
the streets. 


In Adventure mode, you can have the Servbots attack the airship that takes Tron
to the dungeon. The Bot inside the ship becomes rather perturbed when that
happens, unsurprisingly.


In RPG mode, tell the Servbots to jump in the lake. They'll swim around until
you move on.


If you target a police car, the Servbots will steal its tires and siren, which
you can use to reduce weapon development costs. You can also have the Servbots
steal wildlife and even defeated birdbots in the farm areas.


You can have the Servbots shake any tress you come across. Frequently Apples
will fall from the branches, which you can sell for 100 Z apiece. It may not
seem like much, but when you collect 90 Apples on a mission, that's 9000 Z...
Also, sometimes green apples fall, which will restore Gustaff's energy. How
does an apple restore a mech suit's energy? Who knows.


On the farm missions, the Servbots will use the canopy on the back of the truck
if you Beacon Bomb the vehicle.


If you send the Servbots after a civilian vehicle, they'll car-jack it, kick 
the driver out, and send the car screeching straight ahead until it hits
something and explodes.


Point the Servbots to a bench in the town areas and they'll sit on it. Well,
two of them will - the four who won't fit get sad because they can't get on.



Thanks to the following people for help with this FAQ:

 - Justin Speer ([email protected]) for some general comments and 
 - The GIA ( for giving me a public forum in which to 
   espouse my love for this fine creation.  
 - Capcom ( This game is lovely, please give us more 
   like it.
 - Andrew Vestal ([email protected]) for help with English names and for 
   helping to figure out how the heck to equip weapons on Gustaff.


Capcom Entertainment
Makers of this fine game and many others. Give them love.

The site's currently under reconstruction, but if you look hard enough you can
find Megaman stuff.

GIA's Misadventures of Tron Bonne Preview
A comprehensive preview of the game, written by one of the smartest and most
attractive freelancers ever to grace the Web!

The Megaman Homepage
A big, meaty page o' Megaman info. Not much on the Legends series, though.
Still, it's far more thorough than my page.

The lovely folks who sold me my lovely Tron Ni Kobun import. Lovely, simply


 Rev. 1.0 - May 7, 2000: English version is out, walkthrough complete. And 
      without using the strategy guide, yay!
 Rev. 0.9 - April 23, 2000: More walkthroughs, whee.
 Rev. 0.5.5 - April 21, 2000: Walkthrough for second RPG level, small 
 Rev. 0.5 - April 19, 2000: Some updates and upgrades and general spiffy 
      changes. Most significantly, added a Servbot chart... incomplete as it 
      may be.
 Rev. 0.1.4 - March 18, 2000: Puzzle Mode Rounds 4-9 added (Rounds 6 & 9 are 
      Opening bits of Adventure Mode added.
      New chapter begun
 Rev. 0.1.3 - March 5, 2000: Level 2 and 3 of Mission One (Action) added. More 
      info on ship.
 Rev. 0.1.2 - Feb. 23, 2000: Walkthrough for level 1 of RPG Mode.
 Rev. 0.1.1 - Feb. 21, 2000: Added initial mission walkthroughs for level 1 of 
      Action and Puzzle Mode.
 Rev. 0.1 - Feb. 18, 2000: First version. It's all-new, all-different!

The contents of this FAQ are copyright 2000 Jeremy Parish. This FAQ is
authorized for use only at my own site and CheatCC. Please do not reprint it
without my permission (write to me at [email protected] to discuss it). If
you're a Megaman fan who'd like to use it at your personal page, cool. If
you're a "comprehensive" game guide site that simply trolls CheatCC looking
for new material to duplicate, don't bother asking.

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, Megaman and all related characters and names
are trademarks of Capcom Entertainment, Inc. - I make no claim to them.

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