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			            007 THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH
		                      playstation walkthrough
			            Created by: Spencer Williams
			           Email: [email protected]
                                        UpDaTe VeRsIoN 1.3

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** Walkthrough**
 =King's Ransom=
 =Cold Reception=
 =Russian Roulette=
 =Night Watch=
   PSX / N64
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 This walkthrough is copyright me (Spencer Williams) and is not to be used, graffitied,
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 Thank you.

     W      A       L       K       T        H       R       O       U       G       H
When you begin, pull out your Pen, and activate it with the X button. This is so when you
walk through the metal detector, the alarm doesn't go off. Once your down the hall, you
can de-activate it. Then talk to the guard at the door and walk backwards until the guard
walks over to the window. Then rush to the door and enter. If you didn't set off the alarm
before this, there will not be 3 men trying to shoot you, this is a good thing. Then, open
the middle elevator by pressing O on the button. Then walk in. When you get upstairs,
you will have your gun out. Be careful around these areas because there are video cameras
that will set off the alarm if they see you. Once you kill all of those, enter the next elevator.
On this floor, just run past the door with the two guys in it, because they do no good for you.
Then enter the next elevator. Be VERY careful on this floor. First, sneak around the corner 
and follow the guy until he turns left. Then, shoot him in the back of the head. Turn left and 
shoot the other guy in the head. Then enter the 2nd door on the left. There is a crooked
picture in here. Press O on it and quickly step forwards. Pull out your new gun you should
have gotten from one of the enemies. Shoot the police man in the head. Go into that room,
and use your Fingerprint Scanner to scan that little thing on the desk. Your fingerprint scanner
is in your inventory, so press Start and go to your inventory. Select it with square. Unlock the
door to the left of you, and walk right. Then unlock that door. Some cinematics will take place
and bond is left with a briefcase. Go over to the very left window and break it by pressing X.

You will start off by a boat, with loads of items. Chase the woman who tried to shoot you at
the beginning. Don't worry about most of the enemies, because they don't hurt you much.
Follow her down into a basement thing, where there is around 25 enemies. Pull out your
machine gun and blow them all away. Then exit through the door at the back. Keep following
her until she reaches a hot air balloon. Your grapling hook watch will automatically be
set on your item. Use it quickly and aim at the hot air balloon. You should grab onto it
and follow her far up into the air. Then some movie scenes will play.

Yes, Bond can ski. And he does just that in this level. You start off in the cold field. Quickly
shoot the three men in front of you, and the one fool to the right of you. Then blow up the
little ship to the right of you. Ski down the mountain until you get to a box. There are 3 boxes
before the bottom of the hill. Behind each box is an enemy with a gun. Shoot them all and
get their bullets, you'll need every bullet you can get. Once you get to the bottom of the
mountain, you will meet Elektra. She will run for cover. You should have gotten a Sniper
Rifle. Shoot down 4 little flying things with this. Once that is done...

First, talk to the woman at the bar. The guard at the right will come over and you can sneak 
into the door. Talk to the man, and get his voucher. Then walk back out. Turn right and show
the voucher to the other guard by having it on your weapon and pressing X. He will let you
through. There you can play Blackjack (aka. Russian Roulette) You start with $26,000.
My strategy was to bet everything each time. Once you get $100,000 or more, STOP!
Go back to the guy's room, and show him the money.

This level is VERY complicated! Once you start, move into the room with no door. Bug the
phone with a Telephone Bug by pressing X on the Telephone. Then walk out the other door.
Don't shoot the guards with any guns, besides the Tranquilizer gun. My strategy would be to
come up behind them and punch them. It takes about 3 or 4 punches to knock them dead.
Kill as many people as you can, and walk into the elevator in the left passage on the right 
wall. Once you get upstairs, there are 3 phones on this level. Find them, and bug them. Then
go back downstairs into the big main room. There will be a guy standing there. Talk to him.
He will then let some of his troops on you. Kill them, and go through the door he went in.
You will then appear in a garage. Kill about 5 enemies, and then you'll see the man. Shoot
him with the Wolfram to kill him.

First, when you begin, pull out Arkov's ID Card. Walk forward and you'll see a guard
standing at the door. Get close to him and press X to show him the ID card. Then he
will let you through. There will be a Card on the corner of the desk. Get it. Now walk back
out the room and up the hallway you started. Then take a left. When you get to the bottom
of the ramp, turn right. There is a room with bullets and some armor. Then go back into the
hall. There will be a switch on the wall. Get on your NEW card, and press it by hitting O.
When the guards come forward, slip past the right of the first guard, and left of the second
guard. Rush down the hallway and enter the card into the little slot. This opens a door at
the bottom of the next ramp. Open the door. Get on Arkov's ID Card again, and go down 
the stairs, to the right. Follow the hall until you come to the door on the first left. Show that
guard your ID card. He will let you pass. In there, there is a Radiation Badge on the desk. Get
it. Then go into the next door. Go down the long ramp and at the very end is a guard. Show
him your Radiation Badge. Walk into the room. There will be a switch at the end of the room.
Hit it. Then go back out of the room. Go back up the ramp, through the door. Once your back
into the room with the 2 stair cases, there will be a door straight across from you. Stand right
in front of it, and pull out your Wolfram. Then open the door. Some talking will go on, and you
will have to protect Dr. Jones. There are about 7-10 enemies in this room. Kill them all before
they kill you or Dr. Jones. She will then open a door. Kill all the enemies, and the next door
will open. You'll see a barrel on the floor. Shoot it until it explodes, you'll kill every enemy 
in that room, and you can pass. Then you'll meet a guy in a steel cage. He will talk to you, 
then give you about 8 seconds to escape, quickly go back until you see a chain hanging from the
ceiling. Grab it with your grapling hook watch.

First, go through the door in front of you. Then go down the stair case. Some talking will
go on, and he will tell you where the bomb thing is. Then go down into Channel 3 Door. Be
very careful around here. Duck down and go past the window. Then open the door. Light a
flash bang. Then shoot everyone with your Wolfram. Go back out and do the same thing in
the Channel 2 door. Go into the Channel 1 door and be very careful. There is a guard on the
first right. Quickly run past him, and take a left.

 @ StRaTeGiEs @
 When opening doors, open them and move quickly to the side. This way you can ambush
 anyone who comes through the door.

 Sneak around corners, you never know what you'll encounter.
 Always have a gun in your inventory. In some cases, you'll need to have a gun very

 Find ambush spots. Some good places are to the left/right of doors, or ducked behind
 boxes, crates, and other objects. This way you can kill the enemy before they get a
 chance to shoot at you.

 If they aren't rushing at you, try and aim for their head. This way, you won't waste
 as many bullets than if you shoot them in the legs or the stomach.

 Use ammo usefully. Don't shoot at a barrel just for the heck of it. You'll never know
 when you'll need just a couple extra bullets.

 Straddle left and right down long halls. That way, if enemies shoot at you from behind,
 they have a better chance at missing you than if you were just walking straight down
 the hall.

 Don't EVER shoot scientists or civilians. Chances are, you'll fail the mission.

 Be prepared. Don't walk up to an enemy with your Night Vision Goggles on your item.
 Make sure to have a useful item when in a level.

 Save often. This has to be the most important thing. My strategy is to save after
 every level you beat. If you fail the mission, and don't continue, Don't save. It
 is just a waste of time.

 Explore everywhere to find new guns, ammo, and maybe some body armor here or there.

 Don't be afraid to try everything. Shoot things, try things, hey, even kill things.
 You just might find out something you never knew before.

 @ PsX / N64 @
 There are two versions of The World is Not Enough, the Playstation version, and the
 Nintendo 64 version. I personally think the N64 version is better. Not only because
 it has a multiplayer mode, but also because the graphics are smoother. The Playstation
 version is ok if you want a smooth scrolling nice graphic one player mode. But the
 major flaw in the Playstation version is that there is no multiplayer. Here are the
 ratings for both games, based on my calculations.
 NINTENDO 64 VERSION: 9.0 / 10.0
 So if you are thinking about buying The World is Not Enough, I would say go for the
 N64 version. If you want a nice single player mode, go for the PSX version :)

 @ CoPyRiGhT @
 Just in case you didnt read the copyright at the TOP of the page, I'm going to be
 nice enough and show it to you again :)
 This walkthrough is copyright me (Spencer Williams) and is not to be used, graffitied,
 changed, or sold by any person or persons that don't have permission.

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 @ SpEcIaL ThAnKs @
 A special thanks goes to GameFAQS, Cheat City, VG Strategies, and IGN for wanting
 to use my walkthrough on their sites. Thanks everyone! And, a special thanks to
 Electronic Arts, Black Ops, and Sony for making The World is Not Enough!

 @ StIlL NeEd HeLp? @
 Hey, so your saying this walkthrough just doesn't cover everything you wanted to
 know? Then email me at [email protected] and ask me about it. Or, check out these
 other sites that might have the information you need.
 Thanks for downloading my walkthrough, and I hope I helped you with the game!

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