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Thrasher Skate and Destroy for PS               |
Publisher: Rockstar                             |
Developer: Z-Axis                               |
Genre: Sports                                   |
By: phillipdc ([email protected])         |
Version 1.2                                     |
Last Updated: 10:07 PM 1/2/00                   |
You can find the lastest version at:            |                                |                          |                                 |

1)Authors Note(read first)
2)Udated Info
3)My Other FAQ's
4)Getting Started
 a.character tricks
10)My Character/Scores
11)Cover of Thrasher
 a.basic tips
 b.running from cops
 d.score high(each level)
 a.level secrets
14)Gameshark Codes

[1. Authors Note]
I just started this today, and I am not finished. I havent finished the game yet so
I will be updating as I advance into the game, so please if you have anything to add to
this like new moves, secrets, new section ideas or questions please feel free to email 
me anytime. [email protected]
[2. Udated Info]
Version 1.2
-Added more tips
-Added 13 new moves
-Added character tricks
-Updated my character/scores
-Added a new section 'Cover of Thrasher'
-Updated sponsorship
-Added level secrets
-Added 1 new secret

Sorry it took me so long to update but I was busy with new years and also I beat RE: 3
which is a very fun game. Well back to the FAQ, I will update the score high and the
multiplayer maybe tomorrow, but school starts. Since its the first day I dont think we
will do much so there should be a update. I have beat the game with cyrus and kahli and
I am going to do it with the other characters so the sponsorship section should be com-
plete too. Oh yah check out the new secret its weird, it supposed to be a move, but I
cant do it. So if you can do it please email and tell me what you did or what happened. 

Version 1.1
-Added multiplayer
-Added tips
-Added 7 new moves
-Updated my character/scores
-Updated sponsorship

I will add most likely finish multiplayer and tips tomorrow, but there is 2 FAQ's I 
want to write right now also.

Version 1.0
-Added the FAQ

There is everything but multiplayer and tips. I will put them up tomorrow.

[3. My Other FAQ's]
Trick Style...........Dreamcast
NFL Blitz 2000........Dreamcast

You can find all my FAQ's and Reviews at:

[4. Getting Started]
Basicly I will explain all the game options and everything like that here.

Main Menu:
\Skate(single player)
i. character select/load character

ii. choose name(if you didnt load character)

iii. level select/modify character/options/save
 a. level select - choose a level to play
 b. modify character(triangle) - change your outfit and name. (change shoes, boards,
                                 and shirt if you have a sponsor)
 c. options(circle) - game options
 d. save(square) - save your game

i. bother players select a skater, then choose name

ii. choose level

iii. select game
 a. sessions 2 min - each player plays in a time limit, highest score wins
 b. nickel bag - take turns doing single tricks. top score wins round, best of five
                 wins the game
 c. horse - one player does a trick, other player matches or gets letter, first to
            spell out the word loses
 d. top dog - take turns doing tricks at five diffrent places, highest total score is
              top dog
 e. sick fix - each player gets three chances to eat concrete. whoever inflicts the
               most bodily harm wins
 f. long grind - take turns going for the longest grind, over three tries best grind
 g. big wallride - three chances to see who can make the biggest wall ride

i. Game Options
 a. camera - change camera angle
 b. difficulty - change the level of difficulty
 c. vibration - toggle on/off

ii. Sound Options
 a. music volume - increase/decrease music volume
 b. sfx volume - increase/decrease sfx volume

iii. High Scores - view high scores for all the level

iv. Controller Setup - chose between a, b, c setup

v. Credits - view the credits of the game

[5. Characters]
Tough and versatile. He'll take on any terrain with huge snaps and has scar tissue
thicker than most people's kneepads.
ollie: ||||||||||    balance: ||||
tech:  |||||         landing: ||||||||
spin:  |||||||       speed:   |||||||||

All-round skater. At home on ledges and pinic tables. Can pull any grind, with flips
in and out.
ollie: |||           balance: |||||||||
tech:  |||||||||     landing: ||||||
spin:  |||||||       speed:   |||||

Rides fast and hard. Bombs hills, jumps off buildings and grinds anything available.
ollie: ||||||||      balance: |||||
tech:  |||           landing: ||||||||||
spin:  ||||          speed:   ||||||||||

A vertical fiend. More comfortable on mini-ramps than street terrain, and can throw down
540's all day long.
ollie: ||||||        balance: |||
tech:  |||||         landing: ||||||
spin:  ||||||||||    speed:   ||||||

The tech commando. Each trick is in the bag as long as he's on flat ground.
ollie: |||           balance: ||||||||||
tech:  ||||||||||    landing: |||||
spin:  ||||          speed:   ||||

A heavy hitter, throws big snaps over big sets. Destroys barriers and hydrants with huge
ollie: ||||||||||    balance: |||||||
tech:  |||||||       landing: |||||||
spin:  |||||||||     speed:   |||||||

[6. Levels]
Hometown - USA
New York - The Subway, Washington Square Park, Brooklyn Banks
Los Angeles - Venice Beach, LA River, The Courthouse
San Francisco - China Banks, The Hills, Embarcadero
International - South Bank(UK), Der Kolosseum(Germany)

[7. Sponsorship]
The last level for any given city is a competition level. Completing a competition
level you will get to choose a new sponsor.

Hometown - shoes: dvs, dc, converse(everyone)

New York - shirts: 
cyrus - forties, volcom, independent
kahli - forties, volcom, zoo york

Los Angeles - decks: 
cyrus - zoo york, think, antihero
kahli - zoo york, think, alien workshop

San Franciso - shop: ftc, push, supreme(everyone)

[8. Multiplayer]
Here I will tell places to get a good score for sick fix, long grind, big wallride.
If you have any please email me them. [email protected]

*Sick Fix damage is not definite it was my average damage done, some characters are 
tougher than others

\sick fix
1.(damage 25-35) ok when you start go to the left and to the back on the warehouse thing 
where the little wall is and there is a drain ditch on the other side. do a trick to 
where you barely nick the top of the wall an you will shoot into the drain ditch.

2.(damage 27) i have only did this once, but where the truck is i started grinding the
flatbed part and jump off to where my board would hit back top of the truck and flew
over to the front and on the ground.

\long grind up speed on the street and grind one of ledges to the side.

\big wallride
1.ok go straight and turn left and you will see a little ramp thing to the left well 
build up speed and turn around and come back at and jump up and wallride i got around
650 for this.

-new york-
\sick fix
1.(damage 500-1456) just go right into the train it will do the trick, when i got 1456
i was grinding on the little rail in the tracks and fell down and got 6 damage and then
right when that happen the train hit me and it went all the way up to 1456.

\long grind
1.jump across the tracks an kept going building up speed then go up the quarter pipe for 
more speed and then up the ramp and grind the rail above the train tracks.

1.just go straight at the wall where it starts you at and jump off the ledge at a angle 
and wallride it.

wasington square:
\sick fix
1.(damage 50-105) ok when you start go straight until you get to the street and turn right
and you will see a cab coming at you, jump right before it hits you. i did this with
roach and got 105.

\long grind
1.just grind the rail thats right in front of you where you start, you should be able to
get over 100, because i did.

1.turn around and build up speed and come back to that ramp to the right and wallride 
the wall.

brooklyn banks:
\sick fix
1.(damage 25-35) go to the right and near the exit on the brigde and jump out of that 
area while hitting the edge and fly to the ground.

\long grind
1.the edge to the left of the street exit, where the plants are.

1.where the bridge is on the right side is a bump near it. Go up it and wallride the
bridge to the left.

-los angeles-
Venice Beach:

[9. Tricks/Controls]
Basics on ground:
L1 + X = switchstance
L1 + down = powerslide
triangle + direction = fliptricks
O + left or right = spins
square = land(expert)

Basics in air:
O = grab
O + direction = diffrent grab
x = grind
x + direction = diffrent grind

LD = left down, RD = right down, LU = left up, RU = right up

Tricks:  (*=new trick)
\Ollie tricks
ollie          - square
kickflip       - triangle
pop shoveit    - triangle + down
bs pop shoveit - R1 + triangle + down
heelflip       - triangle + left
shoveit 360    - triangle + right
bs shoveit 360 - R1 + triangle + right
360 flip       - triangle + RD
varialflip     - triangle + LU
180            - O
bs 180         - R1 + O
360            - O + right
bs 360         - O + left
hardflip       - triangle + RU
fs kickflip    - triangle + O
*bs kickflip   - R1 + triangle + O
*fs heelflip   - triangle + O + left
*bs heelflip   - R1 + triangle + O + left  
*bigflip       - triangle + LD

\Nollie tricks
nollie                - L1 + square
nollieflip            - L1 + triangle
nollie shoveit        - L1 + triangle + down
nollie bs shoveit     - L1 + R1 + triangle + down
nollie shoveit 360    - L1 + triangle + right
nollie bs shoveit 360 - L1 + R1 + triangle + right
nollie heelflip       - L1 + triangle + left
nollie 360 flip       - L1 + triangle + RD
nollie 180            - L1 + O
nollie bs 180         - L1 + R1 + O
nollie 360            - L1 + O + right
nollie bs 360         - L1 + O + left
nollie varialflip     - L1 + triangle + LU
nollie fs kickflip    - L1 + triangle + O
*nollie bigflip       - L1 + triangle + LD
*nollie hardflip      - L1 + triangle + RU
*nollie bs kickflip   - L1 + R1 + triangle + O
*nollie fs heelflip   - L1 + triangle + O + left
*nollie bs heelflip   - L1 + R1 + triangle + O + left

\Grind tricks
50-50 grind   - X
boardslide    - X + left
noseslide     - X + up
tailslide     - X + down
nosegrind     - X + RU
5-0 grind     - X + RD
feeble grind  - X + LU
smith grind   - X + LD
crooked grind - L1 + X + right
lipslide      - L1 + X + left
bluntslide    - L1 + X + down
*noseblunt    - L1 + X + up

\Air tricks
indy          - O
backside grab - O + left
nosegrab      - O + up
tailgrab      - O + down
method        - O + RU
stalefish     - O + RD
frigid air    - O + LD
*judo         - O + LU

wallride     - L1 + square + right
handplant    - R1 + X
nose manual  - L1 + square + up
manual       - L1 + square + down

\Switchstance(all must be done in switchstance)
*half-cab          - L1 + R1 + O
*half-cab kickflip - L1 + R1 + O + triangle
*half-cab heelflip - L1 + R1 + O + triangle + left

 a. Character tricks
impossible      - R1 + triangle + up 

kickflip casper - R1 + triangle + up

double kickflip - R1 + triangle + up

dark slide      - R1 + X + right

ddp             - R1 + O + right

airwalk         - R1 + O + right

[10. My Character/Scores]
Character: Cyrus
Shoe sponsor: DC Shoes, blue w/grey stripe
Shirt sponsor: Forties, blue
Deck sponsor: Think, black w/green letters
Shop sponsor: FTC
Magazine covers: hometown, new york, los angeles, san francisco, europe
Skater of the year

hometown: 45,449

new york: 118,548
subway         - 46,663
was. sqaure    - 34,206
brooklyn banks - 37,679

los angeles: 165,127
venice     - 54,665
la river   - 50,650
courthouse - 59,812

san francisco: 124,320
china banks  - 43,118
the hills    - 37,580
embarcadero  - 43,622

international: 100,824
south bank    - 45,532
das kolosseum - 55,292

total score: 554,268

[11. Cover of Thrasher]
After you beat the game on expert you will become a pro skater and it will tell you
to destroy all the levels and get on the cover of Thrasher Magazine 5 times to be the 
Skater of the Year.

Now all you do is go back and beat all the levels in every city and when you have
destroyed every level for that city you will get to take a picture for the cover. It
will show a replay of your run and you can take the picture anytime during the replay
or start the replay over till you find the picture you like best. After you are on
the cover of Thrasher Magazine for 4 citys on the last city you destroy it will be the
Skater of the Year issue and you will get a little congralutions screen and now you
have finally beat the game.

[12. Tips]
 a. basic tips
1. dont stay in the same area as much the points will go down.
2. explore, look for things to link tricks for massive points.
3. dont do the same trick over and over the points decrease for that trick.
4. if you think you are going to wreck then press L2 or R2 to bail and stop yourself
   from completing the trick.
5. press O when bailing to tuck yourself in to reduce damage.
6. press triangle when bailing from a high wreck to grab a ledge or wire.
7. if you get enough damage your board will break and you will lose, so always tuck
   to reduce damage(refer to 5).
8. bir air=big points

 b. running from cops
1. if you want to get away from them then jump over obstacles or if you have a open
   area then just hold down X to out run them.
2. if you want to see the cop die, then keep running for about 20 secs. but
   dont loose him or it wont happen. he will die of a heart attack its funny.
3. if you beat the score and get caught by the cop then you will you wont beat the
4. if you beat the score and the cop dies or you get away you will beat the level.
5. while running from cops if you do tricks your points are tripled.

 c. grinding
1. to make a good grind you must come at the rail/ledge at a straight path like

= is the rail
- is the path
* is the skater              
             (right path)------* ==============
                                 *     *
                                /      |
                               /       |
                        (ok path)   (wrong path)

2. if you come at the right path you will be able to grind longer before you will
   start to loose your balance, if you come at the wrong path you will most likely
   fall off right when you get on. the ok path you could hold it for a second or
   two then jump off
3. combine your grinds to make more points.
4. to balance yourself when grinding use left and right.
5. longer the grind the more points its worth so stay balanced.
6. do tricks into and out of grinds.

 d. score high

[13. Secrets/Codes]
Extra points:
pause game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and repeatedly press cirlce to increase your score
5,000 points at a time. -From: [email protected]

well its supposed to be a move, but since i cant do it it guess its a secret. well its
like this it says you are about to do the trick, but it wont do it.
(switchstance) L1 + O + left  -From: [email protected]

 a. level secrets
new york, subway:
at the right top of the level there is a hole in the wall you can goto into from the
quarter pipe against the wall. you just come down the stairs to return to the main area

los angeles, venice beach:
in the street near the glass building is a plant you can launch off onto the redish
building and if you go left there is a rail you can go down, or go right and jump the
gap and continue across to get to a launch off the roof.

los angeles, the courthouse:
(saw this on the demo clip)
1. from the start to the left there is a sign that says under construction and a bump
you can jump and wallride over the sign and there is a bowl in there to mess around in.
get out the same way.

2. in the middle area there is a plant with a kicker on it, then you will land on this
block thing and there is a bump and a rail to the right side or you can just jump off.

[14. Gameshark Codes]
Infinite Time:                800C3EA2 2400 
Max Score:                    800B2434 FFFF 
Infinite Energy:              800DD6C2 2400 
0 Points Inflicted To Status: 8008C94E 0000 
Unlock All Levels:            800B248C 0B03 

[15. FAQ]
Q: How old are you?
A: 16, I am young.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Tennessee.

Q: How much is the game?
A: Its about $40.00.

Q: Is it worth the money?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you own this game?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it better than Tony Hawks Pro Skater?
A: Umm I would say no, but if you have the money get them both.

Q: Is there anything wrong with the game?
A: I have had no problems.

[16. Reviews]
Review by phillipdc([email protected])
Thrasher Skate and Destroy might not be as fun as Tony Hawk, but it is very good and
fun game to play. The crashes on this game are really fun to watch they go in slowmo
and you body will get messed up, sometimes the splits(ouch). 

Gameplay(8/10) - The single player is just basicly go to a level and beat the score with
a time limit, its fun to do and all, but there is alot of multiplayer options on this
which makes it really really fun with friends. I dont like the grind system in this much
you just have to get used to it I guess because you seem to loose balance faster then in
Tony Hawk.

Graphics(8/10) - The graphics are great, except that when you wreck it will mess up a
little like you are going through something, but it still looks really cool. 

Control(7/10) - The controls are ok in the game if you like it when you have to hold O
and left to do a 360 but while you are doing that you are turning left, which sucks
because you will run into the wall or some shit. 

Replay(9/10) - You will replay this to beat your scores, or if you want to change your
sponsors. Other then that on single player I wouldnt see why, but on multiplayer you
would want to keep playing with the diffrent modes.

Overall(8/10) - The game is really fun, and say its worth the money. I just didnt like
the move and grind system at first but I got used to them now.

I would suggest this as a buy if you like skating games, but if you are expecting another
Tony Hawk then I dont think you will like it.
Reviewer's Score: 8 / 10

[17. Credit]
Thanks to GameFAQs for having the best site for FAQ's and codes.
Thanks to Sega for making this wonderful system.
Thanks to you for veiwing.
Thanks to everyone who loves games.
Thanks to for the gameshark codes.
Thanks to for the codes.
Thanks to [email protected] for saving me time, he sent me 4 character tricks.
Thanks to [email protected] for moves and a secret.

[18. Copyright]
This document is Copyright 1999 Phillip Collier.  To you use this you
must have my express permission and you may NOT alter the content of 
this document in any way, shape or form. This is for PERSONAL and PRIVATE 
use only and may not be sold and/or traded for any reason. If you have
permission you must always update to the newest version and give me my
full credit.

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