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CLIMAX LANDERS (Dreamcast Import)

FAQ Version 0.7 Dated 10/17/99

Start Date of original FAQ: 9/27/99 
by Thomas Schulze at [email protected]

Hello again!  This is update #3.  I may or may not continue on with 
further updates but if I do it will be much later.  Enjoy the latest
version of this FAQ.



FAQ Version 0.3 Controls and Screens
FAQ Version 0.6 Changed menu (Intelligence/Charm were in the wrong order)
                Satiety not Sanity!     
                Bonus Points considerations added
                Traps and Battle Conditions added
		L/R button in battle mode (usage????)
                Dungeon Concepts
                Shop Owners
                Rearranged some menus, other small changes
                General Questions
                Noiman Quest's
                Monster Registration Screen
FAQ Version 0.7 VMU Mini-Games
                Money Trick (under VMU section)


Movement Screen (Town)

Analog Controller - Movement
Directional Pad - Select
A button - Decide
B button - Close Window
X button - Change View Point
Y button - Command Menu
(L*R Trigger/Start Button are not used)

Movement Screen (Dungeon)

Analog Controller - Movement
Directional Pad - Up: Change Map
Directional Pad - Right: Map ON/OFF
Directional Pad - Down: Change View Point
A button - Check Mode -> Item Select or Choose a fight
B button - Close Window
X button - Investigate
Y button - Command Menu
L*R Trigger - Rotate View
(Directional Pad Left and Start Button is not used)

Fighting Screen (Dungeon)

Analog Controller/Directional Pad - Selection
A button - Decide
B button - Cancel 
L*R Trigger - Party Select (Unable to verify usage in the manual)
(X*Y Button/Start Button is not used) 

**************************COMMON SCREENS****************************

| Level              |          
| Physical Strength  |    
| Agility            |           
| Constitution       |       
| Mental Power       |  
| Intelligence       |   
| Charm/Curse        |      
| Luck               |        

| Bonus Points          |
| Level                 |
| Physical Strength     |
| Agility               |
| Constitution          |
| Mental Power          |
| Intelligence          |
| Charm/Curse           |
| Luck                  |
| Verify Item           |
| Verify Skill          |
| Confirm Choice        |


Below are some of the attributes to consider when distributing your 
bonus points from the NEXT DUNGEON SCREEN
Physical Strength - Attack Strength      
Agility - Determines order in battle and hit/evasion %               
Constitution - Defense increases          
Mental Power - Magic Defense and Satiety meter decrease rate           
Intelligence - Effectiveness of Magic and Appraisal Rate 
Charm - Companion's monster defense and capture probability rate                      
Luck - Chances in locating traps and finding items            

Use verify item/skills to check if you meet the conditions before assigning
the bonus points.  

CP Screen
| Level                     |
| HP                        |
| MP                        |
| VIT (Required for attacks)|
| Satiety                   |
| EXP                       |
| BONUS                     |
| # of Items one can carry  |
| Gold                      |

EID Screen 

PID Screen
| Ability Parameter                               |
|    Attack Strength           Magic Evasion %    |
|    Pierce                    Magic Defense      |
|    Evasion %                                    |
|    Armor                                        |
|    Body Defense                                 |
|    Armor Defense                                |
|                                                 |
| Standard Parameter                              |
|                                                 |
|  Equip   Don't Equip  Mastery (Go to MIP Screen)|

MIP Screen
-----MASTER ITEM PARAMETER SCREEN------------------
| Level                                           |          
| Physical Strength    Intelligence               |    
| Agility              Charm                      |           
| Constitution         Luck                       | 
| Mental Power                                    |
|                                                 |
|    Happy Face (Abilities OK)                    |
|    Sad Face (Abilities too low)                 |
|  Equip   Don't Equip  Mastery (Go to PID Screen)| <--This bottom 
---------------------------------------------------    selection only
                           appears when equipping items in the dungeon
FAP Screen
| Attack Strength       Magic Evasion %        |
| Pierce                Magic Defense          |
| Evasion %             Condition Evasion %    |
| Armor                       Confusion %      |
| Body Defense                Weaken %         |
| Armor Defense               Restriction %    |
|                             Attack %         |
| Attribute Modification Value                 |
| Flame %         Ice %         Lighting %     | <--+% offers more protection 
------------------------------------------------    -% weaken by this type

SID Screen
|Skill Summary - Only if item contains one  |

Monster Registration Screen
-MONSTER NAME----------
| (Enter name here)   |
|  Hiragana   Katakana  English Symbols  Quit  Decide |
|                                                     |
|              (Character Set is displayed)           |
|                                                     |
Use A button to decide/B button to backspace 

***********************************COMMAND MENUS*********************


A) | Item         |
B) | Skill        |
C) | Magic        |
D) | Status       |
E) | Picture Book |
F) | Companion    |

A) Item --> ---Item Description----         ---Equipment Summary--
            |  Item 1             |         |  Weapon:           |
            |  Item 2             |         |  Armor:            |
            |  Item 3             |         |  Shield:           |
            |  etc...             |         |  Shoes:            |
            -----------------------         |  Ring:             |
            |  View Equipped Items | -----> |  Ring:             |
            -----------------------         |  *                 |
       -------------------------------      |  *                 |
       | Description of item         |      |  Ring: (Up to 10)  |      
       -------------------------------      ---------------------- 

Choose any item and the following options open up

For Armor/Weapons/Shoes/Rings/Shield          For Other Items  
--> Remove                                 --> Use
--> Equip                                  --> Throw Away
--> Detail on Item (See FAP screen)

B) Skill --> ---Skill Description-- -Attributes-
             |  Skill 1           |            |
             |  Skill 2           |            |
             |  etc...            |            |
             ----------------------            |
             |Skill Record        |            |
             ----------------------            |
                                  |            |
        |Description (when pointer on skill)   |

Select Skill Description box  -->Remove  

Select Skill Record    List of all skills
                       Checked ones are currently used

In Attributes box  --> If attributes blue, can't use skills 
                       (use LOCK until bottom description is yellow)

C)  Magic -->---Magic Description-- 
             |  Magic 1           |            
             |  Magic 2           |            
             |  etc...            |            
             |Magic Record        |            
        |Description (when pointer on magic)   |

Select Magic Description box --> Remove  

Select Magic Record --> Descriptions of Skills 
                        List of all skills
                        Checked are currently used
                        Hit A to add magic spell while in the screen
D) Status -->   --Status------------------------
                | Character Name         Title |
                | Condition                    |
                |Character          | --> Opens up CP Screen
                |Basic Abilities    | --> Opens up ATTRIBUTE Screen
                |Fighting Abilities | --> Opens up FAP Screen
                |Quest              | --> Current quest from Noiman
                |Companion          | --> Tells you to move the Key   
                ---------------------     left/right to see monster status   

E)  Picture Book  --> Monster Journal (73 Total) 
                  --> Item Journal (314 Total)
F)  Companion  --> -----Monster Capsule-------
                   | Monster 1               |
                   | Monster 2               |
                   | etc...                  |
                   | Battle Array Formation  |

     Select Monster --> Enter/Exit Capsule (X are in your party)
Select Battle Array --> Choose FL,FR,BL,BR for battle formation


Very similar to WHEN MOVING IN TOWN description with the following exceptions
A) Item -->

Choose any item and the following options open up

For Armor/Weapon/Shoes/Ring/Shield        For Other Items    
--> Remove/Equip                           --> Use
--> Throw Away                             --> Throw Away
--> Appraisal (Skill needed)               --> Appraisal (Skill needed)                                 
--> Repair (Skill needed)                  --> Repair (Skill needed) 
--> Detail on Item (See FAP/MIP/SID screen)

If you are Equipping an item the EQUIPMENT/ITEM DESCRIPTION (EID) Screen will appear. 

B) Skill C) Magic --> 
   Same as WHEN MOVING IN TOWN but you do not have the ability to LOCK/UNLOCK
   Lower box is used to access character/monster skills or magic 

D) Status E) Picture book --> 

F) Companion --> 
   Same as WHEN MOVING IN TOWN but you do not have the ability to LOCK/UNLOCK

FIGHT SCENE (DUNGEON) - Not all options will be available

Technique --> Depends on Character and Weapon 
Magic     --> Depends on Character/Skill/Weapon 
Defense   --> Defend 
          --> Parry 
          --> Run
Movement  --> Choose movement/square
Item      --> Use Item
          --> Remove Armor/Weapon/Shoes/Ring/Shield (Equip is not available during battle)


First Screen is NEXT DUNGEON screen.  After confirmation the following options are available

Second Screen
	Save in Dungeon 
	Skills    --> LOCK/UNLOCK Skills (Seal/Unseal monster's skills by
                    selecting bottom box)
	Companion --> Choose Companion
	Next Floor

********BATTLE CONDITIONS*********************************************

Listed are all the possible conditions that can be inflicted in battle
(p35 bottom section in manual)

                  Name           Lasts for            Effect

Confusion Group - Confusion      One Floor          Different Commands executed
                  Charm          One Floor          Allies Change sides 

Weaken Group    - Weaken         Length of Dungeon  Lower Parameters
                - Headache       # of Turns         Magic Consumption Increases
                - Strain         # of Turns         VIT Consumption Increases

Restriction     - Poison         One Floor          HP decreases
Group           - Fatigue        One Floor          VIT decreases
                - Silence        # of Turns         Unable to use Magic

Attack Group    - Absentmindedness Within Battle      Lose turns
                - Paralysis        Within Battle      Unable to move   


Listed are the traps that can be encountered.
(p27 bottom section in manual)

Trap Name              Effect

Bomber                 Fire Damage
Ice                    Ice Damage
Thunder                Thunder Damage
Slash & Spear          Physical Damage
Gas Geyser             Inflict Condition
Alarm                  Alert Monsters
Ceiling Trap           Physical Damage
Magic Trap             Parameters Lowered
Human Trap             Unable to use movement command (lasts for 1 floor)  
Clear                  Special Effect - Removes Conditions

***GENERAL QUESTIONS******************************************************

Q: What is a "Piece"
A: Pieces are the floating continents through out the game

Q: Where is Marion?
A: Go to the Doll Castle.  Search the dungeon for a Marion Doll.  After getting
   the doll, bring it to Noiman's house.  Go to a dungeon and exit the dungeon
   or switch characters and go back to Noiman's house.  The Marion doll will
   grow and join your party!  Just go back to Hitsuji and the companion choices
   should now have Marion.

Q: How do I end the game?
A: The opposite of how you started the game!  What?  You don't know?  The game
   starts by having a magic book open.  You must find the book to end the game
   (in other words, end the story).  After closing the book, go to the
   characters "Piece" and the game will end there.  See below in () for the
   character and the dungeon piece they are related to.

Q: How many dungeons are there?
A: 7 main dungeons (The first dungeon with the knight is only a mini-dungeon)

   Below is a list

   0) Clock Tower (Sword) 
   1) Fire Mountain Cave 
   2) Forest Battle Field (Rao)
   3) King's Tomb (Ryle)
   4) Grand Labyrinth (Marlin)
   5) Downtown (Lady) 
   6) Doll Castle (Marion)
   7) Last Dungeon

*****DUNGEON CONCEPTS**********************************************************

There are many subtle things know when traveling about the dungeons.  

Q: What is the Investigate (X button) used for and what is satiety?  
A: The X button is important in uncovering traps and items within in the dungeon
  (the orange/grey sections in the game).  But there is a cost.  Your satiety
  (fullness) meter decreases.  The satiety meter also reduces over time.  If you
  satiety meter is reduced down to 0 you will start losing hit points over time.
  Think of this condition as starving.  It will only increase again if you eat
  fruit.  There a special fruit with the only purpose is to recover that meter
  (make you full again!).  See the items section for more detail.

Q: Why am I not allowed in the dungeon?    
A: All characters require you to have a set number of items when you enter the
   dungeon.  For example Sword can only enter a dungeon with 4 items regardless
   of his rank.  But Rao can enter a dungeon with 6 items.  When in town, pull
   up the item menu and you will see that the menu has a transparent black bars
   near the button. Anything still in the tan/brown area is the character item
   limit for the dungeon.

Q: What are the ways I can exit a dungeon?
A: There are several ways to exit.  Below is a list.
   1) Finish off the boss in the dungeon and then exit
   2) Use an escape item (or magic).  
   3) Main character's hit points are reduced to 0.

Q: What happens when I die in a dungeon?
A: Here's the list
   1) You will lose all items that are not equipped
   2) Equipped items may get broken
   3) You will lose all unregistered monsters
   4) Any monsters that died in battle need to be revived by Dr. Anna
   5) Penalty is applied if you have a quest (some quests do not have penalties)
Q: Where do I buy escape items?
A: You must trade your money in at the VMU Device in the monster house for
   tokens.  Use the barter option and buy the escape item there.  It is the
   first item on the barter list.  It's best used to finish up quests without
   having to fight the end boss. 
Q: Why is my level always reduced down to 1 when I re-enter a dungeon?
A: This keeps the dungeon a challenge by putting restrictions on what you can
   bring in to a dungeon.  But your Rank/Title and skills/magic will stay the

Q: Why LOCK/UNLOCK skills/magic before a dungeon/floor and why unequip items in
A: This is an important concept.  If you don't do this then certain commands
   will not be available.  For example, if an item/skill causes your agility to
   be blue (review your status!) you may not be able to use the movement command
   during battle.  This also applies to skills.  If all your skills are unlocked 
   when going into a dungeon (which causes some status to be blue) you may not 
   be able to use any skills for the length of the floor until your attributes
   meet the required level.  The same reason goes for unequipping in battle.
   For example, if you get inflicted with a parameter down condition, you may 
   want to unequip an item to open up some your option again, but you can
   usually survive battle without having to do so.  Hopefully you can use your
   monsters as back up! 

Q: How do you save in a dungeon?
A: You can only save in a dungeon when you get to the next floor.  This is the
   First option in the second NEXT DUNGEON SCREEN.  As a word of warning, if you
   start a game and you reset the game, you will lose that save.  The dungeon
   saves are temporary.

Q: How will I know if I've maxed out my Rank/Title?
A: It will turn yellow.  Remember this also applies to monsters in your party.
***SHOP INTRODUCTION**********************************************************

There are a total of 10 "Shop Owners" in the world. 
Here is the generic menu for most Shops.

    --> Buy
    --> Sell --> Items with character  
             --> Items from warehouse
    --> Speak 

Reference page 22 (going from left to right)

Top row

1) Hero's/Sword's House - Hitsugi (Sheep)

   This is where you can manage your equipment/party/saves

   --> Item Warehouse --> Storage  
                  --> Take Out
   --> Collection (can be purchased from Eliza)
   --> Save
   --> Companion  --> Character Change 
                  --> Transfer Item 
                  --> Receive Item 
   --> Option

2) Item Shop - Bangeru
   Uses generic menu

3) Noiman's House - Noriman
   Noiman is where to go for Quests!  Rewards are money, skills or items

   --> Work (Noiman will assign you with a quest)  
       See Quest section for more details
   --> Sell item - Blackmarket (Sell legendary items here)
   --> Picked up/Escavated items 
   --> Speak 

Bottom row

4) Church - Dr. Anna 

   -->  Revive Monster
   -->  Speak to Dr. Anna

5) Monster House - Dr. Anna's Hologram

   --> Grazing Grounds (Send monster to the Monster House)
   --> Bring Out (Monster will fight for you)
   --> Registration (Name your monster.  Can't use mini game without)
       See Monster Registration Screen for naming monsters
   --> Goodbye (Get rid of monsters)

Reference page 23 (going from left to right) 
Note: These "Shops" are available later in the game

Top row

6) Blacksmith - Blacksmith brothers

   The Blacksmith brothers will fix broken items and change attributes on
   legendary item.  Here are the options available...

   --> Repair
   --> Strengthen Item - This will increase the strength level of a legendary
                         item but it will require a higher parameters to use it.
   --> Improve - This will lower the needed parameters need to use the
                 legendary item.
   --> Mix - Append addition skills to the legendary item from other items. 
   --> Speak

   The following is a list of the current known legendary items

   Title                    Distinctive Feature          Skill (special ability)

   Steel Sword              High Attack Strength                  -  
   Emperor's Broad Sword    High Attack Strength                  -
   Fool's Spear             High Attack Strength                  -
   Mania Wand               Equip to use magic              Additional Magic
   High powered Bowgun      High Attack Strength                  -
   Ice Boomerang            Additional Critical Ice Attack    Ice Attack
   Scissors Knuckle         High Attack Strength                  -
   Gaia Shield              High Defense                          -
   Blessed Shoes            Agility and Luck Increased            -

7) Present Shop - Present Shop Owner
   Buy mini-games here
   Uses generic menu options

8) Carpenter's House - Master Carpenter

   Special Menu
                --> Remodel
                --> Speak

   Here is where you can build extra "levels" to the Monster/Sword's house.  It
   is unknown what the max level is at this moment.  As a side note, Sword's 
   house looks rather nice after the carpenter's fixes it up!  When you remodel,
   you must enter a dungeon in order for the changes to take place. 
   Sword's House LV2 enables a total of 32 items to be stored in the warehouse.  
   Sword's House LV3 enables a total of 96 items to be stored in the warehouse.
   Sword's House LV4 enables a total of 224 items to be stored in the warehouse.

   Monster house LV2 enables a total of 16 monsters to be registered.
   Monster house LV3 enables a total of 24 monsters to be registered.   

Bottom row

9)  Convenience Store - Tanaka
    Buy mini-games here
    Uses generic menu
10) Fashion Shop - Eliza
    Uses generic menu options

    Buy Collection items from this shop.  All items are designated with a STAR
    in front of the item listed.  These are display only items and can be added
    to the Collection warehouse (the door on the right of Sword's house).  There
    seems to be a total of 14 possible items that can be placed in the 
    collection warehouse (1 being the picture from the Yutakana Jinsei Pakku 
    game).  As far as I know, this is only for show and serves no purpose.      

***NOIMAN'S QUESTS*************************************************************

Noiman is where you go on quests to get rare items.  It's true that you may
acquire them on you own but you may find it quick to take a quest to get the
item/skill.  For example, you could find the Yogurt Ring in the dungeon or you
could take a quest and receive one for all your hard work.

Noiman has 6 types of quests.

Boss Attack - Fight the boss in the dungeon specified

Item Search - Collect the items 

Monster Search - Fight a certain number of specific monsters 
                 (picture of monster appears in the hint box) 

Monster Capture and Raise - Capture a monster and raise the creature 
                            above the level specified

Monster Attack - Attack a large number of monsters

Search Dungeon Completely - Search the level specified completely 
                            (Level should be full explored - all green) 

---Quest Description Screen ----------------------------------------------------
|                                      Work Details         |
|               Participation Fee                       |
|                                                                              | 
|                                      Description                             |
|                                                                              |
| Reward                                                                | 
| Item/Skill                                                                   |
|                                                                              |
|                      [Hint] [picture of monster]                             |
| Escape               Topography/Species/                                     |
| Annihilation         Appearance Estimate (Appearance % or Number in Dungeon) |
| Failure Penalty      Lowest/Highest Floor (of Dungeon)                       |              

It easier to see the summary of the quests via the quest summary.

   |  Item         |      
   |  Skill        |       
   |  Magic        |       
   |  Status       |--> --Status------------------------
   |  Picture Book |    | Character Name         Title |
   |  Companion    |    | Condition                    |
   -----------------    --------------------------------
                        -Parameter----------- --------------------------
                        |()    |            |
                        |()    |                                       |
                        |()    | Type of Quest: <1 of the 6 types>     |
         Go here --->   |Quest | Location is described on the 2nd line |
         but don't      |()    | 3rd line contains other details       |
         hit A button   ------------------------------------------------
(hitting A gives you the Quest Screen)      

**********************VMU MINI-GAMES********************************************

There are a total of 6 mini-games in Climax Landers which are accessed via the
first room to the right in the monster house.  There are S versions of certain
games, as well as other VMU called the Great Game.  I was unable to get the 
"Great Game" and I don't know the difference between the S versions of the games
other then the expensive price.  I may update later if I came across these
games again.  


There is also a money cheat you can do to increase your money.  First, sell 
everything you got.  If you have lengendary items, sell them to Noiman. Next,
Download a game that requires you to transmit tokens.  Then transmit your tokens
to your VMU.  Reset the game again and you will notice that you didn't lose any
money and the tokens are still in your VMU.  Transfer the tokens back and you've
increased your money by 50%!  Repeat as often as you like.  You can also just 
keep converting money and transfering the tokens to the VMU after each reset 
until you're ready to transfer them back.  Remember to save after the final
transfer back to the main game or all your work will be wasted.  Now can go to
the blacksmith brothers, strengthen the lengendary items and reduce the
parameter requirements to 0! You can also buy three lengendary items from the
barter method from the VMU Menu.  Time to put that money to good use!


Transmit Game
Delete Game
Token --> Barter/Exchange (A very costly way to get items) 
      --> Transmit Income (Transfer tokens back from the VMU)
      --> Take Out (Transfer tokens to VMU for use)
      --> Buy (Tokens) 
      --> Turn into money (Tokens)
Transmit Monster (used for Tobbarai DE Shokunai mini-game) 
                                                       --> Send Out
                                                       --> Welcome Back
Climax Edit (used with Yutakana Jinsei Pakku mini-game)  
                                                     --> Picture Frame
                                                     --> Icon

*************Tsuyu Dark IV - 123 Blocks needed

A typical 3D dungeon game.  Requires 3 tokens to play.  The game ends when
your life goes to 0.  Your score will then be transformed into additional

Random Events - When entering the next floor, you will sometimes come across
a random event.  Below are the 4 types of events.

Healing - Full life restored
Item Map - All item will now appear on item map for the current level
Monster Map - All monsters will now appear on monster map for the current level
Drop - You will be force to drop one item to go to the next dungeon.


Movement Control

A Button - Select/Command Menu
B Button - Monster Map -> Item Map -> Exit/Cancel
Directional Pad - Up: Forward, Down: Backward, Left/Right: Turn 90 degrees

During Battle

A Button - Guard
B Button - Attack
Directional Pad - Down: Run Away

The Battle concept is very easy.  Guard with A and wait for your power 
gauge to build up and then attack with the B button.  Sword and Armor
will slow down your attacks but offer you more attack power and defense.

VMU Command Menu

Throw Away


Delicious Fruit - 20 HP recovered (must use it in the same place found)
Ikeike Fruit - 100 HP recovered
Sword - Attack Increases
Armor - Defense Increases
Shield - Guard Up

*************Tobbarai DE Shokunai - 54 Blocks needed

Kind of like a virtual monster pet.  Make your monster work for you
to get tokens.  As a side note the money trick also works for monsters 
also.  So you can make multiple monsters if you feel like it.

Use the 4th option in the monster house to transfer the monster.

Transmit Monster  --> Send Out
                  --> Welcome Back


Handout Tissuepaper (This is a very common in Japan during humid season) 
Put up Parasols/Umbrellas 
Construction Work
Body Guard

Once a task is choosen then you have 4 more options

Status (see STATUS MENU)
Stop Working

STATUS MENU (4 pages total)

p1             P2            p3              p4

Current Task   Loyality      Progress        Achievements
TK: Tokens     
Time           Belligerency  Blood Type      Mistakes


Here a little bit about each of the blood type for the monsters

Blood Type A - Deligent and Punctual
Blood Type B - Moody and Euthusiasm
Blood Type AB - Double Personality
Blood Type O - Forgiving and Works at own pace


Reward/Penalty - For work done you will receive tokens.
Truant - When VIT decreases monster may leave work.
Recovery - Sleep to recover VIT.
Down - When VIT is 0, monster will pass out.  Will recover over time.
Fatigue - Loyality will decrease and monster parameters will change.
Profit/No Profit - Preventing unwanted conditions will yield a bigger reward.

*************Hitsubishi Pack (Waste of Time Games) - 103 Blocks needed 

4 mini games total.  See below for a description of each.

**** Chicken Catch (Niwatori Tsukami Tori) ****

Concept of the game is to catch chickens and throw them back into the
fenced area located at the top of the screen within 30 seconds.  

     A button - pick up/throw the chicken
     B button - jump
     Directional Pad - Movement

**** Super Exotic Slot Machine ****

Must have tokens to play this game.  Below is the Third Option in the 
VMU DEVICE MENU and what you will need before you get started.  The game
itself is self explainatory.

Token --> Barter/Exchange  
      --> Transmit Income (Transfer tokens back from the VMU)
      --> *Take Out (Transfer tokens to VMU)
      --> *Buy (Tokens) - Cost is 100 
      --> Turn into money (Tokens) - You get 50 in exchange for your token

(*) marked is what you need to play the game.  First choose Buy, then Take Out
to transfer tokens to the game. Use Transmit Income to transfer your winnings 
or what's left if you lost back into the game.  Then turn your tokens back 
into money for a very bad exchange rate.  But you can win very big from
the slot machine regardless of the exchange rate.  Your best bet is to get 
a Yogurt in the 1st position to break even.  A second one will get you 3
times your bet and a third will get you 10 times your bet!  Your max bet
is 3.  So are you ready to gamble?  

**** Extreme Rock, Scissor, Paper (Mottomo Kikenna Jaken) ****

Simple game of rock, paper, scissor.  You first have 10 choices.  With more
wins, this will increase by 10 for each level up.

Assemble Tatic (choose rock, paper, scissor)
Entrust Fight (let computer choose for you) 
Victory/Defeat Table
Start Battle (once you have picked a selection this option will appear) 

**** Wacka Mole (Mogura Gakuru!!) ****
The first option you get is to play the game forever.
Moving to the left you will get the option of playing for 1 minute.
Moving one more time to the left, there is an option for 20 seconds.
You can earn tokens from this game.          

A button - Hit the mole
B button - Menu used only in Eternity mode  --> Score
                                            --> Continue
                                            --> Stop
                                            --> Sound -> On
                                                      -> Off
Directional Pad - Move Cursor over mole

*************Yutakana Jinsei Pack (The Rich Life Collection) - 112 Blocks needed

This contains some nice little programs to personalize your VMU.  There are 3
programs contained in the "Pack". 

**** Climax Edit **** 
This little program allows you to create animation (with 8 frames) and personize
your VMU with the creation of your own icon.  The image can also be displayed 
in your game as a picture in your collection warehouse.  Check the fifth option
in the VMU menu to transmit the pictures.  Note that the first save file will 
the one that is saved as your Picture Frame/Icon.

(check the main VMU section for the full menu.  Located in the main game.)

Climax Edit (used with Yutakana Jinsei Pakku mini-game)  
                                                     --> Picture Frame
                                                     --> Icon (2 blocks needed)

Main VMU Menu

Edit (A button to draw a point.  B to erase a point.  You can also hold down a 
      button and use the directional pad.  This is the only place you will need
      to hit the mode button to exit the program.) 

File -> Load (limit of 8 files) - This is so you can edit the image
        Save - Select a file location and save current image.           
        Copy - Pick a file to copy and then pick a location to save.
        Sound -> On
              -> Off

Transform -> Clear -> General
                   -> Icon Frame
          -> Flip image horizontal (invert each horizontal line)
          -> Flip image vertically (invert each vertical line)

Animation -> Slow
             Step (use A button to step through animation)

**** Blazing Phone Directory (Honou No Denwachou) ****

This is basically your own personal phone directory.  When you first use the 
program, it will ask to enter your profile.  This is used to transfer your 
information to other friends VMU.  The data entry is different from the save
in the Climax Edit.  On the first row, second entry to the right is where you
select the text type.  Keep hitting the A button to cycle through the choices.
It will always display the next set of characters to choose from.  Next choose
a character.  You will notice that not all the character will be available. To
get access to other characters, you must keep hitting the A button. For example,
if you are using the English character set, move your cursor to the "D" and hit
the A button to get "E", and again to get "F".  Hit the A button one more time
will get "d", then "e" and then "f".  If directional pad is hit, the cursor will
automatically increment a space.  Hitting B will backspace or erase current 
character entry if not yet accepted.  You will be requested to enter you name, 
then phone number, your birthday (YY/MM/DD), your blood type and then a memo.  
You will then get an options menu.

List - Use A button to select entry.  Once select, push down on pad for memo.
Data Entry (See above info)
Correct (Same as Data Entry)
Information - Lists number of entries (256 possible) & Total Exchanged Data (EX)
Transmit - You will get the message waiting to connect 

**** Fortune teller (Uranai no Yukata) ****

Not much to this program.  Just enter into each option to view your present,
predication, lucky number and color.

Present and Prediction
Prediction List
Lucky Number
Lucky Color

*************Yogurt no DaiBouKen (Yogurt's Great Adventure) - 108 Blocks needed

This is an odd little game.  You must wait until your friendship meter increases 
and then you can control Yogurt....sort of.

At the start you have two choices, What's Yogurt and Yogurt's Mansion.
What's Yogurt has two choices "Going on an Errand" and "Treasure Hunt"  You need
to get Yogurt to go into the 4 buildings in "Going on an Errand" and in "Treasure Hunt" you need Yogurt to find the treasure from one of the 10
locations.  You will either get a bone or a treasure.  If you find a treasure
the games ends.  Yogurt on the map is a / or \ and the "goals" are _| or |-.
The max the friendship meter can reach is 30 and once you have control over
Yogurt, you can only hope that he will go in the building or dig up a treasure.
Once your friendship meter goes to 0 you will lose control over Yogurt.  Also,
once your action meter (located on the bottom left hand side of the screen)
reaches 0 your game will be over.  

Yogurt's Mansion contains a 10 room mansion.  Each door has a Yogurt in a room 
doing different things.  Only the 1st room is available.  Later, other rooms
will have Yogurts after you play the quest part of the game. 

Normal Mode
Control Pad - Not Used
A Button - To use Friendship Mode
B Button - Action History (Last 8 actions) -> Map -> Exit

Friendship Mode (To the left of friendship meter an "M" should appear)
Control Pad - Move Yogurt
A Button - Action (Yogurt will do random things with the press of the button)
B Button - Action History (Last 8 actions) -> Map -> Exit

*************Nanwaka Densetsu (Nanwaka Lengend) - 128 Blocks needed 

For those want a classic 2D RPG, this game is for you.  Below are the menus and
some of the available spells and items.     

A - Confirm/Choose
B - Cancel
Control Pad- Movement/Menu Naviagation

Item  --> Use
      --> Throw Away
      --> Equip
Status --> p. 1  --> p. 2      --> p. 3 --> p.4     --> p.5        --> p.6
           Level     Exp           HP       Attack      Nimbleness     Manliness  
           Gold      Next Level    MP       Defense     Sensitivity    Arrogance 



Run Away 
Take Monster's Picture (It's for the monster album. Option available on the 1st encounter)

Rest (Cost is 5g, 10g or 20g)
Leave Hotel

Buy --> Items will be shown page at a time --> Your Total Gold
Sell                                           (Sword/Armor/Shield icons) Item Name
Leave Shop                                     Cost
                                               For Sword +/- Attack 
                                               For Armor/Shield +/- Defense 

EkeEke Nomi - Restore hit points
Return Nomi - Return to town
Bokutou - Weapon
Furugi - Armor
Itakire - Shield
Strange Stone - 400 gold at the shop
Strange Medal - 2000 gold at the shop


Available in battle

Fire - 30 points of fire damage
Heal - Heal up to 50 hit points
Attack Up - Increase Attack Strength by 1.5
Blizzard - Ice Spell
Escape - Escape from dungeon
Defense Down - To be used on creatures
Defense Up - Increase Defense by 1.5
Giga Fire - Stronger Fire Spell
Cure - Remove all conditions
Giga Blizzard - Stronger Ice Spell
Giga Heal - Recover Max Hit points

Available out side of battle

Stealth - Avoid weak creatures for 365 steps
Return - Return to your last save point

CONDITIONS (appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen)

Poison- For every 10 steps you lose 1 hit point
YowaYowa (weaken) - Attack Strength Down
FuniFuni (bareness) - Defense Down
Paralysis - Unable to do anything for 1 to 5 turns

See page 61 in the manual for the World Map


Copyright 1999 Thomas Schulze

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