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Tokimeki Memorial Drama Series Vol.2
Irodori no Lovesong
Version 1.1
by Andreas Simmer

Hints + Tips
Try to talk to Ayako when ever possible, especially when walking home
or during dating.

The way you address her is important. ('Aya-chan' is ok)

Answer her questions carefully as they may affect your relationship 
with Ayako.

You must try to finish writing ~Tomorrow~ by 7th October.  If the 
melody is not completed by then, Ayako will not sing for you during 
rooftop practice.

If you are having difficulty trying to finish writing the new song, 
listen to the piano BGM played whenever you and Ayako are on the 
rooftop practicing your song.

The correct order of the melody is:

3 - 3 - 2 - 1
2 - 2 - 1 - 1
2 - 2 - 1 - 3

During band rehearsal you can ask Kouji (the drummer) for opinions 
on your song. If you chose the correct order he should say that the 
song is ok and you can go on to the next part of the melody the 
following day.

Use the Studio practice and rooftop practice to brush up your skill.

The studio is a good chance to for you to keep playing and changing 
the guitar pick designs. The guitar pick designs changes each time 
you acchieve the highest level for the song.

Use the time after class to talk to the other girls instead of Ayako. 
You will have lots of chances to talk to Ayako. Use the time to talk 
to the other girls so that you may be able to play mini games with 

It is not important for the story to talk to the other girls, you 
will only be able to play the mini games.

The Story

25th September:

It is 17 days to the Culture Festival and your band (Irodori) is 
going to participate in the band contest. On this day while your are 
practicing a group of girls gathers around your band to talk to Takumi 
while you just ignore them and practice. After practicing Takumi meets 
his classmate Katagiri Ayako and goes over to talk to her. You will not 
know who she is at this time. Suzune will follow you on your way home. 
At this point you will learn that she actually has some feelings for 
you, but you will not realise it. 

26th September

During lunch time you go to the rooftop to write a new song (Tears 
Angel) to participate in the Band contest. After school you can walk 
around to meet the other girls. (This is only important if you want to 
play the mini games, it will not affect the story line). You will then 
go to your band and practice and tryout your new song. Kouji will tell 
you his opinion about the song.

27th September

While you are about to fill in the lyrics during Rooftop practice, 
Ayakocomes in. She feels that your song is not good. She tells you that 
even if you are to finish this song, it will not mean anything to you as 
it is not your own creation. During the band practice you ask the guys 
about this matter and they said it is all right to copy from someone. 
While going home with Suzune you feel so distressed about what Ayako 
said that Suzune starts to cry. She tells you that your song is very 
nice, even her classmates said they like it.  

28th September

Today is practice at Station band and this is your chance to finish 
writing Tears Angel. After that Takumi will come and your can practice.

29th September

During lunch  you and your  friend Saotome Yoshio will see Ayako and 
Yoshio tells you a bit about her. While practicing on the rooftop Ayako 
comes up. You stop practicing, but she has to leave  before she could 
tell you that ' What ever you want to do just do according to how you 
feel and not how others think about it.' During band practice you will 
see Ayako coming towards the band with her friend. She will to talk to
 Takumi who asks her for a date but gets rejected.

30th September

Ayako does not appear at the rooftop . At the end of the day you walk 
home with Suzune or some of the other girls you talked to during the 

1st October

During lunch, you see Ayako coming out of the Teacher's office with 
tears in her eyes. You keep thinking about this and finally decide to 
go and look for her at the Art's room.  There you see a painting, Ayako 
appears and asks you about this painting. Your leave school with her 
to go to a park and watch the sunset there. While sitting in this park 
by the sea both of your will talk about the past. The beautiful sunset 
will suddenly give you an inspiration to write a new song. By night time, 
Ayako will have fallen asleep. When she awakes, you go to Ayakos favorite 
restaurant. Here you have another chance to talk to her and ask her all 
kinds of questions. Finally, when your go home, you can  ask her one more 
question. (if she wants to see you again)

2nd October

You begin to write your new song. (It is important to get the song 
right at the first try, because you only have 4 days left to write the 
3 parts of the song. If the song is not finished by October 7th ,the 
story will not go on and you will not see the 'good' ending of the game. 
The right order of the music for the first part is: 3 - 3 - 2 - 1)
At band rehearsal you can ask Kouji for his opinion on your song. Takumi 
is not very pleased about the sudden change of the song, since it was 
inspire by a date with Ayako. Suzune is also very depressed about it. 
After practice you can go to the Art's room and ask Ayako to walk home 
with you. 

3rd October

Writing of song at rooftop with Ayako. She asks you out for a date on 
5th October. At the end of the day you can go to Ayako and ask her to 
walk home with you. 

4th October

Same as yesterday.

5th October

Your first date with Ayako. First go to the gallery in the Art Museum. 
You will see that Ayako actually likes the horror pictures. Then you 
can go to the cafeteria and buy ice cream for her. After this leave 
the building and go into the park to enter a photo competition. (You 
win the first prize taking a photo of Ayako in front of a tree) Untill 
the results of the competition are shown you can go back to  the Art 
Museum to look at almost-identical paintings and  spot the difference. 
After visiting this section, you can go back to the  park to check the 
result of the photo competition. If you win you will be able to get 
Ayako to go into the swimming pool (she doesn't like water and refuses 
to go in at first) and by winning a bet with her see her in her 

6th October

Writing your new song at rooftop with Ayako, but this time you will 
notice that Ayako is actually writing a poem. 

7th October

This time at the rooftop, depending on your relationship with 
Ayako, she will ask you to play a song for her. Then she will sing 
for you. During band practice Takumi will learn about your 
relationship with Ayako and in a fit of jealousy and anger storm 
off halfway through practice forcing the band to stop. While walking 
home with Ayako you realise that she has some personal problems she 
is unwilling to share. Halfway walking home she suddenly runs away 
and leaves you alone.

8th October

During rooftop practice, Ayako will not appear. If you try to look 
for her you will see that she is trying to avoid you. During band 
practice, Takumi will stop playing. The heart broken Suzune can no 
longer bear all this and runs away. The practice  stops. Ayako also 
does not want to walk home with you. What is happening? Did something 
go wrong somewhere? At night, you go to Suzunes place to ask her what 
happened. Both of you go to the playground to talk. You foolishly try 
to express your brotherly concern  but Suzune is so mad that she slaps 
you in your face. After all she had done and said, you still do not 
understand her and treat her like a sister. Suzune is so devastated 
that the guy she loves wants to be with another girl. Before leaving 
she tells you  ' ....I should have never joined Irodori'.

9th October

' ....I should have never joined Irodori' You just can not concentrate 
the whole day. At rehearsal time only Kouji will be there, Takumi and 
Suzune do not come, and there is no practice. You can only see Ayako 
through the windows from outside. At night Ayako will suddenly call 
you up to ask you out for a date tomorrow at 10 a.m.

10th October

This your second date with Ayako, but the atmosphere is very different 
from the first one. Your will go and watch a movie (Metal Gear Solid !!!), 
but all you can think of is what Suzune had told you the night before. 
Your last dating spot is at the park where you watched the sunset a few 
days ago. Ayako gives you a gift, a portrait of you playing the guitar 
and tells you ' This is my gift for you '. When its time to go home, 
Ayako appears to be unwilling to leave you. You still do not realise that 
there is something wrong with her. When you reach home that night, you 
decide to finish writing your new song for the Cultural festival 

11th October

You write the lyrics for your new song. At this time you receive 
a anonymous letter which you put into your guitar cover. Today is 
Kirameki High School's Cultural festival, the day of the band contest. 
Everyone is preparing for it. When you see Takumi with 2 other 
girls you tell him to come to the final rehearsal. You are surprised 
to see Suzune and Kouji ready for the rehearsal. Suzune tells you that 
she has learn to accept all this and might as well carry on what she 
has to do. Suddenly, Yoshio appears and tells you that Ayako is about 
to leave for Paris today. With the contest starting soon, you are 
caught between Love and Music. At this moment Takumi appears and 
promises to perform. He wants you to quickly go and chase Ayako. You 
leave Irodori to drive to the airport. Along the way, you read the 
letter you left in your guitar cover. Ayako writes:

' ...Because of this overseas studies, I had been feeling very 
disturbed. On one hand is my childhood dream of studying Art in Paris 
and on the otherhand is the fear that upon leaving you I will feel 
lonely. Its been really great this past few days been with you. Which 
is why I've given you that painting. I hope you will forgive me for 
leaving so suddenly and not even telling you before. I wish you all 
the best in your band contest and success for your new song. 

P.S. This is something which should have been said during graduation;
I Love You.'

You finally reached the airport and begin to look for Ayako. But 
will you have made it in time? Has the airplane left? If not what is 
going to happen to you and Ayako? What about the band contest? 


Most of the translations and info about the story are taken from:
[email protected]

Thanks to Ken Comeforo for providing me with some info about this game.

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