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UNDERCOVER A.D. 2025 KEI - Pulse Interactive -

Woa ! ADK's third strike in gamefaqs. I play that game because everyone destroy 
it. And you know what ? Everyone was wrong... Please gamefaqs don't remove the 
following phrase or destroy that walkthrough : IGN is in the wrong way and the 
guy who played that game for IGN didn't understand anything to Undercover. I 
must must admit that I laugh so much by reading his test but my god, he didn't 
say the truth read this walktrough and you will discover everything you want to 
know about the game :

Summary : 	1:Review of Undercover
		2:Cast of character
		3:Ennemy and boss
		4:Weapons in the game
		5:Take the control, the hold-up system
		7:Conclusion about the game and FAQs

1:Review of Undercover.

First of all, stop to compare that game with "Veronica" - Undercover is a 
"detective adventure" and not a "horror adventure" - At least, I kill in that 
game more terrorists than zombies in Veronica. The action is completely 
different and the story is real. No zombies, no virus, no umbrella, OK ? In 
addition of that Claire is ugly, I don't like her and in Veronica, I like only 
Chris's part because it's in the spirit of the first resident evil. 
Bref, Undercover is the story of Kei, young police officer. One day, she and her 
boyfriend Bei(or Nei I don't know) were called to stop terrorists in the "seti 
hotel". Bei seems to be Kei's instructor and partner. The terrorists have killed 
the mayor and most of the hostage so it's time to go.
If I talk of presentation the FMV in the game are wonderful and smooth but there 
are only 6 or 7 in the game and they are not overscan. The cut scene are here to 
develop the story. The character have a good design in it but they are not as 
good as in D2.
In term of graphics, Undercover is colorful. Yes, the first hotel is quite ugly 
for a dreamcast but we can see some brightness effect and the rest of the game 
is exactly like I said and various. I can add that the game area is enormous and 
there's no map. Kei and the foes have a good design and I must admit it's a 
pleasure to play a beautiful woman and not a missed boy like Claire. The 
animation is strange. There are good things and bad things - goods are the two 
views : Doom-Like and Resident-Like. There are a lot of scroll : there is one 3D 
scroll ultra-smooth and speed in level 2 and lot of camera movements. Bad ones : 
the scrolling advance but is not completely smooth except in certains scenes 
(and in fact 60% of these). This is not a real 3D universe. It's like in 
"Shining the Holy Arc" precalculated direction when we turn, of course for a 
Dreamcast it's not good even if the rotation are speed but for the action of the 
game it's crucial. Understand that if the scrolling was completely smooth all 
Kei's movement will be useless. Kei has the same control that Lara Croft and of 
course for a "Resident Fan" it's difficult to play.
The sound create a very good atmosphear even if they are not in Raw. Voices are 
excellent and sound effects are "real".
This is the hard point, the gameplay : don't expect the same that Resident Evil. 
You will not arrive in a room and massacre everyone. The ennemies are 
intelligent : they run, they hide, they walk and they heal themselves. In each 
situation, you must use all Kei's skills like "rolling movement" or "horizontal 
step" to kill them. You must change the view frequently to choose the best 
attack system. Do you see a relation with Resident Evil ? No, No and NO ! The 
hold-up system is original. As you notice, clips and kits are not very numerous. 
You must steal them to the ennemy. Original ? Yes ! Yes and YES ! At the 
beginning, it's difficult because with 4 or 5 strikes, Kei died. But you can 
save where you want. The drawbacks is that it takes 45 seconds to 1 minute. Yes, 
it's true.
Euh, I remember that IGN said the game cannot shot in a straight line and Kei 
missed her shot without any reason : it's wrong. For the first, it's because the 
pointer of the gun is higher than the foe and not on the foe. But when the foe 
has the same color than the pointer, I think it's justified. For the second, 
it's wrong, Kei use her gun perfectly and i miss no one in 13 hours of play. Is 
the game difficult ? No, it takes 13 hours, the same number I have for Veronica. 
But we can end up the game in 4 hours when we know the good way.
Undercover is not a bad game. It's a little challenge and it seems that no one 
like that. At least most of Dreamcast games have a lack of challenge (excepting 
for "EGG" and "Seventh Mansion") If the difficulty fears you, don't play 
videogames. Anyway, I think with this walktrough that everyone will want to 
finish that game (if you buy it, of course !). And I know it's more reassuring 
to know that someone can help you when you are blocked up. Unfortunately, the 
game will not be translated except if someone of SEGA of America read this. This 
game is better than "Carrier" and "Carrier" has it American translation. Too bad 
At least, everyone had "Veronica", so don't hesitate, buy it right now ! You 
will not play a true cop story everyday !

Presentation :		14/20
Graphics : 		17/20
Animation :		15/20
Sound :			14/20
Gameplay/Maniability :	15/20
Final Note :		89%

2:Cast of Characters.

CAT : I call it Kitty sometimes.A strange cat will always follow Kei. It has a 
bionical interphone so Kei can communicate with cops

Kei : Heroine of the game. She is beautiful and have a lot of skills. She has a 
secret. She lost her memory and want to recover it. Did she meet Lon Wei before 

Bei : Kei's partner and boyfriend. He died in level 1. He is stupid and have a 
lack of courage.

Samy : A young girl who wants to kill Lon Wei. He killed her mother.

Police Chief : He helped so much Kei but in fact, he is corrupted by Lon Wei.

Crazy Joe : This typical Kunio Boy is invincible. He cannot be killed by a gun. 
Be smart when you meet him. He protect the bitch of Lon Wei.

Fuû May : This Yakuza have the mission to find bitch for Kirinov and Lon Wei.

Kirinov : A russian Kingpin. Hard to meet, he will help you and use you to kill 
Lon Wei. Is the friend or foe ?

Lon Wei : The bad guy of this story. He wants to torture Kei's soul but why ?

3:Ennemy and Boss.

Classical Terrorist : They have a gun or a knife and the biker helm. They are 
slow but hide them quite good.

Junkies : With a knife or a gun, they are stupid. They have always good items on 

The professional : Always with a nice tuxedo and black glasses, they are heavily 
armed and never alone.

The SWAT : They appear at the end of the game. Strong and heavily armed, they 
are the nightmare alive.

1st boss : Office Man : He rules "the dock bay hotel". He has a big knife but 
don't move. Shoot him at the good time.

2nd boss : Crazy Joe : Read the walktrough and you will laugh so much.

3rd boss : Dalpé : With 2 knifes, he can kill Kei in one combo. 2 SPAS-12 
bullets and he died.

4th boss : Fuû May : You have only your bludgeon to kill her. Avoid her hit then 
strike her. She is very difficult sometimes.

5th boss : Lon Wei's Bodyguard : Do you know City Hunter ? The fight will be the 
same. Use the Valentine.

6th boss : Crazy Joe : Be smart and prepare to laugh.

7th boss : Kirinov : Very powerful, he fears the Uzi. No technique, hit him 
quickly and in a single round.

8th boss : Lon Wei : A very good fight, very fun and long. Use your Uzi.

9th boss : Lon Wei's Boat : Use your SPAS-12 to destroy the engine or you will 
die.If you run out of bullets use the Valentine.

4:Weapons in the game.

CZ-75 : Good gun but slow. It has only 13 bullets in a clip.

Bludgeon : Very useful against all enemies except the SWAT.

Guerock 17 : A custom version of CZ-75. More speed, it has 17 bullets in a clip.

Uzi : Two clips in the gun, rapid and silent.

Valentine : The gun of Bei. Very useful against SWAT (3 shots)

SPAS-12 : 12 bullets in a clip for this powerful shot gun. Only for close range, 
for the SWAT (1 shot) and Dalpé. Can make combo on Junkies.

Knife : You will see it two minutes. It's for Samy.

It's seems that Kei can have a seventh weapon but I don't find it.

5:Take the control, the hold-up system and the CAT system.

A button = Action like in all games (except the Resident series).
B button = Duck or cancel.
X button = Kei takes her weapon.
Y button = Switch between the views.
START button = menu	-> Choose your weapon
			-> Item
			-> CAT : game hint
			-> System	-> Save
					-> Load
					-> Memo	-> Time of play
							-> Numbers of kills (ennemies)
							-> Numbers of hold-up
							-> Healing items
					-> Quit the game
			-> Options	-> There is menu for camera views, message speed, 
sound volume and perhaps the difficulty but I'm not sure.
			-> Exit of menu
R button = Shoot.
L button + left or right = Horizontal step, good to hide.
L button + down = You turn and ready to shoot.
B + up = Rolling movement : very good to avoid bullets or surprise a foe.

The hold-up system :

- If you press R, you shoot. An ennemy react like that :

	You surprised him in one shot	-> close range, he died
					-> long range, he puts his hands up (too late to 
make a hold-up)
					-> he said "save my life" or cry, you can make a 

	You shoot normally		-> 1 shot : wounded
					-> 2 or 3 : he lost his weapon or said "save my 
life" or cry, you can make a hold-up.

- To make a hold-up, press R button to the middle in close range but without 
shooting (Kei just shows her gun). Train with an empty weapon. During a hold-up, 
the gun floats in air and the guy will be afraid of you. He will give you a kit 
ot a clip for you to spare his life.

- If a guy has a knife, make a hold-up, he will be afraid, cool isn't it ?

- Items for hold-up are random.

The CAT system :

It gives hints and direction to finish the game. Of course in Japanese. If you 
read Katakana, it can help you to complete the game. (how do you imagine I end 
up the game ?)

I think that's all for control. Try different way before saving to economise 
bullets and healing kits.
Don't forget to save after killing a boss. And now, let's finish the game !


Adventure 1 : Terrorists at Seti Hotel

4H30 A.M. Kei goes out of the shower, Bei wakes up. They arrive in the hotel. 
Police chief orders you to kill every terrorists and save the survivor.

1F : 
Room 3003 : (1st person view) 1 guy Hold-Up Result (HDR) : 1 clip. Enter the 
bathroom : 1 guy HDR : nothing. Got a "card key".
Room 3004 : Enter by using the card key. 1 guy HDR : nothing. You found a kit 
and a clip.
Room 3002 : Enter by using the card key. 2 guys HDR : 1 clip. Got 1 VIP card. 
(1st person view) When you exit, you must kill 3 guys in the corridor. HDR : 1 
Room 3001 : Use the VIP card. Enter the second door. Duck, (1st person view) 
point toward the first guy and shoot. Duck, roll til the arm-chair, up and 
shoot. HDR : 1 clip. Got a clip and a kit on the table (random)
Exit : 1 guy. HDR : 1 clip.
Enter the other door. 3 guys. HDR : impossible. Make an horizontal step, duck, 
shoot until they died.
You will meet a guy and convince him to open stairs access. Bei will stay with 
him. Collect a kit near the bed in the drawer.

Stairs:	B1 : 1 guy. HDR : 1 kit.
	2F : 1 guy. HDR : nothing.
	3F : 1 guy. HDR : nothing.
Go to 2F.
In the corridor, 1 guy. HDR : nothing. 1 clip on the phone. Enter the room by 
rolling and kill 2 guys. HDR : 1 clip + 1 kit. Got a kit and a clip on the 
ground, exit.
Near this room is a door, enter...
Kei will want to drink (for a cop...) but she has a surprise !
3 guys. HDR : nothing (duck, shoot, duck, shoot in 1st person view) pass the 
door and duck.
3 guys. HDR : nothing, duck and pass the door.
3 guys. HDR : 1 clip, got a clip on the ground. Pass the door.
Enter room 1 : got a kit, exit.
Enter room 2 : Bei has a bomb. You must abandon him. Exit, exit, exit. Turn 
right and find a child, the only survivor. Kei order the cat to direct him to a 
safe exit. Cat is smart, isn't it ?
Go to 3F: the roof.
Roof 1F : 4 guys. HDR : 1 clip + 1 kit.
Roof 2F : 3 guys. HDR : 1 kit.
Roof 3F : You see Lon Wei killing a man, he wants to kill you but your friends 
arrive. He escapes.

FMV : Kei uses the Jetcopter to escape but Lon destroys the hotel and Bei of 
There will be a long cut scene where Kei asks to investigate in Bay Area, where 
Kirinov lives (associate of Lon Wei). In addition, she will understand why she 
has a coin with CATOPE wrote on it. That coin was found near her after she lost 
he memory.
FMV : Kei arrives in Bay Area.

Adenture 2 : Bay Area.

Go directly to the "Dock Bay Hotel". When you enter Office Man will give you a 
room key. Take the elevator and open room 304. You must find a kit in the 
toilets, an access card for the parking and a lamp that you can fix on your 
head. Exit of the hotel and go near the device of the elevator. Use your card to 
enter and use the other device to go to 4F. Notice that you can move during the 
elevator ascension (on the contary of  Veronica for example).Talk to the man in 
front of ASUKA Bar. He wants a pass to meet CRAZY JOE but someone stole it to 
him. There are 2 kits on the ground near the parking behind the bar.Now go to 
1F. You must find Bay Area 4. You will see Samy. Continue the way and duck when 
you see ennemies. There are 3 guys (HDR : 1 kit).Find first the Guerock 17 in an 
attaché case, then kill the junky with a gun and make fear to the other 
(Remember, push R to the middle so Kei will just show her gun).NB: Junkies here 
are infinite so don't spent too much bullets. also if a junky is killed a new 
one arrived, let them live after a hold up and no one will come. If you use your 
gun another Junky can arrive because he heared the noise, so be smart in this 
area. Use the hole you see, go straight, turn right, kill a guy and enter the 
new hole you see. Samy is here. She prays for her mother. When you arrived she 
escaped. Collect the key on your left. Exit and continue the way until you find 
a door for that key.(HDR : 1 kit). In the room you enter push all the box by 
using A button. You must push to the max all the box. Now find a switch and use 
the secret hole to go down to SEWER AREA A. Use your lamp to lighten up the 
sewer. Run in the sewer and kill everyone(HDR: 1 kit). You must find another 
ladder. Climb it. In this new room push all the box to find a Uzi and Uzi clip. 
Now you have just to go all the way back. CRUEL HEIN ? When you arrive in a safe 
place with no ennemies, save the game. Now try to find Bay Area 2. Use the 
stairs (no cinematic, cool), you are near the Popoforce Bar. Enter the bar and 
the bartender gives to you the Popoforce Badge. Now bring it to the man in the 
parking in 4F. You must follow him secretly. Cops call usally that a shadowing 
(Claire has never follow a zombie to see where he goes. Do you ever think that 
you can compare this game with Veronica).Be careful, if he sees you he'll run. 
Duck and hide yourself until he enters the dock. Save before following him. Now 
enter. Make fear to 2 guys here and pass the door. There are no ennemmies for 
the moment. Search another door. Cutscene : Kirinov will arrive soon. Crazy Joe 
must find some bitch so Kirinov can send them to Lon as a gift. A guy has seen 
you. Escape by ducking under the decor. Don't kill anyone they are infinite.Pass 
the door and kill 2 guys (HDR: 1 kit) and exit. Save. Go to the Dock Bay Hotel 
and inside visit again room 304. Kill 2 guys and collect a memo. Now go to 1F of 
the hotel and enter the office. Use the door on your right. Use the computer and 
enter BLACK, Press A to valid. A secret passageway appear. Enter it. Cutscene 
Cutscene : Cops have arrested Samy. You give the file then exit. A cop gives you 
the Valentine. There is a spy who can help you in Watertown. You must know the 
code 256512.

Adventure 3 : Bitch at Bay Area.

Go to Fuû's area. Enter by the second door. Talk to the first bitch, then to the 
second. Fuû will go out. You must find her if you want to become a bitch (you 
have no choice...). Enter the first door. Duck, roll straight then right then 
left.There are 2 guys (HDR: 2 clips). Then continue, you find 4 guys (HDR : 1 
kit) and enter the door. There are again 2 guys (HDR : 1 clip). Save. Pass the 
door. Cutscene : Fuû knows exactly who is Kei and she will never see Lon again. 
Fuû wants Lon for herself. Use your bludgeon to kill Fuû. Collect a Wig and 
Fuû's emblem. Kojak, euh Kirinov will talk with a professional then open gate 1. 
Kill the guy and pass the door. With the wig, Joe didn't recognize you and you 
go on the boat.

Scene : Samy and kitty are on the boat. (don't laugh, kitty is important)

Adventure 4 : Watertown the forbidden city.

Scene : Samy was captured.
Pass the door.

Corridor 1 : nothing, Dock 1: you find 1 clip and 1 kit. Use the switch on the 
left or on the right to move the track to another Dock.
Corridor 2 : nothing, Dock 2: 3 guys + 2 clips
Corridor 3 : 1 clip, Dock 3: 1 clip + 1 guy
Corridor 4 : You need a card, 1 guy, Dock 4: Dragonplace
Corridor 5 : 1 guy + 1 clip, Dock 5: Restaurant Boat
Corridor 6 : door 1: 1 guy + 1 coin, door 2: Casino, Dock 6: 3 guys + 1 clip + 1 


Go to Deck 1 collect items. Go to Dock 3 collect items. Go to dock 4 and talk to 
the guy. Show him Fuû's emblem. Go to Dock 3 and collect the gun. Kill 2 guys 
(HDR: 1 clip). Go to Dock 6 and collect the coin. Then go to the Casino. Play at 
the third table. Choose 25 6 5 12. Now go to the Restaurant Boat. Talk to the 
spy. Then he'll be killed. Escape of the boat quickly. Collect all the items in 
all corridor and dock. don't forget to make some Hold up. Go to dock 4 and kill 
4 guys. Enter Dragonplace.
Corridor 1: 1 guy + 1 kit, corridor 2: Lon file, corridor 3: 1 guy, corridor 4: 
You arrive in a BIG ROOM. Find the clip on the groun and notice a blue door. In 
this room find a drink distributor and push it.Collect the clip in the secret 
way and listen near the door. Exit. Kill 4 guys and use the third door in this 
New Dock : 4 guys (HDR: 2 clips) + 1 kit + Clip. Pass a door and next corridor. 
New room with 3 guys, new corridor and new room : 3 guys + 1 kit + CZ 75. Exit, 
kill 1 guy and go to dock 1. Use Corridor 1 and pass the door. Kill the guy and 
enter the door on your right. You'll see Kirinov entering a door. Pass the first 
door and collect the Valentine. Pass the third door of this corridor. There are 
a Warehouse and ESCAPE ROOM with a kit inside. Now Pass the same door that 
Kirinov.In this room there are 1 guy, Uzi and Uzi clip. pass the only door that 
open, follow the corridor kill 1 guy, pass a door and push a box to open a new 
way. Use this way (1 guy) and pass a door. Visit jail 1 and 3 to collect a kit 
and a clip. Now visit jail 2, pass the wall and watch the scene.
Now you play the cat. Kitty must find Samy. She is in the room where you found 
the Valentine. Go there and Samy asks for a knife. Kitty must go to the 
warehouse and collect it. Bring the knife to Samy and she will escape. Samy is 
free. Kitty must advance. Use R and Samy come, Use B and Samy hide from a 
danger.To pass a door Samy and the Cat must be both in front of it.Bring Samy to 
Kei. Scene: Samy use a bomb. Now you are Kei. Go to the elevator in the room 
where you find the Uzi. Samy activate it. Take it. First room : 2 kits + 1 clip. 
Second room is a big corridor but there's nothing. In the third room you watch a 
scene. Go back to Dragonplace and pass now the blue door in the BIG ROOM. After 
the scene use your Valentine to fight with Lon's bodyguard. Don't forget to take 
the kit. After the fight collect uzi clip. Scene : Samy gives you an access 
card. Use it to arrive in the final zone of the game.


Room 1 : Duck roll and kill th swat.Unlock the door. Pass the door without 
killing the other swat. Advance and kill everyone until you find a control room. 
Go downstairs, kill 3 swats. Use the computer and enter CATOPE. Scene : You 
remember now. You were in love with lon but you were also a cop. You couldn't 
shot but Lon do it for you. Now you want to kill him.Go up and kill 3 swats. use 
the elevator. In this corridor find another stair, kill 2 guys and push a box to 
find a clip. Climb the second stair. You arrive in a room with an electric force 
field. Push a box, kill a guy, duck,roll and desactivate the field. Now go back 
to the field and kill the swat. Pass the first normally, roll to pass the second 
and third barrier.Pass the door. Collect the kit. Now go to the device on the 
other side of the bridge. Joe appears. Use the device and he falls. Kill 2 
swats. Use the device to reach gate 2. Climb the stairs and kill 4 swats.Pass a 
big green door. There will be a long cut scene. Now exit to gate 4. You find 
Samy. Use the other elevator. You meet with Kirinov. Kill him.Now go to ESCAPE 
ROOM and jump in the boat. FMV.It's time to fight Lon and his boat.
Don't forget to collect the clip and the kit in your boat.
Congratulations you beat the game.

NB: I forget to say where is SPAS 12 in adventure 4 but don't worry it's not 
hidden. You will find it on your way in an attaché case.

7 : Conclusion about the game and FAQS :

I obtain a rank B. I'm sure that a rank A is when you complete the game in less 
than 4 hours.

1) do you speak english, i don't understand anything ?
Yes i speak. if you want a private advice e mail me at [email protected]

2)can you make a french faq, i have some problem to understand english ?
Yes, if i receive more than 2 or 3 asks i can make it and send it to Gamefaqs.

3)Do you like Code Veronica ?
Huh? It's a faq for undercov...Ok. I like Veronica but i was borrowing during 
Claire's part of the game.The problem is that the gameplay hasn't very change. I 
want ananalogic control, more views, more boss, real enigma like in Nanastu no 
Hikan or Blue Stinger.

4)I haven't find a clip on the ground/the hold up don't give the same item.
Search carefully and don't forget that the hold up is random.

That's all about it for Undercover. Enjoy the game and don't believe those who 
says it's a sheet.

								ADK, Under the Cover,
								It's time to sleep.




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