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Welcome House 2
Keaton and his Uncle
by  Mike Coates
[email protected]

Episode 2: Independence Day

Cast of Characters:
Uncle Parkinson
Keaton Paxman
Napolean: the dog
Allegro Adagio: music teacher
Escargo Aperitif: the chef
Jack Smith: handy man

Start: brings up map, pressing twice brings up save menu.
Save Game: once in save game menu ( pressing start twice) 
directional up or down to select file press start to confirm. If you 
already have a game saved in that file it will ask you if you want to 
overwrite. When finished press X to get back to game.
L1,L2,R1,R2,TRIANGLE: are not 
X: Cancels selection.
Open doors: push forward when in front of 
Run: hold down "square" then in the direction you want to go.
O: inventory select menu press again to select chosen item, press X to 
cancel and exit to game 
Tip of the day: follow the underlined words it is a verbal map.      

Now let's Play.

Iam not going to tell you about all the surprises I want you to find 
them yourself, I am going to tell you which is the best way to go, but 
feel free to explore on your own and when you get stuck check back 
here. You start the game in Keaton's room a little groggy, or maybe 
his eyes allways look like that. In this room as well as others in the 
mansion you will see a radio, go to it if you would like to change the 
BGM or turn it or any other sounds of the game off. Take the present 
your Uncle has left for you, answer the phone/ I believe no Im 
guessing but I think your Uncle invites you to come out because he is 
throwing the biggest 4Th of July bash or should I say "BANG". Now 
leave the room there are no more items in here. Go down the hall and 
through the door into the Foyer across the room to the first door. 
Sitting Room follow the white line to the radio in the center of the 
room use it, go to the dresser and inspect it, answer the phone. Once 
again its your uncle he tels you to meet him in the Downstairs 
Hallway. He has something for you.
 ( Im making this up of course) Now leave and go to the center of the 
Foyer and stand on the red circle and read the sign. Go to the 
Downstairs Bathroom now throw open that curtain and let's see what's 
behind curtain #2 Monty. Now your locked in, while you figure out how 
to get out take a load off by having a seat on the toilet (walk Keaton 
backwards to sit down). The Vegas Room Let's play the slots,  the 
trick here is to play the machines in a certain order to win, try 
playing the machime on the left a couple of times then the one in the 
center. Go through the hole on the wall.  Bowling Alley play a few 
games try both lanes. Theatre Room grab some popcorn its show time, 
sit in each row then inspect the door without the lit exit sign, go 
through it. Bowling Alley play another game go through the one with 
the arrow on it. Pull the lever and back up until you are on the red 
danger circle. Inspect your uncles car. OOPS!  stand on the danger 
circle and pull the lever, go over to the table inspect it to find the 
key. Step back on to the red circle pull lever to go back to the other 
side. Now go through the door which leads you to the downstairs 
hallway, go back to the Foyer and go to the door in the back corner 
use the key on it. Dining Room. Once in the room go through the other 
door into the Kitchen now go through the next door to the Bar. Look 
behind the counter and find money and a bottle of Saki.  Answer the 
phone, its your uncle again I think he tells you to watch out for 
Napolean because he has been drinking all the Saki. Go through the 
door with the Welcome House 2 poster next to it. Pool talk to Jack 
Smith, I have no idea what he is trying to tell you. Retrace you steps 
till you get back to the Dining Room  and inspect the fire place, pull 
the lever to lower the staircase. Bowling Alley bowl with the red ball 
go through the door with arrow next to it climb on top of the car and 
press the button. You just turned off the escalator function of the 
stairs. Go in to the Theatre Room use the exit with the lit sign 
Record Shop give captain hook your dollar. Go back to the other exit 
door (unlit exit sign) Vegas Room  go through the hole to the Bowling 
Alley use stairs in corner Dining Room go through Kitchen to the Bar 
play the record on the juke box. Happy Days are here again. Inspect 
door next to juke box to unlock it now you can open it. Foyer go 
upstairs you are in Upstairs Hallway #1 go through  door to left 
Upstairs Hallway #2 follow hallway to first door you come to and 
enter. Jack's Room take a load off by sitting on his bed, climb up 
ladder take statue of liberty statue. Answer phone, examine glass 
doors to open them. Go  to hallway back the way you came, go through 
the blue door. TV Room answer phone, turn on tv. Go downstairs to 
Kitchen , talk to chef Escargo go to Dining Room answer phone, leave 
room through white door to Foyer here's mud in your eye. Go back to  
Kitchen once again talk to chef Escargo he will give you a platter and 
instruct you to put it on the table in the Dining Room but not to look 
at it. go back to Kitchen talk to Escargo then go to Dining Room and 
look at the platter. Leave dining room go Upstairs there's that weasel 
Napolean head him off at the pass. Go into the room down the hall 
Closet Room look in one of the closets there's Napolean again head him 
off at the pass. Not this time leave and go to the TV Room have a seat 
in the chair against the wall to ponder how to catch that  darn dog. 
Go back to the Closet Room take a peak inside any of the closets. Go 
back through the blue door, Upstairs Hallway #2 go to the closet 
against the wall and open it. Take the axe go back through blue door 
to Upstairs Hallway #1  walk around to the white door and open it 
Outside Staircase Hey the new diving board is in let's go try it out. 
Pool walk on diving board to the edge and give the axe to the Water 
Princess, talk to her she will offer you three different axes take the 
yellow axe from her. Go back to the Outside Staircase climb up and use 
the yellow axe on the stone face statue on the wall to break his 
chains. Inspect the face to open the wall. Go through opening in wall. 
Library take a book from each of the bookcases against the walls, the 
room will move and the door will unlock. Go through the door and 
follow the hallway around to the stairs climb them. Upstairs Hallway 
#3 follow the danger signs to the first room go inside. Music Room 
play the piano, talk to Alegro she lectures you on the finer points of 
music. Go back to Upstairs Hallway #3 go in to the room at the end of 
the hall. Crate Room open the chest take the bomb, press the switch on 
the wall to open the french doors, go downstairs where the giant ball 
squished you and go in to the room there, Allegro's Room put the green 
book in the bookcase, answer the phone twice, place the bomb on table 
against the wall with the bandages on the wallpaper. Go through the 
hole you created. Chef Escargo's Room put the right colored book in 
the bookcase, inspect the door to unlock it. Upstairs Hallway #2 go to 
Jack's Room there's that dog again, leave and go to the Bathroom #2 
one door over. Leave the bathroom go down the hall follow those 
footprints to the TV Room have a seat and watch some tv. Follow 
Napolean in to the next room and try to catch him. Go to the Kitchen 
talk to chef Escargo he will give you a heart to give to Allegro, go 
upstairs to the white door, ( cool short cut huh ) Go to Ms Allegro's 
Room she will lecture you about the hole you made in her wall, give 
her the heart. She will then begin to tell you her life story giving 
you more information about her personal affairs than you care to hear 
about. She gives you an apple, go to the Kitchen via the hole in the 
wall. Talk to chef Escargo give him the apple, take the scale off of 
the counter, follow the chef through the opening in the wall. Boiler 
Room take the bottle of Saki from him go to the Dining Room place the 
bottle on the dining table. Leave and go to the Sitting Room and put a 
book in to the bookcase, go to Keaton's Room put the last book in to 
the bookcase there and go back to the Dining Room check out Napolean 
take the key from him. Go back through the white door upstairs go to 
the Crate Room look for the crate that is a different color than the 
rest and push it. Go to the Music Room look in the trash can take the 
heart. Go through the french doors walk along the ledge to the Crate 
Room climb the crates in to the Independence Room go to each of the 
floormats and set an item on the table when the correct order is done 
the door will unlock. go through this door in to Uncle Parkinsons nap 
room push the button on the wall ot open the elevator doors push the 
button again.  Go to the first door and use the key to unlock it then 
go inside.

Game Over
Thank You for Playing

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