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                         Sirduck's Wheel of Time Walkthrough
                           c Tim Warren 1999- 2000
                           Ver 1.07

NOTE:  This walkthrough is for posting at certain sites under my 
discresion. ANY copying and posting of this FAQ without my permission 
is illegal, and you can get in big trouble. So be nice, Thanks.

1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough of the Missions
    2.1 Bank of the Manetherendrelle
    2.2 Streets if Shadar Logoth
    2.3 Bowels of Shadar Logoth
    2.4 Escape from Shadar Logoth
    2.5 Saving the White Tower
    2.6 The Vault
    2.7 The Ways
3. Ter' Angreal Guide
4. Multiplay Strategies
5. Credits, End

Version 1.00 Introduction and Bank of Manetherenedrelle added.
Version 1.01 Streets of Shadar Logoth Added
Version 1.02 Mission Objectives Bowels of Shadar Logoth, and Escape 
from Shadar Logoth added 
Version 1.03 Saving the White Tower added
Version 1.04 finished Saving the White Tower
Version 1.05 Fixed some errors, added Mission Difficulty Ratings
Version 1.06 Added The Vault
Version 1.07 Added The Ways
1. Introduction

Being a very big Jordan reader myself, when I first heard of this game, 
I bought it.  And i like it.  It is not just a conventional 1st person 
shooter.  It is a first person shooter with the world of the Wheel of 
Time books by Robert Jordan, which are excellent.  This game does a 
good job of emersing the player into that unique, intriguing world. 
Although the game takes place before the novels, the storyline is 
accurate to Jordan's history of the WOT world, so I cant critisize 
that.  The game itself gets frustrating sometimes, but this guide 
should be all you need to get past that and truly enjoy the game. So, 
off we go into the World of Wheel of Time.....

2. Walkthrough of Missions

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am presuming you know how to use ter' angreal and 
know the controls, as they are not covered anywhere here, thanks. Also, 
this walkthrough is all you need to get from point A to point B, i dont 
know all the secrets. It will cover how to get over obstavles and how 
to get the Ter' angreal of the level.

MISSION OBJECTIVES:  What you are supposed to do in order to win
Enemies:   Enemies found in this level
TA:  Ter'Angreal found in this level
Mission Difficulty
Enemies:  *-*****, * being easy and ***** being hard
Puzzles/frustration:  *-*****, * being easy and ***** being hard

2.1 Mission 1: Bank of the Manetherenedrelle
-Try to track down the assasin before he can reach Shadar Logoth.
-In doing so, learn to use your Ter'Angreal to defend yourself against 
his protectors, the Trollocs.
-Research what you carry by selecting an artifact and then pressing the 
f2 key.
-Gather any Ter' Angreal you can find among the remains of the Tinker 
wagons; some caravans are suspected to carry such artifacts

Enemies- Trollocs
TA: Heal, Personal Shield, Dart, Fireball

Mission Difficulty:
      You start facing a path. Follow that path.  Soon the path will 
lead you to a large stone by a pine tree.  Continue to follow the path 
but on the other side of the stone, encircle it and you will find your 
first Heal Ter'Angreal.  Now, back on the path until you reach the 
entrance to a cave.  Go inside.  At a curve in the cave you will meet 
your first trolloc.  With air pulse, attack the trolloc, then when he 
tries to attack back off.  Continue to attack him while running backing 
off until he dies. Yay! you killed your first trolloc!  This is the 
strategy against trollocs, to attack while backing off, because they 
tend to avoid long distance TA and to stand still is death.   Now go 
through the cave, make sure to pick up another Heal TA where the 
trolloc was.  After the cave, turn left and follow the cart tracks 
until you see a Tinker wagon.  Two trollocs jump out of it when they 
see you, one runs away, one attacks you. Kill it. In the Wagon you will 
find the Dart TA. Equip it.
       Now follow the tracks beyond the wagon until it comes to a 
clearing.  Two trollocs will jump off the far cliff and attack you, but 
back off because the assasin will throw fire at you until he runs from 
the far cliff.  Use dart to kill both trollocs, be careful!  One of 
them can throw axes.  Shoot him with dart and then strafe left and 
right to avoid his axe.
      Turn left at the fork in the road where the clearing starts.  
Enter the wagon to get a Personal Shield TA.  Go back to the fork.
      This time go right.  Go around the large rock, and there will be 
a Heal TA on the dead body. Follow the path, but watch out! An 
Axethrower Trolloc jumps of a nearby hill to attack you.  Kill him, 
then go straight and find the ramp up the hill the trolloc jumped off 
of(its a sharp right turn)  On the body there will be a dart TA.  Go 
back down and continue forward.  There will be another Dart TA in the 
wagon with the hanging body (yuck).
          Go past the wagon and two trollocs at a camp site will see 
you and attack you. Kill them.  There is nothing at their camp site 
besides a trolloc cookpot (yummy).
       Take the right path from the camp site, and continue until you 
see a tree. When you reach the tree, strafe facing the tree and fire on 
the axethrower trolloc not far behind it, gaurding the entrance to a 
cave. Kill him, then go through the cave.  When the cave curves and you 
see the end of the tunnel, two trollocs will see you also.  Dispatch 
them.  At their camp site you will recieve your first Fireball TA.  
Turn around and face the cave you just exited.  There is a path right 
by it leading downward.  Follow it until you pass a teal- colored 
mountainside. Then turn and face right. You should be facing the Cursed 
City of Shadar Logoth.  There are two trollocs gaurding it, fireball 
them.  They will charge you, back off and shoot them with fireball but 
dont back off to far or you will fall into the Manetherendrelle.  After 
the blighters are dead, face the bridge to the city. Now face right of 
that, and go all the way towards the mountain closest to the gates. You 
will see a cave entrance.  Looks like this was a campsite, but no-ones 
home, so the Fireball TA is yours without a fight. Go back and enter 
the city gates

2.2 Mission 2: Streets of Shadar Logoth
-Track the assasin through the city however you can.
-Shadar Logoth is ancient.  The city may hold artifacts that could help 
to keep you alive.

Enemies- Trolloc, Minion, Mashadar Tentacle
TA: Dart, Heal, Seeker, Shift, Personal Shield, Fireball

Mission Difficulty:
Enemies: **

      You start in a dark hallway.  Go down the hallway, turn right at 
it's end, and follow the next hallway.( This level is basically a damn 
confusing system of tunnels, dont get turned around.) Go up the stairs 
at the end. You should hear a trolloc die as... something.... kills it.  
Continue your ascent through the next flight.  At the third flight, 
halfway up there is a window-shaped doorway.  Enter it, and jump across 
the pit for a Fireball TA.Jump back over and get out.  
      At the top of the stairs, follow the hallway and climb the short 
staircase.  At the top, go right throught the broken wall for a Seeker 
TA and a Dart TA.  Go back the other way from the small staircase.  
Take a right, then take a left.  Walk through the open path (you should 
see the sky if you look up.)  Go through the arch.  You will see red 
eyes in the shadows in the next area.  Launch two fireballs at it and 
it will die.  That is usually the strategy with Minions.  From there, 
go right (facing where the Minion was) and go down the small steps, 
take a left and then a right.  You should be in a hallway/bridge with 
little windows.  There is another Minion here, kill it with fireballs.  
Grab the Dart and Heal Ter'Angreal, then go back to the spot where you 
first fought the first legion, then go through the left passage you 
havent been before.  Go left up the small stairs for a Heal TA.  Go 
back down and go forward, the way you were going.  Go straight through 
the arch, right through another arch, and go left at the end of the 
short hallway.  Follow the hallway, then turn right.  Then you should 
arrive at a passage with crumbled rocks on the floor.  Go through it 
and go left at the end.  You will be at a balcony-like structure.  Step 
out one step, then back off.       The assasin is there, and he throws 
a fireball at you and says, "Lie down and DIE."  and then flees.  Creep 
on to the balcony and follow the hallway on the other side.  Go left at 
the end of the hallway, then down the curving stairs. At the end of the 
curving steps, strafe right and you will catch a Minion facing the 
other way.  Quickly shoot fireballs to kill that one, and another will 
come. Kill that one with Dart, as it will be a close range fight.  
Curve around the basin of the steps and you will find a Seeker TA and a 
Heal TA.  Nothing else here, go back up the steps and back to the 
balcony.  Jump carefully on to the small window sill against the wall 
to the left, then onto the other side, where the assasin disapeared.  
Climb the small staircase, go through the hall.  You will find yourself 
on a precipice.  Close your eyes, and jump off the edge.  It will hurt, 
especially if you fall on the Minion's head.  Dont do that, it's bad.  
Kill the Minion and heal.   Watch out for Mashadar Tentacles from this 
point on, they are lines of white mist and they hurt bad.  Now, face 
right (if you are facing the far wall, opposite of where you jumped 
from.)  You should see a pile of rubble.  Jump over it, then go 
straight.  The way is blocked by more rubble, but you can jump in the 
hole in the brick wall.  There is a Seeker TA in there.  Jump on the 
other side of the Seeker TA, it should be a green floor area.  Go 
right, but watch out for Mashadar Tentacles.  Get the Seeker and the 
Dart by the Trolloc bodies, and kill any Minions by means of Seeker.  
Then go back to where you got the seeker and go left instead.  Grab the 
Personal Shield TA and use it, its useful.  Go down the hallway and go 
right, up the stairs.  Grab the Shift TA and use it on the grating on 
the right wall.  Dont go too far out or you will fall in a pit and have 
to go waaaay back.  Edge along the side. then go down the hallway.  At 
the end there will be a precipice. Don't fall down because of the 
earthquakes.  Ok, this is tricky.  Get some jumping space, then jump 
far from the precipice onto a small ledge to the diagonal down-left of 
the large cylinder that is in the middle.  Get on the highest point on 
that ledge, then jump to the next step.
       Enter the next hallway, the floor should be blue.  Kill the 
Minion, then go left down the small staircases.  Enter the courtyard 
with the statue.  Be VERY carefull of Mashadar tentacles.  Go into the 
room directly across from where you are standing for a Fireball TA.  go 
back out and enter the doorway on the far wall facing the back of the 
statue.  Go up the stairs, then left in the arch.  Go left from there 
for a Seeker TA.  Turn around and go right, you should pass over a 
grating.  Kill all Minions with Dart, it's prettey close quarters for 
fireball.  Go down the staircase to the left, then go right.  Go 
through the hallway.  You should be in yet another statue courtyard 
(the statue is high up.)  Go straight across and kill the Minion, and 
grab the Seeker TA.  Go back to the middle and up the stairs.  The 
floor will fall apart under you in this hallway, revealing a Minion.  
Kill it, then jump out of the rubble.  Go straight and up the small 
staircase.  Kill yet another Minion (my those things are annoying.)  
Grab the Heal TA on the steps and then enter the far side entrance.  
Continue straight through the arch, and then left up four flights of 
stairs.  Make a u-turn right and go throught that passage.   Go left at 
the end of the hallway and kill the Minion with Seeker.  Go straight, 
down the stairs.  Turn right and go up the stairs there. (ALMOST 
DONE!!!! YAY!!!!)  Go straight to grab a Fireball TA.  Go back to 
towards the stairs, but make a left before you get there, enter the 
arch, and go towards the small arch-shaped window-balcony thing. You 
are done.

2.3 Mission 3: The Bowels of Shadar Logoth
-The longer the assasin evades you, the greater chance he will die 
before you regain the Ter'Angreal that he carries.  Find him quickly.
-Get the Amyrlin's Ter'Angreal back

Enemies: Mashadar Tentacle, Minion, Legion, Assasin
TA:  Dart, Heal, Seeker, Fireball, Personal Shield, Swap Places, Water 
Shield, Decay

Mission Difficulty:

I hate this mission.  It's hard to write, and hard to play, but it must 
be done.  Have fun.
      You start the mission falling into the water.  Once you fall in, 
climb up onto the nearest platform:  there should be a Dart Ter' 
Angreal on it.  There are four platforms on every corner of this room, 
surrounded by water.  Jump over to the one on your left: it has a 
Personal Shield Ter' Angreal.  Then go ahead and fall in the water to 
the right of your platform.  follow the water tunnel straight ahead and 
you will find a Personal Sheild Ter' Angreal.  Turn around and go back 
but halfway through go up and emerge to find a Fireball TA on the left 
wall.  Go back in the tunnel and go straight, stay underwater past the 
platforms.  There will be grating blocking your way in the far tunnel.  
Once again, halfway through emerge and on the left wall above the water 
there will be a switch.  Pull it, then go back down and the grating 
will lift for you.  Go down where the grating was and swim through.  In 
the next room there is a large cylinder thing surrounded "moat like"  
by water.  On the outside of the water there is a path encircling it.  
When you first enter the room, emerge from the water and climb up onto 
the encircling path to the left.  Follow it all the way around and 
clear off the Minion on it.  Then fall in the water and go around the 
pedestal thing in the middle for a Fireball TA.  Now go back to the 
entrance underwater where the grating was and again climb the 
encircling path on the left side.  Go around it but take the first left 
passage you see.  Follow it for a Dart Ter' Angreal.  Go back to the 
encircling path and take the next left passage.  You should end up on a 
bridge.  Look left.  You should see the Heal TA in the distance on a 
platform.  There are several platforms leading to the platform on which 
heal lies.  Jump on them, get heal, and jump back.  Now look to your 
right.  There is a Decay TA and a Dart TA farther back.  Get them both 
in the same manner that you got the Heal TA.  After you get Dart, you 
can fall into the space below.  A Minion should attack you, kill it.  
Find the end of the chasm-like place that you are in that has a 
passageway to the left under an arch, it's one of the ends.  You should 
be in a room with a pool and a large grate on the right wall.  On the 
left wall, underwater, is a subterrian staircase with a water dam 
contraption above it.  Also, there are four switches in this room, one 
in every corner.  Here's how you do this.  Every time you hit a switch, 
the water level lowers and the dam thing raises.  You need to hit three 
switches in order to get acces to the staircase. If you hit four, you 
wint be able to reach the staircase, as it is not all the way on the 
     Hit the switch to your left, then hit the one on your right.  The 
dam thing extends whenever you hit a switch, so jump on it to reach the 
other side.  Hit one more switch, then fall in the water, get the Decay 
TA at the bottom, go under the dam thing and up the staircase.  BLAH! 
done with that!
    In the next room climb the staircase to the right and pass under 
the arch.  Look right quickly, a minion pops out.  Kill it. Turn 
around, go through the room and up the staircase on the left.  Run 
through the sewer-like pipe entrance, RUN, because there are lots and 
lots of Mashadar Tentacles round these here parts.  At the end of the 
sewer pipe thing go to the end of the next room and turn right.  Fall 
into the pool in this room immediatly and look up when you get to the 
bottom.  Kill the poor Minion who cant swim and is frollocing around in 
the water.:)
    Next go left through the submerged arch and take another left. Go 
up the ramp, grab the Heal TA, then go down the next one.  Turn left 
and get the Water Shield TA, it's very useful later on.  Ascend from 
the water and climb up onto the platform.  Enter the passageway 
straight ahead.  Try to climb the stairs in the next room, but the 
assasin will scream "Burn, Aes Sedai!" and destroyed the stairs.  Turn 
around and you will see a passageway blocked by rubble.  Make your way 
over the rubble by means of the collapsed column.  Hit the switch on 
the other side, then go back to the room.  Notice the grating on the 
floor is gone, and water is revealed.  Time to go swimming!   Dive in!   
    Fall onto the underwater bridge and go straight:  you should see 
the way in front of you covered with bars.  There is a switch on the 
right wall near the bars.  Press it and the other side of the bridge 
will open up to reveal an underwater tunnel.  Use your Water Shield, as 
it will fight the current and keep you from drowning.  follow the 
underwater tunnel until you see a little window opening on the left 
wall.  Go through it and follow the tunnel for a Dart TA,  Go back to 
the main tunnel and keep on following it until you reach a fork in the 
tunnel.  Go right and grab the Water Shield TA, then continue to follow 
the tunnel until you reach a pool that has a large round tower thing in 
the middle, its the end.  Here is where you ascend out of the water.  
Make your way up to the top and you will be standing in a room with 
four little vault-like openings, two ladders and four switchs above the 
vaults that opens them.  Hear out the assasin's speech about mercy, 
then climb the ladder nearest to where you emerged and hit the first 
switch on the left.  Fall into the matching vault and there will be a 
Swap Places TA.  Get out, then re-climb the same ladder.  This time, 
hit the second switch on the right and fall into the vault.  There will 
be grating, and a minion on the other side of it.  Cast Swap Places on 
the Minion and laugh as you get back on the other side while the minion 
looks real stupid in that small vault.  Then continue down the 
passageway.  There is a ladder on the end on the left wall, climb it.  
     Go into the next room.  There is an obvious next entrance on the 
small stairs but notice the crumbling wall in the right corner.  Kill 
the Minion, then throw a fireball at the wall.  It will give way to a 
secret passage, explore back there, there is 2 fireballs, a heal, a 
dart, and a seeker.  Now go back and climb the stairs to the next 
entrance.  Go through the arches and kill the Minion on the other side.  
Look left and notice the blue flame.  Go towards it, down the stairs 
(get the decay TA) and turn right at the fork.  Follow the passageway 
to get a DArt TA.  Turn around and go the other way.  Notice the little 
white things flying around the altar.  Go towards it, but stay back a 
room.  Your in for some fun.
OH BOY! A BOSS!  Bust out with seeker as soon as you see it materialize 
on the altar.  He stays still for a minute so you should be able to get 
of 10 or so seekers.  He likes to make a wierd noise and then a valcano 
erupts under you so watch out.  When he charges you change to dart and 
open fire.  Hes not that hard.
As soon as he dies, run to where he was created, then look left.  There 
is a Dart TA, get it and folow the loop to get a Spirit Shield, 
Fireball, Seeker, and another Spirit Shield, which should leave you 
well stocked for...
He is pretty easy.  He likes Fireballs, so just strafe and hit him with 
rapidfire darts.  When you see a fireball coming, strafe and open fire.  
You can do it, try your best.

END OF MISSION (whew! Finally!)

2.4 Mission 4:  Escape from Shadar Logoth
-Stay alive until dawn when the citie's forces retreat.  Then you can 
-In the process, you can defend yourself and your troops, attempt to 
gather more Ter' Angreal, or search for the missing sisters and 

Enemies: Minion, Legion
TA: Chain Lightning, Seeker, Dart, Heal, Spirit Shield, Personal 
Shield, Earth Tremor, Decay

Mission Difficulty:
Enemies: ***
Im not giving you a walkthrough on this mission.  It's very fun, and 
you can do whatever you want.  There are so many different things you 
can do that I can't give you them all.  Keep Spirit Sheild up to defend 
against Mashadar Tentacles, and have fun! Dawn comes very quickly.

2.5 Mission 5: Saving the White Tower
- The main gate is not near, in fact, it is at the base of an adjoining 
tower.  The bridge to this tower extends from the Gallery.
-Fight your way through the Library, gain entrance to the Gallery, the 
cross to the adjoining tower.  Descend to the courtyard and make your 
way to the front gate.
-  Activate the mechanism in a chamber above.  It will close the Inner 

Enemies: Trolloc, Mydraal
TA:  Seeker, Fireball, Dart, Heal, Swap Places, Find Target, Chain 
Lightning, Personal Shield, Fire Shield, WhirlWind, Freeze, Explosive 
Ward, Levitate

Mission Difficulty: 

   You start the mission facing the fireplace. Turn around and grab the 
Fireball TA on the desk.  Go through the door on the left, not the one 
with the warders guarding it, and explore the room. You should find the 
Chain Lightning, Personal Shield, and Dart Ter'Angreals. Go back into 
the room you came from.  This time, take the other entrance, the one 
guarded by warders. Grab The Dart Ter'Angreal on the desk, and then go 
straight through the door.  Take a right, then a left.  Enter the 
library through the broken door.  Go all the way forward and help the 
warder kill the two trollocs.  This part is hard to write, so bear with 
me.  Make sure to grab the Chain Lightning Ter'Angreal by the Aes Sedai 
body.  Go back to the entrance of the room. Look forward, you should 
see a ruined staircase. Climb it for a Heal Ter'Angreal.  Now go back 
to the entrance again.  Turn right at the first bookshelf. Go around 
it, and you should see a stairway in the back of the bookcase, but do 
not climb it yet.  Go over to the second row of bookcases. Notice that 
the back three are collapsed.  Jump on them and get the Seeker 
Ter'Angreal.  Now go back and climb the stairs.  Kill the two trollocs 
waiting for you, then go left.  Take another sharp, immediate left for 
a Decay Ter'Angreal.  Go straight, then take a right between the 
shelves and kill the trolloc.  Go down between the shelves and trun 
left, there should be a hole in the floor.  Jump down it, then go 
straightt for a Seeker TA in the middle of the room, an Andilay Root to 
the the left, and a Dart TA behind the box to the right.  When you are 
done, climb over the collapsed bookshelf to get back to the 1st floor 
proper, where you started.  Go back up the stairs and back to the 
second floor.
    This time at the top of the stairs go right.  It may not look like 
much here, but this is the way.  Edge over on the left side, all the 
way, be careful not to fall.  Now see that the floor/platform in from 
of you by a bookcase with the Heal TA on in?  Notice that the floor is 
glowing red.  Those are Explosive Wards, and they hurt if you step on 
them.  Throw a fireball at them to make them blow up, then leap to the 
other side.   Pick up the Heal TA, then look to the far side.  You 
should see a trolloc body and more Explosive Wards.   Throw a Fireball 
at the explosive wards, then jump on the small railing that hangs out 
on your platform, it's very small.  now run on this and jump across to 
where the wards were.  There is an explosive ward Ter' Angreal, pick it 
up.  Go straight, then right.  Now you are about to fight your first 
Mydraal.  You hear him say "Look at me and know fear!" or "The Dark One 
Knows."  Before you actually see him.  Mydraals have the power to warp 
wherever they want, so watch out.  I like to dispatch them with Chain 
Lightning.  Dont let him get too close, dodge his darts from his 
crossbow,  and Cahin Lightning should eventually kill him.  Once he's 
gone,  grab the Dart Ter'Angreal.  Take the second right for a Decay 
Ter'Angreal.  Take the third right and go up the staircase.  There is 
one trolloc patrolling here, kill him.  Go left, and get the Find 
Target and Swap Places Ter'Angreal.  Now go to the collapsed door.  You 
should hear a trolloc fight a warder and then begin to snack on him.  
This is funny.  Cast Find Target, and step back from the door.  Now 
cast Swap Places.  The trolloc will be warped out of his snack and into 
the library, while you are home free.  Go right, and you should be at a 
very long catwalk.  There is a trolloc on the other side.  Kill it long 
distance style with Seeker, then cross the bridge.  At the end, go left 
and noticed the locked door.  Go left upon the next catwalk, descend 
the stairs and kill the trolloc inside the room.  Now back off and 
shoot the bow for a fireworks display, but make sure it doesnt hurt 
     Go through the room and to the other side, climb down the winding 
stairs.  There are two trollocs and one Mydraal in this area, kill them 
long distance via Seeker.  Go down the winding stairs to the courtyard-
like area with a big circle tower thing in the middle.  Go left to get 
a Fireball TA by the body of the Aes Sedai, then go back and climb the 
next set of winding stairs (make sure it's not the oone you just came 
from.)  Take a left and go up the small steps, and follow the chamber.  
You end up in a room with an andilay root on the far side, ,a key on a 
box, and the box over some Explosice Wards.   Back off,, shoot the box, 
the floor collapses into a lower room.  go around the hole, get the 
root, then fall in the hole.  BE VERY CAREFUL!! This next room has tons 
of goodies but it's full of fireworks and explosive wards, to touch one 
is death.  Go out of the room and kill the trolloc, take nothing from 
the room!  Now back off and shoot one fireball into the room.  BANG!  
See the perdy fireworks.  Go back in the room and grab the Key to the 
Gallery, a Seeker, two Fireballs, a Chain Lighning, a Personal Sheild, 
and a Whirlwind TA.  With your key, go back to the fisrt catwalk, 
waaaay back there, and unlock the door.
          First, go right under the staircase.  The gallery is 
essentially a huge spiralling tower.   Under the staircase you will 
find a Fireball TA.  Go back, then begin to climb the circling ramp.  
Get the Dart TA at the base of this.  Keep ascending the ramp until you 
get to the third floor.  To the right is a Fireball TA, to the left is 
a door.  Open the door, kill the Trolloc inside, and grab the Whirwind 
under the collapsed table.  Go back out and continue up the ramp.  On 
the next floor, look up the ruined stairs and pick off the two trollocs 
above.  Go back and go into the door on the left.  There is an Aes 
Sedai and a Freeze Ter'Angreal on the table.  Continue up the ramp and 
get the Levitate TA on the ramp.  Jump over the hole in the ramp and 
use Levitate in mid air.  Go to the door, walk out on the ruined 
bridge, and grab the Explosive Ward TA on it.  Go back and Levitate to 
the opposite side.  Continue up the ramp, and go into the next door on 
the left.  Kill the Trolloc and get the Chain Lightning on the bed.  Go 
back and continue to climb the ramp.  The next door on the left is a 
library, go up the ladder and get the Fireball TA, go back down the 
ladder and under that is another Levitate TA.  Exit the room, and use 
the Levitate to cross the pit.  Go through the entrance and onto the 
catwalk.  On the bridge is a Dart TA, dont miss it.  Open the door on 
the far side, then go right.  Kill the trolloc and get the Andilay Root 
and the Fireball.  GO left for another Fireball at the end.  Then go 
back to the door and enter the hallway.  Kill the trolloc patrolling 
your ramp and the one patrolling the lower ramp.  Go left for a Heal 
TA, then go back and go right.  There is a Chain Lightning TA and a 
Mydraal's body??????
Anyway, go forward and down the stairs.  Kill the trolloc at the base 
of these stairs.  Get the Fireball, then go down the next flight of 
stairs.   Go across the bridge, make sure to get the Personal Shield TA 
on it.  To through the arch at the end and right, down the stairs two 
flights.  Kill a trolloc if you encounter one, sometimes they patrol 
here.  Open the door and go to the center of the room.  A mydraal and a 
Trolloc attack you, kill the Trolloc first and then deal with the 
Mydraal.  There are several Andilay Roots in here in case you get in 
trouble.   When you are finished there, go through the door on the far 
    You are probably weak at this point from the previous part, so this 
part is a little tough. There are two trollocs in this thin room, on on 
either side of the doorway.  Strafe right and try to take one out 
quickly, then take out the next one.  In this room, there is a Fireball 
TA, a Dart TA, a Decay TA behind the table, and two andilay roots.  
Once youare finished, go through the next door.  Kill the trolloc in 
the next room and grab the Fireball TA by the Aes Sedai body.  Go 
though the next door and go down the steps to get the Seeker TA in the 
garden.  There are also four andilay roots down there.  WARNING!  There 
are three trollocs and a Mydraal above on the 2nd floor, and when they 
see you, they will jump down and attack.  This is very frustrating with 
the Mydraal, but you can kill them off eventually.  Go right when they 
all choke, and get the Ter'Angreal in the middle of the path.  Go 
around to a very similar garden.  Kill the trolloc, and there are four 
more Andilay roots down there.  When you are done, continue to encircle 
the gardens, then turn right halfway down the next passage.  Use the 
elevator to climb to the second floor.  From the elevator, go left and 
get the Fireball TA, then use the wheel mechanism right where the 
fireball was.  Continue to encircle the top go get a Chain Lightning 
and a Seeker TA.  When you are done you can just fall back to the first 
floor.  The wheel mechanism you turned raised the grate that blocked 
the door on the opposite garden( not the one you came from) so just 
enter there.  In the next room is a Dart TA, a Chain Lightning TA, and 
an Explosive Ward TA.  Get these, but turn around as a trolloc will 
jump from the top floor and attack.  Once that is done, enter the next 
room through the large door.  Go to the center of the room, a Mydraal 
appears and summons some trollocs.  Kill them all with the unique 
strategy I hope you have developed by now, if you get in trouble there 
are two Andilay roots in here.  Once the Mydraal is dead a Trolloc 
tears apart the door on the left.  Kill him and enter there, don't 
bother with the trollocs that come out the front as that is the front 
gate and they are unlimited.  Pull the switch to release one of the 
locks on the gate, and get the Dart TA on the bench.   Use the elevator 
and go up.  Go down the passage to your right, and kill the trolloc 
there.  At the end go right across the catwalk, go past the lighted 
hallway in the middle for now.  Kill the trolloc on the ramp to the 
right, then get the Firball TA on the ledge.  Go back to the lighted 
hallway and cross it, snatch the Fireball in the middle.  At the end 
take a left and walk along the catwalk, then take a right under the 
arch. Make sure to pick up the set of keys on the floor, then jump over 
the flames ( i hope you have some life.)   Go right, down the elevator, 
and hit the switch.  Go back up and enter the other passageway to the 
left.  Pull the switch and the gate will lower, the end and good night.

2.6 Mission 6: The Vault
-Invoke Tracer to discover the entrance to the vault.  Use Trap 
Detection, caution, and dexterity to keep from falling prey to the more 
mundane traps along the way.
-  The basements store many forgotten Ter'Angreal.  This would be a 
good time to build up your arsenal for later.
-Watch for traps that use the One Power.  Ancient defences woven into 
the White Tower could take any form.
-If you become lost, invoke Tracer to reveal the correct path.
-Find the Amyrlin and return the stolen Ter'Angreal to her.

Enemies: Yourself (reflection)
TA:  Fireball, Shift, Levitate, Dart, Seeker, Chain Lightning, Sever, 
Unravel, Heal, Decay, Fire Shield, Personal Shield

Mission Difficulty:
Enemies: *
Puzzles/Frustration: ****

   This level is all brains and no fighting, and you can become very 
easily lost in all the puzzles.  That's where I come to the rescue, so 
here we go.
   You start on a downward spiralling staircase, follow it down halfway 
and go in the first floor to emerge on the second floor.  Go right and 
blow up the boxes to get a Seeker  TA.  Continue on the bridge and when 
you get to the next room blow up the barrel for a Seeker and a Heal on 
the shelf.  When you are ready, fall off to the first floor and find a 
staircase/ladder leading up to the top of one of the bookshelves near 
the front of the room.  Go to the edge and jump onto the next bookshelf 
to the left.  Jump on to the box on the end.  From there, jump left 
onto the lamp-post, then jump onto the second floor.  Go left, jump on 
the tilted bookshelf to collapse it, get the Decay TA.  Go back to 
where you climbed up and go the other way.  Get the Seeker TA in the 
barrel, then activate your first Tracer.  Immediatly hit the switch on 
the wall and blow up the stained glasss window, and follow the tracker. 
Get the Explosive Ward, then look on the wall where there seems to be a 
lining.  It's a spinning wall/door, and the switch you pulled rotated 
it.  Wait for it to turn back and squeeze in before it shuts.
   First get the Trap Detector on the bench.  From now on, that should 
almost always be up. Blow up the boxes on the far side for a Seeker and 
a Chain Lighting.  Go left, down the staircase, but be careful, as the 
staris will collapse and there is a Trapdoor in the middle of the room.  
With this in mind, skirt the edges and go to the archway on the 
oppostie side.  There is a Spear Trap on the door, step in then 
retreat, and run in as it retracts.  Blow up the boxes for a Chain 
Lightning TA.  Exit the room, remember the Spear Trap, and go down the 
staircase on the other side.  Get the Levitae and Heal on the shealf, 
and blow up the boxes for a Personal Shield TA.  DO NOT GO DOWN THE 
STAIRS!!! Jump over them, then use levitate, do NOT touch them at any 
point as they will retract and throw you into the spears and explosive 
wards at the bottom.  Go over theses, then land.  At the base, go 
straight and ignore the rest of the room for now, go through the door.  
Go straight and blow up the boxes for a Sever TA, and the Personal 
Shield on the shelf to the right.  In the next room, go right but there 
is a large pit trap, find it and skirt the edges.  Blow up the 
makeshift wall with Air Pulse.  The next hallway is a dead in with five 
alcoves with TA, three to the right and two to the left.  The first one 
to the right has a Heal TA, the first room on the left has an Andilay 
root.  The second room on the right has a Seeker TA in the boxes, there 
is no second left door.  The third door on the right has a Trap 
Detector on the shelf.  The third door on the right has a Fire Shield 
TA, which you need. Go back and go to the other side of the pit where 
you came from.  Blow up the boxes for an Explosive Ward.  Go left and 
Fireballs start coming out of the far wall.  Use Fire Shield and get to 
the far side, hit the switch and go through the grating it opened.  You 
are back in the room with the Explosive Wards and the spears.  Feel 
free to look around, when you are done enter the far archway.  This is 
the Room from Hell.  You have to make your way in between explosive 
wards, pit traps, and spears.  Save, then keep trying until you reach 
the far side, always have trap detector up.  At the far side, open the 
door.  This is the Room of the Dancing Fireballs.  Go past where the 
fireballs are, time it carefully and go to the other side.  In one of 
the rooms is a Fireball TA you need.  Cross back to the other side, 
watch out for a pit trap.  Go to the next room, and destoy all the 
explosiive wards with fireball.  Now it's just a matter of corssing to 
the other side while avoiding Spears and Pitfalls.  In the next 
chamber, go down the small staircase and get Sever in the boxes and a 
Tracer on the table, take the second right and get the Levitate TA.
    Now you go ALLLLL The Way Back to the room where you levitated over 
the spears.  This time stand as high as you can on the ramp in the 
front and use levitate to cross to the bookshelf, then jump to the 
other side with stained glass windows.  Go right and in that room there 
is a Sever and a Fireball.  Exit and go the other way, get the Shift.  
Step on the staircase and it collapses, there is a pit at the base, 
jump quickly.  Your back in the room with the Levitate, oh yay.  Go 
down the staircase and shift through the grating.
      Go right, but the fireballs start in the hallway you are on.  No 
Fire Shield needed, just dodge them and duck into the alcoves.  The 
first one has a Heal TA in the boxes and a Soul Barb on the shelf.  The 
next one has Fire Shield, but save it.  Go to the end of the hallway 
and duck into the bookshelf, destroy the wall with Dart.  Use Fire 
Shield to cross the flames and go right.  In the boxes there is a Heal.  
In the next room the door closes behind you, collect the TA around 
here.  When you are ready, grab the Fireball in front of the mirror on 
the first floor.  You have to fight an image of yourself here.  
Immediatly use Sould Barb and Decay, then finish her with dart.  When 
she falls, the mirror breaks and you can walk through, go right to see 
the Amyrlin.
END OF MISSION (that wasnt so hard was it?)

2.7 Mission 7: The Ways
-There is a waygate at the excavation site in the borderlands, but it 
is distant.  The Black Wind would find you long before you reached it.
-Use the Waygates along the path as safehouses. Exit the ways through 
them, and wait as long as you can on the other side so that Machin Shin 
will drift away, then reenter and run to the next.  By skipping from 
Waygate to Waygate, you may avoid the touch of Machin Shin.
-Keep watch for fleeing Black Ajah traitors or any other shadowspawn.  
Remeber that Machin Shin doesn't discriminate.
-Who knows what artifacts you might find left behind by some unlucky 
-Travel to the Waygate that leads to the Borderlands and stay alive.

Enemies:  Trolloc, BA Trolloc, Black Sister, Minion, Legion
TA:  Heal, Freeze, Dart, Seeker, Decay, Chain Lightning, Fireball, 
Earth Tremor, Personal Shield, Spirit Shield, Fire Shield, Light Sphere

Mission Difficulty:

	You start facing three gratings, pull the switch on the right to 
open the grating on the right.  Go through and get the Heal TA on the 
shelf, then climb the laddder backwards and jump onto the drawer for a 
Freeze TA.  Jump down and go back up the ladder.  At the top, go right 
and on the shelf there is a pouch containing a Seeker TA and a Decay 
TA.  Turn around and blow up the first set of boxes for an Explosive 
Ward TA and a Fireball TA.  Blow up the boxes on the far end of the 
room for a Fork TA.  Descend the next ladder.  Blow up the boxes for a 
Personal Shield Ter'Angreal, the next set of boxes for Chain Lightning, 
Earth Tremor, and Fire Shield TAs.  Go all they way back to the first 
room via the ladders.  This time go forward and hit the switch to open 
the grate.  To the left is a garden with two Andilay roots at the top 
of the hill, to the right is a garden with the Waygate.  Enter the 
Waygate to enter the Ways.
    If you get lost in here, the key is to follow the white lines on 
the floor. I'll help you through.
    Go straight and follow the white line a while until you hear a lady 
scream "You'll never leave the Ways!"  and attack you.  This is your 
first Dark Sister.  Fire several Decays at her, then avoid her 
completely and you will hear her die.  Find her body and take the Light 
Sphere TA, it should ALWAYS be up from now on.  Go past where you 
killed the Black Sister and find the next white line at a post. When 
you come to a hole in the path, go right and use the small platform to 
jump to the other side.  Continue up the stairs, then down the next 
stairway. Jump over the rubble and go around the hole to the right, 
find a post with a dead trolloc by it.  Follow the line and go down the 
spiralling ramp that it leads to.  The Wind is coming at this point, so 
run. Find the post and follow the line that leads left.  Run on it, 
stay close as there are many holes, and break through the next Waygate 
before Machin Shin claims your soul.  
    It throws you in the Blight, probably the worst of all places they 
could have thrown you.  Follow the pathway, don't touch any of the 
trees.  Kill all of the trollocs and follow the path until you see a 
trolloc fort.  Enter it and kill all the trollocs, then go to the upper 
right passageways and a staircase up.  There are several of these, find 
the one with a Levitate TA and a key on the floor.  Go back to the main 
room, but WATCH OUT as there is a BA Trolloc there now.  These things 
just don't die, kill it with Decay and stay away from it until it 
finally drops.  Go to the passage on the left side of the main chamber, 
it should be elevated.  Open the door on the end with a key, and follow 
the hallways until you see a switch, pull it, then re-enter the main 
chambers.  A wall would have lifted, go through it and follow the path 
until you reach a bridge that has collapsed.  Levitate over it, then 
re-enter the waygate.  
    Find your way back to the post you turned at and go straight on the 
white line, make sure your not going backwards.  Go over the hill.  
When you reach a gap in the ways, use the rubble bridge to jump over 
it, then jump off the high ledge.
    Go straight, follow the white line until you reach a post with a 
mutilated trolloc.  Run at this point straight, with the white line.  
Machin Shin is coming again. Enter the waygate that you find, it will 
dump you in Shadar Logoth.   
    Just Great!  This level has dumped you into the three Worst Places 
on Earth.  Legion is back and badder than ever, you can't kill him.  
Get Spirit shield and wait till the tentacles stop, watch out for 
Minions that may attack you from nowhere. You must get the Levitate on 
the step in front of you. To surviive, just shoot the skulls Legion 
throws three times each with dart and they dissapear.  Do this until 
Machin Shin leaves and re-enter the waygate.
     Once back inside, find the post again and follow the white line 
leading left, you should be facing platforms with Explosive Wards.  
Shoot them with fireball to get rid of them, then Levitate over to the 
other side.  Keep following the line, get the Heal and the Swap Places 
TA.  Keep going, and guarding the final waygate is none other than 
another Black Ajah Sister and her trollocs.  Deal with the trollocs 
quick if you can, but if you hear the wind coming, cast Swap Places on 
the Black sister as she stands in front of the Waygate and does not 
move.  Go through the door and leave the sister and her trollocs to the 
mercy of the Black Wind (yeah right.)

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