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Wipeout 3 FAQ Version 0.1a (Alpha)
by Strider VM ([email protected])

One thing, if you have a conscience, please refrain from ripping others work,
it hurts a lot of people and in the end your just fooling others and yourself.

Comments, additions, corrections, tips or anything can be sent to [email protected]

Wipeout 3(tm) - Psygnosis 1999 

New versions (if any) can be found at -
You can visit the official Wipeout 3 page at -


Q. You're too early to make an FAQ in this game....

A. Actually, my FAQ's based on a leaked European Version of the game,
   so the features of the US and European may NOT be the same.

Q. It is better than Wipeout XL?

A. I can't really say so, since I haven't played Wipeout XL.



I. Game Explanation
II. Main Menu
III. The Teams 
IV. The Tracks/Courses
V. Weapons/Items
VI. Extra Things

I. Game Explanation

Wipeout 3 is the third game (duh) in the series after Wipeout XL. (huh?)
Unfortunately, I haven't played Wipeout XL, so I'll compare it to Wipeout,
It is a lot faster and it looks like the resolution is better.
The frame rate is the same as Wipeout, although sometimes at certain parts
comes slowdown.

The game playes like more of an arcade more than anything else.

(I also noticed that the vertical resolution is somewhat higher than a normal TV.)

II. Main Menu

After the introduction movie, you will be taken to the language selection screen,
after selecting your language, the main menu will appear.

Single Race = You can practice in this mode for the Tournament mode.

Time Trial - New Time Trial
           - Load time Trial = Load your saved best times.

Challenge - Race Challenge = Finish first at every race.
          - Time Challenge = Finish the track before time runs out.
          - Weapon Challenge =

Eliminator - Choose from 1 to 99 Targets =

Tournament - 

Options - Game - Game View - External,Cockpit,Internal = Choose the camera view. 
               - Opponents - Off,4,8,12 = You can specify the number of opponents.

          Controller = You can set up the buttons to your liking.
          Audio = You can set the music to random and adjust the volume.
          Video = You can adjust the X and Y axis position of the screen.
          Records = View your records.
          Load/Save = Load or save your settings/records.

III. The teams (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)

Pirhana Advancements - Thrust = 3
                     - Manueverality = 4
                     - Shield Energy = 2 

Icaras        - Thrust = 5
(Hidden Team) - Manueverality = 2
              - Shield Energy = 2

Auricom - Thrust = 
        - Manueverality = 
        - Shield Energy = 

Assegai Developments - Thrust = 3
(Hidden Team)        - Manueverality = 5
                     - Shield Energy = 1

Goteki 45 - Thrust = 2
 	  - Manueverality = 3
          - Shield Energy = 5

AG Systems International - Thrust = 4
(Hidden Team)            - Manueverality = 3
                         - Shield Energy = 2

Qirex Research and Development - Thrust = 4
(Hidden Team)                  - Manueverality = 2
                               - Shield Energy = 3

Feisar - Thrust = 1
       - Manuevarality = 4
       - Shield Energy = 4

IV. The Tracks/Courses

This tracks are available at the start of the game.

Porto Kora = Length - 3.39
           = Cirtuit Record - 2:01.78
           = Lap Record  - 1:00.80
             (The easiest track, nothing special.)

Mega Mall = Length - 2.20
          = Cirtuit Record - 2:33.84
          = Lap Record - 1:14.33
            (Slightly harder than Porto Kora.)

Sampa Run = Length - 4.88
          = Cirtuit Record - 2:27:80
          = Lap Record - 1:13.32
            (Lots of twist and turns.)

Stanza Inter = Length - 3.48
             = Cirtuit Record - 2:08.28
             = Lap Record - 1:00.76
               (Has less twist and turns than Sampa Run, but the turns are more steep,
               it's best to use the Auto-Pilots in this course.)

Terminal = (Hidden Track)

Manor Top = (Hidden Track)

High Fumii = (Hidden Track)
P-Mar Project = (Hidden Track)

V. Weapons/Items

Auto-Pilot = Self-Explanatory, best used on tracks that has a lot of turns. A timer will
             count down in seconds until it disengages.

Cloak = Prevents your opponents to target your craft.

Energy Drain = When fired, the energy drain locks on to the nearest craft. If connected,
               it will drain the opponents shield and transfer it back to you craft.

Force Wall = Makes a laser-type wall that will stop anyone except your own craft.

Gravity Shield = This will safe-guard you craft from losing more energy.

Mines = It is relased from the back of the craft, damaging the opponents behind,
        but it can be destroyed by Rockets and Quake Disruptors.

Multi-Missiles = It is target the nearest opponent in a short period of time.

Plasma Bolt = They must be charged up before firing, it cannot follow the opponent,
              But if its connect, the opponent will be destroyed. If you get hit with 
              one of this, it's game over!

Quake Disruptor = This weapon will disrupt the track in your front, sending your opponents
                  in the sky. 

Reflector = This can bounce back an attack towards its source. 

Rocket = The same as multi-missiles, but does not follow the enemy.
VI. Extra Things

 - If you put the Wipeout 3 CD in a normal CD player, there are 14 tracks, in which,
   13 are playable.

 - This FAQ is really,really early, it will be updated with the hidden tracks, teams, etc.

FAQ, 1999 Strider VM

----------==============End of File==============----------       

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