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		By:The new guy with a computer,PAYCO.

  Hi! My name is PAYCO, I'm new here, so this is my first job,I'll do  
  more in the future.Here are Strategies and cheats for one of the most 
  exiting racing games in the PSX,WipEout.I'll give you some tips to 
  handle every track and every vehicle in this game. I think that with 
  this strategies you can qualify all the tracks and reach the Rapier 
  class* without cheating. 
*Rapier class:The second class in the game,in this class the craft is 
	      faster and the tracks take new cooler looks.

 Now let's start with the basics:
  Handling the craft:

 The way all the tracks in this game go,you must know what awaits you every   
 time or you'll always hit the walls.One thing you must know is that the
 racers control just like an airplane.

 When going down hills,press up on the D-pad to keep your max speed,this
 brings the ship's nose down.Same goes for going up hill,in this case you 
 must press down to pull the craft's nose up.

 One thing that you must handle to the maximum in this game is the air
 brakes.There's nothing more embarassing than being first place in a race
 and hitting the wall in a closed turn because of not knowing how to use 
 the air brakes.

 The best thing that you must know is to learn where is every turbo boost,
 specialy the doubles and triples.
  This game has four Racing Teams,each with two different vehicles.
  Here is the Statistics of every craft:
   Team      |  Accel.   |Top Speed |Mass      |Turning Circle| 
  |AG Systems|------->7  |---->4    |---->4    |------>6      |
  |          |           |          |          |              |
  |Auricom   |---->4     |-->2      |------->7 |---->4        |
  |          |           |          |          |              |
  |Quirex    |-->2       |------->7 |------>6  |-->2          |
  |          |           |          |          |              |
  |FEISAR    |------>6   |-->2      |-->2      |------->7     |

AG System: The second best car if you are not a begginer because you must
	   know very well each track to get the maximum out of this baby.

Auricom: Not too much to talk about this one,the only good thing is the
	 acceleration and the turning circle,but if you are a begginer 
	 this is a good choice.

Quirex: It's an animal! If you are a master in this game,I'm sure this is
	your craft.It's hard to handle but you better start with the easy
	ones to graduate to drive this wild thing.

FEISAR: The best ship for begginers.It's great handling makes it perfect 
	for the Venom class*.

*Venom class:The easy class in the game,you better pass it to get to the
	     majors,the Rapier Class.


To beat this you can't just know how to race and drive at top speed,
 it sure helps,but you must know how to use the weapons to be No.1.
 Here they are:

Shield : It protects you from getting beaten up by another craft,just for
	  a couple of seconds.

Turbo Boost: Ah! My favorite,this takes you above the maximum speed for
	     a moment.(Try it when you are at the top of a tall hill,
	     it's great!)

Mines: If there's someone at your back and you have this,you better drop it
       because they slow down the affected craft with each hit and you can
       get lost from it.

Shock Waves: When affected by a Shock Wave, the craft stall,shake and 
	     be difficult to control for a period of time.

Rockets: This are the most difficult to aim because they fire only in
	 a straight line.They slow down the craft on impact.

Missiles: This are similar to rockets,but with the heat
	  seeking capability.(Very cool!)
Now let's get technical,here is each track with their respective 
characteristics,strategies and a little optional information about them:

The first one,Altima VII...

	This track is the easiest,this one is to get you prepared for the 
	next tracks.I recommend you to play this track for a week just to
	handle your vehicle to the maximum.For me,the best way to beat any
	track is to memorize every turn,Weapons grid and Turbos on the
	track.To beat every track just practice and practice every day.   

Facts about Altima VII:

Location: Canada

Length: 5.5 Km 

Max Height: 359 M (The highest,it has three big hills)

Surface: R3600 Racing Std.

 The second one,Karbonis V...

       The only problem in this track is the tunnel and those darn rolling 
       hills at the end of the track,but when you get the feel of the turns
       it gets easy.The best place to use a Turbo Boost is in the long
       straightaway in the track,just be prepared for the close left turn
       at the end.Like in all the tracks just learn where the weapons and
       turbos are to be the first.

Facts about Karbonis V:

Location: Japan

Length: 3.4 Km (The shortest one)

Max Height: 107 M 

Surface: Reclaimed Titanium

 The third track, Terramax...

	This track is so cool.I just love the part when you fly over the
	water.Like in almost all the tracks,the problem in this track is the 
	tunnel.One thing that is crucial in this track is not hitting the 
	wall at the start and at the end of the tunnel.If you can pass it 
	at high speed without hitting the wall,you are starting looking like
	a pro.Another essential thing for winning is to hit the triple
	turbo boost and to gun down some of the leaders in the race.I'm sure
	that this and the practice will make you No.1.

Facts about Terramax:

Location: Germany

Length: 4.1 Km

Max height: 121 M

Surface: F3600 Racing Std.


  The fourth track,Horodera...

	One of the longest tracks of the game.This track requires a lot 
	of concentration and it's very difficult to remember.One thing
	that you must have in mind is that you must time very well
	each turn in this track to not hit the wall.In the second tunnel,
	(just after the two triple turbos)you must enter in a turning angle
	to hit the turbos and not hit the wall.One essential thing is 
	hitting the two triple turbos,to do this hit the first ones in 
	a slight right angle.The best place to hit a turbo boost is at the
	start of the second tunnel or if you want some excitment,hit it
	at the top of the big jump.

 Facts about Horodera: 
Location: Russia

Length: 5.4 Km

Max height: 210 M
Surface: Carbonic Iron


 The fifth track,Aridos IV...

	The worst track for me,because this track is slow.It's full of
	super jumps,hills and lack of turbos.There's not much to tell
	about this track,but here I go...First,one essential thing is 
	to take the right in the second split,this place is full of turbos 
	and the computer almost never takes it and I'm sure you're going
	to advance one place every time you pass through it.Remember to 
	pull up the nose of the ship to not loose speed.The best place to 
	hit a turbo boost is in the satraightaway at the end of the track.

 Facts about Aridos IV:

 Location: USA

 Length: 6.04 Km (The second longest)

 Max height: 245 M

 Surface: Blasted sandstone


  The sixth and last track SILVERSTREAM...

	If you feel frustrated don't play on this track,because you're
	going to end crashing your T.V. and smashing your PSX,trust me.
	You must be a pro to beat this track and be a perfect with the  
	air brakes.First of all,to beat this track you must studied first 
	and make an easier rute for yourself,then you must start searching
	for timing in the turns and practice a lot with the air brakes,when 
	you get the feeling of the turns and know your route and know where
	is every turbo,then you're ready for start practicing for the big 
	race.The only thing that I can tell you is that the best way to 
	win is with a flawless race and a perfect execution of the air 

 Facts about SILVERSTREAM:

 Location: Greenland

 Length: 6.4 Km (The longest)

 Max height: 232 M (I just hate those blind hills)

 Surface: Artificial Crystal

 The secret track,Firestar...

	You must play in this track,It's so cool! I love this track because
	it's a little difficult,but it's very cool to play at the same time. 
	The best thing of this track is that it has a lot of weapons grids,
	turbos and tall jumping hills.The strategy to beat this track is to
	get used to those turns with the air brakes,never loose the turbos
	(specially the doubles and triples) and make your own route to pass 
	faster and easier.The best place to hit the turbo boost is in the
	straightaway in the end.(Like in almost all the tracks)

  Facts about Firestar:


  Length: 6.3 Km

  Max height: 198 M

  Surface: Unknown


1)Access Rapier class:

	Highlight "one player"
	Hold L2,R2,L,Start and Select.Then press X

2)Access Firestar(the secret hidden track): 

	Highlight "one player"
	Hold L1,R1,Right,Start,Square and Circle.Press X
	Firestar should be at the bottom of the track list.

3)Turbo start:

	Is achieved by having the red rev bar on the second line from the end
	when the announcer says "go".Best way is to press accelerate as the
	orange light comes on(possibly slightly different depending on the 
	vehicle)or in the middle of the announcer saying "one".

4)Infinite Racing:

	While crossing the finishing line,use air brakes to steer hard and do  
	a 180,so that you cross it backwards.
	This will allow you to continue racing and catch up.

	Well,I think this is all you need to know to beat all the tracks
	and be No.1.


	PAYCO..................................strategy guide
	Warbird's PSX codes & cheats Rev.5.....cheats 

	For questions e-mail me at: 103446,1526

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