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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GT2 CARS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stallion SR - Speedcraft Racelabs
C-Class Rank 30
	Based around the Ellipse six-liter V8 engine, the Stallion SRpushes 400 
 at 6000 RPM.  Unusual for the car is that the rear wheels are set slightly 
apart than the front wheels, offering a bit more
stability.  The Stallion weighs in at 1200kgs, and has 18" rims,
Velocity tires 315mm wide, and 330mm Salem brakes.  The Stallion
is an aggressive beast, though a bit more difficult to control than the

B-Class Rank 27
	Due to some recent price cuts, the techs were able to switch to
Meridian's 355mm tires, improving the handling considerably. 
They've also managed to modify the head design, and changed the
fuel mixture a bit, yielding an increase in horsepower of 42.

A-Class Rank 21
	Never satisfied, the crew has reduced the weight of the Stallion to
1150kgs. by changing out heavier metal parts for pieces made of a
lighter composite material.  They've incorporated 332mm PFR brakes
for better stopping power, 375mm wide Compound tires, and made
further engine refinements, boosting the horsepower to 488.
Rage 512 EVO - Kohr Racing
C-Class Rank 30
	The Rage 512 features a Rage Twin-Turbo 3.6L F6 engine, with an
output of 395 horses at 8000 RPM.  The wheelbase is a bit shorter
than the Stallion, and its wheels are set more evenly apart.  Riding on
18' Velocity 315mm tires, and 300mm Salem brakes, the Rage is
pretty evenly matched with the Stallion.  However, the Rage is a bit
easier to control, sacrificing just a pit of power for drivability.

B-Class Rank 26
	Not wanting to risk making too many changes, the mechanics in
Kohr's garage have only swapped out a couple of parts, improving
airflow and the fuel mixture, adding 44 horsepower.

A-Class Rank 20
	Pushing one last run for the gold, the techs have eliminated all
redundant parts to lighten the Rage about 30kgs.  As well, they've
upgraded the turbo intercooler and the exhaust, ending up with 485
Elan Swift TT - Viewpoint
C-Class Rank 29
	Sporting a nearly identical setup to the Rage 512, the Swift's V8
engine has a little more horsepower, boasting 410 horses at 7500
RPM.  The car has a lower, wider profile, and is longer than the Rage
or the Stallion.  Other than that, the Swift has the same brakes and
wheels as the Rage, but is a bit lighter at 1150kgs.  

B-Class Rank 25
	Looking to squeeze as much power out of the engine as they could,
Viewpoint tinkered with the fuel injection, manifold, and the exhaust,
and got an extra 37 horses for their efforts

A-Class Rank 18
	Wanting to maintain an edge, the Viewpoint boys went back to the
garage.  They're reduced parts and lowered the weight to 1100kgs. 
They've polished the ports, replaced the intercooler, and adjusted the
fuel mixture for a boost to 480 horsepower.  Finally, needing a bit
more stopping ability, they changed to 331mm Claw brakes.
Reeds R12 Manta - Reeds Racing
C-Class Rank 28
	At 6000 RPM, this Reeds 5.7 liter V8 engine can build 415
horsepower, excellent for a car in its class.  It's a very short car, and
weighs only 1150 kgs.  It's 18" rims are set evenly apart, clad in
315mm Velocity tires, and stopped by 331mm Claw brakes.  An
all-around terrific vehicle.

B-Class Rank 24
	The Goldsmith family is known for being perfectionists, as the Manta
would soon learn.  They've changed to 300mm Salem brakes, as well
as swapping out the Velocity tires for the 355mm Meridian model. 
Lastly, they've juiced up the engine a bit, squeezing out another 25

A-Class Rank 19
	Money being no object when faced with losing, they've moved to even
wider Compound tires, at 375mm.  Even more engine refinements are
made, replacing the computer chip, and managing to increase the
horsepower to 485.  Finally, better brakes are needed to stop the rig,
so they've opted for PFR's 332mm units.
Ram Venom GTR - Eurospec
B-Class Rank 23
	"Throw a bigger engine at it," is the motto at Ram, and you would
 expect no less out of their vehicle.  The Venom has a whopping 8 liter
10 engine, pushing the limits of technology at 450 horses in only 
5700 RPM.  The Venom has a 6-speed transmission, 18" wheels with
375mm Compound tires, and 332mm PFR brakes.

A-Class Rank 16
	Overall, the Eurospec team has been very happy with the Venom, but
they have made a few modifications to raise another 45 horses.
Furio LS - Totalsport
B-Class Rank 22
	Sharing engine platforms with the Manta, the Furio has a slightly
bigger, 6 liter engine, capable of 450 horsepower at 6200 RPM. 
However, the Furio is a 6-speed model, longer and thinner than its
cousin.  Like the rest of it's class, it has 18" wheels, and has chosen
375mm Compound tires, matched with 331mm Claw brakes.

A-Class Rank 17
	The Totalsport team has discovered some interesting tuning options
for the Furio's engine, giving it another 40 horses to work with. 
They've also switched to PFR's 332mm brakes to help bring her to a

EXR Challenger - Elite
A-Class Rank 15
	Few people have gotten close enough to the Challenger to find out
what's sparking under the hood.  Reports say that she's packing a 4.1
liter V8 engine, and a whopping 500 horses.  She's extremely light at
only 1100 kgs., using a combination of Compound tires and PFR
brakes on it's 18" rims.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GT2 TEAMS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Speedcraft Racelabs is helmed by Skip Keller, former movie star
turned owner. Based in Hollywood, California, USA, Speedcraft has
yet to secure a win even after five years of intense competition.
They're looking to you to give them a winning season. 

New to the GT2 circuit, Carlos Garcia is trying to make a name for
Mexico City's Kohr Racing. Established as one of racing's "good
guys," Carlos wants you to bring excitement to the team. 

Giovanni Rosseti owns Viewpoint Autoparts, and showcases their
wares via his Viewpoint racing team throughout Italy. Rosseti is well
respected and has proven his team has what it takes to win. 

Australia's Reeds Racing is headed by Reginald Goldsmith. While the
Goldsmith family is already famous for motorcycle racing, "Reg" has
broken out of the mold and is taking GT racing by storm. 

Discontent with operations at Lassiter, Benoit Fehdrau left to create
the Eurospec racing team out of France. Quickly rising to become a
fan favorite, you should be cautious racing for Eurospec. Lassiter
takes a great disliking to folks that have raced for Fehdrau.

Totalsport used to race the GT1 circuit, but when financial problem
plagued the team, Miguel Cavalara was forced to race strictly GT2.
Renowned for treating his drivers like kings, Totalsport boasts some
of the hottest GT2 cars. 

England's own Elizabeth Carlisle started Elite as hobby, making kit
cars for racing fanatics. But business has been booming and now
Elizabeth owns the team that all the investors are vying for. Sporting
cars that are nearly GT1 class, Elite is on the fast track to success. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GT1 CARS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hayai N70 - Team Nebo
C-Class Rank 30
	The N70 features a Hayai 3.5 liter Twin Turbo V8 engine, capable of
530 horses at 6500 RPM.  It's 19" wheels sport a quartet of Velocity
315mm tires, and 381mm Salem brakes.  Weighing in at 1100kgs.,
it's strictly built to get the job done.

B-Class Rank 13
	With money as no object, Team Nebo has managed to further refine
the N70, lowering body weight by 70 kgs., and making some engine
modifications to increase horsepower another 35 units.

A-Class Rank 8
	Fast approaching the limits of the machine, they've replaced nearly
every non-essential part with composite materials, further reducing it's
weight to 960kgs.  As well, they've managed to eke out another 35
horsepower, for an overall 600 horses.

Lancer Scorcher GT - Victorysmith
C-Class Rank 30
	Lancer has outfitted the Scorcher with an enormous 7.0 liter V12
engine, with 500 horsepower at 7000 RPM under the hood.  It's
smaller overall than the N70, in both size and and it's slim 1030kgs. 
The Scorcher has 375mm Compound tires on its 19" wheels, with
braking aided by 382mm Claw brakes.

B-Class Rank 13
	Realizing that it's hard to win races when the car is guzzling gas, the
techs have modified the fuel mixture, managing to earn another 70
horsepower.  In the process, they've also reduced body weight about
10 kilos.  Finally, needing a little more braking power, they've switched
to Claw's 383mm model.

A-Class Rank 7
	Needing to further lower the cars weight, Victorysmith has replaced
the heavy metal parts with new-age plastics, yielding a loss of another
55kgs.  As well, they've adjusted the timing, gaining 30 more
horsepower in the process.

Elan Scorpion - Sage Autosport
C-Class Rank 14
	Elan has opted for a Reeds 4.0 liter Turbo V8 engine to push the
Scorpion, with an output of 530 horses when running at 7100 RPM. 
Weighing in at 1050kgs., the car is moved along by Meridian 355mm
tires on it's 19" rims, and stopping is aided by 383mm Claw brakes. 
The car is just lightly wider at the back wheels than in front, and is
longer than the Nebo and Victorysmith offerings.

B-Class Rank 12
	Taking advantage of an updated computer chip for the engine, the
Sage techs manage to grab another 40 horses.  As well, they've
stripped out some redundant parts to lower overall body weight by
40kgs.  As a result of being approached by the PFR marketing team
and offered a steep discount, the Scorpion is now using 383mm PFR

A-Class Rank 6
	After finding an obscure problem with the air intakes, the team eked
out ever more horsepower, for a total of 600.  To further reduce the
weight of the Scorpion, they've replaced all non-essential parts with
plastic alternatives.  She now tips the scales at 950kgs.  Also, they've
switched to 20" rims, with 375mm Compound tires.

McCloud F-Type - Lassiter
B-Class Rank 11 
	Fitted with a mammoth Bouche 5.9 liter V12 engine, the F-Type
generates 570 horsepower at only 6900 RPM.  At 1000 kilos, it's
about as heavy as other cars in it's class, with similar proportions to
the Elan Scorpion.  Sporting 375mm Compound tires on it's 19"
wheels, and 383mm PFR brakes, the F-Type has the distinction of
being one of the first 7-speed vehicles on the circuit.

A-Class Rank 5 
	With bigger 20" rims, and a significant (70 kilo) weight reduction, the
new F-Type has just about everything Lassiter needed.  Still not
satisfied, they went back to the shop, and labored until they added 30
more horses to the beast.
Panzer Batraye GT - SSD Competition
B-Class Rank 10 
	Looking more like a superhero transport than a race car, the Batraye
has an Ellipse 6.0 liter V8 engine.  No flaming exhaust, but the car can
push 570 horses at 6400 RPM.  Other features include the 20"
wheels, 375mm Compound tires, 382mm Claw brakes, and an overall
weight of just 1000kgs.

A-Class Rank 4 
	Not to be outdone by other cars emerging on the circuit, SSD has
modified the Ellipse engine to accommodate 600 horses, and
reduced the weight to 900kgs through the employment of some
lighter, but much more expensive part, made of a space-age polymer.
Rage 996 GTR - Boss Racing
B-Class Rank 9 
             Fueled by a relatively small Rage Twin-Turbo 3.2 liter F6 engine, the
996 creates 570 horses in 8000 RPM.  It's light, weighing only 990
kilos, and rests on 20", 275mm Compound tires.  Braking is achieved
through 383mm PFR brakes.

A-Class Rank 3 
             Fearing unbeatable competition from M-K and Excalibur, the team at
Boss Racing pulled out the stops, lowering the weight of the 996 to a
total of 900kgs, and increasing horsepower to 600.          

M-K Phantom - Meiden-Krauss
A-Class Rank 2 
	Bettered only by the Mystic, the Phantom uses a custom
Meiden-Krauss 6.0 liter V8 engine, capable of 600 horsepower at
7000 RPM.  A seemingly average car, the Phantom has pulled off
some amazing times, with average 375mm Compound tires on it's
19" rims, and PFR 383mm brakes.

EXR Mystic - Excalibur LTD.
A-Class Rank 1
	Rumored to be the result of top-secret government technology, the
Mystic is power-personified.  It's ultra-light at only 600kgs., despite a
huge 8.0 liter V12 engine.  Not much else is known of the Mystic, other
than the obvious ... 20" wheels, Compound tires.  What is known,
however, is that Excalibur is looking for a new driver.

Falcon Interceptor - Boss Racing
A-Class (((To race this car read below in the helpful hints)))
	The Interceptor is legend.  The car is devastating to the other vehicles
in the circuit, but no one has been close enough to get any sort of
information on it.  Speculation abounds, questions are plentiful, but
answers are hard to come by.  Where did it come from ... and how can
you drive it?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~GT1 TEAMS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Money has it's advantages, as Team Nebo and Ichikawa San have
proven. His father is a wealthy banker, and Ichikawa is more than
happy to help spend his father's money. No love for the race here ...
it's all about the money. 

Colm O'Leary is an Irishman through and through, and although
suffering some financial problems, O'Leary refuses to move
Victorysmith from his home. Possibly with heavier investing or a solid
driver, this team could win it all this year. 

You wouldn't know it to look at him, but Franchiti Vegnati has
assembled a powerhouse team in Sage Autosport. They have the
best car and crew in all of Italy, a winning record, and are simply
looking for the right driver to bring home the gold. 

In this business, rivalries run deep. Lassiter's owner, Kenneth
McAllister has had many team members lured away by Eurospec,
instigated by his former Crew Chief. He's looking for a loyal driver,
and one that can bring this original GT1 team back to it's former glory.

Brain McKenzie can't understand why SSD Competition is winning on
the race track, but losing in the showroom. Lately, the so-called
"competition" has been stiff, and SSD is looking for a driver that can
prove that Canada is superior by winning it all. 

Seattle, Washington's Boss Racing has an incredible budget, thanks
to the efforts of Stan McCammon. Formed originally as an investment,
Stan is quickly learning the pride that comes from being the best. 

When you're born into winning racing tradition, it tends to inflate the
ego. But don't tell that to Martin Gottlieb, owner of Meiden-Krauss. He
knows he's a winner, Germany knows he's a winner, now he needs a
driver to help prove it to the rest of the world. 

There are few mysteries in the world of Racing, save for Excalibur
LTD. Boreth Plunger came from nowhere with the Mystic, and has
leapt to the top of the circuit. Few drivers can handle the power of the
Mystic, but that hasn't stopped their owner from looking.


There aren't too many codes except for:
The all pink cars code:
Just type in IGN64 at the screen where you type in your name in the Championship 

Mirrored tracks:
Press Z to choose a track at the track selection screen in quick race or versus 

Another code that really isn't a code that is in the manual is:
Press Z button when choosing a teams car in Championship Mode or in Quick Race 

All GT2 Circuit cars:
 Press Z, Right, Z(3), B, C-Down, A, Right, Start on controller two at the teams,
 event select, save game, or main menu screens. All cars will be unlocked at the 
 Circuit team selection screen. Note: No experience points will be gained and the
 same number of Gold Cups still are needed to unlock events.
 All cars and tracks:
 Begin a new championship mode and enter RACES THE BEST as a name. Then,
 press Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up at the next screen that appears. 

 Custom ending sequence:
 Successfully complete the GT2 Circuit to unlock the GT2 ending sequence selection
 on the options screen. Select that option to view any car in the ending 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~HELPFUL HINTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Always make good decisions when choosing a new team to race for because it can 
mean everything. 
For example if you would like to race the McCloud F-Type in GT1 class then never 
ever have anything
 to do with Eurosport Racing in GT2 class. This can be very tempting because they 
have the Ram Venom 
which is one of the best cars in the GT2 class. 
Also in GT2 Class try to finish the first seven cups to advance to the 
invitational. After you win this you might 
have enough points to get the EXR Challenger and then try to go back and beat the 
final two cups with this car 
and you can advance to GT1 Class. You can also use the Challenger for the first 
two or three cups in GT1 Class.
Finally after you get to rank 1 and you beat the game go back to GT2 class by 
pressing R and race the first cup
 in that class. You can now race the Falcon Interceptor a car that has the same 
attributes as the EXR Mystic. 
If you can beat this car in first place on each race and get the gold cup you can 
choose it under Boss Racing's Team
 in GT1 Class. But be sure to save the car after you choose and that is if you 
choose it because after you shut the system 
off the car is gone and you have to do the process all over again. Saying thus I 
would recommend you have two memory 
cards for game saves.
Also you can race different tracks in Quick Race Mode by choosing random cars on 
random tracks in its arcade race mode.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SPECIAL THANKS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Rob Stevens for all the game help
Boss Studios for the best game ever and info
All the FAQerz for motivating me to write my first FAQ
Midway for all their help
The game for being so great

If you have any Questions for me or comments for my first FAQ my name is 
Steven Wells and you can contact me at [email protected]   
please contact me if you list my FAQ or use any information from it to post 

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