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World Series Baseball 2K1 Strategy Guide
Version: 1.4
E-Mail: [email protected]
ICQ # 83362349
Created: 7/24/00
Last Updated: 8/06/00

        Table of Contents

1.  Revision History
2.  Review(s)
3.  Personal Notes
4.  Game Modes +
	 Base Running
	 Player Creation
5.  Strategies
6.  Questions and Answers
7.  Current News/Thoughts
8.  Rumors
9.  Future Improvements
10. Codes
11. Credits

1. Revision History

7/24/00 - v1.0 The creation of this FAQ/Strategy Guide. 1st FAQ to create.

7/26/00 - v1.1 Major Update. Added New Section "Future Improvements". Strategy
Guide Up. Most Sections Are Touched Up.

7/27/00 - v1.2 Moderate Update. Added New Section "Rumors". Strategies Section
Updated. Rumors are Confirmed by Sega.

7/29/00 - v1.3 Moderate Update. Look in Stratagies and Improvements.

8/06/00 - v1.4 Moderate Update. New Stratagies. News and Rumors Updated. Future
Improvements Sent to Sega.

2. Review(s)
Overall AVG. Score for WSB2K1: 7.7/10 out of 2 Reviews

Review by: [email protected]
	When Resident Evil Cinema 3D rendered scenes become implanted into a game for
a few scenes in a game viewers can't believe the beauty created before them.
When NFL 2K arrived we couldn't believe if we were looking at the cinema scenes
or at the game...but Sega Sports created a hit that captured the attention of
every gamer. Sheer graphics, cunning game play, and outstanding quality in a
$49.99 plastic wrapped cd-case. Sega Sports went on to release future success
games in the sports genre that people only could have dreamed for just a few
years back. But one thing was missing to their line of
entertainment...America's Pastime...Baseball...then it arrived. But only did a
few lucky ones get the first shipment...while others tried to get it they had
no hope for the true baseball fans that reserved months before the game was
slated for it's release. Game in...Power On...Controller in Hand...And your
Head Creating so many Ideas While the Game Loads it causes Loneness. Though we
all know of the graphics power and processor speed what we got was in my
opinion the best baseball game to date. Compared to any other baseball game
ever created for a gaming system, WSB 2K1 won with ease. Compared to it's
counterpart Sega Sports Titles it barley grabs the walk on a 3-2 count.
Graphics are what hold this game at the shoulders of gamers and there is no
doubt anyone can second-guess the graphics of the game, which are visually
stunning. Though getting into the game play we find ourselves wanting more than
we get. Yes were only human and as humans we are greedy for the edge, put it
this way if your an American then you know you want the US to be the best in
sports, education, space technology, ect. And that's what looses interest in
many gamers. With automatic fielding the only option gamers find it hard trying
to let the computer do all the work especially when "I could have had that",
"What are you diving at", "What the Hell are you doing" plays happen. Besides
the fact of fielding the game is flawless. Batting and Pitching are the best of
their class keeping their graphics at the same level with the control over the
pitcher and batter. Batting is hectic is you don't know your opponent and
that's what makes this game unique. The batting control has been regarded as
hard, in ways that you can't see the ball, but in essence it's knowing how the
other pitcher works knowing how good his curve breaks, or how his sinker drops.
This equals quality game play and baseball, which in return creates a more
powerful, enhanced game. Though when we hear the sound it only hurts to say
that this is the worst in Sega Sports history as we are on a 128 processor.
First thing you hear is the announcer, ok maybe it just starts that way
talking...ok now I'm sick of hearing this guy say fastball, don't you know that
was a curve ball I just threw? The announcer will irate you, but with the
graphics it's just a voice somewhere else that you can ignore, because it's not
much to listen to. As for the sound of a wood bat connecting with a baseball,
it's like playing racquetball mixed with an aluminum bat. Even when the ball
hits the ground it's the same ugly sound. The fans also get their fair share of
bad vocals sounding like zombies from Resident Evil attacking you by the
hundreds. But nonetheless the game is worth the money if you stay away from
listening to the message boards at every game site in the world. The Game Rates
a 7.5/10 Overall.


Review by: Dale Kulas ([email protected])
	The Game

Back in 1994, Sega released one of the most innovative baseball games ever,
that being the World Series Baseball games. It stuck around on the Genesis for
the '95 and '96 sequels, and then got brought over to the Saturn for 3 titles:
WS BB, WS BB 2, and WS BB '98. Those 3 titles were proclaimed the greatest
baseball series ever.(Trust me, they are!) It had some of the most unique and
innovative features in baseball games, like easy to handle pitching and batting
and fielding, and so much more. So when I heard the same people behind the
Saturn series were making this game I just had to get it. Right now some people
are bashing this game silly, but don't get your opinions mixed up until you
read a review from some one who actually knows the game. Now get ready for the
truth behind World Series Baseball 2K1!


Alright, once I saw the game's opening FMV using the game's own visuals. I was
amazed, that the game looked that damn real. The game looks so great during
actual game play for a second you think you're watching the actual thing on TV.
The players face look so real, with so much detail, and heck even the faces
move, like you can see them chewing gum or smiling. The home run celebrations
just look fantastic. The game also uses real batting stances too. The game has
some really nice camera angles during the game, like the catcher talking with
the pitcher with bases loaded, a nice span on the team's dugout when they have
2 outs and no men on bases, and a couple other. So overall there's a really
nice job in the graphics department. The pitcher-batter interface for the game
looks superb where you got a great view of the game and all the info is nicely
laid out for you. Oh yeah, one great thing the game does(might be annoying to
others) is that when a player's stealing a base, and the catcher's throwing the
ball, the camera will somewhat slowdown like in the Matrix fight scenes to see
how close you are as if you're safe or out. I really like it.

Now for the bad points about the graphics. Those special zoom outs during game
play of the dugout and all, they repeat all too often, and there's not to many
of them. Also the Action Replay's look really awkward and only last a few a few
seconds. It seems that in most other games, that after game out's and pitches
animation scenes last a little longer than in this game, but that's probably
because the game's engine is based on the World Series Baseball '99 arcade
engine. Oh, yeah there is no Instant Replay mode, well there sort of is, and
you can only do it by pressing start when one of the action replays are shown.


You got all your regular sound effects in here like the bat's hitting the ball,
the sliding of the ball players, etc. All is really well done and sounds like
the real thing. The announcer is ok at best, I don't even think it's a real
announcer, some hired guy like in the NBA & NFL 2K games, but he sounds all
right, all he only does is call play-by-play, just saying what the count is
after every pitch, and who's throwing the ball to who. He announces all the
player names, and even announces some made up players by just announcing their
initials. Overall he sounds all right, but I just wished he had some
enthusiasm, and threw in some comments about the game like the commentators in
NFL & NBA 2K did. Also it sounds really odd when Action Replays are shown,
because since there's no voice over during it, some special little tune plays
during it, which makes them really annoying to watch.

Game play

Well, like I said before, the game is based on the World Series Baseball '99
arcade engine, so the game moves at a really fast rate, like it takes me 30-50
minutes to finish a 9 inning game on the average. Any ways the game controls
great. At first the controls might seem a little awkward to you, but once you
get into the game a while, you'll get them down. Unlike most other baseball
games today, you can't control the fielders, instead when the ball is hit the
player nearest to the ball runs and get it. But you have to decide where to
throw it by pressing a direction on the control stick(down for home plate,
right for 1st base, up for 2nd base, and left for 3rd base) and the A button
simultaneously. Some people argue this element takes away from the game, but I
really like it, and half the time I can't even make out where the fielders are
so I'm glad they automatically run for the ball, the only bad part about it is
so far is that occasionally, the fielders will miss an easy catch or something
like that, but this was probably one of those arcade elements of the engine
that made it into the home port, and while it may seem odd at first, you will
adapt to it after a while.

The pitching interface is innovative and well done, depending on the attributes
for the pitcher, a bar with lines coming out to it in 8 directions are the
available pitches you have, it doesn't label which pitch is which(and that's a
good thing so you're opponent won't know what you're doing) but you'll get 'em
all memorized after a while. Any ways, after you select your pitch, there's a
gauge meter that appears and you press A on it to determine how fast your pitch
is. The batting interface might seem awkward to, you hold the L trigger to
bunt, and hold the R trigger and move the control stick to determine where you
want to swing and release the R trigger to swing, seems really odd at first,
but it does fit the game well, and you will get use to it. What's really great
in here, is that each player's batting stance represents the strike zone they
have, making it really challenging in the game to get strike outs.

The game has a few modes of play to choose from. For those who don't feel like
goofing around with options and all, there's quick start, which automatically
chooses a team for you, and gets you into a game. Great mode learning the
controls in my opinion. Then there's exhibition, where you can monkey around
customizing weather or not to have replays on, the inning length, camera
angles, etc. Next, there's playoff where you automatically skip all season play
and be on your to the World Series. And finally there's Season mode, where you
can pick the length of your season, have the All-Star game, go through all the
stats you can imagine, and be on your quest for the World Series. There's also
a customize option where you can create players, and make teams pitcher and
batting line up adjustments. I really wished there were some more modes of play
here like Home Run Derby, which was usually in all the past World Series games,
and maybe a practice mode could've helped out a lot too. To me, it seems like
the developers purposely did this so they got some noteworthy stuff to mention
they added in next years game. Developers love to do this(I.E. no NFL team
license in first Madden game for N64), and it really takes away from the fun of
the game.

Replay Value

Like I said, some veteran gamers will automatically seem ticked off at the no
controlling of the fielders option and will automatically turn this game down.
Also I find the lack of a Home Run derby and batting practice modes really
annoying. But the game itself is really fun to play, I remember playing 1 and a
half to 2 hour games of Griffey or All-Star Baseball, and I really love the
fast rate of the game, so Season mode won't seem like a pain to play. Also the
game can be played with up to 2 players, so you can go against your friend for
an all out slugfest. And the create-a-player mode is one of the best I've seen
in Baseball games today. So for what the game lacks in modes, it makes up for
in excellent game mechanics and customizing features.

In Brief

+: Great Create-a-player mode, Really fast Arcade-like play, easiest to learn
Pitcher-Batter Interface I've ever played

-: Can't control fielders will turn off baseball gamer veterans, no home run
derby mode, the action replays in here really suck

The Final Ratings Rundown

Graphics: 9.4
Sound: 7.8
Game play: 7.5
Replay Value: 7.0

Overall: 7.9

Rounded to fit GameFAQs Score: 8

Final Analysis

This game seems a lot like an Arcade game, so maybe sim fans should stay away
from the game, or at least give it a rent, because as of this review, this is
the only baseball game out on the system. It has a couple of important flaws in
the game, but it's still a blast to play, and I'm sure fans of other arcade
sports games like Showtime or Blitz will really like the game. Either way, you
owe it yourself to at least give this game a rent. I just hope next year's
version will be a hell of a lot better with the Home Run Derby and batting
practice modes added and maybe some online play too.

3. Personal Notes

7/23/00 - Everyone if the world seems to be trying to find ways to make this
game seem like a "RBI Baseball" on the NES. They complain about this and about
that but they never even have 1 good thing to say. Ok so it didn't make the
all-star team in your league, give it a break people have worked hard on this
game to create something, yes I agree with you on a lot of things about the
game, but what's done is done. Unless you buy the Sega Corporation shut up stop
complaining and move on. It's not the end of the world if you don't get your
way. If you want to help email Sega with ideas for the future not trying to get
the game recalled. I do agree Sega might have rushed the game too soon, but
even then you were on message boards posting "Are they ever going to release
this", "Pushed the date back again, what's going on with them". You complained
once, you'll complain again. Stop acting like you could of did better and live
with it. O Yea you can do better, well until I see you start from scratch to
create a baseball as well as the PSX :-) then give me a holler.

7/26/00 - has changed their information on their site pertaining to
WSB2K1, the site that once stated a homerun derby mode, weather patterns, and
hot/cold zones has been taken out like that with a new updated features of the
game. It's a little late though taking the fact all the original modes and
features are printed on the back of WSB2K1 copies...take a look for yourself.
False Advertising? It doesn't really make a difference at the current point,
since the game has been released. Many are moving for a recall by getting as
many to email Sega with "Upset Emails", and if they're not doing that they're
returning their game and looking for something else. Nonetheless many people
feel Sega has let them down not only by their gimmicks and advertising but
overall game value compared to its early releases. I enjoy the game for what it
is personally and think it is the best baseball game ever created, but I do
relate heavily to other gamer's views on this subject matter of the game
quality, it's more than a sure bet though that WSB2K2 is going to be a huge
improvement...that's if they want to play a high quality game over a network
against other gamers, or end up playing a lightly polished version of WSB2K1
over the network.

7/27/00 - More news and rumors are flying around more than anything at the
current point. Maybe everything that has been said has been made up just to
find a way to please themselves because of the game disappointment (see
Rumors). Sega has been bombarded with tons of emails since the game was
released on why is this and that missing from what was supposed to be there.
The top 2 complaints by ranking are No Home Run Herby and Bad Game play
compared to other Sega Sports titles. The reasons for taking them out are
unknown and will be found out in days too weeks because news always find a way
to leak out. The only hope for WSB2K1 owners is for the features that were
originally stated to be in a form of code or for Sega to release some type of
patch to at least patch up some respect for themselves. But for a game to have
this much impact on gamers Sega apparently did something right or major wrong,
in this case we find it being the opposite of the NFL2K popularity. In all
respect this is still the best baseball game ever created, but why did Sega
leave out so many features that were scheduled for its release. What happened
to the Homerun Derby mode of play, hot and cold zones illustrating batter's
streaks and slumps, weather that is based on seasonal atmospheric patterns, 32
pitches per pitcher, the saying of no manual fielding? It may seem like a
gimmick, but in my view it seems that Sega used a form of false advertisement
to capture gamers interest then apparently change all they said when you buy
the game that still promised such features on the back cover. Maybe were all
wrong and Sega did leave this features in the game as codes to be unlocked or
maybe we just paid $50.00 for a game that is still good, but is not the rookie
people scouted it to be.

8/01/00 - None.

8/06/00 - HR. Derby a game mode? Well that's the talk around the internet and
everyone claims that once you beat a 162 game season without simualting playing
all 9 innings. Is it true or not I can not say, it very confusing right now
because some Sega members are saying it is a feature and other's are saying
sorry it's just not in the game. If Sega doesn't know the deal then what's
going on, did Sega of Japan do this on purpose as maybe an Easter Egg, and if
this is true then how come know one has completed a 162 game season yet since
it's been out? More news to come on this subject and I will be there to report

4. Game Modes

Exhibition - Play an exhibition game with the teams and ballpark of your choice
             in a night or day game.

Quick Start - Have the computer randomly choose two teams and lineups to face
              each other.

Season - Play through an entire season all the way to the World Series

Playoffs - Skip the season and start your team right in the playoffs to try to
           win the World Series.

Customize - Create players and edit team rosters.

Options - Customize the games options.


Analog Pad - Move The Batter's Cursor To Aim
R Trigger - When Released Swings The Bat
L Trigger - When held the batter attempts to bunt

As I mentioned in my review batting takes much time to learn and understand.
You can just go up there with the controls known like the book, but you
wouldn't stand a chance. You have to look at the other pitcher's pitches before
you even get ready, because knowing how good he is, what he gots, and how he
comes at you gives you an advantage. It's like saying your going to take on
Greg Maddox with 2 strikes and his putout pitch is the curve, you have to be in
that mode. When you get into the batter's box hold down the R Trigger, but keep
in mind the further you hold it down the more power you get from your swing but
less contact chance also. I have yet to hit a homerun with the R Trigger held
all the way back where it can't go no more so your better off not holding it
all the way like that for a homerun in my opinion. Next have the batting cursor
ready to move to the pitcher's pitch, this is the most critical part because
one wrong slap at the ball and it's a roller to the pitcher. When the pitch
finally comes release the R Trigger and the batter will swing, depending on
your timing you will get Early, Perfect Timing, or Late, it displays this under
the strike zone box. Hitting a baseball is not easy...hitting a dreamcast
baseball just makes it that much harder.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Base Running-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Analog Pad or D Pad - Select the Base you want the runner to run to
Analog Pad + A Button - Advance the base runner (specific runner)
Analog Pad + B Button - Return the base runner (specific runner)
A Button - Sends all runners to next base
B Button - Sends all runners to previous base

You control the base runners in every situation (duh), but even if it is a
simple foul ball pop fly your runners will advance and not return unless you
tell them to. If your not paying attention the computer will double you up and
possible end a big inning because you forgot about your runners. When stealing
use the same controls to advance a specific runner before the pitcher pitches
the ball and the runner will automatically take off. You will always have the
advantage base running because the infielder puts the tag on too late, so take
the chance to send the runner and test your luck with a slow tag.


Analog Pad - Selects the pitch, Changes aim, and Selects base to pickoff
A Button - Pitch the ball
B Button - Attempt a pick-off
L Trigger - Infield shift
R Trigger - Outfield shift

Taken from the WSB2K1 manual:
	To pitch the ball, you must first select the type of pitch. The Pitch Type
Selector next to the pitcher shows his repertoire of pitches. The direction of
the graph indicates the pitches the pitcher can throw (the direction of the
Analog Thumb Pad), and the length of it indicates the effectiveness. The
Red/Orange ness indicates the pitch is still hot (strong) and the more blue the
pitch is growing colder (worst).

Press the A Button to begin the pitching motion. The Pitch Type Selector will
chance to the Pitching Gauge. Press A again at the correct timing on the gauge
speed, control, and the movement of the ball. The top margin of the gauge will
lower as the pitcher loses his stamina. Also, select the course of the pitch,
just before releasing the ball, with the Analog Thumb Pad.

To pick off the runner, select the base with the Analog Thumb Pad, and throw
the ball with the B Button.

You can shift the fielding position in the pitching/batting screen with the L/R
Triggers. Your selection will be displayed on the Field Map.


Analog Pad - Select a base (right = 1st, up = 2nd, left = 3rd, down = home)
Analog Pad + A Button - Throws the ball (specific base)
Analog Pad + B Button - Run to the base (specific base)

No Manual fielding here, so the computer will do everything for you, but you
still have to be alert. Because if you don't throw the ball right when the
fielder gets it he lobs the throw. It's not bad in the infield if it's a sure
out, but in the outfield they already lob it and adding the few extra second
for the game to change views and him crow-hops gives the runner an edge. It's
best to always try to throw quicker by pressing the analog thumb pad + the A
Button as the fielder gets the ball to get the harder, quicker throw and
release of the ball, respectively. If your noticing the computer is not
stopping and catching routine balls and letting them go threw or drop then your
level is low that you are playing on. Bump it up to legend for the full effect,
in return for a tougher game fielding is improved greatly and your skills will
grow stronger.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Player Creation-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

In here you can create up to 25 fictional characters, in essence making your
old sandlot team come back to face the MLB's best. If you have a player already
created selection his slot and press A to edit him, but if he is already on a
team than that person can not be edited anymore. If you want to create a player
select an empty slot and press the A Button.

At the next screen the following information is to be entered:

TEAM................................Model uniform to be worn. (Does not mean
the player will be on that team)
FIRST INITIAL.......................Initial of the player's first name.
LAST NAME...........................You may enter up to 13 letters.
UNIFORM NUMBER......................The number the player wears.
POSITION............................The position plays.

Now, select the following player parameters:

BUILD...............................Body shape (3 types available).
FACE................................Select from 20 types.
MITT................................The glove the player wears.
BAT.................................The bat the player uses.
BATTING GLOVE.......................The batting glove the player wears.
SHOES...............................The shoes the player wears.
WRISTBAND...........................The type of wristband the player wears.
SOCKS...............................The type of socks the player wears.
ELBOW GUARD.........................The type of elbow guard the player wears.

Next, select the following parameters:

THROWING............................The arm the player throws with.
BATTING.............................The side the player bats from.
BATTING FORM........................The style the player swings the bat.

Now you allocate the remaining ability points to modify the player's abilities:

CONTACT.............................Ability to hit the ball.
POWER...............................How strong the player hits the ball.
SPEED...............................How fast the player runs.
DEFENSE.............................Player's fielding abilities.

If you are creating a pitcher, you will have additional parameters to work

PITCHING FORM.......................How the player pitches the ball.

And allocate these pitching abilities:

SPEED...............................How fast the player pitches.
CONTROL.............................How accurate the player pitches.
POWER...............................How hard the player pitches.
BREAKING PITCH......................How well the ball breaks (movement).
STAMINA.............................The player's endurance.

Finally, allocate the ability to throw different types of pitches (expect for
the fastball): slider, curve, sinker, screw, and the 5th pitch.

The first four types of pitches are common to all pitchers. You may select the
different 5th pitch through SELECT STUFF.

When all steps are competed, press B to exit PLAYER CREATE. You will be
prompted to save the changes made.

The players created will be listed under Free Agent. You can acquire these
players by selecting Free Agent in TRADE.

5. Strategies

How To Hit (Part 1: Scout Your Opponent)

1. Look at your opponents scouting report (the box in green with information
about his skills). You may just know how good he is by his name, you can't
expect the same break on a pitch from Pedro Martinez, then face "Slowball Joe".
You have to at least look at how good they are rated, it's simple quick and
such an easy thing to do, plus it's the first step to hitting, even before you
grab a bat. If the pitcher is a CY Young Winner, Pitcher of the Year, Closest
Thing to Unhitable then expect everything to break sharper or cut away at the
last moment. If you pitcher has a big break on his curve expect the computer to
throw it at you when you are down in the count. Knowing the pitcher before you
even face him is a big factor in hitting in this video game, because it's hard
enough to hit on any level practically and this helps you even if it is as
simple as what he is known for and what he can do.

2. Now look at the pitcher's Pitch Selection Bar, at the very least know what
the pitchers are or could be since some direction lines mean various pitches
(but those mostly break down and are slow). If he just has a great fastball and
great slider and very poor changeup you must be looking for the fastball, most
people can adjust to the slider before it breaks because the highest they
usually range is 90mph and they just seem to be breaking the whole way. If the
pitcher has an arsenal of pitches but only his fastball is good, expect a
fastball 70% of the time, because the other pitches he will throw will have
lousy breaks and will seem moderate with no movement and not a high speed. If
you don't have an idea of what kind of pitches he has to throw then how do you
expect to know what's coming as he winds up?

3. Always keep and eye on the pitcher's Pitch Selector, because as he get's
tired his pitches loose break, drop, speed, cut, and movement that they once
had. If the computer allows a pitcher to stay in getting tired rack him while
you can because he usually will get pinch-hit for his next at bat, then they
are forced to bring in another pitcher restarting this whole process.

How To Hit (Part 2: In The Batter's Box)

1. So you know the pitcher and his stuff now what? With your batter you must
decide what you want to do with him, that all depends on the situation you are
in. But the key thing to remember is that power is not always the answer. If
you need to move a runner into scoring position and he is on first do a hit and
run, just make your runner steal and hit the ball with your batter. When doing
this though try to hit the ball late with a right hander and early with a left
hander, because as the second base get's drawled off guard to back up the
shortstop he is vulnerable to anything hit on the right side, which opens up a
bigger whole and his range to get the ball is taken away. Know your situation
getting in the box if you are playing the computer on any level but mostly for
the top levels.

2. Next if you didn't in the first part while knowing the situation get in the
power you want by holding the R Trigger deeper for more power or lighter for
more contact chance. Be patient while holding this because most people get over
anxious waiting for the pitcher to do something (like windup any faster) which
can lead to swinging too early, but most gamers will swing late. The good thing
is there is no problem with swinging late or early.

3. Now get your thumb or whatever you use on the analog thumb pad and just get
ready to move it the instant you see the pitcher release the ball from his
hand, just following the baseball because different pitchers windups, throwing
style, and length can always effect a gamer visually seeing the ball (well in
this game anyways).

How To Hit (Part 3: Seeing The Ball and Making Hard Contact)

1. After the ball is released your tracking begins, NEVER let your eye off the
ball even when you hear contact. Taking your eye off the ball will cause you to
get under/over the ball ruining your chances of consistent hard contact and in
return taking away hits or possible though outs.

2. Now you have to make a instant decision is it a ball or a strike. Never
swing at balls even if they barley are off the plate, the batter's box shows
his area of total plate coverage and making him reach even with perfect timing
loses power usually resulting in a pop up or lazy ground ball. If it's a ball
you don't have anything else to worry about but letting it go and seeing the
type of pitch it was. Sometimes when the computer throws any kind of ball that
drops straight down (splitter, fork, change up with no break to the left or
right) he will sometimes come back with the same pitch in the same location,
just watch for that, it's usually set up on the corners. If it's going to be a
strike or looks that way you must now take the speed into consideration high
speeds usually result in no break where you can just place the cursor in that
area, unless it's a slider then you must go where the break will be and you
should know this from watching how good this pitcher's ball breaks from earlier
at bats. Slow stuff allow you time to see but you have to once again know the
pitcher and how the ball breaks or drops anything off speed is sure to break in
or away and down depending on the pitcher's arm. Now that you noticed that in
the little time you have you being the final process.

3. NEVER take your EYE off the BALL, as I mention again. At this step you must
release the trigger if you are sure (You can only be sure by trusting your gut,
take chances be a man, theirs no rewind button anymore). Keep the cursor
following the ball the whole way as you release the trigger this ensures you
will hit the ball. But we don't just want to make contact so that's where we
cheat. No not by a code, but by everything I have tried to tell you to do and
take into consideration instead of just stepping up there and trying to hit the
ball. If you see it's slow and the only slow thing he gots is a lousy no-drop
splitter, cheat and move the cursor to that area where the ball will break
(this is easy to do as long as you follow the plane of the ball) this is what
separates you from the average hitter, but it takes practice.

* TRY IT YOURSELF * If you have a brother or parent play a 2 Player game and
have them throw fastballs down the middle, then change speeds with the
fastball, then progress to other pitches. I must say this is one of the
toughest hitting games ever, but if you follow these steps then you can easily
become a good hitter off the pitcher, but it all starts with Part: 1 and ends
with the last step in Part: 3. * TRY IT YOURSELF *

" How To Hit (Parts 1-3) Created By: [email protected] " Do Not Copy
Without Permission


How to Get A K (Mini-Strategy Tip Guide)

1. The first thing you need to do is get the first strike on the computer,
because the computer swings at anything in the strike zone 95% of the time, but
you can't rush. Always hit the corners on this pitch never leave anything
hanging down the middle. But it's really easy to get the first strike, just use
your fastball and burn the heat by him up high or low inside/outside.

2. Once you get the first strike you can try and go after the batter or play
with him, going after the batter here usually allows him to swing and hit
something. Your better off wasting a slow change up or curve outside for a
ball. You may want to waste another one in the same location.

3. Once that is done come inside with something fast, this usually will catch
the computer off guard and he will swing late looking outside. Now if your
pitching with a top notch person like Pedro then when you have 2 strikes you
need to use something nasty, for instance I stroke out the side with John
Rocker after getting 2 strikes by pitching a 100mph fastball high and inside,
the computer never got around. You just now need to find a location that will
fool the computer by mixing again with another ball or coming after the
computer. It takes time and patience to pitch strike out, don't come right
after them even with your reliever. You have to have the pitch at the right
location with the speed; you will soon see what I mean.

* TRY IT YOURSELF * If you want do an exhibition with the Braves or any team
that has a fast reliever, put the reliever in during the 1st inning and
practice blowing the fastball by them after wasting slow pitches outside ect.
Perdo has this same skill but it's always easier to make sure you're on what to
throw and never rush yourself into a K because it usually ends your pitchers
chance on that batter. I hope this helps, if it does not email me again, I will
try to help you more. But remember location and setting them up is the key, you
don't rob a bank just going in there with a gun by yourself against 7 security
guards, you may be boring but you will realize how to dominate soon
enough. *TRY IT YOURSELF *

" How To Get A K (Mini-Strategy Tip Guide) Created By: [email protected]
" Do Not Copy Without Permission


Adding A Steal To His Stats (Mini-Strategy Tip Guide)

1. So you got someone of first base after your hit and you need this run badly.
Well to gamble and try to steal and then get caught and ruin to get the player
on first base is a waste. You need to be sure if you really need the steal to
help you get back in the game...overtake the other team...or add insurance.
First thing we look at is your runner do you got a Ricky Henderson in his Prime
or a Ricky Henderson now days. Don't get me wrong, Ricky is a great player but
their is a major difference in speed then and now days. If you're not sure
about your runner don't take your chances unless your up by major runs or are
sure you can hold down the other team. Since there is no way to leadoff it
doesn't take much to be thrown out by the catcher. So make sure you know you
want to send the runner and that he's got the afterburners for short distance

2. Think what the pitcher just threw to your current batter and last batter, if
he's throwing hard and fast there is no way you are going to steal. If he is
throwing slow or off speed pitches by all means send the runner. To do this
though you must pay attention to the pitcher and his Pitch Selector if
everything is yellow everything he throws will most likely be hard enough and
fast enough for the catcher to get up and throw you out. You must take your
chances and send the runner based on this stats, because if he has been
changing his pitches up the whole game it's more of a risk, but if he has been
throwing slow you have the advantage. Take your time and understand it before
you take your chances.

3. Just do it! Go for it now if you made up your mind, Press the Analog Thumb
Pad + A Button, to the base before he releases the ball and hope for the best
and that his pitch is slow or the catcher doesn't have a gun. *The game may
have a glitch and slow down in this whole process, but it does not effect your
runner nor does it help or hurt your opponent*

" Adding A Steal To His Stats (Mini-Strategy Tip Guide) Created by:
[email protected]" Do Not Copy Without Permission


Hitting and Pitching Better (Mini-Strategy Tip Guide)

Hitting - For better hitting just set the handicap to 100% then all you have to
do is wait till the pitcher nods his head. right after that hold the R trigger
and move the analog stick until it locks on to the pitch then swing when you
think its the right time and you'll get good results.

Pitching - The same goes for pitching set it for 100% and if you pitch, the
ball will be closer to a strike and if it will already be a strike they'll
swing and they'll strike out.

" Hitting and Pitching Better (Mini-Strategy Tip Guide) Created by:
[email protected] " Do Not Copy Without Permission


Easier Batting (Mini-Tip)

Set the level to Rookie. Hold the analog stick slightly in any direction. The
target curser will automaticly follow the ball.

" Easier Batting (Mini-Tip) Created by: [email protected] " Do Not Copy Without


Batting Stratgy (Moderate-Strategy Tip Guide)

1. Well let me see we start things off by passing up the first pitch exept if
your really confindent the go strait ahead and swing(just like in real
basesball ,if you swing to the first one it will be either a pop fly or a
ground ball and SOMETIMES a HR)never happened to me though..

2. We look at the pitch. If the pitch starts out it will usually break in or
the other way , depending if he's a Lefty or Righty. These breaking balls that
cross the plate are very good balls to hit out of the park just LOOK at it!
thats the key.

3. Dont move around the hitting cursor to much! unless you have the hitting
handicap all the way down to 0% wich i highly doubt. After you think yo know
where the ball is gonna end up stay with the cursor in that position and when
the ball is 4 1/2 feet away RELEASE the R trigger. When you really get good at
this you'll get the feel and you'll know when your gonna hit a HR.**Never go to
sleep in an at bat , if you do your swing is gonna be an easy ground ball or a
lousy pop fly.

" Batting Stratgey (Moderate-Strategy Tip Guide) Created by: AP33ME " Do Not
Copy Without Permission


Manual Fielding and Faster Running Tips (Not Complete Manual Fielding)

Hello all,
I'm a first time writer but long time reader and first of all I'd like to state
that this is the BEST BASEBALL GAME EVER!!!!!!!! The reason that I decided to
write is because while playing this game last night I discovered a few things
that should change the way you veiw this game.

2. Your A and B equal turbo.

I've seen where someone posted that you can manually field within the infield
which is very true but the same applies to the outfield(at least on veteran and
up).  Now I'm not saying that you have 100% control over the players but if you
use the a button to TURBO towards the ball, infield or outfield the player will
display a sudden burst of speed and he will get get to the ball much quicker. 
Since I started doing this those hard hit balls don't go over my head anymore,
as soon as the ball is hit I continuously press the a button and move in the
direction of the ball and if I can't catch it I'm able to get the ball into 2nd
much easier.  Gone are the days where the computer or a friend can go for
second or score easily of a soft blooper hit over the compters head because he
stands there and watches the ball fall in front of him.  The infeild is even
easier I kno a lot of times the ball will roll right in front of the infeilder
or they'll run for and just when you think there gonna dive for it they don't,
that's because they want you to do it.  On every ball hit, GO GET IT buy using
a as your turbo and if you can to the ball they will dive for just by pressing
a and the direction.  Now be careful because a is also to throw so once you
know that you have start aiming for the base and they'll throw them out.  I
also noticed that they shift a lot more now like you know when a ball is hit
softly to an infeilders left or right side  and they'll just do like a comlete
shift and easily suck it up and throw you out, well if you move as soon as the
ball is hit they'll instanlty adjust to it and do the shift thing a lot more.

Now when I say that a and b equals turbo I mean just that but as you know a and
b by themselves also equal advance and return to the bases.  If you constantly
press these buttons the runners will speed up considerably but you must be
careful because when they get close to bases they will overrun them, the b
button also turbo's the runner back when it's continuously pressed and this
really comes in handy when the computer runs on a pop fly because now you can
let him run a littly bit and if you need to get back keep pressing b and not
only will he go back but right when he gets to the dirt at the end of grass in
front of the bag he'll a super turbo dash move and then dive in.  This allows
you run the bases very aggressive and I now score to three more runs a game
just off gambling on if I think I'll be thrown out, if the feilders throw looks
as if it will beat me I'll turn around after being 3/4 of the way and still
beat him back to the original bag.

Let me know if this works for guys and feel free to e-mail at
[email protected]

" Manual Fielding and Faster Running Tips (Not Complete Manual Fielding)
Created by: [email protected] " Do Not Copy Without Permission


Getting More Player Creation Points (Tip/Cheat Strategy)

A *really* cool feature I found involving created players.

Using your created players (it may have to be in a season, but I'm too
lazy to scientifically check - I use them in a season) will cause them to
gain ability points that you can distribute.

I made a pitcher who had a delivery I didn't like. I got through one
successful game with him (1 ER, 4 K) and went back to change him. When I
got to the pitching attributes, there were extra points to distribute in
the main five! (speed, control, power, breaking, stamina)

Playing a hunch, I tried it with my third basemen (who's been on a huge
hitting streak lately) and found that he had a large number of
distributables too!

So presumably, doing well in a season causes your players to gain ability

" Getting More Player Creation Points (Tip/Cheat Strategy) Created by:
[email protected] " Do Not Copy Without Permission

6. Questions and Answers

Q: What NO Manual Fielding, that's 1/3 of the game taken away.

A: Sega did this to create different views and new camera angles for the gamers
to experience the graphics at their fullest at ever part of the game. Maybe you
just have to wait for WSB 2K2 if you really need to manual field.

Q: How come the game slows down when my opponent steals or comes home

A: I don't believe it's a cinema slow mo, but I believes it's just a slow
loading process or bug that causes a slow down in the whole game play, but the
runners don't get an advantage nor the fielders. The game quickly changes to
that scene without even having a chance to load and it's loading before you
while every other part loads before it actually happens as batting then you see
the ball.

Q: Where's this guy and that guy, there not even on the team?

A: Sega took the rosters from spring training, so if someone was hurt last
season the may have not been on the roster during spring training but came in
later. Recent trades have been updated in the game, but if your wanting a
Triple A player who barley came in right before the all-star break he won't be
in it, unless you create him?

Q: Where is the homerun derby feature? Is it a code to get it, what's the deal?

A: Unfortunately the homerun derby feature option was left off, for what reason
I do not know. The only way I know of to play homerun derby is during the
season mode in which to get the All-Star Extravaganza you must play at least a
52 Game Season or More. The reason for taking off one of the best features of a
baseball videogame beats me, because even the 16-Bit games contained this game
mode and for Sega to just leave this off puzzles me.

Q: My Fielders are just letting simple hits go right past them while their
standing their how do I fix this?

A: You need to set the level you are playing on to All-Star or Legend, the
fielders start to stop more and go after normal hits in the lower levels that
they normally look at or make no attempt at all for.

Q: What is the handicap feature and how do I use it?

A: The handicap feature is an option that allows the player with the higher
handicap an advantage. So if you want an advantage raise the handicap to the
highest number possible for the biggest advantage.

Q: Ok so I have this handicap thing moved with advantage, but what does it do
to my batting and pitching?

A: On batting, the higher you set the handicap increases your chances of
contact with the ball. So you can now get a little more on top and or under the
ball and still hit the ball with better contact than you normally would which
would result in a weak ground ball or long fly ball. But does this create more
homerun power and not just contact? Well in different instances yes and no. If
you are barley holding down the R Trigger don't expect a homerun but better
contact and more base hits. But if you are holding the R Trigger down more, now
that the contact zone is expaned you will have more of a chance to hit a
homerun. Remember though to hit a homerun even without handicap is contact,
keep that in mind with handicap on where it is expanded.

On Pitching, the higher you set the handicap increases your movements on the
ball through the strike zone and makes the computer miss pitches it may
normally hit. With handicap on (set at least 50%) you have better chances of
getting K's and maximizing your pitches abilities to the fullest. The computer
does help by missing more than it normally would, but it's on handicap. This
would be best for people who have trouble pitching with location and the
computer usually racking up quite a few hits that lead to quite a few runs.

Overall I hope this helps anyone who has been wondering to what extinct does
handicap fully do explained in detail.

Q: Where is the homerun derby mode at?

A: There will be no homerun derby feature included in WSB2K1, the reason is
unknown why Sega has left out the feature and has not responded with a press
release on why they left out this feature. There is no code either to unlock
this feature so don't worry about trying to beat a season only hoping to get
this feature unlocked, it simply was not included this game's release.

Q: Is the WSB2K1 release on the 25th the second version with homerun derby,
weather, ect.?

A: There is only one version of the game and regarless of what date you got the
game it is still the same as the games that are being shipped today as you read
this. Rumors have gone around about this, but there is only one version of the
game and currently Sega has no plans to release another version, call for a
recall of the game, or release a patch to update the game. The WSB2K1 you have
is the Final release for this year and we will just have to wait till WSB2K2 to
see if Sega took their loyal supportors seriously and added many new features
and upgrades with more than we could annticipate for.

Q: Why can't I hit homeruns?

A: You need to work on getting your contact to the ball better. Homeruns can
come with a late, early, or perfect timing swing and rarly do you see pertect
timing swing homerun. So don't worry about swinging late or early and just
focus trying to hit the center of the batting cursor with the ball. The closer
you get it the further the ball will go and the more chances you have increased
to hit a homerun. And even if you do this and do not hit a homerun you build
the skills to get more base hits and the homeruns will come as you learn the
batting interface better.

Q: I use the auto aiming code, but it's not really helping me as much as it's
hurting me what the deal?

A: Well auto aiming does got where the ball is moving too but there is another
factor involved with it. The higher you set the handicap while using this
feature the better you will hit the ball. So using auto aim with a 100% batting
handicap means the ultimate hitting.

A: You said there was no HR Derby I have it so take that.

Q: Show me the proof by some picture or anything, don't say why do I have to
show you I've been here longer than you and respected. Well that don't make a
difference at this point, if someone has the mode take your credit and show us
the picture that just keep opening your mouth like the rest.

7. Current News and Thoughts

7/22/00 - WSB2K1 is released

7/24/00 - Lately everyone has been trying to get all they know to get petitions
email Sega, ect. They want the game to be better, and if it's not their way
they don't want it at all. As gamers I respect their thoughts and overall
feeling to the game. But I do not respect them trying to trash a game as good
as this. Yes it doesn't have everything but so be it, it's still the best
baseball game ever created.

7/24/00 - If you still cannot find a game trying looking at Best Buy, Circuit
City, or something like that, most people are only trying major game retailers
where their sure to be pre-ordered or back-ordered.

7/26/00 - Bad News for anyone that does not like WSB2K1 and is waiting for ESPN
Baseball Tonight, unfortunately ESPN Baseball Tonight will not be released to
rival WSB2K1 due to Konami not wanting to release an unfinished version of
their game (A Stab at Sega?). So enjoy WSB2K1 for what it is because it really
is a great game. WSB2K1 still not available at many game retailers as they are
waiting for new shipments in, yet those are more than likely also pre-ordered
and reserved.

7/27/00 - Well we have many rumors confirmed that certain features are not in
the game, but something still bugs me all about and I can't figure it out. The
best I think we can do now is just send any suggestions for the updated version
so Sega will have something to work with.

8/01/00 - None

8/06/00 - I personally think there is NO Hr. Derby mode, and and if you go to
the boards at (www.gamefaqs) then you know I have stated this. I would like to
be proved wrong but until then I will stay where I am.

10. Rumors

Here I will list rumors that have been posted on many boards over the internet
from Dreamcast Forums about options or features that may or may not be
available in WSB2K1. I have actually emailed Sega and will post the full email
in entirety with their exact responses to my questions on some of the game, you
may feel free to send any rumors you know of or have heard to
[email protected], anything sent as long as not offensive will be posted
up here unless it is the same as something already posted but will contain a
number in parenthesis next to it to indicate how many people have emailed me
about that particular rumor.

- Homerun Derby Mode? (22)
	Confirmed: YES
	Request Sent To Sega About Rumor: YES
	SEGA's Reply: From:  [email protected]
                      To:  [email protected] Save Address
                      Subject:  RE:WSB2K1 Question [#16609]
                      Date:  Thu, 27 Jul 2000 11:40:34 -0500

Dear No Pain,

There are no codes that will enable you to play those features because they are
simply not in the game.  We apologize for the confusion between game
functionality and what was listed online. We appreciate you concerns and for
future updates please feel free to contact us. Again, thanks for your

                      -Katherine Dwyer
                      Sega of America Technical Support

--Original Message--

Is there any possible way by code to play the features stated on the back of
the game? Please anwser this and not one of the lame responses. Just say yes
or no to each one of these:

1) Is there Home-Run Derby with or without a code?
2) Is there weather option with or without a code?
3) Is there hot and code zones with or without a code?

Please anwser this question because you can change a site's advertising but
you can't change false advertising on a game package that was released for
people. And don't even say that cover happened to be on the package and
forgot to be changed for around 1 million packages throughout the US. Sorry
to sound rude, forgive me, but I really am upset because even my all-star
game during the season used the 2000 All-Stars whats with the game?


- Manual Fielding/Turn Off Auto-Fielding? (8)
	Confirmed: NO
	Request Sent To Sega About Rumor: NO
	* [email protected] writes: There is code for manual fielding but it is so
hard to get don't know why Sega
        doesn't want people to see it *


- Hot/Cold Zones? (1)
	Confirmed: YES
	Request Sent To Sega About Rumor: YES
	SEGA's Reply: From:  [email protected]
                      To:  [email protected] Save Address
                      Subject:  RE:WSB2K1 Question [#16609]
                      Date:  Thu, 27 Jul 2000 11:40:34 -0500

Dear No Pain,

There are no codes that will enable you to play those features because they are
simply not in the game.  We apologize for the confusion between game
functionality and what was listed online. We appreciate you concerns and for
future updates please feel free to contact us. Again, thanks for your

                      -Katherine Dwyer
                      Sega of America Technical Support

--Original Message--

Is there any possible way by code to play the features stated on the back of
the game? Please anwser this and not one of the lame responses. Just say yes
or no to each one of these:

1) Is there Home-Run Derby with or without a code?
2) Is there weather option with or without a code?
3) Is there hot and code zones with or without a code?

Please anwser this question because you can change a site's advertising but
you can't change false advertising on a game package that was released for
people. And don't even say that cover happened to be on the package and
forgot to be changed for around 1 million packages throughout the US. Sorry
to sound rude, forgive me, but I really am upset because even my all-star
game during the season used the 2000 All-Stars whats with the game?


-  Weather Patterns Based On Atmospheric Conditions? (9)
	Confirmed: YES
	Request Sent To Sega About Rumor: YES
	SEGA's Reply: From:  [email protected]
                      To:  [email protected] Save Address
                      Subject:  RE:WSB2K1 Question [#16609]
                      Date:  Thu, 27 Jul 2000 11:40:34 -0500

Dear No Pain,

There are no codes that will enable you to play those features because they are
simply not in the game.  We apologize for the confusion between game
functionality and what was listed online. We appreciate you concerns and for
future updates please feel free to contact us. Again, thanks for your

                      -Katherine Dwyer
                      Sega of America Technical Support

--Original Message--

Is there any possible way by code to play the features stated on the back of
the game? Please anwser this and not one of the lame responses. Just say yes
or no to each one of these:

1) Is there Home-Run Derby with or without a code?
2) Is there weather option with or without a code?
3) Is there hot and code zones with or without a code?

Please anwser this question because you can change a site's advertising but
you can't change false advertising on a game package that was released for
people. And don't even say that cover happened to be on the package and
forgot to be changed for around 1 million packages throughout the US. Sorry
to sound rude, forgive me, but I really am upset because even my all-star
game during the season used the 2000 All-Stars whats with the game?

9. Future Improvements

Every 2 Weeks I will E-Mail Sega with the improvements you suggest that should
be in WSB2K2. This way we can hopefully receive a well-improved WSB for next
year. Email me improvements at [email protected] This weeks will be
sent to Sega on August 5th. Also note that some improvements may be the same,
because I will display all the reader's responses, so that if their is a
overused idea it will make more a hit at Sega.

	[email protected] writes:

1) Optional manual or auto fielding as well as optional batting cursor, for
those of us who just want to be able to time the pitch and then swing without
aiming a cursor.

2) Weather conditions such as rain, snow, and wind as well as thin air at Coors

3) Temperatures that affect the players appearance such as long sleeves in cold

4) Breakable bats so that it would be possible to get a broken bat single.

5) More season options such as a two player feature during the regular season,
as well as the option of being able to play in or watch any game you want
during the season, besides just the team you picked. It also should have online
play as well.

6) Dynamic camera angles after one of the star players hits a ball that they
know is gone, such as Griffey or Bonds watching the ball as they start walking
to first or Samy Sosa's little jump that he does after he hits a homer.

7) Signature batting stances and swings for the following star players who did
not get the special treatment in this years version : #1) David Justice ; #2)
Frank Thomas ; #3)Raphael Palmeiro ; #4) Albert Belle ; #5) Will Clark ; #6)
Jose Canseco ; #7) Fred Mcgriff ; #8) Vinny Castilla ; #9) Greg Vaughn ; #10)
Mike Piazza ; #11) Ivan Rodriguez ; #12) Andres Gallarraga ; #13) Dante
Bichette ; #14) Chipper Jones ; #15) Manny Ramirez

8) Player injuries and errors.

9) Optional arcade or simulation game play. With the simulation games being
slower paced with more details, like complete and detailed warm up swings for
batters & catchers throwing the ball back to the pitcher after each pitch.

10) More animated ballparks with working waterfalls in Kauffman Stadium, Edison
Field, and Coors Field, as well as improved crowd animations.

11) Improved stadium sounds and play-by-play with color commentary.


	[email protected] writes:

As is WSB2K1 wasn't realistic enough.....I think it should be even MORE
realistic. Ex. When your pitcher hits a batter, the next inning the opposing
pitcher hits your lead-off batter, and then the managers come out and the umps
get pissed.

Some things that I would LOVE to see in WSB2K (most of it won't probably

1) Charging the mound

2) Suspensions

3) Showing the manager, 1st & 3rd base coaches, and those dumb people that
foul balls

4) Calling up AA/AAA players, maybe even people from Japan (ok, that's going

5) More crowd interaction (Ex. vendors shouting for popcorn, people putting up
those little K signs, people at Turner Field with those foam axes and chanting
'hoooooooooooooo', and 7th inning stretch singing of Take Me Out To The Ball

6) Celebrity 1st pitches (ok, thats going TOO far)

7) And something very extreme but something I would like to see...random
events (drugs, sudden death, DUI, etc.). I can see it now: "Pedro Martinez
arrested for marijuana and MLB suspends him for 1 year." Ok, no but hey, it
could happen.


	LeOnBrVhRt8 writes:

1) Better sounds from the crowd and crack of the bat, catch of the ball ect.

2) Charge the Mound Option, Which if you choose to you can be suspended for
your actions to use this action

3) Homerun Derby Mode, where balls can go anywhere in any part of the stands
(Batting Practice like NFL2K's practice mode also)

4) Updated Power Rankings for players, Jeff Kent, Andruw Jones, Richard
Hildalgo, ect.

5) Manual Fielding

6) All-Star Extravaganza with homerun derby and all-stars picked based on
current season stats

7) Hot/Cold Zones for Batters

8) When homeruns are hit players do actually homerun jogs and walks back to the
dugout, Sammy Sosa's sidestep to first, BigMac does the arm bash after he
touches home, some players stare at the pitcher after they hit one then trout
the bases.

9) Change to a simulation and not an arcade, let the catcher throw the ball
back, around the horn after a K

10) New Commentary from 2 people at least, go hire some Fox guys or someone
else with colorful commentary PLEASE!!!

11) More camera angles

12) Bring us back a NFL2K version of WSB, don't let PSX laugh in your face


	[email protected] writes:

1) The commentary is what brings this game down to an average game. They should
try having play by play commentary like the Triple Play Series and have former
Major League players do it (Harold Reynolds?). If this game had better play by
play commentary it would be perfect.


	[email protected] writes:

First World Series Baseball 2k1. I think WSB 2k1 is a pretty good game but it
is missing some key things to make it the best it could be. First I think the
pitching is to hard. It should be where first you pick your pitch. Then you
push the analog stick and A or B to aim your pitch. A would be a strike and B
would be a ball. For example up and A would be a high strike and left and B
would be an outside ball. Then you pick your speed and you can additionally
aim with the analog after you pitch. Next there should be a choose uniform
and hat option. Many teams have more than one jerseys and hats they wear.
Finally in the create a player option you should first choose the skin color.
Next you choose the face style. Next you choose the facial hair and color.
Finally you choose the hair, hair length, and color. These options would make
world series baseball 2k1 the best game it could be.

*NHL2K* Next NHL 2k. I am one of the biggest hockey and Philadelphia Flyers
ever. So hockey is my sport and i love NHL 2k. I think i captures the hockey
sense. I know hockey games. First in all modes there should be injuries and
suspentions. Part of playing through a season is battling through injuries
and suspentions on your way to the Stanley Cup Finals. But it shouldn't get
out of hand. Next simply the players should have their numbers on their
sleeves. nough said. Next there should be a jersey numbers and captain and
assisstants option for each team. This year I was playing a Flyers season and
the real Flyers trade Mikeal Renberg to Phoenix for old time Flyer Rick
Tocchet. Tocchet's number was 22. But that was occuppied by Luke Richardson
so he took number 92. But in my game he was 22 just like Richardson. Next the
captians and assisstants are there to choose the leaders of that game. The
C's and A's should show up on their jerseys. Next I have some suggestions for
the create a player option. You should have the same options in NHL 2k but
add these. Just like in WSB 2k1 you should have to choose skin color, face
style, facial hair, facial hair color, hair style, and hair color. You should
also choose the equipment type. For players, helment style, gloves style,
stick color, blade color, tape style, tape color, skate style. For goalies,
helment style, helment color, blocker style, glove style, stick color, blade
color, tape style, tape color, leg pad style, skate style. Next there should
be a deek button. Here is how the controller should go: ON OFFENCE: X - quick
shot/slap shot, A - pass, B - speed burst, Y - deek, R - dump the puck, L -
line change. ON DEFENCE: X - poke check, A - change player, B - speed
burst/body check, Y - block shot, R - last man back, L - line change. You
don't need to change coaching stratigies in the game you can do that in the
pause menu. In the game play i have 2 things. The goalies should have more
motion caps. so they can like make saves on their back or from their knees.
Finally the glass breaks way to much. It should be rare for the glass to
break. It should only happen when like Al MacInnis takes a 100 mph slap shot
that sails over the net and gives the person in the front row a platter of
glass and rubber. Or like Scott Stevens checks a guy so hard that he windes
up 8 rows back. *NHL2K*


	[email protected] writes:

1.) Two man color-commentary and PA announcer (and "TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL
GAME") make example of EA sports commentary

2.) Working weather effects.

3.) Manual fielding option.

4.) Home-Run Derby

5.) Franchise mode (GM, salary caps, retirements, and rookie signings)

6.) Better stat tracking (OBA, Slugging percentage, lefty Vs righty, and, etc.)

7.) Errors (overthrown pitchs, dropped balls, wild pitches, collisions, booted

8.) Injuries and stamina (Hot, moderate, and cold ala WS 98)

9.) Just a couple of more animations (I haven't seen it or know that it is
already there, but homeplate collision with the catcher)

10.) Dropped third strike rule if it does not exist.

11.) Option to warm-up your relieving pitcher or sit him down.

12.) Team specific crowd chants and music (such as the Braves' Tomahawk Chant)

13.) Emotional reactions after strikeouts (ala WSB 98) and double plays

14.) Ducking pitcher animation from WSB 98

15.) Top Minor League players for each team.

1.) Rain Delay tarp sequence and according commentary

2.) Bat and ball boys if space and processing allows.

3.) Players actually in the dugout, entering and leaving, Players leaning on
the partition and Managers in the dugout walking about (ala NBA2K) if space
and processing allows.

4.) Player in the On-deck circle.

5.) Bring back the player of the game.

6.) Working scoreboards and Big screen monitors.

7.) Foul ball crowd charge for the balls sequence (Such as the sequence with
players in the dugout.)

8.) Weather specific crowd effects. (such as in NFL2K, raincoats and umbrellas)
variable crowd attendance according to certain match-ups and records).

9.) Relievers coming from the warm-up area (according sequences: actually show
them throwing and the Manager comes out to take the pitcher out during an

10.) 1st and third base coaches if space allows


	[email protected] writes:

1) A feature that I feel is WAY overlooked in sports games is a jersey
selector. NHL 2K was the first and only game to my knoweledge to have
one. It would add alot to WSB 2K2 to have that. I know my Blue Jays have
4 jerseys only two of which are in WSB 2K1, unless i have yet to see


	[email protected]:

1) The game need better throws. Since when does a player throw a ball with as
much ark as this game. The throws on here are horrible. Whers Vladimir
Guerrero's Gun or Jay Buhners and all of the other guys with hoses. The ball
should be thrown on a line not a arch as big as the golden arches in St

2) Another addition needed is stats for the current game so we know what a
player has done so far in the current game. Also along these lines is a box
score so we can see players stats at the end of the game.

3) Player of the game awards would be nice and I don't know if the seaosn has
Awards but if not those would be great also.

4) Balls bouncing off of surfaces once a home run has been hit is something I
have wanted for ever. I have yet to see a game implement balls hitting
things like the scoreboard, back walls of bullpens or other parts of the

5) Balls hitting players in the fiels also needs to be put in. For this I mean
if a player is running and may get hit by a hit ball than it would be an
out. Also players should be able to be hit by balls thrown, like when
ruuning to first and the pitchers has to throw from behind the runner.

6) A franchise mode with multiple seasons. Also a farm team and rookie drafts.
Multiple player trades, free agents and other gm decisions.


	[email protected] writes:

1) We should have a choice on how many players we can trade for a particular
superstar. For example  trading 4 minor leaguers for Randy Johnson.

2) There should be more replys on Home Runs than Replys on Stealing Bases.

3) I would love it if they had a Hall OF Famer team.

4) They should show how the players are doing, for example A-Rod is 4-5

5) MUST have a Turning point of the game, for example they should show how
the Team won the Ball game, like Big Mac hitting a HR in the 2nd inning or
Pedro Striking out the batter while the bases were loaded.

6) They should have the Coach and Batter communicating by  signs

7) And the last, THEY MUST HAVE a long Home Run, for example Big Mac breaking
a Car window in the parking lot when he hit a long ball


	[email protected] writes:

Game mode wise:
1)Homerun derby (once again mentioned)
2)pitching and batting practise
3)option for manual or auto fielding (I actually like the auto fielding idea)

Player Creation mode:
1)more variation to pick for a player's face.
Ex: Just like what police can do, we should be able to choose a different set
of eyes, ears, hair, nose, mouth... so it will not be just 30 different looking
faces to choose from.
2)same goes to a player's body. More variation to it.

In-Game details:
1)hot or cold crowds. Heats up when the (home) team is coming back. Colds when
the team is losing big time.

2)The chantings and those signs that fans hold up

3)weather option (once again mentioned)

4)Actually a relief pitcher needs to warm up before he can come into a game and
pitchs effectively. So a gamer needs to decide who will coming into the game
and warms him up.

5)catcher cam!!

6)A player will break his bat when he got k in a crucial situation

7)Random events such as a fan reaches out and tries to grab a homer or foul
ball, injury to those injury prone players (Knoblauch, Justice...)...

8)Detail stats after each game.

9)Season long Stamina level bar. Some or most players will not play all 162
When the stamina level drops, a player's performance will drop and gamers need
to decide to give him a seat or not.

10)Those clocks in the stadium actually work!! Not always at 1pm through out
the nine innings.

11)The little k's signs for Pedro and Big Unit (mentioned before)

12)Dugout and the manager

and also to Sega:

What happen to these in WSB2k1...

1)the overlook view during national anthem. It looks like an empty stadium!

2)error?? Everyone looks like a Gold Glove canadiate.

What I enjoy about WSB2k1...

1)Relatively updated roster. Justice is in the Yanks uniform

2)the pace of the game. A nine innings game actually lasts around 20-30 mins

3)the players' faces actually quite alike to those in the real life.


	[email protected] writes:

1) Hot/Cold Zones and the ability when batting to select a zone to hit in, just
     WSB98 on the Saturn. This would be the feature I would most like added.

2) The need to warm up relief pitchers and if you use a releif pitcher two or
three days in      a row you lose the ability to use him for one game.(he would
need a day or rest)

3) If you did not warm the relief pitcher up his effectiveness would be greatly
     (less break on the curve, less speed on his fastball ect.)

4) Franchise Mode

5) All other obvious improvments( Manual Fielding option, Home Run Derby,
All-Star, ect.)

10. Codes

NO Codes Currently Available. If you find anything submit them to
to get full credit for them.

11. Credits

Sega Sports for creating and producing WSB2K1, now we can die knowing a good
baseball was released. Any people who actually support the game and are not
hurrying to take the game back. Anyone else that cares about baseball like me,
it's the only true sport the way I see it, and I don't care what any
football/basketball fan has to say about that. 2000.

Email Anything for my sections or any comments, suggestions at:
[email protected]

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