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Worms Armageddon for Playstation
Faq Version 1.4
By Ken-Oh-Ki (aka Casey J. Anderson)

Table of Contents
  A.  Updates
  B.  Tech Data
  C.  Game Summary
  D.  Controls
  E.  Weapon Guide
      a.  Launching Weapons
      b.  Physical Weapons
      c.  Firearms
      d.  Grenade-Type Weapons and Other Explosives
      e.  Air Strikes
      f.  Barnyard Surprise Weapons
      g.  Miscellaneous
      h.  Utilities
  F.  Training Walkthrough
      a.  Basic Training 1
      b.  Basic Training 2
      c.  Basic Training 3
      d.  Other Training Missions
  G.  Mission Walkthrough
  H.  Game Extras
  I.  Deathmatch Tips
  J.  Credits


A.  Updates

     4-25-00:  I corrected some mistyped words and some minor mistakes.  
I also reworded some stuff to make this guide read better.  The only 
major mistake I corrected was in the weapon guide.  The skunk can pick 
up crates.
     5-2-00:  I corrected some spacing problems, but most importantly I 
need your help!  See section H for details.  Next week I will start 
publishing Game Shark codes for those that lack scruples when it comes 
to the "is it right to use a Game Shark to beat a game" issue.  Send 
some in if you have any.
     5-15-00:  Haven't played worms in a while, but that didn't keep me 
from getting those Game Shark codes to you (al be them a little later 
than promised…I blame it on my laziness).  It looks like I'll be taking 
off the codes I put up version 1.2 if someone doesn't find out to make 
them work.  Anyway, look for version 1.4 in a week or two if I can pull 
myself away from Vagrant Story…  Send in more Game Shark codes if you 
have them.
     6-5-00:  Square's done it again.  All RPG fans should go out and 
buy a copy of Vagrant Story if they haven't already.  Anyway, some more 
Game Shark codes are here.  Also, no one has been able to get those 
other codes to work.  There still here, but only as a warning to people 
saying that they don't work.  Enjoy!

     E-mail me if you see a mistake or have found a code or cheat for 
this game that is not printed in section H.  My address is at the 
bottom of the faq.


B.  Tech Data
     Number Of Players: One to four (no multi-tap needed!)
     Game Type: Strategy
     Company:  Micro Prose and Team 17
     Release Date: December 1999 (Playstation version)
     Platforms:  Originally for PC.  Now on Playstation, Game Boy,
          Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast
     ESRB Rating: E for everyone


C.  Game Summary
     Welcome to the wacky world of Worms Armageddon!  This is the third 
installment of this action-packed strategy series.  The basic object of 
the game is to kill all other teams of worms while keeping your team 
alive.  You do this by using your large arsenal of explosive, 
devastating, and sometimes downright stupid (but funny) weapons. 
Everything you need to entertain your self after the apocalypse is 
packed into this game, except for a friend or three!  Happy shooting!


D.  Controls

     Control Pad: moves worms/ moves cross hairs
     Left Control Stick: moves worms/ moves cross hairs
     Select: weapon menu
     Start: pauses the game, then brings up in-game menu
     Right Control Stick: scroll mode
     Square: scroll mode
     Triangle: jump 1
     Circle: jump 2
     X: fire/ select weapon
     L1: bounce/ girder rotate/ which way air strikes will hit the
     L2: fuse setting/ girder rotate/ which way air strikes will hit
          the terrain/ when using "mad cow" weapon, press this to
          launch a greater number at once (only works if you have
          another in stock)
     R1: toggle worm name and health detail level
     R2: worm select/ when using "mad cow" weapon, press this to launch
          a greater number at once (only works if you have another in

      The controls listed are the default set (Type A).  You can change 
the controls by going into option menu from the main menu then into the 
controls menu.


E.  Weapons Guide

     I will list weapons by type. An explanation will be given at the 
beginning of each new category.

     !  Means weapon is affected by the wind
     *  Means weapon walks or jumps around on its own after it is fire
         and collects crates


Launching Weapons

     To correctly use these weapons, you will need to first aim the 
weapons in the direction to be fired, and then you must press fire.  
The weapon will fly toward its target.

     -!Bazooka: After you aim it, hold down fire to make it fly harder.  
The longer the red bar, the harder it flies.  Wind does effect this 
weapon, so be careful.  If you fire hard and a little below horizontal, 
you can make the missile skip on the water's surface.
     -Homing Missile: The first time you press fire, an arrow appears. 
Place the arrow where you want the missile to strike and press X.  Fire 
it like a bazooka.
     -Homing Pigeon: Like the homing missile, but not as reliable.  Use 
it the same way as the homing missile (you don't have to hold down X 
when you fire).
     -Magic Bullet: This is a "magic" bullet that makes a really big 
explosion when it hits the target.  Use it the same way as the homing 
missile, but you don't have to hold down X when you fire.
     -Mortar: This missile flies at full speed toward its target.  Once 
it hits something, tiny bombs spread out around the immediate area.


Physical Weapons

     These weapons have a range limit.  Usually you have to stand right 
new to your victim for the attack to have any effect.

     -Baseball Bat: What?  No one brought a ball?  Just use the worm 
next to you as one!  Aim and swing to send them flying out of the park.
     -Battle Ax: A very large ax that cleaves worms into.  It also 
slices the victim's health in two!  Stand next to a large group of 
worms for a big effect.
     -Dragon Ball: Your worm dons a red bandana and shoots a ball of 
energy toward the worm next to you, sending him flying and causing 30 
points of damage.  Hmm…Perhaps this attack was inspired by a popular 
     -Fire Punch: Once again, your worm puts on a blood-red bandana.  
This time, the worm jumps strait up and punches, sending enemies flying 
through the air causing 30 damage points.
     -Kamikaze: Still wearing the bandana, the worm launches himself 
forward.  He destroys everything in his path and then explodes in a mad 
rage, proving there is honor in death.  Aim with the crosshair to 
control the direction he flies and dies.
     -Prod: Not exactly an "attack," but still useful if you want to 
conserve ammo.  Gives that worm teetering on the edge of a cliff that 
little push he needs to fall into the water.
     -Suicide Bomber: While not as dramatic as the kamikaze, it will 
still make lemmings happy.  The worm explodes and a green gas makes the 
worms that breath it turn green in sickness.



     These weapons are um… guns.  Aim with cross hairs and fire.

     -Handgun: Aim and fire.  Six rounds will come out.  You can still 
aim with the control pad after you press fire.
     -Uzi: Like the handgun, but this is an automatic weapon.  That 
means more bullets being shot at a faster rate.  Use it the same way as 
the handgun.
     -Mini Gun: A large, powerful weapon.  Use it like the uzi, but 
expect a bigger result.
     -Shotgun: Double barrel shotgun.  Mess up the first time?  No 
problem!  You get two shots with this weapon.


Grenade-Type Weapons and Other Explosives

     Most of these weapons act like your basic grenade.  Like the 
launching weapons, you need to press down the fire button to throw them 
harder.  You can set the fuse using the default button L2.  Set the 
fuse from 1 to 5 seconds.  You can also set how high the grenade 
bounces by pressing L1.  A few other weapons, like dynamite, you can't 
throw or set the time limit.

     -Grenade: Shoot it like a bazooka, aiming then holding down the 
fire button to adjust how hard you want to throw it.  Press L2 to 
determine how high it will bounce and press L1 to set the fuse from 
anywhere between one and five seconds.
     -Cluster Bomb: Exactly like a grenade, but when it explodes small 
bombs fall out and will explode when they hit the ground.
     -Holy Hand-Grenade: A really powerful version of a normal grenade 
that easily does 100 damage to those standing nearby the explosion.  
This has a fuse of three seconds, no more, no less.  Four is too many, 
and five is way off.  By the way, if you don't know where this weapon 
came from, go to your local movie rental place and rent a copy of 
.  It is a very, very 
funny movie that I think most everyone would enjoy.
     -Banana Bomb: A much, much more powerful version of the cluster 
bomb that takes the form of a harmless looking banana.  Once it 
explodes, smaller bananas rain down upon the land, spreading terror and 
destruction.  You can't set the bounce; the setting is always high.
     -Super Banana Bomb: Just like the banana bomb, but you can 
detonate the bomb and the smaller bananas manually by pressing fire 
     -Dynamite:  A big boom sends worms over the rainbow.  Fire to drop 
and GET AWAY QUICKLY!  Drop it from a ninja rope if you can.
     -Mine:  A proximity mine.  Press fire to drop one directly below 
you.  If a worm gets too close it will start to blink and explode.  
Sometimes mines will already be on the landscape when you start the 
level.  Some mines have longer fuses than others.  Some will even 
explode as soon as you get inside the blast area.  Some mines are duds.
     -Priceless Ming Vase: A nice blend of dynamite and a cluster bomb.  
You have five seconds to get away, far away, after you drop this.  Try 
to drop it from ninja rope or a jet pack.  Easily does 100 damage to 
those on top of this vase.
     -*Sally Army: A walking priceless ming vase.  You can also self 
detonate sally army by pressing fire.  Can do well over 100 points of 
damage if more than one of those little explosives hit a worm.
     -*Old Woman: A kindly old lady walks around for five seconds and 


Air Strikes

     These weapons come raining down from the sky.  Because of this, 
you will not be able to select them when inside cave-like terrain.  
Change the direction they fall from pressing either of the L buttons.  
Some of these weapons are affected by wind.

     -Armageddon: Undoubtedly the most powerful weapon the entire game.  
Meteors fall down from the heavens above destroying just about 
     -Air Strike: Five missiles are dropped from a passing plane.  
Change the angle they are dropping from by pressing L1 or L2.
     -Mole Squadron: A cross between an air strike and a mole bomb.  
Five moles drop like missiles and dig until they hit a worm or get to 
the other side of dirt they're digging through.
     -!Mail Strike: Five letters lost by the postal service find their 
way to the battlefield.  For some reason they explode when they hit the 
ground.  Remember to check the wind when you use this one.
     -!MB Bomb: The instruction book says this is an overweight video 
game producer.  I don't see a resemblance, it looks to me like a gift 
basket.  Oh, and if he's so fat, why is he affected by the wind?  
Doesn't do much damage, anyway, so it's really more trouble than its 
     -Mine Strike: Five mines fall from the sky.  They are exactly like 
regular mines.
     -French Sheep Strike: Five flaming fluffy sheep fall from the sky.  
They bounce once and explode twice.  Use with caution.
     -Carpet Bomb: Five carpets fall to the earth, bouncing and 
exploding many times before finally leaving peace to the land.
     -Concrete Donkey: A giant concrete donkey falls from the sky 
destroying everything below it, and I mean EVERYTHING!  You're 
guaranteed to have a big hole in the ground after using this one.  One 
of the most useful weapon in the game.


Barnyard Surprise Weapons

     That's right!  These animals are packed with explosives and 
explode usually when you tell them to.  These are some powerful 
weapons, so watch out when a cute fluffy little sheep comes bouncing 
your way.

     -*Sheep: Have your dirty work done for you.  Hire a sheep.  Press 
fire to launch.  Your clueless friend(s) will laugh at you as the 
fluffy barnyard dweller jumps and bounces toward their worms, until you 
press fire again.
     -*Sheep Launcher: This crash helmet-wearing sheep flies through 
the air.  Aim and shoot like a launching weapon.  After he lands, he 
acts just like a regular sheep.
     -*Super Sheep/  *Aqua Sheep: Super sheep is the envy of all other 
sheep because of its ability to fly.  When it is first launched, but 
when fire is pressed it takes to the skies flying strait up.  Control 
it with the left and right buttons on the control pad or the left 
stick.  It will only fly for a limited time, so get it to where it 
needs to be before a timer appears above his head.  Press fire again to 
detonate manually.  Sometimes a super sheep is upgraded into an aqua 
sheep that takes the super sheep's place on the weapon select screen.  
This blue-cape wearing marvel can swim underwater, traveling below the 
     -*Skunk: Release this little fellow with the fire button and watch 
him jump around.  When the counter reaches zero (or when you press fire 
again) it releases a tall stack or green smoke.  When this smoke comes 
in contact with a worm, they will become sick.  Press fire again for a 
small explosion and no more skunk.  The sickness drains 5 points of 
damage every turn.  When the sick worm's health reaches 1, it causes no 
damage.  The illness can be cured with a health crate.
     -*Mole Bomb: It bounces along like the sheep, until you press fire 
again.  When you press fire it jumps up high and then dives digging 
into the ground.  It automatically explodes if it hits a worm or gets 
to the other side of what it's digging through.
     -*Mad Cow: A mad cow charges across the land and explodes when 
something blocks its path.  Press L2 to launch a greater number at once 
(only works if you have another in stock)



     Other useful weapons or stuff that didn't fit into the other 
categories I put here. Since no weapon here is like another, I put an 
explanation of how to use each with the explanation of what it does.

     -Earth Quake: Press fire to cause a massive earthquake.  The 
earthquake moves worms, mines, crates and other loose objects bouncing 
around the screen and flying into the water.
     -Blowtorch: Makes a passage through the land for you.  Aims at 45 
degrees between up, straight in front, and 45 degrees downward.  You 
can also use it to cause damage to other worms.
     -Indian Nuclear Test: The battlefield is hit with a nuclear 
device.  The water level rises a lot, so make sure that all your worms 
are on high ground.  Causes sickness to all worms, not just to other 
teams.  This sickness will drain 2 points of damage every turn, until 
it reaches 1 and then will cause no more damage.
     -Pneumatic Drill: Worms with these put on a hardhat and dig 
straight down to the center of the earth.  Well… not quite that far.  
You can hit other worms with it, but it only causes 15 points of 
      -Girder: A long piece of steel.  Use it as a bridge, a base for a 
ninja rope, a shield, or as something to block an enemy worm.  Press L1 
or L2 to position it and make it longer or shorter.
     -Girder Starter-Pack: Five girders in one.  That's all there is to 
     -Teleport: Gets you to where you want to be in an instant.  Move 
the cursor to where you want to be and press fire.
     -Ninja Rope: Quite possibly the most useful and important "weapon" 
in the game.  Aim and fire.  Use left and right to swing and up and 
down to lengthen and shorten the rope.  Press fire to detach and fire 
again to reattach.  Open the weapon menu again to select a weapon you 
want to drop and a picture of it should appear in a box above your 
worm.  Not all weapons can be dropped.  If you've got a lot of momentum 
and your attached to the end of a ledge above your head, swing into a 
wall and press up. You might be able to swing over to the top of the 
ledge.  Press down when you're over the edge you will swing upwards.  
You will be able to land on top of the edge.  This is hard to do at 
first, but if you can master it, it will be a very useful skill.
      -Bungee: Press fire next to an edge and walk off.  The bungee 
cord will catch you.  Press directional buttons the same way as you do 
with the ninja rope to move, however, you cannot let go and reattach 
your self like you do with the ninja rope.  You can also drop stuff 
like you do with the ninja rope.
      -!Parachute: Select the parachute.  Jump off a ledge and the 
parachute will come out automatically, or you could press fire to 
release it manually.  Press left and right to fight or go with the 
wind.  Press up to slow your decent or press down to fall faster.  You 
can drop stuff the same way you do with the ninja rope.
      -Scales of Justice: This evenly distributes the energy of all 
worms on every team.  Doesn't really do any damage, it just makes each 
worm have the same amount of energy.
     -Freeze: Cryogenic freezing can save your worms from death.  Once 
used, your entire team will be encased in ice, protecting them from any 
attacks your opponent uses.  Your worms will thaw out when it is your 
turn again.
     -Select Worm: Press fire and R2 to change the worm you want to use 
this round.
     -Surrender: Your worm holds up the white flag of shame saying, 
"Please no more!"  Very humiliating.  You should have no need for this.  
Fight with honor until the death of either you or your enemy.
     -Skip Go: If you feel like wasting a turn, use this.  Your worm 
will literally "skip" the turn away.  If you change your mind, go back 
to the weapon select screen and select a new weapon.



     These aren't exactly weapons, but they do provide worms with 
useful abilities or tools.  There are two kinds, the ones you can 
collect and store, and those that effect you the moment that you pick 
them up.

     -Jet Pack: Fly with the control pad or stick until the 30 units of 
fuel are gone.  You can drop stuff while you fly just like with ninja 
     -Low Gravity: Your worm acts as if it is on the moon and jumps 
extra high.  Also effects some physical weapons such as fire punch.
     -Fast Walk: Your worm walks and jumps twice as fast.
     -Laser Sight: Adds uh… laser sight to all firearm weapons.
                            *Instant Effect*
     -Double Time: Doubles the time left for your turn.
     -Crate Shower: Drops a few more crates from the sky.
     -Crate Spy: Allows your team to see what is inside any crate.  
Lasts to the end of the round.
     -Double Damage: Any damage given by an explosion is doubled.  
Lasts until the end of the turn you picked it up in.


F.  Training Guide

     There are six different training missions for Worms Armageddon.  
These are Basic Training, Super Sheep Training, Rifle Training, Crazy 
Crates Training, Artillery Training, and Advanced Weapon Training.


Basic Training 1

     -Grenade Skills 1: There are two targets a ways in front of you.  
Aim relatively low and fire a one-second grenade at the first target.  
For the second target that's farther off, aim a tad higher, but keep 
the fuse at one second.  Use full power on this one.
     -Shotgun Skills: There's not much to this one.  There are six 
targets.  All you have to do is aim and shoot.  
     -Bazooka Skills 1: Aim at a low angle and shoot the target at full 
power.  For the next one, use the wind to help you.  Face right and aim 
a little off vertical and shoot with about half power.

Basic Training 2

     -Rope Skills 1: This isn't too hard if you know how to use ninja 
rope correctly.  Aim and shoot the ninja rope at the long girder 
platform above you.  Press up on the control pad to launch yourself 
swinging into the air.  At the peak of each swing to the right, press 
fire to let go.  Press fire to launch the rope again before you fall to 
a watery grave.  When you see a platform below you, don't let go of the 
rope, but pick it up while you're still holding on.  You will find a 
baseball bat in the crate. Continue swinging until you reach the 
platform with the target.  Let go of the rope and whack it with the 
baseball bat.
     -Grenade Skills 2: This is just like the first Grenade Skills, but 
with a third, higher target.  Aim at it with a 2-second grenade at 
about 45 degrees.
     -Fire Punch Skills: You will need to backflip and use the fire 
punch to pass this test.  Backflip under the platform with the crate, 
and when you reach the top of the jump use Fire Punch. Do the same 
under the other platforms.

Basic Training 3

     -Rope Skills 2: Use the rope the same way you did in the first 
Rope Skills.  Grab the crate to find dynamite.  Swing over to the 
target and get right up next to the target.  Pull up the weapon select 
screen and select the dynamite.  Press the triangle button to let go of 
the dynamite and quickly get back to the platform that you started on.   
If you hadn't already, you will let go of the rope automatically when 
the dynamite explodes.
     -Bazooka Skills 2: Fire with full power strait at the first 
target.  Fire the next one at full power slightly lower.  The next 
target is behind you, just like the second target in the first Bazooka 
Skills, kill it the same way.  For the last, a little below horizontal 
with full power.  It should skim the surface of the water and hit the 
     -Grenade Skills 3: The first three are the same as last time, but 
the first two are backwards.   Aim the first right below the lower 
right corner of the girder above you at fire with full power.  Use a 
four-second fuse.  The last is right above your head.  Use a one-second 
fuse, a tad off vertical, at around three fourths power.


Other Training Missions

     There is no easy strategy for the other five training areas, and 
you will need to get gold on all of them if you have any hope on 
getting your team of worms a 100% rating on the teams status menu.  You 
will need to play them over and over for hours on end, learning the 
patters of each of the targets, just like I did.  All I can say is good 


G.  Mission Guide 

     Here I will give you a step by step explanation on how to beat 
each mission.  To access the early missions, you will need to get a 
bronze medal in Basic Training by beating Basic Training 1.  To access 
the middle set of missions you need a silver medal by beating Basic 
Training 2, and for the hardest set of missions, you need a gold medal 
by beating Basic Training 3.  Of course, you shouldn't have too much 
trouble beating those Basic Training missions with the strategy in the 
previous section.
     Before starting the missions, I recommend getting gold on ALL the 
training missions, not just Basic Training.  I also suggest getting 
Elite in the one-player Deathmatch mode.  By the time you accomplish 
both these things, you should be very good at the game and the missions 
will seem a lot easier.
     I've heard that the more times you fail the mission, the easier it 
gets, for example, there may be an oil barrel where there wasn't before 
or there is a stronger weapon in a crate you pick up once you fail the 
mission once.  Every time that I failed a mission, I reset my 
Playstation, so that failure wouldn't count, so I never played the 
easier, "failed" missions.  I also saved my game every time I beat a 
mission.  I will be writing this guide from the hardest level of 
difficulty.  If you beat a level with several failures and you want to 
try to get a gold, beat it again in one try.

*NOTE* After the mission name, I wrote the basic objective of the 

     1.   Pumpkin Problems-collect the crate
Turn 1: Move to the far right edge of the pumpkin you're on and use the 
ninja rope to get to the top of the pumpkin above the Snipers.  Collect 
the baseball bat in the crate and use it to hit the worm to your right 
into the mines.  If you're lucky, he will die and destroy all the 
mines, making a passage to the crate for you.
Turn 2: If there is no passage to the crate yet, place a girder to get 
across the mines that are left.  Get back to the top of the pumpkin, as 
the Artillery on the far right will try and throw a grenade at you.
Turn 3: Cross the girder you placed to get to the pumpkin on the far 
right.  Use the shotgun and shoot the green stock to make a passage to 
the crate.  Collect the crate.
     2.  Operation Market Garden-kill all enemies
Turns 1 and 2: Use the two girders you have to make a path from where 
your worms are to the flowers that are closer to the water can.
Turns 3 and up: Just use your own good judgement from here on. Try to 
stay on the flowers so you have an advantage in higher ground.  Kill 
the three worms on the top of the water can first, then jump down and 
get the last grenadier last.
     3.  All Quiet In The Library-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Move all the way over to middle of the screen collecting both 
crates. Backflip back onto the top of the green book and find somewhere 
to hide.  Use the mail strike to kill the two worms on the very left of 
the screen.  Remember to check the wind before using the mail strike.
Turn 2: Use the air strike on the Captain.
Turn 3: Grab the health pack and attack the captain anyway you want, 
but don't use the baseball bat.
Turn 4: Walk to the left side of the Field Soldier and hit him with the 
baseball bat as high as you can so you knock him into the water.
Turns 5 and up: Try to get the other non-captain worms knocked into the 
little nook in the middle of the screen and place a short girder strait 
up so they can't get out.   You can throw grenades in there and they 
won't be able to attack back very well.  The rest is up to you.  By the 
fifth turn there should be two more crates, the one on the right 
containing a sheep, and in the other, an air strike.  Sometime around 
these turns a nuclear device will be dropped and an earthquake will 
occur.  By the eighth turn there should be another crate at the very 
far right that you can get.  It contains a homing missile.
     4.  Do The Locomotion-get the crate
Turn 1: Get the crate, inside is a blowtorch.  Stand directly below the 
Sniper and fire punch him into the water.
Turn 2: Blowtorch through the tree trunk.
Turn 3: Backflip onto the tree and get the crate.  Use the girder 
inside and place a long one in front of you so you can climb onto the 
train car next turn.
Turn 4: Climb onto the train and when you get to the mine get close 
enough to trigger it and quickly turn around and jump back.  If you 
didn't take any damage, walk back down the left side and get the 
utility and health crate.  Skip the rest of this turn.
Turns 5 and up: Walk over the train and walk down the right side.  Get 
the crates and use the jet pack you get to fly to the edge of the 
tracks.  Use the bungee to drop down and get the crate, then safely 
swing to the ground the crate was on.
     5.  Cool As Ice-kill the soldier
Turn 1: Get the two crates to your right then jet pack to the ledge 
with the crate that's to the right of the sleigh.  On the way, be sure 
NOT to collect any of the three crates on the ledge directly above the 
guard.  Use a bungee to fall down and collect the two crates.
Turn 2: Use your second jet pack to collect the two crates on the 
island with the tree and then fly to the island to the right of that 
one and collect the two crates on that island.  Backflip to the top of 
that island and use your ninja rope to get to the top of the tree on 
the island to the right.  Set yourself on the very top.
Turn 3: Face to the left and select one of your homing missiles, you 
should have two.  Place the target right on Guard's head.  Aim a little 
off vertical, tilting to the left and fire with full power.  Once your 
turn is over the Guard should have a bazooka and widen the top of the 
hole a little.
Turn 4: Fire your second homing missile the same way you did as in the 
last turn.  Hopefully you will kill him.  If not, reset your 
Playstation and try again.
     6.  Sand In Your Eye-kill all enemies
Turns 1 and up: I have no full-proof strategy for this one.  Use worm 
select and try to get all your worms to higher ground as the water will 
probably start to rise before you finish this level.  Around three 
turns into the game, there's a crate that appears on the palm tree to 
the far left that contains two mail strikes.  Get it as soon as you 
can.  The crate that appears on the camel's hump is a mini gun. This is 
also very useful.
     7.  Not Mushroom Out There-get the crate
Turn 1: Flip unto the top of the mushroom using the "rope flipping" 
skill with the ninja rope.  Grab the crate on the top to get a girder 
starter-pack.  Jump on the mushroom to the right, then jump back left 
to the small mushroom with Sentry on it.  The crate to the left holds 
another girder starter-pack, but you don't need to get it.  You don't 
need to get the one on the right either, but it holds a cluster bomb.
Turn 2: Use one of you girder starter-packs.  Place the first so you 
can climb out of where you are.  Use the other four to create a 
"bridge" over the mines.
Turn 3: You shouldn't need to get it, but a mini gun should drop next 
to the small mushroom you're on.  Climb over the bridge and drop off 
the mushroom to the grass patch with the crate on it.  In the crate is 
a teleport.  Use it to get to the crate.
     8.  Tectonic Trouble-get the crate
Turn 1: Get the ninja rope and use it to get on the other side of the 
Easter Island head to your left.  Jump and use it so you can connect to 
the leaves of the palm tree.  Get the crate, it should contain a jet 
pack, and set off the mine while still on the rope so you can go back 
up and not be damaged.  Flip back up to the top of the tree and use a 
girder so you won't slip off the tree when the earthquake starts.
Turn 2: Use the jet pack to fly to the top of the tree where the crate 
you need to get is.  Slowly climb down the side, making sure not to set 
off the mine, until you can blowtorch at an angle where you can get in 
and grab the crate.
     9.  Big Shot-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Backflip up to the crate on the left side of the island with 
the frog.  Use the ninja rope to flip up onto the frog and kill the 
Sentry on the top with a shotgun.
Turn 2: Place a girder between the frog and the mushroom with the Guard 
on top.
Turn 3: Cross over to the mushroom and use a handgun to shoot the Guard 
onto the mine on his left, hopefully killing him.
Turn 4: Place a girder between the mushroom and the plants to the left.  
Sudden death should occur sometime around now.
Turn 5: Kill the other Sentry
Turns 6 and up: Kill the last guard.  Remember to get crate drops, I 
found a holy hand-grenade in one.
     10.  Water Surprise-kill the enemy
Turn 1: Use a grenade to clear the bottom mine from the left side of 
the tower.
Turn 2: Have one of your worms climb up to the top of the second 
section from the bottom.  Go back down a little bit.
Turn 3: Have your other worm backflip on top of the other.  Continue to 
backflip to the middle of the next higher section.  Place a long girder 
tilting from upper left to lower right just off vertical.
Turn 4: Do nothing.
Turn 5: Place another girder facing the other way, so you can climb up 
and get the crate.
Turn 6: Do nothing.
Turn 7: Get the crate and use the aqua sheep inside.  Fly it underwater 
and under the land then hit the General with it.                         
     11.  Jurassic Worm-kill the Captain
Turns 1 and up: Just kill the Captain.  On your second go, get the 
crate atop the dinosaur's head.  Use the mole bombs inside to dig a 
passage to the captain.  Use your third go to get atop the same dino's 
head and set off the mines to clear a path to the tunnel you made with 
the mole bomb.  Walk down the tunnel and kill him the next chance you 
get.  Finish the level before the timer reaches zero.
     12.  King Of The Castle-collect the crate and don't let the 
special worm die (the worm with the funny hat)
Turns 1 and up: Get the crate left of where your first start, in it is 
a blowtorch.  Use a homing missile or bazooka to knock the guard in 
front of the castle onto the mines.  Use a girder or low gravity to get 
over the mines that don't explode and get next to the castle and 
blowtorch into the chamber that holds the crate and hostage.  The ninja 
rope inside your castle is useful.
     13.  Chemical Warfare-kill all enemies.
Turn 1: Remember that you cannot destroy the landscape in this mission.  
Parachute down to the ledge below you and fire punch the Field Solider 
into the water.  Hide yourself, as you will be the target of air 
Turn 2: Use the ninja rope over the mine and set it off while not 
hurting yourself.
Turn 3: Attach a ninja rope to the top of the red tub to the left, get 
the crate, and swing back down without letting go.  Stand under the 
Major to your left and release the skunk and its gas as soon as you can 
to poison the Major.  Hopefully, it will poison the other Major too.
Turn 4: Ninja rope-flip to the top of the poison can and get the crate, 
which should contain another skunk.  Baseball bat the Field Soldier 
into the water.
Turns 5 and up: Poison the other Majors and kill the other Field 
Soldier when you have a chance.  When The Majors' health meters get to 
1, use the shotgun to take out one, then the other.  Do it again for 
the other pair.
     14.  No Substitute-kill all enemies
Turns 1 and up: Get the girder in the crate and use it to block the gap 
between the sub and the tree.  Use common sense and your deathmatch 
skills to kill worms, there's not much to it.  Use the holy hand-
grenade with caution.
     15.  Flood Zone-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Launch a Bazooka straight at the Field Solider to the right.  
Make sure you get to higher ground as the water starts rising 
immediately.  Your other worm will die by your next turn, but that's 
OK, as it will actually make the mission easier.
Turn 2: Use the bazooka again to get out of the pit where you are.
Turn 3: Place a long girder leaning up, but a little to the right. Use 
it as a ladder to climb up to the little nook to the right of the 
Secret Agent near the ceiling.
Turn 4: Climb up into the nook and seal yourself in with another 
Turn 5: Use a bazooka to open the passage that most likely was made by 
the Secret Agent to the left of you.
Turn 6: Kill the Secret Agent with your last bazooka.
Turn 7: Launch homing missile at the Secret Agent standing on the blue 
wire across the room.  It should kill him.  The last Secret Agent will 
teleport to the blue wire or climb up the wires that he is standing on.
Turns 8 and up: Ninja rope over to where the last Secret Agent you 
killed was standing.  If the other Secret Agent is standing on the blue 
wire, kill him.  If not, then make a passage to him with the shotgun 
and then kill him.
     16.  Trouble At T'mill-kill all enemies to and protect the worm 
with the funny hat
Turn 1: Bazooka the Grenadier closest to the ground.
Turn 2: If the Grenadier you just hit isn't near the worm with the 
funny hat, dynamite him.  If he is, find some other way to kill him.
Turn 3: Jet pack over to the Grenadier at the top of the tree and fire 
punch him into the ocean.
Turn 4: Jump down to the right, backflip over the tree, and stand next 
to the Grenadier.  Fire punch him into the sea.  You won't be needing 
this worm anymore, so go ahead and jump into the water.
Turn 5: Bazooka through the trunk of the tree to your left to get 
through to the last enemy.
Turn 6: Break through to the other side of the tree if you haven't.  If 
you have, fire punch the last Grenadier into the water or plan a mine 
on him if he isn't close to the edge of the land.
Turn 7: If you haven't killed him yet, lower you worm from the top of 
the tree with the ninja rope and kill him.
     17.  Super Sheep Rescue-get the crate and kill the enemy
Turns 1 and up: Use the super sheep to fly to the crate and collect it.  
Hope you've had training, 'cause it's harder than it looks.  Use the 
fire punch inside the crate to kill the Guard.
     18.  Trouble On Mt. Wormore-kill the General
Turn 1: Use the worm select to switch to your second worm and jump 
forward to grab the crate.  Inside are two ninja ropes.  Jump back on 
the tree and use one of the ninja ropes to flip on top of Mt. Wormore.  
Set off the first mine.
Turn 2: Once again use worm select to select the worm you used last 
turn.  Use the ninja rope to attach yourself to the small mount that 
the Sentry was standing.  Pull yourself over the mines and grab the 
utility.  A low gravity should be inside.  Use it and jump over the 
mine on the small mount, then backflip to the top of the Mt. Wormore 
sign.  Fire punch the Guard into the water if you have the time.
Turn 3: Do nothing.
Turn 4: Grab the crate of dynamite and the crate with a blowtorch on 
your sides.  Walk down the right side of the sign and turn to the left.  
Use your blowtorch to make a path to the General.
Turns 5 and up: Use worm select to use the worm you did last turn.  
Walk to the General and then use dynamite to drown him.  Don't worry 
about escaping from the dynamite blast, as the other worm should still 
be alive.
     19.  Hot Stuff-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Grab the crate on the left then air strike the Field Marshall 
on the top of the orange hose thing.  Make the air strike plane drop 
the missiles so they fall at an angle to the left so they hit him down 
with the other Field Marshals.
Turns 2 and up: Use the holy hand-grenade when they are all close 
together on the thin, gray tube thing so it will blow a big hole in it 
where they can all fall in.  Kill the rest by getting them to drown in 
the water below the hole you just made.
     20.  The Drop Zone-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Equip the parachute and jump.  Watch the wind and correct any 
mistakes or problems with the wind using the control pad.  Land on the 
island right below from where you dropped.  Fire punch the enemy onto 
the island to the left, taking out the enemy worm there.
Turn 2: Wait until the wind fills the bar about half way to the left 
and jump. Hold up and left on the control pad.  Make for the worm 
closest to you and use suicide bomber to kill him.
Turn 3: Wait until the wind fills most of the bar with strong wind 
going to the left. Do the same thing as the last step.
     21.  Mad Cows-kill all enemies
Turns 1 and up: One of the enemy worms is randomly placed. If he is 
near the water, fire punch him in.  Use worm select to your advantage 
and use it when you need to.  Fire punch the Major on the very far 
right into the water when you can.  Sometimes the worm that is randomly 
placed starts right next to your fourth worm.  You can knock him into 
the worm on the far right and they will both die.  The rest of the 
level is like a deathmatch, so just use common sense.  A mad cow is 
dropped by crate early in the mission.
     22.  Horny Nuke-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Walk off of your perch and collect the crate of ninja rope.  
Use it and swing a little to your left and get the crate.  Swing over 
to the left some more and collect the crate on the blue thing.  Swing 
over to the left a little more and drop off.  Walk under the blue 
thing, get the crates, walk out and fire a one-second grenade at the 
Sniper to knock him off his pink thing and to the floor.
Turn 2: Backflip back onto the blue thing and ninja rope over to the 
are to the left and get the two crates.  Then, ninja rope over the 
crate to the left and over into the area with all the worms.  Drop 
yourself on the health crate between the Guard and the Grenadier.
Turn 3: Backflip and jump over to where the crate to the left is.  Use 
the pneumonic drill between the green and purple things.  Press fire as 
soon as you dig all the way through.
Turn 4: Get out of the hole with a ninja rope pointed straight up.  
Knock the Artillery off his perch.
Turns 5 and up: All worms that are higher than the Guard under the 
Artillery that you just knocked off should be knocked off their 
perches.  Kill until sudden death, then get yourself on high ground and 
use Indian nuclear test.  Kill all survivors.
     23.  Rumble In The Farmyard-kill all enemies
Turns 1 and up: Another deathmatch-like mission.  Get all the crates 
you can, then get to where the Captain is and kill him.  Hide where he 
was and just kill everyone else.
     24.  Wooden Ambush-kill all enemies
Turns 1 and up: Collect all the crates you can, conserve your weapons, 
and try to drown the enemies since they are near the water.  One crate 
that appears later in the mission has old women in it. Very useful.  
Although you don't have to rush, the enemies do get air strikes later 
in the mission, which can make it considerably more difficult.
     25.  Go Bananas-get the crate
Turn 1: Use worm select to choose the worm farthest on the right and 
then use a parachute to fly over the Sentry and land near the Guard to 
the right.  Use a grenade to blow a hole through the leaf.  If the 
wind's really strong, you might be able to land on top of red leaf and 
skip this step.
Turn 2: Use worm select again to use the same worm you did last turn.  
Crawl through the hole you made last turn and blowtorch to the right 
through the banana.
Turn 3: Use worm select again to use the same worm you did last turn.  
Use a bazooka to further your tunnel.
Turns 4 and up: Use worm select again to use the same worm you did last 
turn.  Use something to get out if you are still trapped in the banana.  
Crawl to the top of the banana that's next to the crate.  Use a handgun 
or uzi to get rid of the mine.  Grab the crate with a parachute or 
bungee next turn.
     26.  Monkey Business-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Use one jet pack to fly up to the enemy directly above you.  
Land in the little nook directly to his right.  Leave a grenade and fly 
up over the leaves and then right. Land under the monkey.
Turn 2: Use another jet pack and fly to the crate to your upper left 
with the banana bomb.  Then fly to the right to the crate with the 
sheep in it.  Use an uzi or handgun to push the Sniper onto the mine, 
killing him and making a hole to the Artillery below.
Turn 3: Walk to the left and straight off the edge into the pit with 
the Guard.  You'll loose a turn, but that's OK.
Turn 4: If the Guard is at the bottom of the pit with the mine, throw a 
grenade at him, if he is still on the leaf, jump over to him and leave 
a grenade to push him on the mine.
Turn 5: Jet pack out of where you are and into the hole you made in 
your second turn.  Kill the Artillery with a bazooka.
Turn 6: Jet pack out of the hole, grab the health crate to you right, 
and use a bazooka to kill the Sniper on top of the tree to your right.  
Seek shelter since you will be targeted by an air strike.
Turn 7: Walk to the enemy to your left under the monkey.  You can walk 
off the ledge to him and not get damaged.  Use an uzi or handgun.
Turn 8: Blowtorch the tree trunk to the right to get to the last two 
Turn 9: Use a sheep to kill the Guard.
Turn 10: Put yourself DIRECTLY (and I mean directly, it's in caps for a 
reason) over the Artillery and kamikaze straight down.
     27.  Chateau Assassin-kill all enemies 
Turn 1: Walk to the right and stop right before you are under the roof.  
Worm select and backflip on top of worm under the roof.  Backflip again 
to get on the roof.  Grab the girder in the crate and place it so you 
can climb up over the mine.
Turn 2: Move this worm onto the roof also.  Select another girder and 
use it so you can get up over the next mine onto the roof with the next 
Turn 3: Worm select to the worm you placed the first girder with.  Walk 
to the right and collect the crate.  It contains a fire punch.  Place 
another girder to the right over the mines so you can reach the next 
two crates.
Turn 4: Walk to the right and use your last girder to fill the gap 
between you and the last roof.  You can go under it for protection 
against air strikes if you are behind a step or two.
Turn 5: Use your worm with the lowest health to step on the mine on the 
last roof.
Turn 6: Use the other worm on the roof to jump off with the parachute.  
Hold up and right and you should be able to clear the two mines.  Use 
the handgun to shoot the mine near the Major into him.
Turn 7: Use worm select to use the worm you used last turn.  Walk over 
to the very edge of the tree you're on.  Use the handgun to do the same 
thing you did last turn to the General.  Shoot the mine into him.
     28.  Countdown To Armageddon-kill all enemies and protect the worm 
in the hat
Turn 1: Ninja rope to the building on your left.  Kill the Field 
Solider on top by fire punching him to the left, drowning him.
Turn 2: Ninja rope to the platform to your right.  Use the baseball 
bat, facing the left aimed as high as you can, to hit the worm in the 
hat into the pit to the right your first worm.
Turn 3: Do whatever you want.  Kill some enemies.
Turn 4: Walk to the left and grab the health and crate.  Walk back 
right and into the pit with the worm with the hat.
Turn 5: Use the girder starter-kit to place girders all around the hole 
where your first worm and the worm with the hat are, especially around 
the top.
Turns 6 and up: Hold your ground.  Kill all you can while waiting for 
the end.  Hold on to your horses when you see the words "Judgement 
     29.  A Crate Too Far-destroy the crate
Turn 1: Use your girder starter-kit.  Place two between you and the top 
of the green space ship-building thing to your right, one flat over the 
Grenadier, and the last two between the gap between the blue/purple and 
the yellow things.
Turn 2: Launch a sheep.  Hopefully, it will cross all the gaps without 
falling or turning around.  Make it explode when it gets as close as it 
can to the crate.  You may have to reset your Playstation several times 
before this will work.
     30.  Rescue Agent Dennis-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Use the ninja rope to get in the small slit of open area in the 
top part of the E that's across from the Assassin.  Use the shotgun on 
the assassin so he will fall to the bottom of the E with the General.  
Use your second shot horizontal facing the left.
Turns 2 and up: Use a blowtorch straight across, facing left, to bury 
yourself deeper.  Stay in the hole until the earthquake.  After that, 
use your mail strike, homing missile, and banana bomb to kill those 
worms that are left.
     31.  Bazooka On The Rocks-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Walk a little to the left and place a girder between you and 
the ground to the left.  Jump back to the right.
Turn 2: Walk/jump to the left and sit yourself down on the Captain's 
head (the captain on the grass, not the one on the mammoth)
Turn 3: Backflip onto the mushroom.  Walk to the left and fire a 
bazooka at the Major.
Turn 4: Kill this worm.  He is useless.
Turn 5: Walk left and jump over to the mammoth on the left.  Fire a 
bazooka in a way that the Captain on the mammoth so he will fly off and 
Turns 6 and 7: Use these two turns to kill the other Captain and the 
Major if you haven't already.
Turn 8: Climb to the edge of the mammoth. Fire a bazooka so that it 
will kill the Captain that's on the small ledge of land to the left of 
the mammoth you're on.
Turn 9: Kill whoever you haven't.
     32.  3 Strikes And You're Out-get the crate
Turn 1: Walk to the right and grab the Crate Spy in the utility box.  
Walk back to the left and place a girder nearly straight up, but 
leaning upper right and lower left in a way so you can climb up to the 
top of the tank next turn.  Most likely, the Sniper who goes after you 
will shoot off the mine on the antenna next to him.
Turn 2: Climb to the top of the girder and backflip onto the side of 
the gun on the tank.  Grab the parachute and walk to the antenna where 
the mine was.  Equip the parachute and walk off.  Let the parachute 
open automatically and press fire to let go when it opens.  Grab the 
crate of ninja rope and crawl to your left under the tank and skip the 
rest of the go.
Turn 3: Jet pack over to the crate on the third rocket and land on the 
wing to the left of it.  Use up your jet pack fuel and grab the crate.  
Backflip to the top of the rocket you're on and sit on the Sniper.  
Launch a bazooka and aim full power at the antenna between the worm on 
your right and the mine on your right.  It should get rid of the mine 
and kill the enemy worm.
Turn 4: Climb off the rocket and jump into the crater you made on the 
rocket to the right.  Ninja rope to the dish on your left.  Use low 
gravity and backflip over the mine once you set it off.  Make sure you 
are facing to the left when you backflip.  You should be able to avoid 
the mine this way.  Walk to the right and collect the crate.
     33.  Stolen Goods-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Carefully walk to the right, you won't fall into the water.  
Keep walking to the right until you reach the lowest gap in the E.  
Walk over to the left and lay a flat girder as close as you can to the 
water under the R in PROSE.
Turn 2: If your other worm isn't dead yet, go to the same place as your 
first worm; if your other worm is dead, just use the one you used in 
the first turn.  Ninja rope the very tip of the middle part of the 
letter E.  Ninja rope slowly under the letters until you get to the 
girder you laid earlier.  Be very careful, because if you get too far 
into the water, you let go.  Get off the ninja rope and place another 
girder between the gap of the P and O to your left.  If you make an 
imaginary line from the right side of the girder straight up, it should 
touch the mine in the P.
Turn 3: If you're other worm is dead, kill him now.  If he is dead, go 
to turn four.
Turns 4 and up: Ninja rope over to the last girder you placed and place 
another girder under the R in MICRO.  Hid under the leg of the P this 
turn so the enemy can't get you.  Next time you're up, jump over to the 
girder you placed last turn and ninja rope again straight up the leg of 
the R, so you can climb up the leg as far as you can.  Blowtorch left 
to the C.  When you're close, aim the blowtorch left/up to break into 
the C.  Next turn you use this worm, use the shotgun to get into the C, 
if you haven't.  If you have, grab the crate and make your way back to 
the R and use a shotgun the next two turns to get into the O.  Use the 
carpet bomb and the mail strike to kill the enemies above you.  Kill 
anyone left with the shotgun or uzi.
     34.  Sinking The Ice Cap-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Walk down the left side of the tree.  Right above the mine on 
the tree, equip the ninja rope and shoot it after you jump off.  You 
should hang on to the stump.  Get off and use the blowtorch to dig 
though the stump.  You should hit the Assassin at least three times to 
kill him.
Turn 2: Connect the ninja rope to the top of the large tree in the 
middle of the terrain.  Carefully use the Ninja Rope to swing over the 
mine next to the Assassin to your left.  Let go at the end of your 
swing and you will land on the small branch to the left of the mine.  
You'll take damage, but that's OK, because it will kill the Assassin.
Turn 3: Blowtorch through the tree trunk to your right.
Turn 4: Use the ninja rope to swing over to the Assassin.  Blowtorch 
him into the mine beside the rabbit.
Turn 5: Use the ninja rope to get on top of the house.  Chances are 
that you won't make it to the last worm by the end of the turn, so use 
Turn 6: Blowtorch the Assassin.  Don't worry if he's near the mine, 
because you don't have to survive to win the mission.
     35.  Jolly Roger-get all four crates
Turn 1: Walk to the very right end of your ship and place a girder over 
the mines, between you and the pelican next to the Guard.
Turn 2: Walk over the Guard next to the pelican and grab the crate 
under him.  Place a girder over the Guard above you, so your next worm 
can get over to the second mast.
Turn 3: Place a girder so you can get up out of the hole you're in and 
onto the same mast as your fourth worm.
Turn 4: Place a girder so you can get back to the very left of your 
ship and grab the utility, a few low gravities.
Turns 5 and up: When it's the turn for the worm that got the first 
crate, use a bazooka to make a hole in the middle of the pole to your 
left, being careful to not blow up the crate.   When it's that worm's 
turn again, make a hole in the middle of the pole behind the one to 
your right, once again being careful not to blow up any of the crates.  
Then, use low gravity to backflip through the holes and get the crate.  
Make a hole to your upper right, careful not to let any of the mines 
down or to blow up the crate, and collect the final crate.
     36.  Aim Long, Aim True-kill all enemies
Turn 1: Use the girder starter-pack.  Place a short one over the 
Grenadier's head to your right.  Make it diagonal leaning to the upper 
right, so grenades will bounce in, but he can't throw any back.  Make 
another leaning a little off vertical, but still leaning to the upper 
right over the Grenadier on the red thing in the middle of the course.  
Place two long ones diagonally so you won't fall anywhere if a grenade 
hits you.  The last one you can place anywhere.  You can place it 
straight up over your head so grenades can't hit you, but it doesn't 
really matter.
Turn 2: Use one girder.  Place a long one, two presses of L2 from 
horizontal, leaning to the upper left on the left side of the right-
most Grenadier.
Turns 3, 4, and 5: Kill the Grenadiers from left to right.  Use a 4-
second grenade thrown at a little less than 50% power to kill the left-
most one.  Use a 5-second grenade, thrown a little harder to kill the 
middle one.  Aim as shallow as you can without the grenade bouncing 
back off the robot's head at about 87% power and with a 3 or 4-second 
timer to kill the last one.  It may take several tries to get this one.
Turns 6 and up: Build a long funnel with your last girder starter-kit.  
Have the one nearest to the General as close as you can to the land 
near him, because he might fall down through a crack, making him 
impossible to kill after your first hit.  You should place one long, 
tall girder as high as you can, far out from the robot's head.  You 
will have to try this many times before you can finally hit him.
     37.  Goody Two Shoes-kill all enemies
Turns 1, 2, and 3: Grab the crate and blowtorch upper left through the 
blue shoe.  If you can, blowtorch the Field Solider into the water.
Turn 4: Kill the Field Solider if you haven't.  If you have place a 
girder so you can get to the top of the tongue of blue shoe.
Turn 5: Climb to the top of the shoe and fire punch the Field Solider 
into the water.
Turn 6: Place your last girder so you can get to the top of red shoe 
next turn.
Turn 7: Jump/walk right and grab the crate on the red shoe.  Use the 
air strike inside to kill the Field Solider on the very right on the 
green shoe.
Turn 8: Grab all the other crates.  Use the ninja rope to get the crate 
on top of the green shoe and baseball bat the Major into the water.  
Jump back over to the left side of the green shoe, so you won't fall 
into the water if the enemy hits you next turn.
Turn 9: Use the aqua sheep to kill the Field Solider on the red shoe.  
If that doesn't do it, use the ninja rope to get back up on the shoe 
and finish him off with whatever you have left.
     38.  Double Oh Behave-get the crate, shoot the target, get the 
Turn 1: Get the utility to your left and use the jet pack to fly over 
the pole and grab the health crate.  Use the rest of your fuel to fly 
over the mine and get the crate next to the tower.  Blowtorch to the 
other side of the tower and get the crate in the barb wire.
Turn 2: Use low gravity then one shotgun blast to get out of the 
barbwire.  Jump over to the pole on the right side of the terrain near 
the crate.  Use your second shot to open a hole in a thin part of the 
pole and jump through.
Turn 3: Collect the crate and climb back to the other side of the pole.  
Ninja rope back over to the left side of the terrain using the same 
path you made in the first two turns.  Use the homing pigeon or bazooka 
to hit the target.
Turn 4: Use the ninja rope to flip over the pole and collect the crate.
     39.  Trouble In Toystore-kill the enemies, protect the worm with 
the hat
Turn 1: Walk left into the pit with the worm you are trying to protect.  
Place a girder so you can get up onto the handlebars of the tricycle, 
but are still able to go under to where the sick worm is.
Turn 2: Backflip onto the bear's ear and walk over to the top of the 
tricycle.  Place a girder over the gap of mines so you can walk over to 
the Sniper.  Don't cross onto the girder yet, as you will probably be 
killed if you do so.
Turn 3: Skip go.
Turn 4: Place a grenade in the nook between the tricycle seat and the 
bear's arm.  It should blow a hole so you can reach the Assassin in a 
few more turns.
Turn 5: Uzi the Sniper sitting on the packages onto the mines.
Turn 6: Collect the crate and use the homing missile inside to kill the 
two worms at the very left of the terrain.
Turns 7 and up: Get out of the hole and walk to where the Sniper was.  
Collect the crates and move back in with the sick worm.  Stand in the 
hole you made with the grenade and aim a mortar at the area where the 
yellow seat meets the red bar and fire.  Keep doing this until you get 
to the Assassin.  Kill him with dynamite.  Kill all the other enemies 
with the two mail strikes.
     40.  Dread Zeppelin-collect the crates, shoot the target
Turn 1: Backflip to get on the higher part of the anchor.  Place a near 
horizontal girder to fill the gap between the anchor and the weights 
with the crate on them.  You should leave space under the weights so 
you can walk to the left and back to the right.  You will get shot, but 
if the slop of the girder is not too steep, you should not fall into 
the water, but on the girder instead.
Turn 2: Place a flat, long girder under the anchor.  Place it so that 
the Assassin on the other side of the anchor can't fall down on it.
Turn 3: Drop down onto the girder you just laid.  Ninja rope to the 
zeppelin and get on the other side of the anchor.  Fire punch the 
Assassin into the water.
Turn 4: Ninja rope to the raft, picking up the crate on the far left of 
the raft.  Land on the Assassin.  Fire punch the Assassin to the left, 
setting off the other mine, killing him.
Turn 5: Get the last two crates, carefully avoiding the mines.
Turn 6: Ninja rope back on the anchor, landing on the lower part of the 
right side.
Turn 7: Ninja rope to the last Assassin and fire punch him.
Turn 8: Use the bazooka to shoot the target.
     41.  Spectral Recovery-get the crate
Odd Turns: These are the directions for the first worm you use, the one 
on the left.  Your goal is to save the package from drowning and then 
to collect it.  Do this by getting to the other side of the tape and 
placing a girder. I have found that it is easiest to get out by 
blowtorching left three times and then get out using the shotgun.  
Place a short girder horizontally at the end of the hole for the crate 
to be dropped on for the turn 9.  On turn 11, get the crate.
Even Turns: These are the directions for your second worm, the one on 
the right.  This worm's work is to get the crate below him.  Walk a 
little to the right and then blowtorch down and left for three turns.  
Blowtorch down and right into the hole with the crate on the 8th turn. 
Pick it up on the 8th turn too.  Skip Go on turn 10.
     42.  Escape From Alcatraz-get the two crates
Turn 1: Backflip up onto the little grass hump to your right and 
blowtorch to the upper right.  Walk back down to where you were when 
you started.
Turn 2: Fire a bazooka into the passageway you just made.
Turn 3: Jump to the far right side of the bazooka crater you just made.  
Fire another bazooka to your upper left, aimed between the two crates.
Turns 4, 5, and 6: Fire three bazookas aimed at the little lamp between 
the two Guards above you, although you can sometimes you can clear the 
roof of the building with just two bazookas.  You should make a hole so 
you can get out. Kill the Guard above you to the right if you can.
Turn 7: Fire a ninja rope and connect it to the tip of the guard tower 
and swing over the top, collecting the first crate and the health 
Turns 8 and up: Make your way over the right side of the building, 
either by ending your last turn by swinging over to the right side of 
the prison and walking down the side, or by blasting your way over by 
bazookas.  Once on the right side of the building, sit on the Guard on 
the pelican and place a long, horizontal girder right next to you.  
Hide somewhere.  When the wind is blowing right strongly, walk right to 
the end of the girder, equip the parachute you got in the crate, and 
float to the raft.  Jump to the right over the guard and walk as far 
right as you can until the leaf growing downward from the mast stops 
you.  Use your last blowtorch and dig to your lower right until you 
reach the crate.
     43.  Atlantic Dash-kill all enemies
Turns 1 and up: Aw… come on! Now it wouldn't be any fun if I told you 
how to beat the last mission of the game by giving you a flawless step 
by step strategy… would it?  Okay, Okay, here's some hints.  You need 
to be very, very good at using ninja rope, so practice.  You will need 
to ninja rope back and forth between the two crate drop off points 
several times each turn.  The more crates you get, the more powerful 
the weapons will be dropped off.  Eventually, you will get a mini gun 
and a super sheep!  My last tip is, don't destroy the landscape too 
much, as you will need it to ninja rope on to get more crates.  Have 


H.  Game Extras
     There are two big extras in the game that you will earn by getting 
higher % ratings for one of your teams and by collecting medals.  First 
of all, every time you get a gold or silver medal on the missions, the 
terrain for the mission you beat will be available on the custom list 
of terrain in the multiplayer setup menu.  Next, when one of your teams 
gets to a certain % number, a new bonus weapon scheme becomes available 
in the multiplayer setup menu.  There are a total of seven bonus 
schemes.  The 7th is the last, only available when you reach 100%. This 
scheme gives your team every single weapon and collectable utility in 
the game to choose from!

     There are many faqs and code sites on the internet that list these 
codes below.  They do work on the PC version, but they DO NOT work on 
the Playstation version.  Believe me, many have tried.

     -Laser Sight: Beat Mission 4
     -Jet Pack: Beat Mission 8
     -Fast Walk: Beat Mission 13
     -Invisibility: Beat Mission 16
     -Low Gravity: Beat Mission 20
     -Indestructible Landscape: Beat mission 25
     -More Powerful Banana Bomb: Beat Mission 33
     -Aqua Sheep: Receive a Gold Medal on Super Sheep Training
     -More Powerful…Longbow?…: Receive a Gold Medal on Advanced
          Weapon Training
     -More Powerful Shotgun: Receive a Gold Medal on Rifle Training
     -More Powerful Grenade: Receive a Gold Medal on Artillery Training
     -Bleeding Worms: Receive a Gold Medal on Basic Training
     -Sheep Heaven (all crates have sheep in them): Receive a Gold
          Medal on Crazy Crates Training
     -Invincibility: Earn an Elite rank in Deathmatch mode

Game Shark Codes

     I don't know why anyone would use these since you have this 
wonderful faq to help you…  Thanks to Hobbie6195 for giving me these.

 Unlimited time:8019B444 FFFF8019B448 FFFF
 Unlimited time in training mode: 8019AA0C B234
 Player one - worm 1 unlimited health:8014AAA8 0064
 Player one - worm 2 unlimited health:8014AB44 0064
 Player one - worm 3 unlimited health:8014ABE0 0064
 Player one - worm 4 unlimited health:8014AC7C 0064
 Player two - worm 1 unlimited health:8014AF28 0064
 Player two - worm 2 unlimited health:8014AD54 0064 
 Player two - worm 3 unlimited health:8014ADF0 0064
 Player two - worm 4 unlimited health:8014AE8C 0064
 Player three - worm 1 unlimited health:8014B000 0064
 Player three - worm 2 unlimited health:8014B09C 0064
 Player three - worm 3 unlimited health:8014B138 0064
 Player three - worm 4 unlimited health:8014B1D4 0064
 Player four - worm 1 unlimited health:8014B2AC 0064
 Player four - worm 2 unlimited health:8014B348 0064
 Player four - worm 3 unlimited health:8014B3E4 0064
 Player four - worm 4 unlimited health:8014B480 0064
 Low gravity:80148DF0 0001

Here are some more that Fenixphyre14 sent to me.

 Rig Turn Timer(GS 2.2) D219B444 10278019B448 1027 
 Infinite Round Time 8019B440 77408019B442 001B
 P1 Indestructable Team(GS 3.0) 5000049C 00008014AAA8 0064
 P2 Indestructable Team(GS 3.0) 5000049C 00008014AD54 0064
 P3 Indestructable Team(GS 3.0) 5000049C 00008014B000 0064
 P4 Indestructable Team(GS 3.0) 5000049C 00008014B2AC 0064
 Infinite Weapons Training Time 8019AA0C EA60
 Have Bazooka 8014B4EC 0001
 Infinite Bazooka 8014B4EE 0001
 Have Homing Missile 8014B4F0 0001
 Infinite Homing Missile 8014B4F2 0001
 Have Mortar 8014B4F4 0001
 Infinite Mortar 8014B4F6 0001
 Have Homing Pigeon 8014B4F8 0001 
 Infinite Homing Pigeon 8014B4FA 0001
 Have Sheep Launcher 8014B4FC 0001
 Infinite Sheep Launcher 8014B4FE 0001
 Have Grenade 8014B500 0001
 Infinite Grenade 8014B502 0001
 Have Cluster Bomb 8014B504 0001
 Infinite Cluster Bomb 8014B506 0001
 Have Banana Bomb 8014B508 0001
 Infinite Banana Bomb 8014B50A 0001
 Have Axe 8014B50C 0001
 Infinite Axe 8014B50E 0001
 Have EarthQuake 8014B510 0001
 Infinite EarthQuake 8014B512 0001
 Have Shot Gun 8014B514 0001
 Infinite Shot Gun 8014B516 0001
 Have Hand Gun 8014B518 0001
 Infinite Hand Gun 8014B51A 0001
 Have Uzi 8014B51C 0001
 Infinite Uzi 8014B51E 0001
 Have Minigun 8014B520 0001
 Infinite Minigun 8014B522 0001
 Have Long Bow 8014B524 0001
 Infinite Long Bow 8014B526 0001
 Have All Weapons(GS 2.2) 50003E04 00008014B4EC 0001
 Infinite Ammo All Weapons(GS 2.2) 50003E04 00008014B4EE 0001

     If anyone finds anymore cheats that I have not written about here, 
tell me how to get them and I will post them here and I will give you 
credit for finding them. I don't own a Game Shark for the Playstation 
(I don't have a need for one, I've beaten every PSX game I own…) and 
these codes are untested, so if one of them don't work tell me. I will 
personally lay the smack down on Hobbie6195's rear end if he sent me a 
bad code(or Fenixphyre14's, if he sent it).  Send more Game Shark codes 
to me if you have one.


I.  Deathmatch Tips

     *Want some extra fun?  Play a Deathmatch with your friends and 
turn all the worm names and health bars off so you don't know which 
worms are on your team.
     *The ninja rope is one of your most important weapons in your 
arsenal, especially when playing against the computer.  Why?  Because 
the computer cannot use this gift from the gods!  Just swing to the 
roof of the cave or wherever they cannot shoot you.  They can't follow 
you unless they use teleport, which won't be much good since you can 
kill them before their turn comes up again.  I also have never seen a 
computer controlled worm use armageddon or a jet pack.
     *Armageddon can be a lifesaver if all but one of your worms are 
gone.  Use a blowtorch or something so you can be in a well-protected 
area then launch it.  Just make sure to be careful when you use this 
weapon, as it sometimes does not kill all the other worms.
     *Always double-check how hard the wind is blowing when using 
weapons that are effected by it.
     *Animals and old women can go shopping.
     *Try to shoot or blow up other worms into water instead of trying 
to get their health to zero.
     *Conserve ammo when possible.  Sometimes a bazooka shot or grenade 
can be as effective as a sheep.
     *Hit oil barrels near a large group of worms if possible.
     *Girders and girder packs can be used as shields and can block 
enemy movement.
     *Get crates, health, and utility drops when possible.  If you are 
afraid someone else will get them, you can shoot them to make them 
     *Try to figure out which enemy worm will go next and sit on top 
another worm of the same team.  Unless your opponent is suicidal (as 
the case might be) they will not hurt you the next turn.  Watch out for 
worm select, though.
     *Take out enemy worms low on health first.
     *Use your worms that are low on health as decoys.  You can also 
commit suicide with them by using a powerful weapon right next to the 
enemy.  The small explosion that your weak worm will make after it dies 
can damage the enemy more if he has happened to survive.
     *If the water starts rising, use ninja rope, a teleport, or a jet 
pack to get to higher ground.
     *If your worm's feeling sick, grab a health crate.  They give you 
health and cure you of your sickness.
     *If you're playing in your friend's room, steal one of their 
favorite manga comics and hold it hostage.  He will forget to pause the 
game, and while he is trying to get it back, the timer will run down to 
zero and his turn will be over.


J.  Credits

     I would like to thank Dave from for giving 
me the codes, now if I could only get them to work…  And thanks to my 
good friends Hobbie6195 and Fenixphyre14 for sending in some Game Shark 
     I wrote the rest of the faq all by myself…so far.  If you 
contribute to this faq I will give you credit and place your name here.
     Big thanks go out to Micro Prose and Team 17 for making this great 
     E-mail me at [email protected]  Title it worms or something 
like that.  Please don't ask me any questions on how to beat this game.  
I've put all my knowledge about this game in this faq.  Just e-mail 
about wrong stuff or contributions.  Thanks for using my faq.
     If you want to post this faq or information from it on your site 
or reproduce it, please e-mail me first and tell me where it will be 
posted or be used.

     This faq was started on Wednesday, March 29th, 2000 and was 
finished on April 15th, 2000

     This document is Copyrighted 2000 Casey J. Anderson 

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