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Street Legal FAQ
october 30,2002
version 1.0
By Darklich ([email protected])

Want To have a little fun with the game?
I have found How to cheat in the game by editing some files.
With the first car you can have:

1.All Engines.
2.All Tires Size such as (15",16",17"18",19",20",21")

Ready? =)

1.Need an File editor such as "Notepad" "UltraEdit" ect...
2.Need Knowledge about editing file in a game
3.DO BACKUP!!! just in case you did somethig wrong and saved the file =)

Ok,just go in your directory of Street Legal and then,go in your cars directory
after go in your racers directory and after your in the place to edit and cheat your 
Now you should see all the vehicule folder ex:stallion_V7,ZED_V6 ect....
just explore the car folder you want and when you enter inside you should see a lot 
more folder.

Note:each car folder got the exact same folder in it.
HINT:simply go in a car folder and enter scripts folder,then open the file _main_.cfg

_Main_.cfg use to be in all car folder in the scripts directory so,this is not hard 
to find.
by opening this file with an text editor you should see a lot of thing,but dont 

How do I Know what to modify in it for tires/engines???
Scrolls down until you see this line...

# common slots #

# FL wheel #
type		10.000 sphere	0.44
spring		0.290 0.100 0.050
wheel		-0.866 -0.433 -1.085	0.000 0.000 0.000	1.000 0.000 1.000 
slot		0.000 0.000 0.000	0.000 0.000 0.000	101	; FL wheel
attach		0x00040103 1 ; 17 ------------->17" tires here
attach		0x00040104 1 ; 18 ------------->18" tires here
attach		0x00040105 1 ; 19 ------------->19" tires here
attach		0x00040106 1 ; 20 ------------->20" tires here
attach		0x00040107 1 ; 21 ------------->21" tires here
slottype	101 --------->doesn't care about this
slotdmgmode	0x00000005 --------->doesn't care about this

ok,just look for this word "FL wheel"
remember that on a car you got 4 side to put tires ehhe
so the FL wheel word mean... Front Left Wheel =)
you need to find the 3 other side to be able to have access to all kind of tire size
in all four side of your car.
I dont think you would enjoy having 1 tires of 21" and 3 other 15" it would be
not logical at all =)
so for this part you know how to edit each car to have access to all kind of tire 
to find all other side,simply scrolls down until you see "FR wheel" "RL wheel" ect...

HINT:in your text editor simply write in the search "FL wheel" "FR wheel" "RL 
wheel" "RR wheel"

What should i do after i know where the tires code are?
Not hard to find out...
EX:you like a car and you see that this car can't put 19" tires
simply copy/paste "attach		0x00040105 1 ; 19" without the " in your car 
of your choice and save the file =)

How to get access to all engine after a car that can't have access?
OK,this similar then tires exept the code are not the same and it take a lot of 
search,to find the engine and give engine access to the car you want.

1.Open the _main_.cfg car file you want to give access to all engine. an search in your text editor and write "engine_block"
3.copy the following codes to give all engine access to the car you want to.

engine code
attach		0x000400CE 1	; i4 blocks
attach		0x000400CF 1	; v6 blocks
attach		0x000400D0 1	; v8 blocks
attach		0x000400D1 1	; v10 blocks

Enjoy riding like a fool ;P

If you want to post this faq/cheats guide your free to do so.
the following condition apply!!!

1.dont edit and/or change something in it
2.have respect for faq,guide,cheat author,DO Not delete author name or whatever in 

Done By Darklich

Copyright @ Darklich ALL RIGHT RESERVED.

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